Sale of Collectors' Items, Books, Stamps, Coins, Medals & Toys
on Tuesday 5th June at 10.30am

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1.      Berthon (Darrell), A Racing History of the Bentley, dwrp, illus, cl gt, 4to, 1st edn, 1956 and three other volumes on cars and motorcycles. £40-60
2.      Ross (Frederick), The Ruined Abbeys of Britain, 2 vols, chromo-litho plts, illus, ge, mor gt, 4to, nd; Bonney (Prof T G), Cathedrals, Abbeys and Churches of England and Wales, 6 vols, plts, illus, cl gt, 4to. nd and others, similar. £40-60
3.      A quantity of books on cookery. £20-30
4.      Greene (Graham), The Heart of the Matter, 1st edn, dwrp, cl, 8vo, William Heinemann Ltd, The Book Society Ltd, May 1948; The Human Factor, 1st edn, dwrp, cl, 8vo, The Bodley Head Ltd, 1978, (2). £40-60
5.      Shaw (George Bernard), The Apple Cart, 1st edn, dwrp, cl gt, 8vo, 1930, other first editions with dwrps by J B Priestley, John Braine, John O'Hara, etc and other volumes. £40-60
6.      Fleming (Ian), From Russia With Love, 1st Edition black cl with Smith & Wesson to front board, dust jacket not price clipped, age-toned with small loss at corners, 8vo, Jonathan Cape, 1957. £150-200
7.      Fleming (Ian), Dr No, 1st Edition, 2nd printing, black cl with dancing girl to front board, dust jacket not price clipped with small tear and light age toning, 8vo, Jonathan Cape, May 1958. £40-60
8.      Fleming (Ian), Goldfinger, 1st Edition black cl with skull and gold coins, dust jacket not price clipped, slightly-scuffed to surface and slight wear at edges, 8vo, Jonathan Cape, 1959. £300-400
9.      Fleming (Ian), Thunderball, 1st Edition black cl with skeletal hand, dust jacket not price clipped with four small tears, 8vo, Jonathan Cape, 1961. £150-200
9A.     Fleming (Ian), The Spy Who Loved Me, 1st edition, black cl with dagger, 8vo, 1962. £100-150
10.     Fleming (Ian), You Only Live Twice, 1st Edition, no dust jacket, black cl, 8vo, Jonathan Cape, 1964; On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1st Edition, 5th Imp, dust jacket not price clipped, 8vo, 1963; Moonraker, dust jacket not price clipped, 8vo, 1964; The Spy Who Loved Me, 1st Edn, 6th Imp, dust jacket not price clipped, 8vo, 1964; The Man With The Golden Gun, 1st Edn, 3rd Imp, dust jacket not price clipped, 8vo, 1965, (5). £80-120
11.     Lawrence (T E), Seven Pillars of Wisdom, 1st trade edn, plts, pic cl gt, lge 8vo, 1935, and, Beckwith (Capt E G C), Selections from the Quill, signed ltd edn, no.1113/1750, plts, cl gt, 4to, 1947, (2). £20-30
12.     Edwards (Lionel), My Scottish Sketch Book, 1st edn, col plts, dwrps, cl, 4to, 1929. £30-50
13.     A collection of volumes on cricket, including two signed by Sir Garfield Sobers and a Badminton Library volume, Golf, 7th edn. £30-40
14.     Chillingworth (William), The Religion of Protestants A Safe Way to Salvation, re-backed cf gt, 4to, 1638, and Foxe's Book of Martyrs, ed: Dr A Clarke, mor gt, 8vo, nd, (af), (2). £30-50
15.     A quantity of King Penguins, 42, many 1st edns, some with dwrps, and other volumes. £40-60
16.     Haseler (H), (Illustr.), Scenery on the Southern Coast of Devonshire Comprising Picturesque Views..... Sidmouth....... and Torquay, 29 (of 30) views (uncoloured) by D Havell after H Haseler and H Cornish, tissue gds, ob 4to, bds, pub. John Wallis 1819 and a quantity of books on stage coaches and travel. £30-50
17.     Giles Annuals, 1st series, (no covers), 1943-46, series 8-47, not a run, also Nurse! and some modern issues. £20-30
18.     A collection of books by Capt W E Johns, including Comrades In Arms 1st Edn 1947, (no dwrp) and a signed copy of Biggles-Air Commodore (a/f) and other volumes. £20-30
19.     Children's Annuals to include: Lion 1955, 1957, Dandy Monster Comic 1951, the Rover Book for Boys 1956, The Beano Book 1951, Tiger 1958 and four Eagle annuals, 1970's, (11). £30-40
20.     Lion - Annuals 1954-56, 1958, The Eagle Annuals 5, 8, 9 (2) and 12 and two books on The Eagle comics. £20-30
21.     Bray (Mrs), A Description of the Part of Devonshire Bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy, 3 vols, illus, me hf mor gt, 8vo, 1836. £50-80
22.     Risdon (Tristram), The Geographical Description or Survey of the County of Devon, re-backed, ge, mor gt, 8vo, 1811 and other volumes on Devon. £30-40
23.     Nabokov (Vladimir), Lolita, 2 vols, 2nd printing The Olympia Press, Paris 1958. £30-40
24.     Sifton Praed & Co, Map Sellers, Book Sellers & Stationers, 37 Bartholomew's Maps of England and Wales, dissected on cloth and cased with 'Contour Great Britain' motoring book and opisometer to lid, together with a similar set of 29 maps of Scotland, (no motoring book or opisometer), (2). £50-100
25.     Butler (Samuel), An Atlas of Ancient Geography, hd-col plates as listed, also a fdg map of the world and another of Australia, hf cf gt, 8vo, nd and a volume of Views of Toowoomba, Queensland, (2). £40-60
26.     Moleiro Editions Facsimile, Atlas Miller, five sheets printed both sides, colour with gold highlights, limited edition of 987 copies, this being no.122, Barcelona, 2003, with signed certificate, 60 x 42cm and a Superior Dissected Map jigsaw, England and Wales, boxed, (incomplete), also a copper map plate.
27.     A quantity of books on railways. £30-40
28.     A quantity of GWR and other railway rule books, Fowey Harbour Byelaws and other ephemera. £30-50
29.     A quantity of novels with dust jackets, mainly Book Club editions, also a quantity of film annuals. £30-50
31.     An accumulation of stamps and covers in seven albums and loose, with mint and used British Empire, Great Britain from 1840 1d Black used, later decimal sets mint, etc. £200-250
32.     An accumulation of mainly Great British FDCs in albums, in four boxes, also some mint stamps. £200-300
33.     A large accumulation of stamps and covers in albums, stock books and loose, contained in four boxes, with Great Britain, etc. £150-250
34.     A selection of Great British decimal presentation packs and booklets. £50-60
35.     Ten Great British year books of stamps from 1984. £40-50
A collection of stamps in three albums and loose, with mint GB. £20-25
37.     An accumulation of stamps in three stock books and loose. £50-60
38.     An accumulation of stamps in two albums and loose. £50-60
39.     A collection of stamps in two albums, on stock cards and loose, with mint and used GB. £40-50
40.     Various mainly modern commemorative covers, including Falkland Islands, etc. £30-40
41.     A collection of GB FDCs in two albums and loose. £25-30
42.     An accumulation of stamps, covers and cards in albums and loose, with postmark interest. £70-90
43.     An accumulation of stamps in seven albums and stock books, on leaves and loose, with main interest in Germany, with Third Reich issues mint and used, also GB, etc. £150-200
44.     A large accumulation of stamps in albums, stock books and loose, in four boxes, with Australia, GB, etc. £150-200
45.     A collection of stamps in seventeen albums and folders, with Great Britain, including presentation packs, booklets, decimal issues in blocks, range of British Empire (mostly stuck down), also France, etc. £350-400
46.     Ten albums of stamps and covers, with Great Britain, etc. £100-120
47.     A large collection of Great Britain stamps in albums, stock books and loose, with sets both mint and used, Macklins, FDCs, booklets, packs, etc. £350-400
48.     A collection of stamps in a Century album. £30-40
49.     An accumulation of stamps in five albums and loose. £30-40
54.     A quantity of mainly modern postcards of locomotives. £20-30
55.     A collection of 362 postcards by Reginald Phillimore Phillimore, many hand-tinted and one card of Justice Phillimore, in two albums. £200-300
56.     A small collection of 40 early-20th century RP portrait postcards, many of sailors in uniform. £20-30
57.     A collection of approximately 300 loose postcards, mainly topographical, including some RPs. £60-100
58.     A collection of approximately 300 loose postcards, mainly topographical, including some RPs. £60-100
59.     A small collection of RP postcards, including two of the floods at Putney, Feb 2nd 1909, one of which was posted from Hong Kong and is marked 'Via Siberia', (15). £60-80
60.     Eight golfing postcards, an RP of the Mauretania, four postcards of the Bakerloo and Piccadilly tubes and other postcards. £60-80
61.     Two albums containing approximately 230 postcards, early-20th century, mainly topographical. £40-60
62.     An album of 245 postcards of Devon, including RPs, oilettes, A R Quinton, etc. £50-80
63.     An album of 202 postcards, UK topographical, early-20th century. £40-60
64.     An album of approximately 300 postcards, early-20th century, mainly UK topographical. £60-80
65.     An album of approximately 240 postcards, maritime, including RPs of the launch of Sopwith's 'Endeavour', HMS Argus aircraft carrier, submarines and warships. £100-150
66.     A collection of 36 WWI-era silk postcards. £100-140
67.     An album of 51 postcards by William Edward Croxford, including three original watercolour postcards sent to his daughter Miss Grace M Croxford. £60-80
68.     Approximately 450 loose topographical postcards, UK, including some by A R Quinton. £50-80
69.     Approximately 630 loose topographical foreign postcards. £40-60
70.     An album of approximately 100 postcards of Cornwall, including some RPs. £30-50
71.     Approximately 60 postcards, mainly local topographical, including a W R Gay RP of Holbeton, RPs of Brixton Village and a cottage in Yealmpton Woods. £30-50
72.     An album of approximately 240 postcards, many French WWI and some RP cards of troops on parade and posing in front of the Sphinx, also a 'Golden Extra Daily Mail for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. £30-50
73.     A Shell Mex 'The Modern Motor Car', with folding sectional diagrams and a quantity of mainly foreign and UK topographical postcards, (approximately 200). £30-50
74.     A quantity of loose postcards, including six of coal mining, eleven of ships and submarines, also humour and topography, (approximately 80). £30-50
