Sale of Collectors' Items, Books, Stamps, Medals, Toys, Fountain Pens,
Antique Arms, Edged Weapons, Button Hooks & Miscellaneous Collectables
on Tuesday 25th February at 10.00am

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1.      Horricks & Ibbotson, a 9ft split-cane 3-piece trout rod and two others, (3). £20-40
2.      Six greenheart trout fly rods, including a 9ft Playfair, 9ft 6-inch Martin James and 8ft 3-piece with fold-down eyes, (6). £30-40
3.      The Elasticane Standard split-cane 10ft 2-piece Carp Rod, an R Chapman & Co. 2-piece carp rod "The Peter Stone Ledgerstrike Rod" and two other 2-piece split-cane carp rods, (4). £20-40
4.      An Everest 9ft split-cane fly rod with two tips, two other 9ft 3-piece split-cane rods with spare tips and three other fly rods, (6). £40-60
5.      A Milwards 9ft 4-inch split-cane 2-piece fly rod, an Allcocks "Popular" 9ft 3-piece split-cane fly rod, another 9ft split-cane fly rod and two 10ft 3-piece split-cane fly rods, (5). £50-80
6.      A W Hamlin 9ft 2-piece split-cane fly rod, another 9ft split-cane 2-piece fly rod, two 8ft split-cane fly rods, one marked Lindips and two other split-cane fly rods, (6). £40-60
7.      A Rodcraft Northwestern 7ft # 5/6 fly rod, with Fuji fittings throughout. £30-40
8.      An Allcocks Wallis Wizard split-cane rod with intermediate whippings. £100-120
9.      A Hardy fly rod with two top sections. £80-100
10.     A burnt bamboo 10ft 6-inch 3-piece fly rod with greenheart tip, a 3-piece split-cane rod with ceramic-lined eyes, a 9ft 3-piece split-cane fly rod with two tips, a J S Walker, Bampton whole-cane 3-piece fly rod and a J S Walker, Bampton, 9ft 6-inch 2-piece split-cane fly rod, (damaged), (5). £20-40
11.     Six mid-20th century split-cane trout rods, unnamed, (6). £20-30
12.     A greenheart split-cane 10ft 3-piece fly rod with leather grip and brass fittings, a 6ft 2-piece greenheart fly rod, a whole-cane 14ft 6-inch 3-piece fly rod and others, (9). £30-50
13.     A T H Sowerbutts of London burnt-cane 12ft dapping rod, with bronzed brass fittings and six others, (7). £30-50
14.     The Hardy Wanless (4lb) 7ft 2-piece split-cane trout fly rod, the alloy fitting numbered H9244, (no butt spike). £60-80
15.     A Marcus Warwick, Uppingham, Rutland 'The Halford' 9ft 6-inch 2-piece split-cane trout rod with re-whipped tip. £30-40
16.     A Farlow & Co. 'Jubilee' 8ft 6-inch 2-piece split-cane trout rod. £30-50
17.     A Milwards Flyover 9ft 5-inch 2-piece split-cane fly rod, no.34480. £30-50
18.     An Allcocks standard 12ft 3-piece split-cane fly rod and a Farlows 11ft 6-inch 3-piece split-cane fly rod, the butt cap engraved with maker's name, (2). £30-50
19.     A Trossachs Rod Building Co. Clan Rod 9ft 2-piece split-cane trout fly rod, a 9ft 6-inch 3-piece split-cane trout fly rod with indistinct label, re-whipped and an unnamed 6ft 2-piece split-cane rod, (3). £30-50
20.     A Hardy "Allinone" 4-piece split-cane fly rod, with alloy fitting numbered E41479 and a Hardy "Perfection" 8ft 6-inch 2-piece split-cane fly rod, (2). £20-40
21.     A vintage Hardy 9ft 6-inch 2-piece split-cane fly rod "The Perfection", with bronzed W rod fitting and signed butt cap 99614 and a vintage greenheart 7ft 8-inch split-cane trout rod, (2). £20-40
22.     A Hardy "Graphite de Luxe" 10ft 6-inch 2-piece fly rod and a Hardy "Jet" 9ft rod, (2). £50-80
23.     A Hardy 8ft No.4 2-piece graphite fly rod and a Bruce & Walker 10ft #5/6 2-piece carbon rod, (2). £50-70
24.     An Abu-Garcia custom graphite 9ft 2-piece fly rod, a Normark CF1082 #6/7 8ft 6-inch 2-piece fly rod and two other graphite rods, (4). £50-70
25.     An Abu-Garcia Premium graphite carbon 9ft 6-inch 2-piece fly rod, a Silstar WR3751-285, 2.85m 2-piece graphite fly rod and a Daiwa 2-piece fly rod, (3). £20-40
26.     A White River Classic 9ft 4-piece No.6 graphite rod with alloy fittings and part-hardwood reel mount. £30-50
27.     Two Allcocks 2-piece split-cane spinning rods, a PAC Ltd 2-piece SC spinning rod and two others, (5). £20-40
28.     A Martin James "Greaves" 10ft 6-inch 3-piece split-cane spinning rod with alloy rod fittings, three 7ft 2-piece split-cane spinning rods, indistinctly-labelled and two others, (6). £40-60
29.     James Bayne, "Callander", an 11ft 6-inch 3-piece split cane spinning rod, a Carter & Co. 10ft 6-inch 3-piece split-cane spinning rod with bronzed brass fittings, a 10ft 3-piece unnamed split-cane spinning rod and three others, (6). £40-60
30.     A Hardy 12ft 3-piece steel centre split-cane salmon fly rod, with bronzed brass and alloy fittings, agate-lined eyes and locked tight joints, No. E13279, an East Anglian Rod Co. Medway de Luxe hollow-built elasticane 12ft 3-piece split-cane spinning rod, a Pooson, Ringwood 10ft 3-piece split-cane salmon spinning rod and one other rod, (4). £30-50
31.     A Milwards "Searanger" 9ft 6-inch 2-piece split-cane spinning rod with brass rod fittings and five other vintage split-cane beach-casting rods, (6). £30-40
32.     A vintage 9ft 3-piece split-cane spinning rod, with brass rod fittings, re-whipped and other salt water rods. £30-40
33.     A collection of nine vintage greenheart 7ft and 8ft 2-piece boat rods, with ceramic rings, (9). £20-40
34.     A double-handled 17ft greenheart 3-piece fly rod, an 11ft 6-inch greenheart 3-piece fly rod, an Allcocks 'Solent' 7ft 2-inch 2-piece greenheart end cane rod with ceramic eyes, a Carter & Co. 13ft 3-piece cane fly rod and four smaller 2-piece greenheart rods, (8). £20-40
35.     A 2-piece whole cane beachcaster rod, a 10ft bamboo pier rod and eight other cane and bamboo rods, (10). £30-40
36.     A Mordex 'Ideal' 10ft 6-inch 3-piece split-cane coarse spinning rod, a Carter & Co. 11ft 6-inch 2-piece split-cane coarse rod, a Millwards 12ft 3-piece whole and split-cane coarse rod and an Allcock 11ft 3-piece split-cane coarse rod, (4). £20-40
37.     Two split-cane trotting rods with wooden grips, three 12ft 3-piece split-cane coarse rods and four others, (9). £30-40
38.     A 14ft 3-piece cane and split-cane coarse rod with bronzed brass fittings and two 7ft 2-piece cane and split-cane boat rods with ceramic eyes, (3). £10-20
39.     Two whole and split-cane 11ft 3-piece coarse rods and three others, (5). £20-30
40.     C P Mayfair, a 15ft 3-piece greenheart salmon fly rod, with bronzed brass fittings, a 14ft 3-piece greenheart fly rod with spare tip, possibly by Westley Richards, a 15ft 3-piece greenheart salmon fly rod and a 16ft 6-inch 3-piece whole cane greenheart salmon rod with spare tip, (4). £30-40
41.     Two 7ft Apollo tubular steel 2-piece trout fly rods and a Daiwa 9ft 6-inch 2-piece carbon greenheart fly rod, (3). £30-40
42.     An Edgar Sealey Fenwick Feralite glass fibre 10ft 2-piece fly rod, with cork grip and original plastic covering, a similar rod and five other glass fibre fly rods, (7). £40-60
43.     A Hardy Fibatube 7ft 2-piece spinning rod, a Hardy "Gordons Trentquest" 12ft 6-inch 3-piece Fibatube coarse rod and a Hardy 'Victor' 12ft 2-piece glass fibre beachcaster, (3). £20-30
44.     Bulcock & Son, Clitheroe, a 6ft 2-piece split-cane spinning rod with ceramic-lined funnel eyes and bronzed brass reel fittings, a child's 2-piece bamboo rod and other rods. £20-40
45.     A Hardy Ultralite 10ft 6-inch #7 two-piece graphite fly rod, in bag and tube, (rod tip damaged), an 8ft unnamed two-piece graphite fly rod and a House of Hardy Ultralite Disc #7/8 3¾-inch fly reel, boxed, together with a spare spool, both with lines, (2). £50-70
46.     An Airflo Delta Plus 10ft 6-inch #7/8 carbon fibre 3-piece fly rod, a Stillwater #7/8 3½-inch fly reel and a metal landing net. £20-30
