Sale of Collectors' Items, Books, Stamps, Coins, Medals & Toys
on Tuesday 20th February at 10.30am

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1.      A collection of British Empire and Great British stamps in three albums. £350-400
2.      A collection of stamps in an album and loose. £20-25
3.      A collection of stamps in a ledger and loose. £30-40
4.      A collection of mainly modern stamps and covers in seven albums and loose, with commemorative coin covers, Great Britain presentation packs and First Day Covers. £250-300
5.      An accumulation of stamps and covers in an album, stock book and loose, including USA, Great Britain from 1840 1d black 1883-84 to 1/- good used, King Edward VIII 2/- booklet. £200-250
6.      An All-World accumulation of stamps and covers in twenty stock books and loose. £30-40
7.      A King George V to Queen Elizabeth II duplicated accumulation of Great British stamps in twenty stock books and loose, also a quantity of First Day Covers. £30-40
8.      A large accumulation of stamps in eighteen albums and stocks and loose. £30-40
9.      An accumulation of Great British stamps and covers in five albums, with Prestige booklets, miniature sheets including uncut sheets. £200-250
10.     An accumulation of stamps in approximately thirty albums and stock books and loose, with Great Britain with mint decimal sets, British Empire, thematics, etc. £200-250
11.     Approximately 300 Philatelic British GB illustrated First Day Covers in two albums and loose, with sets to 2013. £80-100
12.     A large accumulation of stamps and covers in albums, stock books and loose, contained in four boxes, with Great Britain, etc. £150-250
13.     An accumulation of stamps and covers in six albums and stock books and loose. £30-40
14.     A collection of modern stamps and covers in eight albums, with RAF Museum, Royalty, etc. £40-50
15.     An accumulation of stamps and covers in a suitcase, with Gibraltar, Great Britain. £30-40
16.     A collection of mainly British Empire stamps in six albums, (including a boxed oriel) and loose with definitive sets, etc. £200-250
17.     A quantity of stamps and covers in albums and loose, with Great Britain including mint decimal issues, FDCs, etc. £50-70
18.     A duplicated accumulation of First Day and Commemorative Covers. £30-40
19.     Various stamps, letters, old documents, etc. £40-50
20.     A collection of mainly Queen Elizabeth II Great British stamps in thirty-one files, commemorative and definitive issues, mint and duplicated used issues, also with 1962-65 phosphor sets, presentation packs, miniature sheets, First Day Covers, booklets, Smiler sheets with 2001 Consignia pair, also a few other countries. £1200-1500
21.     An accumulation of stamps in rather mixed condition, in eleven albums and stock books, with duplicated used China, etc. £150-200
22.     A collection of mainly mint British Empire stamps in two binders, condition is a little varied with mainly stuck-down, including Ireland seahorses, Cyprus 1926 Anniversary £1 mint, (stuck-down), New Hebrides, Malayan States, Bechuanaland, etc. £250-300
23.     A mainly stuck-down mint/unused collection of British Empire stamps in an album and on leaves, including Tanganyika, St Kitts, Hong Kong Post Office in China, Malayan States, Australia, Rhodesia with Admirals to 10/-, Cyprus, GB, Bermuda. £400-500
24.     A duplicate accumulation of stamps in envelopes and packets. £150-200
25.     A selection of covers in an album and loose, with Air Mail. £80-100
26.     A selection of Great British stamps on stock cards, with seahorses 2/6d (4), 5/- (2), 10/- and £1 mint, condition is a little varied. £800-1000
30.     Kirkland (John, Ed.), The Modern Baker, Confectioner and Caterer, 6 vols, col and b&w plates, illus, pic cl gt, 8vo, 1913. £20-30
31.     Trollope (Anthony), Works, 47 vols, plts, hf cl gt, 8vo slipcase, c1990, Folio Society, (47). £80-120
32.     Baring-Gould (Sabine), Devonshire Characters and Strange Events, plts, hf mor gt, 8vo, 1908, (ex lib, a/f) and other volumes on Devon, photographs of Plymouth Wing ATC c1943, photographic negatives of Dartmoor, type and hand-written accounts of Devon by Barkel Rickard, maps of the Enclosures of Dartmoor 1820, 1895 and other ephemera. £30-40
33.     Walters (Stephen), (Intro), The Voyage of the Bounty Launch, John Fryer's Narrative, signed, no.92 of ltd edn of 500, fldg map, hf mor gt, 4to, slip case, 1979; Bligh (William), Bligh's Narrative of the Mutiny Aboard HM Ship Bounty, no.396 of 1000, 2nd vol of Australiana Facsimiles and other volumes on the Mutiny on the Bounty and Pitcairn Island.
34.     The Diamond Fairy Book, illus, cl gt, 8vo, 1897, other early-20th century children's books, annuals, etc, also Taplin (William), The Gentleman's Stable Directory or Modern System of Farriery, 9th Edn, cf, 8vo, 1788, (bds detached, tp missing) and other volumes. £30-50
35.     Lewis (Frederick Christian), The Scenery of the River Exe, tp vig dedication page, 33 views on 27 plts with 4 later duplicate-engraved and heightened alternative proof views inserted, rebound buckram backed bds, fo, 1827. £60-100
36.     Haseler (H), (Illustr.), Scenery on the Southern Coast of Devonshire Comprising Picturesque Views..... Sidmouth....... and Torquay, 29 (of 30) views (uncoloured) by D Havell after H Haseler and H Cornish, tissue gds, ob 4to, bds, pub. John Wallis 1819. £200-300
37.     The Pictorial Museum of Animated Nature, 2 vols, col frontis, illus, hf mor gt, 4to, nd and other volumes, magazines, sheet music, etc. £30-50
38.     Williams (Sir Kyffin), five volumes: Portraits, The Hand and the Sea, Kyffin in Venice, Across the Straits, all with dwrps, also Painting the Mountains: Hockney (David), Hockney's Pictures, dwrp, bds, 4to, 2004 and one other. £40-60
39.     Wodehouse (P G), Something Fresh, with signed typed letter from P C Wodehouse, dated 1939. £40-60
40.     Dulac (Edmund, illustrator), Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, trans: Edward Fitzgerald, 20 tipped-in col plts, pic cl gt, 4to, nd. £40-60
41.     Wallis (John), Wallis's Pocket Itinerary, being a New and Accurate Guide to all the Principal Direct and Cross Roads Throughout England, Wales and Scotland, fldg engr map of England and Wales frontis, fldg map of Scotland (repaired), rebound hf mor gt, 32mo, 1803. £30-40
42.     Norden (John), Speculi Britanniae Pars: A Topographical and Historical Description of Cornwall, engr tp, printed tp, engr dedication plate, table of distances, no general map of the county, 9 fldg maps, 1 plate of St Germans, engrs in text, re-bound, hf mor gt, 4to, 1728. £250-350
43.     Theophrasti Eresi Characteres Ethici Sive Morum Descriptiones, Graece & Latine Cum Notis & Montis Ionnis Angelii Werdenhagen, cf, 9 x 4cm, 1653. £30-50
44.     Clemens (Samuel L), The Works of Mark Twain, 24 vols (of 25), signed Author's Edition de Luxe, no.69 of 600, vol 1 signed by Samuel L Clemens, plts, cl, paper spine labels, 8vo, 1899-1907. (vol 21 missing). £200-300
