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501.    W T Norman LANDSCAPE WITH RIVER Signed 19th century oil on panel, 23 x 29cm. £60-80
502.    Sarah Louisa Kilpack (1839-1909) PLYMOUTH BREAKWATER LIGHTHOUSE, WITH FIGURES, GULLS AND A TWO-MASTED VESSEL, IN HEAVY SEAS Oil on art board, 22.5 x 30cm. £100-200
503.    Sarah Louisa Kilpack (1839-1909) THE EDDYSTONE, MARCH WEATHER Signed oil on art board, titled verso, 31 x 23.5cm, unframed. £100-200
504.    Sarah Louisa Kilpack (1839-1909) THE CITADEL, PLYMOUTH, WITH FIGURES AND NUMEROUS SHIPPING MOORED IN THE CATTEWATER Signed oil on art board, titled verso, 23.5 x 31cm, unframed. £100-200
505.    Sarah Louisa Kilpack (1839-1909) CAWSAND BAY, WITH FISHING BOATS, FIGURES AND NETS ON THE SHORE Signed oil on art board, titled verso, 23.5 x 31cm, unframed. £100-200
506.    Sarah Louisa Kilpack (1839-1909) PICKLECOMBE FORT, WITH VESSELS IN THE SOUND BY MOONLIGHT Signed oil on art board, titled verso, 23.5 x 31cm, unframed. £60-80
507.    •W H Burns GLEN-VEACH, CO. DONEGAL Signed oil on board, titled verso, 28.5 x 59cm. £50-80
508.    •Olwyn Bowey RA (b. 1936) ROUGH SHOOTING IN SNOW Signed oil on board, with initials, 32.5 x 24cm. £200-300
509.    •Lana Okiro THE COACH AND HORSES Signed acrylic on board, inscribed on printed label verso, 32 x 47cm. £50-80
510.    18th century Continental School PANDORA Unsigned oil on canvas, 32.5 x 27cm, indistinct inscription on stretcher. £150-200
511.    19th century Continental School NUMEROUS FIGURES AND ANIMALS OVERLOOKING A RIVERSIDE FORTRESS, POSSIBLY WITH THE ROCK OF GIBRALTAR IN THE DISTANCE Unsigned oil on canvas, 69 x 89cm, (relined). £200-300
512.    Mansfield Parkyns (1823-1894) AXUM, ABYSSINIA, FIGURES AND DONKEYS IN A LANDSCAPE WITH TREES AND HILLS BEHIND Unsigned oil on canvas, 90 x 135cm. (Provenance by direct descent to the owner). £300-500
513.    •Tony Doughty GUARDIAN ANGELS Signed oil on canvas, dated '03, 69 x 79cm, signed and titled verso. £60-80
514.    •Victoria Gamberoni DINING, SANTA BARBERA, CALIFORNIA Signed oil on board, 19 x 24.5cm, title inscribed verso, together with Stanley Smithson FRONT OF BUILDINGS, signed oil on board, 29.5 x 38.5cm, (2). £50-80
515.    19th Century English School FIGURES ON A PATH WITH WINDMILL IN THE DISTANCE Unsigned oil on board, 18 x 14cm, in rosewood frame. £30-40
516.    Leghe (John Lees) Suthers (1856-1924) A GOLDEN RETRIEVER STANDING IN A COURTYARD WITH GAME AND A HAMMER GUN, KENNELS BEHIND Signed oil on canvas, 46 x 56cm, (some paint loss and a small hole bottom rhs). £200-300
517.    •Derek Cooper (1898-1975) A GROUP OF ADULTS, CHILDREN AND ANIMALS OUTSIDE A DOORWAY WITH BUILDINGS AND A CEMETERY BEHIND Unsigned oil on canvas, inscribed verso, Derek Cooper, Royal College, S Ken, Scholarship in decorative painting and To Hon Gen Sec, British *** at Rome, c/o J Bourett & Sons, 17 Nassau St, W1, 110 x 116cm (canvas only, no stretchers or frame, one tear, overall fold marks and small paint losses), Provenance: by descent from the artist. £200-300
518.    •Michael J Praed (b. 1941) SHELTERED WATERS Signed oil on board, titled verso, 29 x 58cm. £200-300
519.    A B Collier THE TAVY AT TAVISTOCK Signed oil on canvas, dated '96, 60 x 90cm, inscribed and dated verso, (water damaged). £200-300
520.    Alfred Montague (c1832-1883) HERRING BOATS, SHIELDS HARBOUR, SUNRISE Signed oil on canvas, dated 1876, 46 x 61cm, inscribed verso, (Small hole to canvas, signs of old restoration). £300-400
521.    19th Century English School PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN, MAJOR GENERAL W H CRICHTON CB Unsigned oil on canvas, relined, 59 x 49cm, sitter's name on plaque. £200-300
524.    Style of Richard Parkes Bonington COASTAL SCENE WITH FIGURE ON DONKEY CARRYING PANNIER BASKETS, OTHER FIGURES, BOATS AND GULLS Unsigned watercolour, 23 x 30cm, hand-written notes and stuck-on newspaper cutting verso, framed. £100-200
525.    William Cannon (Fl. 1860-1901) A STEAM TUG AND SAILING SHIPS OFF A HARBOUR Signed watercolour, 14 x 29cm. £30-50
526.    William Cannon (Fl. 1860-1901) SAILING SHIPS IN FULL SAIL Signed watercolour, 29 x 14cm and a companion SAILING SHIPS AND FISHING BOATS OFF THE COAST, a pair, (2). £40-60
527.    R H Nancarrow PIGEON SHOOTING Signed pencil drawing dated June 1855, 32 x 38cm, in satinwood frame. £40-60
528.    R H Nancarrow, two pencil drawings of a woman wearing a bonnet, 19 x 12cm, 13 x 13cm, two others of gentlemen, one holding a pipe, 18.5 x 11.5, 17 x 13cm and one other, (5). £30-50
529.    •Leslie F Belton (1912-1992) OLD HULK, BRADING HAVEN Signed and titled pastel, 29 x 47cm, another MOORED VESSELS, 25 x 44cm, signed and another SAILING DINGHY OUT OF THE WATER, unsigned, 29 x 45cm, (3). £60-80
530.    •Leslie F Belton (1912-1992) WHITE CLIFF BAY, ISLE OF WIGHT Signed and titled pastel on brown paper, dated '66, 25 x 43cm and two other similar works dated 1968, (3). £60-80
531.    •Leslie F Belton (1912-1992) BRADING HAVEN Signed and titled blue crayon on brown paper, 16 x 30cm and another BEMBRIDGE BAY, pastel, 20 x 27cm, (2). £40-60
532.    •Leslie F Belton (1912-1992) THE LIFEBOAT STATION, BEMBRIDGE Signed pastel, dated '70, 10 x 35cm and a companion YACHTS FROM THE BAY, (2). £20-40
533.    •Philippa Colby A.R.C.A. STILL LIFE Signed pastel on blue paper, 23 x 31cm. £20-30
534.    •"Watts R A" RELIGIOUS FIGURE WEARING ROBES AND DECORATIVE FINGER RINGS Watercolour, bears signature, 23 x 45cm. £40-60
535.    Nicholas Condy (1793-1857) PLYMOUTH Unsigned watercolour, titled, 17.5 x 25cm. £80-120
536.    Henry Martin (1835-1908) LANDS END Signed watercolour, titled verso, 12 x 16.5cm. £30-50
537.    •Anthony Holland SIOUX, PORTRAIT OF A NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN FROM BEHIND Signed watercolour, titled, 37 x 25cm and a companion GONDOLIER, a pair, also two others, MAGIC FLUTE, QUEEN OF THE NIGHT' and 'TORQUATO TASSO, ELEONORA D'ESTE', (4). £50-80
538.    •Francois Krige (South African 1913-1994) SKETCH OF A CHURCH Pen and ink, signed in biro, 22 x 32cm. £20-30
539.    J Koekkoek YPRES, TWO FIGURES AND A CONCEDED GUN EMPLACEMENT, WITH VILLAGE BEHIND Signed watercolour, dated 30/10/15, inscribed in pencil and on paper label verso, Painted on the Ypres Salient 1914 (sic) Col. F W Heath's Section, 25 x 35cm, together with a pen and ink sketch of a pony's head initialled H P B, 17 x 12cm, inscribed on label verso Initialled HPB Pony's Head - pen and ink, from the sketchbook of Henry Percy Beausire, Born on St Lucia, West Indies, circa 1870, (2). £40-60
540.    A Ferretti ST MARKS SQUARE, VENICE Signed watercolour, 31 x 45cm and a companion, a pair, (2). £30-50
541.    Vincent Clare (1855-1930) STILL LIFE, EGGS IN A NEST AMONGST FLOWERS ON A BANK Signed watercolour, 13.5 x 22cm, also George Whyatt, WEST CHITTINGTON, SUSSEX, WITH FIGURES AND A CART IN THE ROAD, signed watercolour, 35 x 50cm, (2). £60-80
542.    Francis P Barraud (1824-1901) ST NICHOLAS, BLAIS Signed and titled watercolour, 18 x 13cm. £30-50
543.    Francis P Barraud (1824-1901) NOTRE DAME, POITIERS Signed and titled watercolour, 11 x 16cm and a companion, ABBAYE DE CORMERY, SUR INDRE, a pair, (2). £30-40
544.    Francis P Barraud (1824-1901) NORWICH Signed and titled watercolour, 9.5 x 12.5cm. £20-30
545.    Charles Barrow Prescott (1870-1932) MEDITERRANEAN COASTLINE WITH ARTISAN HOMES AND CHICKENS IN THE FOREGROUND, (POSSIBLY MONTE CARLO) Signed watercolour, dated 1912, 20.5 x 52.5cm. £50-80
546.    Uren NEWTON FERRERS WITH FISHING BOATS Unsigned watercolour, 32 x 49cm, inscribed on backing paper, Newton Ferrers Uren 1886 and a contemporary watercolour NOSS MAYO & NEWTON FERRERS, signed P Sale?, 39 x 72cm, (2). £60-80
