Sale of Antiques & Art
on Tuesday 26th November at 10.30am

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1.      Alfred Pollentine (1836-1890) ST MARIA DELLA SALUTE Oil on canvas, signed and dated '91 and signed and titled verso, 29 x 39cm. £200-300
2.      D Fisher SHEEP AND A FARMSTEAD Oil on canvas, signed, 32 x 42cm and another, SHEEP BY A RIVER MOONSCAPE, unsigned oil on board, 15.5 x 25cm, (2). £40-60
3.      20th century STUDY OF CLINKER-BUILT BOATS ON THE BEACH WITH VILLAGE BEHIND Oil on hardboard, unsigned, 24 x 35cm. £20-30
4.      •Chris Fothergill POLPERRO HARBOUR Oil on board, 34 x 50cm. £20-40
5.      •Chris Fothergill STAITHES YORKSHIRE COAST Oil on canvas, signed and titled on label verso, 32 x 52cm. £20-40
6.      19th century English School MARY IN A WIDOW'S CAP Portrait, unsigned, titled in biro on modern sticker verso, 75 x 62cm and another CHARLOTTE, BORN 6-5-1807, titled and information in biro on modern sticker verso, 75 x 62cm, (2). £80-120
7.      16th century English School PORTRAIT OF A CHILD IN PERIOD CLOTHES AND CAP HOLDING A RUSK Unsigned oil on canvas, relined and restored, 54.5 x 45cm. £1500-2000
8.      •Deborah Jones (1921-2012) STILL LIFE, BOWL OF FRUIT WITH KEYS AND MALACHITE Signed oil on board, dated 1966, 55 x 70cm. £40-60
9.      George Henry Jenkins (1843-1914) TAVY CLEAVE WITH CATTLE IN THE FOREGROUND Signed oil on canvas, titled on label verso, with Eland's, Exeter, paper label, 60 x 100cm, in original frame. £400-600
10.     •Frederick S Beaumont (1861-1954) PORTRAIT OF A LADY Signed oil on canvas, 61 x 50cm, another, PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN WEARING A GREEN SPOTTED BOW TIE, signed and dated 1923 and a smaller work PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN FREDERICK LUMSDEN MACKENZIE, signed oil on canvas, laid on board, 40 x 30cm, (3). £60-80
11.     George Henry Jenkins (1843-1914) FISHERMAN BESIDE A MOORLAND RIVER Signed oil on canvas, 44 x 75cm. £100-200
12.     19th century English School DOUGLASS EDDYSTONE ROCK LIGHTHOUSE WITH SMEATON'S LIGHTHOUSE BEYOND Unsigned oil on panel, 23 x 28cm. £100-200
13.     William Gibbons (fl. 1858-1892) SMEATON'S LIGHTHOUSE IN HEAVY SEAS WITH A STEAM SHIP BEYOND Signed oil on panel, dated 1883, 16.5 x 23.5cm and a companion, FISHING BOATS OFF MOUNT BATTEN, (2). £400-600
14.     Style of Beryl Cook BATHERS OFF DOVER Oil on board, bears signature, 29 x 39cm. £50-100
15.     •D W E Gutman (modern) HMHS LANFRANC Signed oil on canvas, titled label verso, 21.5 x 35.5cm. £80-120
16.     •R O Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) STUDY OF A YOUNG MAN WEARING GLASSES AND A GREEN JACKET Unsigned oil on canvas, 93 x 75cm. £2000-3000
17.     E H Niemann (1842-1910) EXTENSIVE RIVER LANDSCAPE Signed oil on canvas, 49 x 90cm, (in need of restoration). £50-100
18.     •D Fletcher (modern) HUNTING SCENE, TAKING A FENCE Signed oil on canvas, laid on board, 47 x 79cm. £60-80
19.     Mansfield Parkyns (1823-1894) AXUM ABYSSINIA, FIGURES AND DONKEYS IN A LANDSCAPE WITH TREES AND HILLS BEHIND Unsigned oil on canvas, 90 x 135cm. (Provenance by direct descent to the owner). £1000-1500
20.     George Henry Jenkins (1843-1914) HARFORD BRIDGE Signed oil on canvas, 45 x 74cm. £200-300
21.     Style of William Williams A THREE-MASTED FISHING BOAT, BEACHED, LOOKING TOWARDS DRAKES ISLAND AND MOUNT EDGCUMBE Indistinctly-signed oil on canvas, 33.5 x 54cm, (repair to centre). £250-350
22.     William Frederick Hulk (1852-1922) THE COMMON, CATTLE GRAZING Signed oil on canvas, inscribed and titled on back, 29 x 34cm. £150-250
23.     •Stanford Arthur Skinner (1930-1990) THE CREATION, ABSTRACT Signed oil on board, dated 1970, 60 x 121cm. £60-80
23A.    Edward Gay (Irish American, 1837-1928) A WATERWAY WITH COTTAGE ON THE BANK Signed oil on canvas, 26 x 35cm, (relined and stretched). £200-300
24.     •Ronald "Ronnie" Kray (1933-1995) LANDSCAPE WITH WHITE COTTAGE Signed gouache, dated '70, 25 x 34cm, on the reverse is a sketch of a prison warder (Paul Gibb) and the entrance to Parkhurst Prison, stamped Tutor Organiser 18 Dec 70 HM Prison Parkhurst Newport and a green ink photocopy of a letter PG, hope you like this painting, God Bless from RK. £600-700
25.     Frederick John Snell (1862-1935) COTTAGE IN A MOORLAND LANDSCAPE Watercolour, signed, titled and inscribed in pencil verso, 14 x 23cm and a companion, a pair, (2). £40-60
26.     Early-20th century French (Wei Sawker?) FISHERMEN WITH BOATS ON A BEACH Watercolour, indistinctly-signed, 24 x 43cm. £30-50
27.     C A Brindley (fl. 1888-1916) HOUSEBOAT AND STEAM LAUNCHES ON THE THAMES, WITH HOUSES BEHIND Watercolour, signed, dated 1890, 25 x 38cm. £20-30
28.     •J Heseldin (1887-1969) ST IVES, Watercolour, signed, 24 x 17cm. £30-50
29.     G Tregvory; GUNNARDS HEAD, NR ST IVES Watercolour, indistinctly-signed, 25 x 35cm, Crosby Cook CORNISH SQUALL, watercolour, signed, 28 x 29cm and two other works, (4). £40-60
30.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1973) HMCS ONTARIO Watercolour, signed and titled, 26 x 37cm and another, HMCS IROQUOIS, 19 x 27cm, (2). £60-100
31.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1973) HMS HOTSPUR 1937, POSSIBLY OFF MALTA Watercolour, signed and titled, 19.5 x 26.5cm. £40-60
32.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1973) HMCS OTTAWA Watercolour, signed and titled, 19 x 27cm, another, HMCS HAIDA, 19 x 27cm and two others, HMS DEVONSHIRE 1937, 19 x 26.5cm and HMS HURON 1950-51, 19.5 x 26.5cm, (4). £100-150
33.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1973) HMS FROBISHER OFF ROCK OF GIBRALTAR, WITH OTHER SHIPPING Watercolour, signed and titled, 19 x 26.5cm. £50-80
34.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1973) HMCS MICMAC WITH ANOTHER SHIP IN DISTANCE Watercolour, signed and titled, 19 x 26.5cm. £40-60
35.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1973) HMS ACHATES OFF THE COAST Watercolour, signed and titled, 19 x 27cm. £40-60
36.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1973) HMS DELHI, POSSIBLY OFF MALTA Watercolour, signed and titled, 19 x 27cm. £40-60
37.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1973) HMCS SUSSEXVALE OFF THE COAST Watercolour, signed and titled, 19.5 x 27cm. £40-60