47.     An Airflo delta Classic 11ft #6/7 graphite 3-piece fly rod in bag and tube, together with an Airflo Switchblack #7/8 fly reel with line and four spare plastic spools in carrying bag. £30-40
48.     A Snowbee Classic Diamond 2 10ft 4-piece #7 fly rod in bag and tube, together with an Orvis Batten Kill #8/9 3½" alloy fly reel and spare spool, both with line. £40-50
49.     A Jarvis Walker Devil 6ft spinning rod with associated GX2000 reel and other spinning and boat rods and reels, spit cane and other rods. £30-40
50.     A Millwards 9ft 3-piece split-cane trout rod with spare tip, in hand-made wood rod box and a 4-piece burnt-cane and greenheart rod with three tips, also in wood rod box, (2). £20-40
51.     Two Japanese split-cane fly and general-purpose rods, in hand-made rod boxes with accessories compartments, (2). £20-40
53.     Four Penn No.78 Bakelite multiplying reels, (4). £20-30
54.     Two Penn No.85 multiplying reels with metal spools, (one a/f), two similar with Bakelite spools, (one damaged), a Penn No.285 and two Penn No.77 reels, (7). £30-40
55.     A Mitchell 602 AP boat reel with spare spool, oil and spanner, in box, two Mitchell 'Captain' boat reels and three others, (6). £40-60
56.     A K P Morritt Ltd Intrepid 'Sea Streak' boat reel and six others, including 'Ocean City 1600', 'Ocean City 901', 'Ocean City 981', 'Champion High Speed', and Penn 'Commander', (7). £30-40
57.     Two Daiwa Harrier Carbon Match Series SS-1000RDA reels, a Mitchell spinning reel, a Mitchell 320 spinning reel and a Madonna-A spinning reel, all boxed, (5). £20-30
58.     A Pflueger Capitol No.1985 Surf casting reel with spanners and instructions, boxed. £20-30
59.     Three Mitchell No.486 fixed-spool spinning reels and other large fixed-spool reels, some damaged and re-painted. £30-50
60.     A collection of seven Mitchell CAP fixed-spool spinning reels, models 302, 304, 305, a Mitchell Garcia 304 and ten others. £30-50
61.     A collection of fixed-spool spinning reels, mainly by Mitchell, J P Morritt Ltd, approximately twenty, (some damaged and re-painted). £30-40
62.     A Mitchell 440A match spinning reel, a Mitchell 283 sea reel and a Mitchell 225 ORD spinning reel, (3). £20-30
63.     A collection of metal reels: Grice & Young 'Orlando III' (x3), a Gypsy D'Or, Angler Scout 8/100 (x2), The Gemini (x2), (8). £20-30
64.     A Pflueger 'Pakron' No.3178 reel, 15cm diameter, 'The Maxima' Dual Duty reel, 14cm diameter (x2), The Universal Reel, The Harrington Little Kraka (x2), 'The Omnia' spinning reel (x3) and others. £20-30
65.     Three Abumatic reels No.s 145, 110 and 80, a Daiwa 9850A, an Abu-Garcia 1044 reel and a Abumatic 315 Spincast reel in box, (6). £10-20
66.     A collection of alloy trotting reels, various makers, some unnamed, three Strike-Right British made anodised reels. £10-20
67.     An anodised 3-inch reel with alloy foot, in box, two anodised reels 'Bijou' and others. £10-20
68.     J W Young and Sons Ltd, 'The Ambidex' casting reel with anodised finish, an Ambidex No.1 (x3, one refinished), an Ambidex No.2 (refinished), together with two others, (7). £20-30
69.     A Hardy Bros Marquis 8/9 9.5cm fly reel, some corrosion, in case, a Hardy Bros LRH lightweight 3-inch fly reel (refinished) and a Hardy Bros 'Viscount 130' reel (refinished), (3). £30-50
70.     A Marco Cortesi bar stock alloy aerial-style reel, 4½-inch diameter, in excellent condition and a WSB Tackle Attura 6/7 3-inch reel, (2). £30-40
71.     A Hardy Bros Marquis 7 3½-inch gear fly reel and a Hardy Bros Marquis 4 2¾-inch gear fly reel, (2). £40-60
72.     Five 3½-inch Intrepid gear fly reels, together with an Intrepid gear fly king-size reel and a gear fly lightweight (damaged), (7). £30-50
73.     A J W Young & Son Pridex 3½-inch fly reel, another (seized), a Condex 3¾-inch fly reel, a 3½-inch Condex fly reel and an Allcocks Popular 3½-inch fly reel, also a J W Young & Sons Londex reel, (damaged and repainted), (6). £40-60
74.     An Allcocks "Black Knight" 3-inch reel c1930's, boxed. £40-60
75.     A J W Youngs Pattern 10B 3½-inch reel stamped The Helical Casting Reel. £175-200
76.     An Allcocks post-WWII 3¾-inch Aerial reel, no.365019. £100-120
77.     A brass 3-inch fly reel stamped Jeffery & Son, Plymouth, with Aitkin leather case. £90-120
78.     A hardwood 4¼-inch narrow drum reel with bone handles, the face stamped A W Gamage, London. £45-55
79.     Three Mitchell 300 reels and two spare spools, (5). £60-80
80.     A Greys 3-inch fly reel with line, a Greys 2¾-inch fly reel with line and a Shakespeare 'Odyssey' 5-6 3-inch alloy fly reel and spare spool, both with line, (4). £10-20
81.     Two 3½-inch British Fly Reels Ltd Rim Fly II alloy fly reels and a Rim Fly Magnum 4-inch fly reel with spare spool, (4). £20-30
82.     A K P Morris Ltd 'Intrepid' 3¾-inch alloy trout reel, a 3½-inch 'Intrepid' reel, (spool refinished silver), two Intrepid Rimfly reels and an Intrepid 3½-inch spare pool, (5). £10-20
83.     Two Abu-Diplomat 178 3⅜?-inch alloy fly reels and two Ryobi 3½-inch alloy trout reels, (4). £20-30
84.     Three Abu-Diplomat 278 3⅜?-inch fly reels and two Korean 3-inch fly reels, all with lines, (5). £20-30
85.     A Millward Flyranger 4-inch fly reel, a Norris 3¾ painted alloy reel stamped Norris Nürmburg and other reels. £20-40
86.     A Garcia Mitchell 710 automatic 3¼-inch fly reel, two Garcia Mitchell 752 fly reels, a Daiwa 731 and an Abu fly reel of triangular shape, (5). £20-40
87.     A Daiwa 809 3½-inch fly reel, a Daiwa 232 reel, a Leeda Dragonfly 100 reel and four other reels, (7). £20-40
88.     A Leeda Rim Fly Cartridge 355 3¼-inch alloy fly reel with spare spool, in box, a Rimfly Concept 375 with spare spool, in box and an LC 100, as new in box, with spare spool, (3). £10-20
89.     A Shakespeare 2800 Speedex 3½-inch trout fly reel with spare spool, a Daiwa RF320 3¾-inch fly reel, both boxed, a Shakespeare Norris No.2521 3½-inch fly reel and two others, (5). £20-30
90.     A Sunnybrook Union Hardware Co. Torrington, Connecticut 2½-inch brass skeleton reel, another finished black 'The Solite', in Ocean City Manufacturing Co. box, a brass Hendry 1½-inch brass skeleton reel, another (damaged) and two other brass reels, (6). £20-30
91.     Two 2-inch bronzed brass crank-handled pull winches with horn handles, a 1⅝?-inch brass pull winch with bone handle and five other crank-handled small brass reels. £60-80
92.     A Farlows 4⅛?-inch brass centre-pin reel with ivory handle, trademark to foot with scratched initials and a bronzed brass 2⅜?-inch centre-pin reel stamped S Allcock Co. Ltd, Redditch, (2). £10-20
93.     A 2¾-inch brass Birmingham reel with Bakelite back plate and horn handle and four other Birmingham-style brass reels, (5). £20-30
94.     A vintage brass crank-handled 2⅜?-inch reel stamped with a bird with fish in beak trademark, horn handle missing, another crank-handled 3-inch brass reel, three Milbro 2¾-inch brass reels and two others, (7). £30-50
95.     Charles Alvey & Son, Brisbane, 'Surf Champion' Bakelite and chrome 7-inch sea reel, with star drag and patent rod fitting, another 7-inch reel and three 5½-inch Alvey reels, (5). £40-60
96.     Charles Alvey & Son, Brisbane, three model 35 3¾-inch Bakelite and chrome side-caster reels, a model 40 4¼-inch side-caster and a 4¾-inch side-caster (spool repaired), (5). £40-60
97.     Charles Alvey & Son, Australia, "The Estuary Champion Star Drag" Bakelite and chrome 6¼-inch reel, a 4½-inch reel with star drag, a 5-inch side-caster reel, a 4¼-inch side-caster reel and an S & A Sidney Steelite Bakelite and chrome side-caster 4½-inch reel, (5). £40-60