45.     Sherer (John), Rural Life Described and Illustrated In the Management of Horses, Dogs, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, etc, engr, some d-p, me, hf mor gt, nd. £30-50
46.     Kipling (Rudyard), Works, 22 vols, illus, red mor gt, 12mo, c1918, (af) with a pair of tooled leather covered book ends, and other volumes. £30-40
47.     Peter Pan's Play Book in concertina form, illus: Flora White, a "Garage" pop-up book, various Enid Blyton Noddy books and other children's books. £30-40
48.     Spreat (William), Picturesque Sketches of the Churches of Devon, 73 (of 74) lithographs, cl gt, ob fo, 1842. £50-70
49.     The Luttrell Psalter, facsimile, commentary by Michelle P Brown, pub: British Library, dwrps, cl gt, fo, 2006. £40-60
50.     Waddell (L Austine), Lhasa and its Mysteries, frontis, plts, illus, me, hf mor gt, 8vo, 1905 and Bruce (J Collingwood), the Hand Book to the Roman Wall, 8th edn, bds, 8vo, 1927. £30-50
51.     Collier (Jane), An Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting with Proper Rules for the Exercise of that Amusing Study, engr frontis by Gillray, ge, mor gt, 12mo, 1804. £30-50
52.     Antoninus (Augustus), Antonini Iter Britanniarum Commentariis Illustratum Thomae Gale, fldg map, 2 plts, text illus, re-backed, cf gt, 4to, 1709. £30-40
53.     A miniature London Almanac for the Year of Christ 1840, 4-page view of 'St Savr's Church, St Thomas's Hospital Etc in the Approach to London Bridge, red end papers with front pocket, ge, red mor wallet binding, 6 x 3.8cm, 1840 and another for 1852, 3.3cm square, (2). £30-50
54.     Goldsmith (John), An Almanac for the Year of our Lord 1850, front pocket, pencil pocket, black mor gt wallet binding with red and blue onlays and white metal clasp, 10.5 x 6.3cm, 1850 and London Almanac for 1893 with 4-page view of Victoria Embankment in burgundy moiré silk binding and velvet slip case with gt metal lattice overlay, 6.2 x 3.7, 1893, (2). £50-70
55.     Blaeu (Joan), Atlas Major of 1665, facsimile reprint by Taschen, col illus, dwrp, bds, slip case, fo, nd. £30-40
55A.    Hitler (Adolf) Mein Kampf, frontis, blue cl with eagle and swastika on front cover, vo, 1933 and a Whitaker's Almanack for 1954, (2). £20-30
56.     Cary (John), Cary's Reduction of his Large Map of England and Wales with Part of Scotland..... Turnpike Roads..... hand-coloured outlines sectionalised in twenty sections laid on linen, marbled covers and slip case, 77 x 63.5cm, 1824. £60-80
57.     Wyld (James), Wyld's Road Director through England and Wales, hand-coloured outlines, sectionalised in fifteen sections, laid on linen, 1858, 63 x 58cm, in slip case; and Wyld's Map of England, Wales and Scotland, hand-coloured outlines, sectionalised in twenty-four sections, laid on linen, nd, 78 x 66cm, slip case, (2). £50-80
58.     Cruchley (F), Cruchley's Railway and Station Tourist Map of Devon, hand-coloured, sectionalised in twenty-eight sections, laid on linen, cl cover, n.d. and fifteen other folding maps, (16). £30-50
59.     Mudge (Lt Col. William), Ordnance Survey Map Sheet XXVIII, Island of Lundy, sectionalised and laid on linen, 65 x 94cm, The Tower, 1820, bearing George Folliot label with pencilled "1831 Edn State II, Version 3", in modern hf mor gt book case. £40-60
60.     Brookes' Travelling Companion through England and Wales, pub: William Darton, 2nd edn, sectionalised and laid on linen, 59.5 x 52.5cm, with slip case; Grahams New Map of England and Wales, pub: George Kemp, sectionalised and laid on linen, 77 x 64.5cm and other, later maps. £40-60
61.     Jansson, Joannes, The Description of Devon-Shire, Amsterdam, no date, early colour in outline and wash, coloured title cartouche at lower right and heraldic cartouche at lower left, scale cartouche top left, verso blank, 50 x 38.5cm, trimmed to plate-mark, some edge tears with slight loss, slight discolouration in left margin. £80-100
62.     John Thomas & William Denys, A New Chart of Mounts Bay in Cornwall, with the Adjacent Coast, from Cape Lizard to Cape Cornwall, printed for Robt Sayer, 53 Fleet Street, 10 June 1786, early colour in outline, good margins, central title cartouche, coloured sections and compass rose, centre fold, blank verso, 70.5 x 52.5cm. £70-90
63.     Seller, John, A Chart of the Channell of Bristoll, from Scilly to St Davids Head, in Wales, Newly corrected and published, Sold at his Shop, at the signe of the Marrinors Compass, at the Hermitage Stayres in Wapping, with: A Draught of the Lands End of England and Islands of Silly, no date, title cartouches and compass rose all with early colour, decorated with galleons and sea monster, 54 x 46cm, repairs to centre fold and corners, verso blank. £100-150
64.     Moleiro Editions Facsimile, Atlas Miller, five sheets printed both sides, colour with gold highlights, limited edition of 987 copies, this being no.122, Barcelona, 2003, with signed certificate, 60 x 42cm. £60-80
65.     Van Keulen, GH, Nieuwe Paskaert Vande Verkeerde Canael Of De Kust Van Engelant, (Bristol Channel & South Coast of Wales), Amsterdam 1681, early outline colour, elaborate title cartouche, blank verso, 59.1 x 51.7cm. £60-80
66.     Milton, Thomas, A Geometrical plan and West Elevation of His Majesty's Dockyard near Plymouth, with the Ordnance Wharf, etc, Feb. 2nd 1756, elaborate pictorial borders with Reference vignettes to each side, panoramic view of Plymouth at the top, with shipping in the Sound, faint vertical fold lines, narrow margins, 65.3 x 49.6cm. £120-150
67.     Collins, Grenville, Untitled, coast from Exmouth to Newton Ferry, from Collins' Coasting Pilot, London, 1693, engraved by I Harris, numbered '2', [2nd state], plate 14, early colouring, title cartouche showing panorama of King William's Landing 1688, centre fold with old tape repairs to verso, three small marginal tears taped verso, good margins. £60-80
68.     Collins, Grenville, The Severn or Channell of Bristol, Dedicated to Sir Robt Southwell who accompanied King William III on his Irish Expedition, with vignette of shipping at King Road, having sailed from Duncannon Castle in 27 hours, uncoloured, centre fold, good margins, 61.5 x 52cm. £50-70
69.     Laurie & Whittle, A Chart of The Isle, Roads and Race of Portland, with the Shambles, 53 Fleet Street, London, 1794, uncoloured, text in lower right corner, ".........a New Lighthouse is built on the Island of Portland....... upon which a light is exhibited on a new principle", centre fold, close-trimmed at the lower margin, 72.7 x 53.5cm, together with another by Laurie & Whittle, Plan of the Bays of Polkerris and Mevagizey in Cornwall, 53 Fleet Street, London, 1794, uncoloured, sections along left-hand margin, centre fold, repaired at the top margin without loss, good margins all round, (2). £120-150
70.     Van Keulen, Joannes, Pas-Kaert van de Canael, tusschen Engelandt en Vrancryck, Amsterdam, 1680, the French coast is at the to, the English coast showing the Lizard to the Isle of Wight, the title within a fine-decorated cartouche showing the grape harvest, wine casks and final product, early colouring, centre fold with small marginal splits, tear in lower right corner repaired without loss, 61.5 x 53cm, together with another by Joannes Van Keulen, Kaart na de Hollandsche, Oostindische zeelieden [viz. south coasts of Ireland, Wales & England & coast of Northern France], uncoloured, undated, Amsterdam, 62.7 x 55cm, (2). £80-100