38.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1973) HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 1939 Watercolour, signed and titled, 19 x 27cm. £40-60
39.     •Cdr Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell RN (1888-1973) WHALE ISLAND, PORTSMOUTH Watercolour, signed, 20.5 x 28cm, together with a book, 'HMS Excellent 1830-1930, A History of the Royal Naval Gunnery School at Whale Island, Portsmouth', (2). £50-70
40.     J White RI WEST COUNTRY SCENE WITH GULLS IN FOREGROUND Watercolour, 17 x 27.5cm and three similar works, (4). £200-300
41.     William Widgery (1826-1893) FIGURE DRIVING CATTLE ON A RIVERSIDE TRACK Signed watercolour, 34 x 53cm, inscribed and titled Dartmoor Stream, with pencil on the mount. £40-60
42.     •Charles Edward Brittan (1870-1949) SCORHILL DOWN, CHAGFORD, WITH SHEEP GRAZING Watercolour, signed, titled in pencil verso, 34 x 50cm, (foxing to lower half of painting). £30-50
43.     •Thomas H Victor (1894-1980) MOUSEHOLE Signed and titled watercolour, image 28 x 43cm, J B Pyne CHAGFORD, DEVON, watercolour, signed and titled in mount, 25 x 38cm, (2). £60-80
44.     John Varley (1778-1842) COTTAGE BESIDE WATER EDGE WITH SHEEP GRAZING AND FIGURE IN FOREGROUND Signed watercolour, 24 x 34cm. £60-80
45.     In the style of David Cox FIGURE AND DOG IN WOODLAND CLEARING WITH WINDMILL AND BUILDINGS IN DISTANCE Watercolour, 13.5 x 20cm and another, FIGURES IN A ROCKY LANDSCAPE BESIDE RIVER, watercolour, 19.5 x 27cm, both bear signature and dates, (2). £60-80
46.     F J Widgery (1861-1942) MOORLAND LANDSCAPE Signed watercolour, 21 x 28.5cm, Rubens Southey (1881-1933) MOORLAND LANDSCAPE, 26 x 37.5cm, signed watercolour, (stained) and one other watercolour MOORLAND STREAM, indistinctly-monogrammed, 17.5 x 25.5cm, (3). £50-70
47.     After Angelica Kauffmann, a pair of circular coloured Bartolozzi-style engravings in circular gilt frames, image size 17.5cm diameter, 37cm diameter overall, (2). £50-100
48.     •After R O Lenkiewicz, an exhibition poster, Pieces from Project 1: Vagrancy, twice-signed by Leslie (King) Ryder and Robert Lenkiewicz, 62 x 43cm. £50-70
49.     •R O Lenkiewicz (1941-2002), Study of a naked man smoking, pencil sketch on brown paper, signed, 47 x 25.5cm. £100-200
50.     A Chinese scroll print after Li Keran, depicting a topographical scene, image 31 x 26cm, 126 x 39cm overall. £40-60
51.     After O W Brierly Del, The Fleet Provisioning at Sea, a lithograph, (some colour), 36 x 61cm and a companion, Screw Ships Getting Steam Up, a pair, also, after Daniel Maclise RA, The Death of Nelson, Engr. Charles W Sharpe, impression 41 x 122cm, (3). £50-80
52.     After E Meissonier, Wagsam, Cavalry Charge, engraving signed in pencil on the mount, also signed Jules Jacquet, 52 x 88cm. £30-40
53.     After Elizabeth Thompson, British Infantry Square, engraving, 59 x 111cm, pub. 1879, Fine Art Society blind stamp (faded), a companion, a pair and one other, (3). £40-60
54.     Francom Flameng, Cavalry Charge and Battle Scene, pub. Arthur Tooth, 1899, engraving 60 x 87cm, signed in pencil within mount. £50-80
55.     A coloured engraving, The Hermit, Winner of The Derby Stakes at Epsom 1867, 46 x 58cm. £30-40
56.     After Meissonier, a sepia coloured print, Bonaparte in the Russian Campaign, 50 x 75cm and other prints relating to Napoleon in his winter campaign. £40-60
60.     A late-19th century mahogany side table, the rectangular top with moulded edge above a small frieze drawer stamped 'Holland & Sons', raised on turned legs with brass castors, 92cm x 55cm, standing 75cm high. £100-150
61.     An early-Victorian rosewood salon chair, the carved frame with button back and upholstered serpentine seat, on leaf-carved and turned front legs with brass castors. £100-150
62.     A Victorian mahogany upholstered button-back tub chair on turned front legs with castors. £60-80
63.     A Victorian rosewood nursing chair with pierced and carved frame, button back and seat and two Victorian walnut button-back salon chairs, (3). £100-150
64.     A Regency ebony-strung sofa table, the rectangular top with two drop leaves, above two cockbeaded drawers and corresponding false drawers, on end supports with brass paw cap and castors, 74 x 148cm open. £300-500
65.     A late-Georgian mahogany secretaire/bookcase, having a pair of astragal-glazed doors above a fitted writing drawer and three graduated drawers, 106cm wide, 230cm high. £200-300
66.     A Georgian mahogany rectangular chest of two short and three long cockbeaded drawers, on bracket feet, 110cm wide, 105cm high. £60-80
67.     A 19th century mahogany Biedermeier chest of five long serpentine drawers, on bracket feet, 120cm wide, 100cm high. £150-250
68.     An Edwardian inlaid mahogany music cabinet, 56cm wide, 130cm high and a Victorian octagonal rosewood work table, (2). £60-80
69.     A Victorian carved oak rectangular centre table fitted with one frieze drawer, on spiral-twist legs and stretcher, 122cm wide. £60-80
70.     An elm and beech stick-back Yealmpton armchair, (originally painted). £40-60
71.     A Victorian mahogany four-tier whatnot, the second tier with frieze drawer, on brass castors, 124cm high, 54cm wide, (in two parts). £50-100
72.     A reproduction elm wake table by Brights of Nettlebed, on turned legs joined by centre stretcher, 200 x 150cm open. £200-300
73.     An early-19th century rosewood circular tilt-top dining table, the top on triform tapered column and concave base, with carved feet, 131cm diameter. £200-300
74.     Two Victorian mahogany and upholstered nursing chairs, (2). £40-60
75.     A 19th century rosewood double-ended sofa with serpentine seat and carved scroll arms and legs, 189cm wide. £200-300
76.     A George III mahogany cross-banded cylinder bureau, the tambour front and fitted interior above pull-out writing surface, over three frieze drawers and six pedestal drawers, 122cm wide, 108cm high. £400-600
77.     A late-George-III mahogany chest of two short and three cockbeaded drawers, on bracket feet, 109cm wide, 105cm high. £50-100
78.     Sixteen blue and white Delft tiles mounted on a marble-top half-round mahogany side table, 116cm wide. £50-100
79.     A pair of Continental stained carved wood armchairs of generous proportions, (2). £100-200