98.     Two Australian Academy Bakelite reels, an Ebro Major 4-inch Bakelite and metal reel, four 5-inch Paramount Bakelite and plastic reels with chrome feet and other reels, (damages). £30-50
99.     An Allcock Aerialite 5-inch Bakelite and chrome surf reel, an Allcock Aerialite 3½-inch black Bakelite fly reel with alloy foot, patent no. 300026, in associated Allcocks box, two Allcocks 4-inch sea reels and two 3¾-inch Bakelite reels, (6). £30-50
100.    Four Allcock Aerialite Bakelite 3¾-inch trotting reels with chrome and metal feet and line guides and two others without line guides, (6). £30-50
101.    An Allcock Aerialite 3¾-inch trotting reel, a Milbro Sport 3¾-inch trotting reel, an M Lee & Son Ltd "The Morelee" 3½-inch reel, "The Gyrex" reel and others. £30-50
102.    An Eton "Sun" 6-inch brass-mounted reel, a small "Sun" reel, (in poor condition), a Lewtham 5-inch "Sun" reel and four other "Sun" reels, (7). £30-50
103.    An Eton "Sun" hardwood and brass 5-inch star reel, a 4-inch sun star-back reel, a 5½-inch unmarked rosewood star-back reel with part-alloy spool, horn handles and perforated foot and two other star-back reels, (5). £40-60
104.    A 3½-inch walnut and brass star-back reel, three other star-back reels and four other wooden reels, (8). £30-50
105.    A J W Young for J Peek & Son, London, Pattern 9 fishing reel, with quick-release drum and rim latch. £45-55
106.    A C Farlow & Co. Ltd Perfect Pattern 10B 3-inch fly reel, with Holdfast logo. £150-170
107.    An Allcocks Easicast 4-inch reel c1938. £55-65
108.    A C Farlow & Co. Ltd Perfect Pattern 10B 4½-inch salmon reel, with Holdfast logo. £225-250
109.    An Allcocks "The Marvel" 3½-inch fly reel c1930's, with line-guide tension regulator and quick-release drum. £75-85
110.    An Allcocks Type-1 No.7950 4-inch Aerial reel, c1910, stamped Patent and 4. £1200-1500
111.    An amateur-built 4½-inch mahogany and brass reel, four small wood Nottingham reels with brass feet and horn handles and other wood reels, (damages). £30-50
112.    A Hardy Bros Ltd 7-inch Fortuna fishing reel, (frame cracked, some pitting to back). £200-400
123.    A wicker coarse fishing creel of half-round shape, 38cm wide, 36cm high and a smaller creel of oblong form, with canvas shoulder strap, (2). £40-60
124.    A wicker creel of oblong form, 41cm wide, 33cm high, with leather shoulder strap and a similar smaller creel, (2). £30-40
125.    A small wicker pot-bellied creel with leather-bound canvas pocket, 36cm wide, 23cm high and a larger modern pot-bellied wicker creel, 140cm wide, 36cm high, (2). £20-40
126.    Lonsdale Library: Fine Angling for Coarse Fish, plts, dwrp cl gt, 8vo, nd; Badminton Library, Cholmondeley-Pennell (H), Fishing, plts, illus, pic cl gt, 8vo, 1893; Venables (Bernard), Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing (2 copies), nd and 1952 and other volumes on angling, (31). £40-60
127.    A quantity of books on fly fishing, fly tying, salmon, etc. £30-40
128.    A quantity of books on fishing. £30-40
129.    A quantity of books on fishing. £30-40
130.    A quantity of books on fishing. £30-40
131.    A collection of approximately thirty-six various rod bags, including Hardy Bros, C Farlow & Co. Ltd, Westley Richards, S Allcock & Co. Ltd, Edgar Sealey and others. £40-60
132.    An Ogden Smith wooden-handled trout net and three other wooden-handled landing nets, (4). £20-30
133.    Five alloy-handled landing nets, (5). £20-30
134.    A coarse fish keep net, various landing net tops and miscellaneous items. £20-30
135.    A collection of approximately seventy painted metal and other Devon minnows. £50-80
136.    A collection of approximately fifty painted metal and other Devon minnows. £30-50
137.    A large chrome-plated Sea Mepp 155 lure, other large metal lures, prawn tackle and miscellaneous items. £50-100
138.    A collection of fishing balances by Hughes, Salter, an American 25lb balance "The Alderman No. 110" and other fishing miscellany, including a Hardy Bros two bobbin wire spool. £20-40
139.    A collection of Mepps spinners, various sizes, other baits and a miscellany. £30-40
140.    A collection of baits, including an Allcocks Feathero minnow, in box, Wadhams painted rubber fish bait in box, a painted minnow by Hatton, Hereford, slotted minnows, a Gordon Griffiths metal minnow and others. £50-80
141.    A collection of fly lines, vintage gut on spools, hooks, together with five wood and one K P Morritt line winders. £30-40
142.    A collection of fishing and other penknives. £10-20
143.    A boxed set of fly-tying equipment and a large brass & metal tying vice. £20-30
144.    A collection of alloy and other fly boxes, including Wheatley Silmalloy. £20-40
145.    A Hardy Bros japanned metal fly box of fifteen lidded compartments, containing approximately seventy trout flies, a smaller Hardy Bros japanned metal fly box containing approximately fifty trout flies and a small collection of trout and salmon flies. £40-60
146.    A large late-19th century leather folding cast wallet retained by original strap, another with green leather interior retained by a ribbon and a collection of smaller cast and fly wallets. £40-60
147.    A collection of approximately 230 trout and salmon flies, mainly home tied. £30-50
148.    A fly-tying vice, and various fly-tying equipment and miscellanea. £30-40
149.    A collection of approximately forty canvas and other rod bags. £10-20
150.    A small wicker creel, 31cm, with canvas strap and cover, two trout bags, two line winders and a miscellany. £10-20
151.    A wood 5ft pole gaff, a 'Devanneys' burnt-cane 18ft 8-inch bamboo pole, two net or gaff handles and other items. £20-40
170.    An 18th century flintlock fowling piece, the 152cm (60-inch) single barrel with slightly-flared muzzle and horn-tipped rammer, steel lock, cock and frizzen pan, the walnut stock inset with brass butt plate and trigger guard engraved with a game bird, 191cm (75 inches) overall. £800-1200
171.    A WWI fencing rifle/practice bayonet, the wood stock stamped W Greener Birmingham, dated 1915 and stamped with an X and broad arrow, 164cm, (losses to stock). £40-60
172.    A rare brass-barrelled flintlock mail coach blunderbuss by H.W. Mortimer & Son, Gun Maker to His Majesty, No. 294, Circa 1810, the 36cm barrel signed in full and numbered along the top flat at the breech and engraved 'For His Majesty's Mail Coaches' around the muzzle, plain tang, signed flat-bevelled lock with safety-catch, figured full stock with old repair to barrel end and brass mounts of regulation type comprising scrolled side-plate, butt-plate and trigger-guard, brass ramrod-pipes, and brass-tipped ramrod, 76cm (30") overall.
173.    A copy of an Enfield carbine rifle with brass furniture and steel lock marked Enfield and engraved with a crown, 84cm (33") barrel, metal rammer 122cm, (48") overall, and a similar rifle, (2).
174.    A 19th Century Indian matchlock gun with 117cm barrel with flared muzzle, the wood stock stamped 3027 and a similar matchlock gun, stamped 3583, both with certificates from the Maharaj of Jaipur, (2).
175.    An 18th century flintlock holster pistol by Richard Wilson, London, the 20.5cm brass barrel struck with proof marks and star over RW mark and "London", steel lock engraved "Wilson", brass fittings, escutcheon and devils mask butt end, 38cm overall.
176.    A Remington Arms rim fire over/under Deringer pistol, with 7.5cm barrel, marked "REMINGTON ARMS CO.ILION.N.Y.", stamped 451, central hammer, swing-lever locking catch, extractor and chequered grips, 12cm long overall, (retains some original Nickle plate, grips are 50% worn).
