Sale of Jewellery, Watches, Gold & Silver
on Tuesday 5th December at 10.30am

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1.      A Victorian lava stone bracelet of seven vari-coloured lava stone cameos in unmarked yellow metal mounts. £50-80
2.      A small wreath brooch set eight round cut sapphires in 9ct gold mount set seed pearls (one pearl missing), 4.6g. £50-80
3.      An Edwardian 9ct gold hinged bangle set three round cut rubies and two diamond points, 4.8g. £50-60
4.      An Edwardian 9ct gold brooch set blue topaz and pearl and an unmarked knot brooch, total weight 5.1g, (2). £40-60
5.      A Victorian brooch set a large banded agate in scrolling mount, 6 x 5cm. £40-60
6.      A small rectangular micro mosaic brooch in white metal mount, a similar stud and stick pin and a small enamelled brooch, (4). £50-80
7.      A solitaire diamond ring claw set an old brilliant cut diamond of approximately 0.2cts in 18ct yellow gold mount, size U, 6.6g. £150-200
8.      A 22ct gold wedding band, size P, 8g. £180-200
9.      An Edwardian 9ct gold spider brooch (af), and two other gold brooches, total weight 7.2g. £50-70
10.     A 10ct gold ring set five graduated 8/8 cut diamonds, size O and a 9ct gold signet ring, size M, total weight 6.6g (2). £60-80
11.     A Victorian rose gold masonic fob, 3.6g. £40-60
12.     A five stone diamond ring set graduated old brilliant cut diamonds in unmarked yellow and white gold mount, size O, 2g. £80-120
13.     A 9ct gold sprung bangle set a design of round and marquise cut garnets, with safety chain, 7g. £80-120
14.     A 9ct gold garnet fringe necklace set nine graduated clusters of garnets with seven cluster pendants below, on curb link chain, 41cm, 11.3g. £120-150
15.     A garnet marquise cluster ring with 9ct gold mount, size M 1/2, 3g. £30-50
16.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size W, 5.5g. £120-130
17.     A bracelet of 15ct gold hollow curb links with 9ct gold padlock clasp, 29.3g. £400-450
18.     A Victorian gold brooch set a turquoise cluster in marquise mount with cannetile decoration and locket back, total weight 8.8g (af). £80-120
19.     A Victorian 18ct gold oval brooch with cannetile decoration, 7.9g. £150-180
20.     A small Victorian ruby and diamond cluster ring set a round cut ruby within a surround of rose cut diamond points in 18ct gold mount, size M 1/2, 2.6g. £50-70
21.     Two 9ct gold wedding bands, sizes Q and K 1/2, 9.2g. £80-100
22.     Two 9ct gold rings, a cultured pearl on a 9ct gold neck chain and a pair of Osoesi of London cufflinks. £60-90
23.     A 9ct gold guard chain, 166cm long, 40g. £400-500
24.     A 9ct rose gold curb link chain, all links marked 375 with unmarked yellow metal shackles and T-bar, total weight 42.4g. £380-420
25.     A green jade bangle, interior diameter 6cm. £40-60
26.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size Q, 5.3g. £100-120
27.     Two 22ct gold wedding bands, sizes M and P 1/2, 6.6g. £140-160
28.     A string of fifty-four uniformly-sized cultured pearls, 7mm diameter approx, to a 9ct gold clasp. £50-70
29.     A diamond cross over ring, collet set two old brilliant cut diamonds on 18ct gold mount set 8/8 cut diamond points, (one setting vacant), size J 1/2, 2g. £120-150
30.     A 9ct yellow gold spray brooch set amethysts and pearls, 4.2cm long, 5.4g. £60-100
31.     A three stone diamond ring with 18ct gold and platinum mount, size L, 1.3g and a Scottish hardstone brooch, (af), (2). £40-60
32.     A three stone diamond ring the brilliant cut diamonds in unmarked gold mount, size N, 2.2g. £200-300
33.     A single string necklace of uniform butterscotch amber beads, each approximately 14 x 10mm, 33.7g and a pair of earrings, each of two similar beads with yellow metal mounts, 5.9g. £200-300
34.     A Victorian blue enamel, split pearl and diamond mourning brooch with pearl and rose cut diamond flower spray within raised scroll border, hair locket to reverse, 5.5 x 4.5cm. £100-150
35.     A diamond ring claw set a marquise cut diamond between shoulders set with bands of 8/8 and baguette cut diamonds, (4 missing), in 14ct white gold mount, size M, 5.6g £250-350
36.     A cased set of three 18ct yellow gold dress studs set pearls, 3.8g in Boodle & Dunthorne box. £70-100
37.     A multi-gem brooch, possibly Indian set forty-three mainly faceted stones including amethyst, garnet, zircon and citrine in closed back settings on gilt mount. £40-60
38.     A sapphire and diamond cluster ring claw set a brilliant cut diamond and four round cut sapphires within a surround of twenty diamond points in 18ct white gold mount, size P 1/2, 5.7g. £250-300
39.     An 18ct yellow gold brooch in the form of a dachshund, begging, with ruby eyes, white gold collar with curb link chain and textured surface, import marks for London 1963, marked E Ltd, 3.3cm, 10.7g. £250-350
40.     A diamond ring collet set a brilliant cut diamond between shoulders, each channel set three brilliant cut diamonds in 18ct yellow and white gold mount, size M 1/2, 4g. £180-220
41.     A Victorian diamond and pearl horseshoe stick pin, set eight old brilliant cut diamonds and single seed pearl, 1.7g. £100-150
42.     Three 19th century stick pins, one set a white paste stone, one a cultured pearl and one a pearl set horseshoe, 3.9g. £40-60
43.     A three stone diamond ring, the old brilliant cut diamonds claw set in white metal mount, size O, 2.2g. £200-300
44.     An Edwardian hinged bangle, centrally set an old brilliant cut diamond between two pairs of sapphires and seed pearl clusters, in engraved gallery with knife bar back, unmarked, 10.8g. £120-150
45.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size L, and another, size J, 5.6g. £120-150
46.     A David Andersen Norwegian silver ring with yellow enamel leaf motif, size approx K. £30-50
47.     A silver Scandinavian silver style bracelet of rounded stirrup shaped links inset yellow squares, marked 175AR, AS, London import marks for 1956. £30-50
48.     A Victorian sterling silver hinged cuff bangle having engraved and beaded decoration to represent a cuff, widest part 4cm, 43.8g. £120-150
49.     A 20th century paste brooch set three green paste stones within wreaths of white stones in white metal mount, marked SILVER, 8cm wide, in Mappin & Webb case. £60-100
50.     An 18ct gold gypsy ring set an old brilliant cut diamond, size O 1/2, 4.3g £80-120
51.     A Victorian gold and pearl set necklace of eleven alternately linked flowerhead and leaf motifs on pearl set chain with box clasp, (af, nine pearls missing, others worn, later solder and repairs to links), 44cm long, 24g. £300-500
52.     A Royal Engineers enamelled 9ct gold sweetheart brooch, 3.6g, (af- loop soldered to reverse), cased. £40-50
53.     A cased set of four 9ct gold collar studs, 3.3g. £30-40
54.     An amethyst dress ring set an oval amethyst in 18ct gold yellow and white gold mount, pierced and carved with flowers, leaves and scrolls, size K 1/2, 7g. £150-250
55.     A Victorian gilt metal brooch with applied and cast decoration and tassel below and a pair of matching earrings. £50-70
56.     A five stone garnet 9ct gold ring, size O 1/2, a 9ct gold opal and garnet cluster ring, size N and a small 9ct gold ring set opal, size N, 4.6g, (3(. £50-70
57.     A sterling silver necklace with cornelian drop and beads, two agate set brooches and an agate set pendant. £30-50
58.     A 9ct yellow gold bracelet of round and oval links, 18.5cm, 7g. £70-90
59.     A small 9ct gold half hoop ring set sapphires and white stones, size L, and a 9ct gold ring set a shell cameo, size J, 3.3g. £30-50
60.     An onyx agate pendant with gilt metal mounts, 3.7 x 3cm. £40-60
61.     A Victorian gold neck chain of pierced box links, 38cm long, 5.5g. £50-70
62.     A silver wreath brooch by Bernard Instone, alternately set cultured pearls and round cut amethysts, 4.5cm diameter, another gem set silver brooch and a silver pendant set butterfly wing. £70-100
63.     An unusual Victorian yellow metal brooch set two turquoise coloured stones in the Etruscan Revival style, 6.8cm long. £60-80
64.     A diamond cross over ring set two brilliant cut diamonds in 18ct gold mount, size M, 3.6g. £100-150
65.     Three 9ct gold wedding bands, sizes L - M 1/2, 11g. £100-120
66.     A Victorian brooch set a turquoise cluster, fringe lacking, 2.2cm diameter and a small 9ct gold bar brooch set a single turquoise, cased, total weight 8g. £50-80
67.     A Victorian gilt metal brooch with textured star motif, four pairs of matching earrings and one spare, (10). £40-60