80.     A Victorian inlaid walnut dwarf bookcase with gilt metal mounts, 76cm wide, 101cm high. £60-80
81.     A late-19th/early-20th century Chinese carved hardwood jardinière stand with circular marble inset top, 28cm diameter, 57cm high. £60-80
82.     A Victorian mahogany bed or reading table labelled Eveson & Sons, London. £100-150
83.     A Victorian mahogany salon chair with button back, on turned legs. £60-80
84.     A Georgian mahogany rectangular chest of two short and three long drawers on ogee bracket feet and flanked by reeded columns, 127cm wide, 104cm high, together with a bookcase top, 238cm high overall. £150-200
85.     A Victorian mahogany Wellington chest of seven graduated drawers, on plinth base, 50cm wide, 102cm high. £200-300
86.     A Victorian walnut stool with carved cabriole legs, 46cm wide, 46cm high and a similar upholstered button-back salon chair, (2). £50-70
87.     A 19th century French rosewood pot cupboard fitted with a drawer and two cupboard doors, 42cm wide. £30-50
88.     A Victorian burr walnut side cabinet with later marble top, above a central glazed door, 118cm wide. £50-80
89.     A Victorian walnut carved two-seater settee, the open back with upholstered top rail and serpentine seat, on carved cabriole legs, 147cm wide. £200-300
90.     A Victorian ebonised and gilt metal-mounted side cabinet, having a central mirror door and two bowed glazed doors, 151cm wide, 109cm high. £100-200
91.     An ivory-inlaid ebonised wood fold-over card table on telescopic fluted legs with castors, 89cm square. £50-80
92.     A Victorian ebonised and burr walnut side cabinet of inverted breakfront form, having a central panel door flanked by mirrored panels, 121cm wide, 115cm high. £200-300
93.     An early-Victorian rosewood centre table, the rectangular top above a frieze drawer, on turned and carved end supports, 123cm wide, 74cm high. £300-500
94.     A 19th century carved oak serving table fitted with a frieze drawer, the legs joined by an undertier, 100cm wide, 77cm high. £30-50
95.     A 19th century mahogany bow-front chest of two short and four long cockbeaded drawers, on splayed bracket feet, 107cm wide, 122cm high. £60-80
96.     A Victorian rosewood drop-leaf Sutherland table with a pair of oval drop leaves, on turned legs and column end supports, 92 x 106cm and another drop-leaf Sutherland table, (2). £60-80
97.     An antique mahogany rectangular side table, having a single frieze drawer, on square chamfered legs, 86cm wide, 81cm high. £50-80
98.     A harlequin set of ten Gothic-style ebonised bobbin-turned dining chairs with pierced Gothic arch backs, six with drop-in seats, four with caned seats, (10). £200-300
99.     An early-20th century child's Austrian bentwood settee with spindle back and caned seat, with paper Fischel label, 82cm wide. £60-80
100.    A child's Austrian bentwood chair with circular caned seat. £20-40
101.    A pair of Edwardian mahogany armchairs, inlaid with ivory and boxwood, with padded serpentine seats and cabriole front legs, and two similar dining chairs, (4). £80-120
102.    A bronzed metal Corinthian column standard lamp raised on stepped square plinth with claw and ball feet, together with two bronzed metal fire screens, (3). £50-100
103.    A mahogany rectangular tilt-top occasional table, on turned column and tripod support, 50 x 44cm. £20-30
104.    An antique oak small gate-leg table with oval drop leaves, on turned gate legs, 93 x 106cm. £30-40
105.    A 19th century mahogany leather-upholstered armchair, on square tapered legs. £100-150
106.    A late-George-III mahogany bow-fronted chest, the upper part having two small cupboard doors fitted with four small drawers to one side, over three large cockbeaded drawers, flanked by reeded columns and turned feet, 114cm wide, 124cm high. £300-500
107.    A Victorian inlaid rosewood centre table, the hexafoil top on three turned columns and downswept tripod legs, 68cm wide, 70cm high. £60-80
108.    Two similar Victorian upholstered nursing chairs, each with button back and upholstered seat, (2). £100-150
109.    A Victorian mahogany spoon-back salon chair, the upholstered back with carved front legs. £50-100
110.    A shop or apothecary's pine cabinet of twenty-four small drawers and three drop-down cupboards, 205cm wide, 109cm high, with shelves above, 214cm high overall. £300-400
111.    A mainly-18th century walnut chest on stand, the moulded cornice above two short and three long banded drawers, the later stand with converted writing drawer, above turned legs joined by stretchers, 97cm wide, 159cm high. £50-100
112.    An early-20th century inlaid mahogany circular revolving bookcase, 62cm diameter, 86cm high. £60-80
113.    A pair of Victorian oval gilt-gesso wall mirrors, each bevelled plate within a frame moulded as vines, branches, leaves and grapes, 76 x 54cm. £200-300
114.    A gilt gesso rectangular pier mirror crested with an urn and olive leaves and with bevelled plates, 141 x 75cm. £100-200
115.    A metal-mounted mahogany Tantalus with three cut-glass decanters and cigar humidor, above a drawer, 34cm wide, 35cm high. £60-80
116.    A Victorian mahogany nest of four drawers, on short turned legs, 38cm wide, 45cm high. £100-150
126.    A marine chronometer, the four-inch silvered dial signed J Taylor, London, No.2415, with subsidiary State of Wind and seconds dial, in mahogany double-hinged case, with inset glass and ivory name plate, 19cm high, 18cm wide. £800-1200
127.    A 19th century mahogany long case clock with 13'' painted dial, the arch with marine painting (rocking ship lacking), the twin-train movement rack striking on a bell, 215cm high, (with pendulum, weights and key). £100-200
128.    John P Wray of Ulceby, a 19th century mahogany long case clock, the 13'' painted dial with second subsidiary and calendar aperture, arch painted with hare coursing scene, the twin-train movement striking on a bell, 212cm high, (with pendulum, weight and key). £100-200
129.    A burr walnut, stained wood and ebonised Vienna-style wall clock, the serpentine-shaped glazed door enclosing a two-piece enamel dial, with second subsidiary, gong-striking movement, brass-covered weights and adjustable wood rod pendulum, 120cm high. £150-200