177.    A Russian Baikal MP-654K calibre 4.5mm CO² air pistol numbered T14046944, in original black plastic case, with handbook, (no accessories) and original leather holster. £80-120
178.    A 'British Cub' .177 pop-out air pistol, black finish, the butt embossed British Cub. £30-50
179.    A pre-war Diana Model I air pistol with engraved detail of Diana holding aloft a rifle, stamped Made in Germany, length 19cm, with cocking lever and a Diana SP-50 4.5mm air pistol, (wear to paint), (2). £30-40
180.    A Sussex Armoury Precise 800 Official Police Revolver, in original packaging, an Italian BBM starting pistol and a Sussex Armoury 2054 de luxe starter automatic 7-shot pistol, (3). £50-70
181.    A Westlake .177 air pistol, a Westlake .177 air rifle and a target holder, (3). £40-60
182.    An S.M.K. B45-3 .177 multi-pump 12-shot air rifle. £30-40
183.    A 19th century percussion pocket pistol, the 7.5cm turn-off barrel with proof marks and walnut butt, 18cm overall, together with a reproduction brass and wood pocket pistol and a book, 'Antique Fire Arms, Their Care, Repair & Restoration', by Ronald Lister, (3). £20-30
193.    A Middle Eastern curved double-edge 26.5cm dagger with embossed leather grip and scabbard, (65cm overall). £30-50
194.    A metal and bone-handled kukri knife in metal-mounted scabbard, a horn and metal-mounted powder flask and a North African metal box and cover, (3). £40-60
195.    A WWI French 1886-pattern Lebel bayonet number P57959, with brass handle, in original scabbard, 66cm. £30-50
196.    A Japanese officer's katana sword with signed 64cm curved blade and bound fish skin-covered grip, with pierced tsuba and leather-covered lacquered wood saya, 96cm overall. £400-600
197.    A Japanese military kyo-gunto sword, the unsigned curved 47cm blade with 2cm fault to one side, decorated copper habaki brass European hilt with fish skin wire-bound grip fixed with wood menugi, in wood-lined metal saya and outer leather cover, 78cm overall. £200-300
198.    A Japanese shin-gunto sword with 60cm unsigned blade, plain iron tsuba and later bound fish skin tsuka with metal mounts, the saya also with white metal inlaid brass mounts, 97cm overall. £200-300
199.    A Malayan kris dagger with pierced decorative wavy-edged blade, the carved wood handle with part-set metal mount, in metal-covered scabbard, 51cm overall, (blade 36cm). £100-200
200.    A Middle Eastern double-edged sword with fullered 77cm blade, coloured leather-covered cross piece and grip, brass and copper pommel in red and turquoise leather scabbard with embroidery and metal mounts, 94cm. £100-200
211.    A British Railways travel poster for Plymouth, depicting Plymouth Hoe, with Drakes Island, Sir Francis Drake visible in the clouds, 101 x 63.5cm. £300-400
212.    Approximately 150 photographs c1944-1945, mainly of Londonderry area, including some of the US Marines and battleships, also many rural scenes and some of Iceland, 57 of 21.5 x 16.5cm, the rest 15.5 x 13cm, or smaller. £50-80
213.    An album of 198 photographs of Plymouth c1942, compiled to encourage children to donate one penny each to contribute to a night-fighter for the RAF. The photographs graphically show the bomb damage all over Plymouth providing a comprehensive archive of the city's war damage. The 198 photographs are mounted on 50 sheets of black card and annotated in white throughout. £80-120
214.    Five photographic plates for women's magazine colour illustrations c1960's, 38 x 30.5cm and two other boxes of glass photographic plates. £10-20
215.    A collection of 83 postcards and various small prints, engravings and greetings cards, in three albums. £20-30
216.    A small quantity of postcards, including an RP of HMS Montagu on the rocks on Lundy Island, an RP of a Zulu chief at Durban and other postcards, etc. £10-20
217.    Approximately 375 postcards in five albums, mainly topographical, UK and foreign, including many RPs. £40-60
218.    Kane Products Ltd, trade cards, 'Film Stars', 72/72. £30-50
219.    A small quantity of late-19th and early-20th century scrap books, a feather collage of a peacock, book plates and other items. £20-30
220.    A large map of the Kinross Ltd gold mines, South Africa, scale 1:2,500, 190 x 173cm approximately. £10-20
221.    Fashion, An Anthology by Cecil Beaton, signed on cover, a small album of verses and drawings, a collection of photographs and a copy of J Hillier's "Hokusai", plts, dwrp cl, 4to, 1957. £10-20
222.    A "Famous Monsters of Filmland" Collector's Edition Magazine, ten Man For All Seasons film stills and a collection of film brochures, including three James Bond magazines. £30-40
223.    A large double-sided "New Real Madrid" poster of David Beckham, 128 x 87cm, framed, another, "The Second Rugby World Cup Sevens Hong Kong 1997", 85 x 60cm, framed and glazed and "War of the 80's Leonard vs Duran" boxing poster, 65 x 89cm, framed and glazed, (3). £30-40
224.    A large collection of Brooke Bond tea cards, in albums and loose and other trade card part-sets. £40-60
225.    Lambert & Butler 'Motor Cycles' 50/50, Alexander Boguslavsky Ltd Turf Cigarettes 'Conan Doyle Characters' 25/25, 'Winners on The Turf' 25/25, Ogdens Ltd 'Captains of Association Football' 44/44, 'Foreign Birds' 50/50, 'Trainers and Owners Colours' 1st Series 25/25, 2nd Series 25/25 and other full sets, contained in two albums. £60-80
226.    R & J Hill Ltd 'Famous Cricketers' 40/40, 'Wireless Telephony' (1-36), Alexander Boguslavsky 'Sports Records' 1st Series 25/25, Cavanders Ltd 'Foreign Birds' 25/25, 'Ancient Egypt' 25/25, John Player 'Racing Caricatures' 40/40, Ogdens Ltd 'Leaders of Men' 50/50 and other sets and part-sets contained in four albums. £60-80
227.    Gallaher Ltd 'Trains of The World' 48/48, Ogdens Ltd 'Jockeys and Owners Colours' 50/50, WA & AC Churchman 'Empire Railways' 50/50, Carreras Ltd 'Notable MPs' 50/50 and other sets in albums and loose. £40-60
228.    A large collection of various part-sets of cigarette cards, loose and in albums, contained in two boxes. £60-80
229.    A large collection of 'Soccer Star' magazines from the late-1950's and early-1960's, comprising: Vol 6 no.s 21-52, Vol 7 no.s 1, 2, 4-26, 31-52, Vol 8 no.s 1-52, Vol 9 no.s 1-15, 17-52, Vol 10 no.s 1-15, 24-52, Vol 11 no.s 1-52, Vol 12 no.s 1-52, Vol 13 no.s 1-52, Vol 14 no.s 1-16, 47, together with thirty-six magazines from 1967-69. £80-120
230.    A collection of seven Evening Standard copyright black and white photographs of action between Newcastle and Manchester City in the 1954/5 FA Cup Final, including one of Bert Trautmann shaking hands with Prince Philip, each 15.3 x 25cm, together with six photographs of action between England and West Germany, probably 1954 and two Rugby Union photographs, (15). £30-50
231.    A collection of Plymouth Argyle home Football League programmes: 1950/51 (x2), 1951/52 (x4), 1952/53 (x2), 1953/54 (x6), 1954/55 (x3), 1955/56 (x4), 1956/57 (x10), 1957/58 (x18), 1958/59 (x10), together with Football Combination programmes 1950/51 v Tottenham, v Bournemouth, 1951/52 v Southampton (Cup), 1953/54 v Arsenal and other later programmes, approximately 80, some with results and scorers written in pen. £50-80
240.    Nicholson (William), An Exposition of the Apostles Creed, delivered in Several Sermons, cf, 4to, 1661, William Leake, London, leather on spine and back board detached, also The Arminian Magazine, 3 vols, Vols X - XIII, 1788-90, cf gt, 8vo, (4). £30-50
241.    Bible (English), The Bible that is The Holy Scriptures contained in the Old & New Testament, Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kinges Most Excellent Majestie, engr tp by William Hole, (cropped to fore-edge and foot), full-page wd engr of the Garden of Eden, Apocrypha present, New Testament tp dated 1611, Whole Book of Psalmes tp dated 1618, bound with The Genealogies by John Speed, red-ruled throughout, "breeches", Genesis III v7, cf gt, with James I coat of arms, 4to. £200-300
242.    Mornay (Philippe de), Mysterium Iniquitatis, Sell, Historia Papatus ......, engr woodcut to tp, errata p to back, cf, (lacks ties), 4to, 1611, Salmurii per Thomam Portaeum. £60-80
243.    Diodati (John), Pious Annotations upon the Holy Bible, 1st Edn, engr tp, (pasted down on a new p), later cf, 8vo, 1643, for Nicholas Fussell, (bd detached). £40-60
244.    Plutarch, Plutarchi Chaeronensis Moralia, printed in Latin, many annotations in margins, cf, 4to, Apud Jacobum Dupuys, via ad D. lodunem Lateraheysem ........, Paris 1570. £60-80
245.    A small volume of photographs of submarines and naval destroyers, with glassine captioned guards and text pages, the later pp having pasted-in postcards of destroyers, in ornate mor gt binding, with Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom to front and Admiralty seal to reverse, silk end papers by Eyre & Spottiswoode, ge, 8vo, nd, c1940. £30-50
246.    A quantity of books on diving, authors include Jacques Cousteau and Hans Hass and other books on sea life, etc, the contents of three boxes. £30-40
247.    A quantity of children's books with decorative cloth bindings, by G A Henty, W P Sherwill, etc, and other volumes, the contents of two boxes. £30-40
248.    A quantity of books, mainly on bird watching and natural history. £20-30
249.    Kearton (Richard), Kearton's Nature Pictures, 2 vols, plts, tissue gds, cl gt, large 4to, 1910 and other volumes on natural history and birds. £20-30
250.    A quantity of books on birds and bird watching. £30-40
251.    Morris (Rev F O), The History of British Birds, 6 vols, hd col plts, ge, hf mor gt, 8vo, 1851-1857. £150-200
252.    Stanley (Henry M), Through the Dark Continent, 2 vols, plts, fldg maps, illus, pic cl gt, 8vo, 1878, (one vol damaged). £30-50
253.    Holy Bible, An Illustration of the Holy Bible Containing the Sacred Texts of the Old Testament and the New ......., 2 vols: Genesis to Isiah, printed by Boden & Adams, 1769; Jeremiah to Revelation, printed by Nicholas Boden, 1771, both re-bound, cf gt, fo, (2). £40-60
254.    Wyon (Alfred Benjamin & Allan), The Great Seals of England, no. 22 of ltd edn of 300, with presentation slip to the Rt Hon Lord Thurlow, signed by Allan Wyon, plts, ge, contemp red mor gt, fo, 1887, Ex Lib, with Warner (George F) and Ellis (Henry J), Facsimiles of Royal and Other Charters in the British Museum, Vol 1 only, plts, cl gt, fo, 1903, Ex Lib, (2). £60-80
255.    Lysons (Rev Daniel & Samuel), Magna Britannia, Vol 3 - Cornwall, engr plts, fldg map, teg, hf mor gt, 1 ge 4to, 1814, Ex Lib, spine and front bd detached. £30-40
256.    Buchan (John), The House of the Four Winds, signed on tp, 1st edn, cl gt, 8vo, 1935 and other 20th century novels, many with dwrps. £30-40
257.    Seebohm (Henry), Coloured Figures of the Eggs of British Birds, frontis and 59 col plts, cl gt, lge 8vo, 1896; Adams (H G), Nests and Eggs of Familiar Birds, 16 col plts, hf cf gt, 8vo, 1871, (2). £30-40
258.    Spencer (Nathaniel), The Complete English Traveller, or, A New Survey and Description of England and Wales, frontis of Britannia, 3 maps, (2 fldg), and 56 plts, contemp cf, (front bd detached), fo, printed for J Cooke at Shakespeare's Head, 1771, together with Brown's Bible, 1812 and The London Magazine, Vol 43, 1774, (a/f).
