Sale of Collectors' Items, Stamps, Coins, Medals, Books, Model Railway & Toys
Also, a collection of Gramophones & Mechanical Music
on Tuesday 26th February at 10.30am

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1.      Chandler (Raymond), The Little Sister, 1st Edn, dwrp (Sellotaped, not price-clipped), 8vo, 1949; The Long Goodbye, 1st Edn, dwrp (not price-clipped), 8vo, 1953; Allingham (Margery), The Tiger in the Smoke, 1st Edn, dwrp (not price-clipped), 8vo, 1952 and two other 1st Edns by Francis Durbridge and Cyril Hare, (5). £40-60
2.      A quantity of mainly crime novels c1950's, many with dwrps, authors including Andrew Spiller, Agatha Christie, C S Forester, Patricia Wentworth, etc, includes some 1st Edns, (100 approximately) and a quantity of paperbacks. £40-60
3.      Nine Rupert Annuals: More Rupert Adventures 1943, (a/f, spine taped badly), Rupert in More Adventures 1944, (price-clipped), The New Rupert Book 1946, (slight loss to spine), More Adventures of Rupert 1947, (loss to spine), The Rupert Book 1948, (price-clipped), Adventures of Rupert 1950, The New Rupert Book 1951, More Rupert 1952 and Rupert 1970, (9). £60-100
4.      Joyce (Lionel), The Higher - The Fuehrer, A Pillory of Parody, no.6 of 100 copies of special edn of Batchelors hand-made paper, frontis and 12 illus. by Bois, bds, 4to, Arts & Crafts Publishing Co. Ltd, London, nd [1940]. £50-80
5.      Bindings, fifteen leather-bound volumes. £30-50
6.      Swaysland (W), Familiar Wild Birds, 4 vols, col plts by Archibald Thorburn, ge, pic cl gt, 8vo, 1883; Dugmore (A Radclyffe), Camera Adventures in the African Wilds, plts, pic cl gt, 4to, 1910 and other volumes, natural history. £40-60
7.      The Universal Family Bible, ed: Rev Henry Southwell, printed for J Cooke, 17 Paternoster Row, engr frontis, plts, cf, fo, nd, (a/f); Heath (William), Illustrations of Heraldry, hd col, engr, soft bds, fo, 1828 and other volumes, (sold subject to all faults). £30-50
8.      Letts's Popular Atlas..... The Whole Surface of the Globe, 153 maps in four sections, hf cf gt, fo, 1881-1883; Bacon's Popular Atlas, cl gt, fo, 1908 and Bernard's Nautical Star Chart in wallet, (3). £40-60
9.      Culpin (C), Farm Machinery, Editions 1-12, all but 1st and 12th with dwrps, 8vo, 1938-1992 and a large collection of books on traction engines and farm machinery. £30-50
10.     Farmer and Stock Breeder Year Books, 1949 (2), 1950-1953, 1954 (3) and a quantity of books on cattle breeding and farming. £30-50
11.     Dickens (Charles), Bleak House, First Edition, tp and 39 engr by H K Browne, hf cf gt, 8vo, London 1853. £40-60
12.     Westerman (Percy F), 'Gainst the Might of Spain, plts, dec cl, 8vo, nd and fourteen other volumes, similar, some with dwrps, (15). £30-40
13.     Dickens (Charles), Works, 29 volumes (of 30), illus by H K Browne and others, teg, hf mor gt, marble bds, Chapman and Hall, 8vo, 1874, (29). £100-150
14.     Austen (Jane), The Novels, ten books in five vols, ed: R Brimley Johnson, illus: W C Cooke, teg, green mor gt, marble bds, 8vo, 1907-08. £40-60
15.     Barrie (Sir J M), Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens From the Little White Bird, 50 tipped-in col plts and illus in text by Arthur Rackham, tissue gds, teg, hf mor gt, vellum bds, 4to, 1910, Bound by Riviere & Son for the Army & Navy. £200-250
16.     Aldin (Cecil), Sleeping Partners, A Series of Episodes, 2nd imp, plts, dwrp, cl, 4to, 1930 and other volumes. £50-80
17.     Rackham (Arthur, Illustrator), The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, 40 tipped-in col plts, tissue gds (some missing), pic cl gt, 4to, Constable & Co. 1909, (tear to top of spine). £40-60
18.     Jones (Thomas Rymer), Cassell's Book of Birds, 4 vols in 2, col litho plts, hf mor gt, 4to, nd, c1865; Funk & Wagnall's Standard Dictionary, 2 vols and one other volume, and six Archibald Thorburn prints of birds. £60-80
19.     Dulac (Edmund, Illustr.), Edmund Dulac's Fairy-Book, tipped-in col plts, dwrp, pic cl gt, 4to, nd: Edmund Dulac's Picture Book for the Red Cross, tipped-in col plts, dwrp, pic cl gt, 4to, nd and other volumes. £40-60
20.     Bannerman (David Armitage), The Birds of West and Equatorial Africa, 2 vols, plts, illus, cl gt, 4to, 1953 1st Edn and The New Naturalist Series no.s 2, 3(x2), 7, 8, 10, 16 and 27, also The Wren (monograph no.3) and other volumes, similar, (19). £50-70
21.     A quantity of leather-bound and other volumes, some with decorative cloth bindings. £20-30
22.     Wain (Louis), Puss in Boots, "The Stump Books", 15 col plts with separate text plts, pic cl gt, with bone toggle 4 x 15cm, pub: Anthony Treherne & Co. Ltd, 1904 and another, similar, Old King Cole, illustrated by Mary Tourtel, 1904, (2). £100-120
23.     Goldsmith (Oliver), A History of the Earth and Animated Nature, 2 vols, hd col vig tps, plts, some hd col, me, hf mor gt, 8vo, 1873, (2). £40-60
24.     Greenwood (C & Co.), a large-scale Map of the County of Cornwall from an Actual Survey made in the years 1826 and 1827 by C & J Greenwood, 6 panels laid on linen and rolled, with vignette of St Michael's Mount, top rod missing, 180 x 184cm. £100-200
25.     Bacon's Excelsior Map of Devon & Cornwall, showing Railways, Roads and Elevations, linen-backed, with hangers top and bottom, 88 x 116cm and two others, both of England and Wales, all in poor condition, (3). £60-100
26.     Bindings, a small volume of 'Of The Imitation of Christ' by Thomas À Kempis, 1906, bound by Bumpus Ltd and a small leather-bound copy of the Rubaiyát of Omar Khayyam, 1905, (2). £20-30
27.     A quantity of books on Dartmoor and natural history. £30-50
28.     Cuvier (Georges), Recherches sur les Ossemens Fossiles, Vols IV and V only, 72 engr plts, some fldg, tissue gds, me, hf cf gt, 4to, 1824; Buffon, (G-L L, Count de), Histoire Naturelle, Vols VI, IX, XI and XIV only, engr plts, me, hf cf gt, 12mo, 1799 and other volumes, (all French). £40-60
29.     A quantity of books on cricket, golf and other sports. £30-40
30.     Barker (Cicely Mary), Flower Fairies, seven volumes, plts, dwrps, bds, 12mo, nd (7). £30-50
31.     The Hornby Companion Series: The Hornby Gauge O System by Chris and Julie Graebe and Hornby Dublo Trains by Michael Foster, with Triang by Pat Hammond, all with dwrps, cl gt, 4to, 1994, 1991 and 2001, (3). £30-40
32.     Dickens (Charles), The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, 1st Edition, 1st Issue, (with artist's error on the vig tp "100£" on reward notice), frontis and plts by Phiz, rebound by Bayntun in red mor gt, aeg, gilt inner dentelles, marbled end papers, 8vo, 1844. £200-300
33.     A miniature almanac "London Almanac for the Year of Christ 1801", printed for the Company of Stationers, each month with day, saint's days and tide times at London Bridge, also Kings, Queens, Lord Mayors, Sheriffs, etc, silk end papers, in yellow metal 'binding' set front and back with blood stone plaques, 3 x 3 x 1cm, (clasp a/f). £60-100
34.     Mascal (Leonard), The Government of Cattel Divided into Three Books, all three present and dated 1662, 1661 and 1662, cf bds, disbound, (tp trimmed into text at top, old Sellotape to tp, annotations to end papers and tp), 8vo, 1661-62. £100-200
35.     Brayley (Edward Wedlake) and Britton (John), The Beauties of England and Wales, Vols II-V, plts, maps, some fldg and hd col, cl gt, 1802-1809, (all a/f), fourteen volumes of Doidges annuals, 1930's-50's, (all a/f) and other volumes. £30-50