130.    A 19th century bronze, gilt metal and black marble mantel clock of architectural form surmounted by a bronze figure of a woman and a child, the gilt metal dial with enamel numerals, the bell-striking drum movement stamped Deniere R Paris 1256, 59cm high. £100-200
131.    A gilt wood sunburst timepiece with gilt silvered dial, 52 x 42cm. £40-60
132.    A 19th/20th century French brass alarm-repeater carriage clock, the circular enamel dial and alarm subsidiary with gong-striking movement, 16cm high. £200-300
133.    A 19th century French brass repeating carriage clock, the enamel dial with alarm, date and day of the week subsidiaries, the gong-striking movement stamped L'Epee, 19cm high. £400-600
134.    A Swiss music box playing ten airs, 21cm barrel, 20cm comb with repaired teeth, in birds eye maple and inlaid box, 53cm. £50-80
135.    James Eley, London, a George III mahogany long case clock, the arched moulded cornice embellished with blind fretwork, above an arched glazed door and panelled waist door flanked by brass-capped and stop-fluted pillars, raised on a plinth, the arched brass dial and silvered 12'' dial with seconds subsidiary, calendar aperture and strike/silent in the arch, powered by a four-pillar twin-train bell-striking movement with brass-covered pendulum, 237cm high. £800-1200
136.    A 19th century four-glass mantel clock of oval outline, the bell-striking drum movement, mercury-filled pendulum and two-piece enamel dial with visible escapement, signed Marshall & Sons, Edinburgh, 27cm high, 19cm wide. £100-200
137.    A good-quality early-19th century octagonal mahogany wall clock, the case inlaid with brass, the slightly-convexed white dial signed William Finlay, London and having a single fusée movement, 33cm. £300-400
138.    An early-19th century mahogany long case clock, the well-figured case enclosing the 13'' convex dial with painted scene of shepherdess and ewe, seconds subsidiary and calendar aperture, the twin-train 8-day bell-striking movement stamped Walker Hughes, 245cm high, with pendulum, weights and key. £200-300
139.    A pair of large slate mantel clocks of arched form, the gilded dials marked Page, Keen & Page, Plymouth, each 40cm high, 60cm wide. £60-100
140.    P Orr & Son, Madras, a universal sun dial and compass with gilt metal gnomen, silvered clock and compass dial, in original box with instruction and table of latitudes. £60-80
141.    J Halden & Co. Ltd, Manchester, a bronzed brass travelling telescopic level, with white metal dial and Vernier, in leather carrying case, various drawing instruments and miscellaneous items. £40-60
142.    An antique enema kit with bone and hardwood fittings, in case, by C W Krohne, London and a set of ebony-handled white metal urethra probes, in box. £60-80
143.    A modelling or watch lathe with accessories, including a Burnerd chuck, in fitted oak box. £150-250
144.    A lacquered brass monocular French microscope in fitted mahogany box, 25cm high. £30-50
145.    T Harris & Sons, a brass theodolite with compass dial, signed T Harris & Sons, London, complete with tripod mount and telescope, in fitted mahogany box. £40-60
146.    A late-Victorian four-glass gilt brass mantel clock, the bell-striking drum movement with circular enamel dial and mercury-filled pendulum, (damages to dial and chip to rear door), 25cm high. £80-120
147.    A late-19th/early-20th century brass repeating carriage clock in travelling case, with key, 14cm high, (damage to enamel dial). £40-60
148.    C Wheatstone & Co. of London, a Duet Hexagon concertina with fifty-six metal buttons in pierced rosewood ends and eight-fold bellows, numbered 27703, the leather straps and velvet-lined case bearing the retailer's name J J Vickers & Son Ltd, with price list for 1929. £500-800
149.    A 19th century French tortoiseshell and gilt metal mantel clock, with enamel dial and gong-striking drum movement, 30cm high. £60-80
155.    A pair of modern moulded glass three-branch four-light candelabra, 48cm high, (one with centre drip pan lacking), (2). £100-150
156.    A 20th century cut-glass table lamp with bowl shade, 52cm high, 32cm diameter. £80-120
157.    A large cut-glass flower vase of bell shape, on square base with chamfered corner, 30cm high, 25cm diameter and a tall knopped cut-glass flower vase, 36cm high, (3). £60-80
158.    A pair of cut-glass lustres with central candle sconces, 19cm high. £50-80
159.    A pair of early-19th century glass rummers, engraved with initials and ships, a similar initialled example and three others, (6). £100-150
160.    Three early English cordial glasses with engraved decoration. £80-120
161.    Three gilded glass spirit decanters, another similar, a finger bowl and four other pieces, (9). £40-60
162.    An 18th century English wine glass with a spiral air-twist stem, (chip to foot rim). £30-40
163.    An early-18th century English onion-shaped wine bottle, with an iridescent surface due to immersion in water, (chipped rim). £50-80
164.    A Dunheved bone china soup tureen with lid and ladle, painted with fruit and signed D Wilson, 30cm diameter, 17cm high, factory mark to base. £40-60
165.    A pair of Dunheved bone china baluster vases painted with fruit, signed D Wilson, 23cm high, factory mark to base, (2). £30-40
166.    A Dunheved bone china plate, 22.5cm diameter, painted with fruit and signed D Wilson, a similar unsigned smaller plate, 16.5cm diameter, a miniature cup, saucer and plate, a bowl, (restored), another similarly-decorated bowl, (not Dunheved), signed D Wilson and a Dunheved coffee pot painted with fruit signed C Smith, 22cm high, (8). £30-50
167.    A Dunheved bone china two-handled baluster shape vase decorated with ducks, signed D Wilson, with lid, 33cm high, (one handle and lid damaged) and a two-handled loving cup decorated with a robin, signed D Wilson, 12cm high, (2). £30-50
168.    A Dunheved bone china small baluster-shaped vase decorated with a redwing amongst branches of berries, 11cm high, a spill vase decorated with a pheasant, 14.5cm high, a milk jug decorated with a blue tit, 10cm and a small tankard decorated with snipe, 5cm high, all signed D Wilson, (4). £50-70
169.    A pair of bone china plates with gilt wavy rims painted with 'Long Tailed Duck' and 'Gargoney', 23cm diameter, both plates titled and signed D Wilson Oct '75 & May 5th '76, one with 19DW75, (2). £30-50