259.    Du Maurier (Daphne), The King's General, 1st Edn, 2nd Imp, dwrp, cl gt, 8vo, 1946; The Flight of the Falcon, 1st Edn, dwrp, cl gt, 8vo, 1965 and other vols by and about Daphne Du Maurier. £30-40
260.    Brickhill (Paul), The Dam Busters, 1st edition, plts, dwrp, cl gt, 8vo, 1951. £40-60
261.    Thompson (W Harding), Devon Coast, A Survey of its Moors and Rivers ....., frontis, plts, fldg maps, dwrp, cl gt, 4to, 1932; A Plan for Plymouth 1943 and an early-20th century map of Plymouth by Swiss & Co. £30-50
262.    Butler (Arthur G) & Frohawk (F W, Illustr.), British Birds with their Nests and Eggs, 6 vols, 24 col plts, numerous black and white plts, tissue gds, ge, mustard cl gt, lge 4to, nd. £40-60
263.    Eyriès (Gustave) & Sadoux (Eugene), Les Chateaux Historiques de La France, 2 vols, engr plts, tissue gds, text illus, rebound in cl, including original bds, fo, 1877-79; Perkins (Charles C), Italian Sculptors, engr plts, pages uncut, cl gt, 4to, 1868, (3). £30-50
264.    The Book of Common Prayer, printed at the Clarendon Press by Dawson, Bensley & Cooke, Oxford, ge, red mor gt, 8vo, 1801. £20-30
265.    Sproat (Gilbert Malcolm), Sir Walter Scott as a Poet, with inked dedication "Thomas ???? Eyre, with a writer's very kindest regards, 24 Oct 1872", ge, black mor gt, 8vo, 1871. £30-40
266.    Burney (James), Chronological History of Voyages and Discoveries in the South Seas, Bibliotheca Australiana edn, 5 vols, fldg maps, bds, 4to, 1967; and another, similar, (6). £30-40
267.    Crosby (Percy), Sport Drawings, no. 96 of signed limited edition of 1000, with hand-written note by author Arthur Edwin Krows to film director Carlyle Ellis, tipped-in col plts, black and white plts, cl, fo, 1933. £20-40
268.    Meÿer (Henry Leonard), Coloured Illustrations of British Birds and their Eggs, 7 vols, 433 plts (approximately), mainly hand-coloured, tissue gds, g e, green hf mor gt, 8vo, Willis & Sotheran, 1857, (7). £400-600
271.    A collection of mint British Empire stamps in two albums, including Gibraltar 1938-51 to 10/-, £1 mint Nyasaland to 20/-, Great Britain, etc. £80-100
272.    An accumulation of stamps and covers in twelve albums and stock books, with mint Great British, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. £200-250
273.    A large collection of Great Britain and Channel Islands first day covers in twenty-one albums and loose, with issues from 1936 including many special postmarks, (many 100's). £60-80
274.    A quantity of stamps, covers and booklets, in four binders and loose, including Czechoslovakia special postmarks. £80-100
275.    Various stamps and covers in a box. £30-40
276.    A collection of stamps and covers in six albums and two frames. £20-25
277.    Various stamps and covers in albums and loose. £20-25
278.    A very large collection of stamps and covers in albums, stock books and loose, with mint British Empire, main interest in thematics, including animals, transport, birds, also miniature sheets. £400-600
279.    A collection of stamps in three albums, together with a small collection of cigarette card part-sets. £15-20
280.    A collection of mainly modern issues in five photo albums, with Great British decimal mint sets, presentation packs, including 1977 Machin high value pack No.13 and booklets. £240-260
281.    A large collection of stamps and covers, in albums, stock books and loose, contained in two boxes, with Great Britain. £50-60
282.    An accumulation of stamps and covers in albums and stock books, in three plastic crates, with mint and used British Empire and Great Britain Benham first day covers and cards. £80-100
283.    A collection of stamps in two albums and on leaves, with USA, etc. £30-40
284.    A collection of modern stamps and covers in seven albums, with many coin covers. £30-50
285.    Two wooden boxes of Royal Naval commemorative covers, also a few mint GB stamps. £20-30
286.    A collection of stamps in a Triumph album. £20-25
287.    An accumulation of stamps in three stock books, on leaves and loose, including Great Britain decimal presentation packs, British Empire, etc. £50-70
300.    A collection of mother of pearl buttons on Mode de Paris haberdashery cards: 4cm diam (30), 3.5cm diam (23) and 24 various abalone shell buttons on cards. £20-30
301.    A large collection of mother of pearl buttons, all 3cm diameter, in sets of twelve on haberdashery cards, 264 total. £50-80
302.    Eight sets of twelve 2.7cm diam mother of pearl buttons on Mode de Paris haberdashery cards. £20-30
303.    A collection of sixty mother of pearl buttons on Mode de Paris and other haberdashery cards, 3.6cm diam (12) and 2.7cm diam (48). £20-30
304.    A collection of sixty-four mother of pearl and abalone buttons of various shapes and sizes mounted on velvet haberdashery cards. £20-30
305.    A large quantity of mother of pearl buttons, mainly 2.7cm diameter, a few as part sets on cards, approx 190. £40-60
327.    A WWII blind flying aircraft control panel c1943, the board marked 6A/760, the artificial horizon stencilled DO NOT JAR, HANDLE LIKE EGGS, all instruments appear original and bear serial numbers, 27cm x 35.5cm. Reputed to have come from a Spitfire which crashed in the Midlands. £600-800
328.    A pair of Swarovski-Optic Tirol Falke 8 x 30 EV binoculars, numbered 272667, with case (damaged). £30-40
329.    A 19th century ebonised postcard magnifying viewer, 46 x 26cm, (damaged). £20-30
330.    A "Leica"-type camera, no.274703 stamped Made in Occupied Japan, with Leitz Visoflex and Leitz Canada Elmar 1:3.5/65 lens no.2258703, with box, also a "Leica" leather case and various Leitz accessories. £150-250
331.    A Rolleiflex T1 TLR camera numbered 2186689, with Carl Zeiss Tessar f/3.5 75mm lens no. 3832198, together with a Rollei Penta Prismfinder, lens caps, spare waist level finder, leather case, etc, (bulb switch missing). £150-200
332.    A Hasselblad 500C/M camera, serial no. UE 1235646, with Carl Zeiss Planar f/2.8 80mm lens no. 6200773, prism finder, waist level finder and four film backs. £300-500
333.    A Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Distagon T* f/4 50mm lens, serial no. 7047817. £100-200
334.    Various cameras, including an Agfa Isolette, an Ensign Ful-Vue and a quantity of camera accessories by Metz, in an aluminium case. £30-40
335.    A Nikon Nikomat SLR camera with Nikkor-S.C Auto f/1.4 50mm lens no.1489025, a Zeiss Ikon Nettar bellows camera, an attachment for macrophotography and other camera accessories. £30-40
336.    A Minolta SRT101 camera body with M C Rokkor-PF f1.4 58mm lens, M C Tele Rokkor - Q D f3.5 135mm lens, Auto Tamron f2.8 28mm lens, Tamron f5.6 300mm lens and other accessories, with cases and boxes, in aluminium case. £50-80
337.    A Durst M300 Precision Enlarger and other photographic equipment. £20-30
338.    An Asahi Pentax K1000 camera with f1:2 50mm lens, a Galaxy Telephoto f1:5.5 300mm lens, an RMC Tokina f1:4-4.5 35-135mm lens, other cameras and accessories. £30-50
339.    "The National Camera" mahogany and brass half-plate camera, with two Thornton Pickard numbered half-plate frames, a Beck symmetrical lens and two other lenses, in canvas and leather bag with Thornton Pickard label. £100-150
340.    A quantity of cameras, including a Zeiss Ikon Contessamat, a Fed 4 and a Kodak Six-20 Junior; also a pair of Zeiss Ikon Jena binoculars, (damaged). £20-30
341.    An Edison Standard Phonograph with metal and fabric horn, (both in poor condition) and approximately 25 cylinders. £50-70
342.    An Art Deco Philips brown Bakelite 'Pancake' speaker with metal triangular foot, 40cm diameter, 43cm high overall, together with a 'The Peerless' harmonic accordion, (six buttons lacking), in wooden box, (2). £50-80
343.    A Meinholds Accordzither 'Miranda' auto harp, 58 x 36cm and another, Guitarr-zither, (2). £30-50
344.    An early-20th century "Fellocryst Super Receiving Cabinet", in oak case, with instruction card numbered 4696, 22.5cm wide, with headphones and spare crystals. £40-60
345.    A late-19th/early-20th century full-size violin with 14-inch one-piece back, banded borders and rosewood keys, together with two bows, one indistinctly-stamped, in case. £250-350
346.    The Stentor Student Music Company half-size cello with two-piece back, no bow or case and a damaged Continental full-size violin in case, (2). £50-80
347.    A fur headband of dark brown-tipped white fur, possibly rabbit. £20-30
348.    A Red Fox fur jacket, approximately size 12. £40-60
349.    A full-length fur coat of chevron design. £40-60
350.    A wedding dress, 1937, of ivory satin, bias-cut with cowl neck and ribbon-lace sleeve heads, a veil with appliqué satin flowers, pearlised headdress and silk stockings, in original box from J Modes, Plymouth. £30-50
351.    A snake skin handbag, an Aquascutum leather purse, another purse, a wallet and seven pairs of gloves. £20-30
352.    A lady's brown mink coat, three-quarter length, with turned-up cuffs and roll neck, labelled for Kenneth Cross, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. £40-60
353.    A blonde mink coat, full-length, size 14, no furrier's label. £40-60
354.    Two bear skin rugs, each 75 x 150cm approximately, (2). £40-60
355.    A vintage lizard leather handbag with suede interior, 22cm x 17cm, six other handbags and a pair of crocheted net gloves. £40-60
356.    A cased manual sewing machine by 'The Normann Sewing Machine Company'. £20-40
357.    A large mulberry bark cloth counterpane from Tonga, decorated with painted brown stripes with leaf and other motifs between, 260 x 225cm, (damage to edges, some blue and white paint stains.) £60-80
