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1.      •Robert Morson Hughes (1873-1953) CORNISH LANDSCAPE Oil on canvas, signed, 50 x 60cm. £100-200
2.      •Robert Morson Hughes (1873-1953) CORNISH LANDSCAPE WITH POND AND KINGFISHER IN THE FOREGROUND Oil on canvas, signed, with a similar work, (2).
3.      •Alan Cotton (British, b.1938) COASTAL STONE WALL, (POSSIBLY IRELAND) Oil on canvas, applied with palette knife, signed, dated 1980, 75 x 60cm. £500-700
4.      •Alan Cotton (British, b.1938) SEASCAPE WITH ROCKY COASTLINE Oil on canvas, applied with palette knife, signed, dated 1979, inscribed on stretcher "Alan Cotton, Birch Hill Studios, Colaton Raleigh", 60 x 75cm. £400-600
5.      Hon. H Graves, 19th Century FREDERICK, EARL OF BELFAST, SEATED AT A TABLE HOLDING A QUILL, A MUSIC MANUSCRIPT ON THE TABLE Unsigned oil on canvas, 45 x 37cm, inscribed on stretcher Frederick, Earl of Belfast by Hon. H graves 1851, the canvas with stencilled 8. £100-200
6.      19th century Continental School NUMEROUS FIGURES AND ANIMALS OVERLOOKING A RIVERSIDE FORTRESS, POSSIBLY WITH THE ROCK OF GIBRALTAR IN THE DISTANCE Unsigned oil on canvas, 69 x 89cm, (relined). £400-600
7.      Franciscus Melzer (b.1808) TURNED AWAY FROM THE TAVERN Oil on panel, 50 x 75cm, (bitumen damage and craquelure). £250-350
8.      Charles Edward Brittan (British, 1870-1949) MEAVY VALLEY, CATTLE RESTING AND GRAZING IN AN EXTENSIVE MOORLAND LANDSCAPE Oil on canvas, signed, 89 x 123cm, (one small repair and minor abrasions). £600-800
9.      19th century Continental School STILL LIFE, WALLFLOWERS IN A LUSTRE MUG Oil on canvas, indistinctly-signed, 26 x 32cm and another STUDY OF A TEMPLE FOLLY, oil on canvas, signed 'Valery Fonteney', 45 x 26cm, (2). £30-50
10.     19th century Naïve School STUDY OF A WORKING HORSE IN A LANDSCAPE Oil on canvas, inscribed 'E A Bingley, Good Luck', 31 x 46cm. £50-100
11.     19th century Continental School STUDY OF A MOTHER AND CHILD IN AN INTERIOR Oil on tin, 20 x 15cm and other works. £100-150
12.     19th century English School FIGURES AND CATTLE ON A HILLSIDE, NUMEROUS VESSELS AT ANCHOR, PLYMOUTH CITADEL AND MAKER CHURCH IN THE DISTANCE Oil on canvas, unsigned, 42 x 59cm. £400-600
13.     Ettore Brunini (Italian, b.1863) A YOUNG WOMAN PREPARING VEGETABLES IN AN INTERIOR Oil on canvas, signed and inscribed verso, 59 x 38cm. £80-120
14.     •Don Breckon (British, b.1935) A LOCOMOTIVE PASSING BENEATH A VIADUCT Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1972, 60 x 50cm. £200-300
15.     J W Forster after Domenico Ghirlandaio STUDY OF A YOUNG RENAISSANCE GIRL WEARING A RED AND GREEN DRESS AND RED BEAD NECKLACE Indistinctly-signed and dated 1903 and inscribed with materials used on label verso, 43.5 x 38.5cm. £100-150
16.     J W Forster after Giovanni Bellini PORTRAIT OF THE DOGE LEONARDO LOREDAN Oil on canvas, signed with monogram and dated 1902 and inscribed verso, 44 x 61cm. £100-200
17.     19th century English School SAILING BOATS OFF THE CITADEL PLYMOUTH Unsigned oil on board, 23 x 30cm. £80-120
18.     Late-Victorian PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN WEARING A DARK JACKET AND WHITE SHIRT Oil on canvas, unsigned, 102 x 74cm. £50-80
22.     T B Yates LANDSCAPE AT SUNSET Watercolour, signed and dated 1908, 16 x 25cm and two miniature oil paintings, (3). £30-50
23.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1978) HMS WARSPITE AND VALIANT BOMBARDING VALONA 18/12/40 Watercolour, signed and titled, 26 x 37cm. £100-150
24.     19th century English School PLYMSTOCK FROM BORRINGDON HILL Unsigned watercolour, titled in pencil, dated 1850, 17.5 x 25cm and a companion VIEW OF PLYMOUTH, dated 1854, 19 x 27.5cm, both unframed, (2). £80-120
25.     19th century Neapolitan School BRIG PACIFIC OF DARTMOUTH ENTERING IN NAPLES, CAPT MATTHEW KNOWLES 1847 Gouache, inscribed "Michele Fanno", 50 x 72cm, (damages and signs of over-painting). £150-250
26.     •Fred Yates (British, 1922-2008) SOUP KITCHEN Biro sketch heightened with white, signed on Key West gallery label verso, 20 x 11cm. £200-300
27.     •Fred Yates (British, 1922-2008) THREE FIGURES AROUND A RESTAURANT TABLE Biro sketch, signed on Key West gallery label verso, 20 x 11cm. £80-120
28.     Charles Edward Brittan (1870-1949) SCORHILL DOWN, CHAGFORD, WITH SHEEP GRAZING Watercolour, signed, titled in pencil verso, 34 x 50cm, (foxing to lower half of painting). £50-80
29.     Charles Edward Brittan (1870-1949) MISTY NOVEMBER, PRINCETOWN Watercolour, signed, titled in biro verso, 20 x 40cm, (minimal foxing in sky). £60-80
30.     Charles Edward Brittan (1870-1949) NORTH TEIGN VALLEY WITH SHEEP GRAZING IN FOREGROUND Watercolour, signed, titled in pencil verso, 24 x 41cm. £60-80
31.     Frederick John Widgery (1861-1942) DOONE VALLEY, EXMOOR Gouache, signed, titled in felt-tip verso, 28 x 46cm. £200-300
32.     Charles Edward Brittan (1870-1949) NEAR BRIDESTOW, DEVON, CATTLE GRAZING ON MOORLAND HILLSIDE Watercolour, signed, titled in pencil verso, 21 x 41cm, (foxing overall). £20-30
33.     Samuel Metford (1810-1896) SILHOUETTE OF HAMILTON MARTIN AND HIS FAMILY Ink heightened with gold and white, pencil and grey wash, signed 'S Metford Fecit', 30 x 43cm, biro inscription verso "Caroline Martin nee Simmons of Killigaroon, Hamilton Martin, Inspector General of Fleets and Hospitals", (some foxing and marks). £100-150
34.     19th century English School STUDY OF A COCKEREL AND HEN Watercolour on grey paper, 15 x 20cm, framed oval and a companion, MALLARD DRAKE AND DUCK, a pair, (2). £50-80
35.     Follet THE COUNTRY FAIR Pencil drawing, 23 x 36cm. £20-30
36.     •Thakur Ganga Singh (Indian 1895-1970) BEAUMONTIA GRANDIFLORA WALL Watercolour, signed and dated 1944, 45 x 35cm and a companion, POINCIANA REGIA RETZ, signed and dated 1945, 45 x 35cm, a pair, (2). £100-200
37.     Eustace A Tozer (British, 1869-1931) MOORLAND LANDSCAPE LOOKING OUT TO SEA Watercolour, signed and dated 1897, 25 x 74cm. £30-50