71.     Van Keulen, Gerard, Nieuwe Afteekerring van net Inkoomen van Plymouth en Salcombe Rievier, Amsterdam, 1734, showing Rame Head, Plymouth Sound and the Salcombe Estuary, early coloured borders, top margin narrow, the others are good, 62.5 x 53.7cm, together with another by Gerard Van Keulen, Nieuwe Afteekerring van de Rivier van Fowey, Amsterdam, 1734, showing Mounts Bay in a separate box in the top left corner, uncoloured, trimmed fairly close to the plate mark, 61 x 53.5cm, (2). £60-80
72.     Doncker, Hendrick, Cust van Engelandt, van Lezard tot Engelandt eynde, Amsterdam, no date, uncoloured, showing southern tip of Ireland, South Wales and the Bristol Channel to the Lizard and Mounts Bay, the top corners repaired, tear at the top of the centre fold, tear at top margin and tear at lower margin, all professionally repaired with very slight loss, scarcely visible to recto, 54 x 43.8cm. £40-60
73.     Knapton, [A Draught of English Harbours], 1728, untitled, six small charts on one sheet, as follows: Thames from Shooberry ness to London, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth, Plimouth Sound, Portland, The Road and Harbour of Dartmouth, Falmouth Harbour, uncoloured, centre fold strengthened on reverse, good margins, 62.8 x 53.6cm. £40-60
74.     Theunisz, Jacob, Cust van Engelant van Lezard tot Engelands cynd.........., Amsterdam, 1664, Plate W13, coloured boundaries, showing Bristol Channel, southern coasts of Ireland and Wales, title and scale in cartouches, centre fold slightly-discoloured towards the foot, narrow margins, 55.7 x 43.1cm, together with another copy, 1679, Plate 40, redrawn with changed rhomb lines, uncoloured, a few edge nicks, 55 x 45.3cm, (2). £40-60
75.     A hand-drawn map of Devonshire divided into Hundreds, William Salter 1850 and other Devon and Plymouth-related maps and 18th century coastal charts by L & W and Wm Heather, (4). £80-100
76.     Sawyer, R & Bennett, John, Plymouth Sound, Hamoaze & Cattwater, hand-coloured chart, 73 x 53cm, 1779 and another, Survey of Plymouth Sound by Capt. Hurd RN, 1822, (2). £40-60
77.     Degaulle Ballanger Sculpt. 1810, Nouvelle Carte Réduite De La Manche De Bretagne (En Trois Feuilles), 97 x 66cm and other Ministre De La Marine coastal charts and maps. £100-150
78.     Wetstenij, R & I and Smith, G, Sicilia Vetus ad Thucydidus Historicem, Amsterdam 1730, early colour, a couple of vertical fold lines, old tape marks at the edges, good margins, image 37 x 30cm. £80-120
79.     Ortelius, Abraham, Sicilae Veteris Typus, 1696, early colour, centre fold, inset map of Syracuse in top left corner, text box in lower left corner, broad margins, image 46.5 x 34.2cm. £100-150
80.     A C&J Greenwood map of The County of Devon, From an Original Survey......... publ.1827, with engraving of Exeter Cathedral and map of Lundy inset, linen-backed, 194 x 189cm, (very poor condition). £60-100
81.     Jansson, Joannes, The Description of Devon-Shire, Amsterdam, no date, early colour in outline and wash, 54.5 x 43cm, Lootsman, Jacob and Theunis, Jacobsz, De Custen van Engelant Tusschen de twee pointen van Poortland en Lezard, 1644, showing the Lizard, Torbay and Portland, uncoloured, 55.2 x 45cm and Klint, Gustaf, Charta of veu Upgaende Grunden jemte Opningarug till St. Georges, Bristol och Engelska Canalerne, Stockholm, 1823, uncoloured, 102 x 72.5cm, (3).
82.     Van Keulen, GH, A New Gradually Encreasing Compass Map of a Part of the Sea Coasts of England, in which is contained the Coasts of Devonshire extending from Bridport to Big Berry with their shallownesses and depths, by Nicholas de Vries, Amsterdam, 1780, uncoloured, 63 x 54.5cm and Anon, A New and Correct Chart of the Channel, no date, Plates 6 & 7, uncoloured, showing Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent and the northern coast of France, 61.4 x 54.2cm/62.5 x 54.2cm, (3).
83.     Mentelle, Carte De L'IIle de Sicile, Paris, 1795, early colour, image 43 x 32.8cm and Homann, Regui & Insulae Siciliae Tabula Geographica, 1747, early colour, image 54.5 x 46.2cm, (2).
84.     Brion, Deux Siciles avec les Metropoles Ecclesiastiques, Paris 1790, From Geographie Moderne, Historique et Politique, coloured boundaries, text in side panels laid down, image 25.7 x 25.1cm, together with twenty-three other maps of Sicily and Southern Italy, mostly 19th century, with a couple earlier, most with coloured boundaries, (24). £100-150
85.     A Government of Seychelles 50 rupees bank note, A/1 197181, dated 1st August 1973, centre crease. £50-80
86.     A Westminster Limited Edition 'The Queen's Golden Jubilee Hand-Painted Gold Coin First Day Cover', with hand-painted portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by artist Christine Ellingham, together with the Royal Mail 40th Anniversary of Accession stamps, post-marked 'Windsor' 29th October 2001 (100 days to go) and a Royal Mint Guernsey £5 Gold Proof Golden Jubilee Coin, limited edition 26/100, with certificate of authenticity. £600-800
87.     A Westminster Limited Edition 'The Queen's Golden Jubilee Gold Proof Sovereign Coin Cover', with proof 2001 sovereign, Royal Mail 40th Anniversary of Accession stamps, post-marked 'Windsor' 29th October 2001 (100 days to go), limited edition 73/500. £200-250
88.     A Westminster Limited Edition 'Rule Britannia Gold Commemorative Coin Cover', with Royal Mail's 2001 'Union Jack' flag stamp and the Royal Mint 1/10th ounce gold Britannia coin, limited edition 431/500. £60-80
89.     An RMS Queen Mary commissioning bronze medallion 1936 designed by Gilbert Bayes, obv: an open doorway in a stone wall, a buttress (left) with coat of arms (left and right); below the arms of Cunard Line (centre), supported by an engraved ribbon with tassels at each end, distant views of the Hudson River and towers of New York, legend 'Queen Mary' on ribbon 'Commissioned 1936', Rev: starboard bow view of the Queen Mary, dolphins in sea below, Exergne: 'Maria Regina Mari Me Commisit', 6.9cm diameter, in Royal Mint box and outer casing. £50-80
90.     A Canadian Fine Gold maple leaf one-dollar coin, 1999, brilliant uncirculated and formed from 1/20th ounce fine gold, in hard plastic container and with Westminster certificate. £30-50
91.     A collection of six silver proof coins, including: 1996 £1 coin, 1997 Guernsey 'Golden Wedding' £5 coin, 1997 Liberia 'Princess of Wales and Mother Theresa' $20 coin, 1997 Fiji 'Golden Wedding' $10 coin, 1999 Canada 'International Year of the Older Person' $1 and 1999 Canada maple leaf $5 coin, with certificates, (6). £60-80
92.     A Franklin Mint 1973 First National Coinage of Barbados Proof Set, a 1974 Commonwealth of the Bahamas Proof Set and a sterling silver 1974 Panama 20-Balbous coin, (3). £50-80
