Sale of Collectors' Items, Books, Stamps, Coins, Medals & Toys
on Tuesday 11th June at 10.30am

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1.      Potter (Beatrix), The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse, 1st edition, 1st printing, first state with LONDO on the tp, col frontis, vig tp, 26 col plts, orig grey/green bds with mounted col illus (very slight wear to top and bottom of spine), 16mo, 1918. £300-350
2.      Potter (Beatrix) Appley Dappley's Nursery Rhymes, 1st edn in original small format, inscription to front end pp, frontis, vig tp, 14 col plts, green bds with mounted col illus, 16mo, nd.
3.      Potter (Beatrix) The Tailor of Gloucester, 1st edn, 2nd printing, two pairs of end papers, inscription to 1st tp, frontis, 25 col plts, plum coloured bds with mounted col illus, 16mo, 1903.
4.      Wesson (Edward), My Corner of the Field, illus, cl gt, ob 4to, 1982: Ranson (Ron), The Art of Edward Wesson, illus, dwrp, ob 8vo, 1993, (2). £20-40
5.      Dickens (Charles) The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, illus by Phiz (H K Browne), frontis, plts, hf cf gt, 8vo, 1839. £40-60
6.      Tolkien (J R R) The Lord of the Rings trilogy, 1st Readers Union edns, dqrps, 8vo, 1960. £80-120
7.      Worth (R N) History of Plymouth, frontis, plts, inc mounted photographs, pic cl gt, 8vo, 1881 and other volumes on Plymouth. £30-50
8.      Dickens (Charles) Pears Edition of Charles Dickens' Christmas Books, 4 vols, illus, pic cl gt, 8vo, nd. £20-30
9.      Bell (Adrian) Corduroy, Silver Ley and, The Cherry Tree, 3 vols, illus: Harry Becker, 1st illustrated edition, plts, dwrps, cl gt, 8vo, 1948; Edwards (Lionel, illustr), Moorland Mousie and, Older Mousie, 2 vols by "Goldern Goose", plts, tissue gds, bds, 8vo, 1929, 1932 and 19 various Beatrix Potter vols (many af), (24). £30-50
10.     Wisden Cricketers' Almanacs, 29 vols, 1975, 1976 (2), 1977-1979 (2), 1980, 1990-2004 (2), 2005, 2006 (2), 2007, 2008, some with dwrps, (29). £20-30
11.     Western Cowboy Annuals, 1950-60's: Billy the Kid, Gene Autry, Kit Carson, Billy Boyd, Roy Rogers, etc (48). £30-50
12.     Johns (Capt. W E), four Deans Biggles volumes with dwrps, The Champion Annual for Boys, 1947 and other volumes. £30-40
13.     A quantity of books on Devon and Cornwall and a quantity of maps. £30-40
14.     Rowling (J K), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 2nd edn, misprinted: missing pp 545-592, 593-636 as normal, then dp advert for "Wonderous editions available...." then pp593-636 repeated, dp advert for "Wonderous editions available....", end. £400-500
15.     Martyn (William) The Historie and Lives of the Kings of England From William the Conqueror Unto the End of The Raigne of King Henry the Eighth, tp with wood cut border, (tp has been pasted onto a new page), wood cut initials, head and tail pieces, damp staining throughout, sporadic ink annotations throughout, printed for James Boler, 1628; bound with The Successions of the Dukes and Earles of this Kingdom of England from the Conquest untill the Twelfth Year of the Famous Reigne of the Mightie Monarch King James the First, printed for George Tompion, 1628, hf cf, 8vo, front bd and front end pp, tp and first p of Epistle Dedicatorie detached, repaired tear to a page in "Contents", sporadic ink annotations throughout. £150-200
16.     Anstey (Christopher), The New Bath Guide or, Memoirs of the B_N_R_D family in a series of Poetical Epistles, new edn, plts, cf gt, sm 8vo, 1800 (bds detached): Hippocrates, Aphorismi, ed: Anne Charles Lorry, Greek text and Latin translations on facing pp, cl gt, 12mo, 1784, and four other vols, Kipling and Dickens. £30-50
17.     Raleigh (Sir Walter), The History of the World in Five Books (bound as one), engr port (loss to top of p, detached), engr tp printed in red and black (detached), six dp maps and two dp plans of battles, printed for Robert White, John Place and George Dawes, contemp cf, upper bd detached, spine leather torn, with loss, fo, London 1666. Sold with all faults, not subject to return. £250-300
18.     Bible [Greek] Vetus Testamentum Graecum ex Versione Septuagint Interpretum Juxta Exemplar Vaticanum Romae Editum, vol 1, ge, cf gt, with gilt mitre and initials "E O" to front bd, printed by John Field, 12mo, 1665. £40-60
19.     Hasted (Edward), The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent, 2nd edn, 12 vols, engr frontis to each vol, (2 fldg), 26 maps (25 fldg) 20 plts (one fldg map missing in vol III, "Westerham") hf mor gt, 8vo, 1797-1801 (12) sold with an annuity bond, "Sir Edwd Hales, Bart and his son to Henry Halsey Esq", Nov 1, 1787, and other inclusions. £200-300
20.     Maeterlinck (Maurice), The Life of the Bee, illustr: E J Detmold, 13 mounted col plts, dec vell gt, 4to, 1911. £50-60
21.     Bible: The New Evangelical Family Bible or a Complete Paraphrase, Exposition and Commentary on the Holy Scriptures by the Rev T Priestley, plts, cf gt, fo, nd. £40-60
22.     Bible: The Self-Interpreting Bible, Rev J Brown, plts, cf gt, fo, 1814 (front bd detached), and other bibles. £40-60
23.     Page (John Lloyd Warden), The North Coast of Cornwall, The Coasts of Devon and Lundy Island, An Exploration of Exmoor, An Exploration of Dartmoor and The Rivers of Devon, 5 vols, pls cl gt, 8vo, nd, 1890-1895 and other volumes, mainly about Devon and Cornwall. £40-60
25.     An All-World collection of stamps on leaves. £25-30
26.     An accumulation of stamps and covers, on leaves and loose, with British Empire, Great Britain. £80-100
27.     An All-World collection of stamps in three New Ideal albums. £60-80
28.     A large collection of Great British first day covers in seven albums and loose, with issues from 1936 including many special postmarks, (many 100's). £80-100
29.     An accumulation of stamps and covers in albums and stock books and loose, including China, also a collection of matchbox labels. £40-50
30.     A collection of first day covers from Great Britain and the Channel Islands, in fourteen albums. £30-40
31.     An accumulation of stamps in albums, stock books and loose, in two cartons, mainly Great Britain, with 1840 1d black used, 1902-15 to 1/- (2) mint, mint commemorative sets including decimal issues in block, also booklets, first day covers with some House of Commons and House of Lords postmarks, etc. £800-1000
32.     An accumulation of stamps and covers in albums, stock books and loose. £500-600
40.     A Victorian album of 54 cartes de visite and cabinet cards, many enclosed in chromolithograph-printed pages, in leather album with clasp. £20-40
41.     A quantity of cartes de visite and cabinet cards contained in two leather albums, (180 approximately). £40-60
42.     Eight family photographs, including ambrotypes, tintypes, etc. £30-40
43.     A collection of thirteen 18 x 24cm photographs of army manoeuvres in Holland, France and Germany 1944-45, many annotated on reverse, including one "Rhine Crossing - gliders going in", a 5-page "Secret" copy of "4 Agra 'I' Notes on Current Ops" 17 Aug 44 and other items. £30-40
44.     An album of photographs, "World Cruise of the British Special Service Squadron 1923-1924", with photographs of HM King George V, officers, crew and topographical views, in gilt-tooled leather binding. £40-60
45.     Four albums of railway ephemera, early-20th century onwards, including tickets, FDC, leaflets, postcards, badges, etc. and three railway posters. £40-60