38.     •Robert Oscar Lenkiewicz, (British, 1941-2002) STUDY OF A WOMAN, SEATED Crayon, signed on buff paper, 44 x 33cm. £30-50
39.     •Rowland Hill (Irish, 1919-1979) MOURNE MOUNTAINS, COUNTY DOWN, WITH FIGURES ON THE BEACH Watercolour, signed and titled, 23 x 52cm. £80-100
40.     L Phillips, four watercolour studies of birds of prey, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel and two others, largest 16 x 11.5cm, signed and dated 1972, (4). £40-60
41.     19th century THE ARTIST'S STUDIO Red ink sketch, unsigned, 24 x 19cm and a pencil sketch 'Fishing Boats', 18 x 22cm, (2). £20-30
42.     An early-19th century miniature portrait, 'Mr North', inscribed verso 'Mr North born 1745, died 1816', 10 x 8cm, a miniature portrait of Elizabeth North, framed oval, 8 x 7cm and a 19th century portrait of a gentleman, seated, oil on canvas, unsigned, 23 x 18cm, (3). £30-50
43.     •After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), "Nathan's", a coloured print, artist's proof, 3/60, signed and titled in pencil on mount, 67 x 85cm. £250-350
44.     •After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), "Dog in the Dolphin", a coloured, limited edition print, with Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp, 55 x 27cm. £100-150
45.     •After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), "Two on a stool", a coloured, limited edition print, with Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp, 41 x 28cm. £60-80
46.     •After Brian Pollard (b.1946), "The Three Crowns Re-Visited", a coloured, limited edition print, 25/850, 66 x 43cm, signed in pencil, with pencil drawing. £40-60
47.     •After Alan Davie (Scottish, 1920-2014), "To A Celtic Spirit 1", a coloured screen print, 2001, signed in pencil in the mount, 55 x 80cm. £150-200
48.     •Robert Heindel, (American, 1938-2005), "Ballet Dancer", a limited edition print, 439/500, signed in pencil in the mount, 43 x 49cm. £30-50
49.     •John Miller, (British, 1931-2002), "SUMMER ISLAND BEACH WITH YACHT PASSING", a signed, limited edition print, 46/500, 39 x 39cm. £20-30
50.     •After Jack Vettriano (Scottish, b.1951), 'The Singing Butler', a coloured print, 67 x 84cm. £20-40
51.     •After Mark Spain (British, 20th century), 'South Beach', a signed limited edition coloured print, 31/395, 49 x 59cm and another, 'Boardwalk', (2). £50-70
52.     •After Brian Pollard, (British, b.1946), 'The Dolphin', a signed, limited edition coloured print, 159/450, 53 x 41.5cm. £30-40
53.     After Lady Butler, 'Balaclava, The Return, 25th October 1854, "The Charge of The Six Hundred"', a framed black and white print, 48 x 77cm and a companion, 'The Return From Inkermann, Sunday November 5th, 1854', 48 x 76cm, a pair, (2). £40-60
60.     A George III mahogany rectangular chest of four long graduated drawers, on bracket feet, 91cm wide, 83cm high. £150-250
61.     A Georgian oak bow-fronted hanging wall cupboard, 66cm wide, 93cm high and an Edwardian carved oak hanging wall cupboard, 47cm wide, 50cm high, (2). £50-80
62.     Two Regency mahogany dining chairs, a Victorian upholstered stool and an oak occasional table, (4). £20-30
63.     A mahogany two-drawer drop-leaf side table, 139cm open and a small Sutherland drop-leaf table, (2). £30-40
64.     A George III oak dresser base, the rectangular top above three drawers, on turned legs joined by a pot board, with associated plate rack, 176.5cm wide, 217cm high, 45cm deep. £500-700
65.     An antique oak coffer, the hinged lid above a panelled front and two base drawers, 137cm wide. £100-150
66.     An 18th century mahogany chest of two short and three long cross-banded drawers, on later bracket feet, 102cm wide, 92cm high. £100-200
67.     An early-19th century mahogany pedestal sideboard, having an arrangement of drawers and cupboard doors, on turned front legs, 200cm wide, 109cm high and an Edwardian bookcase, having a pair of leaded glazed doors above two drawers and two cupboard doors, 124cm wide, 218cm high, (2). £100-150
68.     A pair of Regency cross-banded rosewood fold-over card tables with shaped rectangular tops, on square column and concave platform base, with gadrooned feet and castors, 91cm wide, 76cm high, (2). £500-700
69.     An antique mahogany oval drop-leaf table on turned legs and pad feet and four dining chairs. £20-30
70.     A mahogany tub shape library chair with upholstered seat, on turned legs. £40-60
71.     An elm and beech lathe-back farmhouse chair. £20-40
72.     A 1930's walnut-veneered display cabinet, 110cm wide, 130cm high. £20-40
73.     An Art Nouveau-style music cabinet, having three drawers with poker work decoration and mother-of-pearl inlay, 57cm wide, 87cm high. £40-60
74.     A mahogany music Canterbury, with galleried shelf above base drawer, on turned legs, 60cm wide, 104cm high. £40-60
75.     A small Victorian rosewood three-tier whatnot with spiral twist supports and fretwork panel, 51cm wide, 78cm high and a matching three-tier whatnot, 90cm high, 38cm wide, (2). £80-120
76.     An antique oak rectangular occasional table, on turned legs joined by stretchers, 50 x 67cm. £40-60
77.     A Victorian mahogany sarcophagus-shaped wine cooler, the hinged lid and lead-lined interior on bracket feet with castors, 76cm wide, 57cm high. £200-300
78.     A suite of French Arts & Crafts dining room furniture, comprising a sideboard fitted with bevelled partially-glazed doors and cupboards, a small clockwork clock and bevelled mirror plate, with inlaid brass, ebony and mother-of-pearl, 215cm high, 195cm wide, an extending dining table and a set of six dining chairs, together with a smaller sideboard of similar design. £300-500