93.     A John Pinches set of four 'Great Britons' medallic First Day Covers, comprising 'Robert The Bruce', 'Owen Glendower', 'Henry V', 'Edward The Black Prince'. in folder, each with sterling silver medal and a 1973 'The Royal Wedding' medallic First Day Cover, HRH The Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, (2). £30-40
94.     A collection of various British (post-1946) and foreign coinage, including 8 x O'Brien £1 notes, 9 x Somerset £1 notes, 1 x Hollom 10-shilling note, 3 x Fforde 10-shilling notes, a Bank of Scotland £5 note (Burt & Mitchell) and a Royal Mint 1997 United Kingdom Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection. £50-70
95.     A collection of British and foreign coinage, includes a small quantity of silver coins. £40-60
96.     The Official Silver Commemorative Coin Collection of HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother by MDM, comprising twenty-four silver proof coins in plastic capsules, together with three spare silver coins, certificates, in album and wooden case, (27). £200-250
97.     A Royal Mint 1993 Coronation 40th Anniversary Silver Proof Crown, a 1994 Tercentenary of the Bank of England Silver Proof £2 coin, a 1994 silver proof £1 coin, a 1992-1993 silver proof 50p coin, a 1994 D-Day commemorative 50p coin and a 1953 cupro-nickel coronation crown, all in plastic capsules and with certificates of authenticity, (6). £60-80
98.     A collection of thirty gilt metal medallions, "Greatest Britons" by G Colley for Slade Hampton & Son, all stamped 103, and an emblem on the rim, twenty also stamped PUR, in case. £60-80
99.     A 1940-45 Belgium Civic Cross, silver and enamel, 2nd class, ribbon for firefighting, a replica 'The Lusitania' (German) medal and a small collection of coins. £30-50
100.    A George VI 1950 proof nine-coin specimen set with original Royal Mint box, an Elizabeth II Coronation Year 1953 proof ten-coin specimen set with original Royal Mint case and a 1953 nine-coin set, (3). £50-80
101.    A George V & Queen Mary bronze coronation medallion, 5cm diameter, in case, a George VI & Queen Elizabeth bronze coronation medallion, an Edward VIII coronation medallion and other coins. £40-60
102.    A George V 1913 half-sovereign. £80-120
103.    A 12ct gold 1973 Independence $50 Bahamas coin, 15.7g, by John Pinches. £150-200
104.    Approximately 380 1920-1946 silver florins. £300-500
105.    Approximately 565 1920-1946 silver shillings. £200-300
106.    A Victoria 1890 crown, 17 1920-1946 silver half-crowns, approximately 180 1920-1946 silver sixpences and six threepences. £50-80
107.    A collection of foreign coinage. £30-50
108.    A collection of mainly foreign coinage, (includes silver coins), a Royal Mail special stamp book for 1985, etc. £50-70
110.    Approximately 300 postcards, mainly UK, including seven RPs of outings to Rolls Royce Motor Works and a quantity of Norway c1939. £30-40
111.    Approximately 260 postcards, loose and in an album, including 'Enderton Blg fire Jan 11 1918, Winipeg', five Mabel Lucie Attwell, local RPs, etc. £30-50
112.    Approximately 300 postcards, mainly Cornwall, including many RPs. £40-50
113.    A similar lot. £40-50
114.    Approximately 160 postcards, mainly Plymouth, also some humour, WWI, Navy, etc. £30-50
115.    Six A E Bragg Cornish Riviera Series postcards, including five 'Peeps on the Fal' and other Cornish postcards. £30-50
116.    A quantity of postcards, mainly topographical, UK, in albums and loose. £30-40
117.    An album of 200 postcards, mainly by Raphael Tuck and topographical. £80-120
118.    Approximately 200 Bamforth and other seaside humour postcards. £30-50
119.    An RP postcard of Farman's 47-mile Record Flight, Oct 20th 1909, Blackpool Aviation Meeting and another RP postcard of Boy Scouts with a ladder and ropes, dated 1913 (2). £30-40
120.    An album of approximately 275 postcards, many RPs, mainly topographical, including a series of eleven postcards of the "Royal Progress Through London, June 23rd 1911. £60-100
121.    A large collection of postcards, c1970's in albums and loose. £30-50
122.    Approximately 320 loose postcards, topographical, UK and world, including some early 1900's, foreign cards, etc. £30-50
123.    A large quantity of foreign and UK topographical postcards, c1970's and a small quantity of cigarette cards, etc. £30-50
124.    An RP postcard of the funeral of T E Lawrence at Moreton, 21st March 1935, two others of his grave and an RP of bomb damage in Poole High Street, (4). £20-30
125.    Approximately 340 loose postcards, mainly UK topographical, including A R Quinton, RP's and eight WW1 silks. £40-60
126.    A large quantity of loose foreign topographical and art postcards, approx 700. £40-60
127.    "Panoramic View from the Western Hoe, Plymouth, Drawn from Nature & on Stone by H Worsley 1826", printed by C Hullmandel, printed on three joined sheets and linen-backed, 17.5 x 222cm and contained in a linen-covered cannister. £300-400
128.    A Victorian scrap book of watercolours, drawings, engravings and text. £30-50
129.    A war-time photograph of five barrage balloons, signed on mount "Burgess B......., Leamington?" and a photograph of 51st Heavy Rgt, Royal Artillery Gun Crew operating a BL 7.2-inch Howitzer. £15-20
130.    A last will and testament of Charles Fox (1660-1713), son of Sir Stephen Fox, MP of Chiswick, (1627-1716), handwritten of vellum and an indenture dated 1672, both framed. £50-70
131.    A quantity of professional and amateur photographs of Egypt, Eritrea and the British Isles, c1930-50, in albums and loose. £20-30
132.    An album of seventy professional photographs of the Festival of Britain 1951, with flyers and programmes, mounted in an album and a further thirty-three loose photographs, mainly of the Festival site under construction. £30-50
133.    A collection of trade cards c1960's/70's including Star Wars, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, in albums and loose. £30-40
134.    A collection of ten black and white photographs from the early-1950's showing Exeter Falcons speedway team and individual riders, one team photograph signed by Johnny Sargeant, Jack Bedkober and two others, five individual photographs signed by Vic Gent, Arthur Pilgrim, Norman Clay, others, a greetings postcard showing the team, a small quantity of newspaper cuttings, two 1958 Speedway World Championship ticket stubs, a 1959 Speedway World Championship programme with two ticket stubs and a small quantity of Plymouth Devils 2007 Conference home programmes. £30-50
135.    Gallaher Ltd 'Famous Jockeys' 48/48, 'Racing Scenes' 48/48, 'Dogs, A Series' 48/48, 'Dogs, 2nd Series' 48/48 (x2), 'Film Episodes' 48/48, 'Trains of the World' 48/48, 'The Navy (Park Drive)' 48/48, R & J Hill Ltd 'Popular Footballers Series A' 28/30, other full and part sets of cigarette cards and miscellaneous items. £30-40
136.    The Eva Grant Model Agency, 159 Praed Street, London, W2, two 1950's/1960's albums of black and white glamour photographs of female models with typed information for each model and a collection of newspaper cuttings on the theatre, films, etc. £30-40