46.     A signed black and white photograph of John Mills as Scott of the Antarctic, inscribed "Dear Eddie, Thank You and Your Members of all you are doing for the S.O.S., Yours Sincerely John Mills", 22.5 x 18cm. £30-40
47.     Three late-19th century photographs of Port Said: one titled "Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee at Port Said - a view of Queen Victoria's Monument" by Patricio Parragué, another waterside view, probably also by Parragué and a Port Said street scene, untitled, (3). £20-40
48.     An early-20th century Japanese lacquer-bound album of photographs, the shibayama front cover representing Raijin, Japanese God of Thunder and containing 50 hand-tinted photographs, mainly 20 x 25cm, including processions and street scenes, farm workers, geisha, a tea house, barbers, wrestlers, samurai and two tattooed men, (spine of cover detached). £300-500
49.     An album of Dartmoor letterbox stamps and postcards and an album of photographs of Hollywood actors and actresses, (a/f), (2). £10-20
50.     A copy of the auction sale particulars of the "Outlying Portions of the Kitley Estate of Lieut-Col. W.E.P. Bastard sold on 10th Sept 1919", containing four folding maps, card covers, (some loss to back cover). £30-50
51.     A collection of six architect's drawings, 'Yealmpton School', showing detail of Bell Cote, roofs and gable windows, sections of classrooms, entranced porch, etc, hand-coloured, for William White FSA. Arch. 30A Wimpole Street, London, dated July 1874. £30-50
52.     An album of approximately 190 mainly-UK topographical cards, some RPs. £30-50
53.     An album of 54 postcards, mainly of naval interest, including some RPs, humour. £40-60
54.     An album of 200 postcards, mainly topographical and approximately 100 loose cards, similar. £30-50
55.     A large quantity of modern postcards, in three albums and loose, (100's). £40-60
56.     A small Japanese album of 50 Japanese postcards c1904, mainly relating to the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905, including two novelty cards showing Russia and Japan represented in silhouette by animated ships and Russian bears, also topographical cards, many hand-tinted. £60-100
57.     An album of 132 postcards, mainly RPs, including of the 'Great Fire at Hastings, Jan 4th 1909'. £40-60
58.     A collection of 29 Tuck's Gramophone Record postcards, some with envelopes and leaflets, a boxed set of four Tuck's Gramophone Record Christmas cards and other similar cards. £60-80
69.     A & BC Ltd 'Flags of the World' 95 x 67cm, in original album, two smaller sets 82 x 57cm, WD & HO Wills 'Ships Badges' 50/50, 'Regimental Standards & Cap Badges' 50/50, John Player & Sons 'Regimental Colours & Cap Badges' (Territorial, blue-back) 50/50, 'Flags of the League of Nations' 50/50, J Wix Kensitas silk National Flags 60/60, British Empire Flags 48/48 and other flag-related cigarette and trade cards in two binders. £60-80
70.     TC & G Topps 'The Beatles' 2nd Series 38 cards, 3rd Series 50 cards, 'Beatles Diary' 43 cards, 1967 Raybert Prod Inc 'The Monkees' 44/44 and other later Beatles-related sets by Comic Images, Sports Time, in a binder. £40-60
71.     A & BC Ltd, 'Cricketers 1961 Test Series', (94 x 68mm), 48/48, D C Thomson 'County Cricketers' (The Rover) 16/16, (The Adventure) 14/16, (The Wizard) 14/16, (The Hotspur) 16/16, 'The World's Best Cricketers' (The Hotspur) 18/18, (The Adventure) 18/18, John Player & Son 'Cricketers 1938' 50/50, 'Cricketers 1934' 50/50 and other cricket-related trade cards in two binders. £60-80
72.     A collection of modern James Bond trade cards by Inkworks, Rittenhouse and other modern sets, including Native Indians by Bon Air. £30-40
73.     A collection of Pro-Set Golfers cards, Topps WW Heritage Wrestlers and other sporting cards, in two binders. £20-30
74.     A & BC Ltd, 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' 55/55, 'Kung Fu' 60/60, Topps 'Mars Attacks Reprint', plus the eleven unpublished cards, 'Dinosaurs Attack', etc, in binder. £30-40
75.     Gallaher Ltd, 'Racing Series' 48/48, 'Portraits of Famous Stars' 48/48, 'My Favourite Part' 48/48, John Player & Sons 'History of Naval Dress' 50/50, 'Birds And Their Young' 25/25, 'Natural History' 50/50 and other sets, the contents of two binders. £30-50
76.     A collection of various Brooke Bond Tea, Hornimans Tea, Sweetrule Products trade cards and others, in binders and albums. £30-40
77.     WD & HO Wills oval miniatures (metal) 18/25, 'Mrs Siddons', 'Nell Gwyn', 'Mary Davis', 'Henrietta Maria', 'Caroline of Brunswick', 'Sarah Jennings', 'Madame Cail', 'Miss Croker', 'Lady Hamilton', 'Mrs Carnac', 'Paulina Wife of Sir Codrington E Carrington', 'Mary Queen of Scots', 'Mrs Robinson', 'Marie Antoinette', 'Portrait of a Lady' (x4, all different), (18). £250-350
78.     A collection of A & BC Ltd Footballer trade cards, including 1969 green-back 162/170 (+ three checklists), 1970 orange-back 1st Series 1-84, 2nd Series 86-169 + card 170 checklist and 196, in binder. £60-80
79.     A & BC Ltd Footballer trade cards, including 1971 Scottish 1st Series (purple-back) 73/73, 1973 1st Series (blue) 97/131, 2nd Series (blue) 38/130, 1971 1st Series (purple) 81/109, 2nd Series 74/110, Nabisco Foods Ltd 'Footballers' 24/24, Anglo Confectionery Ltd 'Football Quiz' 66/84, in two binders. £60-80
80.     A & BC Ltd Footballer trade cards, including 1972 1st Series (orange/red border) 105/109, 2nd Series 81/120, 1974 (red-back) 132/132, in binder. £60-80
81.     A collection of various part-sets of Topps (UK) Footballers trade cards 1977/8/9, A & BC odds, IPC Magazines 4x 'My Favourite Soccer Stars' (blue-back), in albums presented free with Scorcher, Lion, Buster and Tiger, C Robinson Art Workshop 'Plymouth Argyle' F A Cup squad 1983/84, 16/16. £30-40
82.     A & BC Ltd 'Civil War News' 88/88, 'Civil War Banknotes' 15/15 and 'Western Series' 56/56, in a binder. £80-120
83.     A Queen Victoria 1897 crown and other mainly-British coinage, including 19th century copper, (a/f). £30-50
84.     Franklin Mint, a collection of forty-three silver gilt medallions, 'The Kings and Queens Collection', with album of certificates, together with two silver medallions 'Sir Francis Chichester Solo Circumnavigator' and 'Guided Missile Destroyers HMS Devonshire 1960'. £150-200
85.     A USA 1922 silver dollar, a small collection of pre-1946 silver coinage and other coins, etc. £30-50
86.     A collection of twenty-five Royal Mint United Kingdom proof sets, 1970-1994, (25). £150-200
87.     A large collection of mainly-British with some foreign coinage, includes a small amount of pre-1946 silver. £30-50
88.     Three Queen Victoria crowns, 1890, 1891 (x2) and other British and foreign coinage, includes a small collection of pre-1946 silver. £30-40
89.     A silver 'National Chrysanthemum Society' medal inscribed and dated 1904, 4.5cm, ___2oz, cased, a silver With's Manure & Co. Challenge Medal Birmingham 1924 and one other metal RHS medal, (3). £60-80
90.     A silver fob medallion 'Liverpool Fur Society', with central enamel rabbit decoration, inscribed verso 'Rabbit Championship 1923 winner E Willacy', a 'Plymouth Touring MCC' enamelled badge, six other badges, etc. £30-40
A Queen Victoria bronze medallion 'The Dedication of Epping Forest', commemorating Her Majesty's visit 6th May 1882, 7.5cm diameter, by Charles Weiner, in original case, (case a/f). £200-300