79.     An Edwardian satin birch bedroom suite in the Aesthetic taste, comprising a large sectional wardrobe with central mirrored door, enclosing slides and drawers flanked by hanging space, a mirrored dressing chest and a 5ft bed, decorated overall with carved panels of birds and flower heads, mounted overall with engraved lacquered brass furniture, wardrobe 224cm wide, 226cm high, dressing chest 135cm wide. £200-300
80.     An Arts & Crafts wall cabinet, the central door with art copper panel and hinges, 89cm wide, 45cm high. £20-30
81.     A Victorian four-poster bed, the moulded canopy above panelled end board flanked by a pair of foliate and spiral carved bed posts. £200-300
82.     A modern Chinese hardwood drinks cabinet/bar, the hinged bar top and doors with fitted interior, 183cm wide extended, 90cm wide when closed. £50-70
83.     A modern Oriental hardwood display cabinet, having a pair of glazed doors above two carved doors, 95cm wide, 200cm high. £50-80
84.     A modern Oriental hardwood side display cabinet fitted with gallery shelves, drawers and cupboard doors, 110cm wide, 107cm high. £40-60
85.     A late-19th century French walnut chest of three long drawers, within stock-fluted pilasters on plain turned legs with brass caps, with mottled grey marble top, 123cm wide, 84cm high. £150-250
86.     A late-19th century Continental oak corner cupboard fitted with a pair of fielded panelled doors, with mottled grey and pink marble top, 69cm wide, 124cm high overall. £30-50
87.     A Victorian gilt gesso girandole mirror, the foliate pierced frame surmounted by a phoenix and having two candle sconces, 109cm high, 64cm wide, (damages). £250-300
88.     A Regency ebony-strung sofa table, the rectangular top with two drop leaves, above two cockbeaded drawers and corresponding false drawers, on end supports with brass paw cap and castors, 74 x 148cm open. £400-600
89.     A late-19th century miniature mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, on turned feet, 40cm wide, 37cm high, 20.5cm deep. £40-60
90.     A pair of modern carved Oriental hardwood jardinière stands, 92cm high and a low coffee table fitted with three drawers, 126cm, (3). £30-50
91.     A pair of 20th century Oriental hardwood bedside cabinets, each fitted with a drawer and a pair of cupboard doors, 56cm wide, 58cm high, (2). £50-80
92.     A modern Oriental hardwood glazed wall-mounted display cabinet, 84cm high, 48cm wide. £30-40
93.     A mid-20th century walnut-veneered knee-hole desk, fitted with nine drawers, 136cm wide, 74.5cm deep, 77cm high, with Maple & Co. locks, together with a side cabinet and filing cabinet of similar design, also a leather-upholstered swivel desk armchair and a similar tub chair, (5). £200-300
94.     A modern Oriental hardwood chest of five small drawers, 102cm wide, 83cm high. £50-80
95.     An antique oak side table, the rectangular top above a frieze drawer, on turned legs with pad feet, 92cm wide. £50-80
96.     A small mahogany chest of four long graduated drawers, 65cm wide, 70cm high. £30-40
97.     A Victorian mahogany pot cupboard fitted with a cupboard door and a drawer, on turned legs, 38cm wide, 82cm high and a mahogany work table fitted with a single drawer, (2). £50-80
98.     A mahogany five-tier whatnot, each tier supported on turned supports, above a two-door cupboard on short turned legs with castors, 61cm wide, 165cm high, 36.5cm deep. £80-120
99.     A 19th century gilt gesso pier mirror with ball and foliate frieze and mirror plate, within reeded pilasters, 64cm wide, 100cm high. £60-80
100.    A 19th century camphor wood chest, 92cm wide, 51cm high, 50cm deep. £100-150
101.    An Edwardian walnut three-tier dumb waiter, the centre tier fitted with a drawer, 92cm wide, 104cm high, a Victorian work table in need of restoration and other items. £50-80
102.    A Victorian mahogany scroll-end settee, on turned legs with modern castors, 193cm wide. £60-80
103.    An 18th century mahogany settle with panelled back, on square legs joined by stretchers, 183cm wide. £150-250
104.    A Georgian mahogany bureau/bookcase, the pediment above a pair of astragal-glazed doors, with fall front having a fitted interior over two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 112cm wide, 204cm high. £100-150
105.    An early-19th century mahogany breakfast table, the rectangular top with two drop leaves above a frieze drawer, on turned column and four scrolled sabre legs with castors, 95 x 114cm open, together with a rosewood circular dining table on octagonal baluster column and circular base with paw feet, 130cm diameter, (the top cut for drop leaves), (2). £80-120
106.    An Edwardian walnut wall-mounted hanger for riding crop and hat, with central horseshoe-shaped bevelled mirror, 75 x 72cm. £40-60
107.    A vintage bamboo sprung lounger chair with canopy, on wheels. £20-30
108.    A Continental oak 'L'-shaped bench with pierced back, 161 x 172cm. £60-80
109.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany display cabinet, on cabriole legs, 124cm wide, 175cm high. £50-100
110.    A mahogany extending dining table on turned legs, 124 x 104cm, (no spare leaves). £50-100
111.    A Victorian mahogany two-door wardrobe, the base fitted with three drawers, 150cm wide, 220cm high. £50-100
112.    A granite half-round trough, 80cm x 50cm, 26cm deep. £50-80
113.    A mahogany extending dining table on turned legs, 117 x 231cm, including two spare leaves. £50-70
114.    Three early 20th century Art Nouveau style sash window leaded light panels, 97 x 107cm, and one smaller, (4). £60-80
120.    A modern Moorcroft vase of tapering cylindrical form, tubeline-decorated in the 'Tribute to Charles Rennie Mackintosh' pattern, c1995, factory marks to base, 36.5cm high. £150-200
121.    A Clarice Cliff Bizarre biscuit barrel of Bonjour shape, decorated in the 'Petunia' pattern, with wicker handle, factory marks to base, 20cm high overall, (a/f, chips to lid). £100-150
122.    A Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery biscuit barrel, shape No.38A, with raised decoration of autumn leaves and berries and wicker handle, factory marks to base, 24.5cm high overall. £30-50