68.     A late Victorian diamond, sapphire, ruby and pearl set butterfly brooch, the thorax and abdomen set graduated split pearls between wings set rose cut diamonds and edged with round cut sapphires and rubies in unmarked mount, 4cm wide, 10.4g. £400-600
69.     An 18ct gold signet ring, size S, 9.1g. £180-220
70.     A 15ct rose gold hollow curb link bracelet with padlock clasp, 20.5cm long. £350-400
71.     Four pairs of 9ct gold earrings, 6.8g. £60-80
72.     A Victorian gold belcher link neck chain with later 9ct gold clasp, 51.5cm, 14.8g. £130-150
73.     A 9ct gold and silver bar brooch in the form of a riding crop with fox's mask to centre, 5.1cm, 2.4g. £30-50
74.     A solitaire diamond ring, channel set a princess cut diamond of approx 0.47cts between shoulders each set four princess cut diamonds, in 18ct white gold mount, size N, 4.3g. £300-400
75.     An 18ct white gold wedding band, size N 1/2, 5g. £90-120
76.     A diamond pendant of heart shape, channel set fifteen brilliant cut diamonds in 9ct white gold mount, 1.6g. £50-60
77.     A diamond pendant, four-claw set a single diamond of approximately 0.2ct in 18ct white gold mount, 0.5g. £50-60
78.     A three stone diamond cross over ring in 18ct yellow gold and platinum mount, size J 1/2, 3.1g. £60-80
79.     Two 9ct gold wedding bands, sizes M and S, 7g. £60-80
80.     Four 9ct gold gem set rings, total weight 11.7g. £80-100
81.     A 9ct yellow gold neck chain of flattened curb links, 46cm long, 5.6g and another, 64cm, 4.4g. £80-100
82.     A Victorian shell cameo depicting an allegorical scene, in gilt metal swivel brooch mount with hair locket back, 6 x 5.5cm. £50-70
83.     A 19th century silver locket enamelled overall in turquoise blue with seed pearl and turquoise set cross and enamel bale, 5cm long with bale. £40-60
84.     A diamond flower head cluster ring claw set seven brilliant cut diamonds in 14K white gold mount, size O, 3.3g. £150-200
85.     A cherry amber-type necklace of uniform sized ovoid beads, each 19 x14mm, 50cm long. £60-80
86.     A Victorian brooch of three linked rings with turquoise set bunch of grapes overlay, 3.5cm, 5.6g and a gilt metal brooch set hardstones, (af), (2). £40-60
87.     A large Victorian brooch set banded agate cabochon in gilt metal swivel mount with glazed locket back, 6.5 x 5.5cm and a white metal mounted brooch set rock crystal, (2). £50-70
88.     A solitaire diamond ring claw set a brilliant cut diamond of approximately 0.3cts between shoulders set two pairs of brilliant cut diamonds in 14k white and yellow gold mount, size M, 3.7g. £120-150
89.     Two necklaces of uniformly sized spherical cherry amber type beads, each 11mm diameter, 43cm and 83cm long. £70-90
90.     A 10k gold "RFC" brooch, marked Ryrie, 5.5cm, 4.6g. £40-60
91.     A 9ct gold signet ring set garnets, size P 1/2, another set hardstone, size J and a 9ct gold ring set turquoise, (af), size M 1/2, total weight 8g, (3). £60-80
92.     A small gold pendant set amethyst and diamond points, on 9ct gold chain and a 9ct gold necklet, total weight 9.2g. £80-120
93.     A Balle of Norway enamelled shaped rectangular silver gilt brooch with abstract design, stamped Balle 925S, Sterling, Norway. £40-60
94.     A modern 9ct gold neck chain of flattened curb links, 55cm long, 11g. £100-120
95.     A 9ct gold ring set Mexican coin, size P and a 9ct gold signet ring set onyx plaque, size O, 5.3g. £50-70
96.     A modern gold necklace and matching bracelet, each of two interlinked 9ct gold spiral strands, one rose, the other white gold, 8.1g. £80-120
97.     A modern 9ct white gold ring in the form of four diamond set stars between split shoulders, size J, 3.3g. £80-120
98.     Two belcher link neck chains, 14.7g. £120-150
99.     A 9ct gold necklet of knot design and other gold items, 4.3g and an unmarked necklet. £30-40
100.    A Victorian gilt metal brooch set paste, four pairs of similar earrings, six other pairs of gilt metal earrings and one spare. £50-60
101.    An 18ct gold gypsy ring set three round cut rubies with rose cut diamond points between, size N, 2g. £40-60
102.    A necklet of three twisted 18ct yellow and white gold chains, 42cm, 9.3g. £160-180
103.    A solitaire diamond ring, claw set a brilliant cut diamond of approximately 0.4cts in 18ct yellow gold asymmetric mount, and an 18ct yellow gold wedding ring set three diamond points, both size Q, 5g. £180-250
104.    An 18ct gold pendant of tear drop form, set diamonds on 18ct gold chain, 40cm, 4.8g. £90-120
105.    An 18ct yellow gold wedding band, size P, 2.8g. £50-60
106.    A small gold tear drop pendant set amethyst and diamond point on 14k gold chain, 46cm, 3.4g. £40-60
107.    A garnet cluster ring, claw set nine garnets in 9ct gold mount, size L, 3.3g. £30-50
108.    A 1788 guinea soldered as a pendant, 9.3g. £180-200
109.    A 9ct gold belcher link neck chain, 45cm, 5.2g. £50-70
110.    A sapphire and diamond cluster ring set ten old brilliant cut diamonds around a round cut sapphire in unmarked gold mount, size O, 2.5g. £180-200
111.    A 19th century micro mosaic bracelet of six plaques, three depicting birds and two, flowers, (two plaques missing), each plaque backed with mother of pearl, in gilt metal mounts with concealed clasp, 17.5cm long. £100-150
112.    A pair of small silver buckles with embossed scrolling decoration, two other silver buckles and two Georgian paste buckles (af, some stones missing). £30-50
113.    A silver hinged bangle of smooth and textured rectangles, maker MRI, London 1956 and two other hinged bangles, (3). £30-40
114.    An aquamarine and diamond dress ring claw set a triangle-cut pale aquamarine in 9ct gold cross over mount, set 8/8 cut diamond points, size N 1/2, 3.1g, with Certificate of Authenticity stating the Idar aquamarine to be 3.76cts. £70-90
115.    Three 9ct gold signet rings, another, unmarked, a 9ct gold cased wrist watch on plated bracelet and other items, gross weight 25g. £120-150
116.    A pair of 9ct rose gold knot ear studs, a 9ct gold curb link bracelet and a 9ct gold neck chain, 9.9g (3). £80-100
117.    A small diamond set ring, (one setting vacant) and three 9ct gold rings, all with vacant settings, 6.4g (4). £60-80
118.    A Victorian shell cameo brooch depicting a bust of Mars, indistinctly signed on the back and mounted in oval cannetile decorated frame, marked RP, (af). £250-350
119.    An Art Nouveau style pendant with blue and green enamelling and centrally set mabé pearl, unmarked, on later chain and a stylised leaf brooch, (2). £50-70
120.    A Judy Mayfield rainbow ring, channel set twelve round cut sapphires in 14K white gold mount, size N 1/2, 3.5g with original box and card. £50-70
121.    A "Leo" diamond pendant claw set a brilliant cut diamond of 0.17cts in 18ct white gold mount and chain, the diamond numbered LEO162947 with Leo diamond IGI certificate, total weight 2.1g. £70-90
122.    An aquamarine and diamond necklace millegrain-set a pendeloque-cut aquamarine of approximately 1.5cts suspended on a chain of four millegrain-set brilliant-cut diamonds, below a similar chain of seven brilliants, on white metal trace chain, the clasp marked "750", 41.5cm, 4.8g. £850-900
123.    A Continental bracelet set four enamelled plaques depicting a gentleman and two ladies, in enamelled scrolling gilt mount set with turquoise clusters (af, broken with loss), also three other enamelled plaques. £60-100
124.    A Continental silver Art Nouveau pendant set green paste and plique à jour enamel, marked 800, (af), two Art Nouveau enamelled silver brooches (pins lacking) and other items, all af. £40-60
125.    Seven Berlin iron work bracelet panels, including a clasp stamped Geiss, A. Berlin and one other panel. £100-200
126.    A Berlin iron work style buckle overlaid with an eagle and enamelled shield, (af). £30-40
127.    A bracelet of five ribbed banded agate plaques with white metal mounts (af, some links missing) and another bracelet of six banded agate panels, (no clasp). £60-100
128.    A pair of Victorian tortoiseshell pique earrings (one af), and eleven single earring parts. £100-200
129.    Two Victorian tortoiseshell pique expanding bracelets, both af. £50-80
130.    A three stone diamond ring, the collet set brilliant cut diamonds, total weight estimated as approx 3cts, (clarity P3, colour I-J) in 18ct white and yellow gold mount, size N½, 5.1g. £1200-1500