75.     A large quantity of modern postcards, all world, in albums and loose, approximately 700 and a quantity of promotional photos from Coronation Street, Eastenders and various actors etc, some signed. £40-60
76.     An album of 180 postcards, mainly greetings. £20-30
77.     An album of 52 postcards, including a fold-out beetle card, silks, decoupage, hold-to-light, perfumed, a macabre hanging dog, googly eyes and embossed cards. £40-60
78.     A Late-Victorian album or commonplace book containing watercolours, drawings, pen and ink cartoons, photographs, etc, including three painted leaves commemorating the Battle of Majub, Boer War, poetry, etc, blue leather covers, (spine a/f). £40-60
79.     A small sketch book containing many pencil portraits, possibly by R S Campbell, c1900 and various amusing watercolour and pen and ink cartoons. £10-20
80.     A large group portrait of the Cambridge Hall Staff of County Director.......Voluntary Aid Detachment 1918, another of Royal Engineers, undated cWWI, various photographs of the army in France c1919 and various photos etc re the Land Army 1944-47. £30-40
81.     A large quantity of photographs, late 1800-1950's, in albums and loose. £30-50
82.     Seven British Official Photographs c1918 showing search light and gun emplacements on the South Coast, air ships, a trench practice area marked '85:R:2877 Bushey 24.4.18-12', two of flying aircraft taken from the air and one reconnaissance photograph of railway sidings, each 20 x 15cm approximately, sent by John Cartwright RFC/RAF to his father, in Ministry of Information envelope postmarked 5 Nov 1918. £50-80
83.     Approximately 90 phone cards in a wallet, a collection of War Planes Collectors' Club cards, three Ronnie Barker books, cigarette cards, etc. £20-30
84.     Two albums of greetings cards, scraps, postcards, photos and other ephemera, (2). £30-50
85.     An album of autographs, including Flora Robson, Charles Laughton, Gracie Fields, Merle Oberon, Ivor Novello, Jack Charlton; various prints and watercolours, postal history, postcards, etc. £30-40
86.     Three albums containing the signatures of George III and Queen Victoria, also a letter from Sir Lucas Pepys, Treasurer to the Royal College of Physicians and physician to George III appointing a Mr Philip Hoffe to the post of Hospital Mate to the Forces at St Domingo, 11-August 1795, also newspaper cuttings, etc. £50-80
87.     A quantity of ephemera, to include spreadsheets for Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway, British Rail Accident documents, etc, four late-19th and early-20th century French legal documents and two French volumes of L'Illustration for 1927 and 1929. £30-50
88.     A Victorian album full of scraps, chromo-lithographs, a few photos of ships and greetings cards, etc. £30-50
89.     A large quantity of trade cards, modern locomotive cards and 'Sun Stamps', in albums and loose. £20-30
90.     Various aviation-related booklets: Bristol Hercules XVI, XVII, XVIII operational instructions, 1945; Pilot's Notes for Wellington III, X-XIV 1951, Hurricane IIA-D and IV and Merlin XX, nd; Air Ministry Standard Technical Training Notes 1945 and various railway, bus and tram ephemera. £30-50
91.     A collection of various cigarette cards, including John Player & Son 'Ships Figureheads', 25/25, other part-sets and odds. £20-40
92.     A fascinating Motor Racing album c1959 containing approximately 450 black and white photographs, many annotated, taken or collected by photo-journalist and enthusiast John Albert Cullum; the photographs feature mainly races, including the British Grand Prix races at Silverstone, Goodwood, Brands Hatch and Aintree for F1, F2, FJ and saloon cars, and show races, paddocks, engines and cockpits, drivers include Juan-Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Stirling Moss, Graham Hill, Mike Hawthorn, Jack Brabbham, Bruce McLaren and Maria Teresa de Filippis. Mr Cullum worked for the Western Morning News and West Briton newspapers but assembled this album of photographs as a hobby; the photographs are mainly 3½'' x 5'' (427), there are some larger photos including two of the record-breaking EX181 MG, in production state and being tested on an airfield runway. £300-400
93.     A large quantity of 1970's comics, including Cor!!, Whizzer, Scorcher, Wizard, Victor, Tiger, etc. £30-50
94.     A quantity of The Wizard comics: 1946, 1951 (3), 1953 (3), 1954 (3), 1955, 1957 (8), 1958 (9), 1959 (10) and others, 1960's-70's. £30-50
95.     Air Ace Picture Library, 1-221 (not a run, missing 16 issues) and other similar comics, War at Sea, Sexton Blake, etc. £150-200
101.    Approximately eighty Windsor Mint gold-plated and other commemorative coins, including 'Banknotes', 'Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee', '1st World War', etc, contained in wooden and cardboard fitted cases. £80-120
102.    A collection of British coinage, including pre-1947 silver. £30-50
103.    A collection of British and world coinage, including a small quantity of pre-1947 silver. £40-60
104.    A collection of approximately one hundred various commemorative, sporting and other medallions. £50-80
105.    A collection of thirty-two mainly late-18th century half-penny tokens, four Victorian model one penny coins, etc. £60-80
106.    A collection of approximately twenty-five mainly 19th century one penny tokens, a small quantity of foreign tokens, etc. £60-80
107.    A collection of various British and world coinage, including pre-1947 silver. £40-60
108.    Six Maria Theresa silver thalers and five other coins in a small coin cabinet fitted with eight sliding drawers, 22cm wide, 17.5cm deep, 11.5cm high. £40-60
A James I hammered silver one shilling coin. £50-80
110.    A large collection of British coinage, including pre-1947 silver. £150-250
111.    A collection of world coinage. £80-120
112.    A Queen Victoria 1895 crown and a small collection of pre-1920 silver coinage. £30-50
113.    A small collection of Queen Victoria silver coinage, including an 1849 'Godless' florin, five other florins, six half-crowns, etc. £40-60
114.    A collection of sixteen Edward VII silver coins, including a 1908 half-crown, (some dates rubbed). £20-40
115.    A collection of British coinage, including pre-1947 silver. £100-150
116.    An Edward VII 1905 half-crown. £200-300
117.    An Edward VII 1905 shilling. £20-40
118.    A collection of British and other bank notes, including a Bank of Ireland 'C-size' one-pound W E Guthrie (agent) CS03527, a Clydesdale Bank Ltd RD Fairbairn C/P 902129, a 'D-size' one-pound AR Macmillan Chief General Manager D/AV 762824 and others. £60-80
119.    A Royal Mint 1996 United Kingdom Silver Anniversary Collection No.13808, with certificate, a 1999 silver proof one-pound coin, 1999 & 2000 Guernsey silver proof one-pound coins and a silver two-pound proof coin 'The End of WWII 60th Anniversary', (5). £40-60
120.    Eleven Westminster Mint 'The History of World War II' coin First Day Covers and other First Day Covers contained in two albums. £30-50
121.    A Royal Mint silver proof 2001 Victorian Anniversary coin, a Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Centenary Year silver proof coin, a Diana Princess of Wales silver proof memorial coin, all cased and thirteen other silver proof coins, some with certificates, (16). £80-120
122.    Five Royal Mint United Kingdom proof coin collections 1970, 1997, 1998 and 1996 (both de luxe), 2000, two London Mint 'The Changing Face of Britain's Coinage' Golden Edition (pre-decimal and decimal) and other coinage including £5 crowns, etc. £80-120
123.    A Royal Mint HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 2000 Guernsey £5 24ct gold coin, 1/25oz, with certificate. £25-35
124.    A large collection of British coins, mainly 18th, 19th and 20th century bronze and copper, including a small quantity of pre-1946 silver, a small collection of foreign coinage and old two and one pound decimal coins, (approximately £50). £150-250
125.    Three Queen Victoria double-florins 1887 and 1889 (x2), (3). £30-50
126.    Six Queen Victoria crowns, 1889/90/1/2/3/6 and a George V 1935 crown, (7). £100-150
127.    A George III 1818 half-crown, a George IV 1829 half-crown, three William IV shillings 1834/35/36 and five other coins, (10). £60-80
128.    A William III 1695 crown. £60-80
129.    A Charles II 1671 crown. £60-80
130.    Four George III crowns, 1819, 1820, 1821, 1822, a shilling 1816, two sixpences 1787, 1816, (7). £80-120
131.    Two George V wreath crowns, 1927, 1930 and a 1935 crown, (3). £100-150
132.    Four Queen Victoria crowns, 1889, 1896, 1900 (x2), (4). £60-80
133.    An Edward VII crown 1902, half-crown 1906, florin 1907, shilling 1906, 1902 (holed), threepence 1902, (x3), (8). £50-80
134.    Two George IV half-crowns, 1820, 1825, shilling 1825, 1836 and a Queen Anne sixpence 1711, (5). £50-80
135.    A Queen Victoria 'Godless' florin 1849, three Gothic florins 1857, 1879 (engraved on obverse), 1887 and three other Victorian florins, 1888, 1899 and 1900, (7). £80-120
136.    Four Queen Victoria half-crowns, 1849, 1885, 1887, 1899, two one shillings 1858, 1897, a twopence 1892, a three-halfpence 1843, three fourpences, five threepences and four sixpences, (20). £50-80
137.    A collection of bronze and copper coinage, including George III 1797 cartwheel twopence, Victoria 1839 quarter-farthing, one-third farthings 1881, 1902, 1913 and other Georgian and Victorian coinage. £50-70
138.    A collection of British 20th century coinage, including pre-1947 silver, etc. £60-80
139.    An 1880-S silver 'Morgan Dollar' PCGS M563, in capsule. £30-50
140.    An 1882 silver 'Morgan Dollar' PCGS M563, in capsule. £30-50
141.    A Royal Mint 1997 silver proof 'Britannia' four-coin collection in presentation case, with COA and outer cardboard and plastic covers. £80-120
142.    A Royal Mint 1998 silver proof 'Britannia' four-coin collection in presentation case, with COA and outer cardboard and plastic cover, (unopened).