547.    William Edwin Atkinson ARCA (Canadian 1862-1926) A FARMYARD, ONTARIO, AFTER THE STORM Signed watercolour, dated 1922, inscribed and titled verso, 26 x 31cm, unframed. £20-30
548.    Henry Martin (1835-1908) FISHING SMACKS IN THE CATTEWATER WITH TURNCHAPEL BEHIND Signed watercolour, 19 x 33cm, (faded), together with Herbert William Hicks (1880-1944), COASTAL SCENE, signed gouache, 15 x 23cm, (2). £30-50
549.    •T J J Tolkein THE JUBILEE DUAL GBXD AND G-BECM, A PITTS S2-A PERFORMING Signed with initials and dated 26/10/78, 21 x 29cm and another depiction of JUBILEE DUAL S2-A, G-BCEM, 21 x 29cm, together with a hand-written explanation signed TJJ Tolkein, (2). £40-60
550.    20th Century Chinese School A THREE-MASTED TRADING JUNK Unsigned gouache, 24 x 31cm and a companion, together with two similar river and landscape scenes. (4). £40-60
551.    Neapolitan Naïve School ENGLISH WARSHIPS IN THE BAY OF NAPLES WITH VESUVIUS ERUPTING Unsigned gouache, 36 x 51cm and a companion, a pair, creased and edges damaged, (2). £30-50
552.    John Werner (?) SUMO WRESTLERS Pastel, indistinctly signed, dated "96", 15 x 26.5cm, together with a pencil sketch of the same subject, 28 x 18.5cm (2). £30-40
553.    M F, 20th Century BELA, STUDY OF A MOROCCAN MAN WEARING A RED HAT Watercolour signed with initials, and a companion, a pair, 33 x 22cm, (2). £30-50
554.    Tom Rowden SHEPHERD DRIVING SHEEP ALONG A MOORLAND TRACK Signed watercolour, dated "96", 22 x 77, (light foxing); Thomas Shilton CORNER OF THE WOOD Signed and dated 1904 and another, W A Kibbler, CLAPPER BRIDGE, signed watercolour, 35 x 52cm, (3). £60-80
555.    John White RI (1851-1933) HOME FROM SEA, POLPERRO Signed watercolour, titled on back board, 36 x 25cm. £60-80
556.    Hedley Fitton RE BAKEHOUSE CLOSE, CANONGATE, EDINBURGH Signed pencil sketch, titled and dated "1916", 30 x 21cm, together with an etching, CANONGATE TOLBOOTH, signed J S C Simpson, 32 x 16cm, (2). £30-50
557.    •Robin Armstrong (b. 1947) BROWN TROUT IN A STREAM BED Signed watercolour, 29 x 51cm. £30-50
558.    •Robin Armstrong (b. 1947) FISHES EYE-VIEW- A TROUT FOLLOWING A FLY, FISHERMAN'S SHADOW ABOVE Signed watercolour, 45 x 70cm. £100-200
559.    William Widgery (1826-1893) CATTLE ON DARTMOOR, LOOKING TOWARDS SHEEPSTOR Signed watercolour, 26 x 104cm. £80-120
560.    •Mabel F Wickham RI (1901-1992) CASTLE COVE, SATURDAY AFTERNOON Signed watercolour, 21.5 x 33.5cm, titled exhibition label verso. £30-40
561.    •Mabel F Wickham RI (1901-1992) OLD QUARRY AND WINDMILL, PORTLAND Signed watercolour, 35.5 x 58.5cm, titled exhibition label verso, another signed watercolour, VIEW FROM WYKE REGIS, DORSET, 26 x 36cm, titled exhibition label verso and a signed pencil and wash, CERNE ABBAS, 26.5 x 32.5cm, (3).
562.    •Nancy Watts THE CARPET CHAIR Signed acrylic, 36.5 x 24cm, titled exhibition label verso. £20-40
563.    •Michael Cadman (1920-2012) LONDON NIGHT-BUSES Signed watercolour, dated 1997, 44 x 33cm, titled label verso. £30-40
564.    •Michael Cadman (1920-2012) BEER HACKETT Signed and titled watercolour, dated 1991, 34.5 x 46.5cm and another, CONSERVATORY, signed and titled watercolour, dated 1992, 36 x 53cm (2). £40-60
565.    Capt. Nowell-Salmon VC (?) HMS DEFENCE WITH A VESSEL FOLLOWING Indistinctly signed watercolour, dated 1886, 34 x 24cm, foxing. £30-40
566.    Two 19th century miniature portraits of young men, painted on ivory, each within oval gilt metal bezels and black frames, 12 x 10cm and two other 19th century portrait miniatures, (4). £50-80
567.    A Victorian portrait miniature of a young man, within gilt mount and velvet-lined leather case, 13 x 11.3cm and two other portrait miniatures, a lady and gentleman, within gilt bezels and black frames, 14 x 12cm and 13 x 11cm, (all af), (3). £40-60
568.    A pair of 19th century miniature portraits, a lady and gentleman, 8 x 6.2cm oval, in gilt and black-painted moulded frames, 17 x 15cm, (2). £40-60
569.    An early 19th century miniature portrait of a lady with a pearl necklace and flowers in her hair, 7.7 x 5.7cm, in gilt slip and bezel and black frame with acorn hanger, a Victorian miniature portrait of a lady, painted on ivory, (cracked), oval 10.5 x 8.2cm in black frame, 18.5 x 14.5cm and two other smaller miniatures, (4). £80-120
570.    •The Studio of Dorset Artist Sheila Waddington

POLPERRO HARBOUR, CORNWALL Signed watercolour, 27.5 x 38cm and other framed and unframed watercolours, mainly views with sailing vessels £30-40
571.    •CHESIL BANK Signed watercolour, 24.5 x 34.5cm and other framed and unframed watercolours, coastal and landscape scenes. £30-50
572.    •SAN GIMIGNANO Signed watercolour, 27.5 x 38cm, FIJI, 24.5 x 32cm and other framed and unframed watercolours of foreign landscapes, mostly titled. £40-60
573.    •CLEMATIS MONTANA Signed gouache, 23.5 x 33cm, SUMMER FLOWERS, signed watercolour, 35 x 25.5cm and three other floral watercolours, (5). £20-40
574.    •A collection of unframed signed watercolour studies, mainly landscapes. £30-40
575.    •BALLARD DOWN, STUDLAND Signed oil on board, 29 x 39cm, STUDLAND LANDSCAPE, signed oil on board, 31 x 24cm and one other untitled oil painting, (3). £20-40
576.    •SELF PORTRAIT Oil on board, 54 x 39cm, titled label verso. £20-40
582.    •Ruskin Spear (1911-1990), 'A Thin Edge', a limited-edition coloured cricket print, 35 x 94cm, no.46/175, titled, signed and dated 1989 in pencil. £80-120
583.    A hand-coloured engraving after Thos. Wood, 'South View of the City and Part of Southwark in 1599', Pub. 1771, with dedication to the Rt Hon. Brass Crosby Esq, Lord Mayor, together with numbered references, 35 x 57cm. £80-120
584.    After John Leach, 'Gone Away', coloured print, Pub. Agnew & Son, 57 x 78cm, another, 'Mr Jorrocks', 42 x 59cm and a later print 'No Consequence', (3). £20-30
585.    •After Sir William Russell Flint R.A, five limited-edition prints after drawings used to illustrate Pidansat de Mairoberts 'Memoirs of Madame du Barry', each bear 'Chelsea Green Editions' stamp and numbered from an edition of 850, 37 x 23cm, (5). £100-150
586.    20th Century Japanese "Fujiyama". Indistinctly-signed limited-edition print, dated '87 27/100, 69 x 90cm, unframed. £30-40
587.    After Ginko "Figures Seated Around A Feast", a hand-coloured print, inscribed Lot Drawing from Oedo Shibai Hanjyo.Gyoji series by Ginko, c1898, 47 x 32cm and two others, (3). £30-40
588.    A 20th century Chinese hand-coloured print, "Figures Crossing A Bridge In Heavy Rain", 22.4 x 16cm and three others, (4). £30-40
589.    A E Homewood "At The Barge **** Limehouse". Etching, signed in pencil, 18 x 25cm, another depicting an arch and dated 1922 and four other etchings, (6). £60-100
590.    Alfred Leete "Cartoon Head Portrait Of A Gentleman". Wood block print, inscribed S T C W by Alfred Leete, 25 x 18cm, together with a pencil sketch of a castellated building with guardsmen at the entrance, signed with the initials S T C W, 26 x 19cm and other engravings. £50-100
591.    William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931) "Warspite And Warrior At Jutland". Etching, signed in pencil in the mount, 23 x 43cm. £100-150
592.    •After Sir William Russell-Flint "Celia Contemplating". Limited edition framed print, 618/850, 42.5 x 30cm and another, Studio Accessories, limited edition unframed print, 110/850, 41 x 56cm, Sir William Russell-Flint Galleries blind stamp, (2). £60-80
593.    •After Sir William Russell-Flint "A Question Of Attribution". A framed print, signed in pencil within margin, pub: Frost & Reed Ltd, 1963, blind stamp, 56 x 45.5cm. £40-60
594.    •After Sir William Russell-Flint "Danza Montana". A framed print, signed in pencil within margin, pub: Frost & Reed Ltd, 1960, blind stamp, 51 x 66cm.