36.     Palmer (James), "A New and Improved Map of Ireland Exhibiting the Mail-Coach and Turnpike Roads, the Lakes, Rivers and Canals, The Principal Mountains, also The Borough and Market Towns......", sectionalised in twenty panels on linen, hd col, 75.5 x 64cm, 1830, with slip case. £40-60
37.     Cary (John), "Cary's Travelling Map of Scotland on Which are Laid Down The Whole of the Turnpike Roads and Every Object Essential to the Traveller", hd col, sectionalised in twenty panels on linen, 77.5 x 64cm, 1828, with slip case, also Cary (John), a map, numbered No.12, of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, hd col and sectionalised in twenty panels on linen, 56 x 69cm, with slip case, (no label), (2). £50-70
38.     The Studio, An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art, vols 11-20, plts, tissue gds, illus, cl gt, 4to, 1897-1900, (10). £40-60
42.     A large collection of mainly modern commemorative covers in albums and loose, in three boxes, with coin covers, GB First Day Covers, including Benhams, etc. £500-700
43.     A 1985-2000 run of Great British year books of stamps, also an Australian year book. £80-120
44.     A collection of stamps in two Time albums, with Canada 1875 Registration 8c used, etc. £25-30
45.     A collection of mainly German stamps in nine stock books and loose, with early Berlin, etc. £30-40
46.     A collection of covers with Great British First Day Covers, including 1937 Coronation, ten illustrated covers, etc. £80-100
47.     An accumulation of stamps in albums and loose, with Great Britain from 1840 1d black (2) used. £80-100
48.     An All-World accumulation of stamps in albums, stock books and loose, in two holdalls, with Great Britain from 1840 1d (2) used, later issues mint, also an album of cigarette cards. £150-200
49.     A collection of mint Queen Elizabeth II definitive issues in two albums, with Machin cylinder and plate blocks, post and GO's, etc. £120-150
50.     A collection of GB Prestige stamp booklets in three albums. £200-250
51.     A collection of Great British stamps in a stock book and on leaves, from 1840 1d black used, 1864 1d plate. £60-80
52.     An accumulation of stamps in eighteen albums, including USA, Great Britain from 1840 1d black (4) used, condition is rather mixed. £200-250
53.     A collection of British Empire stamps and covers in ten albums, with Malta mint and used, Southern Rhodesia, Singapore with a run of First Day Covers, Malaysian States. £300-400
54.     A collection of mainly QEII Great British stamps and covers in twenty-two albums and loose, with mint sets in blocks, booklets, First Day Covers, etc. £300-400
55.     An accumulation of stamps, covers and cards, in albums, stock books, on leaves and loose, in a plastic crate, with Great Britain from 1840 1d black (6) used, in poor condition. £200-250
56.     An interesting collection of free fronts, all stuck into a large album, (approximately 800). £200-250
57.     An accumulation of stamps and covers in albums and loose, with Great Britain from 1840 1d black used, British Africa, etc. £150-200
58.     A large accumulation of stamps in albums and loose, with Great Britain from 1840 1d black (2) used, etc. £120-150
59.     A collection of New Zealand stamps and covers in fourteen albums, with issues mint and used to 2016. £200-250
60.     A collection of Great British decimal presentation packs in six albums, with issues to 2018. £400-500
61.     A collection of stamps in two albums and loose. £20-25
62.     A collection of Vatican stamps in four albums, with issues to 1992, with many sets both mint and used. £200-250
63.     A collection of mainly British Empire stamps in six stock books and an album. £70-90
64.     A collection of covers in an album and loose, with Airmails including Sudan 1935 Gordon set on flown registered cover. £80-100
65.     A collection of All-World stamps in seven albums, with British Empire, including some 1935 Jubilee sets, Great Britain sets. £200-250
An accumulation of mainly Great British stamps and covers in twenty albums and stock books, including 1840 1d (10), 2d (2) used, surface printed issues, later mint sets, First Day Covers, etc. £2000-2500
67.     An accumulation of stamps and covers, with main interest in Great Britain, with decimal presentation packs, miniature sheets. £50-80
68.     An accumulation of stamps and covers in albums and loose. £50-70
69.     An accumulation of Great British stamps booklets in an album and loose, with Prestige, etc. £70-90
70.     An accumulation of stamps and covers, with Great Britain, British Empire, etc. £150-200
71.     An accumulation of stamps and covers in fifteen binders and loose, with British Empire, including Australia 1932 Bridge 5/- used, Canada, GB from 1840 1d black, First Day Covers, etc. £300-400
72.     An accumulation of stamps and covers in an album, notebook and loose. £30-40
73.     An accumulation of stamps in nine albums, on leaves and stock cards and loose, including Great Britain, Mauritius, etc. £80-100
74.     Great Britain 1929 PUC £1, (good used copy). £80-100
75.     A collection of stamps in an album and small box. £10-12
86.     An album of 120 UK topographical postcards, including some RPs. £30-40
87.     A collection of postcards of lighthouses, in four albums, (approximately 540). £100-150
88.     Approximately 350 postcards, including warships, a Mabel Lucie Attwell, two Tucks 'Fairy Land Panoramas', one Tucks 'Birds on the Wing', topographical, including RPs, 100 later postcards. £40-60
89.     An album of approximately 260 postcards: humour, including Tom B, Fred Spurgin, Mabel Lucie Attwell, Comicus, Donald McGill, etc, also children, Bamforths, greetings, etc. £120-150
90.     An album of 120 topographical postcards, Devon, including some RPs. £80-100
91.     Approximately 660 loose UK topographical postcards. £60-100
92.     Approximately 160 postcards on military and naval subjects, including bomb damage and Zeppelin air ships. £60-80
93.     A collection of approximately 470 loose, mainly UK, topographical cards and an album of approximately 160 cards, topographical, humour, etc. £60-80
94.     Six Louis Wain postcards: "I am looking out", "I am delighted", "I am quite myself", "It's real fun", "Expect us" and "Fortune telling", (6). £50-70
95.     An album of approximately 180 postcards, including ships, steam engines and UK topographical, with some RPs. £50-70
96.     An album of approximately 110 mainly UK topographical postcards, including some RPs. £30-40
97.     Boy Scouts postcards: a set of six "Boy Scouts Good Turns" and a part-set (4/6) "Boy Scouts at Lt-Gen Baden-Powell's Holiday Camp, (10). £20-40
98.     Approximately 150 postcards in two albums, UK topographical, including RPs. £60-80
99.     Approximately 570 loose postcards, mainly UK topographical. £50-80
100.    An album of 200 topographical postcards of Wales, including some RPs. £40-60
101.    Approximately 600 foreign topographical postcards. £50-80
102.    Approximately 280 topographical postcards of Scotland, including many RPs, in two albums. £40-60
103.    Approximately 300 loose UK topographical postcards. £40-60
104.    Approximately 580 foreign topographical postcards, including 12 RPs of Poona and Bombay c1917. £60-80