143.    A Royal Mint 1996 United Kingdom silver Anniversary Collection no. 11625, (unopened).
144.    A 2000 gold sovereign, in case. £180-200
145.    A 2000 gold half-sovereign, in case. £90-100
146.    A collection of seven Royal Mint cased silver proof £1 coins: 1983-1989, (7). £60-80
147.    A collection of ten Royal Mint cased silver proof £1 coins: 1990-99, (10). £100-150
148.    A collection of eight Royal Mint cased silver proof £1 coins: 2000, 2001 x 2, 2002 x 2 (one frosted), 2003-5, (8). £80-120
149.    A collection of ten Royal Mint cased silver proof £2 coins: 1986, 1994, 5, 7, 1997/8 twin set, 1999, 2001, 3, 4, (10). £120-150
150.    A collection of Royal Mint cased silver proof coins: 50p (1992, 1997 twin set, 1998, 2000 x 2), 10p (1992 twin set), 5p (1990 twin set). £80-120
151.    A collection of Royal Mint Piedfort silver proof cased £2 coins, comprising: 1989 two-coin set (x2), 1994, 1995 WWII, 1995 United Nations, 1997/98 in twin case, (9 coins). £150-180
152.    A collection of Royal Mint Piedfort silver proof cased £2 coins, comprising: 1999, 2001, 03, 04, 05, (5). £100-150
153.    A collection of five Royal Mint Piedfort silver proof cased £1 coins, comprising: 1985, 1987 (x2), 1988, 1989, (5). £70-90
154.    A collection of seven Royal Mint Piedfort silver proof cased £1 coins: 1993, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, (7). £100-120
155.    A collection of six Royal Mint Piedfort silver proof cased £1 coins: 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, (6). £80-100
156.    A collection of Royal Mint cased Piedfort silver proof coins, comprising: 50p, 1992-93 (one coin), 97, 98 (2 coins EEC, NHS), 2000, 2004, 2005, 20p 1982, 10p 1992, 5p, (9 coins). £100-150
157.    A collection of eight Royal Mint cased silver proof £5 crowns: 1990, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 (Millennium), 1999 (Diana Memorial), 2000 Millennium (British Isles highlighted in 22ct gold spray), (8). £100-150
158.    A collection of seven Royal Mint cased silver proof £5 crowns: 2000 (x2, one Piedfort), 2001, 2002 (Golden Jubilee), 2002 (Queen Mother's Memorial), 2003, 2004, (7). £100-150
159.    A collection of seven Royal Mint cased silver proof commemorative crowns: 1972 (x2), 1977 (x2), 1980, 1981, 1986 and a silver 1977 Silver Jubilee Medal, (8). £40-60
160.    Two Britannia Fine Silver one ounce £2 coins: 1998, 1999, a Bank of Sierra Leone 1964-1974 silver proof one Leone coin and a 1978 Bahamas Anniversary $10 proof silver coin, (4). £40-60
161.    A collection of twenty-five Royal Mint United Kingdom proof year sets: 1970-77, 1979, 81, 2, 3, 5-97, (25). £150-200
162.    A collection of nine Royal Mint United Kingdom year sets: 1998, 9 (both Deluxe), 2000 (Executive), 2001, 2002-5 (all Deluxe), 2006, (9). £50-70
163.    Two Royal Mint United Kingdom BU Coin Collections: 1985, 1993, various Royal Mint wallets, comprising both 1999 Millennium and Princess Diana Memorial £5 crowns, 2002 £5 crown, 1986 Commonwealth Games £2 coins, 2002 Commonwealth Games £2 coins (x4), 1989, 94, 95 £2 coins, 1983-1988 £1 coins, 1983 £1 (x2) (Typhoo Tea) and loose decimal coinage £5 (1990 x 2), 1993, 1996, 1999, £2 coins: 25 x 1986, 25 x 1989, 5 x 1994, 8 x 1995, 1 x 2005, 50p coins: 6 x 1973, 2 x 1969, 5 x 1970, 7 x 1994 and nine British First Decimal Coins sets. £150-200
164.    Three Royal Mint proof Coinage of the Falkland Islands: 1980, 1982, 1987, a 1987 BU Coin Collection, the 1982 Liberation 50p crown, the 150th Anniversary 50p crown, a 1985 Mount Pleasant Airport coin FDC, a Ceylon 1971 proof set and a collection of Elizabeth II commemorative crowns. £30-40
165.    A collection of mainly foreign coinage, including silver. £60-80
166.    A Royal Mint silver proof Piedfort 1984 £1 coin, a 1982 silver proof Piedfort 20p coin, two silver proof £1 coins: 1983 (English), 1984 (Scottish). a Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 80th Birthday silver crown and a 1981 Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer Marriage silver crown, all boxed. £50-70
167.    A collection of Royal Mint proof coin sets: 1977, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 4, 5, 6, Royal Mint BU sets 1983, 4, 5, 6 and other coins. £50-70
168.    A collection of British coinage contained in two albums, includes pre-1947 silver. £50-70
173.    A WWI Victory Medal, a 1914-15 Star, (different recipients), three WWII miniatures, various ribbons, etc.
174.    A WWI trio awarded to 344387 E Prowse PBRI RN: 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals. £50-80
175.    A WWI trio awarded to 2071 Pte A C Prowse 21 London R: 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals. £50-80
176.    A WWI pair awarded to 2896 Pte W J Norrish D of Cornwall L. I: British War and Victory Medals. £30-50
177.    A Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Edward VII, awarded to PLY.4591 Joseph William Werry Sergeant R.M.L.I, a New Zealand Medal, undated, (naming, Wm Gould......., partially-erased), (2). £100-150
178.    A WWI pair awarded to 202946 Pte E Gill S. Lan. R: British War and Victory Medals. £30-50
179.    Two WWI medals awarded to Tom Hicks: Mercantile Marine War and British War Medals, and a Mercantile Marine War Medal to George Millman, (3). £60-80
180.    A WWI pair awarded to 2079 Pte W H Stephens, Devon R: 1914-15 Star and Victory Medal. £30-50
181.    A WWI pair awarded to 40242 Pte E E Newman N. Staff. R: British War and Victory Medals. £30-50
182.    A WWI pair awarded to 171073 Dvr R H Chapman RA: British War and Victory Medals. £30-50
183.    A WWI pair awarded to 15075 Pte H Gerry Som. L. I: British War and Victory Medals. £30-50
184.    A WWI pair awarded to 1728 Sgt E Badcock Devon R: 1914-15 Star and Victory Medals. £30-50
185.    A WWI trio awarded to GS-10926 Pte T F Ridgeway R Fus: 1914-15 Star and British War and Victory Medals. £30-50
186.    Imperial Service Order, George V, awarded to William H Shears and an Imperial Service Medal (George VI) to William Maker, (2). £80-100
187.    South African Medal for War Services 1939-45, two Africa Service Medals named for C321173 S A Schovell and 641865 F Ekstein and Coronation Medals 1937 and 1953, (5). £50-80
188.    A General Service Medal 1962-2007 awarded to 4201716 SAC P G McKeith RAF with Radfan and Arabia clasps. £80-120
189.    General Service Medal 1962-2007 awarded to 24245184 L Cpl M I Chapman 5 Innis, with Northern Ireland clasp. £50-80
190.    General Service Medal 1962-2007 awarded to 23956664 Sig J R Ozog R Signals. £50-80
191.    Nine WWII campaign medals: 1939-45, Africa (with 1st Army clasp), Burma (2, one named for 25307 Sep Atma Singh F F Rif), Italy, France and Germany Stars, Defence and two War medals and a Women's Royal Voluntary Service Long Service Medal, (10). £40-60
192.    A miscellaneous group of medals to include: Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross, Legion of Frontiersmen Long Service and Efficiency with cap badge, Royal Naval Temperance 'Three Years' medallion, two National Fire Brigades Association Long Service Medals, (bronze), a copy of a Waterloo Medal, a Devonport Coronation 1902 medallion and an attendance medallion, (9). £50-80
193.    A UN Korea medal and thirty-eight other UN medals. £50-60
194.    A WWI Royal Canadian Navy pair awarded to Ch P O C Wood; 1914-15 Star (C Wood Ch P O HMCS Rainbow) and Victory Medal (C Wood C P O 60573 R C N), (2). £30-50
195.    A WWI pair awarded to 2494 Pte R J Champion Devon R: British War and Victory Medals, (2). £30-50
196.    A WWI pair awarded to 54894 DRVR W Waller RFA: 1914 'Mons' Star and Victory Medal, (2). £40-60
197.    A Khedive Star 1882, (no naming or ribbon). £30-50
198.    Four Victory medals: 36290 Pte F A Snow, Worc R; PLY 18607 Bugr W C Werry RMLI; 280394 N Yabsley S P O RN; 28664 Pte R Taylor D of Corn L I and four Inter Allied Victory medals, (8). £40-60
199.    Five WWI Royal Navy Victory medals: 346478 S J Lawrence, CPR; 162830 F James PO1; 366133 R B Collings OC1; 215747 D F Burnett AB; 143901 A E Brown Sto 1 and a British War medal to 202470 W Lawson D H RNR, (6). £40-60
200.    A WWI pair to K28067 W R Rogers Sto 2 RN: British War and Victory medals, (2). £40-60
201.    A WWI nursing medal: British War Medal awarded to E M U Robson V A D. £30-50
202.    Seven WWI Victory medals: 20607 Pte J H Cook Devon R; 241098 Pte S E Popplestone Devon R; 25944 Pte W A Edmonds Devon R; 1087S Pte J Cann Som LI; 35681 Pte E A Mills Hamps R; 2426 Pt F A Larkworthy 16-Lond R; and 306073 A Sjt J Dewhurst L'pool R, (7). £70-100
203.    Four WWI Victory medals: RX4-276291 Pte R W Huet ASC, 515198 Spr W D Holman RE; 175360 Apr A Roberts RE; 950 Gnr J F Dodds RA and a 1914 (Mons) Star T14490 DVR W J Rowe ASC, (5). £60-90
204.    Three WWI Victory medals: 20182 Pte T Byrne R D Fus; PLY-10422 Sgt A E Lawrence RM LI; 13430 Gnr W Howells RA; and two 1914-15 Stars: 90830 DVR W E Burnett RE; 14088 Pte R Alden R Fus, (5). £50-80
205.    Four Victorian Army Temperance Association silver medals, on ribbons and one other temperance medallion, (5). £30-50