131.    An opal and diamond cluster ring, claw set an oval opal of 13 x 9.5mm within a surround of sixteen brilliant cut diamonds, in unmarked white gold mount, size L, 4.3g. £400-600
132.    A pair of opal and diamond cluster earrings, each round opal within a surround of sixteen 8/8 cut diamond points on unmarked white gold post mounts, total diameter 11mm, 4g, in Mappin & Webb box. £200-300
133.    A 15ct gold hinged bangle in the form of a beaded curb link chain over a two-bar frame with concealed clasp, interior dimensions 5.5 x 4.6cm, 25g. £400-500
134.    A 14k yellow gold spray brooch claw set six Cairngorms amidst textured and smooth foliage, 6.5cm, 16.6g. £200-250
135.    A Victorian onyx locket back brooch with seed pearl monogram, a Ruskin-style brooch and other items. £40-60
136.    A string of Bakelite amber-style graduated beads, 87cm. £40-60
137.    An 18ct gold signet ring, size T, 6.3g. £100-120
138.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size K 1/2, 4.3g. £80-100
139.    A 9ct gold signet ring, size R, 2.4g, a locket pendant on chain and a small length of curb link chain. £100-150
140.    A 9ct rose gold curb link half Albert watch chain, 22cm long, 20.6g. £180-220
141.    A 9ct white gold bracelet of alternate rectangular and diamond point set square links, total diamond weight 0.15cts, 19cm, 9.3g. £120-150
142.    A small 18ct white gold pendant set a brilliant cut diamond of approximately 0.2cts on fine 18ct white gold curb link neck chain, 2.6g. £100-150
143.    An 18ct white gold ring set a cultured pearl between two white stones, French marks, size L, 3.8g. £70-90
144.    A Victorian turquoise and diamond cluster memorial ring with pierced scrolling shoulders, locket back and ribbed shank, size N, 2.2g. £80-120
145.    A 9ct gold half-hoop ring set seven brilliant-cut diamonds, size R, 1.6g. £50-60
146.    A sapphire and diamond ring claw set two brilliant cut diamonds and a round cut sapphire in 18ct yellow gold and platinum cross-over setting, size R, 4.2g. £250-350
147.    A Victorian gold Etruscan style hinged bangle, the front with cannetile decoration, 1.8cm wide, interior 5.5 x 4.5cm, unmarked, tests as 15ct gold, 20g, in fitted case. £380-420
148.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with padlock clasp, 36.8g. £350-400
149.    A modern Art Nouveau style amethyst and seed pearl pendant in 9ct gold mount, 1.9g. £50-70
150.    A 9ct gold pendant set a large blue spinel of approximately 18cts and four culture pearls, 4cm long, including bale, 9.3g. £60-80
151.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with padlock clasp, 15.7g. £150-180
152.    A 9ct gold ring set amethyst, size m, 2.5g. £30-40
153.    A pair of opal earrings, 13 x 11mm claw set in 18k gold screw fittings, 5.2g. £60-100
154.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with 1887 half sovereign (holed), and padlock clasp, total weight 22.3g. £240-300
155.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size M 1/2, 9.9g. £200-220
156.    A 9ct rose gold curb link Albert watch chain, 39.6g. £400-450
157.    A 9ct rose gold heart shaped pendant set diamond point on 9k gold rope twist neck chain, 9.7g. £90-120
158.    A sapphire and diamond square cluster ring, the dark blue sapphire claw set within a surround of ten 8/8 cut diamond on yellow gold shank, size M, 2.8g. £100-150
159.    A 9ct rose gold bracelet of curb links, the centre section collet set five turquoises, with concealed clasp and a small locket pendant, 11g. £120-150
160.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size L, 4g. £80-90
161.    A 12ct gold wedding band, size S, 6g.
162.    A shell cameo mounted in marcasite set floral silver setting on fancy link chain and a marcasite set silver ring, size N 1/2, 17g. £30-40
163.    A 9ct white gold bracelet of wavy links, each alternate link set seven 8/8 cut diamond points, 19cm, 5.3g. £60-100
164.    A 9ct white gold pendant of spiral form, claw set diamond points and a pair of matching earrings, 3.4g. £50-70
165.    A 9ct white gold ring of four interwoven strands set diamond points with ruby terminals, size L, 3g. £40-60
166.    A guilloche enamel cigarette holder tip (stem missing), the mounts marked '18ct', two gold brooches and a nephrite pendant. £40-60
167.    Links of London, a pair of enamelled silver cufflinks,, each with fleur de lys motifs on green ground within blue borders, boxed. £30-50
168.    A pair of blue and green enamelled silver cufflinks, boxed. £30-50
169.    A 9ct white gold ring set three clusters of brilliant cut diamond points, size M½, 2.5g. £40-60
170.    An Art Deco style bracelet of open bar and chevron links and concealed clasp, set throughout with brilliant cut diamonds, in white gold mount marked 18K, 8.8cm long, 8mm wide, 17g, (124 diamonds, estimated weight approx 5cts). £800-1200
171.    An 18ct white gold bracelet of twelve linked rods, alternately overlaid by S-scrolls of nine brilliant cut diamonds and round cut rubies, with concealed clasp, 11g. £250-350
172.    A pair of 18ct white gold and diamond earrings, each with diamond point and ruby flower suspended within a diamond point set tear drop frame, on post fittings with matching pendant, (3), 7.3g. £200-300
173.    Lalique, a boxed silver ring set a clear glass cabochon, size J. £50-70
174.    Links of London, a silver bangle with malachite terminals, and a matching ring, size K, also a silver gilt ring with flower motif, size K, (3), in Links of London cloth bag. £40-60
175.    A three stone diamond ring, the claw set brilliant cut diamonds totalling 1 ct and set in 18ct white gold cross-over mount, size M, 5.3g. £300-400
176.    A pair of diamond ear studs, the brilliant cut diamonds four-claw set in 14k gold post fittings, 0.6g. £150-170
177.    A 19th century diamond brooch of scrolling form, set old brilliant and rose cut diamonds with a later cultured pearl drop below, in unmarked gold and silver mounts, with later pin, 3.5cm wide, 6.8g. £350-450
178.    An oval wreath brooch/pendant centrally set an oval pink topaz of approximately 6.5cts within a gold wreath of leaves and four white enamelled flowers with ruby centres, with detachable square cut pink sapphire drop below and detachable brooch fitment, wreath 3.5 x 2.6cm, unmarked yellow gold. £200-250
179.    An 18ct gold gypsy ring set two rubies, diamond points and seed pearls, size O, 2.3g. £50-70
180.    A diamond and ruby cluster ring millegrain-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 1.5cts within a border of keystone rubies, between diamond-set shoulders, in platinum mount, marked "1.52", size O, 3.3g. £4000-4500
181.    A moonstone bracelet, of three rows of graduated round moonstones, all collet set in 9ct gold mounts with concealed clasp, 18cm, 32.6g. £300-400
182.    A moonstone and ruby spray brooch, claw set seven moonstones and nine collet set rubies in unmarked yellow gold mount, 5cm long, 11.6g. £200-300
183.    A pair of moonstone cluster pendant earrings, each flowerhead cluster of six round claw set moonstones below a moonstone on post fitting, unmarked yellow gold, 5.6g. £120-160
184.    An 18ct yellow gold ring set five brilliant cut diamonds of total 0.2ct, size P, 6g. £150-200
185.    A Victorian rock crystal and turquoise pendant, the round rock crystal cabochon surmounted by a turquoise set star and within a zigzag surround collet set turquoise stones below a similarly set bale, 3.3cm diameter and a similarly set smaller pendant on later bale (possible originally an earring), (2). £180-220
186.    A cultured pearl choker of two strings of uniform pearls to 9ct gold cultured pearl set clasp, pearls 6mm diameter, 35cm long. £60-80
187.    A pair of diamond flower head cluster ear studs, each claw set seven brilliant cut diamonds of approximately 0.2ct each with 18ct yellow gold post fittings, 1.1cm diameter. £800-1200
188.    A seven stone diamond cluster pendant, the brilliant cut diamonds of approx 0.16st each, claw set in 18ct yellow gold mount, on 9ct gold fine curb link chain, 3.2g. £300-500
189.    An Edwardian diamond cluster ring millegrain-set a cushion-cut diamond of approximately 0.6cts within a border of fourteen 8/8-cut diamonds, between diamond-set shoulders, on platinum mount, size O, 2.3g. £1300-1500
190.    A 9ct rose gold double curb link bracelet with padlock clasp, 17.8g. £180-200
191.    A diamond and sapphire cluster ring set an Asscher-cut diamond of approximately 0.45cts, with borders of keystone sapphires and twenty brilliant-cut diamond points, between diamond-set shoulders, in unmarked ribbed mount, size N, 3.8g.