105.    Approximately 440 foreign topographical postcards, including an RP of a rebel hanging in Mexico 1924, other RPs of Mexico, Japan, China, etc. £60-80
106.    Approximately 540 foreign topographical postcards. £40-60
107.    Approximately 260 postcards of churches, abbeys and cathedrals, many RPs. £40-60
108.    Approximately 140 postcards of Cornwall and 76 of the Channel Islands, some RPs. £30-50
109.    Approximately 200 family and group portrait postcards in an album and 130 mainly modern railway postcards. £40-60
110.    A quantity of postcards: silks, topographical, actresses, etc, approximately 600, mainly loose. £40-60
111.    A collection of 248 postcards contained in two albums, including many WWI RP portraits, battleships, humour, topographical, etc. £60-100
112.    Approximately 400 loose postcards, mainly topographical, UK and foreign, including some RPs. £40-60
113.    Approximately 400 loose postcards, mainly topographical, UK and foreign, including some RPs. £40-60
114.    Approximately 400 loose postcards, mainly topographical, UK and foreign, including some RPs. £40-60
115.    Approximately 400 loose postcards, mainly topographical, UK and foreign, including some RPs. £40-60
116.    Thirty-four RP postcards of Lavenham by F L Ranson and a quantity of photographs, UK and foreign, mainly by F L Ranson. £40-60
117.    An album of sixty silk postcards and five loose cards. £60-100
118.    Approximately 85 postcards of Plymouth in two albums and other postcards, including humour greetings, shipping, churches, etc, also some photographs in albums and loose. £40-60
121.    An album of 66 postcards of actors, actresses and entertainers, some signed, many with facsimile signatures. £30-50
122.    Three Star Trek posters dated '1980 Paramount Pictures Corporation': Enterprise; Spock; Capt. Kirk, Spock, Bones and two other crew members, 64 x 45cm, (3). £20-30
123.    An 18th century hand-written collection of six essays on medical conditions, written in French by "Jean Huxam, Docteur en Medécine et Membre de la Societé Royal de Londres, à Paris 1764", a Victorian hand-written book of recipes and two unfinished common place books. £30-50
124.    A collection of seventeen French 'Passe-ports pour l'Interieur', late-18th/early-19th century, all hand-written, many with "Liberté, Egalité" written across the top, none dated, all issued from the Southern France region - Communes of Cotignac, Entrecasteaux, each with the holder's name and physical description also 26 later similar hand-written and printed documents dated 1811/13, (43). £40-60
125.    A Children's Sunday Album of Sunday School cards and scraps, a small album of cartes de visite, (approximately 35), a small 17th century vellum document, trade cards, etc. £30-40
126.    A quantity of Victorian and Edwardian greetings cards, scraps, etc, including Port Sunlight advertising scraps. £30-50
127.    An album of 63 Victorian and Edwardian Valentine and other greetings cards, including a mechanical card, pop-out, celluloid, silk and novelty cards. £60-100
128.    A quantity of ephemera, including playing cards, cigarette and tea cards, theatre programmes, Rock-Ups The Beatles pop-up book, etc. £20-40
129.    Two W H Grant woven silk commemorative pictures of Queen Victoria and the Earl of Beaconsfield (Disraeli), a pack of Jacques "Counties of England" cards of trios of engravings of towns and other items. £20-40
130.    A photograph of the Beatles with facsimile signatures, an album of 16 black and white press photographs c1950s, mainly sporting events and an album with two photographs of a German WWII plane, debris being cleared, Charles Lindbergh and Columbia Studio photographs of actors and actresses. £20-30
131.    An Edwardian common place book of watercolours, drawings, poetry, etc, an album of advertising cards, scraps, etc, (stuck-down), greetings cards, modern postcards and other ephemera. £30-40
132.    A small amount of ephemera, to include: 30 postcards including a set of 10 coal mining cards, 14 small photographs, mainly of the Sino-Japanese hostilities 1937, two LK O'Brien £1 notes, various war-time publications, etc. £20-30
133.    A quantity of Royal Navy documents for William Samuel Stribling, including eight commissions to engineer posts dated 1873-1904, Assistant Engineer of the Second Class to Engineer Commander, 36 conduct certificates 1873-1915, a letter from Lt Gen Sir W F Butler and a certificate for Wounds and Hurts 1884. £30-50
134.    A 1943 poster "St John Ambulance Dance, Public Hall, Liskeard, Friday December 3, Billy Edmonds and his Augmented Band, Tickets Civilians 2'6, Forces 2/-" and a framed print "The Triumph of the British Navy". £30-50
135.    A small collection of cigarette and trade cards, (part-sets), various packs of playing cards and other ephemera. £20-30
136.    A collection of forty full sets of military-theme cigarette cards, including John Player & Sons 'Regimental Uniforms' 1st Series (blue back), 2nd Series, 'Life on board a man of war 1805-1905', 'Victoria Cross', 'Napoleon', 'Badges and flags of British Regiments (numbered brown back), WD & HO Wills 'Nelson Series', 'Recruiting Posters', 'Signalling Series', 'Allied Army Leaders', 'The World's Dreadnoughts', RJ Lea Ltd 'The Evolution of the Royal Navy', Godfrey Phillips 'Orders of Chivalry' and others, contained in a plastic loose-leaf folder. £200-300
137.    WD & HO Wills, 'Nelson Series' 50/50, WA & AC Churchman 'The Story of Navigation', other part-sets and sets of tea and trade cards, (some stuck in albums), together with a set of c1940's playing cards, (orange back), showing allied aircraft, (play-worn). £40-60
138.    WD & HO Wills, 'Romance of the Heavens', 50/50 and other part-sets. £20-30
139.    A 1960/61 Watford v Tranmere programme, (staples lacking), 14 Tottenham Hotspur 1968/69 home programme, a small quantity of other later programmes, a ticket stub for England v Rest of the World 1953, the "Hotspur" Book of Football Stars 1948/49, WD & HO Wills 'Association Footballers 1935-1936' 50/50, stuck in an album and various other cigarette cards and ephemera. £20-40
140.    John Player & Sons, 'England's Military Heroes' (narrow), 24/25. £150-200
141.    WD & HO Wills, 'Flags of the Empire', A Series, 25/25, 'Alpine Flowers' 50/50, Geo, Bassett & Co. Ltd 'Victoria Cross Heroes in Action' 25/25 and other sets and part-sets of cigarette and trade cards, in two albums. £60-80
142.    A 1966 World Cup Final programme (1966 reprint) and the 1966 World Cup Tournament Souvenir Programme, (2). £30-50
143.    The Beatles, a set of four autographs signed on the back of an Adam Faith and The Roulettes ticket, Paul McCartney and John Lennon's signatures are faded, George Harrison in red biro, Ringo Starr in black biro, framed with a photograph of the Beatles. (Provenance: The vendor's late wife collected the autographs from outside the ABC Cinema in Plymouth in 1963, sold together with an article from a local newspaper in 1988, showing a photograph of the autographs with a write-up of how they were obtained), also a copy of 'Big New Beat' magazine. £300-400
144.    Two large photograph albums containing mainly 5.5 x 10cm snaps covering the years 1928-39, showing life in the Royal Engineers in Egypt before and at the beginning of WWII, including bridging training, transporting tanks across water, air raid shelter digging, etc, also three volumes of "The Belfield Family" history. nb: lot 163 Belfield medals. £50-80