360.    "Train", G Gauge, 757-5802 remote control 2-6-2 tank engine, "Harbour Station" no.99 6001-4, with r/c unit and charger, boxed. £40-60
361.    "Train", G Gauge, three 757-5803 TB coaches, boxed, (some slight damages) and a quantity of plastic rail, boxed. £40-60
362.    Märklin I Gauge, 54504 DB 0-4-0 tank engine no. 98 311, boxed and a quantity of Peco I-gauge track. £60-100
363.    O Gauge, a spirit-fired live steam 4-4-0 locomotive and tender, (repainted). £60-80
364.    Hornby O Gauge, EPR2 and EPL2 electric points, boxed, and other unboxed two and three-rail points and track. £20-30
365.    Bachmann OO Gauge, four GWR Collett coaches, chocolate and cream, all boxed, (4). £30-50
366.    Bachmann OO Gauge, six various boxed coaches, (one with inner plastic packaging missing) (6). £30-50
367.    Bachmann OO Gauge, six 38-033 Bogie Hopper wagons and three other wagons, all boxed, (9). £40-60
368.    Dapol OO Gauge, B800 Track Cleaner and two B910C Pocket Wagons and Containers, all boxed, (3). £30-40
369.    Bachmann OO Gauge, four 37-604A VGA Sliding Wall Vans and eight other wagons, all boxed, (12). £40-60
370.    OO Gauge, approximately 60 unboxed wagons, mainly Bachmann, (some damages). £40-60
371.    Four scratch-built engine sheds, a quantity of empty boxes, various diecasts and various modelling materials and tools, etc. £30-50
372.    A large quantity of railway buildings, tunnels, bridges, pylons, etc, (damages). £30-40
373.    Märklin OO Gauge, Set 2959 Passenger Train Set, comprising 0-6-0 tank locomotive, two tinplate second class coaches, tinplate track, brochure, etc, box (box taped), a quantity of unboxed tinplate track and other items. £40-60
374.    Märklin OO Gauge, Set 26609 0-4-0 Passenger Train with Freight Car, boxed, with 60657 Mobile Station and 60116 Digital Connector Box, all boxed, (tape damage to all three) and an unboxed Märklin power pack, (4). £40-60
375.    Bachmann HO Gauge, 41-525 1830 American 2-4-0 locomotive and tender 'The John Bull', boxed and 46 202 Hand Car 'Gandy Dancer', boxed, (2). £30-40
376.    Bachmann Branchline OO Gauge, LMR WD 2-8-0 locomotive and tender 'Sir Guy Williams' no.400, ltd edn no.1170 of 2000, in teak presentation box with certificate and papers. £40-60
377.    Hornby OO Gauge, R673 High Speed Electric train set, boxed, unopened. £30-50
378.    Hornby OO Gauge, R543 Advanced Passenger train set, boxed. £50-80
379.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-517 Derby Lightweight two-car DMU, BR blue, boxed. £40-60
380.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-752 Class 57/0 Diesel 57602, First Great Western, boxed. £30-50
381.    OO Gauge, a quantity of coaches (2) and wagons (18), by Hornby, Dapol and Mainline, all boxed. £40-60
382.    Hornby OO Gauge, R3171 LNER Class P2 2-8-2 locomotive and tender Cock O' the North no. 2001, boxed with papers. £40-60
383.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-577 Railtrack Windhoff MPV, boxed. £60-80
384.    Hornby OO Gauge, R3572 Colas Co-Co Class 60 diesel Clic Sargent no. 60087, boxed. £50-70
385.    Hornby OO Gauge, R3441 LNER Class A4 4-6-2 locomotive and tender Sir Murrough Wilson no. 4499, boxed. £50-70
386.    Hornby OO Gauge, R3323 BR Class 5 4-6-0 locomotive and tender no. 44694, boxed. £40-60
387.    Hornby OO Gauge, R3288 BR Class 9F 2-10-0 locomotive and tender Evening Star no. 92220, boxed, (packaging does not fit box). £30-50
388.    Hornby OO Gauge, R3463 BR Class 52xx 2-4-0 tank engine no. 5231, boxed and a Duchess Class 4-6-2 locomotive and tender City of Bristol no. 46237, no box, (2). £40-60
389.    Hornby OO Gauge, GWR coaches: R4781B, R4781E, R4780A and R4779A and an R4413A coach, all boxed, (7). £50-80
390.    Hornby OO Gauge, four R6790 EWS YGB Seacow Ballast Hoppers, with boxes, (no longer fitting packaging due to addition of 'ballast'), four Tiphook KFA and one other KFA container wagons, all boxed, (9). £40-60
391.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-127 BR 3000 Class ROD 2-8-0 locomotive and tender and 32-254A LNER W D Austerity Class 2-8-0 locomotive no. 77003, both boxed, (2). £60-80
392.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-859 BR Standard Class 9F 2-10-0 locomotive and tender no. 92233, boxed and 32-878 BR Fairburn 2-6-4 tank engine no. 42691, (6 wheels missing), boxed, (2). £30-50
393.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-406 BR Class 25/3 diesel no. D7502, boxed. £30-40
394.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-997 BR ex-LMS Co-Co diesel no. 10001, boxed. £40-60
395.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-737 DB Class 66 diesel no. 66065, boxed with papers. £40-60
396.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-983 GBRf Class 66 diesel Evening Star no. 66779, boxed with papers. £40-60
397.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-389 Colas Rail Freight Class 37/4 diesel no. 37421, boxed. £40-60
398.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-588 Freightliner Class 70 diesel no. 70005, boxed with papers. £40-60
399.    Heljan OO Gauge, 5311 a Class 53 two-tone green diesel rail car Falcon, no. D0280, boxed, (damaged, inner plastic packing missing). £30-50
400.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-390 Rail Freight Petroleum Sector Class 37/7 diesel locomotive Conidae no.37706, boxed with papers. £40-60
401.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-817 Class 47 diesel locomotive Royal London Society for the Blind, no.47745, boxed. £40-60
402.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-655 BR Rail Freight Red Stripe Class 47 diesel no.47301, boxed. £40-60
403.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-377A BR Class 37 diesel locomotive Mary Queen of Scots no.37401, boxed with papers. £40-60
404.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-756 GWR Class 57/6 diesel locomotive Tintagel Castle no. 57603, boxed with papers. £40-60
405.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-353 BR Standard Class 4MT tank engine no. 80135 and 32-127B GWR Class 45xx Prairie tank engine 4555, both boxed, former with papers, (2). £50-70
406.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-045 BR Rail Freight Red Stripe Class 20 diesel Saltburn-by-the-Sea no.20118; 32-119 DB Class 08 diesel shunter no. 08907 and 31-342 diesel shunter (damaged), all boxed with papers, (3). £60-80
407.    Bachmann OO Gauge, London Midland Class 350/1 Desiro four-car EMU, in grey and green livery, boxed. £80-120
408.    Dapol OO Gauge, Class 68 diesel electric locomotive 4D-022-014 Brutus 68019 Transpennine Express, boxed with papers. £50-70
409.    Dapol OO Gauge, Class 68 diesel electric locomotive no.68010, boxed. £50-70
410.    Dapol OO Gauge, Class 68 diesel electric locomotive Valiant no.68007 Scot Rail, boxed. £50-70
411.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-287 Class 101 2-car DMU set no.s E54364 and E51217, boxed. £40-60
412.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-550A BR A I Class 4-6-2 locomotive and tender Tornado no.60163, boxed. £40-60
413.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-804 BR Class 47 diesel locomotive no.D1572, boxed with papers. £40-60
414.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-781B BR Class 37 diesel locomotive no. 37041, boxed. £40-60
415.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-508 BR Class 5MT 4-6-0 locomotive and tender no.73049, boxed with papers. £40-60
416.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-591 Colas Rail Freight Class 70 diesel locomotive no. 70805, boxed with papers. £40-60
417.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-980A GBRf Class 66 diesel locomotive no.66728, (weathered), boxed. £40-60
418.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-529B BR Class 55 Deltic diesel engine D9011, two-tone green, (weathered), boxed with papers. £40-60
419.    Triang Hornby OO Gauge, an RS.62 Car-a-Belle Electric Train Set, boxed. £60-80
420.    Triang OO Gauge, an RS.13 Electric Model Railroad Train Set, boxed. £30-40
421.    Triang Hornby OO Gauge, an RS.602 Freightliner Set, (incomplete), R323 Operating Royal Mail Coach Set and R6 Central Station, all boxed, (3). £50-70
430.    An early Lesney Aveling Barford Diesel Road Roller in unusual colours - red body, blue back roller wheels, bare metal front roller, no canopy, unboxed, a milk cart with orange body and driver, unboxed, a collection of unboxed small diecasts, including Matchbox MB19 MG Midget, MoY Y7 W&R Jacobs Van and Schuco Piccolo Atmos and other early diecasts. £30-40
431.    Dinky, seven unboxed play-worn diecasts, including 139b/171 Hudson Commodore Sedan, 38c Lagonda 25x Commer Breakdown Lorry and others, also a quantity of Meccano. £30-50
432.    Seventeen modern issue boxed diecasts, including Corgi Thunderbirds (3), Bloodhound SSC, Blues Brothers (2) and a Maisto Ferrari, also carded models. £40-60
433.    Corgi, 269 James Bond Lotus Esprit (boxed), with white and black body, 007 sticker to bonnet, ten missiles (detached from sprue), original leaflet, box has hammer and sickle logo to the 007 header card. £40-60
434.    Corgi, CC02701 Ashes to Ashes Audi Quattro, boxed and a boxed Scalextric Rall C-119 Porsche Turbo with lights, (2). £25-35
435.    A large scratch-built two-tier Wurlitzer/roundabout, battery-powered with lights and sound, 63cm diameter, 62cm high. £40-60
436.    A boxed Berwick Toys Dalek play suit c1965, with dome, skirt, accessories and original packaging. £40-60
437.    A Cyberman Voice Changer, boxed, a Chad Valley Disneyland Give-a-Show Projector, boxed, a Carlton International Media Ltd Thunderbird 2 and a Lego Star Wars Battle Droid 8012, (unchecked), (4). £40-60