210.    A 9ct gold bar brooch set pearl, 1.7g, a silver and marcasite necklace of floral form, a marcasite double clip brooch and other jewellery. £30-50
211.    A quantity of agate and other hardstone clasps, plaques, etc. £40-60
212.    A 9ct gold cross-over ring set two garnets, and Art Deco style diamanté bracelet and other jewellery. £30-50
213.    Tiffany & Co, a silver heart ring signed Peretti, size I, in bag, a pair of similar earrings and a Swarovski ring, size J, boxed. £50-70
214.     Baccarat, a clear glass bombe ring and a pale blue glass ring, both signed and boxed, (2), sizes J and K½, (2).
215.    Two Baccarat blue glass rings, both signed and boxed, size J, (2). £40-60
216.    A pair of jet earrings, other earrings, an Italian micro mosaic fringe necklace and other costume jewellery. £40-60
217.    A quantity of costume jewellery in the form of animals, birds and insects. £50-70
218.    A quantity of costume jewellery, some signed by Napier, Givenchy, Boucher, Trifari, etc, mainly ear clips.
219.    A quantity of costume jewellery.
220.    A gilt metal hat pin, a marcasite and paste brooch and other items. £30-50
221.    Eleven 19th century and later shell cameos, three modern glass cameos and other items. £60-100
222.    A quantity of cut and loose polished stones including tigers eye, agates, operculae and pastes. £30-50
223.    A string of simulated jade paste beads and two pairs of earrings. £20-30
224.    A white metal mounted hardstone brooch, a buckle of fleur de lys design, silver brooches and other items of jewellery. £50-80
225.    Two white metal brooches with matching clip earrings, a gold signet ring and other jewellery. £40-60
226.    A quantity of loose Bakelite graduated cherry amber-type beads, largest 6 x 3cm and others, dark red and two screw clasps. £60-80
227.    A large Victorian gilt metal swivel brooch (af), another set agates (central setting vacant), and other items, similar. £30-50
228.    A quantity of butterscotch amber graduated beads, loose and strung, largest 3 x 2.6cm, then 2 x 1.6cm down to 0.9 x 0.6cm, and three amber spray brooches (af), gross weight 86g. £300-400
229.    Five pieces of unpolished amber and an amber pendant, total weight 249g approx. £30-40
230.    Two Victorian tortoiseshell pique heart pendants, (one af), a tortoiseshell locket pendant, a tortoiseshell watch chain (af) and other items. £50-80
231.    A quantity of lava stone cameos, mainly in gilt metal mounts, some linked as bracelet fragments (22 cameos). £40-60
232.    A micro mosaic stud depicting the Doves of Pliney and a gilt metal bracelet set four micro mosaic plaques of classical ruins, (two settings vacant), and other similar items. £60-80
233.    A circular plaque enamelled with a basket of fruit and flowers, in gilt metal mount, a Continental filigree pendant centrally set an oval monochrome enamel of Cupid (af) and other items. £60-80
234.    A quantity of gilt metal Etruscan style brooches and earrings. £60-80
235.    Two pierced and carved jade pendants, a green glass bangle and various oriental items of jewellery, all af. £40-60
236.    A bracelet of linked silver threepenny coins and a quantity of silver and white metal lockets, pendants, etc, 150g. £30-50
237.    A quantity of mainly silver and white metal brooches, medallions, rings, etc, £60-80
238.    A quantity of mainly silver and white metal jewellery fragments, etc. £50-80
239.    A bracelet of scarab beetles on metal mounts, other scarab beetle jewellery and other items of jewellery. £30-50
240.    A compass fob in the form of a jockey's cap on plated metal watch chain and a quantity of cufflinks, studs, ec. £40-60
241.    A quantity of jewellery fragments. £30-50
242.    A quantity of honey coloured faux amber beads, plaques etc. £40-60
243.    A jet brooch in the form of a violin (af), a bog oak wreath brooch and other items of jet, French jet, Bakelite, etc, Some af). £40-60
244.    A quantity of jet and other beads, etc, (some af). £30-50
245.    A quantity of miscellaneous jet earrings, etc (some af). £40-60
246.    A quantity of mainly jet bracelet plaques, (some af). £30-40
247.    A quantity of mainly jet pendants, lockets and chains, etc, (some af). £30-40
248.    A quantity of gilt metal lockets and brooches, glass, hair lockets, etc. £40-60
249.    Seven loose amethysts in gilt metal mounts, other loose gem stones, carved mother of pearl counters, jewellery fragments, etc. £50-80
250.    Three Victorian gilt metal Etruscan style brooches with tassels, another brooch and eight pairs of similar earrings. £40-60