123.    A 20th century Royal Worcester vase of squat form, shape No.158, decorated with autumn leaves and fruit, signed 'K Blake', 8cm high, factory marks and date mark for 1934 to base. £50-70
124.    A 20th century Royal Worcester long-necked vase, shape No.1661, decorated with autumn leaves and berries, signed 'K Blake', 16.5cm high, factory marks and date mark for 1930 to base. £50-70
125.    A 20th century Royal Worcester shaped rectangular shallow dish decorated with still life fruit, signed 'M Ayrton', 12.5 x 6.5cm, factory marks and date mark for 1938 to base. £40-60
126.    A 20th century Royal Worcester shaped circular shallow dish decorated with still life fruit, signed 'Moseley', 12cm diameter, 2.5cm high, factory marks and date mark for 1938 to base. £40-60
127.    A Moorcroft Pottery oval shaped shallow bowl decorated in the 'Hibiscus' pattern with coral-coloured flowers on a green ground, 23 x 13.5cm, 5cm high, impressed 'Moorcroft, Made in England', with green-painted initials. £30-40
128.    A pair of Clarice Cliff Dulcinea Pansy-pattern vases, 20.5cm high. £300-400
129.    A Clarice Cliff Dulcinea Pansy-pattern dish with overhead handle, 21cm wide, 11.5cm high to top of handle. £80-120
131.    A 1960's Beswick ceramic advertising figure for Dulux Paints, depicting an Old English Sheepdog with his paw resting on a tin of "ICI Dulux Gloss Finish" paint, 31.5cm high, printed mark to base. £100-200
132.    An oval KPM Berlin porcelain plaque painted with the head and shoulders of a young woman at prayer, after Friedrich August von Kaulbach, impressed sceptre and KPM H marks, 18 x 14cm. £200-300
A Doulton Lambeth stoneware vase by Hannah Barlow, of footed oviform shape with raised neck, incised with a broad continuous band of grazing cattle, flanked by scrolls and circles under green glaze, impressed 'Doulton Lambeth England', incised model no.733, with monogram for Hannah Barlow, 30.5cm high. £250-300
134.    A late-19th/early-20th century Mettlach stein designed by Heinrich Schlitt, decorated with an incised scene of an angel serving dinner and ale to a gentleman, the domed cover with two figures formed as a tankard and a parsnip, the finial formed as a flame, printed verse, titled "Der Trinker im Olymp", impressed marks, 20.5cm high. £100-150
135.    A collection of nine 19th century Staffordshire 'Toby' pepper pots, 13.5 - 16cm high, (some damages), (9). £60-80
136.    A collection of twelve various 19th century and later Staffordshire and other Toby jugs, (some with damages and restoration), (12). £60-80
137.    A Staffordshire-style ceramic cow creamer, the body with floral decoration, 12.5cm high and three other ceramic cow creamers, (damages), (4). £30-50
138.    A collection of four Staffordshire-style ceramic cow creamers, with black and gilt-decorated body, tallest 14.5cm, five various brown-glazed ceramic cow creamers and a Staffordshire group of a cow with a milkmaid, (some with damages and restoration), (10). £50-80
139.    Four 19th century Staffordshire ceramic equestrian figures, 'Louis Napoleon', 32.5cm high, 'Empress of France', 29.5cm, 'Prince Frederick William', 33.5cm, 'King of Sardinia', 31cm and one other, (some damages and restoration), (5). £50-80
140.    A 19th century Staffordshire flat-back group of a poacher with his dog, 40cm high, three Staffordshire figures with goats, another of a figure dressed in Scottish costume resting against a large sheep, 21cm and a spill vase with a young girl and a spaniel dog, (some with restoration), (6). £50-80
141.    A pair of 19th century flat-back Staffordshire models of zebras on naturalistic bases, 17cm and 16cm, a spill vase decorated with a hound attacking a stag, 21cm, a Staffordshire model of a standing greyhound with a hare in its mouth, 19cm high, another of a standing greyhound and a small figure of a deer resting, 8.5cm, (a/f), (6). £80-120
142.    A 20th century porcelain model of a bullfinch perched on a tree stump, in the Meissen style, 16cm high, a Goebel 'Robin', 12cm, a Karl Ens 'Yellow Wagtail', a Royal Copenhagen turkey chick No.1185 and a modern 'Dresden' green woodpecker, 16cm, (a/f, tail chipped), (5). £60-80
143.    A collection of Portmeirion dinner, tea and kitchen ware from the Botanic Garden and Pomona ranges, including rolling pin, pestle & mortar, baluster vases, etc. £200-300
144.    A Doulton Lambeth baluster-shaped puzzle jug with motto, 24cm high. £30-50
145.    A pair of Satsuma octagonal-shaped vases, profusely-decorated with figures, 18.5cm high, (2). £30-50
146.    A set of four modern Canton-style ceramic plaques painted with scenery in famille colours and signed, within wooden frames, each plaque 30 x 21cm, (4). £100-150
147.    A 19th century blue and white meat plate decorated with a lakeland scene of figures on a raft, crossing a bridge, carrying a deer, in a temple and buildings, 42.5 x 33cm. £40-60
148.    Twelve pieces of Copeland Spode blue and white 'Italian' pattern ceramics, including three crescent side dishes, an oval-shaped shallow dish, six fruit dishes, 16cm diameter, (1 a/f), two Davenport and one Masons 'Imari' decorated jugs and two blue and white willow pattern meat dishes, etc. £50-100
149.    A 19th century Chinese porcelain octagonal dish decorated with deer amongst flowering shrubs, 32 x 23cm and a smaller similar dish, 28 x 19cm, (2). £60-80
150.    A late-19th century hexagonal porcelain teapot decorated in famille colours with scenes of warriors and having an infuser and metal double handle, 15cm high, two 19th century Chinese cups and other pieces. £100-150
151.    Two Regency-style cut-glass urnular jars and covers, both with hobnail-cut decoration, on square star-cut bases, with faceted and hobnail-cut covers, 20cm high, a cut-glass jug with hobnail-cut band, on octagonal base, 31.5cm high, (a/f, small chip in hobnail decoration), a pair of circular glass salts, 8cm diameter, 6cm high and one other, (6). £60-80