145.    A quantity of 'glamour' photographs, two Roye-Vala stereo glamour booklets, "Diana Dors" and "Leslie Carol in 3D", newspaper and magazine cuttings, etc. £30-50
146.    Approximately 90 Victorian cabinet cards and cartes de visite, mainly by Hearn, Plymouth and other portrait photographs, in three leather albums. £60-80
147.    An album of 180 photographs taken during HMS Magnolia's tour, China and Japan 1921-23, showing life onboard and ashore. £30-50
148.    An album of 60 cartes de visite, an empty cartes de visite album with mother-of-pearl cover and brass clasp and three empty albums, (5). £40-60
149.    A quantity of 18th and 19th century deeds, indentures, etc, written on vellum and paper, including one c1804 with wax seal, in tin, regarding Sandys Horton Trevenen of Cornwall. £30-50
154.    A white metal and enamel collarette for The Order of St John of Jerusalem and two breast badges on black ribbon bows, (3). £60-80
155.    A Masonic gilt metal and enamel PM breast jewel for Mercury Lodge no.5400, 1958-59, in case, (small damage to enamel) and a gilt metal and enamel RMIG Steward's jewel, 1954, (2). £20-40
156.    A Masonic silver-gilt HRA miniature breast jewel, G Kenning, London 1901, with silver ribbon fittings, 4cm, 9cm overall, in box, (tarnished) and two others, (3). £40-60
157.    A silver-gilt and enamel 1932 RMIB Steward's breast jewel with Devonshire rondel to the silk, by G Kenning & Sons, London 1931, a 1936 RMIG silver-gilt jewel by Bladon, London and other metal jewels and miscellaneous Masonic items. £20-40
158.    A gilt metal and enamel Devonshire Mark Masons Grand Senior Wardens jewel, the jewel and stone suspended by an articulated shackle, 7½cm x 4cm. £40-60
159.    A collection of aprons, collars and Masonic ritual and constitution books, (all in soiled condition). £30-50
160.    A WWI group of four medals awarded to 1108 Gnr H J Lee RA: Victory and British War Medals and 1914-15 Star (RFA), with Territorial Efficiency Medal (960305 Gnr H J Lee RFA) and a British War Medal to 115446 Pte A Jennings RAMC. £60-100
161.    A Queens South Africa Medal to 5939 Corpl W Drinkwater W York Regt, (a/f), a Salon Culinaire International de Londres silver medal, two Gastronomie Festival of Torquay 1951 medals and other medals and coins. £40-60
162.    A WWI pair awarded to 6711 Pte F W Crimer York R: British War and Victory Medals with miniatures group: CBE (military issue) and Queens South Africa Medal with Cape Colony bar, (both WWI medals have been altered to Cremer). £50-80
163.    A WWII group of five medals awarded to Lt Col S Belfield: War and Defence Medals, 1939-45, Africa and Italy Stars, together with miniature group, ribbon bar, metal and cloth badges and two addressed envelopes containing postcards from Egypt. nb: lot 144 photographs. £40-60
163A.   A WWI pair awarded to SE25507 Pte R G Lapper AVC, a trench art brass matchbox cover bearing a horse's head and horseshoe design, "France 1914-18" and a silver-gilt RAOB medal, (4). £60-80
164.    Memorial Coins & Medallions Ltd, "Apollo 8, Journey Round The Moon", a limited edition cased pair of a silver and a bronze medallion, with certificate of authenticity no. 244/500. £30-40
165.    Canada 1976 Olympic silver four-coin set in original case, Series IV Olympic Track and Field Sports. £30-40
166.    A bronze Papal medallion for Leone XIII, a silver medallion for Plymouth Competitive Musical Festival, Birmingham 1923, a 1971 USA Eisenhower proof dollar, in case and other medallions. £40-60
167.    A Royal Mint 1972 Coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland set, nine various commemorative £5 crowns and other coins. £30-40
168.    A sterling silver medal having eight star points and centre boss, by W Holmes, medallist, in fitted case, a Princess Mary brass Christmas 1914 box, two British Royal Navy ribbon cap tally bonds "HMS Devonshire" and "HMS Cumberland" and other items. £30-50
169.    London Mint, "The Millionaires Collection", containing thirty-six silver and silver gilt coins, in fitted box, together with a folder of Certificate of Authenticity and Certificate of Ownership, N44395, approximately ___19½oz. £200-300
170.    London Mint, "The Vice Admiral Lord Nelson Collection", twenty-one sterling silver coins, in fitted case, with Certificate of Authenticity and a silver proof Trafalgar coin with authentic copper inlay, (22). £100-150
171.    A Victoria 1889 crown, a Royal Mint 2008 proof collection and other modern coins. £20-30
172.    A silver British Dairy Farmer's Association medal, London 1925, with inscription, ___1.8oz, in fitted case, (case a/f). £20-30
173.    A Victoria 1889 crown and a quantity of later British coinage, including decimal and Elizabeth II crowns, etc. £40-60
174.    A Royal Mint 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain silver proof cased commemorative medallion, a John Pinches Silver Jubilee sterling silver commemorative medal, a John Pinches silver Day of the Concorde metallic FDC, a John Pinches silver gilt 1975 Mother's Day medallion and two others, (6). £30-40
175.    Westminster Mint, twenty-one Diamond Wedding Photographic Portrait coin collection with eighteen certificates of authenticity, a Royal Mint 2006 UK BU coin collection and a 2009 Big Ben £5 proof coin. £40-60
176.    A Bank of England Series B Helmeted Britannia July 1961 £5 note J16 400266 (O'Brien), a £1 note C29C 318733 (Beale), a 10/- shilling note Z93Y 593513 (O'Brien) and ten 1953 coins, crown-farthing, (includes English & Scottish shillings), framed as one. £30-40
177.    A Bank of England pre-1925 black and white £5 note April 30 1923 195/D 47598, cashier E. M. Harvey, (some staining). £150-200
178.    A similar Bank of England £5 note April 30 1923 195/D 47599, cashier E. M. Harvey, (some staining). £150-200
179.    A collection of various British coinage, including 1920-1946 silver, two Series C £1 notes, (Page), fifteen Series D £1 notes, (eight Page & seven Somerset) and a Series C ten-shilling note, (Fforde). £100-150
180.    An Edward I hammered silver halfpenny, a Victoria 1887 double-florin and other pre-1920 silver coins. £40-60
181.    John Pinches, twenty-five 'Elizabeth Our Queen' sterling silver ingots on cards, no presentation case, seventeen with literature. £150-200
182.    International Society of Postmasters Official Commemorative Issue, a collection of twenty-four sterling silver coin covers together with a set of fifty John Pinches pewter Great British Locomotives ingots on cards, with presentation box and book. £120-150
183.    A Westminster Mint 2004 Famous World silver coin collection consisting of four 1 Troy ounce coins: United States Eagle, Australian Kangaroo, Chinese Panda and Canadian Maple Leaf, in fitted case with certificate of authenticity. £30-40
184.    A Westminster Mint 2006 Concorde 30th Anniversary silver 5oz Cook Island 25-dollar coin, in fitted case, with certificate of authenticity, together with a Westminster Mint Fare To Concorde signed silver coin cover, with certificate of authenticity, (2). £50-70
185.    A Westminster silver proof £5 three-coin set A Tribute to the Armed Services, in fitted case and certificate of authenticity no. 455/495. £30-50