251.    Two Victorian gilt metal brooches with four pairs of matching earrings and other similar jewellery. £40-60
252.    A string of graduated cherry amber type Bakelite beads and two other strings of simulated amber beads. £40-60
257.    A 1987 Proof Half-Sovereign with certificate of authenticity no.09706, cased. £110-140
258.    A 1988 Proof Half-Sovereign with certificate of authenticity no.02639, cased. £110-140
259.    An Edward VII 1907 half sovereign.
260.    A George V 1911 sovereign. £200-220
261.    A Victoria 1899 sovereign.
262.    An 1889 sovereign in pendant mount, total weight 8.9g £200-250
263.    An Elizabeth II 1966 sovereign. £200-220
264.    A Victoria 1887 sovereign. £200-220
265.    A 1906 Edward VII half sovereign. £80-100
266.    A 1982 half-sovereign in 9ct gold pendant mount set diamond points, 6.9g. £100-120
267.    A Victoria 1869 half-sovereign in 9ct gold ring mount, 11.9g. £180-200
268.    An Edward VII half sovereign in 9ct gold ring mount, 8.3g. £120-150
269.    A George V 1915 sovereign. £200-220
270.    A George V 1913 sovereign. £200-220
271.    A George V 1914 sovereign. £200-220
272.    An Edward VII 1910 sovereign. £200-220
273.    A Victoria 1899 sovereign. £200-220
274.    An Edward VII 1909 half-sovereign. £100-110
275.    A George V 1912 half sovereign. £100-110
276.    An Edward VII 1910 half sovereign. £100-110
277.    A Victoria 1895 sovereign. £200-220
278.    A Victoria 1900 sovereign.
279.    Benson, a gent's automatic wrist watch, the silvered dial with baton numerals, calendar aperture at 3 o'clock and centre sweep seconds, the movement numbered VD 2472 in 9ct gold case numbered 435170, on leather strap. £120-150
280.    An Art Deco diamond set cocktail watch with rectangular dial, the 18ct white gold case and articulated shoulders set 8/8 cut diamonds, on black cord bracelet, (movement af), 10mm x 60mm, total weight 12.7g. £200-250
281.    A ladies Art Deco diamond cocktail watch, the rectangular silvered dial with Arabic numerals over Moeris movement, in diamond-set platinum case marked "L'emeraude Lausanne", 3 x 1.4cm, on leather strap, total weight 12.4g, boxed. £100-150
282.    Rotary, a ladies wrist watch with 9ct yellow gold case and bracelet, 14.7g and a ladies gold-plated Seiko wrist watch, (2). £100-120
283.    Omega, a Ladymatic wrist watch, the dial with baton numerals and date aperture, on leather strap. £60-100
284.    International Watch Co., a Schaffhausen "Ingenieur" wrist watch, late 1950'searly /1960's, the black dial with gold baton numerals and date aperture at 3 o'clock, marked International Watch Co., Schaffhausen, Ingenieur, the yellow metal case numbered 1564140, with steel back and leather strap, (case 3.6 x 4.4cm). £1000-2000
285.    Omega, a gents Seamaster Automatic wrist watch, the circular dial with dart and quarterly baton numerals and seconds subsidiary in steel case on leather strap with Omega buckle. (Case 3.5 x 4.2cm.) £100-200
286.    A ladies Regency 9ct gold cased wrist watch on gold bracelet, gross weight 9.6g and a gents Roamer automatic steel cased wrist watch (af), (2). £70-100
287.    A Waltham 845 model keyless pocket watch, the 12 jewel movement in gold plated screw back case. £30-50
288.    A Kays "Old Favourite" silver cased open face pocket watch. £30-40
289.    An 18ct gold cased keyless open face pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, the unsigned movement and case numbered 11449, London 1856, 5cm diameter, gross weight 123.5g. £300-400
290.    Omega, a gents 9ct gold cased wrist watch, c195, the round gilded dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, on plated bracelet, 3.3cm diameter, 4.2cm long. £200-250
291.    Eterna-Matic 1000, a gent's 9ct gold cased automatic wrist watch, the silvered dial with baton numerals and calendar aperture, on plated bracelet, 3.2cm diameter. £120-150
292.    Eterna, a ladies 9ct gold wrist watch, the gold dial with baton numerals in 9ct gold case on integral textured gold bracelet, 1.7cm diameter, gross weight 23.2g. £180-220
293.    Ancre, a ladies 18k gold cased wrist watch on plated strap, 2.1cm diameter. £40-60
294.    Longines, a Swissair Exclusive no.4 "World Timer Avigation" automatic wrist watch, the black dial with Arabic numerals, calendar aperture and centre sweep seconds in steel case, numbered 439, the bezel marked with time zones, 3.7cm diameter, on leather strap with wallet, paperwork and outer box. £200-300
295.    Sewills Millennium calendar moon-phase wrist watch, no.194 of limited edition of 2000, the cream dial with Roman numerals, two subsidiaries and moon-phase, in 9ct gold case, on leather strap in box with paperwork and certificate. £180-220
296.    A Victorian 18ct gold cased key wind open face pocket watch, the gilded face with Roman numerals and engraved floral decoration in florally engraved gold case, 4.1cm diameter, 56.8g. £300-400
297.    Two continental silver-cased open face keywind pocket watches with white enamel dials and Roman numerals, an Eccelso trench-type pocket watch with Arabic numerals, in fitted watch stand, and another wrist watch, (all af). £60-80
298.    Bucherer a ladies square faced 18ct gold cased wrist watch on gold plated bracelet. £40-60
299.    A 9ct gold cased half hunter keyless pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, the movement numbered 51589 and marked Visible, (winding mechanism not engaging), 4.8cm diameter, gross weight 98.6g. £150-250
300.    A modern CWC military wrist watch marked "W10/6645-99 5415317 1865/05". £60-80
301.    Accurist, a ladies wrist watch, the round dial with baton numerals, in 9ct gold case, with 9ct gold chain bracelet, total weight 9.5g. £60-80
302.    Raymond Weil, a gents steel cased dual time zone gents wrist watch, the two dials with Arabic/dart and baton numerals, in rectangular case, 4.9 x 2,2cm, numbered 9896, A900515, 1089/1500, on leather strap. £60-100
303.    Seiko, a Sportura Kinetic Chronograph gents wrist watch, the black dial in steel exhibition-back case on steel bracelet, ref 7L22-OADO, no.482072. £60-100
304.    Gucci, a ladies wrist watch with bi-metal case and bracelet, boxed with paperwork. £50-80
305.    Cartier, a gents Tank Française wrist watch, the silvered dial with Roman numerals and date aperture, on steel CC708177, (with spare links, but no box or paperwork). £300-500
306.    Rolex, a gents Oyster Precision steel cased wrist watch, the champagne dial with baton numerals and centre sweep seconds, the case numbered 170775, 6424 (both numbers rubbed), on bracelet. £600-700
315.    A 19th century Russian silver-plated wine cooler of hexadecagon shape, with swing handle, bottle liner and removable collar, 41cm high. £200-300
316.    A large silver-plated presentation trowel engraved "Victorian Hospital, Swindon, Presented to Mrs Goddard by the Architect, June 21st 1887", with ivory handle and another for the Wesleyan Methodist Central Mission Hall, 17th April 1907, (2). £50-70
317.    A silver plated entrée dish and cover, a cased pair of fish servers, a pair of half gadrooned wine coaster, 15cm diameter and other plated ware. £40-60
318.    A Mappin & Webb silver plated egg warmer of oval form, 24cm high, a silver plated brandy warmer and other plated ware. £40-60
319.    A pair of Victorian silver plated entrée dishes and covers of lobed form with scroll decoration and engine turned rims by W & Co., registration date mark for 16th September 1845, no.30374, 34 x 26.5cm, (2). £80-120
320.    A pair of silver plated two branch candelabra, 33cm high, a pair of silver plated shaped rectangular entrée dishes and covers by TB&S, a plated cocktail shaker and other plated ware. £50-80
321.    A large silver plated two-handled oval serving tray of shaped embossed outline, on four feet, 76 x 47cm. £30-50
322.    A pair of Elkington & Co silver plated wine coasters of lattice design with applied vines and grape decoration to the rim, 20.5cm diameter, (one wood base split), (2). £50-70
323.    A pair of silver plated chamber sticks with embossed rim decoration, on circular bases, with snuffers, 10cm high, 16cm diameter, a pair of plated coasters, 15.5cm diameter, a pair of candle snuffers and an oval tray, 24.5 x 9.5cm. £40-50
324.    A silver plated four-branch epergne, 33cm high, a pair of Mappin & Webb Princess Plate shallow dishes, 26cm diameter, two entrée dishes and other plated ware. £40-60
325.    A set of eight Middle Eastern embossed bowls, ___14oz. £60-80
326.    A pair of Continental loaded two-branch candelabrum, each with three sconces on reeded column and beaded circular foot, stamped 800, 16.5cm. £100-150
327.    A pair of Continental oval cast two-handled salts on short cabriole legs with paw feet, 12cm, import marks, London 1903, ___6oz (one liner lacking). £50-80
328.    A Continental white metal tea strainer with pierced foliate border and handle, 14cm long and three white metal dishes set with Oriental coins, (3). £40-60
329.    A collection of white metal flatware, marked Sterling Patent, ___39oz. £200-300
330.    A set of six American Sterling teaspoons, marked The Cowell & Hubbard Co., a mote spoon, stamped Sterling and other white metal flatware, ___38oz. £200-300
331.    A modern Continental dressing table mirror, the oval frame with scrolling foliate border and wood strut support behind, stamped 800, 33 x 25cm. £50-100
332.    An American Sterling silver serving dish of oval shape with Chippendale border, 26 x 18cm, stamped STERLING CHIPPENDALE by Frank Smith,___ 10.5oz and a collection of sterling spoons, ___9oz. £100-200
333.    A Continental silver tea caddy of lobed squat form, the lid with pomegranate finial, (hinge damaged) above foliate corners and lions paw feet, 12cm long, 12cm high; an American sterling silver bowl and cream jug by Fisher and an American can shaped mug, ___14oz. £100-200
334.    An American silver bon bon dish in the form of a clam shell, on ball feet, stamped Wallace, Sterling, 15cm, a Continental pierce cake slice, 18cm long and other items. £50-100