206.    A WWI German Iron Cross with Imperial crown over 'W' and 1914, '800' stamped on loop and a replica Nazi badge, (2). £30-40
207.    An MBE group awarded to Frederick Scott: 1914-15 Star and Victory medal (777 Sgt F Scott RA), framed together and a Civil MBE, framed with Buckingham Palace letter dated 11th April 1946. £120-150
208.    Queen's South Africa Medal with five clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901 and 1902, awarded to 4644 Pte A Jones, 9th Dragoon Gds. £60-100
209.    A WWI trio awarded to 304666 J Hadwin Sto 1 RN, 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory medals, marked 'Hodwin' on medals and an Imperial Service medal framed with letters from the register of the ISO and General Post Office. £50-80
210.    A father and son group of medals to Lieut J MacNeish: Efficiency with Malaya bar, George VI 1939-45 and Pacific Stars, 1939-45 War and Defence medals and RAF Long Service and Good Conduct and General Service Medal awarded to G4034817 Sgt D G MacNeish, (7). £120-150
211.    A WWI memorial plaque to Gilbert Metters, framed. £40-60
212.    A pair of campaign medals awarded to RM10797 R W Lumley-Harvatt RM: Naval General Service Medal with Cyprus clasp and General Service Medal with Borneo clasp, with various Royal Marines buttons and badges, etc. £120-150
213.    A family group of WWII medals: 1939-45 and Burma Stars, Defence and 1939-45 War Medals, with miniatures, envelopes and box of issue etc, to Dr R McCombe and 1939-45 War Medal to Mrs M M McCombe, with miniature, in box of issue and a collection of coins, etc. £60-80
214.    Two WWII medals awarded to 6144162 H H Jenner: War Medal and 1939-45 Star in OHMS box, also two Pakistan Independence medals and six other medals, (10). £40-60
215.    Three Imperial Service medals: Stephen Thomas Crocker, Henry George Archibald Potter, (both boxed) and Arthur Edwin Townsend, (3). £30-50
216.    Three WWII medals in glassine envelopes and OHMS box, unnamed, a WWII pair in OHMS box for Mr F E House, sixteen other WWII medals and a collection of medal ribbons, etc. £80-120
217.    A WWI/WWII group of four medals awarded to 319095 Gnr W L Lindsay RA: British War and Victory medals, Defence Medal and Special Constabulary Long Service Medal with bars for 1943, 1945 and 1955, with two boxes of issue, envelopes, etc and a boxed ARP lapel badge. £60-100
218.    A Queens South Africa Medal awarded to 6927 Pte A Bedford V Coy S Stafford Regt, (a/f, clasp lacking). £30-40
219.    A George VI Long Service and Good Conduct Medal awarded to MX45664 L Nancarrow C.O.A. 2 HMS Hecla, together with a 1939-1945 War Medal, the African Star, the Pacific Star, the 1939-1945 Star, the Atlantic Star, a set of matching miniature medals and a 'For Royal Service' lapel badge. £60-80
220.    A WWI Military Cross group of three medals awarded to Captain William Robertson RAMC, Duke of Wellington's 5th (Reserve) Btn (West Riding) Regt: Military Cross (William Robertson Cambrai 1917), British War and Victory Medals, with gilt tooled leather MC case, miniatures and letter of condolence from Dr Harold Pickles, who, as a young doctor, served with Capt. Robertson.......... It was I who spent with him that memorable day in November 1917 at the edge of Bourlon Wood when he was wounded and when he so thoroughly earned his Military Cross. It was he, an older man, that helped me (a very young doctor) to get through that most awful day of continuous shelling such that I shall never forget and with the great anxieties we both had for our wounded......... (Capt Robertson sustained a shell wound to his right ankle at Bourlon Wood during the Battle of Cambrai, France. He died in Huddersfield on 16.10.42 after he was knocked down by a cyclist during the blackout, sustaining a head injury from which he died four days later). £400-600
221.    A quantity of badges to include 'War Munition Volunteer', 'Over-Seas Services', 'Old Contemptibles'. 'On War Service' for 1914 and 15, 'Women's Land Army', etc, (12). £30-50
222.    A quantity of enamelled and other badges for Guinness, the 'Primrose League Sailing Clubs', etc. and other items. £30-50
223.    A quantity of cap and other badges, mainly military, to include 'Irish Lights' and 'Bombay Jail Department', CCG MSO BAOR CWAC, etc, (approximately 40). £50-60
224.    A collection of services cloth badges, 75 approximately. £30-40
225.    A collection of mainly railway commemorative and ASLE&F badges and six Russian military badges. £20-30
226.    A quantity of enamelled medallions and badges, mainly Masonic, (22). £30-50
232.    N gauge, Bachmann, 66551 Centennial DD40X locomotive, 4666 F-9 Dummy; Proto E8 A and B units; Erawa-Life-Like SD-45 locomotive, Hornby Minitrix D816 diesel; Graham Farish no.1901 loco, all boxed and an unboxed coach, (8). £60-100
233.    Hornby OO gauge, R1037 GWR Mixed Traffic train set, boxed, (packing incomplete, some small parts may be missing). £40-60
234.    Hornby OO gauge, two locomotives: R2388 BR 4-6-2 Battle of Britain Class '605 Squadron', no.34083 and R2098E GWR 2-6-2T Class 61XX no.6119, both boxed, (2). £60-80
235.    Hornby OO gauge, two tank locomotives: R2098E GWR 2-6-2T Class 61XX no.6119 and R2679 GWR 0-6-0 Terrier Class A1X 'Portishead', no.5, both boxed, (2). £40-60
236.    Hornby OO gauge, two locomotives: R320 LMS 4-6-0 Class 5 no.5138 and R2064 GWR 0-6-0 Dean Goods no.2468, both boxed, (2). £50-80
237.    Bachmann OO gauge, two locomotives: 32-304 and 32-300 GWR 0-6-0 Class 251 Collet Goods no.s 2294 and 3202, both boxed, (one box a/f), (2). £50-80
238.    Bachmann OO gauge, 32-377 Class 37/4 BR diesel 'Loch Rannoch', boxed. £30-50
239.    Hornby OO gauge, five passenger coaches, three luggage/parcel coaches and three wagons, all boxed, (11). £40-60
240.    Dapol OO gauge, thirteen boxed wagons, (13). £30-50
241.    Bachmann OO gauge, ten boxed wagons, (10). £50-80
242.    Hornby, Wills, Ratio Models, etc, OO gauge, a quantity of track-side accessories, etc, mainly boxed, a boxed Airfix BR auto-coach and other items. £30-50
243.    Bachmann OO gauge, 31-100, BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0 locomotive, boxed. £30-40
244.    Bachmann OO gauge 32-353, Standard Class 4MT Tank Engine, no. 80032, boxed. £30-50
245.    Bachmann OO gauge 32-650, Class 44 Diesel D1 'Scafell Pike', boxed. £40-60
246.    Bachmann OO gauge 32-051 Class 42 Warship Diesel 'Onslaught', boxed. £40-60
247.    Bachmann OO gauge 31-104, BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0 locomotive, boxed. £30-40
248.    Hornby Dublo, five unboxed locomotives, (a/f), (5). £40-60
249.    G & R Wrenn Ltd, OO gauge, four unboxed locomotives, (two with incorrect tenders) and three other diecast locomotives, unmarked, (7). £30-50
250.    OO gauge, thirteen various playworn, unboxed locomotives, including Hornby Bachmann, Mainline, etc. £40-50
251.    Three Proto 2000 HO gauge American diesel locomotives; no.s 8011, 23013 and 23087, all boxed, (3). £50-60
252.    Four Proto 2000 HO gauge American diesel locomotives, Southern Pacific, no.s 8133, 8135, 8228 and 21647, all boxed, (4). £60-80
253.    Stewart Hobbies HO gauge, American diesel locomotives, Union Pacific no.s 8510 (2) and 9181; Southern Pacific 9070 and 9071, all boxed, (5). £50-80
254.    Stewart Hobbies HO gauge, American diesel locomotives; Western Pacific no.s 8520 and 8521, Northern Pacific 8490, Southern 8030, all boxed, (4). £30-50
255.    Stewart Hobbies HO gauge American diesel locomotives; Baltimore & Ohio no. 5614 A/B Set, Mobile & Ohio no. 5120, (F3A only), both boxed and a loose B & O locomotive, (3). £30-50
256.    Stewart Hobbies HO gauge American diesel locomotives, Canadian National 9050, boxed, another, 5632, (F7A only) and five unboxed locomotives. £30-50
257.    Stewart Hobbies HO gauge American diesel locomotives, Maine Central 5312 A/B Set, Boston & Maine 9040, New York Central 9140, all boxed and two loose A/B locomotives, (5). £40-60
258.    Stewart Hobbies HO gauge American diesel locomotives, ten various unboxed locomotives, two boxed wagons and eight other locomotives, various makes, (20). £50-80
259.    Stewart Hobbies HO gauge American diesel locomotives, Burlington no.s 9330, 9331, 8360 (F3A and B), and two unmade kits 5031 A and B, all boxed, (6). £40-60
260.    Hornby OO gauge, nine diesel locomotives and five Triang diesel locomotives, (no boxes), all playworn, (14). £40-60
261.    Lima OO gauge, fifteen unboxed diesel locomotives, including two 'dummy' locomotives, all playworn, (15). £40-60
262.    Mainline OO gauge, ten unboxed diesel locomotives and four others, all playworn, (14). £40-60
263.    Bachmann OO gauge, two Class 42 Warship diesel locomotives: 32-054 'Monarch' and 32050 'Foxhound', both boxed, (2). £40-60
264.    Bachmann OO gauge, a Class 42 Warship diesel locomotive 32052 'Eclipse' and a Class 44 'Penyghent', both boxed, (2). £40-60
265.    Bachmann OO gauge, 31-278 BR Royal Scott Class 4-6-0 locomotive 'The Manchester Regiment', no.46148, boxed. £30-40
266.    Bachmann OO gauge, two BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0 locomotives, 31-102 and 31-103, both boxed, (2). £40-60