438.    Bassett-Lowke, a 100ft to 1inch waterline model of HMS Devonshire, in glazed wood display case, case 21cm long.
439.    A mid-20th century honey plush teddy bear, possibly by Deans Rag Doll Co, with glass eyes, plastic nose, (chewed), jointed body and velveteen pads, (damage to ears, shoulder unstitched) and two other teddies, (3). £50-80
440.    A 1980 Film Fair Paddington Bear, with felt hat and duffle coat, (faded) and red wellies, 50cm. £20-40
441.    A Heubach Köppelsdorf 348 bisque-head baby doll, on stuffed body, 32cm and an Aronstein bride doll with pressed fabric face and jointed fabric body, 40cm, (2). £20-30
442.    Three 20th century ceramic shoulder-head dolls, two Dutch dolls, a soft toy terrier and a Japanese silk panel of female figures in a landscape. £20-30
443.    A composite Oriental doll with painted face and jointed body, dressed in silk clothes and shoes, 24.5cm. £20-30
444.    A Yonezawa (Japan) battery-operated Talking Robot with red tinplate body, silver head and arms, white plastic ears and lithographed chest panel, in original box, battery cover missing, not talking, 28cm high. £180-220
445.    Airfix, four boxed sets: A50005 Avro Vulcan B Mk2, A50041 FI5E Strike Eagle 01401-4 Me 109F and A01064 Focke Wulf, (4). £30-50
446.    A modern Georgian-style three-storey doll's house, with six rooms and a staircase, 78cm high, 59cm wide, 31cm deep, a quantity of furniture and accessories, including wooden furniture, lighting, crockery, paintings, etc. and four books on making doll's house furniture. £40-60
447.    A large quantity of Meccano, mainly blue and yellow, including one clockwork and two electric motors, brochures, etc in wooden purpose-built box. £30-50
448.    A pair of antique pétanque metal boules with a jack, in box. £10-20
449.    A croquet set by Slazenger Ltd, in box. £30-40
450.    A Krishna Special Pen, No. 13, with orange barrel and cap, the 14ct gold nib stamped Krishna, 11cm. £40-60
451.    An unmarked fountain pen with orange barrel and cap, the nib stamped Watermans Ideal Pens 18k 750 France, 14cm. £40-60
452.    A Wardrite fountain pen with marbled green barrel and cap, the nib stamped 14k, 11cm. £40-60
453.    A Wyvern 60c fountain pen with green 'snakeskin' barrel and cap, the nib stamped 14ct, 12.5cm, a Stephens Leverfill No. 106 fountain pen with brown barrel and cap, the nib stamped Burnham 14ct gold, 12.5cm and a Parker Duofold fountain pen with maroon barrel and cap, the nib stamped Parker 14k England 25, 14cm, (3). £30-50
454.    A Conway Stewart 'The Duro' No. 30 fountain pen with black barrel and cap, the nib stamped Duro Conway Stewart 14ct gold, (teeth marks to end of pen), 13cm, an Eriba fountain pen with green/black mottled barrel and cap, the nib stamped 14ct, 12.5cm and a Regency fountain pen with blue barrel and cap, the nib stamped 14ct, 12.5cm, (3). £60-80
455.    An unmarked fountain pen with green/purple mottled barrel and cap, the nib stamped Parker Duofold 14k Pen N, 13cm. £40-60
456.    A Parker Vacumatic fountain pen with black barrel and cap, the nib stamped Parker Vacumatic Made in Canada, 12cm, a Parker 17 fountain pen with black barrel and cap, (nib damaged), 13cm and a Parker fountain pen with black barrel and stainless cap, the nib stamped Parker 14k 585, 13cm, (3). £60-80
457.    An R Esterbrook & Co. Relief No. 2-5 fountain pen with black barrel and cap, the nib stamped Relief 2 14ct Esterbrook, 13.5cm, an R Esterbrook Relief No. 1 fountain pen with black barrel and cap, the nib stamped Relief 1 14ct Esterbrook & Co. and an R Esterbrook fountain pen with green mottled barrel and cap, (crack to cap), the nib stamped Esterbrook 9314-B, 11.5cm, (3). £60-80
458.    An unmarked fountain pen with green marble-effect barrel and cap, the clip marked Delux 51, the nib stamped Kor-1-Noor 14k New York 4, 12.5cm, an unmarked fountain pen with green/black marble barrel and cap, the clip with motif, the nib stamped 14ct, 11cm and another unmarked fountain pen with black bark-effect barrel and cap, the nib stamped 14ct, 12.5cm, (3). £60-80
459.    A Parker rolled-gold 'Sonnet' fountain pen, the nib stamped Parker 18k 750, 13.5cm, a similar stainless Sonnet fountain pen, the nib stamped Parker 18k 750, 13.5cm, a Parker fountain pen with green barrel and rolled-gold cap, the nib stamped Parker 14k 585, 13cm and a Parker 17 fountain pen with maroon barrel, no cap, the nib stamped 14k Parker England, 12.5cm, (4). £100-200
460.    An unmarked fountain pen with burgundy/black barrel and cap, the nib stamped Mentmore OSML Iridium 14ct gold, 12.5cm, a Mabie Todd & Co. Ltd fountain pen with green/black marble effect, the nib stamped Swan 2 14ct Mabie Todd & Co. Ltd, 12cm, a Penol deLuxe fountain pen with burgundy/black marble-effect barrel and cap, the nib stamped Parker Duofold 14k Pen N, 13cm and an unmarked fountain pen with blue/white marble-effect barrel and cap, no clip, nib stamped 14ct, 11cm, (4). £80-120
461.    A Waterman's W2 fountain pen with grey barrel and cap, the nib stamped Waterman's Ideal Canada 2, 13cm, a Waterman's Paris fountain pen with green/black barrel and cap, the nib stamped with Waterman's logo, 14cm and a True Point fountain pen with brown barrel and cap, the nib stamped True Point 14ct gold, 13.5cm, (3). £80-120
462.    A Parker fountain pen with black barrel and cap, the nib stamped 14k Parker England, 13cm, a Parker fountain pen with maroon barrel and cap, 13.5cm and a Swan fountain pen with green barrel and cap, the nib stamped Swan 3 H 14c 585, 13.5cm, (3). £50-80
463.    A Swan 'Blackbird' fountain pen with maroon barrel and cap, the nib stamped Blackbird G 14c-585 M T & Co. Ltd, 13cm, a Cross fountain pen with black barrel and cap, the nib stamped Cross, 13.5cm, a Cross fountain pen with chrome barrel and cap, the nib stamped Cross, 13.5cm and an Aurora fountain pen with chrome barrel and cap, stamped CLF464, the nib stamped 14kt, (4). £80-120
464.    A WWI group of four medals awarded to 268779 E H Rosekelly CERA 1 RN: 1914-15 Star, British War, Victory and Long Service & Good Conduct Medals, (268779 E H Rosekelly C.E.R.A. 2CL HMS Forth), framed, (4). £60-80
465.    The Order of St John, two breast badges, (2nd and 3rd types), with two miniatures, (one damaged), Service Medal, four St John Ambulance Brigade badges, a Red Cross "Penny A Week" badge, two other badges, a Royal Army Temperance Association Medal, Defence Medal and Rowntrees 1937 Coronation Medal. £60-100
466.    A WWI pair awarded to 147486 GNR G J Deacon, RA, British War and Victory Medals, a cased and boxed Imperial Service Medal to Thomas Musto, two 1902 Coronation commemorative medals and other items. £50-70
467.    A WWII Defence Medal and an ERII Civil Defence Long Service Medal, boxed with papers, awarded to Miss P M Kerbey, with an ARP badge. £20-30
468.    A WWI/WWII Meritorious Service group of five medals awarded to W J Pigg: 1914-15 Star (S4-084666 Pte, ASC), War and Victory Medals (S4-084666 A Sjt, ASC), GVR Meritorious Service Medal (84-084666 Sjt, RASC) and Defence Medal addressed to W J Pegg. Mr Pigg appears to have changed his name and has altered the medal boxes to "Pegg". £150-200
469.    A Civilian MBE with case and WWI and WWII group of three medals awarded to Barkel Cornelius James Rickard: British War and Victory medals (128852 Gnr BCJ Rickard RA), Defence Medal. With these medals is an archive of documents from 1919-1967, including: Board of Education Certificate for Teachers Training 1915, National Registration Act 1915, Cert. Royal Garrison Artillery Specialist 1916, Temporary Commission to 2nd Lieutenant 1919, Certificate of Disembodiment 3-2-19, Air Defence Cadet Corps appointment as Adjutant to 1st Plymouth Squadron as Flight Lt, MBE citation 1947, all contained in a wooden box named on plaque "P H Barkel 1st July 1889". £200-300