335.    A Chinese oval pin tray engraved with a dragon, stamped Sterling, Sing K Wong, 12cm and a pair of ashtrays with similar marks and an embossed white metal plaque, ___6oz. £40-60
336.    A set of six Scandinavian blue enamelled salt spoons in fitted case, marked M Hammes, Bergen. £30-40
337.    A Chinese beaten silver circular pin tray centred by a memento coin, "Birth of the Republic of China", marked Zee Wo, 8.5cm and three others, (4). £50-80
338.    A set of twelve each plated, ivory-handled dessert knives and forks by George Butler & Co, Sheffield, in fitted case. £30-50
339.    A Victorian ladies burr walnut dressing case fitted with seven plated-mount bottles and trinket bottles and three glass bottles with stoppers, (manicure set lacking), with hidden side drawer, 30cm wide, 23cm deep, 18cm high, (inner tray a/f). £150-200
348.    Five each silver bladed dessert knives and forks and two spare forks, Sheffield 1836, each bone handle with crest. £30-40
349.    A collection of silver fiddle pattern flatware, mainly mid-19th century, seven Exeter silver table spoons, nine table forks, five other table spoons, two dessert forks, three dessert spoons, various dates and makers, ___57oz. £400-600
350.    A set of six each silver fiddle pattern dessert forks and spoons, London 1906, ___20oz. £150-200
351.    A silver Old English pattern table spoon, London 1796 and a collection of mainly 19th century teaspoons, ___14oz. £100-150
352.    An Edwardian pierced silver basket of lozenge shape raised on pierced scroll feet, 30 x 22cm, Chester 1902, ___11oz. £200-300
353.    A pair of Georgian-style silver sauce boats, each with gadrooned rim, and leaf capped scroll handle on shell feet, London 1902, ___16oz. £200-300
354.    A modern limited edition silver commemorative goblet, Churchill Centenery 1874-1974, 98/500, 14cm, Birmingham 1973, ___4.5oz. £40-60
355.    A pair of octagonal shaped silver peppers in fitted case, Chester 1916, 9cm high, a pair of salts and other small silver, weighable silver ___4oz. £40-60
356.    A George III sugar bowl and cream jug of circular bellied form, embossed with fruit and flowers within Greek key borders, Robert and Samuel Hennell, London 1802, ___15oz. £100-200
357.    A Victorian baluster-shaped plain tankard with leaf-capped scroll handle, 13cm high, London 1865, ___12oz. £80-120
358.    A two-handled bell-shaped cup by Peter & Anne Bateman, with slightly-domed circular foot, 16cm high, London 1865, ___13oz. £100-200
359.    A Victorian silver-mounted Claret jug with horn handle and star-cut base, 24cm high, Birmingham 1881. £60-100
360.    A rectangular boat-shaped plain teapot on bun feet, Sheffield, ___13oz (incl.). £60-80
361.    A George III fiddle pattern ladle by Eley, Fearn & Chawner, London 1808, ___6.5oz. £60-80
362.    A pair of octagonal wine labels, "Burgundy" and "Claret", Birmingham 1901, one other and a small cream jug, Birmingham 1912, (4). £40-60
363.    An octagonal silver fruit dish, two sides extended and pierced to form handles, by Walker & Hall, 33cm wide, 8.5cm high, Sheffield, 1930, ___19.5oz. £160-200
364.    Three silver bon bon dishes of heart shape, with embossed decoration, Birmingham 1896, 11cm long and, London 1894, 9cm, (3), ___2.8oz. £40-60
365.    A silver hot water jug with gadrooned lower body and lid, 22cm high, by Elkington & Co, Birmingham, 1908, gross weight ___16.2oz. £100-120
366.    A silver chain mail purse, London, 1904, an engine turned silver compact, a sterling silver mounted hat pin stand and other items. £30-50
367.    A pair of silver bon bon dishes embossed with cherubs, (one af), Birmingham 1897, another plainer pair, Birmingham, 1906 and a single bon bon dish, London 1958, ___6.29oz. £50-70
368.    A pair of Harrods Ltd miniature silver four division toast racks on ball feet, maker R W Burbridge, London, 1933. £50-70
369.    A George III silver mustard pot by Charles Fox, of oblong bellied form on ball feet with glass liner, London 1815, 9cm long, ___5.2oz. £60-80
370.    A pair of Victorian salts of round bellied form raised on three hoof feet, Glasgow, date marks rubbed, with associated spoons, 4.9oz. £80-120
371.    A collection of various dressing table items, comprising two silver topped scent bottles with stoppers, two silver backed brushes, two long boxes (one lid missing) and a comb in engine turned case, various dates and makers. £30-50
372.    A late Victorian silver porringer with gadrooned decoration, Chester 1898 and a silver cream jug, London, 1813, 8.4oz. £50-70
373.    A small George III silver salver with gadrooned rim and raised on three cast feet, 17.7cm diameter, maker Solomon Hougham, London 1817, ___10.6oz. £120-150
374.    A Sun Insurance commemorative silver inkwell, the hinged lid with embossed sun mask above the date 1710, over a glass liner, bearing inscription to side: "Presented to Humphrey W Woollcombe.........1953", makers Thomas Bradbury & Sons, Sheffield 1938, ___13oz. £200-300
375.    A tall trumpet shaped silver vase with cast wavy rim and loaded base, 24.5cm high, Birmingham 1911. £40-60
376.    A silver mounted plain glass claret jug of rounded shape with star cut base, London 1899, 23cm high and a small white metal mounted oil bottle, stamped 800, 19cm high, (2). £80-120
377.    A pair of slender boat shaped salts, on stretched octagonal feet, 12.5 x 6.5cm, Sheffield 1855 and a pair of Victorian salt spoons, London 1882, ___3.5oz. £50-80
378.    A modern Armada dish, a silver mounted glass inkwell, Birmingham 1930 and a pressed circular foliate bon bon dish, 1905, weighable silver ___5oz £50-80
379.    A set of six silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, London 1901 and a collection of teaspoons, mainly late Victorian, ___8.5oz. £60-80
380.    A silver fiddle pattern butter knife, London 1808 and other miscellaneous flatware, ___14oz. £100-150
381.    A pair of loaded Corinthian column short candlesticks complete with beaded sconces, 15.5cm high, London 1899. £120-150
382.    A set of six bright-cut teaspoons, London 1899, in fitted case. £40-60
383.    A late Victorian pierced silver bon bon dish of lozenge shape on pierced foot, 14cm long, 7cm high, London, ---3.9oz. £40-60
385.    Three silver napkin rings, five silver mounted salts bottles and other items. £80-120
386.    Two engine turned silver cigarette cases, ___6oz. £40-60
387.    A silver christening spoon and fork, cased, London 1894, three pairs of silver sugar tongs and other small silver, ___6oz. £60-80
388.    A set of six each mother of pearl handle fruit knives and forks, Sheffield 1913 and a set of six silver handled tea knives. £50-80
389.    A silver boat shaped salt on oval foot, London 1796 and a silver topped inkwell, (2). £60-80
390.    A pair of silver boat shaped salts on oval feet, London 1890 and a pair of gadrooned rectangular salts with blue glass liners, Birmingham 1895 and a menu holder, ___7oz. £70-100
391.    A set of twelve silver Old English pattern table forks, London 1795, maker John Wren, ___26oz. £240-300
392.    A silver fiddle pattern basting spoon, Exeter 1844 and an Old English silver basting spoon, Exeter 1795, maker Richard Ferris, ___7oz. £50-100
393.    Five 18th and 19th century silver tablespoons, various dates and makers, ___9oz. £60-100
394.    A collection of 18th and 19th century silver fiddle pattern and other flatware, various dates and makers, ___22oz. £180-250
395.    A tortoiseshell and silver inlaid dressing table set, London 1866. £40-60
396.    An Art Nouveau style silver picture frame, Birmingham 1918 and four other small picture frames, (5). £50-100
397.    A Liberty & Co napkin ring of plain beaten form, Birmingham 1918, twelve bean coffee spoons and other small silver. £40-60
398.    A rectangular silver cigarette box, the lid with engine turned border, raised on block feet, inscription to lid, 17.5cm wide. £60-80
399.    An engine turned silver napkin ring, Birmingham 1919, two small silver trophy cups and a pin tray, ___6oz. £40-60
400.    A George III silver wine funnel by Peter and Ann Bateman, London 1795, with reeded border and shell tab, 13cm long, ___3oz. £250-280
401.    A silver dressing table set, comprising a shaped rectangular galleried tray, a hand mirror, 30 x 20cm and three brushes, a silver mounted trinket pot and a hair tidy, maker WA. £80-120
402.    A George III three-piece tea service of rectangular form with a band of foliate cut decoration, on ball feet, London 1813-14, ___29oz. £250-350
403.    A Liberty & Co. four-piece tea service of rounded form, with embossed decoration, on beaded circular feet and a pair of sugar tongs of similar design, Birmingham 1916, ___36oz, (incl.), (5). £300-400
404.    A circular rose bowl of inverted lobed form, on bell-shaped foot, 16cm diameter, Sheffield 1907, ___10oz. £80-120
405.    A Victorian christening spoon, fork and knife with engraved and engine-turned decoration, Birmingham 1871, a pair of Kent County Canine Society prize spoons and a sifter spoon, London 1897. £50-80
406.    A pair of short loaded candlesticks on oval bases, 12cm high, Sheffield 1898. £50-80
407.    A pair of circular pierced bonbon dishes, Birmingham 1894, 10cm diameter, two miniature trophy cups and other small silver, ___10oz. £80-120
408.    A plain cylinder-shaped christening tankard, London 1929 and two others, ___10oz. £80-100
409.    A set of twelve each mother-of-pearl-handled dessert knives and forks, Sheffield 1893. £100-150
410.    A rectangular engine-turned cigarette box, 12cm wide and a rectangular cigarette case, Birmingham 1932, (2). £40-60
411.    John Pinches Medallists, Ltd, The Mountbatten Medallic History of Great Britain And The Sea, a set of one hundred sterling silver medallions contained in four albums, with certificate, edition no.118, approximate weight 124oz. £800-1200
412.    John Pinches Medallists, Ltd, The Princess Anne Captain Mark Phillips Royal Wedding Plate sterling silver plate, hallmarked, 9oz, in fitted box with certificate.