186.    A Westminster Mint silver Lifetime of Service Piedfort Tristan da Cunha £5 coin, two Guernsey and one Jersey accented with gold ink £5 coins, two Jersey silver £5 coins Great Britons, Churchill & Darwin, a silver USA 1889 Morgan Dollar, a silver 1971 Eisenhower Dollar, all with certificates of authenticity, a 2004 Alderney Rocket £5 coin, a silver Australian 2002 Kookaburra 50-cents and three others, (13). £80-120
187.    A silver proof Royal Mint Piedfort £2 coin celebrating The End of World War II and a silver London 2012 Cycling 50-pence coin with certificate of authenticity, (2). £20-40
188.    A Royal Mint 2011 United Kingdom Executive Proof Set no.2537, with certificate of authenticity, in fitted wooden case. £50-80
189.    A collection of various Westminster Mint cupro-nickel commemorative coins, approximately 30. £20-40
190.    A Royal Mint 2006 BU coin collection, a UK uncirculated decimal coin collection 1968-1984, various commemorative £5 crowns, an Endangered Species of the World 50-pence coin FDC, a Classic Locomotives £2-coin FDC, other decimal coins and a set of ESSO FA Cup centenary medals 1872-1972. £30-40
191.    A Queen Victoria Gothic florin 1880, two others, (worn), miscellaneous silver coins, 19th century tokens and other coinage and foreign notes. £60-80
192.    A bronze medal, unsigned, Capture of Porto Bello, obv. full-length figure of Admiral Vernon facing left with sword drawn and canon, fort at left and ship at right, rev. view of Porto Bello harbour with six ships, dated Nov 22 1739. £30-40
193.    A collection of British and foreign coinage, including pre-1946 silver. £50-70
194.    A Royal Mint Silver Jubilee Elizabeth II silver medallion, approximately ___2.7oz, 5.7cm diameter, a similar bronze medallion, three silver proof coins Marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, a 1977 Silver Jubilee coin and a 1979 Turks and Caicos Islands 10-crowns silver proof coin, (7). £50-70
195.    A Franklin Mint cased 1976 Coinage of Belize sterling silver proof set, cased, a cased 1976 Coinage of Panama (silver 20-Balboas & 2½-Centesimos), a 1977 Cook Islands $25 silver coin, The American Bicentennial medallic FDC, an 1877-1977 Test Cricket Centenary medallic FDC and other foreign coinage. £100-200
196.    A Franklin Mint 1976 cased 150-Balboa platinum coin. £120-150
197.    A Franklin Mint cased 1976 British Virgin Islands proof set, a 1976 Coinage of Barbados eight-coin cased set, two 1976 cased Barbados sterling silver $10 proof coins and a 1976 cased sterling silver medal commemorating the Bicentennial Visit of HM Queen Elizabeth II to the United States, (5). £50-80
198.    Five Queen Anne silver coins: half-crown 1709 (Octavo), shilling 1703, 1711, sixpence 1710 and threepence (date mark rubbed), (5). £60-80
199.    Twelve George III silver coins: crown 1819 (LX), shilling 1816/17/19/20, sixpence 1787, 1817 (x2), threepence 1762 (x3), 1763, (12). £50-70
200.    A George I shilling 1723 (SSC in angles), Charles II fourpence 1679 (x2), William III shilling 1696, (marks rubbed), sixpence 1696 (x4), William IV half-crown 1836, shilling 1826, fourpence 1836, George II shilling 1758, (12). £40-60
201.    A George II shilling 1745 (Lima), sixpence 1732, 1757 (x4), 1758, (7). £60-80
202.    A William & Mary shilling 1693. £60-80
203.    A Victoria crown 1887, half-crown 1887 (x2), double-florin 1887, (4). £60-80
204.    A collection of mainly 17th century Great Britain tokens, halfpennies and farthings, including John Jeffery - Chatham, Jonathan Troughton - Maidstone, Thomas Field - Canterbury, Thomas Stone - Oxsteed, Walter Ramsden - Chatham, William Campion - Rochester, (45). £200-300
205.    A collection of thirty-two mainly 18th century Great Britain tokens, (32). £40-60
206.    A collection of thirty-three mainly 18th century Great Britain tokens, (33). £40-60
207.    A collection of thirty-three mainly 18th century Great Britain tokens, (33). £40-60
208.    A collection of thirty-three mainly 18th century Great Britain tokens, (33). £40-60
209.    A George III 3-shilling bank token 1814, 1-shilling & sixpence tokens 1811, 1813, a ten-pence Irish token 1805, a five-pence Irish token 1805, a Bilston one-shilling silver token 1811 and a Marlborough Old Bank one-shilling token 1811, (7). £30-40
210.    Approximately 160 various pressed-tin trade tokens. £30-40
211.    A George III 1797 cartwheel 2d and 1d and other 18th and 19th century bronze and copper coinage, (a/f). £50-80
212.    Five Victoria crowns: 1889 (x3), 1890 (x2), one half-crown, one florin, seven shillings, one sixpence and twenty-two threepences, (a/f). £50-80
213.    A collection of approximately 55 mainly 19th century tokens. £30-50
214.    A bronze medallion signed Louis Bottee, the obverse with bust of Marianne, the reverse with 'Sussex Club Français', 5cm diameter and other bronze and metal medallions, (approximately 30). £50-70
215.    A bronze medallion signed A Rivet, obverse decorated with poultry, reverse with 'Offert par Mme Robert Delagoutte', 5cm diameter, another bronze medallion signed Mabey?, 'Societe Français Des Eleveurs De Palmipedes' and three other silvered bronze medallions decorated with hens, (5). £30-50
216.    A small collection of foreign coinage. £20-40
217.    A collection of approximately 300 20th century silver threepence and other British coinage. £100-200
218.    A collection of ten Elizabeth I hammered silver coins: shilling (x2), sixpence (x8), (a/f), (10). £150-200
219.    Two Edward VI hammered silver shillings and a Henry VIII silver groat, (a/f), (3). £80-120
220.    Two Edward II hammered silver pennies, an Edward III halfpenny, a Henry VI groat and six other hammered silver coins, (a/f), (8). £40-60
221.    A Charles I hammered silver shilling and a sixpence (mis-strike), two James I shillings and a sixpence, (a/f), (5). £60-80
222.    An Edward I hammered silver penny and four other hammered silver coins, (a/f), (5). £60-80
223.    A collection of various coins, including pre-1946 silver and decimal. £40-60
224.    A Royal Mint 2011 United Kingdom Executive Proof Set no.1548, in fitted wooden box with certificate. £80-120
225.    Four Royal Mint United Kingdom proof collections: 1996, 2002, 2006/7, a 2013 George and the Dragon silver £20 coin, a 2005 Nelson - Trafalgar BU two-crown set, a 2004 New Coinage (3 coins), a 2009 Countdown to London 2012 BU £5 coin, a 2012 Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary £2 coin, a 2013 150th Anniversary of the London Underground £2 two-coin set and three other commemorative coins, (12). £80-120
226.    A collection of approximately 600 British farthings, George III - Elizabeth II, including Charles I copper rose farthing, William Butler - Winchester 1657 farthing token, others, a small collection of George III halfpennies, etc, contained in two albums. £300-400
227.    An Elizabeth I hammered silver 1575 sixpence, a George II 1757 sixpence, a William IV 1834 half-crown, a Maria Theresa thaler (framed) and a William Wilberforce bronze medallion, (5). £50-70
228.    Nuremberg, Free Reichstadt Gold Medal 1971, (999.9 fine stamp), on the 500th birthday of Albrecht Durer, obv. bust image, rev. medieval city view, 2cm diameter, 3g. £60-80
229.    Two red felt "Golly Brooch Collection" banners with 30 Robertson's Golly badges and six penguin badges. £40-60
230.    A quantity of commemorative medallions, a WWII Defence Medal, race medals, a 'For Loyal Service' badge and other items. £20-30