170.    A collection of four Dunheved bone china plates painted with birds, including 'Robins' 4/03, 21.5cm diameter, 'Nuthatch', 18.5cm, 'Barn Owl', 17cm and 'Yellow Wagtail', 23.5cm, two small shallow dishes 'Jack Snipe' and a Chiffchaff, both 12cm diameter, together with another plate 'Yellow Wagtail', 26cm diameter, stamped Wilsons Fine English China, Launceston, England, all signed D Wilson. £50-70
171.    A Dunheved bone china two-handled vase with cover, of ovoid shape and painted with a scene of Mousehole Harbour, 24cm high, a small pair of ovoid shape vases painted with St Michaels Mount and Launceston Castle, 6.5cm high and a pair of small circular pin trays painted with Bodmin Moor and Brent Tor, 7cm diameter, all signed D Wilson, (5). £60-80
172.    A small Dunheved bone china baluster shape vase painted with roses, 8.5cm high, a floral-pattern painted plate, 26.5cm diameter and a plate painted with a three-masted sailing ship and figures in a rowing boat, 27.5cm, stamped Wilsons Fine English China, Launceston, England and signed D Wilson, (3). £30-50
173.    A Dunheved bone china plate with gilt wavy rim painted with bullfinch, 28cm diameter, a small ovoid shape vase 'Robin', 6cm high and an oval trinket pot painted with Gloucester Old Spot pigs on the lid, 13.5 x 9.5cm, 5cm high, all signed by S Whitcombe, (3). £40-60
174.    A Dunheved bone china ornament of poppies and small copper butterflies, 23.5cm high, modelled and painted by S Whitcombe, no.1/50, dated '82. £30-40
175.    A Dunheved bone china ornament 'Common Blue & Burnet Rose', 10cm long, 8cm high, dated '95 and another, 'Dog Rose & Speckled Wood', 11cm high, 10cm long, 4/50, (damaged leaf), both modelled and painted by S Whitcombe, (2). £30-40
176.    Three Dunheved bone china ornaments, 'Gatekeeper & Dog Rose', 14cm high, 3/20, 'Brimstone & Primroses', 10.5cm high, 1/50 and 'Crocus', 11cm high, 5/25, dated 3/85, all modelled and painted by S Whitcombe, (all with leaf damages), (3). £40-60
177.    Two Dunheved bone china bird ornaments, 'Blue Tit', 18cm high, no.6, dated '82 and 'Grey Wagtail', 17cm high, 3/20, dated '83, both modelled and painted by S Whitcombe, (2). £50-70
178.    Two Dunheved bone china bird ornaments, 'Wren', 10cm high, no.15, dated '82 and 'Dartford Warbler', 18cm high, no.1, dated '82, (small chip to beak and two gorse thorns), both modelled and painted by S Whitcombe, (2). £30-50
179.    Two Dunheved bone china bird ornaments, 'Goldfinch', 19.5cm high, 15/50, dated '95 and 'Redstart', 13.5cm, no.2, dated '81, (chip to anther of one flower), both modelled and painted by S Whitcombe, (2). £40-60
180.    A Dunheved bone china bird ornament, 'Grey Wagtail', 15cm high, 10/50, dated '82, modelled and painted by S Whitcombe and an unmarked prototype model of a thrush with dog roses, (this model did not go into production), 14cm high, unsigned, (2). £40-60
181.    An unmarked, unpainted bone china prototype model of a field mouse holding a nut, 9cm high, unsigned, (this model did not go into production), together with a Dunheved bone china model of a hedgehog with two hoglets, 12.5cm long, 5.5cm high, 3/50, dated 1982, modelled and painted by S Whitcombe, (damage to oak leaf), (2). £40-60
182.    A collection of seventeen Dunheved bone china thimbles painted with various birds, fourteen signed D Wilson, (of which five have damages), two unsigned, together with two unmarked, unsigned thimbles, (19). £30-50
183.    A collection of fifteen Dunheved bone china thimbles, including George IV, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, roses and forget-me-nots, all painted by S Whitcombe, the remainder painted by D Wilson, including fruit, Newlyn and various animals, together with an unmarked and unsigned thimble, (16). £30-50
184.    Four Dunheved bone china brooches, two painted with flowers, one pheasant and one duck, together with four oval pendants, a pot lid painted with highland cattle, all signed D Wilson, two floral-decorated bell decorations, 4.5cm, initialled SW and two unmarked unpainted miniature tankards. £20-40
185.    A collection of six D Wilson signed pieces of Dunheved bone china, including a framed rectangular plaque with painting of Steeperton Tor, 11 x 14.5cm and five circular plaques, 'Pheasants' 8cm diameter, 'Fruit' 15cm diameter, two of sheep, each 8cm diameter, framed as one and a coastal scene, 8cm diameter, (6). £40-60
186.    S Wilson (S Whitcombe), a cast stoneware bust of a young woman, 42cm high. £30-50
187.    S Whitcombe, 'Woodcock', a signed, framed watercolour, 19 x 24.5cm, another, 'Red-Breasted Merganser', 17.5 x 27cm and other framed and unframed watercolours and sketches of wildlife by Sheila Whitcombe and Derek Wilson. £50-80
188.    Derek Wilson, 'Tavy Cleave', signed watercolour, dated Jan 25th '89, 19.5 x 27cm, another, 'Fur Tor from Lynch Tor', signed and dated '89 and three others, (two framed, one unframed), all by the same artist, (5). £40-60
191.    A late-19th century Coalport yellow and gilt coffee set, comprising six coffee cans, (two damaged) and saucers (one damaged), stamped 347115 to base, in silver pierced foliate holders and six spoons, London 1899, maker Goldsmith & Silversmith Co. Ltd, in fitted case, a similar cased Crown Staffordshire coffee part-set with six silver pierced holders, Birmingham 1902 and a cased Royal Worcester gilt and blue decorated coffee part-set with six silver pierced holders, (3). £100-150
192.    A small Worcester jewelled three-legged pot with bird and floral-painted decoration, 6.5cm high, 7.2cm diameter, factory mark to base and another decorated with floral sprays on a blush ground, 9cm high, (2). £30-50
193.    A Royal Copenhagen plain white figure group of 'Mermaid and Sea Witch', modelled by Christian Thomsen, factory mark and impressed 1202 to base, 23cm high. £80-120
194.    A cased set of six Spode Copeland coffee cups and saucers in the 'Old Concord' pattern, in six different pastel colours, with gilt rims. £60-80
195.    A pair of Royal Worcester plates painted with birds, a chaffinch and a linnet, signed E Townsend, 20cm diameter, black printed mark, another, 'Wren' signed D Jones and two smaller plates, 'Linnet' and 'Wren', signed Powell, purple printed marks, (5). £40-60