595.    An 18th century engraving, "A Prospect of Plymouth and Ye Sound as Seen Between Ye Ramhead and Mewstone......Humbly Dedicated To Her Most Serene and Sacred Majesty Anne By Ye Grace of God, Queen of Geat Britain, France and Ireland". Engraved with numbered geographical locations. Sold by Tho Taylor at the Golden Lyon near the Horn Tavern in Fleet Street, London, 46 x 58cm. (Small damages to the Royal Coat of Arms and a small tear.) £200-300
601.    A hand-coloured engraving, A Prospect of Eddy-Stone Light-House near Plymouth Being 80 Foot High. Erected & Contrivd By Henry Winstanley of Littlebury in ye County of Essex Gent. Drawn at ye Rock by Jaaziell Iohnston, Painter, plate 43.7 x 30.8cm, 51.6 x 37cm to full margin, (light foxing, pencil mark to top right of surround, some fold marks), unframed. £60-80
602.    A hand-coloured engraving, No.9, Section of the Edystone Lighthouse upon the E & W Line, as relative to No.8, on supposition of its being Low Water of a Spring Tide. Engraved in the year 1763 by Mr Edwd Rooker, plate 50.6 x 34.6cm, 55.6 x 36.7cm to full margin, (light foxing), unframed. £50-100
603.    A hand-coloured engraving, No.14, A View of the Rock on the East Side and of the Work advanced to Course XV, being the first of the Entry Courses Shewing the Manner of Landing and Hoisting the Stones etc, in every Stage of the Building. J. Record Sculp, 1786, The Figures by Mr C R Ryley, plate 51.8 x 35.5cm, 55.8 x 36.9cm to full margin, (light foxing), unframed. £50-100
604.    A hand-coloured engraving, No.6, South Elevation & Section of Rudyerd's Lighthouse Completed in 1709; represented as it stood Previous to its demolition by Fire in the Year 1755. J. Record Sculp. 1784, plate 49.4 x 31cm, 56 x 37.1cm to full margin, (very light foxing), unframed. £50-100
605.    A hand-coloured engraving, South Elevation of Winstanley's Lighthouse upon the Edystone Rock, as it was finished in the Year 1699. Drawn orthographicaly from a perspective print thereof. Published by himself, engraved by Hen. Roberts, 1762, plate 53.6 x 35.2cm, 56.9 x 37.4 to full margin, (light foxing, water damage to right-hand side edge, repaired tear to bottom left corner), unframed. £50-100
606.    A hand-coloured engraving, No.4, South Elevation of the Original Lighthouse Built upon the Edystone Rock, according to the First Design of Mr Winstanley. Taken from a perspective print, drawn at the rock by Jaaziell Johnston, Painter, engraved by Hen. Roberts, 1761, plate 40.1 x 25.2cm, 56.3 x 36.6cm to full margin, (light foxing, pencil marks to top right corner of surround), unframed. £50-100
607.    A 19th century sepia painted silhouette portrait, signed Foster pinx, dated 1894, within an oval gilt bezel, 9 x 7.5cm and rectangular black frame with oak leaf hanger, 19.5 x 16.5cm overall. £60-80
608.    A pair of 19th century watercolour miniatures, Annabella Fraser, Inverness, d.1827 and Alexander Fraser, Inverness, d.18?;, oval, 8.8 x 7cm within gilt bezel and black rectangular frame, 15 x 12.5cm overall, (2). £40-60
609.    J H Gillespie (attrib.), an early-19th century painted silhouette portrait of a middle-aged woman, within oval bezel, 8.5 x 7cm, in rectangular black frame with oak leaf hanger, 14.5 x 12.5cm. [No.813, British Silhouette Artists and Their Work 1760 - 1860 by Sue McKechnie]. £60-80
610.    John Field, an oval painted silhouette of a gentleman wearing a white stock, signed Field, 2 Strand, with artist's label and collection label verso, within metal bezel, 9 x 7cm in black frame with acorn hanger, 14 x 12cm overall. [No.755, British Silhouette Artists and Their Work 1760 - 1860 by Sue McKechnie]
611.    John Miers, "Mr Day" and "Mrs Day", a pair of silhouette portraits painted on plaster, 9 x 7cm, artist's labels and collection labels verso, in pressed gilt metal oval frames, 12.5 x 10.5cm overall. [No.s 1295 & 1296 British Silhouette Artists and Their Work 1760 - 1860 by Sue McKechnie].
612.    An early-19th century rectangular painted portrait silhouette of E J J G Edwards in black and green with bronze detail, inscribed with sitter's name and dated 1832 verso, 9.5 x 7.5cm, in black frame with gilt metal hanger, 17.5 x 16cm overall. £30-50
613.    John Miers, William Whateley, a late-18th century oval silhouette portrait painted on plaster, inscribed William Whateley, Died July 14th 1828 verso, 9.5 x 6.5cm in oval ebonised moulded wood frame, 14 x 12cm overall, [No.1330, British Silhouette Artists and Their Work 1760 - 1860 by Sue McKechnie], (cracked) and another, sitter unknown, a silhouette portrait of a gentleman, 9 x 7cm, in gilt wood frame, 12.5 x 7cm, (cracked), (2).
614.    John Miers (1758-1821), John Shore, Lord Teignmouth, Governor General of India, a late 18th century oval portrait silhouette, the sitter wearing a ruff, his hair tied with a ribbon, painted on plaster, artist's label verso, 8.5 x 7cm, in gilt and black painted convex glass within ebonised oval frame, 19 x 15cm, (cracked). £50-100
615.    Bradshaw, Captain Henry Edwards, an early 19th century oval cut silhouette embellished with bronze and gum arabic, inscribed Capt Edwards to his dear sister Eloise verso, 7.5 x 5.7cm in metal bezel within black wood rectangular frame with gilt acorn hanger, 13.2 x 10.4cm, [No.298, British Silhouette Artists and Their Work 1760 - 1860 by Sue McKechnie]
616.    Major Brackenbury - now Sir G Brackenbury of Skendlebury, 1832, an early 19th century rectangular silhouette portrait painted in black and grey with bronze detail, 9 x 7.2cm in white metal bezel and ebony rectangular frame with acorn hanger, 15.5 x 10.5cm overall. £30-50
617.    William James Hubard (?1809-1862) The Rev Hugh Macbean, a cut rectangular silhouette portrait, inscribed The Rev Hugh Macbean, Ardlach, Nairn, with artist's label, Cut with common scissors By that singular gifted Little Boy master Hubard without Drawing or Machine, verso, 9 x 6.5cm in ebonised wood frame, 12.5 x 10cm overall, and another, a cut silhouette of a young boy with Hubard Gallery label verso, 9 x 6.5cm in ebonised wood frame, 12 x 9cm, (2). £60-100
618.    William James Hubard (?1809-1862)T Bromhead Butt, a pair of cut silhouettes, with and without a top hat, labelled verso T Bromhead Butt, Age 19, July 1841, 10 x 7.4cm in gilt and ebonised rectangular frames, 15 x 12.7cm overall. £50-70
619.    Hill's Gallery, an early-19th century cut silhouette of an unknown gentleman, with bronze embellishment, stencilled Mr Hill's Exhibition verso, oval, 9 x 7.2cm, in papier-mâché frame, 16 x 13cm overall. [No.462, British Silhouette Artists and Their Work 1760 - 1860 by Sue McKechnie]. £30-50
620.    Francis Torond, John and Arthur Shakespeare, two late 18th century painted oval silhouette portraits of gentlemen, possible father and son, each with ruff, one inscribed Mr John [crossed out] Arthur Shakespeare the other with collection label verso, oval 10 x 704cm, in gilt wood oval frames, 15 x 12.5cm and 14 x 11cm, [No.s 924 & 925, British Silhouette Artists and Their Work 1760 - 1860 by Sue McKechnie], (2).