241.    Graham Farish N gauge, 372-275 West Country Class SR 4-6-2 locomotive RN21C101 "Exeter", boxed, (outer sleeve missing). £30-50
242.    Graham Farish N gauge, No.1604 GWR 2-6-2 Prairie Tank Engine RN3112, boxed. £30-50
243.    Graham Farish N gauge, 372-075 Class B1 LNER 4-6-0 locomotive RN1000, "Springbok", boxed. £30-50
244.    Dapol N gauge, 2S 002-001 School Class SR 4-4-0 locomotive RN 902 "Wellington", boxed. £30-50
245.    Dapol N gauge, 2P-012-252 Maunsell Coach Set of six SR lined green coaches, boxed. £30-50
246.    Dapol N gauge, two boxed GWR coaches, "Shirt-button livery", two Graham Farish coaches, boxed and three unboxed coaches, (7) and a quantity of Peco track, etc. £30-50
247.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-504 Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 BR green locomotive RN73014, boxed. £40-60
248.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-626 Class 3F 0-6-0 BR black locomotive RN43762, boxed. £40-60
249.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-010 Class 7F 2-8-0 BR black locomotive RN53806, boxed. £40-60
250.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-975 Standard Class 3MT 2-6-2 BR black tank engine RN82029, boxed. £40-60
251.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-876 Fairburn 2-6-4 BR black tank engine RN42096, boxed. £40-60
252.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-828 Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 BR green locomotive, RN46520, boxed. £40-60
253.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-251 WD 2-8-0 Austerity Class BR black locomotive RN90274, boxed. £40-60
254.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 32-936 Class 150 DMU two-car set BR blue/grey Sprinter, in transparent packaging only; Oxford Rail OR 76AR001 Class 415 Adams Radial tank engine RN30583, boxed. £30-50
255.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2342 Class A3 4-6-2 BR green locomotive RN60077 "The White Knight", boxed. £50-70
256.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2998 Class B1 4-6-0 LNER black locomotive, RN1040 "Roe Deer", boxed. £50-70
257.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2714 Standard 4 Class 4-6-0 BR black locomotive RN75005, boxed. £50-70
258.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2636 Stannier 4P Class 2-6-4 BR black locomotive RN42468, boxed. £40-60
259.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2771 Class 121 Driving Motor Brake RN W55028, boxed and R2524 GWR Diesel Rail Car RN29, boxed, (2). £60-80
260.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2793 Class 50 Co-Co Diesel Electric locomotive RN50048 "Dauntless", boxed. £60-80
261.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2582 Class NI5 4-6-0 BR black locomotive RN30803 "Sir Harry Le Fise Lake", boxed. £40-60
262.    Hornby OO Gauge, R2229 Class 8F 4-6-0 BR black locomotive RN48154 and R2321 Class 5MT BR black locomotive RN45455, both boxed, (2). £60-80
263.    OO Gauge Coaches: Hornby R4360A, R4320A, Bachmann 39-025B and 39-175C, Airfix 54255-5 (x2) and a quantity of 4-function locomotive decoders and points decoders, (some a/f). £30-50
264.    Hornby OO gauge, R2369 train pack "The Golden Arrow", boxed. £80-100
265.    Hornby OO gauge, R4196 Golden Arrow Pullman coaches 3-coach pack, (boxed). £40-60
266.    Bachmann OO gauge, 31-714 Class B1 4-6-0 BR black locomotive RN61250 "A Harold Bibby", (boxed). £40-60
267.    Bachmann OO gauge, 31-135 Class D11/2 4-4-0 BR black locomotive RN62690 "Lady of the Lake", (boxed). £40-60
268.    Hornby OO gauge, R2584 Rebuilt West Country Class 4-6-2, BR green locomotive, RN34003 "Plymouth", weathered edition, (boxed). £40-60
269.    Hornby OO gauge, R2614 Dean Class 4-2-2 GWR green locomotive RN3047 "Lorna Doone", limited edition 1730/2000, (boxed). £40-60
270.    Hornby OO gauge, R2219 West Country Class 4-6-2 SR locomotive, renamed and renumbered by Mevagissey Model Railway: RN21C107 "Wadebridge", (boxed). £40-60
271.    Hornby OO gauge, R2283 Battle of Britain Class 4-6-2, SR locomotive RN21C155 "Fighter Pilot", (boxed). £40-60
272.    Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDLI 4-6-2 Class A4, RN60016 'Silver King' and RN7 'Sir Nigel Gresley'. (a/f), two Bo-Bo diesel locomotives RN D8000 and three other locomotives, all a/f, (no boxes), (7). £60-100
273.    A large quantity of mainly Hornby Dublo coaches, wagons, three-rail track and other items, (all a/f). £40-60
274.    Kitmaster, OO gauge, a Motorised Box Wagon, boxed, four TTR coaches, a Hornby Dublo "Shell Lubricating Oil" tanker and other OO gauge rolling stock, track and accessories. £30-40
275.    Bachmann OO Gauge, a DCC Ready Class 20 twin-pack locomotive set: 32027Y/1 BR green RN D8000 and 32027Y/2 BR green RN D8001, boxed with sleeve. £80-100
276.    Bachmann OO gauge, four boxed BR crimson/cream coaches: 39-027D, 39-077C, 39-127B and 39227B. £30-50
277.    Bachmann OO Gauge, three boxed BR maroon coaches: 39-076D, 39-101A, 39-151B, one wagon 37-275C, boxed and one empty box. £30-50
278.    Hornby Dublo, EDL18 2-6-4 Standard Tank Locomotive RN80054 and EDL17 0-6-2 Tank Locomotive RN69567, both boxed, (2). £30-40
279.    Mainline OO gauge, four boxed locomotives: 37038 Class 6600 0-6-2T GWR tank engine, 37076 Rebuilt Patriot Class 6P 4-6-0 BR black RN45536 "Private W Wood VC", 37077 Collett Class 0-6-0 BR green and 54156 Dean Class 0-6-0 GWR green, (4). £60-90
280.    Hornby OO gauge, R3022 Class A1X 0-6-0 Terrier tank engine, SR RN2662, (boxed), R505 4P Class 2-6-4T RN2312, (in incorrect box) and R2524A GWR diesel rail car no.26, (no box), (3). £30-40
281.    Bachmann OO gauge, 32-153A N Class 2-6-0 SR locomotive RN1821, 31-050 J72 Class 0-6-0T LNER tank engine RN8680, (both boxed), (2). £30-50
282.    Hornby OO gauge, four R122 GWR clerestory composite coaches and two R123 GWR clerestory brake coaches, (all boxed), (6). £30-50
283.    Hornby OO gauge, five BR (Ex LMS) corridor coaches: 4234A, 4235 (X2), 4235A and 4236, (all boxed), (5). £30-50
284.    Hornby OO gauge, eight BR Maunsell coaches: R4302A & B, R4303A, R4304E, R4305A, R4320A & B, R4379, (all boxed), (8). £50-80
285.    Hornby Dublo, EDP15 Passenger Train Set containing EDL11 Class A4 4-6-2 locomotive "Silver King" RN60016, boxed. £40-60
286.    Hornby Dublo, 4620 Breakdown Crane, 2400 T P O Mail Van Set, a wagon and a container, all boxed, one coach and twelve unboxed wagons. £70-80
287.    Hornby Dublo, boxed railway buildings: D1 Through Station with two extensions, DA456 Island Platform, Signal Cabin, 5083 Terminal Kit, 5020 Goods Depot, 5005 Engine Shed Kit with 5006 Extension Kit and 5086, Six Platform Extensions. £30-50
288.    A quantity of boxed and unboxed OO gauge track, accessories and kits. £30-50
289.    Hornby OO Gauge, R061 Class 5P5F 4-6-0 LMS locomotive RN5112, boxed, six boxed coaches, R344 Track Cleaning Car, R577 wagon, all boxed and two unboxed wagons, (11). £50-70
290.    Lima OO Gauge, 5101MW LNER 0-6-0 tank locomotive RN8920; Mainline 37-054 J72 Class 0-6-0T tank locomotive RN581, both boxed, five boxed TTR coaches, seven boxed Graham Farish coaches and other items, mainly boxed. £60-100
291.    OO Gauge, six boxed coaches by Triang (2), Airfix (3) and Mainline (1) and ten unboxed coaches, (16). £40-60
292.    OO Gauge, eleven various boxed wagons by Triang, Hornby and Mainline, unboxed wagons and railway accessories. £40-60