152.    Two Mats Jonasson intaglio moulded glass sculptures, a heron, 18 x 17.5cm and an eagle, 17 x 14.5cm and one other of an elephant, signed 'Lenox', (3). £30-40
153.    A cut-glass pedestal bowl with etched vines and berries decoration above a single knop stem and circular base, 20.5cm diameter, 18.5cm high, two cut-glass wine glass rinsers and one other, (4). £60-80
154.    A vintage Baccarat heavy crystal glass sculptural paperweight or desk accessory, 12cm diameter, 3.7cm high, the top with four crater-like indentations and factory mark to base. £60-80
155.    A collection of four cut-glass decanters and stoppers, tallest 32.5cm high and other glassware. £30-50
156.    A Perthshire millefiori glass paperweight, 6cm diameter, 4.5cm high, another smaller millefiori paperweight, eleven other modern glass paperweights and two others, (15). £60-80
160.    A large needlework sampler by Mary Ann Lodge, age 9, 1837, decorated overall with birds and animals, 66 x 64cm. £100-150
161.    A walking cane of vertebrae with carved wood handle, 86cm long and a lignum walking cane, 94cm long, (2). £30-50
162.    V Rousseau (Belgian 1865 - 1954), a bronze and ivory figure of an artist wearing a cape and holding a walking stick and folio, signed on base and numbered 5562 beneath, 22cm high. £200-300
163.    A vintage Brevete Calendrier Meridien XII, the dial numbered 1-31 around the outer ring, with month dial, day dial and compass on the inner, under a glass cut-away ball, 8cm diameter, 4cm high. £30-50
164.    A faceted cut-glass double-ended scent bottle with gold-plated ends, 13.6cm, a blue glass double-ended scent bottle with embossed floral-decorated plated ends, 10.5cm, (a/f) and a plated circular photograph frame with swirl and pierced decoration, 14cm diameter, (3). £40-60
165.    An oak ballot box of Masonic interest, 'Gordon Lodge No.5866', 41cm. £40-60
166.    An antique oak spice or collectors cabinet, the moulded cornice above a cross-banded fielded panelled door, with nailed metal lock and hinges, enclosing an arrangement of eleven small drawers and five pigeon holes, raised on shaped bracket feet, 47 x 63cm. £200-300
167.    A Swiss music box playing ten airs, 21cm barrel, 20cm comb with repaired teeth, in birds eye maple and inlaid box, 53cm. £100-200
168.    A black marble architectural mantel clock having a French drum gong-striking movement, 32cm high. £50-80
169.    A collection of silver-plated livery buttons marked 'Firmin & Sons Ltd, 10 St Martins Lane', with crest, twenty-eight jacket buttons and eleven sleeve buttons, together with military buttons and miscellaneous items. £30-50
170.    A hand-coloured rolled map, 'Plan of Several Estates in the Parish Stoke Gabriel, Devon, Property of J C Jackson 1854', mounted on linen and roll, 104 x 132cm. £20-40
171.    A Victorian brass decorative mantel clock with cherub finial, enamelled chapter ring and French drum gong-striking movement, 38cm high. £80-120
172.    An Edwardian lacquered brass folio stand, 106cm high. £20-30
173.    An Edwardian brass table-top dinner gong, on oak stand, with beater, 43cm wide, 44cm high and a copper warming pan, (2). £30-40
174.    An octagonal white marble table top inlaid with foliate design of lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl and other coloured stones, 38cm. £30-50
175.    A mahogany cheese coaster of cradle shape, 44cm wide, 16cm high, 19cm deep and a mahogany two-division cutlery tray, (2). £50-100
176.    A sarcophagus-shaped mahogany tea caddy, the hinged lid revealing three lidded tea canisters, one handle lacking, 36cm wide, 24cm high and another three-division tea caddy, (fitment lacking), (2). £40-60
177.    An antique mahogany candle box of nailed construction, 39cm high. £20-40
178.    William Dodd, London, a Regency rosewood mantle clock, the brass inlaid case of circular form supported by an oblong plinth, on bun feet, the single fusée movement with white dial, signed, 45cm high. £300-500
179.    An Art Deco marble clock garniture with diamond shape silvered dial, French striking drum movement, mounted on a long plinth with metal figure of a doe and fawn, (a/f), 69cm x 30cm, together with a pair of green and black marble side ornaments. £80-120
180.    Pillischer, a barograph contained in an inlaid mahogany and bevelled glass case fitted with a frieze drawer, the brass plate engraved 'Pillischer, 88 New Bond Street, London', 42cm wide, 25.5cm high, 27cm deep, with spare charts, nibs and ink. £250-350
181.    A collection of silver Roman and other coins. £100-150
182.    A collection of Roman and other early bronze and metal coins. £60-80
183.    A similar lot. £60-80
184.    An old cricket bat stamped "Kennington Surrey Superior Warranted", with silver presentation shield, "ABC D CC Clapham v Brixton June 29 1892 Awarded to F Baker Vernon CC", 88cm. £60-80
185.    A burr walnut two-division tea caddy, the domed lid enclosing two lidded compartments, 22cm wide, 18cm high. £40-60
186.    A horn-handled silver-mounted walking stick, 90cm, one other horn-handled walking stick and a silver-mounted walking cane, (3). £30-40
187.    A brass circular seal box, the lid with embossed crown decoration, 7cm diameter, 2cm high and a 20th century desk calendar in the form of a painted metal kingfisher, on marble-effect stand, 8cm high, base 14 x 7cm, (2). £30-40
188.    A concrete garden ornament 'The Lovers', 50cm high. £20-30
189.    A Georgian ten-sided ivory, tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl inlay tea caddy with white metal mounts, 11cm high, 11cm wide, (veneers lifting). £100-200
190.    A late-Victorian brass skeleton clock with silvered pierced dial and single fusée movement, on marble plinth, under glass dome, 43cm high overall. £200-300