92.     A small bronze medallion to commemorate Queen Victoria 1887 Jubilee, rev: St Giles Cripplegate, 4.5cm diameter, an 1895 half-crown, other pre-1946 silver coins, etc. £30-40
93.     A bronze medallion to 'Commemorate the Signing of Peace at Versailles 1919', by Elkington and a small collection of military badges, buttons, etc, contained in a 'Smith's Twilight Brand Cut Golden Bar Tobacco' tin. £20-30
94.     A collection of military cap badges and buttons, a BEA cloth and metal badge and buttons, British Red Cross badges, various sporting badges, etc. £50-70
95.     A WWI death plaque for Francis Russell. £30-50
96.     A WWII German Third Reich Iron Cross 2nd Class Medal, 1939 and swastika to fascia, 1813 to verso, suspender corroded, on ribbon. £30-50
97.     A WWI group of three medals awarded to 11774 Sgt G A L Craddock, Glouc. R, 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory medals, (3). £60-80
98.     A WWI pair of medals to 40486 Cpl L J Bellis Devon R, British War and Victory Medals, another British War Medal to 147879 Dvr A T Cherrington RA, an "On War Service 1915" lapel badge and a Belgian "L'Union Fait La Force" medal. £60-80
99.     A 1939-1945 War Medal awarded to D/MX53664 Robert P Preston RN, along with a Telegram reporting Mr Preston missing and a letter of condolence from Commodore V Crutchley following the loss of HMS Glorious, June 1940, a WWII pair awarded to J R Gist and other items. £30-40
100.    A family group, father and daughter, of WWI and WWII medals: British War and Victory Medals awarded to 31658 Pte A J Asher North'd Fus, in original boxes and envelopes and photograph, the War Medal 1939-45 and Defence Medals awarded to Miss Joan Asher, with box and notice of medals enclosed. £50-80
101.    A group of four WWII medals awarded to Cecil Henry Beadle, who served with the Desert Rats and a quantity of coins. £30-40
A Princess Mary's Christmas Fund 1914 tobacco tin containing an unopened tobacco packet and an opened packet of Coronation tobacco, with a gun metal cigarette case and four cigarettes, dog tag for 9230 A Bassingham, photograph of Mr Bassingham's grave, a newspaper cutting reporting that Private Arthur Robert Bassingham was shot in the trenches by the last shot fired on Christmas Eve 1914, before the Christmas Day truce. Also in the lot is a Censor luggage label which accompanied Mr Bassingham's returned effects after his death and a list of Old Merchant Taylors serving in HMS Forces. £100-150
103.    A WWI/WWII group of eight medals awarded to 16781 William John Durepaire, Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry: 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, RNVRes Long Service and Good Conduct (Edward VII), 1939-45 Star, Defence and War 1939-45 Medals, along with a Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry cap badge. £100-120
104.    A WWI Meritorious Service Medal group of five medals awarded to T-16170 Sjt-A.C.SMjr W Birkett RASC: 1914 Star, (T-16170 Cpl W Birkett ASC), British War and Victory Medals (T-16170 T.W.O. Cl 1 W Birkett ASC), Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (T-16170 Sjt W Birkett RASC); Meritorious Service Medal (T-16170 Sjt-A.C.SMjr W Birkett RASC), with a small amount of ephemera: Soldier's Small Book, pencil copy of letter of recommendation from Mr Birkett's CO 24-3-18, Birth, Discharge, Education and Character certificates, an approval card regarding the Defence Medal and other items. £300-500
105.    A Queen's South Africa Medal with two bars, Transvaal and Natal, awarded to 1084 SjtJ Hillsdon E Surrey Rgt, an East Surrey Regt cap badge, S Africa 2½ and 2-shilling coins 1896 and one Rupee, India 1878. £50-80
106.    A WWI RAF pair awarded to 101902 2.A.M. F.C.Shuttleworth RAF, (2). Mr Shuttleworth enlisted as a civilian into the Royal Flying Corps in 1917 and transferred into the RAF from the British Army. £40-60
107.    A WWI pair awarded to 1329 Pte E A Jenkins RA: British War and Victory Medals, (2). £30-50
108.    A WWI Merchant Navy group of three medals awarded to A Fraser G L MSMN MFA: Mercantile Marine War Medal, British War and Victory Medals, (3). £70-80
109.    Khedive's Star 1882, unnamed. £50-70
110.    A WWI pair awarded to SE-18452 Pte A H Brookes: British War and Victory Medals, Army Veterinary Corps. £30-50
111.    A WWI pair awarded to 10769 Cpl F E Freeman Manchester Regt: British War Medal and 1914-15 Star, (2). £40-60
112.    A family group comprising: a WWI trio awarded to 11586 Gnr W H Flay: 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals; a WWI pair awarded to P8649 L Cpl R Flay MMP, British War and Victory Medals and an Imperial Service Medal to Russell Ivor Flay. £70-100
113.    A WWI death plaque to Alfred Colburn, framed, with 1914-15 Star and photograph. £60-80
114.    A Queen's South Africa Medal with four bars: South Africa 1901, Wittbergen, Transvaal and Cape Colony, to 9234 Pte E Hingston Scots Gds. £80-120
115.    A Queen's South Africa Medal with three bars: Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape Colony, to 6868 Pte F Fussell 44th Coy 12th Imp Yeo. £60-80
116.    A WWI/WWII group of six medals to H Matthews: British War Medal (J56958 Sto I Cl H Matthews RN), 1939-45 and Africa Stars, Defence and War Medal 1939-45 and George VI Efficiency Medal (Territorial), (1461444 W O Cl2 H Matthews RA), (Stars and WWII medals all engraved with name), (6). £60-100
117.    Naval General Service Medal with Malaya bar, awarded to C/SMX GW Smith M1 RN. £60-80
118.    A General Service Medal 1962-2007, with Borneo bar, to Lt T H Healy RA. £30-50
119.    Four various named medals: George VI Efficiency Medal (Territorial) to 2058423 Spr R E Jefferies RE; British War Medal to 8383 Pte J Gordon Seaforth; Special Constabulary Long Service Medal to Reginald J Barrett and Imperial Service Medal to George Edward Parrack, (4). £30-50
120.    A Dunkerque 1940 Medal, four various overseas war service medals, including Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with maple leaf bar and an Australia Service Medal 1939-45 with a War Medal 1939-45 to V5244 T C Stoodley. £30-50
121.    Eleven various WWII campaign medals: Defence Medal (3), War Medal 1939-45 (2), Burma (2), 1939-45 (2), Africa and Atlantic Stars, (total 12). £30-50
122.    Alexander Davison's Victory of the Nile 1798 bronze medal by Conrad Heinrich Küchler, with "Rear Admiral Lord Nelson of the Nile" above Peace holding an olive branch and portrait of Nelson, reverse shows the fleet at Aboukir Bay, edge engraved "A Tribute of Regard From Alex R Davison, St James Square", one of 6000 issued to the ranks other than Petty Officers. £150-200
123.    A WWII group of five medals: 1939-45, Africa (8th Army bar) and Italy Stars, War and Defence Medals, a Territorial Efficiency Medal 2062324 BDR G T Fays RA, five modern medals, etc. £50-70
124.    A WWI Victory and 1914-1918 War Medal awarded to 33667 Pte C A Richards D of Corn L I and a metal George V & Queen Mary coronation medallion, (3). £30-40
125.    A Master Masons Craft lambskin apron, in good condition, another and a Worshipful Masters apron, (3). £10-20
126.    Three Craft Past Masters collars with plated jewels, unengraved, (3). £10-20
127.    Two Mark aprons and two Keystone jewels, (4). £5-10