621.    An early-19th century painted silhouette portrait of a lady, circa 1820's, painted in black with bronze embellishment, oval, 7 x 5.6cm in gilt and papier-mâché oval frame with gilt metal flower and ribbon hanger, 10.5 x 8.2cm overall. £40-60
622.    H & J Walter, Profilists, London. Mrs Clarke of Bridwell, née Carew, a mid-19th century cut silhouette portrait embellished in bronze, three-quarter length, stamped H & J Profilists, London verso, rectangular, 10 x 6.5cm in painted wood frame, 12.5 x 9.5cm overall. £30-50
623.    Sarah Harrington (fl. 1774-c1787) attrib. Augusta Schutz of Oxfordshire, a hollow-cut silhouette portrait, oval 9.5 x 7.5, in oval wood frame, 13 x 11cm, [No. 47 in Silhouette, The Art of Shadow by Emma Rutherford] and a painted silhouette portrait of an unknown woman, early 19th century, oval, 7.5 x 6cm in rectangular wood frame, 13 x 10.5cm overall, (2). £40-60
624.    Frith, Royal Victoria Gallery (after 1837-c1854), Archibald Edmonstone Craig, a mid-19th century painted full length silhouette portrait of a young boy standing, holding a book, three-quarter facing with head turned to show profile in black and shades of bronze, the back and fore ground in sepia, signed Frith and dated 1840, labelled verso, Archibald Edmonstone Craig, b.1840, 23 x 15cm within gilt slip and maple frame, 30 x 22cm overall. £60-100
625.    N Phelps (attrib.) A late-18th century painted silhouette portrait of a gentleman in black and shades of grey, inscribed verso, N Phelps, 1788, with paper label inscribed G W Bain and collection labels for the Nevill Jackson collection and Christie collection (Nov 1941, no,49) oval, 10 x 7.5cm in gilt metal and wood frame, 13 x 10.5cm overall. £60-80
626.    A late-18th century silhouette painted on convex glass in black of a young naval officer, possibly John Wear RN, indistinctly inscribed in pencil John Wear Lt RN, killed at Cayenne verso, 8 x 6.6cm in gilt metal bezel within papier mâché frame with gilt metal leaf hanger, 13.7 x 10.7cm (paint lifting from glass) and an early 19th century silhouette painted on glass of a young woman, 7.5 x 6cm, (2). £60-100
627.    Thomas Pole (1753 - 1829) Elizabeth Cadbury. Painted silhouette within sepia landscape with memorial urn and personal mementos, to be engraved as an obituary print, framers' label inscribed in pencil Wife of Richard Tappen Cadbury 1768 - 1851, (née Head) verso, 25 x 18cm in burr walnut frame, 30 x 23cm overall. [no.86 Silhouette, The Art of Shadow by Emma Rutherford]. £50-70
628.    Mrs Broadhead of Portland Place. A late 18th century painted silhouette of a lady in a large feather-trimmed hat, inscribed with sitter's name below, label verso identifying sitter and inscribed Sue McK Colln no.177 late 18th Century, rectangular, 9.5 x 7.5cm in wood frame, 13 x 10.5cm overall. £40-60
629.    Mrs Isabella Beetham (c1753-1825) A painted oval silhouette of an unknown gentleman, trade label Profiles in Miniature by Mrs Beetham, No.7 Fleet Street verso, 9.5 x 7cm in black wood frame, 14.5 x 12cm overall. [No.s 147 and 149 in Silhouette, The Art of Shadow by Emma Rutherford].
630.    H & J Walter (fl. c1848-1853) James Combs (born 1779) and a companion, a pair of cut full length silhouettes with bronze embellishment, the former inscribed James Combs Born 1779 on board verso, the other bearing H & J Walter Profilists, London stamp verso, both rectangular, 24 x 17cm, in plain wood frames, 32 x 25 cm overall, (2). [no. 149 (James Combs only) British Silhouette Artists and Their Work 1760-1860, Sue McKechnie]. £100-120
631.    A pair of mid-19th century cut silhouettes embellished with white and bronze, in rectangular maple frames with gilt slips, 13 x 8.5cm, 21.5 x 17cm overall, (2). £100-150
632.    A small early 19th century painted silhouette inscribed Daddy Dyer, Comedian, Exeter, 7 x 7cm within maple frame with gilt slip, 21 x 19cm overall, and an early 19th century full length cut silhouette of Archdeacon Butler with coat of arms, 27.5 x 17cm, in maple frame with gilt slip, 35 x 24cm overall, (2). £80-100
633.    Augustin Amant Constant Fidèle Edouart, French (1789-1861) Gustavus, 8th Viscount Boyne, a cut silhouette on watercolour background of an interior, signed Augn Edouart fecit 1837 with label verso, Gustavus, 8th viscount Boyne, Aged 7 years, 26 x 17cm. £150-250
634.    Manners (W H ?) An early-19th century painted silhouette on card of a gentleman, partial trade label for Manners verso and card indistinctly-inscribed Great Uncle Hayden Ald***, 7 x 5.5cm in black rectangular frame with gilt metal rose hanger, 12.4 x 10.5cm overall. £30-50
635.    A hollow cut silhouette of a young boy, inscribed Nicholas Cheminant (?) in reeded wood frame, 18 x 17cm overall, a similarly-framed hollow-cut silhouette inscribed Catherine Jane Richardson, 16.5 x 14cm, a hollow cut silhouette inscribed Sarah Sherman, 9 x 7.5cm in black frame with gilt metal acorn hanger, 17 x 15.5cm, a small cut silhouette, possibly by G A O'Driscoll of Katherine Elizabeth Murray, 14.5 x 10cm and an unframed cut and over-painted mid-Victorian silhouette of a young lady, 8.5 x 5.75cm oval, (5). £100-150
636.    Three 19th century painted silhouettes of two boys and a young man, on card, all approx. 7 x 5.5cm, in black frames with gilt metal hangers, 13 x 11cm (x2) and 14.5 x 12.5cm and a hollow-cut silhouette of a man, in oval frame, 12 x 10cm, (4). £60-100
637.    Hubert Leslie, six cut silhouettes: two full lengths, Gertrude Lawrence and Anita Loos, and four bust lengths: Evelyn Laye, Tallulah Bankhead, Maurice Baring and E V Lucas, (6). £40-60
638.    Forty-two cut silhouettes on card by: Leon, Huardel Bly, Handrup, Harry & Angele Nolden, Arthur Forrester, mainly 1920's-1930's and other earlier silhouettes, approx 70 in total. £30-50
639.    Seventeen silhouette trade cards for Chocolat Guérin-Boutron, "Si Vous Rèvez...." and thirty-one silhouette postcards. £30-50
640.    A Handrup full-length cut silhouette of G F Brown, Bishop of Bristol c1910, framed, 39.5 x 17cm overall, a pair of cut full length silhouettes by Baron Scotford, London, husband and wife, dated 1934, unframed, 34 x 10.5cm and a pair of cut silhouettes, possibly father and son, dated 1920, framed ovals, 17 x 13.5cm, (5). £50-100
641.    Amies Milner, a military caricature Col Gethins (?) DSO, pencil with uniform and cap outlined in ink, heightened with watercolour, signed and dated 1923, 18 x 11cm. £30-40
645.    Pierre Montier, 'Carte D'Artois Et Des Environs a L'usage Le Monseigneur Le Duc De Bourgogne'. a hand-coloured map, 50.5 x 60.5cm, together with a book plate titled The Road from London to Chichester, with a map of Surrey by Bowen, 19 x 12cm, (2). £30-50
646.    J Carey, A Map of Devonshire From the best Authorities, a hand-coloured map, watermark for 1804, 44 x 50cm; and another, A Map of Devonshire Engraved from an Actual Survey with Improvements, Harwood (?), hand-coloured engraving dated 1789, 40 x 49cm, (staining). £30-50
647.    Emanuel Bowen, A Correct Map of the South East Part of Germany Including the Electorate of Bavaria....., hand-coloured map for Mr Tyndal's continuation of Mr Rapine's History, circa 1770, 36 x 42.5cm and another copy of the same map, (2). £50-80
648.    Owen Bowen, The Road from Bristol to Exeter, Devonshire, hand-coloured engraved book plate, another, together with three uncoloured examples; T Kitchin, Devonshire Drawn from the Best Surveys....., hand-coloured book plate, circa 1750 and other Devon strip road maps. £40-60
649.    Owen Bowen, a collection of six hand-coloured road maps, including Tinmouth to Carlisle, London to Kings Lynn, Huntingdon to Ipswich, Hereford to Leicester, Bristol to Weymouth and Oxford to Coventry, circa 1720. various sizes. £50-100
650.    A 17th century hand-coloured engraved mileage chart, Berkshire, 18.5 x 14.5cm and others: Kent, Hampshire, and Suffolke, together with two earlier Thomas Jenner mileage charts, Lancashire and Staffordshire, 16.5 x 11cm, (6). £60-80
651.    John Seller, five small hand-coloured maps of English counties, 12.5 x 15cm, mainly late-18th century; Emanuel Bowen, Cumberland Divided into Wards, 1762, 20.5 x 18.5cm and five others, (11). £50-80
652.    John Carey, Cornwall, hand-coloured map with a vignette of the Scilly Isles, 1787, 23 x 27.5cm, three others, similar and a later hand-coloured book plate map of Cornwall with Edystone lighthouse vignette, with hand-written label, Very scarce first edition before adding the coat of arms, circa 1835, (5). £40-60
653.    A collection of world atlas maps, mainly 19th century including: Keith Johnston, Australia; C Smith, Egypt; S Hall, Asia, Chile, La Plata and Part of Bolivia, Africa and others, (9). £40-60
654.    A collection of Rapkin and other 19th century hand-coloured maps of European countries, together with Turkey, the Baltic Sea, The Crimea, (21). £50-100
655.    C J J Greenwood & Co, "Map of the South East circuit of the Principality of Wales, Comprising the Counties of Glamorgan, Brecon and Radnor from an Actual Survey", 1826 & 1827, pub: January 26th 1831, with vignette of Llanduff Cathedral, 63 x 72cm, centre fold. £40-60