196.    A Royal Worcester baluster vase and cover painted with roses, signed A Food, (chip to lid finial), printed green mark, 24cm high. £40-60
197.    A Royal Worcester candle snuffer in the form of a monk, another in the form of a nun, 12cm and 10cm high and other Royal Worcester ceramics, (some damaged and restored). £30-50
198.    A late-Dresden five-piece porcelain monkey band, including the conductor, 17cm high, (5). £80-120
199.    A Moorcroft baluster-shaped vase decorated with orange iridescent glaze, impressed mark beneath, 25cm high. £30-50
200.    A David Leach pottery baluster-shaped slip-decorated jug, with ochre glaze, impressed mark, 28cm high. £200-300
201.    A group of 18th century English porcelain, to include a cabbage leaf jug, a baluster tankard and various tea bowls and saucers, (mostly damaged), (11 pieces). £30-50
202.    A pair of 19th century French porcelain sweetmeat figures of a boy and a girl seated with a basket at their side, crossed swords in blue, 17cm high. £40-60
203.    A set of six 19th century Meissen porcelain plates outside-decorated with birds and insects, gilt rims, crossed swords marks, 23cm diameter, (one with hairline crack). £60-80
204.    A set of four 18th century Meissen plates decorated with pastoral scenes, within pink scale borders, Marcolini period, (two with chips to rim), 24.5cm diameter. £100-150
205.    A pair of English pearl ware moulded plates with Oriental decoration, (one with damages), c1790, 24cm diameter. £20-30
206.    A 19th century English porcelain wall bracket modelled with a young woman's head supported by outstretched wings, blue and gilt details, 22cm high. £30-40
207.    A late-Dresden Augustus Rex chocolate cup, cover and saucer, with flower finial (damaged), 11cm high. £60-80
208.    William Moorcroft, 'Leaves and Berries', an ovoid shape vase on circular foot, decorated upon a mottled green and blue glaze, impressed factory marks with blue signature, 14.5cm high, crazing to base. £100-150
209.    William Moorcroft, 'Pomegranate', a trumpet shape vase decorated upon a mottled green and deep blue glaze, impressed factory marks with green signature, 27cm high, crazing to base. £150-250
210.    A Royal Doulton flambé 'woodcut' vase decorated with a fishing scene no.1617, 34cm high. £40-60
211.    A Royal Doulton scenic vase depicting cattle and a wooded landscape, signed 'R Holdcroft', with gilt decoration around the rim, 22cm high, factory mark and 'Shape 1308' to base. £80-120
212.    A Royal Stanley Ware baluster-shaped vase decorated with flowers and leaves, 23cm high, (hairline crack). £30-40
213.    A Fisher, a terracotta Torquay Pottery rectangular plaque by Alexander Fisher, painted with a landscape and estuary, within moulded 'gilt' frame, 25 x 35cm, chips to underside and another with deer in a landscape design, unsigned, 25 x 35cm, (2). £200-300
214.    Two 19th century Meissen porcelain white and gilt moulded dishes, 29.5cm max. £20-30
215.    A pair of large oval 19th century moulded English majolica dishes, with floral decoration, 35cm long. £30-50
216.    A Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre porcelain bowl decorated with the Woodland Elves and Picnic by the River pattern after Daisy Makieg Jones, 20.5cm diameter, (internal crack). £400-600
217.    A quantity of 18th and 19th century Oriental ceramics, to include a famille rose tankard, two blue and white tankards and seven other pieces, (10). £100-150
218.    An 18th century Chinese Imari dish decorated with deer in a landscape, 23cm diameter, (slight chipping). £20-30
219.    A large pair of famille rose vases of hexagonal form, decorated with panels of phoenix in flowering shrubs, (one rim damaged), 44cm high. £80-120
220.    A Chinese famille verte moulded and pierced biscuit porcelain vase decorated with immortals in clouds and a dragon to the neck, 34cm. £100-150
221.    A 19th century Japanese octagonal Imari-pattern dish. £20-30
222.    A 19th century Chinese blue and white porcelain sleeve vase decorated with dragons in branches, Kang Hsi four-character mark to base, 26cm. £100-150
223.    A small Japanese Satsuma vase decorated with flowering wisteria, 12.5cm. £20-30
224.    Nine 18th century Chinese porcelain blue and white plates, (mostly cracked, two without cracks), 23cm diameter. £40-60
225.    Four 18th century Chinese porcelain octagonal meat dishes decorated with landscapes and garden designs, largest 34cm long. £150-200
226.    Three small 18th century porcelain octagonal dishes decorated with landscape designs, 16cm diameter. £20-30
227.    A large late-19th century Japanese porcelain vase of Fukagawa type decorated with a panel of fruit in blue and gilt, stylised flowering borders to foot and rim, elaborate signature to base, 32cm high. £100-150
228.    A pair of 18th century Chinese famille rose plates decorated with scattered flowers, 22.5cm diameter, a Canton dish, a Chinese Imari pattern plate and a miniature Yixing teapot and cover. £100-150
229.    A pair of 18th century Chinese porcelain sauce boats decorated with a pseudo tobacco leaf design and a similar sauce boat, (chip to one and fritting to handle on the other example), 21cm long. £300-500
230.    An 18th century Chinese porcelain octagonal dish decorated with a pseudo tobacco leaf design, 33 x 25cm. £300-500
231.    An 18th century Japanese teapot and cover, decorated with birds in foliage, (crack to base), 14cm high. £100-150
232.    A 19th century Chinese porcelain plate decorated with boys playing with lanterns, (chip and hairline crack) and a similar plate, 24cm diameter, (2). £40-60
233.    A large pair of 19th century Chinese blue and white baluster vases decorated with scholars in landscapes, (one rim damaged), 35.5cm high. £100-150
234.    A Chinese bronze rectangular censer of archaic design, with lion dog feet and with a pierced hardwood cover and hardstone finial, 19th century or earlier, 14cm over handles. £200-300
235.    A Chinese bronze vase of fluted form with a spiral design top and bottom, a chilong applied to the central stem, hardwood base cemented on, vase 24cm high, 29cm overall. £60-80
236.    An Oriental bronze figure of a standing lion dog, with winged legs and fierce expression, 26cm long. £60-80