137.    A collection of various tea and trade cards, including ABC Footballers (orange back) 253/255, Footballers (Did You Know) 1st & 2nd Series (five missing plus extra Series 3 check list), Footballers (Football Facts) 165/170 plus three check lists, Footballers (orange/red) 1st Series 96/109, other cards including Brooke Bond and odds. £50-80
138.    A collection of fourteen early 19th century French hand written letters, receipts, etc, many on official paper relating to property in the Rennes area of N W France. £40-60
A Lehmann LGB G Scale green/black 0-4-0 steam outline locomotive no.2774, (unboxed). £30-50
A Lehmann LGB G Scale 2-4-0 steam engine and tender 'A.T. & S.F.', no.1217, (unboxed), (2). £40-60
142.    A late-19th century Bing live steam 1-gauge locomotive, (originally 4-2-0), bearing Bing trademark c1895-1900 on fire box, (restored). £150-180
143.    A brass and steel 3½'' gauge 4-4-0 locomotive chassis with cow catcher, 57cm long. £30-40
144.    A Lionel pre-war O gauge 3-rail 'City of Denver' 4-car Union Stream-liner set in yellow and brown, with articulated bogies, consisting of no.636W power car, two no.637 passenger coaches and a 638 observation car. £200-300
145.    Hornby O gauge, M1 Goods Set, comprising a red c/w M1 0-4-0 locomotive and 3435 tender, rolling stock and track, boxed. £30-40
146.    Fleischmann O gauge, a 1950's Continental 2-4-2 2-rail electric locomotive, no.335 with lined burgundy livery and twin pantographs, (af - metal fatigue), in unlabelled box, two boxed tin plate coaches, three boxed tinplate wagons and one unboxed "Shell" tanker, with track, points, and accessories. £80-120
147.    A partially-made 'Model Miniature Railways Rochdale' O gauge model of an LMS 3F 0-6-0 Jinty live steam locomotive with instructions and an unmade Duncan Models horse-drawn 2-wheel farm cart, both boxed, (2). £30-50
148.    A post-war Hornby O gauge type-50 0-4-0 locomotive no.60199, with tender, a Lima Class 4F 0-6-0 LMS locomotive no.4683 and a quantity of red track. £40-60
149.    Trix OO gauge, Junior Passenger Train Set 215 with Distler crank-handle dynamo generator, boxed and a boxed Brake 2nd coach with lights. £30-40
150.    Triang-Hornby RS9 Intercity Express electric train set, boxed, R135 Operating Ore Set, boxed and Triang Railways R23 Operating Royal Mail coach set, boxed, (3). £40-60
151.    Hornby OO gauge, R2100 SR 0-6-0 Terrier locomotive and Bachmann 31-057 J72 LNER 0-6-0 tank engine no. 8693, both boxed, (2). £30-50
152.    A quantity of mainly Lima OO/HO locomotives, coaches and wagons, some in South African Railways livery, including two electric E919 Bo-Bo locomotives and SAR coaches, also a Life-Like locomotive and a quantity of track, etc. £60-80
153.    Bachmann Spectrum OO/HO gauge, no.25662 'On 30' two-truck Shay Locomotive, unlettered, boxed, with papers. £30-50
154.    Bachmann Spectrum OO/HO gauge, no.25599 'O' ON30 0-4-2 Porter steam locomotive, (unlettered), boxed. £30-50
155.    Bachmann Spectrum OO/HO gauge, no.28802 'On 30' 14-ton two-truck Stearns Heisler, unlettered locomotive, DCC equipped, boxed with papers. £40-60
156.    Bachmann Spectrum OO/HO gauge, no.25762 'On 30' 28-ton two-truck Class B Climax locomotive, 'Colorado Mining Co.', boxed, with papers. £40-60
157.    Bachmann Spectrum OO/HO gauge, no.28323 'On 30' Modern 4-4-0 American Outside Frame Steam Locomotive, DCC equipped, unlettered, boxed, with alternative fuel, funnel, etc. and papers. £40-60
158.    Bachmann Spectrum OO/HO gauge, boxed rolling stock: three no.27391 'On30' Logging and Mining Cars Skeleton Log Car, (3), (some resin logs missing). £30-50
159.    Bachmann Spectrum OO/HO gauge, no.25699 'On30' two-truck Shay Locomotive, boxed. £40-60
160.    Bachmann Spectrum OO/HO gauge, rolling stock: no.s 26994, 27198, 27299 (x2), 27523, 27712 and 29801, all boxed, (7). £40-60
161.    Rivarossi, 1254 HO gauge Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 'Big Boy' locomotive 4005, boxed. £60-80
162.    Hornby Dublo, Crescent, a quantity of buffers, signals, etc, a quantity of Dublo tinplate 3-rail track and other items. £30-50
163.    An assortment of US HO gauge items, etc, Lone Star OOO gauge rolling stock and other items. £30-50
164.    A quantity of track: Peco Streamline HO/OO and N gauge, some boxed, also a quantity of rails, chairs and sleepers, various gauges. £30-50
165.    A large quantity of modelling items, mainly for railway, etc. £30-50
166.    Hornby Dublo, EDP12 Passenger Train Set with BR Coronation Class 4-6-2 locomotive 'Duchess of Montrose', boxed with instructions. £50-80
167.    Hornby Dublo, EDL18 Standard BR 2-6-4 tank locomotive no.80054 and EDL17 0-6-2 BR tank locomotive no.69567, both boxed, (2). £50-70
168.    Hornby Dublo, a boxed T.P.O. Mail Van Set, other rolling stock, some boxed, track, etc, some boxed. £40-60
169.    Rivarossi, OO gauge, 1264, Baltimore & Ohio 0-6-0 locomotive no.386, boxed, (box lid and packing af). £30-40
170.    Triang Hornby , OO gauge, R759, 4-6-0 BR Hall Class locomotive no.4983 and three named carriages, Hornby Dublo, three LMS coaches, (af), all unboxed and a quantity of track. £30-50
171.    Triang Hornby, OO gauge, R355R 0-4-0 industrial locomotive, Polly, boxed and a quantity of rolling stock, track, etc. £30-40
172.    Trix, OO gauge, F106 Warship Class hydraulic diesel locomotive, Vanguard, D801, boxed, with outer buff carton. £40-60
173.    Trix, OO gauge, 236 4-6-2 BR locomotive, Britannia, no.70000, boxed with instructions. £40-60
174.    Trix, OO/HO gauge, 1123 BR blue Warship Class diesel locomotive, Daring, no.D811, boxed. £30-40
175.    Hornby, OO gauge, R550 BR black Class 9F 2-10-0 locomotive, no.92166, R350 SR Class L1 4-4-0 locomotive no.1757 and R751 Co-Co diesel electric locomotive, all boxed, (3). £50-70
180.    A JW Sutcliffe hot air propulsion model warship in red and grey, with twin funnels and guns, 30cm, boxed, (no mast). £200-300
181.    A Hobbies Bowman Steamboat 'Snipe', spirit-fired with re-painted blue and cream hull, 56cm long, (no burner). £60-100
182.    A quantity of Meccano with instructions for Outfit 4, 53.4. £30-40
183.    Eight boxed sets of two lantern slides by Ensign Ltd for Walt Disney, ten loose slides, similar and a metal toy projector with stand. £30-50
184.    A c/w 'Winking Donkey' by Alps, Japan, (a/f) and two small teddy bears, (3). £20-30
185.    A 'Frolio 5' typewriter with lacquered metal cover. £30-50
186.    A scratch-built metal model of a WWII RAF bomber with four engines and machine gun turrets, 28cm long. £30-50
187.    A scratch-built wooden model of a WWII Spitfire, (horizontal tail stabiliser missing), 47cm long. £30-40
188.    Mamod, a live steam tractor TE1 with trailer and power press, etc and a quantity of Meccano, (all af). £30-50
189.    An assembled kit 1:50 scale model of St Canute tugboat, 56cm long. £30-50
190.    A radio controlled de Agostini wood framed Spitfire model with Code 4 controller, 144cm wing span. £40-60
191.    A scratch built live steam model of a boat, of wooden construction with brass boiler and funnel, 86cm long, on stand, (untested). £50-80
192.    A scratch built live steam model of a boat, of wooden construction, 109cm long, (af, no cover to engine, untested). £40-60