191.    A late-19th century silver-mounted ivory page-turner, London 1894, 30cm long. £20-30
194.    A Queen Victoria 1900 gold sovereign, Perth Mint. £180-220
195.    A Queen Victoria 1900 gold half sovereign. £90-110
196.    A George V 1912 gold sovereign. £180-220
197.    Two Edward VII 1908 gold half sovereigns, (2). £180-220
198.    Two Edward VII 1910 gold half sovereigns, (2).
199.    An Edward VII 1902 and a George V 1914 gold half sovereign, (2). £180-220
200.    A Queen Victoria 1895 gold sovereign. £180-220
201.    An Edward VII 1904 gold sovereign. £180-220
202.    An Edward VII 1905 gold sovereign. £180-220
203.    A George V 1913 gold sovereign. £180-220
204.    A William IV 1837 gold sovereign. £350-400
205.    An Edward VII 1909 gold half-sovereign. £90-110
206.    A George V 1913 gold half-sovereign. £90-110
207.    A George III 1817 gold sovereign. £400-500
208.    A George III 1775 gold guinea. £300-400
209.    A George III 1790 gold guinea, with pendant attachment. £250-300
210.    A George III 1798 gold third-guinea. £80-120
211.    A George III 1803 gold third-guinea. £100-120
212.    Two George III 1803 gold third-guineas, (a/f), (2). £200-250
213.    A George III 1804 gold third-guinea. £100-120
214.    A George III 1806 gold third-guinea. £100-120
215.    A Queen Victoria 1887 gold two-pound. £550-600
216.    A 1914 sovereign, Perth Mint. £180-220
220.    A pair of opal and diamond earrings, each with diamond-set quatrefoil above an opal pear-shaped drop, in 18ct white gold mounts, 18mm long, 3g. £180-220
221.    An opal and diamond cluster ring claw-set an oval opal within a border of 8/8-cut diamond points, in 9ct gold mount, size P, 3g. £80-120
222.    A pair of 9ct yellow gold knot and bar cufflinks, 5g. £50-80
223.    A silver, synthetic opal and marcasite-set pendant of bow and leaf design, on 9ct white gold rope-twist neck chain, chain 7.3g, 18.7g overall. £80-120
224.    A five-stone diamond ring claw-set five graduated old brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold and platinum mount, size K, 2.3g. £200-300
225.    A pair of modern ruby and diamond drop earrings, each claw-set four rubies and a brilliant-cut diamond in cross design, on 9ct gold mounts, 26mm long, 2g. £100-150
226.    A modern diamond pendant set one square-cut and three brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold mount, with gold chain pendant, 20mm long, chain 41cm long, 8g. £240-280
227.    An amethyst and pearl cluster ring with 9ct yellow gold mount, size K, 3.3g. £30-50
228.    A modern shell cameo brooch/pendant depicting a lady's profile, with engraved 14ct yellow gold mount, 45 x 36mm. £50-80
229.    A 9ct yellow gold cross on chain, another 9ct gold cross on chain and another gold cross, 6.4g. £60-80
230.    A sapphire and diamond cross-over ring set a round-cut sapphire and two 8/8-cut diamonds, in unmarked mount, size L, 2.3g. £60-80
231.    An 18ct tricolour gold fringe necklace of ball chain with twelve drops, 40cm, 12.3g. £240-260
232.    An 18ct yellow gold curb-link neck chain, 49cm long, 3.4g. £60-70
233.    An 18ct yellow gold ring set oval black opal, size L, 2.5g. £150-200
234.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, 5g. £50-80
235.    A 9ct gold necklace of two pairs of foxtail-link chains united by a gold knot, with tassel below, 41cm long, 16.5g. £160-200
236.    A 9ct gold knot ring, size M½, 1.3g, an unmarked Russian wedding ring, size L and a 9ct gold ring set opaline glass, size K, 3.2g, (3). £40-60
237.    A 9ct gold watch bracelet, (a/f), 10.6g. £80-120
238.    Three 18ct gold dress studs, 3.6g. £50-70
239.    A Victorian necklace of faceted graduated jet beads, (two largest a/f), 103g and other jet items. £50-80
240.    A garnet cluster ring with unmarked gold mount, size F, 3g. £30-40
241.    A Victorian locket-back mourning brooch with miniature of a gentleman, within blue enamelled frame and gilt outer frame. £40-60
242.    A 9ct gold bar brooch, 1.2g, a miniature penknife, 22mm long and other items. £20-30
243.    A gold bar brooch set garnet cabochon, (tested as 18ct gold approximately), metal pin, 5.8g. £40-60
244.    A blue paste and synthetic pearl fringe necklace with 9ct gold chain. £30-40
245.    A Victorian circular locket-back brooch with cannetille decoration, 27mm diameter, gross weight 6.4g, (a/f), (tested as 18ct gold approximately). £30-50
246.    A 10k gold ring set haematite and a diamond point, size K, 3.1g. £30-40
247.    A pair of modern pendant earrings and matching pendant on chain, each set three marquise-cut rubies and diamond point, in 9ct yellow gold mounts, earrings 25mm long, chain 40cm long, 4.7g. £80-100
248.    A 9ct gold locket with engraved swan decoration, on 9ct gold chain, 41cm, 11.8g. £90-110
249.    A 10ct white gold ring of asymmetric design set three cultured pearls and white stone accents, size K½, 4g. £50-70
250.    A length of yellow metal wire, 11.8g. £60-80
251.    A pair of 18ct gold cufflinks with engraved monograms, 7.3g. £140-160
252.    A sapphire and diamond cross-over ring set a line of twelve graduated round-cut sapphires and a line of six graduated brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct yellow and white gold mount, size M, 4.9g. £180-220
253.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, 3.8g. £40-60
254.    A cased set of four 9ct gold dress studs, 3.1g. £30-50
255.    A Victorian five-stone diamond ring, the five graduated old brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct gold galleried mount, size M, 2.4g. £180-220
256.    An 18ct gold brooch in the form of an arrow with a nugget mounted on the shaft, (a/f), 55mm long, 4.1g and a cross on chain, (cross tests as approximately 9ct gold, 1.8g), (2). £90-110