656.    Property of a Collector, now deceased.

Blaeu (Johannes) "Devonia Vulgo Devonshire", circa 1645, hand-coloured map, 39 x 50cm, double-sided. £100-150
657.    Bowen (Emanuel), "An Accurate Map of Devonshire, Divided into its Hundreds", Bowles & Sayers, hand-coloured map with vignette and plan of Plymouth, 53 x 66cm, together with C & J Greenwood, "The County of Devon from an Actual Survey", 1825/26, dated July 4th 1829, hand-coloured map with vignette of Exeter Cathedral, 61 x 69cm, minor marks and mould patches, (2). £80-120
658.    Morden (Robert), "Devonshire", hand-coloured map, 1695, 36 x 41.4cm. £30-50
659.    Jansson (Jan), "Devonia Descriptio, The Description of Devonshire", 1644 or later, hand-coloured map, 40 x 51cm, pub: P Schenk & G Valk. £60-80
660.    Jansson (Jan), "Devonia Descriptio, The Description of Devonshire", hand-coloured map, 38 x 49cm. £60-80
661.    Cary (John), "A Map of Devonshire from the Best Authorities", uncoloured map, 43 x 48cm, undated, 1789(?) and Moll (Herman), Devonshire, hand-coloured map, 21 x 32cm, (2). £30-40
662.    A Geological Map of Devonshire, hand-coloured map, pub: Stamford, 1880 or later, J Archer, Devonshire, monochrome map, 19 x 23.5cm, (2). £20-30
663.    Donn (Benjamin), "A Map of the County of Devon with the City & County of Exeter, Delineated from an Actual Survey by Benjamin Donn, engraved by Thos Jeffreys, Geographer to His Majesty, 1765", hand-coloured map, inset town plans, compass rose, Lundy and title cartouche, 180 x 186, deconstructed in twelve linen-backed sheets. £500-700
664.    T L Murray, "Devonshire", hand-coloured map, 36 x 46, Weller (Edward), "Devonshire, South Division", hand-coloured map, 31 x 45cm and three other hand-coloured maps of Devon, (5). £50-100
665.    Pine (J), "A Plott of All the Coast of Cornwall and Devonshire as they were to be Fortified in 1588 against the Landing of any Enemy", uncoloured, engraved map, engraved and published by J Pine, March 25th, 1740 according to Act of Parliament, decorative cartouche and engraved scrolling frame, 41 x 67.5cm. £100-150
666.    Drayton (Michael), "Devon Shyre, Cornwal", an allegorical engraved map, circa 1612, 25 x 33cm. £30-40
667.    Pierre Vander Aa, "Comté de Devon", hand-coloured map with architectural surround, circa 1729, 25 x 41cm. £30-50
668.    Jenner (Thomas), Devon-Shire", a small map and mileage chart, 12.5 x 11.5cm, another mileage chart with engraved coats of arms, Badeslade, "Map of Devonshire West from London", 1741 and another book plate map of Devonshire, circa 1773, (4). £40-60
669.    Owen & Bowen, "Map of Devonshire, the Road from Bristol to Exeter", 19.5 x 13.5cm, and 18th century strip road map "Dartmouth to Newton Bushel", 19 x 12.5cm, Sayer & Bennett, a strip road map "Exeter to Dorchester, Plymouth to Dartmouth", 1775, 17 x 21cm and Carrington Bowles, "Exeter to Newton Bushel", 17.5 x 10cm, (4). £50-70
670.    An 18th century double-map, "A Modern Map of Cornwall and Modern Map of Devonshire for Walpoole's New and Complete British Traveller", pub: Alex. Hogg, circa 1784, 35 x 22cm, Blome (Richard), "A Map of Devonshire with its Hundreds", an uncoloured map, 27.5 x 33cm, Van Den Kerre, a 17th century book plate map, "Devonia", 12 x 9cm, (3). £40-60
671.    A M Perrot, two bookplate maps, "Cornovaille" and "Devon", 12 x 7.5cm, a bookplate engraving, "Places and Properties with Mileages" and five other Devonshire maps and bookplates, (8). £60-80
672.    Cooper, a hand-coloured bookplate map of Devonshire, 12 x 20cm, James Wallace, a hand-coloured bookplate map of Devonshire and three later Moule hand-coloured engraved maps of Dorsetshire, Cornwall and Somersetshire with vignettes and coats of arms, (5). £40-60
673.    Ogilby (John), "Roads from Exeter to Dorchester", a hand-coloured strip road map, circa 1675, 33 x 46. £50-80
674.    An antique oak linen press/wardrobe, having a pair of panel doors above a false drawer and two long drawers, 122cm wide, 196cm high and an oak circular-top table on turned column and tripod support, (2). £20-30
675.    A George III mahogany-banded oak panel mule chest, the lift lid above a panel and three drawers, within Corinthian quarter column, 140cm wide, 88cm high, 53cm deep. £50-80
676.    A Victorian rosewood fold-over card table on turned carved column and cabriole quadruped supports, 90cm wide. £100-150
677.    A Victorian walnut and marquetry occasional table, the end supports joined by twist stretchers, 56cm wide, 69cm high. £30-40
678.    A George III oak and mahogany-banded hanging corner cabinet, the doors inlaid with butterflies, 80cm wide, 108cm high. £20-40
679.    A beech and elm lathe-back kitchen chair. £40-60
680.    A Victorian three-piece salon suite, comprising a pair of upholstered armchairs with leaf-carved frame, on short cabriole front legs and a matching double-ended chaise longue, 183cm wide. £150-250
681.    A Victorian mahogany pot cupboard, 39cm wide, 76cm high. £40-60
682.    A 17th century oak six-plank coffer, 122cm wide, 66cm high. £40-60
683.    A Victorian rosewood prie dieu chair raised on spiral twist front legs on castors, frame in need of restoration, a walnut salon chair and a tub chair, (3). £30-50
684.    A '1960's' wicker bamboo hanging egg chair, 186cm high. £40-50
685.    A '1970's' 'Peacock' rattan chair, 146cm high. £30-40
686.    An early-19th century mahogany tilt-top dining table, on turned column and quadruped supports, 140 x 112cm. £100-150
687.    A Victorian walnut loo table, the top with moulded edge and boxwood inlay, on four turned columns and carved legs, 135 x 100cm. £300-400
688.    A Victorian gilt gesso over-mantel mirror with rope-twist frame, 107cm x 133cm high, the gesso cresting lacking. £60-80
689.    A Victorian gesso over-mantel mirror, 105 x 130cm high. £100-150
690.    An antique oak mule chest with lift lid, candle box and two drawers, 123cm wide, 53cm deep, 71cm high. £80-120
691.    A Victorian walnut Davenport desk, 54cm wide, 84cm high. £80-100
692.    A Victorian oak butler's tray, the gallery pierced for handles, on turned stand, 50 x 73cm. £100-150
693.    A Victorian gilt gesso over-mantle mirror surmounted by a cherub, 130 x 94cm. £80-120
694.    A Georgian mahogany rectangular tilt-top side table, on turned column and tripod support, 52 x 46cm. £40-60
695.    A Victorian walnut inlaid button-back salon chair, the oval back and upholstered seat on short turned legs with Copes Patent castors. £80-120
696.    A set of six Victorian walnut carved balloon-back dining chairs, with serpentine upholstered seats on cabriole front legs, each stamped G Jackson, (6). £200-300
697.    Five Victorian mahogany balloon-back dining chairs, with upholstered seats on tapered legs and a Victorian mahogany cabriole leg stool, (6). £40-60
698.    A Victorian rosewood oval breakfast table, the tilt top with well-matched veneers, on carved short baluster column and pair supports, 104 x 135cm. £200-300
699.    A set of six Victorian walnut dining chairs, each open and pierced carved back with plain upholstered serpentine seat, on cabriole front legs, (6). £200-300
700.    A Victorian gilt gesso rectangular pier mirror, the central plate enclosed by ten smaller plates, 74 x 119cm high and a gilt gesso corniced pier mirror, the central plate and reeded ebonised bezel flanked by columns, 90 x 56cm, (2). £80-120
701.    A pair of late-19th century Continental walnut wardrobes, each with single panelled door, moulded cornice and plinth, on bun feet, 128cm wide, 218cm high.