193.    A quantity of mainly Dinky and Lesney diecasts, all play-worn, no boxes, including Foden no.503 and Guy 43 flat-bed lorries. £50-80
194.    Dinky Toys, racing cars, 23E Speed of the Wind, (2), 23J HWM, 23N Maserati, 230 Talbot Lago and three Triang Mini Hi-Way series racing cars, (one a/f), all play-worn, no boxes. £40-60
195.    Astra Pharos 1939-40, 3.7" Anti-Aircraft Gun with 9" barrel, no box. £30-50
196.    Dublo Dinky Toys: 064 Austin Lorry and 065 Morris Pick-up, both boxed, (2). £30-50
197.    Dublo Dinky Toys: 070 A.E.C. Mercury Tanker 'Shell BP' and 066 Bedford Flat Truck, both boxed, (2). £30-50
198.    Five early Matchbox 75 Series vehicles: 4 Massey Harris Tractor, 24 Hydraulic Excavator, 57 Wolseley 1500, 59 Ford Thames van 'Singer' and 69 Commer van 'Nestles', all boxed, (some a/f). £60-100
199.    Dinky Toys, 23F Alfa-Romeo, 108 MG Midget; two 'No.13' taxi cabs, nine Lesney 75 Series vehicles, all unboxed, a boxed Matchbox Superfast no.64 and other items. £30-50
200.    Corgi, twenty original Omnibus Company limited edition buses, all boxed and one other, not ltd edn, (21). £50-70
201.    E F E, twenty 1/76 scale buses, all boxed, (20). £40-60
202.    Corgi buses, no.s 91917, 91854, 97101, 97209, 97212 and other Corgi and Matchbox buses, 10 boxed, 1 unboxed, (11). £30-40
203.    Dinky Toys, 752 Goods Yard Crane, boxed. £15-20
204.    Corgi, no.497, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Gun-firing Thrush-buster Oldsmobile Super 88, with two figures and Waverley ring, boxed, with inner card packing. £60-100
205.    Lead soldiers, unnamed, thirteen Scots Guards, boxed, twelve other lead soldiers and a boxed set of three Saracens and three Crusaders. £30-50
206.    A large quantity of war games soldiers, in painted metal, mainly Napoleonic era, also seventeen cast soldiers. £30-50
207.    Steiff, a 1903 Classic replica teddy bear with button to ear and tags attached, 50cm. £30-50
208.    Steiff, 'Brummbär' teddy bear with growler, button in ear and tag attached, 48cm. £30-50
209.    Steiff, 1982 Classic Replica teddy bear 'Petsy', with growler, button in ear and tags attached, 42cm. £30-50
210.    Steiff, five soft toys: 078484 Hektor Golden Retrievers 33 and 27, button in ear and tags attached, 41cm and 33cm, a small owl 'Uhu 1954', button in ear and tags attached, also 'Eisbär' and a small owl, both with button in ear, (5). £40-60
211.    A teddy bear c1940's, possibly a Chiltern Hugmee, with clear and black glass eyes, vertically-stitched nose, growler and blonde mohair body with replaced (knitted) paws, 40cm. £30-50
212.    Merrythought, a 'Thumper' the rabbit from Disney's Bambi, label to foot (a/f), 34cm, a Chad Valley teddy bear, 33cm and seven other soft toys, all play-worn, (9). £30-50
213.    A Chiltern Hugmee teddy bear, c1930's, no eyes, shaved muzzle with vertically-stitched nose, mouth and paws, blonde mohair plush and velveteen pads, 55cm, (a/f, bald patches, squeaker inoperable, stuffing loss). £30-50
214.    Merrythought, 'Cheeky' bear, no bells in ears, 32cm, two very worn Chad Valley 'Toffee' bears, 24cm and two other small teddy bears. £30-50
215.    A 1930's/40's teddy bear, possibly Merrythought, golden mohair plush, glass eyes, worn nose, replaced pads, 61cm and another, very worn and darned, 44cm, (2). £50-70
216.    A Kammer & Reinhardt/Simon & Halbig 403 bisque-head doll, German c1910, 62cm, (a/f, head detached, no wig or pate, eyes detached, body disjointed, fingers missing to one hand), an Armand Marseille 390A 8½M doll in similar condition and a composition doll, (3). £40-60
217.    A Munecas Solneli walking/talking all composition doll, with mohair wig, painted features and dressed jointed body, 90cm, boxed. £30-50
218.    A small all-bisque jointed Kewpie-type doll, 11.5cm, another 6cm, an all-bisque dolls-house doll, 8.5cm and a German small shoulder-head doll, 16cm, (4). £30-50
219.    A DP Co. bisque shoulder-head doll on stuffed cloth body with bisque lower arms, 29cm, in white work clothes, with a set of knitted clothes, wooden bed, straw mattress, bed clothes, etc. £30-40
220.    A Bähr & Pröschild 585G bisque head doll, (arm missing), 18cm and three other small dolls, (4). £30-40
221.    An Armand Marseille 995 doll with sleeping blue eyes and jointed composition body, marked 'Armand Marseille, Germany, 995 A37', 39cm, a German baby doll marked 241 u-o', 28cm and a composition shoulder head doll with kid body and inset eyes, 58cm, all a/f, (3). £40-60
222.    A Victorian rocking horse painted dapple grey with bridle, saddle and inset partial mane and tail, on trestle frame, 96cm high, 117cm long. £150-200
225.    A black 'Blonde' lace shawl, 172 x 177cm, a white-work shawl and other textiles. £30-50
226.    A full-length evening coat of black machine-made lace, the collar, cuffs and hem trimmed with Marabou. £30-40
227.    A deep blue satin coat, possibly Indian, with applied gold thread work, flared sleeves and side splits, also a school straw boater, (2). £30-40
228.    A bone bobbin inscribed Thomas Hayes Died March 9th 1837, other bone and wooden bobbins, (33) and a Chinese embroidered panel. £50-70
229.    A Hardy Amies Ready to Wear labelled black velvet evening jacket with musquash collar. £20-30
230.    A Hickleys labelled light brown mink coat with stand-up collar and wide sleeves gathered at the cuffs. £40-60
231.    A dyed coney coat with shawl collar and a Taube Collection, London, three-quarter length fur coat, (2). £40-60
232.    A Buffet Crampon & Cie clarinet, serial number 402411, cased. £80-120
233.    A xylophone of six graduated brass bells, on stained wood stand, 58cm long, 80cm high. £40-60
234.    A Gibson ES-125 P90 hollow body electric guitar, serial number 363565, in fitted case, together with a Pearl BAS 300 amplifier, (2).Sold with CITES Certificate no.565517/01. £800-1200
234A.   A violin with one-piece back, no label, cased and a mandolin, cased, (2). £40-60
235.    A 19th century inlaid rosewood flutina accordion with nineteen mother-of-pearl and five brass keys, twenty-one mother-of-pearl and three brass stops and decorative paper-covered leather bellows, 32cm long, in original wooden case. £50-80
236.    A Ludwig piano accordion, in carrying case. £20-25
237.    A 19th century Belgian pin fire revolver with engraved barrel, action and cylinder liege, proof marks and gutta percha foliate grips, 14cm long, in leather holster, (poor condition). £40-60
238.    A Zabala side by side double barrelled 12-bore ejector boxlock shotgun, model 12-P, 28" barrels, 14" walnut stock, plain case hardened action, no.30509, in canvas sleeve. (Requires a current Shotgun Certificate) £50-80
239.    An AYA no.2 12-bore sidelock ejector shotgun, no.441691, 26" barrels with 2 3/4" chambers and engraved locks, 14 3/4" stock. (Requires a current Shotgun Certificate).
240.    A Gorosabel Silver de Luxe sidelock 12-bore ejector shotgun, no.110724, the 27" barrels with 2 3/4" chambers and 14 3/4" stock, (surface rust to barrels), (Requires a current Shotgun Certificate).