257.    A small 14k gold pendant set a round-cut sapphire, 1.5g and three pairs of 9ct gold earrings. £30-40
258.    A five-stone diamond ring, the five graduated brilliant and 8/8-cut diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold and platinum mount, size Q, 2.9g. £60-80
259.    A 9ct gold ring set amethyst, size O, 3.3g, an opal and synthetic white stone cluster ring in 9ct gold mount, size P½, 2.2g and two other rings, (4). £30-50
260.    A Danish silver necklace of modernist design by From, collet-set a smoky quartz suspended on a bar from a necklace of elongated links, marked 'FROM925S OSD' and London import marks for 1972, pendant 5cm, chain 53cm. £30-50
261.    An Art-Deco-style 9ct gold ring set a synthetic ruby between two keystone-cut synthetic rubies, size P, 2.1g. £40-60
262.    A 20th century silver-mounted moonstone fringe necklace, spectacle-mounted nine graduated moonstones supporting seven moonstone drops, 41cm long. £60-100
263.    A ruby and diamond cross-over ring claw-set a marquise-cut ruby between diamond-point-set shoulders, in 18ct yellow gold mount, size J½, 2.2g. £50-80
264.    A pair of cultured pearl drop earrings, each pearl stud supporting a slightly-larger pearl drop, on curb-link chain, unmarked, 21mm long, 1.3g. £30-50
265.    A Victorian locket-back brooch with cannetille decoration, 2.8g, a 9ct gold bracelet, (a/f), 2g, a pair of 9ct gold cultured ear studs and two other pairs of earrings, (5). £60-80
266.    An 18ct gold gypsy ring set three 8/8-cut diamonds, size G, 2.6g. £50-70
267.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size M, 5.1g. £100-120
268.    A 9ct gold rope-twist chain necklace, 80cm, 27.1g. £260-300
269.    A necklace of 73 graduated pale coral beads, 2.5-6mm, strung with a seed pearl between each, to gold bolt ring, 36cm and a necklace of graduated seed pearls to 9ct white gold clasp, 46cm, (2). £50-80
270.    An amethyst and diamond ring, the emerald-cut amethyst claw-set between collet-set 8/8-cut diamond triplets, in 18ct yellow and white gold mount, size H, 3.9g. £120-150
271.    A 9ct gold brick-link bracelet, 12mm wide, 9cm long, 21.4g. £200-250
272.    A 9ct gold gate-link bracelet with wavy and plain links, to an engraved padlock clasp, 23.5g. £220-250
273.    A 22ct gold wedding ring, size R, 7g. £150-170
274.    An 18ct gold scimitar pendant, 3.4g and another Middle Eastern gold pendant, 1.5g, (2). £70-90
275.    A 9ct gold cross with scroll-engraved decoration and a small 9ct gold locket, total 4.3g. £30-50
276.    A 9ct gold brooch/pendant in the form of a dog rose, with five textured petals around the centre set with three brilliant-cut diamonds of approximately 0.33cts each and three small round-cut sapphires, 52mm x 45mm, 19.1g. £500-600
277.    A five-stone sapphire and diamond ring with 18ct yellow gold mount, 2.3g. £50-80
278.    A shell cameo brooch depicting a shepherd, in gold-plated scrolling mount, 69 x 54mm. £30-50
279.    Tissot, a lady's quartz movement wrist watch with 9ct gold oval case and integral bracelet, 19.1g. £120-150
280.    Avia, a gentleman's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, the grey dial with applied Arabic and baton numerals and seconds sweep hand, 32mm diameter, on leather strap. £50-70
281.    A gentleman's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, the back with inscription dated 1922, 32mm diameter, on leather strap. £50-70
282.    Christian Dior, a lady's gold-plated and steel-cased wrist watch, with quartz movement, on leather strap and a Sheaffer fountain pen, (2). £30-50
283.    A collection of lady's and gentleman's wrist watches. £50-70
284.    Cyma, a lady's 18ct-gold-cased wrist watch with 18ct gold integral bracelet, gross weight 24.3g. £350-400
285.    B.C.P, a lady's 14ct gold rectangular-face wrist watch, on leather strap. £30-40
286.    A silver hinged bangle of bamboo design, a silver ingot pendant and other silver and white metal jewellery. £30-40
287.    A Mappin & Webb jewellery roll of pale green soft leather, with tan interior, (unused) and a jewellery box by Harrods, (2). £30-50
288.    A silver baby spoon, Birmingham 1961, boxed, a small oval silver pill box, the lid enamelled with a hedgehog, various silver chains, a treated amber necklace and a quantity of costume jewellery. £40-60
289.    A quantity of costume jewellery and coins. £20-30
290.    A string of graduated malachite beads, a Parker Parkette fountain pen and other items. £20-40
291.    A 9ct gold bar brooch set blue paste, a paste double-clip brooch, a Chinese gold-mounted baby's bangle and other items. £30-50
292.    A 9ct rose gold mariners link Albert watch chain with medallion, 40cm, 25.7g. £230-260
293.    A 9ct gold signet ring, size T, 8.1g. £70-90
294.    A 9ct gold watch chain of flattened curb links, 45.5cm, 13g. £120-140
295.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, 6g. £60-80
296.    A sapphire and diamond cluster ring, set an oval sapphire within a border of diamond points on 9ct gold mount, size O, 3g. £50-80
297.    An 18ct gold wedding band, size P, 6.2g. £50-70
298.    Four pairs of 9ct gold earrings, 6.8g. £60-80
299.    A 9ct gold locket, a small pendant and other items, including some unmarked yellow metal. £80-120
300.    A 9ct gold ruby and diamond cluster ring, size M½, 309g. £50-60
301.    A boxed set of three 15ct gold dress studs, 1.8g, a 22ct gold wedding band, size I, 1.9g, a lady's 9ct gold cased Majex wristwatch and other items. £80-100
302.    A diamond stick pin, claw set a brilliant cut diamond (0.2cts approx.). £40-60
303.    An unmarked rose gold ring set amethyst and a 9ct gold ring set garnet cluster, both size O, 5g. £50-80
304.    A 9ct gold ring with incised decoration, size O, 4.8g and another, similar, unmarked, 4.3g. £70-90