128.    A Rose Croix collar and jewel, another collar and an apron, (3). £5-10
129.    A Knights Templar mantel with 'Great Prior' badge, a Templar tunic and other Masonic regalia. £5-10
130.    An HRA Companions apron and sash. £5-10
131.    An HRA Past Principles collar and gilt metal jewel, a provincial sash, in good order, other sashes and regalia. £5-10
132.    A Victorian silver and enamel Knights Templar breast star, London 1867, maker ADL and a silver gilt Middlesex HRA Assistant Director of Ceremonies collar jewel, Birmingham 1961, (2). £20-40
133.    A collection of metal collar jewels and breast jewels, various orders, two leather Masonic cases and miscellaneous items. £20-30
134.    Various aprons and Masonic regalia in poor condition and metal apron fittings. £10-20
135.    A Craft Provincial Grand Standard Bearer (Bro) undressed apron, as new. £10-20
145.    Graham Farish, N Gauge, 1705 General Purpose 0-6-0T tank engine RN47680. £15-20
146.    Joueff, HOe Gauge, Egger-Bahn train set, boxed, another 0-4-0 locomotive, a Liliput 0-6-2 locomotive, other narrow-gauge rolling stock and track. £60-100
147.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2355A Class Q1 BR 0-6-0 locomotive RN33017, boxed. £40-60
148.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2344A Class Q1 BR 0-6-0 locomotive RN33006, boxed. £40-60
149.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2343A Class Q1 SR 0-6-0 locomotive, RN021, boxed. £40-60
150.    Hornby OO Gauge, R066 Princess Coronation Class, LMS, 4-6-2 locomotive RN6233 "Duchess of Sutherland", boxed, (box a/f), another, boxed, (box and packing a/f) and R759 Class 49xx "Hall", GWR, 4-6-0 locomotive, RN4983, "Albert Hall", boxed, (box a/f), (3). £50-80
151.    Hornby OO Gauge, three boxed locomotives: R2960, R2361 and R2026A, (3). £30-50
152.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2094A Class J94 BR 0-6-0 SR locomotive RN68049, two Class 06 diesel shunters, R2676 and R3065, and R854 Class 101 Holden Tank 0-4-0 locomotive RN23 "Sentinel", (all boxed), (4). £40-60
153.    Hornby OO Gauge, two GWR 0-6-0 pannier tank locomotives, R041 and R300, and two other locomotives R157 Class E2 SR 0-6-0 RN103 and R252, J83 Class, LNER, 0-6-0 RN12, (all boxed), (4). £40-60
154.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-107 Standard Class 4 BR 4-6-0 locomotive, RN75027, boxed. £40-60
155.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-601 Class V1/3 BR 2-6-2T locomotive RN67601, 31-451A Class 2MT Ivatt BR 2-6-2T locomotive RN41250 with 36-165 Plasser Tamper Machine and 46202 Gandy Dancer, all boxed, (4). £50-80
156.    Hornby OO Gauge, Railroad Train Pack R2669, R1070 Goods Master Set and R6104 75-Ton Operating Breakdown Crane, all boxed, (box a/f), (3). £50-70
157.    Fleischmann OO Gauge, Set 6370, with 0-6-0 locomotive goods wagons and track, boxed. £30-50
158.    Hornby OO Gauge, R539 Freightmaster Set, boxed, with a Triang railway set, tank locomotive, etc. £30-50
159.    Lima OO Gauge, Train Set 7604, (boxed, box a/f); 205119 Mogul (Crab) LMS 2-6-2 locomotive RN13000, boxed and 205176 King Class BR 4-6-0 locomotive "King John", (boxed, box a/f). £50-70
160.    Lima OO Gauge, three GWR 2-6-2T Prairie tank engines: two L205111, RN4589 and L205110, RN5574 and an 0-6-0PT pannier tank engine 205117, RN9400, three boxed, (4). £40-60
161.    Airfix OO Gauge, four 54150-1 2-6-2 Prairie tank locomotives, RN6110 and two 1400 Class GWR 0-4-2 tank locomotives, all boxed, (6). £50-70
162.    Mainline OO Gauge, 37-053 Standard Class 4 BR 4-6-0 locomotive RN75001, 37-054 J72 Class LNER 0-6-0T locomotive and a 37-069 Class J72 NER 0-6-0T locomotive "Joem", all boxed, (3). £30-50
163.    OO Gauge, five boxed locomotives, to include Replica Railways no.11151 Modified Hall Class GWR 4-6-0 "Graythwaite Hall", others by Airfix, Dapol, Mehno and Playcraft, (5). £40-60
164.    Sunset Models HO Gauge, a 4-6-2 locomotive and tender brass model, built by Samshonga, unpainted. £120-150
165.    Lima OO Gauge, a Class 52 diesel "Western Pathfinder" RN D1001, a 2-6-0 locomotive and tender, three tank engines and various wagons, coaches, etc. £30-50
166.    OO/HO Gauge, a quantity of boxed and unboxed locomotives, coaches and wagons, including a boxed Pico BR55. £30-50
167.    Mainline OO Gauge, No.37-060 4-6-0 Rebuilt Scot Class LMS locomotive RN6100, boxed, a Class J72 0-6-0T tank engine and other rolling stock by Mainline and Triang. £40-50
168.    Hornby Dublo, 2217 0-6-2T BR black tank engine RN69567, boxed and EDL18 2-6-4T Class 4MT standard tank, four coaches, six wagons, track and accessories. £40-60
169.    Trix, OO Gauge, Trix Twin Cadet Railway, boxed and a quantity of track and accessories, boxed. £30-40
170.    Lima, OO Gauge, five various coaches and three others by Bachmann, Graham Farish and Wrenn, all boxed, (8). £30-50
171.    OO Gauge, a quantity of boxed coaches by Hornby, Triang, Mainline, GMR, Replica, etc, (15). £40-60
172.    Bachmann, HO Gauge, 1426 Operating Gravel Car, boxed, 60531 Cable Car and nine boxed OO gauge wagons, (some a/f), (11). £30-50
173.    OO Gauge, eighteen boxed wagons by Lima, Dapol, Airfix, GMR, Piko, Liliput and Playcraft, (18). £30-50
174.    Mainline, OO Gauge, twenty wagons, boxed. £60-100
175.    Hornby, OO Gauge, twenty-two boxed wagons and two others, (24). £60-80
176.    Triang, OO Gauge, an R55/57/58 diesel and a large quantity of Triang coaches, all unboxed, (39). £40-60
177.    A quantity of OO gauge unboxed coaches by Kirmaster and others, (approximately 27), (a/f). £30-50
178.    OO Gauge, twenty-four unboxed coaches by Lima and others, (a/f), (24). £30-50
179.    OO Gauge, a large quantity of unboxed wagons, various makers. £30-40
180.    OO Gauge, a large quantity of unboxed wagons, various makers. £30-50
181.    OO Gauge, thirty private-owner wagons, unboxed, including Pico. £30-50
182.    OO Gauge, a quantity of various unboxed wagons, (32). £30-40
183.    Wrenn, OO Gauge, eight wagons, (2 boxed), five unboxed Hornby Dublo and various Dublo accessories. £40-60
184.    OO Gauge, a quantity of unboxed wagons, various makers. £30-50
185.    OO Gauge, a quantity of unboxed wagons, various makers. £30-50
186.    OO Gauge, a quantity of unboxed wagons, various makers. £30-50
187.    OO Gauge, a quantity of locomotives, mainly Triang, unboxed and play-worn. £30-50
188.    OO Gauge, a quantity of locomotives, mainly Hornby, unboxed and play-worn. £40-60
189.    OO Gauge, a quantity of locomotives, mainly Hornby, unboxed and play-worn. £40-60
190.    OO Gauge, a quantity of locomotives, mainly Hornby, unboxed and play-worn. £40-60
191.    Wrenn, OO Gauge, W2220 4-MT 2-6-2T GWR Standard Tank Engine RN8230 and two other locomotives, (all a/f). £30-50
192.    OO Gauge, a quantity of locomotives, mainly Lima, unboxed and play-worn. £30-40
193.    Lima, OO Gauge, four boxed coaches and one Airfix boxed coach, (5). £30-50
194.    Hornby OO Gauge, four boxed coaches and five other coaches, in polystyrene bases. £30-50
195.    OO Gauge, a large quantity of play-worn locomotives and locomotive parts. £60-100
196.    Hornby, R056 Britannia Class 7P6F 4-6-2 locomotive "Iron Duke", RN70047, unboxed, an unboxed no.T1501 Battle Zone part-set and other items. £40-60
197.    A large quantity of OO gauge electrical accessories, including many unopened packets by Gaugemaster, Detail Matters, Peco, etc. £60-80