267.    Bachmann OO gauge, two BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0 locomotives, 31-105 and 31-106, both boxed, (2). £40-60
268.    Bachmann OO gauge, two BR Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 locomotives, 32-500 and 32-501, both boxed, (2). £40-60
269.    Bachmann OO gauge, two BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T locomotives, 32-353 and 32-354, both boxed, (2). £40-60
270.    Bachmann OO gauge, two BR Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 locomotives, 32-503 and 32-504, both boxed, (2). £40-60
271.    Bachmann OO gauge, a BR Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 locomotive, 32-506 and a BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T locomotive 32-355, both boxed, (2). £40-60
272.    Bachmann OO gauge, two BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 locomotives, 31-102A and 31-105A, both boxed, (2). £40-60
273.    Bachmann OO gauge, two BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 locomotives, 31-101 and 31-106A, both boxed, (2). £40-60
274.    Bachmann OO gauge, a BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 locomotive, (a/f) and a Class 5MT 4-6-0 locomotive, (no tray), both boxed, (2). £30-40
275.    Replica Railways OO gauge, two BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0 locomotives 11031 and 11033, a Lima Class 37/4 diesel locomotive, a Mainline coach and an Atlas wagon, all boxed, (5). £40-60
276.    G & R Wrenn Ltd OO gauge, 42 wagons, including milk tankers, unboxed, (42). £30-50
277.    Hornby Dublo, Set 2400 T.P.O. Mail Van Set, 4658 Silo Wagon, 4315 Horse Box (a/f), all boxed, two unboxed coaches and a Hornby Trains R007 BP 100 Tank Wagon, boxed, (6). £40-60
278.    Mainline OO gauge, eleven coaches, five in incorrect boxes, (11). £30-50
279.    Lima OO gauge, 19 tank wagons and three other wagons, unboxed, (22). £30-50
280.    Hornby Dublo, 36 various wagons, some a/f, all unboxed and a signal, (37). £40-60
281.    Unnamed, OO gauge, a large quantity of North American rolling stock, some marked 'Made in Denmark', unboxed, (56). £40-60
282.    Hornby Dublo, 2211 Class A4 4-6-2 locomotive 'Golden Fleece', no. 60030, boxed and an unboxed EDL7 LMS 0-6-2T Tank Locomotive no. 6917, (2). £40-60
283.    Hornby Dublo, D3 Corridor Coach LMS 1st/3rd, boxed, nine boxed and six unboxed Dublo wagons, two boxed Trix wagons and two Graham Farish coaches, unboxed, (one a/f). £60-100
284.    Hornby Dublo, DA456, D1 Island Platform, D1 Girder Bridge, D1 Signal Cabin, two D1 Footbridges, all boxed, a wooden 'Hove' Station Platform and a boxed Crescent 1823 Footbridge, (7). £40-60
285.    Hornby Dublo, Crescent, Truescale, etc, eighteen lead passengers and railway staff figures, buffer stops, signals, level crossing and a quantity of 3-rail track, some boxed. £30-50
286.    A quantity of OO gauge railway buildings, track and trackside accessories, mainly playworn. £20-30
287.    Hornby OO gauge, R066 Duchess Class LMS 4-6-2 locomotive 'Duchess of Sutherland', no. 6233, boxed and an R156 Class 08 diesel shunter, boxed, (2). £30-50
288.    Hornby OO gauge, R788 GWR Branch Passenger Set, (boxed), incomplete and a quantity of Hornby and Lima OO gauge coaches and wagons, mainly boxed. £40-60
289.    Hornby OO gauge, an Eddie Stobart Ltd Express Rail Freight Ltd Edn set, unused, boxed with unopened Trakmat and instruction leaflet pack, with outer carton. £80-100
295.    Heljan O gauge, 4884 Class 47 diesel locomotive BR 2-tone green, boxed with instructions. £200-300
296.    Heljan O gauge, 3580 Hymek diesel locomotive D7039, BR green, boxed with instructions. £200-300
297.    Heljan O gauge, 55001 Class 55 Deltic 9000 diesel locomotive D9000, BR green with yellow ends, 'Royal Scots Grey', boxed with instructions. £200-300
298.    Heljan O gauge, EWS 37057 'Viking' locomotive, maroon and yellow, boxed. £200-300
299.    Heljan O gauge, 3702 BR diesel locomotive, unnumbered, BR green/grey, boxed with accessories. £200-300
300.    Heljan O gauge, 3702 BR diesel locomotive D6732, BR green, boxed with accessories. £200-300
301.    An O gauge kit-built model of 4-6-0 BR Standard Class 5 locomotive and tender no. 73156, 2-rail. £100-150
302.    Gladiator Models O gauge, 4200 Class BR 2-8-0 tank locomotive ref K700/2, no. 4273, boxed. £200-300
303.    Sancheng O gauge, 4500 Class BR Small Prairie 2-6-2T Tank Engine no. 4566. £100-150
304.    O gauge, Collet 2251 Class GWR 0-6-0 locomotive and tender no. 3205, in Springside Models box. £200-250
305.    O gauge, 75000 Class 4, BR 4-6-0 locomotive with BR2/2A tender, no. 75014, in B D Coutts box. £200-300
306.    DJB Engineering O gauge, BR Standard Class 5 4-6-0 locomotive no. 73096, with BR1A tender,in DJB Engineering box.
307.    O gauge, Class 60 diesel 'Mainline', no. 60078. £100-200
308.    O gauge kit model, Hymek Class 35 diesel locomotive, (a/f). £30-50
309.    O gauge, two kit models of coaches, BR maroon GE4545, (a/f) and LMS maroon 7511 Buffet Car, both boxed, marked 'Made in China', (2). £40-60
310.    O gauge kit model, BR Standard Class 3 2-6-0 locomotive no. 77014. £200-300
311.    O gauge kit model, BR Standard Class 5 4-6-0 locomotive no. 73049. £200-300
312.    O gauge kit model, BR Standard Class 2-6-0 locomotive no. 76060 in DJB Engineering box.
313.    O gauge kit model, BR Standard Class 4 2-6-4T locomotive no. 80079, (a/f) in DJB Engineering box.
314.    O gauge kit model, BR Standard Class 9F 2-10-0 locomotive no. 92245. £150-200
315.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 7 4-6-2 locomotive 'Britannia', no.70000. £200-300
316.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 5 4-6-0 locomotive, no.73050. £200-300
317.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 5 4-6-0 locomotive, no.73129. £200-300
318.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 4 locomotive no.76079. £200-300
319.    O gauge kit model BR Stanier 8F Class 2-8-0 locomotive no.48431. £200-300
320.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 2 2-6-0 locomotive no.78019. £200-300
321.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 5 4-6-0 locomotive 'Camelot', no.73082. £200-300
322.    O gauge kit model BR Royal Scot Class 4-6-0 locomotive no.46115. £200-300
323.    O gauge kit model LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0 locomotive no.5690 in Chowbent Castings box. £300-400
324.    O gauge kit model LNER Class K4 2-6-0 locomotive 'The Great Marquess', no.3442. £150-200
325.    O gauge kit model BR Fowler Class 3F 0-6-0T locomotive 'Jinty', no.47383. £60-80
326.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 4 2-6-4T locomotive no.42183. £200-300
327.    O gauge kit model BR Patriot Class 4-6-0 locomotive no.45506. £200-300
328.    O gauge kit model BR Class A4 4-6-2 locomotive 'Union of South Africa', no.6009. £300-400
329.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 3 2-6-2T locomotive no.82041. £200-300
330.    O gauge RJH kit model BR Class 37 diesel locomotive no.37146, in RJH box. £300-400
331.    O gauge RJH kit model BR Class 37/4 diesel locomotive no.37412, boxed. £250-300
332.    O gauge RJH kit model BR Class 37/5 diesel locomotive 'Tre Pol and Pen', no.37671, boxed. £200-300
333.    O gauge RJH kit model BR Class 50 diesel locomotive 'Hood', no.50031, boxed. £200-300
334.    O gauge RJH kit model BR Class 37/0 diesel locomotive no.37142, (a/f), boxed. £250-350
335.    O gauge RJH kit model BR Class D16/1 diesel locomotive no.10001, boxed. £200-300
336.    O gauge RJH kit model BR Class 37/4 diesel locomotive no.37417, (a/f), boxed. £150-200
337.    O gauge RJH kit model BR Class 37 diesel locomotive no.37038, boxed. £200-300
338.    O gauge RJH kit model BR Class 28 (Metrovick) diesel locomotive no.D5705, boxed. £100-120
339.    O gauge kit model BR Class 37 Type-3 diesel locomotive no.D6700, 37350, in RJH box. £100-200
340.    O gauge kit model BR Class 76 EMI diesel locomotive 'Regional Railways', no.37418, in RJH box. £100-200
341.    O gauge kit model BR Class 37 diesel locomotive 'Mainline', no.37803, in RJH box. £100-200
342.    O gauge kit model BR Class 37/5 diesel locomotive 'Freight Transport Association', no.37672, (a/f), in RJH box. £100-200
343.    O gauge kit model BR Class 37 diesel locomotive no.37010, (a/f), in RJH box. £100-150
344.    O gauge kit model LMS Stanier Class 5 2-6-0 locomotive no.2968. £150-200
345.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 locomotive 'Morgan le Fay', no.73112, in purpose-built wooden box. £200-300
346.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 9F 2-10-0 locomotive no.92022, in purpose-built wooden box. £200-300
347.    O gauge kit model BR County Class 4-6-0 locomotive 'Duke of Gloucester', no.1000, in purpose-built wooden box marked 'Acorn, Jim Harris Collector Series BR Duke of Gloucester'. £200-300
348.    O gauge kit model BR Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 locomotive no.46443, in wooden box. £200-300
349.    O gauge kit model BR Churchward 2800 Class 2-8-0 locomotive no.2857, impressed 'Martin Finney'. £200-300