307.    A silver small circular three-handled bowl on three pad feet, 12cm overall, 6cm high, Birmingham 1915, ___2oz. £30-40
308.    A miniature engine-turned silver egg, 3cm high with small treen egg cup, a silver napkin ring and other small items of silver. £30-40
309.    A pair of Chinese white metal candlesticks with raised dragon decoration, on circular bases, unmarked, 14cm high. £40-60
310.    A Victorian silver two-piece buckle of pierced Rococo design, maker WC, London 1892, 57.8g. £40-60
311.    A miniature ivory-handled .925 silver-mounted magnifying glass, 8cm long, a silver-plated seal with embossed handle, 9.8cm and one other seal, (3). £50-70
312.    A cased Harrods christening set comprising spoon, fork and napkin ring, makers Wakeley & Wheeler, London 1948, a spoon in the form of a stork, Birmingham 1906, a boxed eggcup, London 1948 and spoon, Sheffield 1946, ___5.3oz and other items. £40-60
313.    A William IV fiddle pattern silver ladle by William Eaton, London 1836, ___8oz. £60-80
314.    A pair of Mappin & Webb solid silver nutcrackers, Sheffield 1913, ___7.4oz. £60-90
315.    A cased silver pusher and spoon, Sheffield 1947 and a silver-topped sugar caster, marks rubbed. £20-40
316.    A Georgian silver caddy spoon of shovel form, with scroll and floral engraving, maker WE, London 1823. £30-50
317.    A pair of Victorian silver fiddle pattern table spoons, maker WE, London 1854 and other silver cutlery, weighable silver ___10oz. £70-100
318.    A silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1885, a modern plain silver napkin ring, London 1972 and other items. £60-80
319.    An engine-turned silver cigarette box, (dented), Birmingham 1935, 9 x 15 x 3.5cm, a silver sifter spoon, Sheffield 1904 and other silver items. £60-80
320.    A silver and tortoiseshell-backed three-piece dressing table set, Birmingham 1927, a manicure part-set of two silver-topped jars, a file and a nail buffer, Birmingham 1909 and a miniature circular silver photograph frame, 63mm diameter. £40-60
321.    A silver tea strainer, Birmingham 1937, a silver-topped powder jar, ten sterling silver souvenir teaspoons and other items, weighable silver ___8½oz. £50-70
322.    Two pairs of Georgian fiddle and shell pattern dessert spoon and fork, maker WC, London 1826, another dessert spoon and a set of six silver-handled knives, weighable silver ___9oz approximately. £60-80
323.    A set of six Georgian silver teaspoons by Peter & William Bateman, London 1807 and five other silver teaspoons, ___6oz. £40-60
324.    A silver sugar bowl of bellied form, raised on four pad feet, maker Williams Ltd, Birmingham 1919, two silver-bladed fruit knives, (1 a/f) and a silver napkin ring, weighable silver ___6oz. £50-70
325.    A pair of modern silver candlesticks with knopped stems and round bases, maker WI Broadway & Co, Birmingham 1965, 25.5cm high. £80-120
326.    John Pinches, '1000 Years of British Monarchy', a set of fifty sterling silver ingots, in fitted case, approximately ___105oz, with booklet. £800-1000
327.    A Mappin & Webb silver cake basket, the pierced and lobed quatrefoil basket raised on elaborately-pierced oval foot, 30cm long, Sheffield 1900, ___19oz. £200-250
328.    A cased mounted silver coin from the Lucayan Beach Pirate Treasure, set in a white metal mount, together with a white metal chain, lid of Spink & Sons Ltd box with "Lucayan Beach Pirate Treasure 1628" in gilt, no certificate. £50-80
329.    A George II Scottish cream or sauce boat on three hoof feet, with a shaped and chased rim and scroll handle, by Edward Lothian, Edinburgh 1746 (Assay Master Hugh Gordon), 18.2cm long, ___5oz. £100-200
330.    A pair of Victorian salts of compressed circular form embossed with flowers and foliage, on four cast feet and with internal gilding, 9cm diameter, 5.5cm high, maker John Evans, London 1849, ___6oz. £100-150
331.    A George III Newcastle boat-shaped sugar basin with reeded swing handle and borders, the body having a band of pierced decoration, raised on oval foot, 18cm wide, 20cm high including handle, maker probably John Robertson, Newcastle 1799, ___8oz. £150-200
332.    A set of Georgian teaspoons, maker WW, five 18th century bright-cut teaspoons, London 1784 and a pair of Exeter salt spoons, 1811, maker JO, ___6oz. £50-80
333.    A Continental white metal buckle of two rectangular plaques, each embossed and engraved with a Greek chariot drawn by four horses, buckle 13cm x 5cm overall. £20-30
334.    A Continental pierced circular dish, the centre embossed with putti playing musical instruments within a pierced foliate border, stamped 'Sterling' and import marks, 16cm diameter, ___4½oz. £40-60
335.    An early-20th century silver inkwell in the form of a bell, (glass liner chipped, weighted base), maker A&J Zimmerman, Birmingham 1911, 10cm high. £30-50
336.    A pair of silver napkin rings, Birmingham 1920 and other small silver, ___4½oz. £30-50
337.    A silver-backed five-piece dressing table set, maker DM Co, Birmingham 1924. £30-50
338.    A modern silver-mounted walnut pepper grinder, maker Park Green & Co, Ltd, London 1961, 23cm. £30-50
339.    A pair of modern silver goblets of squat form, each with slightly-tapered bowl and knopped stem raised on circular base, makers Haseler & Restall, Birmingham 1971, 9.5cm high, ___9oz. £60-80
340.    A silver magnifying glass with scrolling handle, 17cm long, maker Lawrence Emanuel, Birmingham 1900. £30-40
341.    A pair of silver dwarf candlesticks, Birmingham 1919, 7.5cm high, a small silver coaster and a modern commemorative dish, Birmingham 1972, (4). £40-60
342.    A pair of sterling silver salad servers, a silver lobster pick, a pair of pierced silver spirit labels and a set of six silver cocktail sticks with glass finials, weighable silver ___7½oz. £60-80