198.    A quantity of model making tools and accessories. £30-40
199.    Three rolls of Gaugemaster Scenic Mat, another grass mat and a large quantity of trees and greenery by Gaugemaster and other makers. £40-60
200.    A large quantity of OO gauge electrical accessories, switches, motors, etc. £60-80
201.    OO Gauge, a large quantity of unboxed coaches by Hornby, Triang, Bachmann, etc. £50-80
202.    OO Gauge, a large quantity of track, some boxed. £30-50
203.    OO Gauge, a quantity of railway building boxed kits, mainly Airfix, (50+ kits). £50-80
204.    OO/HO Gauge, a quantity of railway locomotives, wagons and other construction kits, (40+ kits). £50-80
205.    A large quantity of track, some boxed. £30-50
206.    A quantity of modelling paints, oils, brushes, tools, etc. £30-50
207.    A quantity of OO and other gauge railway figures and accessories, many boxed. £30-50
208.    A quantity of OO gauge card model building kits, modelling materials and made-up models, etc. £30-50
209.    A large quantity of track. £20-40
210.    A quantity of OO gauge railway accessories and kits, many in original packaging. £40-60
211.    A quantity of modelling landscape materials: walling, hedging, cork pieces, stone, coal, etc. £30-50
212.    A quantity of OO gauge model kits, accessories, modelling materials, etc. £40-60
213.    A Langley Miniature Models N gauge LNWR/LMS Prince of Wales tank locomotive kit, (unchecked) and a quantity of OO gauge kits. £40-60
214.    A quantity of OO gauge accessories: railway personnel, passengers, cars, fencing, etc. £30-50
215.    A quantity of long lengths of track, mainly OO, some N gauge, also some lengths of cork roll. £30-50
216.    A quantity of Hornby, Crescent, Lesney and other metal line-side accessories, play-worn. £30-50
217.    A quantity of plastic coaches, wagons and accessories, play-worn. £20-30
218.    Bing O Gauge, 0-4-0 live steam locomotive and six-wheel tender, (2 wheels missing to tender), '3410' to cab, repainted and in poor condition. £40-60
219.    Hornby O Gauge, No.2 4-4-0 C/W Great Western locomotive with 6-wheel tender, with 'GW' on splashers, crest on cab and Great [crest] Western on tender, tender marked "Hornby Series", 1926-29 trademark, (cab roof and bogie detached). £80-120
220.    Hornby O Gauge, No.2 Special 4-4-2T tank locomotive, C/W, Southern green, RN B329. £60-100
221.    Hornby O Gauge, No.2 4-4-4T tank locomotive, C/W, LNER green, RN460. £60-100
222.    Hornby O Gauge, No.1 0-4-0T tank locomotive, C/W, LNER black, RN 623. £30-50
223.    Hornby O Gauge, a 1928 No.2/3 Pullman, "Iolanthe" and a small Hornby pre-war coach, "Marjorie". £30-40
224.    Bing O Gauge, three pre-war LMS coaches, 1st, 1st/3rd (2) and a pre-war Milk Traffic 7419 van, (2 wheels and 1 axle missing), (4). £40-60
225.    Märklin O Gauge, a pre-war Midland '2871' 1st Class coach, a similar guard's van and an early Hornby coach 1st/3rd, marked "ML LD". £40-60
226.    Hornby O Gauge, six 1923-32 wagons: red barrel wagon with blue barrels, open wagon, crane wagon, rotary tipping wagon, timber and lumber wagons, (6). £40-60
227.    Bachmann G-Scale, American 4-6-0 ET & WNC locomotive and tender RN12, radio-controlled. £40-60
228.    Dinky, a pre-war 230 Mercedes Benz Racing Car, mid-blue body, riveted baseplate, black hubs, no RN, with 23J HWM, 236 Connaught and 233 Cooper Bristol racing cars (4). £40-60
229.    Dinky 503 Foden Flat Truck with tail board, 532 Leyland Comet with hinged tail board, red cab, mid blue truck body with "532" to underside, (rivet/screw missing), 982 Bedford Pullmore Car Transporter and other diecasts (6). £40-60
230.    A quantity of play-worn diecasts. £30-50
231.    Britains Farm Wagon no.5F, boxed, 20F Farmers' Gig, three Corgi Chipperfields Circus vehicles and a Corgi cat transporter. £40-60
232.    Matchbox, a 1990's Tracy Island Electronic play set with Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 3, Lady Penelope's Rolls Royce, a quantity of play-worn diecasts and a Dutch doll. £30-50
233.    A quantity of Oxford 1:76 scale diecasts, Lledo, Corgi and other diecasts, the majority boxed. £30-40
234.    Corgi, 230 Mercedes Benz 22SE Coupé, boxed (af), and other boxed diecasts. £30-50
235.    A quantity of play-worn diecasts including Dinky Toys, Corgi, Matchbox, Lesney, etc. £40-60
241.    Britains Set 1723 Royal Army Medical Corps (Service dress with tin hats), four stretcher bearers, two khaki stretchers and wounded, two nurses, boxed. £60-100
242.    Cherilea, Regiment of Lancers, (a/f), boxed, a set of six unnamed sailors, marching and a collection of cowboys and Indians. £30-40
243.    Britains, Household Cavalry, pre-1940, from Set 1, Life Guards, one officer on rearing horse, two guards and Set 43, 2nd Life Guards, trumpeter dated 1-1-1901 and three troopers, (7). £50-80
244.    Britains, No.1876 Bren Gun Carrier with crews, boxed and Set 227, US Infantry "Doughboys", seven soldiers, (8). £40-60
245.    Britains, Set 2 Royal Horse Guards in a box base, (tail detached and sword missing from officer) and six Scots Greys in Britains box base, (11). £30-50
246.    Britains, pre-1940 Set 1 Life Guards, eight troopers, (8). £40-60
247.    Britains, a General Staff Officer from Set 201, repainted and other figures, Hussars, etc, including some repaints, (some unnamed), (13). £40-60
248.    A miniature hunt group of eleven lead figures: two huntsmen, mounted, eight hounds and one fox, the two horses marked 'England', (11). £30-40
249.    A quantity of play-worn lead soldiers, cowboys, Indians, farm animals, etc, a small quantity of plastic figures, a wooden fort and other toys. £30-40
250.    An Arnold tinplate Military Police Jeep, a West German tinplate 'Remote Control Helicopter' and other tinplate and plastic toys, play-worn. £30-40
251.    A Märklin tinplate search light, a Benbros Stephenson's Rocket and other items. £15-20
252.    A modern Schuco Studio 1050 Mercedes Grand Prix, boxed and a Meccano-constructed racing car, (2). £30-40
253.    A miniature cricket bat, 35cm long, various diecast cars, boxed, annuals, children's books, soft toys, etc. £30-50
254.    Two late-20th century Noah's Arks, a pull-along tinplate duck and other similar toys. £20-30
255.    Four Vulcan sewing machines, (3 boxed) and two other child's sewing machines, (6). £30-40
256.    A Chad Valley 500-piece wooden jigsaw "Come to Britain" and three other wooden jigsaws, (4). £20-30
257.    A toy lantern outfit with complete set A-L of Ensign Ltd Mickey Mouse slides, all boxed, nine with leaflets. £40-60
258.    Eight boxes of bone and ebony dominoes. £20-30
259.    A Chad Valley Cunard White Star 400-piece jigsaw puzzle, (complete), (RMS Andania). £10-20
260.    A Kay-London Magnet-Tricity Set, boxed, boxed Bayko sets and loose, Dinky 194 Bentley Coupe, a David Nixon Magic Box, a Miniature mouth organ, etc. £30-50
261.    A collection of twelve Fisher Price Music Box Record Players, boxed, with records. £30-40
262.    A collection of children's Intercom phones by Mettoy, Playcraft and others, (8). £20-30
263.    A collection of games, trade and cigarette cards, photographs, etc. £10-20
264.    A Technofix tinplate "Sport Trainer" shooting gallery toy, boxed, a 'Codeg' telephone exchange toy and a boxed Minicine with projector and slides, (3). £30-40
265.    A quantity of Walt Disney toys, including a Mickey and Donald Telephone Set, a Marx Mickey's Record Player and other toys. £30-40