350.    O gauge DJB kit model BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0 locomotive. £200-300
351.    O gauge British Outline RTR Locomotives kit model BR Class 8F 2-8-0 locomotive no.48109, in gauge 1 box. £300-400
352.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class Clan 6 4-6-2 locomotive 'Clan MacDonald', no.72004. £200-300
353.    O gauge kit model BR Stanier Class 8F 2-8-0 locomotive no.48773, with Nik Bak label. £200-300
354.    O gauge San Cheng kit model BR Standard Class 4 2-6-4T locomotive. £200-300
355.    O gauge 'Just Like the Real Thing' kit model MM1 BR Class 44 diesel locomotive 'Ingleborough', no.D7, boxed. £300-400
356.    O gauge kit model BR Warship Class 42 diesel locomotive 'Onslaught', no.832. £150-200
357.    O gauge kit model BR Type-4 Warship Class locomotive 'Greyhound', no.D821. £150-200
358.    O gauge kit model BR Ivatt Class 4MT 2-6-0 locomotive no.43106. £100-200
359.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 2 2-6-2T locomotive no.84030. £100-150
360.    O gauge kit model BR Stanier Class 5MT 4-6-0 locomotive no.45110. £100-150
361.    O gauge kit model BR Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 locomotive no.73008. £100-150
362.    O gauge San Cheng /Tower Models Co. kit model BR Castle Class 4-6-0 locomotive 'Nunney Castle', no.5029, boxed. £200-300
363.    O gauge San Cheng/British Outline RTR kit model BR Class V2 2-6-2 locomotive 'Green Arrow', no.60800, boxed. £200-300
364.    Skytrex O gauge, four wagons, SMR 300, 28A, 302A, all boxed and a tank wagon in wrong box, (4). £40-60
365.    Skytrex O gauge, four boxed wagons, SMR 300, 300A, 302A and 303, (4). £50-80
366.    Wagon & Carriage Works O gauge, four milk tanks and one petrol rail tank, (repainted), all boxed, (5). £50-80
367.    O gauge, two RJH model kit tank wagons, boxed, a CRT kits BR Horsebox, all boxed, an LMS guard's van (in wrong box) and an MEA Hopper, boxed, (5). £60-100
368.    O gauge, an RJH model kit LMS 3rd Class Coach, 27220, boxed and a cream/red corridor coach M25346, in RJH box, (2). £60-100
369.    O gauge, a kit model of an LMS maroon guard's/3rd coach and a GWR inspection saloon coach, both in associated boxes. £60-100
370.    O gauge, two Lima blue/grey coaches, (possibly modified). £30-50
371.    O gauge, two kit model GWR corridor coaches, (2). £50-80
372.    O gauge, kit models, two LMS maroon corridor coaches, (2). £40-60
373.    O gauge, kit models, two GWR cream/brown corridor coaches, (2). £40-60
374.    O gauge, kit models, sixteen wagons, (16). £80-100
375.    O gauge, kit models, twenty wagons, (some a/f), (20). £80-100
376.    O gauge, five Skytrex kit models: SMR302, CDA Hopper Wagons ECC, all boxed, (5). £80-100
377.    O gauge, four Skytrex kit models: SMR 302, CDA Hopper Wagons ECC, all boxed, (4). £70-100
378.    O gauge, Burton Models, an unmade BR Grain Hopper kit, other unmade or partially-made wagon kits, four OO gauge kits and a quantity of parts and accessories. £60-100
379.    Hornby O gauge, No.50 0-4-0 C/W locomotive no.50153, with no.501 tender, both boxed, (2). £50-60
380.    Hornby O gauge, No.30 0-4-0 C/W locomotive no.45746 with tender; no.40 0-4-0 C/W tank locomotive no.3 82011, no.51 coach, no.51 passenger/brake van, all boxed; Type-50 0-4-0 locomotive and tender no.60199 and two coaches, (9). £60-80
381.    Bing, O gauge, an early-20th century tinplate 'Booking Office' ticker dispenser, a set of buffers, (a/f) and a wooden station, (3). £40-60
382.    Hornby, O gauge, no.50 0-4-0 locomotive no.1842 with tender, an LNER no.1 passenger coach, boxed and three other coaches, (5). £40-60
383.    Hornby, O gauge, wagons: including Pennsylvania 82043 wagon and Mobil Oil Gargoyle tanker and a quantity of track and accessories in a trunk. £50-70
384.    Lionel Lines, O gauge, diecast electric 2-6-2 steam locomotive no.2025 with tender, five wagons: Baby Ruth box car, Pennsylvania wagon, Automatic Merchandise car, Sunoco tanker and guards van, instruction booklets and a quantity of track, etc. £70-100
385.    French Hornby, O gauge, BB-8051 SNCF electric locomotive, STEF refrigerated van, Saint Freres wagon and SNCF tipper wagon, with a quantity of three-rail track by JEP. £60-80
386.    USA Trains, a G gauge R17150 DTTX 5-unit Intermodal Set, boxed. £40-60
387.    USA Trains, a G gauge EMD F3AB R22257 'Santa Fe' locomotive set, two motors in each unit, Powertrac Drive System, boxed. £100-200
388.    USA Trains, a G gauge EMD F3AB R22261 'Southern Pacific' 8001 locomotive set, two motors in each unit, Powertrac Drive System, boxed.
389.    USA Trains, a G gauge EMD F3AB R22264 'Santa Fe' locomotive set, two motors in each unit, Powertrac Drive System, boxed.
390.    USA Trains, a G gauge EMD F3AB R22267 'Western Pacific' locomotive set, two motors in each unit, Powertrac Drive System, boxed.
391.    USA Trains, three G gauge 'Southern Pacific' Intermodal Container Cars no.s 17117, 17118, 17119, all boxed, (3).
392.    LGB G Gauge, 43823 'Morton Salt' container car, boxed and three wagons, no boxes. £50-60
393.    A quantity of model railway, Meccano and other magazines, Hornby Dublo layout booklets, empty boxes, etc. £10-20
400.    Corgi, CC12210 Scania Low Loader and Thames Trader Tipper, boxed. £40-60
401.    Corgi, CC12605 Pickfords Scammell Crusader, King Trailer and Load, boxed, (a/f), CC12803 Maguires Scania Bulk Tipper, boxed, (2). £40-60
402.    Corgi, three Eddie Stobart vehicles: 59538, 60024, 58304, a Superhaulers Car Transporter 65801 and other vehicles, mainly boxed. £30-50
403.    Twenty 1:76 scale diecasts, including Hornby Skale Autos, Corgi Trackside, all boxed. £30-40
404.    A quantity of mainly boxed diecasts by Dinky, Corgi, Lledo, etc. £30-50
405.    Corgi, nine boxed British Railway vehicles: D46/1, CC11001 (Ltd Edn), 15003, 18601, 20301, 22401, 25001, 33803 and 97749, (9). £40-60
406.    Corgi, 17701, 2 Scammell Constructors and Low Loader Set (Pickford) and 16703 Deluxe Edn Scammell Highwayman Low Loader, both boxed, (2). £30-50
407.    Corgi Classics, road transport vehicles: 18401, 22101, 25101, 31001, 75902, 97335, 97910, 97911 and 97914 and an Aviation Archive 48401, all boxed, (10). £40-60
408.    Corgi, twelve boxed buses, including two Connoisseur Collection 35301, 35303, 97070, 97078 (x2), 97101, 97104, 97106, 97233, 97698, 97826, 97853, (12). £60-100
409.    EFE, sixteen boxed buses, (16). £40-50
410.    Corgi, 18002 Pickfords Scammell Contractor (x2), with Nicholas Bogie Trailer and casting lead, boxed. £40-60
411.    Corgi, Pickfords Vehicles: 16601, 16702, 20501, 30309, 30501, 97368 (no figures), 97956 and two Ltd Edn issues, all boxed, (9). £40-60
412.    Corgi, fourteen various haulage vehicles: 09803, 10101, 15005, 18401, 19901 (a/f), 22501, 23001, 24601, 29201, 31004, 33804, 75103 (case cracked), 97318, 97329 and two Lledo sets. £50-70
413.    Corgi, eleven boxed buses, including 43502, 43503 and 97052 and twelve unboxed. £30-50
414.    Five Sun Star 1:24 scale buses, all boxed but with breakages to head lamps, wing mirrors, etc, 1 box a/f, (5). £80-120
415.    A Sun Star 1:24 scale Bedford OB coach, boxed. £30-50
416.    Burago, six 1:18 scale sports cars, a Polistil Jaguar Mk2/E and a James Bond Die Another Day Jaguar XKR Roadster, all boxed, (8). £50-70
417.    Auto Art, a 1:18 scale D-type Jaguar, boxed, (box a/f). £30-50
418.    A quantity of diecast vehicles, playworn, no boxes, (59). £30-50
419.    Corgi, a Connoisseur Collection Jaguar E-Type, boxed and a collection of boxed cars, mainly Lledo Vanguards, (23). £30-50
420.    Corgi, buses: 97050, 97111, 97194 and 97822, a Bash St Kids/Minnie the Minx set D47/1, a Dinky Ltd Edn DY921 pewter E-Type Jaguar, six EFE buses, all boxed and other diecasts, (18). £40-60
421.    Corgi, 32 boxed buses, mainly Oriental Omnibus issues. £100-150
422.    Matchbox, a Motorcity M13 set, boxed, sixteen other boxed vehicles by Lledo, Maisto, etc. and three Wallace & Gromit salts. £20-30
423.    A quantity of playworn diecasts, including some Lesney Matchbox issues. £30-40
424.    A quantity of playworn diecasts, mainly Dinky Toys, including 622 10-ton Army Truck, 165 Humber Hawk, 140 Morris 1100. £40-60
425.    Dinky Toys: 281 Luxury Coach (fawn/orange), 282 Duple Roadmaster, 29C AEC Double-decker, all unboxed and a boxed 295 Atlantean Bus, and other diecasts. £30-50
426.    Sun Star, a 1:24 scale no.5002, 1947 Bedford OB Duple Vista, bus 'Southern Vectis Omnibus Co. Ltd', no.652 of Ltd Edn of 2,500, boxed with certificate, etc. £30-50
427.    Corgi, OM 99191, Tamar Link bus set, Ltd Edn of 2210 and other diecast Plymouth buses, various makes. £30-50
428.    Corgi, 97741, Island Transport set, boxed and sixteen other boxed Corgi buses. £30-50
429.    A P & D Marsh Tividale tram car kit and a quantity of boxed buses by Britbus, Atlas, EFE, Creative Master and Lledo, (32). £40-60
430.    Dinky Toys, 623 Army Covered Wagon, 626 Military Ambulance, 676 Armoured Personnel Carrier, all boxed, (boxes a/f) and 660 Tank Transporter with 651 Centurion Tank, 721 Junkers Ju 87B and two later tanks, all unboxed. £50-70