241.    A Standard Model 2 22 calibre air rifle, no.S4354, underlever, walnut stock, cylinder and tap breach, 115cm overall, in excellent condition. £100-150
242.    A WWI Turkish Prisoner of War beaded snake dated 1917, 138cm long. £40-60
243.    A WWI Turkish Prisoner of War beaded snake dated 1913, (a/f), 170cm long. £40-60
244.    A WWI trench art inkstand in copper, with brass and copper lid, in the form of an officer's cap, 15.5 x 18.5cm, together with a 'Wyvern Prefect' fountain pen, (2). £40-60
245.    A Boer War wool work picture depicting a Dragoon tending his injured horse, titled 'Comrades', worked by Robert Aindow, 1st Kings Dragoon Guards, 1901/2, wool work 38 x 50cm approximately, framed and glazed. £40-60
246.    A post-war 3-bladed aeroplane propeller with wooden boss, blade length 105cm, wooden boss a/f. £80-120
247.    New Zealand Medal 1845-66, reverse dated 1860-1861, to Pte Jno Northcott RM, HMS Pelorus. £300-500
248.    A WWI & WWII family medal group to 50004 Pte H M Searle Northampton Regt, comprising Victory Medal, British War Medal and Defence Medal (boxed), also Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Const Herbert M Searle), boxed and St John Ambulance Association Medallion (298043 Herbert M Searle (boxed), sold with WWI trio awarded to 620 FAR Sjt J H Searle RN, Devon Yeo. £100-200
249.    A WWI group of five medals to 277444 George Parker Sto, RN, comprising 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, (all 277444 G Parker Ch Sto RN), Meritorious Service Medal (277444 G Parker Ch Sto, Emperor of India War Services) and Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (277444 George Parker Sto PO HMS Vivid), sold with a large framed photograph of Mr Parker, another of the Emperor of India, presented by his son Lewis and a framed photograph of HMS Renown. £200-300
250.    A WWI group of three medals to 102066 Gnr T Huxtable RFA, 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal, together with two medal boxes, a Jackson & Listers Warehouse penny token and various badges. £40-60
251.    Edward VIII, Military Commission, signed at the head as King "Edward RI, Col. in Chief", Court at St James's, 23rd October 1936, appointing Ronald Martin Cluness Endle as Second Lieutenant, Territorial Army, counter-signed H Knox and H J Creedy, blind stamp of George V to left, sold with: a group of three medals, Defence and 1939-45 War Medals and G IV R Efficiency Decoration with two ERII six-year bars, with miniatures, together with a quantity of photographs of military personnel, Royal Artillery and other buttons and badges, leather holster, RA armband and an 'S.O. Book 136' containing diary notes for the years 1940-45, including entries for 21st and 25th March 1941 regarding bombing raids and casualties in Plymouth. £150-250
252.    A WWII group of three medals: Atlantic Star, 1939-45 Star and War Medal, with a crown cloth badge. £20-40
253.    A WWI memorial plaque, scroll and Buckingham Palace letter to O H Cook 1cl.Thomas Corcoran, HMS Vivid, framed. £50-70
254.    An Egypt Medal 1882 with Alexandria 11th July bar, awarded to W Balkwill, AB, HMS Invincible. £150-200
255.    A WWI Victory Medal, a 1914-15 Star, (different recipients), three WWII miniatures, various ribbons, etc. £30-50
256.    A German Third Reich War Order of the German Cross, in gold, Luftwaffe issue, cloth badge. £150-200
256A.   An official replacement group of three WW1 medals awarded to 2486/30311Pte W Robson, Yorks H, in envelopes and boxes. £40-60
257.    A collection of military caps and shoulder title badges, including 'Gordon Highlanders (BYDAND)', 'Royal Warwickshire', 'Middlesex Regt.', 'The Buffs', 'The Wiltshire Regiment' cap badges and others, (31), contained in glazed oak frame. £30-50
258.    A 'Gibraltar Police' metal badge and a collection of military cap badges, including '6th Battn City of London Regt', 'Royal Engineers Volunteers', 'Corps of Army Music', 'The Devonshire Regiment', 'Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry 1st Volunteer Battalion', 'West Yorkshire', others, buttons, etc. £40-60
259.    A late 19th century German military water bottle converted to a sweetheart memento, a type 06 Air Ministry compass no.1862K (af) an ambrotype of a young man, cased and other items. £30-40
260.    Two military bugles for 23 Welsh Fusiliers and Argyle and Sutherland regiments, an R T Riches car horn, a two-tone car horn and other similar items. £60-80
261.    A type P8M boat compass, boxed, a ships copper and brass speaking tube top, a brass boat hook, a wooden block and tackle and a Mk VIIA electric rev indicator. £30-50
262.    Two pair of Hiatt handcuffs, one with key, five traditional police helmets, two Everoak Police safety helmets, and a quantity of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary buttons, etc. £50-80
263.    A quantity of mainly British Army items including a 1939 helmet, two pairs of boots, two gas masks, two glengarry hats and other items, in a trunk. £40-60
264.    A large quantity of Police uniforms, to include tunics, cloaks, great coats and a wooden truncheon. £60-100
265.    A Scots Guards red tunic, dated 1937 and other army uniforms (5). £40-60
266.    A quantity of naval and other uniforms, (some af). £60-80
267.    Three RAF uniforms. £40-60
268.    A Royal Marines helmet and belt, five Royal Navy caps, two RAF caps, a beret, a German Ensign flag and three other flags, (one framed). £30-50
269.    A No.4A 1940 gas mask in canvas, with eye shields, anti-gas ointment No.2, Anti-Dimming Mk V outfit, satchel and two war-time maps of SW England indicating "Areas dangerous to flying". £30-40
270.    A "The King's Regiment, Plymouth Association" flag, 90 x 128cm, fringed, on pole, with case. £30-50
271.    A collection of ten reproduction Luftwaffe badges and a pair of epaulettes, in glazed case. £30-50
280.    A mounted pair of Red Deer antlers marked 'Greenhill September 20th', mounted on an oak shield marked 'Ledgowan 1911'. £40-60
281.    A taxidermy otter head mounted on a hardwood shield, later-marked 'D.O.H. Tavy 21/06/04', label verso 'H. Blow Taxidermist'. £30-40
282.    A 3 1/2" bronzed brass fly reel with ivory handle, the back plate engraved with makers' details C Farlow & Son, 191 The Strand, the foot with fish trade mark, in fitted leather case. £50-80
283.    A George V cavalry sword with single-edge blade, 83cm, pierced hilt with royal cypher and wire bound grip, in leather scabbard; an Edwardian shooting stick and a rosewood bound three-drawer telescope, 73cm open, by R Field & Son, Birmingham, (3). £40-60
284.    A resin cast of a taxidermy rhino head with inset eyes, eyelashes, etc, 95cm long, 67cm wide. £200-300
285.    A taxidermy head and tail of a badger, "killed in Warfield Park, Aug 15th 1926", in case. £40-60
286.    A taxidermy fox with rabbit in naturalistic setting, cased, 112 x 57 x 33cm. £100-150
287.    A taxidermy golden pheasant with albino crow in naturalistic setting, cased, 94 x 53 x 29cm. £150-250
288.    A pair of buffalo horns, 186cm long. £20-30
289.    A Japanned LSWR four-aspect hand lamp with brass label and detail, stamped 'Tower Hill' on the side, complete with burner, reservoir and reflector, 31cm high. £60-80
290.    An electrified Adlake no.22 railway lamp, an electrified British Rail lamp and a "Scout" lamp, (3). £40-60
291.    A black-painted LNER four-aspect hand lamp with burner, reservoir, reflector and all glasses, marked 'Kerosene'. £60-80
292.    A black-painted three-aspect railway hand lamp by Eli Griffiths & Sons, with burner, reservoir, reflector and glasses, with applied plaque and numbered 2435. £60-80
293.    An Army two-aspect hand lamp marked 'JA2348, [arrow], GP Ltd, 1951', with burner, reservoir, reflector and one glass. £30-50
294.    An Army two-aspect hand lamp marked 'CE & S [arrow] 1955, 2348', with burner, reservoir, reflector and both glasses. £30-50
295.    A Japanned four-aspect hand lamp with burner, reservoir, reflector and all four glasses. £60-80
296.    A live steam horizontal stationary engine, metal base 15 x 52.5cm, funnel 22cm high, (untested). £100-150
297.    Parts of a live steam horizontal stationary engine, comprising brass boiler and two twin-piston units, boiler 20cm long, (untested).
298.    A small live steam horizontal stationary engine with twin pistons, base 8.5 x 23.5cm, (untested).
299.    A large live steam horizontal stationary engine with 17cm diameter fly wheel, base 50cm square, funnel 33cm, (untested).
300.    A live steam horizontal stationary engine with Stuart single cylinder engine, base 40 x 30cm 39cm high, (untested).