266.    Four boxed Marx Toys battery-operated Record Players, (4). £30-40
267.    A similar lot. £30-40
268.    A similar lot. £30-40
269.    A "World's Smallest Record Player" Wondergram, by Baird and a Camp Bird product with folding legs and partial box, (2). £30-50
270.    A Chad Valley toy record player in carrying case and a Minamax Miniature Phonograph, boxed, with two records, (2). £30-40
271.    Four house Intercom telephone sets, boxed, (4). £20-40
272.    Two Playcraft Intercom Telephone Sets and five others, all boxed, (7). £20-30
273.    Two boxed Mehnanotehnika Izola Intercommunication Sets and three others, (5). £30-40
274.    A novelty Lego telephone, four other novelty telephones: pianos (x2, one boxed), Budweiser bottle and Duracell battery and a Coca-Cola mouse, (6). £30-50
275.    Four novelty telephones in the form of cars, (two boxed) and two Geemarc 'Intercity' novelty 'phones, (6). £30-40
276.    A Mickey Mouse telephone by Tele-Concept, Tyco, 35cm high, with leaflet. £30-40
277.    A wooden pond yacht, recently-restored, "May of Hayle", complete with rigging and sails, 117cm long, 156cm high. £100-150
278.    A Piper Cub ¼-scale remote-control aeroplane, complete with two XOAR propellers, (16x6, 16x8) and Zenoah 20cc petrol engine, 176cm long, 256cm wing span. £100-150
279.    A Piper Cub scale-model remote-control aeroplane with propeller and engine, 128cm long, 212cm wing span. £60-80
280.    A bisque head doll in the form of a lady pig, with bisque head, trotters and ice-skating boots, on stuffed body, in marabou-trimmed velvet skirt and coat, 41cm high and two other pig dolls: another lady pig, (a/f) and a police pig, (3). £40-60
281.    A small early-20th century teddy bear with boot button eyes, prominent snout with vertically-stitched nose, long inverted 'Y'-shaped mouth, on golden mohair plush body with hump, curved arms, shapely legs and replacement pads, (mostly bald head, with three darned patches, inset patch to one leg), 35cm. £40-60
282.    A Merrythought Hereford Bull, a Chiltern rabbit and other soft toys. £30-50
283.    A post-war Chiltern Hugmee teddy bear with faded golden mohair, glass eyes and velvet pads, 34cm (darn to face) and another teddy, probably Merrythought, 40cm. £40-60
284.    Four post-war teddies. £30-50
285.    Four post-war teddies and a golly soft toy. £30-50
286.    A large teddy bear, possibly Chad Valley, with vertically stitched nose, glass eyes, golden mohair plush and Rexine pads, inoperable squeaker, 50cm. £40-60
287.    A C M Bergman, Walterhausen 1916 bisque head doll with sleeping blue eyes, open mouth and (replaced) blonde wig on jointed composition body, the head impressed C M Bergman, Walterhausen, Germany, 1916, 5 53cm. £60-100
288.    A Scuetzmeister & Quendt infant bisque head doll, with sleeping blue eyes, open mouth and mohair wig on composition character body, the head impressed 201 S & Q, (intertwined), Germany, 9, 44cm. £30-50
289.    A Schoenau & Hoffmeister bisque head doll with sleeping blue eyes, open mouth and mohair wig on jointed composition body, the head impressed Germany S [star with PB] H, 1909, 0, 41cm. £40-60
290.    A Simon & Halbig K & R bisque head doll with sleeping brown eyes, open mouth, pierced ears and (replaced) wig on jointed composition body, the head impressed Simon & Halbig, K [star &] R, 46, 46cm, (2 fingers missing from each hand). £40-60
291.    An Armand Marseille 390 bisque head doll with sleeping grey eyes, open mouth and mohair wig on jointed composition body dressed in national costume, the head impressed Made in Germany, 390, A3M, 45cm. £30-50
292.    A modern Steiff for Danbury Mint mountain gorilla 30, with tags, button and cloth bag and a Millennium Bear with tags, button and medallion, (2). £50-70
293.    A set of modern Steiff for Danbury Mint "Bears of the Week": seven Steiff bears, six with certificates, one still sealed in a bag, all with buttons and tags, 24cm high, (7). £60-100
294.    Modern Steiff for Danbury Mint: Four Seasons Bears, three with certificates, all with buttons and tags, 30cm, (4). £60-100
295.    A Chiltern push-along toy, with label. £5-10
296.    Two Pedigree push-along dog toys, with labels. £20-40
297.    A miniature Grodnertal-type doll, 30mm high and two smaller Grodnertal-type dolls, each 14mm high, (3). £60-80
298.    A Metzler bisque head doll with sleeping brown eyes, open mouth and mohair wig, on jointed composition body, impressed on head Made in Germany, Metzler, 890, 2 1/2M, 41 cm. £50-80
299.    A large Armand Marseille 390 bisque head doll with sleeping blue eyes, open mouth and blonde mohair wig, on jointed composition body, impressed on head Germany, 390n, A7 1/2M, 63cm. £50-70
300.    A Schoenau & Hoffmeister bisque head doll with sleeping blue eyes, open mouth and blonde mohair wig, on jointed composition body, (missing two fingers), impressed on head S [star PB] H, 1909, 3, Germany, 50cm. £40-60
301.    An Armand Marseille "Mabel" bisque shoulder head doll with sleeping brown eyes, open mouth and mohair wig, on jointed kid leather body with bisque lower limbs, impressed on back Germany, Mabel, O, 53cm. £50-70
302.    An Armand Marseille "Floradora" bisque head doll with sleeping brown eyes, open mouth and mohair wig, on jointed composition body, impressed on head Made in Germany, Floradora, A2M, 48cm. £30-50
303.    A Kestner bisque shoulder head doll with fixed blue eyes and open mouth, on jointed kid leather body, (feet detached), impressed on head 9-154 Dep, 55cm. £60-80
304.    An Armand Marseille bisque head doll with sleeping blue eyes, open mouth and mohair wig, on jointed composition body, impressed on head Made in Germany, 390, A 6 1/2M, 57cm (three fingers missing). £50-70
305.    A French SFBJ bisque head doll with fixed brown/black eyes, open/closed mouth with moulded teeth, and brown wig, the head impressed, SFBJ, 230, Paris, -10-, 52cm. £60-100
306.    A large Heubach Koppelsdorf bisque head doll with sleeping brown eyes, open mouth and mohair wig, on jointed composition body, the head impressed Heubach Koppelsdorf, 250.4, Germany, 57cm, (fingers missing. £30-50
307.    A bisque head doll with fixed brown eyes, open mouth and mohair wig, on jointed composition body, the head impressed C 2 1/2, 46cm. £30-50
308.    A Trebor bisque head doll with sleeping brown eyes, open mouth and modern wig on jointed composition body (one lower arm missing), the head impressed Trebor, Germany, 22 P 3/0 x M, 35cm. £30-40
309.    An Armand Marseille bisque head doll with sleeping brown eyes, (detached), open mouth and blonde wig on jointed composition body, the head impressed Made in Germany, 390, A0M, 40cm. £30-40
310.    An Armand Marseille bisque head doll with fixed blue eyes, open mouth and mohair wig, on jointed composition body (one thumb missing), the head impressed Made in Germany, Armand Marseille, 390, A3M, 50cm. £30-50
311.    An Armand Marseille bisque head doll with sleeping blue eyes, real hair eyelashes, open mouth and blonde mohair wig, on jointed composition body, the head impressed Made in Germany, 390, A8M, 54cm. £40-60
312.    A late 19th/early 20th century Japanese boy doll with moulded and painted plaster and wood head on jointed wooden body, dressed in appliqued and embroidered clothes, 38.5cm. £60-80
313.    A Persian lamb jacket with detachable white fur collar by Maxwell Croft, London. £30-50