293.    Hornby Dublo, set 2020, "Torbay Express" Passenger Train, boxed, (af), with Kitmaster locomotive and two coaches. £30-50
294.    Hornby OO gauge, five BR Centenary coaches: R4028 (X2), R4029 (X5) and an R592 Royal Mail Ancillary Coach, (all boxed), (6). £30-50
295.    Hornby OO gauge, fifteen boxed SR wagons, (15). £50-70
296.    Hornby OO gauge, sixteen boxed GWR wagons, (16). £50-70
297.    Hornby OO gauge, fifteen boxed wagons, (15). £50-80
298.    Hornby OO gauge, two 3-packs of wagons: R6506 and R6712 and seven other boxed wagons, (13). £50-70
299.    Hornby OO gauge, thirteen private-owner wagons, (all boxed), (13). £50-70
300.    Hornby OO gauge, twelve wagons and tankers, (all boxed), (12). £40-60
301.    Hornby OO gauge, twelve wagons and tankers, including Ministry of Munitions wagons, (all boxed), (12). £40-60
302.    Hornby OO gauge, nine boxed wagons, (9). £30-50
303.    Hornby OO gauge, R6037 coke wagons "Thomas Ward" and ten other wagons, (all boxed), (11). £30-50
304.    Bachmann OO gauge, eight LNER post-war brown Thomson coaches: 34-377 (x2), 34-402 (x2), 34-427, 34-477 (x2), 34-452, (all boxed), (8). £70-100
305.    Bachmann OO gauge, seven LMS crimson coaches: 34-226C & D, 34-251C & D, 34-252B & C, 34-327D, (all boxed), (7). £60-80
306.    Bachmann OO gauge, seven boxed sets of three wagons, each: 33-027, 33-090, 33-525, 37-365, 37-470Z, 37-666B and 37-670A, (7). £60-80
307.    Bachmann OO gauge, five blue and grey Pullman coaches: 39-281, 39-291, 39-291A, 39-301A, 39-311 and a BR Post Office sorting van 39-425, (all boxed), (6). £50-80
308.    Bachmann OO gauge, six boxed coaches: 34-176, 39-183A, 39-184A, 39-200B, 39-201 (x2), (6). £50-80
309.    Bachmann OO gauge, five 30-ton bogie wagons: 33-850A, 33-852, 33-900, 33-928B and 33-930, also three brake vans and two wagons, (all boxed), (10). £40-60
310.    Bachmann OO gauge, thirty boxed BR wagons, various, (30). £60-80
311.    Wrenn OO Gauge, W2204 LMS 0-6-0T Tank Locomotive RN 7420, maroon, W2215 LMS 0-6-2T Tank Locomotive RN2385, black, both boxed with alternative couplings and instructions, (2). £50-70
312.    A quantity of unboxed OO gauge locomotives, rolling stock, track, etc, mainly Hornby and Triang. £60-100
313.    Lima OO Gauge, two SAR E919 electric locomotives, two other locomotives and a quantity of rolling stock. £30-50
314.    Bachmann OO gauge, 31-326 Class 105 two-car DMU, BR green, boxed. £40-60
315.    Bachmann OO gauge, 32-902A Class 108 two-car DMU, BR blue/grey, boxed with sleeve. £40-60
316.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-211 Patriot Class 4-6-0 locomotive RN 45543, "Home Guard", BR green, boxed. £40-60
317.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-116 Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 locomotive RN75069, BR green, boxed. £40-60
318.    Bachmann OO Gauge, 31-175 Jubilee Class 4-6-0 BR green locomotive RN45611 "Hong Kong", boxed. £40-60
319.    Bachmann OO gauge, a BR crimson/cream restaurant car, 39-252A and full brake 34-651B and five wagons, (all boxed), (7). £40-60
320.    Hornby OO gauge, nine boxed BR coaches: R4260A, R4261A, R4262A & B, R4263B, R4567 (x2), R4715 and R4538A, (9). £70-100
321.    Mainline OO gauge, twenty-five boxed wagons, (25). £60-100
322.    Mainline OO gauge, twenty-five boxed wagons, (25). £60-100
323.    Mainline OO gauge, twenty-five boxed wagons, (25). £60-100
324.    Mainline OO gauge, twenty-five boxed wagons, (25). £60-100
325.    Mainline OO gauge, four bogie wagons and nine other wagons, (all boxed), (13). £30-50
326.    Replica Railways OO gauge, twenty boxed wagons, (20). £60-100
327.    Replica Railways OO gauge, three coaches and sixteen wagons, (all boxed), (19). £60-100
328.    Airfix OO gauge, twenty-four wagons, three Lima wagons and two Oxford Rail wagons, (all boxed), (29). £60-100
329.    Dapol OO gauge, twenty-six boxed GWR wagons, (26). £60-100
330.    Dapol OO gauge, twenty boxed private-owner wagons, (20). £60-100
331.    Dapol OO gauge, twenty boxed private-owner wagons, (20). £60-100
332.    Dapol OO gauge, thirteen limited-edition private-owner wagons, (all boxed), (13). £50-80
333.    Dapol OO gauge, sixteen boxed wagons, (16). £50-80
334.    OO gauge, Bachmann, Lima, Hornby, Mainline, etc, approximately sixty wagons, (no boxes). £40-60
335.    OO gauge, Bachmann, Lima, Hornby, Mainline, etc, approximately sixty wagons, (no boxes). £40-60
336.    OO gauge, fourteen Hornby and one Bachmann coach, (no boxes), (15). £30-50
337.    OO Gauge, a quantity of mainly Triang railway, R059 Class 3 Standard Tank engine RN82004, wagons, a CKO metal crane, track and accessories. £40-60
338.    Hornby OO Gauge, R134 Duchess Class 4-6-2 locomotive "Duchess of Norfolk" RN 46226, four other steam locomotives, R336 Class 43 HST125 3-car pack, various wagons, coaches, track, accessories and plastic farm animals. £30-50
339.    Hornby Dublo 4051 Corridor Coach, Triang OO gauge R356 Battle of Britain Class 4-6-2 BR green locomotive RN34051 "Winston Churchill, R38 Tender, R22 and R220 SR coaches, R156 Suburban Motor Coach and R15 Milk Wagon, all boxed, (7). £30-50
340.    Triang OO Gauge, R356 Battle of Britain Class 4-6-2 BR green locomotive RN34051 'Winston Churchill', R50 BR green 4-6-2 locomotive RN 45201 'Princess Elizabeth' and other steam locomotives, including boxed Airfix 4F Fowler, (3 a/f). £30-50
341.    Triang OO Gauge, R357 A-I-A A-I-A diesel, R751 Co-Co Type-3 diesel, both boxed, and R555 blue and white Pullman 3-car set. £30-40
342.    Exley for Bassett Lowke, OO gauge five LMS maroon corridor coaches: 1st/3rd, (x2), 1st, 3rd/brake and 1st/3rd/brake, all boxed. £80-120
343.    Bachmann OO gauge, thirty-three BR wagons, (boxed), (33). £100-150
344.    Bachmann OO gauge, fourteen LMS wagons and six LNER wagons, (all boxed), (20). £60-100
345.    Bachmann OO gauge, fourteen boxed GWR wagons, (14). £50-80
346.    Bachmann OO gauge, thirteen SR wagons and one NE, (all boxed), (14). £50-80
347.    Bachmann OO gauge, ten boxed wagons, (10). £40-60
348.    Bachmann OO gauge, ten boxed wagons, (10). £40-60
349.    Bachmann OO gauge, eleven boxed private-owner wagons, including five Collectors' Club examples, (11). £50-80
350.    Bachmann OO gauge, eleven boxed private-owner wagons, (11). £50-80
351.    Bachmann OO gauge, twelve boxed private-owner wagons, (12). £50-80
352.    Bachmann OO gauge, twelve boxed private-owner wagons, (12). £50-80
353.    Bassett-Lowke O gauge, BL99041 Re-Built Patriot Class 4-6-0 locomotive and tender, British Railways (late crest), BR green, RN45534, "E Tootal Broadhurst", boxed with instructions, 3-rail spoon pick-up, lamps and outer carton. £200-300
354.    Hornby O Gauge, Set 201 Tank Goods Set: LMS 0-4-0T tank engine RN2270, National Benzole tanker, open wagon track and membership certificate. £40-60
355.    Hornby O Gauge, no.50 0-4-0 clockwork BR green locomotive RN50153, with no.51 tender, both boxed, (2). £40-60
356.    Hornby O Gauge, boxed rolling stock: no.1 Passenger Coach, Passenger Brake, Goods Brake, Refrigerator and Milk Traffic Vans, Crane Truck, Cement Truck and Flat Wagon, (8). £60-80
357.    Hornby O Gauge, no.3 Station, no.1 Level Crossing, no.2 Signal Cabin, no.2 Double-Arm Signal, no.1 Buffer Stop, no.1 Water Tank, no.2 Turntable, points and rails, all boxed, (9). £40-60