413.    John Pinches Medallists, Ltd, 1000 Years of British Monarchy, a set of fifty sterling silver ingots in a fitted wooden case, approximately 100oz, with certificate of ownership and book.
414.    A Mappin & Webb silver ashtray of salver form, with beaded edge, 12.3cm diameter, London 1931, ___3.3oz. £30-40
415.    A small quantity of fiddle and Old English pattern teaspoons, various dates and makers, ___4.5oz. £30-40
416.    A small silver-mounted mother-of-pearl teether, (a/f), Birmingham 1898, a small cream jug, London 1901, a Miniature mustard with glass liner, Sheffield 1904 and other items, weighable silver ___6oz. £60-80
417.    A case of eleven silver rat tail teaspoons and sugar tongs, London 1911 and a cased set of six silver pistol-handled tea knives, London 1873, (boxes a/f). £50-80
418.    A cased pair of silver napkin rings with reeded wavy rims, Birmingham 1912 and a set of six teaspoons and tongs, Sheffield 1906, ___5oz. £40-60
419.    A Victorian silver sauce boat on three shell-capped hoof feet, London 1865, ___2.75oz. £50-80
420.    A large rectangular silver cigarette case, Sheffield 1926, ___6.2oz. £30-50
421.    A modern silver wine coaster by Brian Fuller, London 1993, 10cm, an oval photograph frame, 25 x 16.5cm, Birmingham 1916 and two silver spoons, (4). £40-60
422.    Five Victorian Kings pattern silver spoons, two table and three dessert, A M & Co, Edinburgh, 1852, ___7.5oz. £50-70
423.    A cased christening spoon and fork, London 1898, a "Souvenir of the Grand Hotel" silver dipping pen and other small silver, etc, weighable silver ___6oz. £40-60
424.    A cased George VI silver porringer of plain form, Sheffield 1937, ___5.35oz, with associated spoon. £40-50
425.    A silver rose bowl with pierced floral border and wavy rim, Birmingham 1928, 20cm diameter, 13cm high, ___15oz. £140-180
426.    A cased pair of silver pepperettes each raised on three shell-capped pad feet, Sheffield 1905/6, a cased set of teaspoons, Sheffield 1940 and other small silver, weighable silver ___9.8oz. £60-100
427.    A pair of Edwardian silver coffee and hot water jugs, each with tapering body and turned wood handles, makers Hardy Bros, Sheffield, 1919, 19cm high, gross weight ___28.6oz, (2). £300-400
428.    Five silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, Johnstone, Exeter 1858 and two others, similar, ___5.1oz, (7). £30-40
429.    A four-piece silver-backed dressing table set with wavy engine turning, Birmingham 1957, (comb missing), (4). £30-50
430.    A 20th century silver porringer of plain form, on circular foot, Carrington & Co, London 1927, 8cm high and a matching spoon, ___7.6oz, (2). £50-80
431.    A Victorian silver bachelor teapot and milk jug by Martin Hall & Co, of squat oval form, with overall scroll and floral decoration, London 1885, ___11.6oz. £80-100
432.    An engine-turned silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1937 and two other silver cigarette cases, (one a/f), ___12.8oz, (3). £80-100
433.    A silver sugar bowl of plain form, on circular foot, Sheffield 1932, an Elkington & Co. silver four-division toast rack, Birmingham 1947 and other items, ___13oz. £60-80
434.    A cased set of six silver coffee spoons, Birmingham 1926, (case a/f) and other small cutlery, ___10.9oz. £50-70
435.    A cased set of six silver-handled knives, Sheffield 1921 and a small amount of silver cutlery, weighable silver ___7.2oz. £50-70
436.    A small silver baluster vase with wavy rim, Sheffield 1905, four silver-backed hair brushes and various other items of silver, (a/f). £30-50
437.    A silver presentation trowel engraved "Presented to F Pleydell Goddard........ Parish Church Swindon Parochial Hall, June 6th 1913", with ebony handle, Sheffield 1912. £60-80
438.    A large collection of silver-handled shoehorns and button hooks and one Bakelite and steel hook, (29). £30-50
439.    A cased silver-handled button hook and shoe horn, Chester 1914 and a cased set of silver pistol-handled knives, Sheffield 1904, (2). £30-50
440.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons and tongs, Sheffield 1910, ___2.4oz. £30-50
441.    A quantity of silver cruets including a Goldsmiths and Silversmiths silver mustard pot with blue glass liner, Sheffield 1916, a pair of pepperettes, same maker and dates, (one a/f) and other cruet items, total silver ___13.6oz. £60-80
442.    A set of six teaspoons with finials modelled as wire Fox Terriers, Birmingham 1932, ___3.3oz, (6). £40-60
443.    Eight Exeter silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, maker Robert Williams, 1844 (7), 1840 (1), ___5.34oz. £30-50
444.    A pair of Victorian fiddle pattern tablespoons, London 1847 and four fiddle pattern dessert spoons, 1854, 1865, ___11.6oz. £100-150
445.    Four George IV silver Old English Pattern tablespoons, various makers, London 1812, 1827, 1828, ___7.4oz, (4). £50-80
446.    A set of four silver salt spoons, London 1865 and a quantity of silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, various dates and makers, ___7.5oz. £50-70
447.    A silver four-piece tea service, comprising: teapot, spirit kettle, cream jug and sugar bowl, of bellied form, by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1928/9, ___45.3oz. £300-400
448.    A canteen of silver fiddle pattern cutlery, comprising: twelve each tablespoons, dessert spoons, teaspoons, and table forks by William Chawner II, London, mainly 1828, ___83.6oz, also twelve each modern fiddle pattern silver handled table and dessert knives, Sheffield 2001. £700-900
449.    Six silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons, maker M & S, Edinburgh, 1839 and two others, London 1846, ___9.7oz. £80-100
450.    Six silver fiddle pattern tablespoons, London 1815 and one other, London 1854, ___15.3oz. £120-150
451.    A Victorian silver teapot of baluster form embossed and engraved, with inscription, maker Millidge & Son, Edinburgh, 1866, ___22.2oz. £160-220
452.    A cased silver backed dressing table set of mirror, four brushes and a comb, Birmingham 1924/5. £50-70
453.    A pair of four division toast racks on ball feet, marks rubbed, and a circular pierced silver butter dish, Sheffield 1912, ___ 7oz. £50-70
454.    Four Georgian circular sauces on pad feet, marks rubbed, later plastic liners, ___7oz. £80-120
455.    An oval plain mustard with blue glass liner, London 1927, three other mustards and other condiments, __ 10oz. £60-100
456.    A Victorian embossed bowl, 9 cm diameter London 1888, and a half gadrooned cream jug, London 1895, ___ 5oz. £60-100
457.    An 18th Century Irish sauce boat, the plain body with pressed beaded rim and scroll handle on hoof feet. Dublin 1795, ___5oz £100-200
458.    A pair of Victorian fiddle pattern silver sauce ladles, London 1840, another and a pair of table spoons 1894 ___11oz. £100-150
459.    An engine turned silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1913, a small golf trophy, Birmingham 19929, a vesta sase and small enamelled box with naval crown, ___ 8.5oz (inclusive). (4) £80-120
460.    Two silver mounted glass decanters of oblong form, various loaded spill vases and other small silver. £40-60
461.    A large silver photograph frame of arched rectangular form, 30 x 24cm, Birmingham 1818. £80-120