702.    Two George III mahogany dining chairs, each with pierced vase splat and drop-in seats, on square chamfered legs, (2). £20-40
703.    A 17th century oak chest of four harlequin drawers applied with mouldings, on later bracket feet, 95cm wide, 94cm high. £200-300
704.    An antique reconstructed oak dresser, the plank top above a pair of frieze drawers, on square tapered legs, (cut to accommodate a sloping floor), together with a plate rack, base 141cm wide, 71cm high, plate rack 140cm wide, 87cm high. £60-80
705.    An antique oak drop-leaf dining table, the oval top above an end frieze drawer, raised on bobbin-turned legs and gates joined by stretchers, 125 x 148cm open. £300-500
706.    A set of four Victorian rosewood balloon-back dining chairs, each with carved centre bar and upholstered seat, on carved and turned legs, (one loose), (4). £60-80
707.    A 19th century Continental walnut wall mirror carved with roses and foliage, 120 x 105cm. £40-60
708.    An early-20th century Indian carved hardwood circular centre table, the top carved with concentric bands of foliage and geometric patterns, centred by a deity raised on carved elephant legs, 64cm high, 63cm diameter. £100-200
709.    A bespoke oak refectory dining table, the pull-out top taking two extra leaves, with pierced end trestle supports joined by a stretcher, 85 x 215cm, (closed), 85 x 306cm, (including leaves). £300-500
710.    A set of eight oak high-back dining chairs, including two carvers, (8). £100-200
711.    A pair of reproduction elm and beech Windsor armchairs, the solid seats on turned legs, (2). £100-150
712.    A reproduction cutlery canteen in the form of a mahogany serpentine chest, with two frieze drawers above a pair of doors, enclosing seven graduated drawers fitted for an extensive canteen of cutlery, 107cm wide. £80-120
713.    An antique oak coffer, the carved frieze above panels with applied moulding bearing date 1699 and initials 'TC', 136cm wide. £150-250
714.    A Georgian oak writing desk, the shallow sloping fall front enclosing a fitted interior, on later stained wood legs, 67cm wide. £40-60
715.    A pine corner cupboard, the moulded cornice above a pair of glazed doors and a pair of cupboard doors, 128cm wide, 185cm high. £100-150
716.    A William IV mahogany carver chair with curved bar back and drop-in seat, on turned and carved legs. £40-60
717.    A Victorian mahogany drop-leaf gate-leg Sutherland table with serpentine top, on end supports joined by turned pole stretchers, 92cm square, (open). £200-300
718.    A Victorian upholstered button-back salon armchair, on short turned mahogany legs with Copes Patent castors. £80-120
719.    A Victorian rosewood button-back salon chair, the serpentine seat on short cabriole front legs and later castors. £60-80
720.    A brass and iron music/reading stand, the adjustable mahogany book rest marked Carters, London. £40-60
721.    A late-Victorian inlaid rosewood two-tier side table, the shaped top with serpentine drop leaves above a single drawer, on square tapered legs joined by a lower tier, 46 x 90cm (open) and a Victorian mahogany tripod rectangular-top table, 47 x 37cm, (2). £30-50
722.    An Edwardian inlaid cross-banded mahogany side cabinet, the top with a pair of astragal-glazed doors, above a drawer and two cupboard doors, on bracket feet, 211cm high, 87cm wide. £100-150
723.    A Georgian oak dresser, the base fitted with four central graduated drawers flanked by cupboard doors, the plate rack fitted with six small drawers and two shelves, beneath the moulded cornice, (plate rack shortened and in two parts), the base 186cm wide, 96cm high, 53cm deep, 201cm high including plate rack. £300-500
724.    A nest of four 20th century oriental hardwood tables inlaid with mother of pearl prunus and bamboo, 53cm. £30-50
725.    A 19th century oriental hardwood display cabinet profusely carved overall with fruiting vines, the openwork cornice above a pair of glazed doors enclosing an arrangement of stepped shelves, the lower part having a pair of panelled doors raised on short cabriole legs with claw and ball feet, 104cm wide, 215cm high. Provenance: Bearnes & Waycotts, lot 386 20/3/1974. £500-700
726.    A very large 19th century pine dresser with moulded cornice above four shelves, the lower part with three long drawers and pot board, later painted green and "distressed", 249cm high, 300cm wide, 61cm deep. £300-500
727.    An early-19th century mahogany pull-out dining table on eight turned legs with castors, together with three leaves, 147.5 x 130cm closed, 328.5 x 130cm with leaves, 424 x 130cm fully open. £1000-1500
728.    Eleven similar Victorian mahogany balloon-back dining chairs, all with drop-in seats on turned legs. £200-300
729.    A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs, each arched carved splat-back flanked by fluted columns to the solid seat with moulded edge, on carved cabriole front legs. Stamped beneath JLH and inventory number. (2). £100-150
730.    A late 18th/early 19th century ash and elm primitive stick-back chair with comb back and solid seat on four simple turned splayed legs, seat 54cm wide, back 95cm high. Provenance: purchased Sotheby's West Green House 1990 for Billacombe, Lifton. £200-300
731.    A George III mahogany and rosewood-banded breakfront sideboard, on square tapered legs, 153cm wide, 93cm high. £10-20
732.    A softwood and aluminium prototype design magazine or book rack for Terence Conran, with hand written pencil note by Conran "Reduce gauge by half or so", 46.5cm wide, 31cm high; together with a book Terence Conran, Easy Living with a signed inscription from Terence Conran to the vendor, (a former employee). £40-60
733.    A cast iron stick or umbrella stand in the form of an oak tree branch with a dog seated at its base, with removable half-round drip pan, 41cm wide, 75cm high. £100-150
734.    A Singer Sewing Machine operator's chair, the cast iron frame and base with sprung iron and wood back and adjustable wood seat, 101cm high. £50-100
735.    An 18th century oak tilt-top table, the circular top with iron catch, turned column and tripod supports, 61cm diameter, 70cm high. £40-60
736.    A late Victorian bureau de dame, the upper part fitted with four small mirrored cupboard doors and three drawers enclosing pigeon holes above a leather-inset writing surface and three frieze drawers, on tapered legs joined by stretchers, 103cm wide, 148cm high. £200-300
737.    A mid-20th century Oriental rug, the central medallion and serrated border surrounded by birds and stylised figures, within a multiple border, 123 x 200cm and a small corridor carpet with overall foliate and vase of flowers decoration, 85 x 200cm, (2). £50-80
738.    An early-20th century Oriental corridor carpet, profusely-decorated with stylised flowers and birds, on a dark blue ground within multiple border, 396 x 105cm, (hole to one corner, overall wear and tear to borders) and a Kasak corridor carpet with old repairs and damages to borders, 400 x 119cm, (2). £100-150
739.    A large mid-20th century Oriental carpet with overall foliate symmetric pattern on red ground, (worn overall, with old repairs), 514 x 283cm. £50-100
740.    An early-20th century tribal rug, with two rows of six gulls and central hooked lozenges, within geometric triple border, 220 x 220cm, (worn and in poor condition), together with two other damaged Oriental rugs, (3). £50-100
741.    A flat-weave kelim rug decorated in bright colours, with serrated lozenge motifs and triple-end borders, 280 x 148cm, (including fringe) and a modern kelim flat-weave rug decorated with bands of colour, 203 x 106cm, (including fringe), (2). £40-60
742.    A 20th century Continental machine-made tapestry depicting numerous Japanese geishas, with buildings and waterside landscape, 125 x 370cm, (faded overall, repair to one figure). £40-60
743.    A set of four Victorian balloon-back dining chairs with carved backs, on octagonal turned legs and two Victorian dining chairs, (6). £40-60
747.    A Royal Worcester cabinet coffee service, hand-painted with hunting scenes, signed J Hendry, puce marks beneath dated 1933 and Designed by R A Millais, one cup signed C Creese, hairline to one cup and one saucer, in fitted case with silver-gilt coffee spoons, (one spoon lacking), Sheffield 1933. £50-100
748.    A late-19th century English porcelain dessert service, with painted decoration of sprays of flowers within a blue and gilt border, five plates 23cm diameter, one tall comport 24 x 12cm, a smaller comport 7cm high, (small chip)........................ £40-60
749.    A collection of six early-19th century Baker, Bevans & Irwin Glamorgan Pottery blue and white transfer-printed plates with castle gatehouse decoration, 26cm diameter, (three with chipped rims), impressed marks beneath, together with a collection of 19th century blue and white transfer-printed tea cups and saucers. £40-60
750.    A 19th century Continental pottery tobacco jar and cover in the form of a monarch seated on a throne, with mace and sceptre, 24cm high, (chips to lid inner rim, crack to sceptre, crown finial lacking and small chip to blue tunic). £40-60