314.    A lady's vintage musquash coat, a similar jacket and three fur stoles. £30-50
315.    An early-20th century American patchwork quilt, with a star design hand-stitched in blue and cream cotton, 217cm square. £50-70
316.    A 19th century horn brisé fan with painted swags of flowers on each side, guard length 15.5cm, 29cm overall. £80-120
317.    A parasol with orange/brown silk taffeta canopy and wooden handle carved in the form of a claw, 103cm long, another parasol, (a/f) and two walking sticks with silver bands, (4). £40-60
318.    A Georgian silk embroidered picture of a young girl gathering flowers, in an oval, within a border of wheat, passion flowers and roses, in octagonal frame, 45 x 36.5cm. £100-150
319.    A collection of battery-operated miniature televisions and miscellaneous items. £30-40
320.    A Norris 9.5mm projector in original box, a Pathescope Ace 9.5mm projector and other cinematic equipment. £20-30
321.    A reproduction phonograph, a portable record player and other items. £20-40
322.    A collection of ephemera, record, tapes and miscellaneous items relating to John McCormack (Irish singer and performer). £20-40
323.    Six gramophone reproducers by His Master's Voice, (2), Songster Electric and three unnamed, also a boxed Dulci Crustal Receiver and Tuner Unit. £40-60
324.    A table-top swan-neck horn, 31cm diameter, 51cm high and two others with no base, 35.5cm and 18cm diameter, (3). £60-80
325.    A 19th century English concertina accordion by Butler, Haymarket, London, of hexagonal form, with pierced end panels, each fitted with twenty-four buttons, numbered 3(may be 8)5776, in wooden box, (a/f). £40-60
326.    A quantity of gramophone motors and other components. £20-30
327.    A large quantity of records, including four Wide Range records, 40cm diameter. £20-30
328.    A Teac Tascam 32-2 reel-to-reel tape recorder and another, Tandberg AT, (2). £40-60
329.    A Webster Chicago wire recorder c1950's and an Air King wire recorder, (2). £20-40
330.    Two Agaphone wire recorders and a portable potentiometer, (3). £20-30
331.    A Polaroid 600 SE with Mamiya 1:4.7 127mm lens and one Polaroid film back. £60-80
332.    Eastman Kodak Co. USA Rochester NY, a boxed folding-plate camera patented Jany 5 1897, 21 x 8.5 x 16cm, (closed). £40-60
333.    Four Eastman Kodak cameras: Brownie Automatic, Pocket Automatic, No.1 and No.3 Autographic, an Edwardian album of holiday photographs and a quantity of Baby Film reels, mainly natural history. £40-60
334.    Six various Pathéscope Pop Eye and other films, Pathescope Ace and Bingoscope projectors and a Box Brownie. £20-30
335.    A Canon AE-I camera with Canon FD 50mm 1:18 lens, Canon 100-200mm 1:5.6 zoom lens and other accessories, in aluminium case. £30-50
336.    A pair of German military binoculars, 7 x 50, beh code 454196, in original black leather case with eagle over swastika 'M' mark and dated 1944, rubber fittings, cracked, optics are useable and clear. £100-200
337.    Three pairs of Barr & Stroud military binoculars, 7x, CF41, AP no.1900A, each in leather case, one with yellow filters, all optics are compromised, (3). £50-80
338.    A pair of British Mk4 military binoculars marked 'x5 Bino Prism Mk4 no.7904', large rubber eye pieces and crinkle-covered barrels, in cardboard box and two pairs of Bino Prism no.5 Mk.VA and MkII, (3). £40-60
339.    Two pairs of military binoculars by REL Canada, 1945, 7 x 50, cased and another, 6 x 30, 1943, in case, (3). £30-50
340.    A pair of 7 x 50 binoculars by Optical & Film Supply Co. NY USA, optics useable. £20-30
341.    A pair of japanned brass binoculars with leather-covered barrels, eyepieces marked 'Ross, London' and four other pairs of French manufacture, (5). £40-60
342.    A small pair of binoculars 'The Stanley' by W Gregory & Co, 51 Strand, one barrel engraved "The First Glass sold at Bisley the New Range of the NRA July 1819", two others, both fitted with a compass and three others, (6). £50-100
343.    Two pairs of Kershaw no.2 MkII binoculars and others, a lot. £40-60
344.    Various military binoculars in poor optical condition, (10). £20-30
345.    C Plath, Hamburg, a micrometer sextant no.45369, in fitted case, with certificate dated Oct 5th 67 and a metal-cased barograph with plaque 'ON Serial No.4662', 27cm long, 21cm high, includes handle, (2). £50-70
346.    A pair of mahogany photograph frames carved from aircraft wing tips, with oval photograph apertures, 29cm high, (2). £40-60
347.    A large Preston & Sons brass-mounted spirit level, 46cm, a hardwood curved spirit level and a Chesterman "Constantin" leather tape measure, (3). £20-40
348.    A Stanley, London, prismatic surveying compass, with folding sights and two colour filters, (one a/f), signed Stanley, London, 8.5cm diameter, in leather carrying case. £30-40
349.    A gilt Gledhill Patent cash till of mahogany and brass construction, with pull-out cash drawers and maker's label within, 53cm long, 29cm wide and a later Adsit cash till, (2). £30-50
350.    A military planometer, a JMG & Sons compass needle in Bakelite box, a clinometer and other instruments, mainly with MOD arrows. £40-60
351.    A 19th century French reflecting circle with wood handle, in case, by Pontus et Lepetit. £60-100
352.    An ebony octant with ivory scale and brass arm, maker's plaque missing, in fitted case, a Mercator Tide Computer by John Lilley & Son Ltd, North Shields and a slide rule. £60-100
353.    A collection of shells and fossils, collected mainly in the West Country. £50-100
354.    A collection of approximately 140 microscope slides of rock sections, mainly from Scotland, each with paper name label by Flatters Garnett Ltd, Manchester, in fitted case. £40-60
355.    Various sections of banded agate and other minerals, including serpentine and malachite. £30-50
356.    A collection of seven quartz/agate geodes, 7cm-14cm high, two stalactites, 30cm and 20cm high and other minerals. £40-60
357.    A collection of minerals. £40-60
358.    A collection of fossils, including ammonites, trilobites, shark teeth and marine shells. £40-60
359.    A malachite egg, 75mm long. £10-20
360.    Osborne & Allen Ltd, a framed gold-plated disc "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 14/1500, 38 x 50.5cm, another unmarked gold-plated disc "The Beatles in Recognition of their Worldwide Success of the Red and White Albums", a framed 'Music Legends' John Lennon 'Woman' single and other items. £20-30
361.    A small collection of modern books on The Beatles, including 'The Beatles Unseen Archives', 'The Beatles - 365 Days' by Simon Wells and other music books, including various editions of 'Guinness Hit Singles and Albums', etc. £30-40
362.    A small Swiss music box with 8.5cm drum and comb, in stained wood box, internal dividers and air card lacking, 30cm overall. £50-100
363.    A Victorian rosewood-mounted hexagonal concertina by Metzler & Co, 42 Great Marlborough Street, London, with fretwork decoration, in fitted case, (bellows patched and perforated). £100-150
367.    A large meerschaum pipe, a bearded gentleman with white metal hat, 18.5cm long, cased and another meerschaum pipe, (2). £40-60
368.    A small table match strike in the form of a brass bottle and two goblets, the bottle top pulling out to reveal the striker, on black enamelled rectangular base, 7.5 x 9.5cm.