431.    Franklin Mint, an Armour Collection 1:48 scale item 98183, B25 Mitchell, 98 Sqn 'Grumpy', boxed. £40-60
432.    Britains Army Vehicles: Anti-Aircraft Unit search light, six-wheel lorry, two guns and a ten-wheel lorry, also nine Dinky Army vehicles and guns, playworn. £50-80
438.    A quantity of rail and bus tickets, including many from Southern Ireland, approximately 450 tickets. £20-40
439.    An aluminium BREL (Swindon) commemorative plaque for the Warship Class 2200, no. 1250/3000 and another for the Western Class, no. 304 of 3000 and a modern enamelled 'Beware of the trains' sign, (3). £40-60
440.    British Steam Railways DVD Collection, six boxed DVD sets. £20-30
441.    An NER railway 3-aspect lamp with burner, 31cm. £40-60
442.    A bronze presentation plaque 'Presented to BR (Western Region) to mark the introduction of the Clay Liner Service from the china clay area to the potteries, presented by the china clay industry November 1st 1965', the rectangular plaque painted with a clay hill landscape, 39 x 31cm, some paint flaking and a cylinder-shaped ticket machine no. A191, (2). £40-60
443.    Approximately 140 black and white photographs of buses photographed by H G Deakin in the 1960's. £40-60
444.    A quantity of bus magazines. £10-20
445.    An enormous collection of colour photographs of diesel and electric locomotives, all annotated with time and place, mainly Plymouth, 1980-2010. £40-60
446.    A mid-20th century stained wood ticket cabinet with tambour front enclosing multiple ticket compartments within, 85cm wide, 91cm high. £80-120
450.    A large German bisque-head doll with sleeping blue eyes and open mouth, with upper teeth and real hair wig, on jointed composition and wood body, marked 'Germany 62 182.13', 62cm. £40-60
451.    A German bisque-head baby doll with sleeping blue eyes, on jointed composition body, marked 'Germany 247-2¼', 33cm. £20-30
452.    A Knight's Head Model Mangle with instructions, spanner and 'Exploded Diagram', boxed and two composition dolls, (3). £20-30
453.    A Schoenau & Hoffmeister bisque-head doll with mohair wig, sleeping brown eyes, open mouth with upper teeth and jointed wood and composition body, the head marked 'S [star] PB H 1909 6 Germany', 60cm, together with a photograph of the original owner as a child. £60-80
454.    Charlie Bear, Isabelle Collection, 'Roly', a limited-edition teddy bear, no.20 of 100, with boot button eyes, stitched nose, long mohair two-tone golden plush, long arms, short legs and suedette pads, 30cm, with tags and Charlie Bear bag. £50-80
456.    A 1940's Chiltern Hugmee teddy with golden mohair plush, glass eyes, stitched nose, jointed body and Rexine-covered paws, 38cm and a larger teddy, possibly Chad Valley, with blonde plush, kapok-stuffed body and Rexine pads, (no eyes), 48cm, (2). £50-80
457.    A Steiff 'Susi' kitten with glass eyes and stripy plush, label with button and paper label with bell, 10cm and a Norah Wellings sailor doll with 'SS Empress of France' ribbon to hat, 20cm, (2). £20-40
458.    A Chad Valley 'Bonzo', brown velveteen with printed and stitched detailing, jointed head and limbs and face looking upwards, no label, 17cm. £40-60
459.    Charlie Bear, 'Hensley', designed by Isabelle Lee, with tags and bag, 55cm. £40-60
460.    Charlie Bear, 'Gum Boots', a fox designed by Isabelle Lee, with tags and bag, 38cm. £30-50
461.    Charlie Bear, 'Gentle Giant', designed by Isabelle Lee, with tags and bag, 50cm. £40-60
462.    Charlie Bear, 'Louie', designed by Isabelle Lee, with tags and bag, 46cm. £30-50
463.    Charlie Bear, 'Jumble', designed by Isabelle Lee, with tags and bag, 50cm. £30-50
464.    Charlie Bear, 'Dallinger', designed by Isabelle Lee, with tags and bag, 54cm. £40-60
465.    A 1940's teddy bear, possibly Merrythought, with stitched nose, glass eye and dark gold mohair plush, (a/f, missing one foot and one eye), 40cm. £30-50
466.    A large collection of mainly modern teddy bears and other toys, including a Harrods teddy, (20). £30-50
467.    A small modern Steiff teddy with button and tag, 31cm, a Merrythought Ltd Edn 395/600 teddy, 38cm, a Merrythought Yeoman teddy, 40cm and a Hermann Ltd Edn teddy, 57/1000, 36cm, (4). £40-60
468.    A quantity of Scalextric, to include: Set FJ.31, with two slot cars, Set HP1 set extension pack, a quantity of track, etc, mainly boxed and some booklets. £30-50
469.    Scalextric Accessories: A208 Control Tower, A211 First Aid Hut, A239 Track Lighting Set, F300 Pit Team and Track Officials, all boxed, one box a/f and another building, (a/f, no box), (5). £30-50
470.    Scalextric, three slot cars: Lister Jaguar E1 with lights, C74 Austin Healey C1 Alpine Renault and two hand controls A262A and A270, all boxed. £60-80
471.    A Hasbro Action Man c1964, another, 1992, a quantity of Action Man equipment, booklets, etc. and a quantity of Bayko construction items, some boxed. £20-30
472.    Wilesco, D365 'Old Smokey' Steam Roller and a Mamod TE1A Steam Tractor, no boxes, (2). £30-50
473.    Walt Disney, rubber-jointed toys: Mickey Mouse, 36cm and 19cm, (2), Pinocchio, 39cm and Jiminy Cricket, 36cm, (4). £30-40
474.    A Lord Roberts Workshop Noah's Ark of painted wood construction, with stencilled windows and hinged roof, with poem pasted inside, with Mr & Mrs Noah, Dove, 9 pairs of animals and 2 singles, ark 48cm long, (a/f). £40-60
475.    A 'Victory' 800-piece jigsaw depicting an Arabic dancer, including seven 'whimsies'. £20-30
476.    "A Disney ABC", a set of six Walt Disney transparencies c1950, each letter represented by a Disney cartoon character, four transparencies under glass, won in a Butler & Wilson competition in 1998. £40-60
477.    A quantity of Lego Technic, with instruction booklets. £20-30
478.    A Vivid Imaginations R.A.D. robot, unboxed with remote controls, two Magic Mike II robots and one other, (4). £20-30
479.    Two Star Wars moving figure money banks: Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, a Jar-Jar Binks moving figure and other Star Wars toys, etc. £20-30
480.    The New Subbuteo 'Continental' set, boxed. £20-30
481.    A Chad Valley GII Escalado game, boxed and other boxed games. £30-40
482.    A Fernel Development Ltd Rallye Monte Carlo, in original box and other board games. £20-30
483.    A small painted rocking horse in need of restoration, horse 90cm long, 64cm high, 138cm x 83cm, including trestle stand. £30-50
484.    Britains, Set 1258 Tournament Knights: two Knights carrying lances, mounted Marshall, Herald and two Squires, no box. £30-50
485.    Britains, Set 36, Royal Sussex Regiment, 19 soldiers with rifles at the slope, two walking officers, (21). £40-60
486.    A collection of nine vintage GPO Bakelite telephones, including 332L, 312L, 312F (x2), FET79/1 (x3), FET82/1, FWB77/1, together with a ceramic Buzby money box and a metal miner's lamp. £50-70
490.    An early-20th century olive-wood-handle cockade fan, inscribed 'Ricordo', above an inlaid swallow on one side and inset an oval mirror on the other, 31cm (open) and another, similar, marked 'Gibraltar', (a/f, missing tassel), (2). £50-70
491.    A black ostrich feather fan with tortoiseshell guards and sticks, 40cm (closed). £30-40
492.    An 18th century fan, the guards and sticks carved and heightened in gold and silver, the chicken skin leaf overlaid with silk, painted with figures and embellished with sequins, 44 x 25cm, (one stick detached from leaf). £30-40
493.    A vintage black 'Cordé' handbag, two 'Waldybag' handbags and two other handbags, (5). £30-50
494.    A collection of silk and lawn mats, mostly trimmed with lace, the centres painted with romantic vignettes of Regency children, country scenes and playing cards, five silk panels painted with girls dressed as flowers and other mats. £20-30
495.    A quantity of haberdashery, including lace, appliqué patches, buttons, paste buckles and trimmings, braids, ribbons, etc, (a lot). £30-50
496.    A Lachenal & Co. concertina with pierced ebonised ends, 56 chrome keys and sevenfold bellows, numbered 3852, in Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd Musical Instrument Department labelled box. £400-600
497.    A Stroviols one-string phono-fiddle, 'Home Model', 84cm, with bow. £50-70
498.    A Lyca accordion, cased. £30-40
499.    A modern 8-string bouzouki with bowl back and tortoiseshell inlaid soundboard, 99cm. £30-40
500.    An 'Encore' electric guitar. £20-30
501.    A 'Superior Class' plated 3-valve euphonium by Hawkes & Son, Piccadilly, London, no.34662, (a/f), 55cm. £20-30
502.    A Hohner Vineta piano accordion. £30-50
503.    A military piccolo by Geo. Potter & Co, Aldershot and one other, unsigned, a/f, (2). £30-50
504.    A violin 'The Maidstone' by Murdoch Murdoch & Co, 35.5cm, with two-piece back, cased, with bow. £30-50
505.    A Celebre Vosgien violin with one-piece back, 35.5cm, with bow, in case and another full-size violin with two-piece back, no label, with bow, in case, (2). £40-60
506.    Three small guitars and a soprano ukulele, all a/f, (4). £40-60
507.    Two part-sets of drawing instruments in leather cases and loose, a 16cm boxwood triangular shape ruler by Halden & Co. Newcastle-on-Tyne and other boxwood rulers. £40-60