301.    A London Transport bus conductors' leather cash bag, complete with Budget key. £40-60
302.    A British Rail chloride lamp and five railway prints after Don Breckon and Barrie A F Clark. £20-30
303.    A Gibson A14 ticket machine, London Transport, no.23894. £180-220
304.    A Gibson A14 ticket machine, London Transport, no.21404 £180-220
305.    Two Setright ticket machines, 1952: Lincolnshire Road Car Co Ltd no.L472 and Eastern National Omnibus Co Ltd, no.E813, (2). £50-70
306.    Two Setright ticket machines, early 1950's: Crosville Motor Services , no.C813 and W Alexander & Sons Ltd, no.4097, (2).
307.    Two Setright ticket machines, 1954: Barton Transport Ltd, no.B201 and Southend Corporation Transport, no.S140, (2).
308.    Two Setright ticket machines,1956: Western Welsh Omnibus Co Ltd, no.s W171 and W652, (2).
309.    Two Setright ticket machines, c1958: South Wales Transport Co Ltd, no.s S331 and 684, (2).
310.    Two Setright ticket machines, Southern Vectis Omnibus Co Ltd, 1955, no.SV208 and West Yorks Road Car Co. Ltd, 1959, no.W888, (2).
311.    Two Setright ticket machines: Eastern National Omnibus Co Ltd, 1962, no.E1479 and Greater Manchester Transport, 1963, no.Q172, (2).
312.    Two Setright ticket machines: Bristol Omnibus co. Ltd, 1961, no.BT1413 and Lancashire United Transport, 1967, no.LU18, (2).
313.    Two Setright ticket machines, 1970's: Midland Red, no.O666 and Highland Omnibus Co. Ltd, no.1336, (2).
314.    Three Setright ticket machines, 1970's: Thames Valley Traction, no.694G, Great Yarmouth Transport Ltd, no.GY254 and W Gash & Sons Ltd, Newark, no.G017, (3). £50-80
315.    A Setright ticket machine, 1930's, W Alexander & Sons Ltd, no.R55. £30-50
316.    A Ticket Issue Machines TIM12 ticket machine, 1940's, Great Yarmouth CTD, no.66A. £30-50
317.    A Ticket Issue Machines TIM12 ticket machine, 1930's, Glasgow Corporation Transport, no.B21.
318.    A Ticket Issue Machines TIM3 ticket machine, 1950's, Lancashire United, no.803.
319.    A collection of unused bus ticket rolls, 180 rolls, approx, various companies. £30-50
320.    A collection of unused bus ticket rolls, 80 approx, various companies and three boxes of cash register rolls. £20-30
321.    A collection of Ultimate bus ticket rolls by Bell Punch Co. and Control Items Ltd, approx 76. £20-40
322.    A large collection of Bell Punch and other transport tickets, almost all pre-decimal, some with adverts to the reverse, approx 22,000. £100-200
323.    A collection of bus tickets in five albums: all Midland bus companies. £50-70
324.    A collection of bus tickets in two albums: Scottish transport companies.
325.    A collection of bus tickets in four albums: Ireland, I.O.M, North West and North East transport companies.
326.    A collection of bus tickets in four albums: South West, South Central, Central and Wales transport companies.
327.    Four Almex ticket machines (4). £50-80
328.    Four Almex ticket machines (4).
329.    Four Almex ticket machines (4).
330.    Two 1970's Ticket Issue Machines: TIM3 and TIM12 and two Almex ticket machines, (4). £50-80
331.    Two Bell Punch ticket machines, a Williamson ticket printer and five bus conductors' wooden ticket racks with tickets. £40-60
332.    Two Ultimate Bell Punch Co. ticket machines and other items. £30-50
333.    An Alfred Williamson Willebrew ticket machine and a cast iron cylindrical ticket machine, (2). £40-60
334.    A collection of unused bus ticket rolls for Plymouth City Bus, Thames Valley & Aldershot, Highland Omnibuses and Great Yarmouth Transport, 170 rolls, approx. £30-40
335.    A collection of tram and bus tickets in four albums: East Anglia, South East and London, (4). £40-60
336.    A collection of various transport tickets in four albums and loose, including concessionary, printers' stock tickets, parcel tickets, etc. £40-60
337.    An A B Almex Service handbook and various transport ephemera. £20-40
338.    An enamelled W Alexander & Sons ltd sign relating to the return of Duty Pass no.399, 5.5 x 10.5cm and an enamelled circular Duty Pass no.65. £30-50
339.    Sixteen bus conductor badges, (16). £80-120
340.    A small collection of vintage and later bus staff badges, including a chromed brass Halifax Transport 484 badge and enamelled ones for Royal Blue, Eastern National, Midland "Red" Conductor, (20). £50-80
341.    Ten various ticket punches by Wynn & Timmins, "Renoviate" (2), the rest unmarked. £30-50
342.    A bus blind with Essex and Kent destinations, in box frame. £30-50
345.    A 20th century cast metal and brass model of an 1895 Mortero canon stamped '3001' to barrel, 33cm long, complete with wooden and cast metal carriage, 37cm long, (2). £80-120
346.    A late-19th century Greek carved fruit wood walking stick, the handle carved as a horse's head and inscribed 'KEPKYPA', 87.5cm long. £30-50
347.    An early-20th century pond yacht with wooden hull and deck, weighted keel, gaff-rigged, 104cm. £80-120
348.    A seashell collection, mainly from the Bahamas, contained in a miniature chest of five drawers. £40-60
349.    A collection of seashells and fossils. £40-60
350.    A Universal Avometer and other meters. £20-30
351.    A pair of Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem 10 x 50W binoculars, a pair of Swift Audubon binoculars and a Russian Astel T80 Spotting Scope, (3). £30-50
352.    A glazed wall-mounted display case, 60.5 x 92 x 5cm. £30-50
353.    A life-size moulded composite figure of an Indian Squaw, with horse hair wig, 168cm high. £80-120
354.    A life-size moulded composite figure of an American farmer wearing a straw hat, dungarees and boots. £80-120
355.    A Zenza Bronica ETRSi camera, model no.7352083 with Zenzanon-PE1 2.8 75mm and 50mm lenses, lens hood, three 120 backs, motordrive, eye correction lens and viewfinder hood. £80-120
356.    An Ilford Advocate camera, white, with Dallmeyer Anastigmat f/3.5 35mm 452003 lens, in leather case, together with a Zeiss Ikon Ikophot exposure meter in case and a Zeiss Ikon Compur folding camera in case, (3). £30-40
357.    A Casella 1950's Thermo-Hygrograph No.7099, 35cm long, 16cm high, a larger unnamed similar Thermo-Hygrograph, serial no. R/32576, 42.5cm long, 31cm high and a Terwin Thermoscript, (3). £30-50
358.    A quantity of cameras to include: Minolta XG9, Nikon F90x (x2), Halina 35X, Super Baldina and others, with accessories. £30-50
359.    A Zenit EM and a Zenit E camera and other photographic accessories.
360.    A magic lantern, cased and a quantity of magic lantern colour slides of gardens, flowers and scenic views. £30-40
361.    A Herbert Holt mid-20th century oak bar billiards table on square chamfered legs, 90 x 181cm, complete with slide-in scoreboard, cues, balls and trees. £200-300
362.    A half-size slate bed snooker/billiards table, 191 x 100cm overall, together with cues and balls. £100-120
363.    A yellow and black enamel road sign, "No Stopping No Turning", 51 x 100.5cm, (a/f, one corner folded). £50-80
364.    An early-20th century black and yellow enamelled metal sign "The Cyclists Touring Club", (a/f), 40.5cm square. £50-80
365.    An AA circular enamel road sign "Ivybridge 2, Lee Mill, Plympton 4, London 204, Safety First", 76cm diameter. £100-150