237.    A pair of Oriental gilded brass lion dogs standing, with tails and manes erect, 30cm. £40-60
238.    An Oriental engraved bronze circular stand, a pair of 19th century Japanese bamboo design bronze vases, four lacquer bowls, a bone model of a house and three carved wood items, (11). £30-50
239.    Four Chinese soapstone lion dog seals, a carved 'monkey' group and three other pieces, (damages), (8). £30-50
240.    A pair of Chinese carved stone seals, each surmounted by a qilin and young, with characters, inscription and seal beneath, 18cm high. £30-50
241.    A Japanese small tinder box netsuke (Hiuchi), Meiji Period (1868-1912), of oval form, with iron action, the hinged copper case secured by a button catch, (hinge damaged), the outer surface with foliage decoration, with a small brass rosette and suspension ring, 4.5cm. £150-250
242.    An Oriental carved model of a split pomegranate, 8cm diameter. £40-60
243.    An early-20th century carved wood box in the form of a shoe, hung from a silk thread and beads. £60-80
246.    Emilio Fiaschi, a late-19th century Italian carved alabaster figure of a nude female leaning against a console table supported by a griffon, on circular base, 58cm high. £500-700
247.    An Asian marble statue of a deity in prayerful attitude, seated on a plinth and carved with a dog, 30cm high, 19cm wide, (traces of gilt and polychrome decoration). £200-300
248.    After Meunier, Paris, a 'bronze' figure of a cavalry officer on horseback, 17th Hussars Regiment, on a plinth decorated with military trophies, 74cm high. £60-100
249.    A 19th century French bronze figure of Napoleon riding Marengo, 20 x 19cm, mounted on a marble plinth, 24cm overall. £60-80
250.    A late-19th century bronze of a dancing figure, raised on marble base, 23cm high and another dancing figure, (violin lacking), (2). £40-60
251.    A late-19th/early-20th century bronze figure of an Elizabethan nobleman astride a horse, on naturalistic base, 28cm high, 28cm long, together with another figure of a 17th century gentleman, on later base, 24cm high, (2). £50-80
252.    Jonathan Wylder (b.1957), a limited-edition patinated bronze figure of a ballerina, on marble base, signed to standing foot, numbered 8/24 and dated 1995, 56cm high, Halcyon Gallery stamp to base. £200-300
253.    A carved wood ecclesiastical sculpture of a saint in flowing robes, on plinth, (damages, very weathered, hands and top of head missing), 124cm high. £40-60
254.    A cast concrete bust of a Roman emperor, 65cm high. £50-80
255.    A cast concrete model of a seated lion, on square-form plinth, 120cm high and another cast concrete model of a recumbent lion, 54cm long, 38cm high, (2). £60-80
256.    An early-20th century Oriental rug, having a central serrated brick red lozenge on a floral blue ground, within triple border, 196 x 132cm and a Turkish rug, 123 x 250cm, (2). £60-80
257.    An Oriental brass scribes box and inkwell with overall foliate and figural engraved decoration, 26cm. £50-100
258.    A 19th century brass plate stand or 'cart', with central hub and six ring-turned legs, one stamped Pratts Patent with stamped crown, 40cm high. £40-60
259.    A Geschutz cold-painted bronze model of a guinea pig, 6cm x 5.5cm, together with two guinea pig pups, 5 x cm, (3). £50-80
260.    A Goldscheider figure group of a young boy pouring water into a bowl, with a dog at his side, finished bronze and gilt, on circular base, impressed Fabriqué en Autriche, 4329X 27 55 and factory marks to side of base and Polter signature to top, 51.5cm high, 21cm base diameter. £600-700
261.    A collection of approximately 320 mother-of-pearl games counters of various shapes, hatched and engraved with flowers. £30-50
262.    A collection of nine Chinese textile collage pictures of figures in Oriental costume, 25 x 16cm. £30-50
263.    A spelter lighter in the form of an Arab seated on a camel and another standing holding a carpet, on rectangular base, 19.5cm high, (original striker lacking), (2). £30-50
264.    A 19th century six-draw pocket telescope signed Andrew Ross & Co, 33 Regent Street, Piccadilly, 50cm extended, a pair of Carl Zeiss field stretcher binoculars (damaged) and other items. £40-60
265.    An early-20th century Japanese lacquered shibayama photograph album, containing fifty hand-tinted photographs, 19.4 x 25.4cm, three images of silkworm workers, "Fencing", "Broomseller", a lady in a rickshaw, another in a kago, playing 'Go' draughts, an actor, a geta-maker, two Ainu people and others, some titled on print, some numbered and titled, boards and pages all detached, in original box. £200-300
266.    Jaques, London, a complete set of "The Staunton Chess-Men", in box with paper label, white king marked Jaques, London, king 9cm high, (damage to both queens). £200-300
267.    An early-20th century Russian painted gilt metal icon of the Iverskaya, well-presented in a gilt gesso frame, 18 x 14cm, 39 x 35cm, including frame. £100-150
268.    A large collection of bone, ivory and stained chess pieces, part-sets. £40-60
269.    A 19th century European carved ivory 'Corpus Christi' on ebony cross, 30cm high, 20cm wide. £60-80
270.    A 19th century Chinese carved ivory card case, 11 x 7cm, (lid damaged), part of a 19th century carved ivory box and other items. £50-70
271.    A carved marine tooth miniature cribbage board in the form of a seal, 11.5cm long. £30-40
272.    A turned wood and ebonised chess set in box, a set of turned wood draughts counters and other games. £30-50
273.    A 19th century sailor's shell valentine, the hinged case revealing two shell-work displays, one with the words 'Sweet Home', 45.5cm open. £200-300
274.    A silver-mounted horse hand measuring walking stick, the Malacca cane and antler handle enclosing the telescopic brass measuring rod signed Arnold & Sons, London, with diamond registration mark and another walking stick, (2). £80-120
275.    A 19th century sword stick, the scroll-etched 70cm blade marked 'Toledo', with Malacca halt and cover, sprung quillon to either side, (one spring defective) and silver mounts, 90cm overall. £100-150
276.    A gold-capped Malacca walking stick with gold lanyard apertures, 93cm. £30-50