462.    A Victorian ladies coromandel wood brass-bound dressing case by Chapman Son & Co, London, fitted with silver-mounted bottles and trinket boxes and mother-of-pearl manicure set, London 1878, (lid of box a/f), 28cm wide, 20.5cm deep, 18.5cm high. £300-500
471.    A Liberty & Co napkin ring decorated with green and blue enamels and having a vacant cartouche, Birmingham 1902, (some losses to enamel) and other small silver. £60-80
472.    A Vinegar wine label and other small silver. £20-40
473.    A Georgian bright cut caddy spoon with shell bowl, various coffee spoons, mainly 19th century, ___5.9cm. £40-60
474.    A circular pin tray commemorating Sir Winston Churchill, 1874-1974 with Clementine Churchill's signature engraved and centred by a crown, 10cm diameter, in fitted box. £20-40
475.    A silver double-ended spirit measure with reeded finger loop, 10cm high, Birmingham 1956, ___1.8oz. £30-40
476.    A silver topped wine cork, the finial in the form of two golf clubs, a trio of silver spirit labels for Brandy, Sherry and Port and another pair for Gin and Sherry, (6). £50-70
477.    A small silver cream jug of bellied form, Birmingham 1908 and an octagonal bon bon dish with cast rim, Birmingham 1956, (2). £20-30
478.    A Berthold Mueller Napoleon-top spoon with London import marks, 28cm long. £100-200
479.    Five S Mordan & Co propelling pencils (three af), and one L & C Hardtmuth's Koh-i-Nor silver pencil, (dented). (6) £40-60
480.    Ten various silver and white metal pencils, some af. £30-50
481.    A fiddle pattern silver caddy spoon with shell bowl, Exeter 1858, a miniature silver hand mirror, a silver kilt pin and other small items. £40-60
482.    An engine-turned silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1928, a small pierced silver bonbon dish, Birmingham 1923 and other small silver. £30-50
483.    A small silver cigarette case in the form of a purse, Birmingham 1920. £20-30
484.    A Victorian silver and mother-of-pearl folding fruit knife, Birmingham 1847 and another, plainer, Sheffield 1843, (2). £30-40
485.    A white metal evening bag, the frame pierced with Art Nouveau design above a chain mail purse with rosettes and fringe, suspended from Bakelite bar and chain with Bakelite clasp, bag length 26.5cm. £30-50
486.    A novelty sterling silver Vesta case in the form of a sentry box with applied enamel panel depicting a horse guard, stamped Sterling, 5.7cm high. £200-220
487.    A silver vesta case with engraved scrolling decoration, Chester 1898. £20-30
488.    A Victorian silver chain mail evening purse, 18cm wide, London 1878, a foreign silver purse frame of cast and pierced form, import marks for Chester, 1901 and two chain mail purses, 16oz. £100-120
489.    Four silver cheroot holders and other small silver items, etc, ___2.78oz. £30-50
490.    Thirty assorted silver medallions and thirteen shield shaped and one rectangular silver plaques, ___11oz. £80-100
491.    A collection of hallmarked silver belt panels, some cast with cherubs, two cast buckles and other items, ___9.79oz. £60-100
492.    A silver paper tidy in the form of a duck's head, unfinished, pin lacking, London 1968, a cast silver whisky label in the form of Bacchus' mask, London 1973 and a silver lion mask, (3), ___12.5oz. £80-120
493.    An engine turned silver compact, (no mirror), three silver napkin rings and other items, weighable silver, ___7oz. £60-80
494.    A Victorian cast silver finial in the form of a 19th century soldier holding a rifle, London 1880, 5cm high, a cast model of a horse's head, 1977 and other small silver, £60-100
495.    A Victorian engine-turned snuff box, the cartouche engraved "DAC", with gilt interior, 7cm long, Birmingham 1843, maker ES. £120-150
496.    A Georgian silver pap boat of typical plain form, marks rubbed, with engraved initials beneath, 11cm long. £40-60
502.    An S Mordan & Co propelling pencil holder 5.4cm long. £30-50
503.    Two novelty base metal propelling pencils, both with Stanhopes, one in the form of a geologist's axe ('A Memory of Ruthin'), the other a rotisserie ('A Memory of Penrith'). £60-80
504.    A Novelty propelling pencil in the form of a musket, with spring action released by the trigger, 13 cm long, and another in the form of a pair of bellows, 5cm. (2) £50-80
505.    A Morden Everpoint, two other pencils and a silver pen pot, Birmingham 1911. £30-50
506.    A novelty propelling pencil in the form or a canon (af), 5cm, a silver plated owl pencil, three gilt metal watch keys in the form of flintlock pistols (one af) and one other pencil. £50-70
507.    A collection of nine gilt metal propelling pencils (some af), and other similar items. £50-70
508.    An S Morden & Co novelty propelling pencil in the form of a flute, 8.5 cm, dated '4th Septr 1841'. £200-300
509.    An S Mordan & Co novelty propelling pencil in the form of a croquet mallet with bands of red, white and blue enamel, 5.2cm, (small split to seam of mallet head cuff). £80-120
510.    An S Mordan telescopic pencil barrel (no pencil inside), 13 cm extended, will not retract completely. £40-60
511.    A novelty pencil in the form of a flintlock pistol, marked 'Reserve', 4.5 cm (af). £40-60
512.    A Victorian Engine turned silver combination pen and pencil, 11.8 cm, and another, (af). (2) £50-80
513.    A yellow metal telescopic pencil with red guilloche enamelled cap marked 'Pat 20266 Applied for' 4 cm (closed) (af). £100-150
514.    A gilt metal and enamelled novelty pencil in the form of a Pharaoh, with Egyptian silver marks, 6 cm. £50-70
515.    An S Mordan & Co novelty pencil in the form of a tennis racket, 5.8 cm. £100-150
516.    A micro-mosaic strut picture frame, the gilded metal scrolling mount around an oval aperture covered by a hinged oval panel of a micro-mosaic posy of flowers, 15cm high. £60-80
517.    Two small micro-mosaic photograph frames and two slate plaques, each with inset micro-mosaic panels of flowers, the corners inset gold stone, 10 x 7.5cm, 7 x 5cm, (all af). £30-50
518.    An Oriental shield shaped jade panel with applied hard stone decoration of a small animal amidst fruiting vines, 12 x 10cm (af) and a collection of hardstone plaques, etc. £40-60
519.    A Chinese jade mounted hand mirror with belt hook handle carved with a dragon and dragon head, the mirror back with central jade inset and white metal surround enriched with coloured stones, the handle marked SILVER, 18cm, 11cm wide. £500-700
520.    A six-piece tortoiseshell and silver piqué dressing table set in fitted case, by Manoah Rhodes & Sons Ltd. £100-200
521.    A large agate ball, 4cm diameter, three rose quartz balls, 3cm, various hardstone beads, seven hardstone handles and other items. £30-50
522.    A pink and blue marble parasol handle with faceted glass spacers, 7.5cm x 4cm, various items of tortoiseshell, etc. £40-60
523.    Six silver bladed mother of pearl handled fruit knives and nine other knives, in poor condition. £40-60
524.    A quantity of white metal pencils, pencil parts, etc, many af. £40-60
525.    A brass novelty cigar cutter in the form of a female figure on a chamber pot, another cigar cutter with articulated legs, (af), another in the form of a key and one other. £60-80
526.    A ladies Art Deco enamel and silver gilt cigarette case with black enamel rounded base and lid, green enamel ends and inset a carved jade plaque between marcasite set bars, the silver gilt interior bearing London import marks for 1934, 8 x 5.5cm, 83.9g, (chip to enamel). £80-120