508.    A Smiths car clock set into a wooden case. £20-30
509.    A collection of various folk and blues LP records, including Rosemary Hardman 'Queen of Hearts', Magna Carta, Mike Cooper, Pentangle, etc, etc, (approximately 50). Some records have an adhesive label with the owner's name either on the sleeve or record label. £40-60
510.    A collection of LP's by Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Klaus Shulze, Vangelis and others, (25). Some records have an adhesive label with the owner's name either on the sleeve or record label. £40-60
511.    A collection of approximately sixty various LP's, including Elton John, The Animals, etc. and a small collection of 45RPM records. Some records have an adhesive label with the owner's name either on the sleeve or record label. 'Animal Tracks' and 'Arlo' are sleeves only. £40-60
512.    A collection of mainly classical LP's. Some records have an adhesive label with the owner's name either on the sleeve or record label. £40-60
513.    'The Double' Arsenal FC Scrap Book containing signed photographs and signed letters by 'Liam Brady', Brian Talbot, Terry Neill, John Hollins, Willie Young and another scrap book with signature of Emlyn Hughes, a partially-signed photograph of Manchester United (Oct 1979), including Ray Wilkins, Joe Jordan and six others, signed 21st Birthday cards from Ipswich Town and Liverpool, signatures include Bobby Robson and Bill Shankley, amongst others. £60-100
514.    A Manchester United 2009 UEFA Champions League Final shirt, signed by the team, framed. £40-60
515.    A Japanese metal-mounted shagreen-covered trousse containing bone chopsticks and knife (a/f), 30.5cm long. £30-50
516.    A Dunlop Standard Foot Pump in original wooden box, with paper labels. £20-30
517.    A circular stained glass window panel in a Masonic design, a Masonic Festival poster, a pair of Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem 8x30W binoculars and other items. £30-50
518.    A National Cash Register Co, Dayton Ohio, chrome-plated till with keys, no.363503/35. £200-300
519.    A small horizontal stationary steam engine, boiler 11cm long, two Hohner mouth organs, 'The Hohner Band' and 'Chrometta 8', a Halina-Prefect twin-lens camera, boxed, two measuring instruments, a 'Pattisons Scotch Whiskies' novelty ashtray and a small teddy. £40-60
520.    A resin model of a 1930's racing car with driver, 71cm long. £20-40
521.    An Imperial 'The Good Companion' portable typewriter with instruction book and accessories, cased. £30-40
522.    An Ackroyd & Best Ltd 'Hailwoods Improved Miner's Lamp', stamped '246', 23.5cm high, with carrying handle. £30-40
523.    A scratch-built wooden model of the Brixham trawler BM161 'Valerian', on stand, 39cm high, 46cm wide. £20-30
524.    A scratch-built wooden model of the 'Golden Hind' on stand, 61cm wide, 61cm high, sold together with two volumes of 'Plank-on-frame' Models and Scale Masting and Rigging by Harold A Underhill, with other literature and diagrams on model ship construction. £20-30
525.    A plastic and wooden constructed model of the twin-screw harbour tug boat 'Imara, Dar-Es-Salaam', with full deck detailing, 115cm long. £60-80
526.    Four modern wooden hull pond yachts, 92cm, 77cm, 67cm and 46cm long, (4). £50-80
527.    A large kit-built model of a ship of the line man o'war, with three masts, square-rigged with a lateen sail on the aft mast, 48 guns and deck detail, including canons, ramrods, barrels, sacks, capstan and bell, on stand, 102cm long overall, 97cm high. £80-120
528.    A teak and brass-mounted 8-spoke ship's wheel, 77cm diameter. £50-80
529.    A brass ship's bulkhead lamp by Bulpitt & Sons, Birmingham, with glazed bowed door and removable candle holder, 41cm high. £50-80
530.    A brass and blackened metal sextant numbered 2343 by Cooke, Hull, in fitted box. £60-80
531.    A calf and canvas-covered cartridge magazine with leather strap initialled R Mc R and bearing paper label for William Evans, Pall Mall, London, 40cm wide. £40-60
532.    A small collection of 12-bore paper-covered cartridges, including Macnaughton & Sons Edinburgh, (12), The Moray Cartridge loaded by Francis Davie Elgin, (5) and three others, (20). (N.B. Will only be released to holders of a current UK shotgun licence). £5-10
533.    A collection of 5 glazed cases containing taxidermied birds arranged in groups on natural landscapes, by Levi Lee, Nottingham, including Thrushes, Blue Tits, Wren and Linnet, approximately 40 x 30cm, (5). £80-120
534.    Three glazed cases containing taxidermied Teal, Snipe and Moorhen, in natural settings, two labelled 'Levi Lee', 39 x 36cm, (3). £20-50
535.    Two glazed cases containing taxidermied shoreline waders, labelled 'WH Vingoe', approximately 50 x 28cm, (2). £30-50
536.    A carved wood model of a stag's head mounted with antlers, 135cm. £150-250
537.    A taxidermied Oryx head with horns, 110cm high, (some damage to head). £40-60
538.    A seashell collection, mainly from the Bahamas, contained in a miniature chest of five drawers. £30-40
539.    A collection of seashells and fossils. £30-40
540.    A large amethyst geode, 43cm high. £100-150
541.    A Canon AE-1 SLR camera with Canon FD 50mm 1:18 SC lens, a Canon T70 camera, a Canon FD 135mm 1:25 SC lens, a Canon FD 100-200mm 1:56 zoom lens, two other cameras, a Canon Speedlite and other items, instruction booklets, etc. £60-80
542.    A Bolex Paillard P1 Zoom Reflex 8mm ciné camera with hand grip, manual and case and two box cameras, (3). £40-60
543.    A 20th century African tribal bow, arrows and pouch constructed of leather. £30-40
544.    An early-20th century carved bone Japanese tanto dagger with 22'' single-edge blade, the sectional handle and scabbard carved with figures, 46cm overall and a similar knife, 46cm, (2). £100-150
545.    A Burmese horn-handled dagger with curved double-sided blade, in white metal and niello sheath, 29cm overall and two Oriental metal shields, 59 x 30cm diameter, (3). £50-80
546.    An Aboriginal hardwood boomerang, 70cm, a 19th or early-20th century brass-tipped barrel cleaning rod, various swagger sticks and other items. £60-80
547.    A George VI officer's sword by Wilkinson Sword, marked for John Jones & Co, Bristol, the pierced basket hilt with bound fish skin grip and sword knot, the 81cm single fullered blade engraved for 'The Royal Marines', in leather-covered scabbard, 100cm. £60-80
548.    A pair of military issue 7x50 Canadian Navy binoculars marked 'CGB 40 MA 7x50 24509-C REL/CANADA 1945', in leather case, a brass rolling ruler marked 'UWW Makers Birmingham', 20cm, in fitted box, an ebonised wooden 12" parallel ruler stamped 'J Coombes Devonport' and a folding Kodak camera No. A-116, (4). £50-80
549.    A WWII military MkIII prismatic compass by T & G Co. Ltd No.B215490, dated 1943, 6cm diameter, another brassed compass, two pieces of WWI shrapnel, one with label 'This piece of shrapnel fell on Alexandra Palace on the night of the 30th September 1917 during an air raid', 6cm long, 1.5cm wide, the other piece with carved Maltese Cross (a/f), 13.5cm long, two pairs of metal spurs and two wooden African tribal combs, one engraved 'Jambo Short', 16cm. £40-60
550.    A WWI trench map, Area of Martinpuich, Edn B, part of sheet 57DS.E. & 57CS.W. scale 1:20,000, trenches corrected to 24-7.16, (general wear and tear).
551.    A plastic model of a Polaris submarine with hinged transparent side (a/f), 62cm long, a Vickers 'Polaris' souvenir desk set and other items. £30-40
552.    A print of an RAF Handley Page Halifax signed by 47 WWII pilots, including five VCs recipients and four large Ltd Edn portraits of Victorian Cross recipients: F O John Cruickshank, W Cdm RAB Learoyd, W O Norman Jackson, Gp Capt Leonard Cheshire. £50-60
553.    A gun sight marked 'No.43 x 3 ML Mk. 3/1 AK & S 1945 OS 1306 GA No 4198'. £30-50
554.    A German military WWII dagger by Eckhorn, with chequered grips and stainless blade, in metal scabbard and leather belt holder, stamped 'G Schaub 1940'. £40-50
555.    A bayonet stamped 'Sanderson', with wood grips and 43cm single fullered blade, in leather and metal-mounted scabbard and another 1903 pattern bayonet with wood grips stamped 'EFD' with 12'' single fullered blade, in metal-covered leather scabbard, (2). £60-80
556.    A trench art WWI tank money box of wood and metal construction. £30-50
557.    A Hardy Marquis 10 alloy fly reel and line and a Rimfly fly reel with spare spool and two lines, together with a collection of approx 50 flies. £40-60
558.    Two Intrepid Rimfly fly reels with spare spools and two other fly reels. £20-40
559.    An ELO 4½" Bakelite centre pin reel, a Harris Ensign 4½ centre pin reel, a Paramount 4½ centre pin reel, and a Shakespeare Ambidex fixed spool reel.
560.    An Edgar Sealey three-piece split cane fly rod, "Octofly" and two other fly rods, also an Alcock Aerialite fly reel. £20-40
561.    A Companion to Alfred Ronald's Fly Fishers' Entomology in leather wallet with flies, a small collection of tied flies and a display frame of six flies. £20-40