277.    Two early-20th century silver-topped Malacca walking sticks, 98 and 90cm, (2). £30-50
278.    A gilt brass and ivorine monocular opera glass in silk-lined leather box, an Onoto fountain pen with 9ct gold sleeve in box, lid replaced and an inlaid mahogany small mantel timepiece, (3). £40-60
279.    A pair of Continental steel and inlaid riding spurs, 21cm long. £30-50
280.    A tapestry picture 'Pharoah's Horses', by J F Herring Snr, 44 x 43cm. £20-40
281.    A Victorian tapestry picture of a warrior riding through a Roman landscape, 68 x 67cm. £30-40
282.    A late-19th century half-block diorama model of a three-masted schooner flying red ensign, the pennant named Helen Banks, sailing off a headland with lighthouse, 65 x 110cm. £300-500
283.    A carved wood panel with figural decoration, probably West African, fashioned as a cupboard door. £30-40
284.    A Victorian rosewood work box of sarcophagus form, the interior fitment in need of restoration, 28 x 22cm deep, 17.5cm high. £40-60
285.    An early-20th century African carved hardwood antelope head with horns, 87cm high. £40-60
286.    A pair of African carved hardwood bookends in the form of heads, 22cm high, a group of ten carved African figurines, 16cm high and other items. £40-60
287.    An early-19th century mahogany rectangular two-division tea caddy, the hinged lid revealing a pair of lidded tea canisters, 25.5cm wide, 15cm high, 15cm deep and a tortoiseshell-veneered jewellery box with hinged lid, above two drawers enclosed by a pair of folding doors, 18cm wide, 15cm high, (in poor condition), (2). £40-60
288.    A large Middle Eastern embossed brass ewer with tall neck and double-entwined serpent handle, decorated with circular copper panels embossed with lions and antelope, 60cm high. £60-100
289.    A Victorian brass column oil lamp with cut glass reservoir and later shade, 82cm high (including chimney). £50-80
290.    A Victorian walnut brass and ebony inlaid lap desk with fitted interior, the lid inset with presentation plaque To William Chillcott..... A Division, Bristol Constabulary..... May 1892, 45cm wide. £50-80
291.    A silver-plated novelty table lighter in the form of a waterline model of RMS Queen Mary, the centre funnel forming the striker, one side with inscription dated 1939, raised on ebonised plinth, ship 24.5cm, overall 30cm long, in fitted box with funnel, (box damaged) and a scratch-built metal model of a destroyer, (damaged), 23cm long. £60-100
292.    C W Dixey, a brass optical instrument with integral table clamp and extending arm, in fitted leather case, (case damaged), box 24 x 8cm. £40-60
293.    A 19th century artist's stained wood easel, 91cm high. £40-60
294.    A Japanese watercolour of two shubunkins, signed, in veneered frames with raised pine branch decoration, 18 x 25cm, 35 x 43cm overall and two others, cherry blossom and a bird amongst blossom, (damages, some veneer loose or lacking), (3). £60-80
295.    A late-George-III mahogany slope-top serpentine-front knife box, with partially-fitted interior, 39cm high, 21cm wide. £40-60
296.    A 19th century cast brass model of an Arabian horse's head, with glass eyes and slot for mane, 9cm high and a gilt bronze model of a dolphin with impressed Victorian registration mark, mounted on onyx base, 21cm high, (2). £60-80
297.    Two cast gilt metal door knockers, one in the form of Bacchus, the other the devil's mask and two gilt bronze cherub furniture mounts, (4). £30-50
298.    A bronze car mascot in the form of a lifeboat man, impressed 'Lifeboatman' reg. no.703993, 10cm high. £30-40
299.    A Vizagapatam pen and ink stand, 30 x 23cm, an oblong Vizagapatam glove box on small turned wooden feet, 30cm long and other boxes, all in need of restoration. £200-300
300.    A Victorian oval carved ivory box and cover decorated with trailing flowers and a winged cherub, the lid with vacant miniature mount, 8cm, 4.5cm high, a turned ivory letter seal, a double-ended letter opener and other items. £50-80
301.    A Victorian large papier-mâché tray, inlaid with mother-of-pearl and gilt foliate decoration, 78 x 59cm. £40-60
302.    A mid-20th century terrestrial globe on stained wood stand inset with compass, 54cm high overall, circumference 104cm, 33cm diameter. £30-50
303.    An iron cannon ball, 15cm diameter, on turned wood stand. £20-30
304.    A 19th century Boulle-work clock bracket with gilt metal figural mounts, frieze and pendant base, 18.5cm wide, 15cm high, 12cm deep. £70-100
305.    A South Sudanese Shilluk zoomorphic tobacco pipe, the pottery pipe modelled as a hyena, with wood stem and gourd mouthpiece bound with leather tied with beads, 76cm long. £200-300
306.    A South Sudanese Shilluk pipe, the pottery bowl with bands of cross-hatching heightened in white, leather-bound hollow wood stem, the gourd hair filter damaged, 75cm long. £60-80
307.    An African hardwood walking stick carved with numerous figures, 98cm high and other hardwood walking sticks. £50-80
308.    An African wood walking stick, the upper third carved as two back-to-back African figures, 108cm long, together with another plain hardwood stick with carved double-headed finial, (2). £80-120
309.    Two African leather quivers, together with a collection of sixteen metal-tipped arrows and two unstrung wood bows. £100-150
310.    An African double-ended throwing spear and six other spears, (7). £100-200
311.    A collection of African wood and horn-handled knives. £50-80
312.    A carved-wood novelty nutcracker in the form of a female figure with articulated leg and other items. £50-80
313.    Sandeman Port, vintage 1955, bottled 1957, two bottles, one high-shoulder, the other mid-shoulder, (2). £60-80
314.    Glenmorangie, 10-Year Old Malt Scotch Whisky, one bottle, in metal sleeve, Glenmorangie, The Original Scotch Whisky, one bottle, in cardboard sleeve and The Edradour Aged 10 Years Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky, one bottle, (3). £40-60
315.    Glenfiddich, Special Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky, in cardboard sleeve, one bottle, Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky, in cardboard sleeve, one bottle, Grants Blended Scotch Whisky, one bottle, Whyte & Mackay Special Blended Scotch Whisky, one bottle and other bottles of spirits. £40-60