369.    A meerschaum pipe, the head and shoulders of a young woman, in case marked Luis Vives y C'a, 11.5cm long. £40-60
370.    A 19th century brass-mounted carved fruit wood clay pipe case, carved with vines and inlaid with brass flowers, 25cm long. £60-80
371.    A 19th century German carved fruit wood pipe bowl, carved with a mounted horseman and a pack of dogs hunting a stag, wolf, rabbit, doe and boar, with metal mounts, 6.5cm high. £60-80
372.    An 'Invicta' pipe, hand-made by Colin Fromm, of unusual design and a large billiard straight-grain pipe with Lucite mouthpiece, London-made, (2). £30-50
373.    A Porsche design P'3611 pipe, boxed. £30-40
374.    A Northern Briars "Regal" 5 with white metal woven band and two other pipes by Ogdens and Ben Wade, both boxed and unused, (3). £30-40
375.    Four Invicta Briars pipes, boxed. £30-40
376.    An E A Carey 'Magic Inch' lattice-carved meerschaum billiard pipe, a meerschaum pipe in the form of the 'Green Man' with Lucite mouthpiece, boxed and three other pipes, (5). £30-40
377.    Two Dunhill Cumberland pipes, (one boxed) and another boxed Dunhill pipe, with catalogues. £20-40
378.    A Petersons Sherlock Holmes silver-mounted pipe and four other Petersons pipes, three boxed, (5). £30-50
379.    Six various pipes by Orlik, Baronite, Savinelli, 'Amphora', Stanwell and James Upshall, (three boxes). £30-50
380.    A 'Hurricane' pipe and four other pipes by Carlyle, Ogdens, etc. £30-40
381.    A Sherlock Holmes-style pipe and seven other pipes, (8). £30-40
382.    A can of Ogdens St Bruno Flake, (unopened), various pipe racks, pipe smoker's paraphernalia and literature. £30-40
383.    A Vesta case in the form of a pair of bloomers, another Vesta case, a silver watch chain, a Cococubs badge and other items. £30-40
384.    Various pipe and cigarette lighters, a Recta sliding compass and a Victorinox multi-bladed penknife. £30-40
385.    A collection of twenty-two Zippo lighters with naval crests, (all but one boxed). £80-120
386.    Two early plastic shield-shaped shop price tags: "Duchess of Devonshire Dairy Co.'s Butter 1/* per lb", with rotating disc indicating * pennies, each on metal skewer, 11 x 8.5cm. £10-20
387.    First Cask 1982 Speyside Malt Whisky, Milton Duff Distillery, cask no. 6163, bottle 140, 46°, 70cl, distilled 17 November 1982. £80-120
388.    First Cask 1982 Islay Malt Whisky, Bowmore Distillery, cask no.1325, bottle no.146, 46°, 70cl, distilled 2nd March 1982. £80-120
389.    First Cask 1980 Speyside Malt Whisky, Inch Gower Distillery, cask no.14148, bottle no.340, 46°, 70cl, distilled 10th Dec 1980. £80-120
390.    Chivas Royal Salute 21-year-old blended Scotch Whisky, 70°, 26⅔? fl.oz, in ceramic decanter, velvet bag and carton. £80-100
391.    Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut Champagne 12° by vol, 75cl, (1) and a selection of white and red wines, 25 bottles. £20-40
393.    A large bronze ships compass in gimbal-mounted stand, labelled "Gyro Compass Synchronous Bearing repeater fed from CDD no.1 circuit", the compass 25cm diam, overall height 38cm. £100-150
394.    A sailor-work brass cross mounted on wood and inscribed "In memory of HMS Bulwark 26-11-14", a brass shell case ashtray and lighter, "RNAD Kilindini Xmas 1947", a Tommy pipe lighter and other items. £50-80
395.    A Smiths Astra brass bulkhead clock, with 20cm dial, (movement working), 27cm overall. £200-300
396.    A Meteorite copper and brass "Not Under Command" ships lamp, no.P118380 with cylindrical cage body, clear glass lens with red filter, burner and swing handle, 52.5cm high. £200-300
397.    A JW Young Pridex 3½'' alloy trout reel, a Hardy Marquis 3½'' trout reel, four landing nets and a collection of fishing rods, trout bag, etc. £30-50
398.    An old cricket bat stamped "Kennington Surrey Superior Warranted", with silver presentation shield, "ABC D CC Clapham v Brixton June 29 1892 Awarded to F Baker Vernon CC", 88cm. £100-200
399.    A Brooks Professional leather bicycle saddle with copper fixings and chrome-plated frame, 29cm long. £20-30
400.    A pair of black leather boxing gloves labelled 'Frank Bryan Ltd, London' and an early pair of children's leather rugby boots, soles stamped '13'. £30-40
401.    A Victorian Light Infantry sword, the 82cm single-fullered blade double-edged at the gilt hilt, with wire-bound fish skin grip, the point in metal scabbard. £60-100
402.    A 20th century basket-hilted sword in poor condition, with leather scabbard and Sam Brown belt, also an ice axe, (2). £30-40
403.    A US Remington bayonet stamped 1917, in scabbard, 43cm blade, a later bayonet marked 'Ross Rifle 6, Quebec', 25.5cm blade and a Wilkinson 1907 bayonet in scabbard with 43cm blade, (3). £100-150
404.    A uniform trunk with brass plaque engraved "Charles Dalton 2nd Life Guards", 110cm long. £10-20
404A.   A vintage Salvation Army Corps Sergeant-Major jacket, a Newton Abbot Salvation Army band member's jacket and one other, (3). £30-50
405.    A German 'Tell' .177 air rifle, serial no.738, 101cm long. £50-80
406.    A Royal Marines bandsman's helmet with brass ball top and helmet plate, with other items. £30-50
406A.   An army jacket labelled Flights Ltd, Camberley, one other, an army trench coat, an RAF great coat and a naval great coat, (all a/f), (5). £40-60
407.    A field signalling and Morse code set, a WWII British Army helmet and others, and other military items. £40-50
408.    An R & G Beck Ltd WWI military trench periscope dated 1918. £60-100
409.    A WWII sighting telescope by W Ottway & Co, dated 1937 and other sighting equipment. £30-50
410.    A copper powder flask, a horn powder flask, a wooden truncheon, various pieces of shrapnel and military-related miscellaneous items. £30-40
411.    A MkII AM Astro-compass in fitted box, a Type P-8 compass in box and other navigational instruments. £40-60
412.    A French military helmet with shrapnel hole, a Bulgarian military helmet with leather fittings and name tag "Hilzinger Otto 470.51.378", another helmet and a WWI leather belt pouch for First Aid marked "A Dittmar, Berlin 1914-16". £40-60
413.    A malacca walking cane with white metal mount decorated with the insignia for the Royal Corps of Signals, 91cm and a silver-mounted blackthorn walking cane, (2). £20-30
414.    A sterling-silver-handled walking stick, 76cm, two silver-mounted walking sticks, an umbrella and a wooden-shaft and headed golf club marked "C Jacobs I W", (5). £30-40
415.    A pair of brass horse hames with leather end brasses attached, leather strap stamped 'S E Norris 1940 Ltd'. £50-70
416.    A collection of weaving shuttles, 38cm-79cm and three spools, (17). £20-40
417.    A framed poster for Davidges Royal Surrey Theatre advertising Bellini's opera 'La Sonnambula', dated July 15th 1844, 37.5 x 50cm, another for The Palace Theatre, Plymouth advertising 'Willy Pantzer and his midgets' dated Monday Feb 22nd 1926, 75.5 x 24.5cm, (a/f) and four framed theatre programmes, (6). £40-60
418.    An unframed 'Bass in Bottle' advertising mirror, with red triangle trade mark, 33 x 43.3cm, some losses to mirror. £20-40
419.    A Victorian Mauchline-type perpetual calendar postal ruler with a view of "Loch Promenade, Douglas, Isle of Man", 23.5cm long. £30-50
420.    A 19th century Fraser brass six-draw pocket telescope engraved "Fraser, London", with convex end lens, in engine-turned outer section, 87mm extended, 30mm closed, in leather-covered case. £50-80
421.    A brass-mounted ebony quill cutter/penknife, a small whetstone, a pair of tortoiseshell-framed spectacles and a fountain pen, (4). £30-40
422.    An LNER railway signal oil lamp, Patent 711205, 26cm high, a similar lamp, British Rail East and three others, (5). £40-60
423.    A bull's eye railway lamp, a BR fuel can, painted red, a GWR ceramic insulator and other items. £30-50
424.    The Ceag Inspection lamp, with brass case and turned wood handle, 23cm high and a Lucas King of the Road No.614 lamp case, (2). £50-80
425.    A pair of japanned metal and alloy carriage lamps with metal mounting brackets, 50cm high, (2). £40-60
426.    Eight GWR bricks. £30-40
427.    A Junghans Process Time Meter stop watch, chrome, impressed "P. T. Officer HMS Ganges 5", on back. £30-40
428.    A Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo car badge (a/f), another for "Club de Andalucia Real Automovil, Sevilla", three AA and one RAC badges, a dashboard clock, a "Junghans Electronic" clock in the form of a steering wheel, 27cm diameter and other items. £30-50
429.    A Fry's Chocolate "Five Boys" enamel sign, 76 x 56cm, (a/f). £200-300
430.    An oval-framed bevelled-edge mirror, the plate etched "Fry's Chocolate Cream, F S Fry & Sons, Union Street, Bristol", plate 44 x 69cm, 59 x 84cm overall. £40-60