470.    A group of three WWI war medals: 1914-15 Star, 1914-18 War Medal, 1914-19 Victory Medal awarded to M2-079637 Pte A H Gutsall A.S.C, together with three WWII medals, the 1939-45 Defence Medal, the War Medal and Africa Star with North Africa 1942-43 clasp, in original packaging addressed to A H Gutsell. £50-80
471.    Three 1939-45 War medals, the 1939-45 Defence Medal, three reproduction medals: The Distinguished Flying Medal, The Distinguished Flying Cross and The Victoria Cross, a collection of military buttons, badges and miscellaneous items. £50-80
472.    An original 1930's/40's WWII German Third Reich Nazi Party arm band with black woven swastika stitched to front, stamped 'A D Gau XIX (District 19)' to reverse, 10.2cm wide. £40-60
473.    A WWII era officer's leather trench great coat, bearing stamps for the DLV (Deutscher Luftsportverband - German Air Sports Association), with belt, (one button missing). The DLV was an organisation set up by the Nazi Party in 1933 to establish a basis for the training of military pilots. Its chairman was Hermann Göring, vice-chairman Ernst Röhm. £80-100
474.    A large Royal Navy white ensign flag, 180 x 365cm, three naval books including Mark Higgit's Through Fire and Water, 2001 and a canvas kit bag. £40-60
475.    A quantity of Royal Marine uniform: No.1 dress, size 25, lovat worsted, size 34, another, similar, an SCC Cadet No.1 dress and other items, some Masonic. £50-80
478.    A collection of British coinage, including a quantity of pre-1946 silver, together with ten Hollom ten-shilling notes. £30-40
479.    A collection of British coinage, including a small quantity of pre-1946 silver. £20-30
480.    Three Royal Mint proof coin collection sets: for 2006 in red leather case, 2007 de luxe red leather case, 2008 de luxe black leather case, all with certificates of authenticity and outer packaging, (3). £40-60
481.    A Royal Mint 2009 proof coin collection set, includes Kew Gardens 50-pence, with certificate of authenticity, in black leather case and outer packaging. £150-200
482.    A set of twenty-nine London 2012 Olympic 50p coins, together with a London 2012 coin. £30-40
483.    A collection of decimal coins, including seven £5 commemorative crowns, twenty £2 coins, and others. £40-50
484.    A silver Plymouth Education Authority Perfect Attendance Medallion for 1909, 5cm diameter, ___1.9oz, together with two nickel Metropolitan Police 150th Anniversary medallions and a metal Duke of Wellington commemorative medallion, (4). £20-30
485.    A 1997 Cook Islands 5-Dollar 1/25 Troy ounce gold proof coin, .999 purity, having portrait of Diana Princess of Wales to reverse, five silver Diana Princess of Wales commemorative coins, a silver 1998 Papua New Guinea 5-Kina (Investiture of Prince Charles), a 1909 'Britannia' silver 1-Dollar token, an Isle of Man 1990 nickel one crown and a Westminster Mint bronze finish Diana Princess of Wales 1961-1997 "Queen of Hearts" medallion in case. £60-80
486.    A collection of forty-six British bank notes, (mainly Scottish banks), including: North of Scotland Bank Ltd 1944 £5 CE 002693, Clydesdale & North of Scotland Bank Ltd 1961 £5 B/D 194482 and 1963 B/M 092884, 2 x 1951 £5 A 096823 and A118141, Clydesdale Bank Ltd 1964 £20 C/D 020801, National Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd 2 x 1963 £5 B286218, F445737, and others, mainly 1960's. £250-350
487.    An Elizabeth II silver Pitcairn Islands 'Establishment of Settlement 1790-1990' 50-Dollars coin and an Elizabeth II 1998 silver Britannia £2 coin, both in capsule, (2). £60-80
488.    A small collection of Queen Victoria silver coins, including 1885 one penny and twopence, 1844 and 1849 fourpences, others, a George V 1935 crown and other pre-1947 silver. £20-40
489.    A collection of British coinage, including nine commemorative £5 coins, nineteen £2 coins, a King Edward VIII Abdication (Wallis Simpson) 1936 crown coin and stamp display gift set and other later coinage. £60-80
490.    A collection of British and foreign coinages, including three reproduction white £5, £20 and £50 framed notes. £50-70
491.    A George V 1914 sovereign. £200-220
492.    A Queen Victoria 1890 half-sovereign. £100-120
493.    A collection of various British and foreign coinage, including a small amount of pre-1947 silver. £40-60
494.    A collection of British and foreign coinage, including a quantity of pre-1947 silver, together with a 1914-19 Victory Medal awarded to: M2-076703 CPL H Fox A.S.C. £30-50
495.    A very large button hook, the foreign white metal handle chased with flowers and foliage, 34cm long and four other large button hooks, all with hallmarked silver handles, (5). £30-50
496.    A small novelty brass and steel folding button hook in the form of a bird, a blue guilloche-enamelled button hook, a banded agate-handled button hook and other small button hooks, (12). £40-60
497.    A large silver-plated button hook of ribbed design, a button hook with claw holding a moss agate ball handle, a collection of small button hooks and others, (32). £40-60
498.    An Art Nouveau silver-handled button hook, Birmingham 1907, another marked 'Sterling L545' and four other silver-handled button hooks, (6). £30-50
499.    A collection of fourteen miniature silver-handled button hooks, (14). £40-60
500.    A silver-handled combination button hook/shoe horn, Birmingham 1909, another with engine-turned handle, London 1923 and six other button hooks, (8). £30-50
501.    Two Art Nouveau silver-handled button hooks, Birmingham 1907, two silver pistol-handled button hooks and two others, (6). £30-40
502.    Ten various silver-handled button hooks, (10). £30-50
503.    Ten various silver-handled button hooks, (10). £30-50
504.    Ten various silver-handled button hooks, (10). £30-50
505.    A collection of ten silver and white metal-handled button hooks, (10). £30-50
506.    A similar lot with silver handles, (10). £30-50
507.    A similar lot with silver handles, (10). £30-50
508.    Twelve "washer" button hooks, one with Star of David finial, (12). £40-60
509.    A large collection of steel button hooks, including many advertising examples for Bally, Jackman's, Robinson's, Jarman's, Ososilke, "Rabbits & Sons", etc, approximately 75. £50-70
510.    An outsized bone-handled button hook, 48cm long, an ivory-handled button hook and others with antler, tortoiseshell, bone, wood and plastic handles, approximately 65. £30-50
511.    Twelve "washer" button hooks, (12). £40-60
512.    A trench art button hook formed from a bullet, with applied crest and eight other metal-handled button hooks, (9). £40-60
513.    An ivory-handled folding button hook/shoe horn, three other folding button hooks/shoe horns, a steel folding boot jack/button hook and two other folding button hooks, (8). £30-50
514.    A folding dual button/glove hook, the white metal handle with raised Japanese-style decoration, a multi-bladed pocket knife with button hook, a red-enamelled folding glove hook, a button hook with inset Stanhope of Corbridge and four other folding button hooks, (8). £40-60
515.    Ten various silver-handled button hooks, (10). £30-50
516.    A large collection of button hooks with mother-of-pearl, serpentine, agate, bone and ivory handles, (47). £40-60
517.    A turned wood button hook stand of carousel form, with 46 various button hooks. £30-50
518.    A silver "Mr Punch"-handled button hook with added hanging loop, Birmingham 1912, 15cm. £20-40
519.    A pocket folding button hook/knife with silver repoussé sides, a miniature folding glove hook and twelve other miniature glove hooks, (14). £50-80
520.    Two silver button hooks with guilloche-enamelled handles, a small button hook with guilloche enamel terminal and three other button hooks, (6). £40-60
521.    Nine various silver-handled button hooks, (9). £30-50
522.    A small buttonhook with 9ct gold repoussé handle, Birmingham 1898, 11cm. £15-20