751.    A late-19th century porcelain figure of a young woman in an elaborate crinoline dress, arms outstretched holding wreaths of flowers, raised on a Rococo base, underglaze blue mark, 32cm high. £20-40
Style of Shoji Hamada, a stoneware glazed dish decorated with a serpent, 18cm diameter, together with a Leach-style glazed pottery dish, 26cm diameter, (chip to rim), (2). £30-50
753.    An early-19th century ironstone china drainer in Imari colours, 35cm and two ironstone plates, (3). £50-70
754.    A mid-19th century English porcelain egg cup stand, complete with six matching egg cups, on paw feet, decorated with sprays of flowers, 25cm, (hairline to one handle). £40-60
755.    A late-18th century Worcester blue and white oval two-handled bowl, with twig handles and applied flowers, decorated with floral bouquets, 16cm. £40-60
756.    A Crown Derby Imari pattern plate, a similar cup and saucer, a floral side plate and a Dresden inkwell, cover and stand. £40-60
757.    A pair of mid-19th century English porcelain floral-encrusted urn-shaped vases with ram's head handles, cross swords mark beneath, 18cm high, (covers lacking) and an English pottery transfer-printed and gilt-metal-mounted lamp, 23cm, (2). £30-50
758.    A Dresden porcelain inkstand, two German miniature cabinet cups and saucers and other items. £30-50
759.    A Clarice Cliff Fantasque Bizarre bowl decorated in the Orange Roof Cottage Landscape pattern, (cottage lacking), above bands of yellow and orange decoration, 9.5cm high, 21.5cm diameter, facsimile signature and factory mark, impressed '8½' to base. £100-200
760.    A Moorcroft 'Hibiscus' decorated vase of compressed form, 10.5cm high, small repair to rim of base, impressed factory mark, monogram to base. £30-40
761.    A pair of 19th century Mettlach stoneware baluster-shaped vases, with incised raised decoration and putti in cartouches, 37cm high, impressed '1537', factory marks to base, small chip to frame of one cartouche, (2). £60-80
762.    A Cobridge stoneware trial vase decorated with poppies, 9cm high, impressed factory mark and printed '1314 A/H Trial CB19©03' to base. £20-40
763.    Colin Kellam, a studio pottery table lamp base decorated with red flowers, 41cm high, (including fitting). £30-50
764.    Colin Kellam, six pieces of floral-decorated studio pottery, including a vase 21.5cm high, a jug 12.5cm high, a circular pot and cover 8.5cm high and three smaller vases, 13cm, 12cm and 8.5cm high, (6). £40-60
765.    Alan White, a pair of studio pottery baluster-shaped vases with stylised peacock feather decoration in greens and blues, 25cm high, impressed potter's monogram to base, (2). £40-60
766.    Alan White, a studio pottery jardinière decorated with stylised iris flowers and leaves, 19cm high, impressed potter's monogram to base. £30-40
767.    A pair of 19th century Continental parian ware figure groups depicting country figures, the female seated on a barrel holding a tambourine, the male holding bagpipes with a sheaf of corn and a sickle at his feet, on shaped bases, 30cm high, (forefinger of right hand on both figures damaged, part of sickle blade missing), (2). £40-60
768.    A 19th century Copeland parian ware figure of Paul, standing holding in one hand a hat containing a nest of chicks, fruit, etc, in the other an axe, (axe head missing), stamped Copeland to base, 36cm high and two unmarked parian ware figures, a young boy carrying a young girl on his back, 35cm high, (a/f) and a young woman in thought wearing a cloak and holding a dagger, 35cm high, (3). £50-80
769.    A modern (seconds) Moorcroft baluster pottery vase in the Finches & Fruit pattern, underglaze painted and tubeline decorated, impressed back stamp, monogram with silver stripe, 19cm high. £30-40
770.    A modern Moorcroft ovular-shaped vase decorated with a dragon on blue ground, 25.5cm high, factory mark, painted WM monogram to base. £60-80
771.    A modern Moorcroft baluster-shaped vase decorated with a dragon on a blue ground, 24.5cm high, factory mark and painted WM monogram to base. £80-120
772.    A modern Moorcroft ginger jar and cover decorated with the 'Reeds at Sunset' pattern, 15.5cm high, factory mark, painted R.W.B. and WM monogram to base. £100-150
773.    Five modern Moorcroft circular pin dishes decorated with the 'Reeds at Sunset' pattern, 11.7cm diameter, factory marks, four with inscription Presented by the Billis Gaikokuho Jimu-Bengoshi Jimusho, in association with Richards Butler Tokyo 1987 to base, (5). £40-60
774.    An 18th century Worcester blue and white teapot with oriental decoration, a similar saucer, a Worcester sparrow-beak jug and other ceramics, (damages). £30-50
775.    A mid-19th century stone china dinner service decorated with sprays of flowers and butterflies, comprising: 26cm dinner plates (44), 23cm plates (17), 26cm soup plates (12), 17.5cm side plates (12), 32cm vegetable dish and cover on stand, 30cm two-handled circular tureen, carving dish with gravy well, 55 x 43cm, carving dish 47 x 39cm (hairline), large meat plate (42 x 54cm (chip to rim), tureen cover, vegetable dish cover, strainers (2), sauce tureen and cover on stand, approximately 94 pieces, together with other damaged pieces of the same pattern, blue cipher mark with painted pattern no.2000. £300-500
776.    A Tremaen studio pottery sculptural hieroglyphic table lamp base of tapering rectangular form, 36cm high, 24cm wide, 16cm deep. £80-120
777.    A similar smaller Tremaen studio pottery sculptural hieroglyphic table lamp base, 29.5cm high, 21cm wide, 14.5cm deep. £50-80
778.    A pair of glazed terracotta black spaniel ornaments, with glass eyes, 34.5cm high. £30-40
779.    A Waterford glass and chrome terrestrial globe on turned wood stand, with silver presentation plaque, globe 33cm high, 36cm high (including base). £300-400
780.    An antique Peruvian or Inca terracotta drinking vessel in the form of a duck, with some original painted decoration, 19cm high, 20cm long. £30-40
781.    A Troika pottery cube-shaped planter/vase with geometric decoration on two sides, standing on four square tapered feet, inscribed Troika AB, for Alison Brigden, 17.5cm high, 14cm wide. £100-150
782.    A 20th century matt-glazed pottery sculpture of a child's head, 11.5cm high, impressed figural mark. £50-100
793.    A pair of late-19th century Chinese Imari decorated chargers, 40cm diameter and a circular bowl, 25cm diameter, (3). £60-80
794.    A set of four late 18th century Chinese famille rose shaped rectangular dishes, 34cm, (two cracked and repaired, one with rim chip), a similar English large dish, a Nankin cup and saucer and a shaped dish, (7). £200-300
795.    A large 18th century Chinese blue and white dish with floral decoration, 37.5cm, (slight rim fritting). £60-80
796.    A pair of Chinese yellow ground baluster vases with bands of polychrome moulded decoration, impressed seal mark to base, 29cm high. £40-60
797.    An unusual Chinese blue and white vase of inverted octagonal form decorated with prunus and lines of script, 32.5cm high and a famille verte bowl decorated with phoenix and dragon, 20cm diam. £60-80
798.    A Chinese bottle shaped vase with blue and white foliate decoration and pierced handles, seal mark beneath, 29cm. £60-80
799.    A Chinese porcelain bowl with red and gilt external decoration, blue and white foliage within, seal mark beneath, 15cm diameter. £30-50
800.    A Chinese sang du boeuf glaze baluster vase with impressed mark to base, 21.5cm high (slight chips to base). £20-40
801.    A late-18th century Chinese mandarin pattern bowl decorated with court scenes, 26cm diameter (damage to foot rim) and three small Chinese bowls, all with damages. £100-200
802.    A pair of mid-18th century Chinese Canton style vases decorated with court scenes and butterfly borders, 24cm, together with two matched covers, (covers chipped). £200-300
803.    A Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos clock no.622564, 22.5cm high, 20cm wide, marked Swiss 540, (appears to work). £200-300
804.    A Smiths brass bulkhead clock, the circular white enamel dial with second subsidiary and slow/fast lever marked Smith Astral, 27cm diameter, paper label verso, George E Butler & Co. Chronometer Makers, San Francisco, California, marked in pencil Chartroom. £60-80
805.    An Admiral Fitzroy barometer, (in need of restoration), 102cm high. £20-30
806.    A 19th century Henriot mechanical musical box, the 31.2cm drum acting on a 30.5cm comb, (all teeth present), playing eight airs, the hinged lid with original card listing eight airs and numbered 50501, the side hinged to reveal winding mechanism and control levers, with hand-written instructions, 50cm long, 12.5cm high, 15cm deep. £300-500
807.    A bronze ship's propeller no.4380/65, dated 1917, 43cm diameter. £40-60
808.    A bronze glazed porthole cover, 41cm. £30-50
809.    A rope-made deck quoit from Union Castle Line, a Union Castle Line plated sugar bowl and other Union Castle Line ephemera.
810.    A three-draw brass telescope with leather-covered grip, marked Denhill Venus 18x, 44cm extended and a brass and copper bugle with rope, (2). £30-50
811.    A Henry Brown & Sons Sestrel teak ship's binnacle, having brass cover enclosing gimbal-mounted compass marked B Cooke & Son Ltd, Hull 27/9, side lantern with chart tube and iron weights, repainted black, 142cm high. £400-600
812.    A 19th century naval "persuader" or cosh, the twisted baleen shaft with woven cotton-covered lead pommels, 29cm long. £60-80
813.    A similar baleen "persuader" or cosh, 31cm long, (shaft sprung). £40-60
814.    A Simpson Lawrence teak eight-spoke ship's wheel, with brass bindings and boss with maker's name. £50-100
815.    A contemporary-built wood model of HMS Victory, well-constructed with full rigging and deck details, on stand and wood base, in Perspex case, the model approximately 73cm wide, 100cm long. £300-400
816.    A late-19th century wood half-block model of a yacht, the painted hull with single mast stump and bowsprit, on veneered satinwood and walnut backboard, 17 x 41cm, pictorial label verso for The Tees Side Shipbuilding Yard, Teeside Iron & Engineering Works Co. Ltd, indistinctly-signed 'John Mackenzie'; £100-200
817.    A detailed model of HMS Bounty, with full deck details and rigging, on stand, in Perspex case, 52cm high, 61cm long. £80-120
818.    A 19th century oak butler's tray and stand, the tray 70 x 49cm. £40-60
819.    A bronze porthole and cover stamped J Roby at Rainhill, 27cm, 16cm aperture and a damaged porthole covering, 33cm, (thought to be from the wreck of Saint Chamond, victim of a U-boat attack in 1918 off St Ives, Cornwall), (2). £40-60
820.    A japanned metal signal lamp, 'Port', 'Starboard', with clear filters and sliding shutters, by J S Starnes, London, 40cm high. £40-60
821.    A 19th century Newton's terrestrial table globe, the 5½'' sphere applied with twelve gores, printed Newton's New and Improved Terrestrial Globe containing the Latest Discoveries, on brass meridian arc raised on turned column and turned circular foot, 26cm (10'') high, (old repair to turned column, some varnish loss to globe, cracked gores and yellow/ochre colouration overall). £250-350
822.    A good-quality George III mahogany writing box with full brass bindings, flush handles and corners, the partially-fitted interior with paper label N Middleton, 162 Strand, 36cm wide, 15cm high, 29cm deep. £80-120
823.    An Edwardian mahogany stationery rack inlaid with fan decoration and stringing, 39cm wide, 28cm high. £40-60
824.    A Continental bronze or brass watch holder of architectural form, cast with arches and caryatid pillars, 20cm high and a late-19th century WMF metal stein and cover, (finial lacking), 32cm high, (2). £30-50
825.    An early-20th century Japanese terrarium of rectangular form with glazed sides, on wooden stepped base and feet, with removable bamboo pagoda lid and original fitted thermostat and heat coil, 53cm wide, 38cm high, 28cm deep, (bamboo pillar cladding lacking). £80-120
826.    A Victorian Lunds of London coromandel jewellery case, the blue-lined interior with two removable jewellery trays and maker's plaque, Lund, 57 Cornhill, London, with original lock, (key lacking), the box with full brass edges and stringing, 30.5cm wide, 22cm deep, 13cm high, the top inlaid with brass initials 'CAP'. £80-120
827.    A 19th century Japanese brass small baluster vase decorated with a dragon, 15.5cm high and another, (2). £20-40
828.    A Japanese boxwood netsuke in the form of a seated man holding a long-nosed mask, with signature to base, a wood netsuke in the form of a crouching boar and one other, (3). £80-120
829.    A Chinese bronze metal censer of compressed form, with pierced handles, on three feet, 23cm diameter. £30-40
830.    An early-20th century Chinese brass oil lamp base/pedestal of knopped form, applied with dragons, prunus and cranes, the pierced and compressed base decorated with horned mythical beasts, 110cm high, base 40cm diameter. £60-80
831.    A collection of 19th century Chinese mother-of-pearl loo counters, comprising 40 x circular (2-6cm diameter), 18 x rectangular (3.1 x 2.2cm) and 62 x oblong (4.5 x 1.6cm), (120). £50-80
832.    A Victorian needlework sampler decorated with royal cipher, prayer, vases of flowers, animals, Masonic temple and pillars, by Ann Hitchens, Age 10, 1838, 51 x 51cm, (three small perforations, faded overall). £100-150
833.    A Victorian needlework sampler by Ann Hitchens, Age 12, 1840, decorated with frontis piece To Judith with Divine Judgement, 40 x 30cm, (faded overall). £80-120
834.    An early-19th century silk-work double globe-form map of the world signed 'E Blundell 1825', 24 x 41cm, (perforations and border damage). £30-50
835.    A Victorian needlework silk sampler, depicting a vase of flowers within a flower head and leaf border, by Mary Crane Face It Aged 12 Years 1805, 32 x 27cm, (in modern frame). £100-200
836.    A set of seven nesting brass weights, including lid, catch and hinge damaged, calibrated ¼ - 16oz, 4.5cm high, 7cm diameter. £20-30
837.    A ship model in a dimple bottle, 'The Fowey Lugger FY54', detail includes a gull and fishing buoy, the model approximately 15cm, 20cm overall. £20-30
838.    A Smith's Astral brass bulkhead clock with red-painted second hand, the seconds dial with painted hour subsidiary dial, numbered AP160174, 16cm diameter, on later wood panel. £60-80
839.    A Victorian tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl-inlaid card case of foliate design, 10 x 8cm. £40-60
840.    A 19th century leather fire bucket with metal studs and bindings, handle lacking, transfer worn, 30cm high and another bucket, (damaged), (2). £40-60
841.    A 19th century bronze profile bust of Oliver Cromwell applied to a bronze plaque, with hanger, unsigned, 15 x 11cm. £30-40
842.    A 19th century Russian icon, the silver mounted depiction of St Nicholas with painted face and hands, marked 1880, probably Aleksander Mukhin, 5.5 x 4.5cm, (damage to silver frame) and a later printed tin icon, 6.5 x 5.5cm, (2). £50-80
843.    An 18th century tortoiseshell and gold piqué snuff box the oval lid inlaid with a town and seascape with boats, birds, insects and sun rising in the background, simple foliate inlay to base, 9 x 7cm, typed card within, With Best Wishes from Queen Mary, ("Xmas 1950" in later biro). Provenance: By descent from vendor's grandfather, Sir Owen Morshead, Royal Librarian, 1926-1958. £300-500
844.    A modern John Jaques & Son Ltd croquet set in box, appears little used. £50-70
845.    A W. Leuchars, London coromandel wood brass bound dressing case of rectangular shape with J Bramah lock and flush brass handles, fitted for mirror, having lift-out tray, bottles and fitments lacking, 30.5cm wide, 15cm high, 22.5cm deep. £50-80
846.    A Victorian meerschaum pipe in the form of a hand holding a bowl, with white metal mount and damaged sectional amber mouthpiece, in fitted case. £30-40
847.    A brass combination puzzle box the hinged lid with twin circular Roman numeral dials and sliding catch, 8.4.5cm, unopened. £30-40
848.    A collection of mid-20th century wooden printing blocks, various print sizes and fonts. £60-80
849.    A 19th/20th century carved wood Black Forest tobacco jar and cover in the form of a seated bear, with hinged head and glass eyes, 24cm high, (old repair to one leg). £100-200
850.    A pair of early-20th century brass jardinière stands, 70cm high, 30cm diameter, (2). £50-80
851.    Taxidermy, a good Victorian example of a Golden Eagle, head facing right, standing with wings folded, on rocks with lichen, heather and grasses, within an ebonised glazed case, on ebonised table having turned tapered legs with brass and ceramic castors, eagle measures approximately 40cm high, case 80cm high, 66cm wide, 43cm deep, overall height (including stand), 152cm. £1000-1500
852.    An early-20th century feather collage picture depicting a Northern Flicker (American Woodpecker), perched on a branch of prunus, 49 x 34cm. £30-50
853.    A Record No. 042 shoulder plane, (some corrosion). £20-40
854.    A Marples No. 48 box gouge, an Ashley gouge with boxwood handle and another by J Adie, stamped with square and compasses, (3). £20-40
855.    A rosewood and iron block plane with bronze wedge stamped Slaters, Ayr, rosewood infills and Marples iron, 34cm, (handle damaged, corrosion to sole and sides). £100-200
856.    An Arts & Crafts copper box with hinged lid and wood-lined interior, with applied strap-work decoration to the exterior, the top and sides centred with iridescent blue/green roundels, over strut feet, 20cm wide, 14cm deep, 5cm high. £60-80
857.    A Chinese silk-work wall hanging depicting two cranes standing among waterlilies, 110 x 59cm, (damages) and two similar hangings, (3). £100-150
858.    After Juan Clara, 'Pulling The Cat's Tail', bronzed metal sculpture, green patination, 21cm high, 24cm including base. £40-60
859.    A James Dixon & Sons twelve-gauge chamber brush with turned ebony handle, a small brass powder flask and shot flask and a CM Powers patent gun cleaner, the three-piece brass cleaning rod with concealed oil bottle and turned screw in the handle, (4). £30-40
860.    A composite full teaching skeleton, with colouring and notations. £100-150
861.    A Victorian brass fire kerb of Art Nouveau design, 118cm long, fire irons and other items. £40-60
862.    An early-20th century Japanese four-fold screen painted with a pair of cranes surrounded by flowering trees and water lilies, 200 x 170cm, (damages). £30-50
863.    Arthur Morris, a yew carving of a nude woman in a kneeling position and resting her head on her hands, 66cm long, 32cm high. £80-120
864.    Arthur Morris, a carved wood three-quarter length figure of a nude woman, her hands clasped behind her head, 71cm. £50-80
865.    A Victorian copper street lamp hood by Foster & Pullen, Bradford, on cast iron bracket with glass panels, 108cm high. £30-50
866.    An early-20th century brass and oak cribbage board in the form of a brass horse shoe mounted on an oak block, the card and marker drawer with stirrup handle, 17 x 14cm, 6cm high and a plated table lighter in the form of a jockey's cap, on tripod riding crops and horseshoe base, 12cm high, (one crop damaged), (2). £60-80
867.    Three small Cairo ware dishes, 13cm, 18cm and 20cm diameter, (3). £20-40
868.    Three bottles of Cockburns vintage Port, 1970, one capsule perforated, no visible seepage, levels good, (3). £80-120
869.    Domaine Lucien Barrot et Fils, 1997, Chateau Neuf du Pape, 150cl, mid-neck, one bottle. £20-30
870.    An unusual pair of bronze signalling canons, each 55cm barrel with Victorian cipher, supported by a walnut carriage with elevation adjustment wheel, on wooden wheels with hinged brass chocks, 56cm overall, the carriages 31cm long, 17cm high, (2). £800-1200
871.    Three photographs of Plymouth tobacconist's shops: Albert Pengelly 102 Fore Street Devonport 1898, Bank of England Place 1919 and Octagon 1927, together with one of the firm's cash boxes, a Thropps Improved Tobacco Cutter and a pair of tortoiseshell-rimmed spectacles belonging to H Pengelly. £40-60
872.    A stoneware baluster tobacco jar with metal cover and transfer-printed 'Special Shag', 22cm high. £50-80
873.    A pair of 19th century gilt gesso three-branch girandoles, 61cm high, 35cm wide, (2). £50-80
874.    A pair of gilt wood scroll and shell oval frames, each beaded bezel enclosing a later mirrored plate, 44 x 33cm. £40-60
875.    A shallow cast iron campana-shaped garden urn, 49cm diameter, 73cm high. £20-40
876.    A terracotta garden planter of slight bellied form, 56cm high, 46cm diameter and another, both encrusted with moss, (2). £30-40
877.    A cast concrete seated lion, 60cm high and a similar concrete lion, (2). £60-80
878.    A Cotswold stone staddle stone, the top 60cm diameter, total height 75cm. £40-60