358.    Hornby O Gauge, an 0-4-0 Type-501 LMS locomotive RN5600, other locomotives, wagons, track and accessories, all play-worn. £40-60
359.    Dapol O gauge, 7S-010-002 Class A1X 0-6-0 Terrier tank locomotive BR black late crest, RN32661, boxed with instructions. £60-100
360.    Dapol O gauge, three open wagons, 7F-051-002/007 and 7F-071-017, (all boxed), (3). £30-50
361.    Dapol O gauge, 7F-100-001 SR brake van, 7F-031-000 6-wheel milk tanker "United Dairies" and 7F-058-002 14T tank wagon Class A "Shell BP", silver, A7498, (all boxed), (3). £40-60
362.    Peco, SL-700BH O gauge, sixteen 92cm long lengths of track in two boxes, ST-725 (two boxes), ST-700 (one box), SL-E792BH, (two boxes), (7 in total). £60-100
363.    Aristo Craft Trains, 1 Gauge, two diesel locomotives, Alco FA-1 and an Alco FB-1 "Baltimore and Ohio", all boxed, (3). £180-240
364.    Aristo Craft Trains, 1 Gauge, AT/SF Santa Fe Rail Diesel Car, boxed. £60-100
365.    Aristo Craft Trains, 1 Gauge, Streamline Vista-Dome Car, boxed. £40-60
366.    Aristo Craft Trains, 1 Gauge, Streamline Passenger Car, boxed. £40-60
367.    Aristo Craft Trains, 1 Gauge, Streamline Observation Car, boxed. £40-60
368.    Bachmann 'Big Haulers' G Gauge, no.81698 Baldwin Industrial 2-6-0 Mogul "Yellow Pine Lumber Co.", boxed. £60-80
369.    Bachmann 'Big Haulers' G Gauge, wagons: 98685, 98692 and two 92503, (4). £50-70
370.    Bachmann 'Big Haulers' G Gauge, wagons: 98229 and one Piko 38810 wagon, boxed, (2). £30-50
371.    Bachmann 'Big Haulers' G Gauge, wagons: 98690 and 98682, boxed, (2). £30-50
372.    Bachmann 'Big Haulers' G Gauge, coaches: 89292 and 89294, boxed, (2). £30-50
373.    Train G Gauge, coaches: 757-5803 (x2), boxed. £30-50
374.    Peco G Gauge, track: ST-902 Standard Straight, three ST-905 standard curved and one box with four straights and one curved; SL-995 RH 4x Nominal Radius Turnout and six Model Power 982 street lights, all boxed and a pair of Aristo Craft Trains pylons, with box. £40-60
385.    An Original Classic City of Leeds large-scale diecast Dennis F8 Fire Engine, (a/f) and five boxed Corgi trams, no.s 36707, 97265, 97267, 97270 and 98154, (6). £30-50
386.    An Ertl 265 Case International Tractor, boxed, other diecasts by Brumm, Lledo, Siku, Matchbox, etc, all boxed, a quantity of unboxed play-worn diecasts and a boxed "Computerised Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible". £30-50
387.    A quantity of play-worn diecast vehicles, mainly Corgi and Matchbox, a scratch-built garage, fort and building blocks set. £30-50
388.    A collection of twenty-nine boxed diecast tractors by Hachette Partworks and a Britains 42713 diecast of a John Deere 7280R tractor, boxed, (30). £50-70
389.    Lledo, 147 boxed diecasts. £70-100
390.    Exclusive First Editions (EFE), 41 boxed diecast buses. £40-60
391.    A Lledo Royal Golden Wedding Anniversary Set and a large quantity of boxed Lledo and Oxford diecasts, including many promotional issues. £50-80
392.    Dinky Toys, No.63, with 63a, Mayo Composite Aircraft "Maia" and 63b 'Mercury' seaplane, both with square holes, (a/f, some metal fatigue to nose of "Maia", wing tip broken and glued, one float detached from 'Mercury'), boxed. £40-60
393.    Dinky Toys, No.62p, Armstrong Whitworth 'Ensign' Air Liner, gliding ring, (a/f, some metal fatigue, both wheels broken off), boxed. £30-50
394.    Dinky Toys, 60h, Singapore Flying Boat, pre-war, no roller, no RAF roundels, unboxed. £30-50
395.    Dinky Toys, Aircraft: 62a Spitfire (2), 63b Seaplane, 62b Medium bomber, 70b Tempest fighter, 70d Twin-engine fighter and 70e Meteor (x2), no boxes, (8). £60-100
396.    Dinky Toys, Airliners: 62n Junkers JU90, 62y Giant high-speed monoplane, 70a Avro 'York' and two 70c Vikings, (one propeller missing), no boxes, (5). £50-80
397.    Dinky Toys, eight repainted aircraft, including 62k The Kings Aeroplane, 62r Four-engine liner, 62t Armstrong Whitley bomber, 62x British 40-seater, 63a Flying boat, also a scratch-built plane in Swedish colours and a cast aluminium plane, four aeroplane kits and three kit planes. £40-60
398.    Seventeen boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, other Matchbox diecasts and a Models of Yesteryear folder. £30-50
399.    Corgi, 35305 Bedford Val 'Wallace Arnold Tours' coach, boxed and twenty Corgi boxed buses, (21). £60-80
400.    Corgi, Showman's Range no.15901 Scammell Highwayman and 27801 Atkinson Truck Set, three Eddie Stobart issues, 97369, 97327 and 59516 and one other truck 97366, all boxed, (6). £30-50
401.    Corgi, boxed buses: 97050, 97052, 97071, 97101, 97186, 97233, 97269 and 97741, (8). £30-50
402.    Corgi, boxed trucks, including 96970, 97318, 97335, 97368, 97910, 97913, 97914, 97917 and other diecasts, all boxed, (19). £30-40
403.    A quantity of unboxed play-worn diecasts, mainly Dinky toys, eight boxed Shell sports cars and a quantity of books and magazines about diecasts. £20-30
404.    An Astra 3.7'' Anti-Aircraft Gun and an Anti-Tank Gun, both boxed, (2). £50-80
405.    Dinky Toys, no.60R Empire Flying Boat "Caledonia", with gliding ring and plastic roller, (a/f, one float has been glued), boxed. £40-60
406.    Dinky Toys, five waterline models of liners, all play-worn, another small diecast liner, three boxed diecast cars and a collection of unboxed cars by Lesney, Dinky, etc. £30-40
407.    A quantity of playworn Dinky and Corgi diecasts: including a Corgi 260 James Bond Aston Martin DB5, 266 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and 267 Batmobile, and Dinky 103 Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle. £30-50
408.    Lledo 'Days Gone' and others, 69 boxed diecast models. £30-50
409.    Nineteen boxed diecasts: Matchbox, MoY, Corgi, Polistil Tonka, Solido, etc. and a quantity of play-worn unboxed diecasts, (approximately 90). £40-60
410.    Dinky Toys, a quantity of play-worn diecasts, including AEC Tanker, 289 Routemaster Bus, also three boxed modern issues, DY1B, DY8-B and DY-14. £30-50
411.    Lesney Models of Yesteryear: Y4-2 1905 Shand-Mason Fire Engine ('Kent' Fire Brigade, white horses), Y7-1 1918 Leyland 4-Ton Van, Y7-2 Mercer 1913 Raceabout Type 35J, Y8-2 Sunbeam Motorcycle and Sidecar, Y11-1 1920 Aveling & Porter Steam Roller, Y12-1 Horse-drawn Bus, Y14-1 Duke of Connaught Locomotive, Y15-1 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, all boxed, (8). £70-100
412.    Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, 43 late boxed issues, Matchbox Series 40th Anniversary Collection, boxed and various loose diecasts, including two Charbens miniature vintage cars. £50-80
413.    Dinky Toys, 38F Jaguar, (brown/grey and black), 23d Auto Union, 23g Cooper-Bristol, 23H Ferrari, 23n Maserati and 235 HWM, all play-worn, (6). £40-60
414.    Dinky Toys, 502 Foden flat truck, green and two 501 Foden 8-wheel wagons, all play-worn, (3). £40-60
415.    Dinky Toys, 514 Guy Van "Slumberland", 40d Austin Devon, 40j Austin Somerset, 157 Jaguar and other items. £40-60
416.    Dinky Toys, post-war military issues, 152a Light Tank, (with chain tracks, no aerial), (2), 673 Scout Car, (2) and Limber, (5). £30-40
417.    Dinky Toys, 514 Guy Van "Slumberland", Blaw-Knox Bulldozer and other play-worn diecasts, unboxed, (9). £30-50
418.    Dinky Toys, 503 Foden Flat Truck with tailboard, 1st type cab, no box, other play-worn diecasts, various makers and a small quantity of boxed vehicles, etc. £40-60
419.    Dinky Toys, a quantity of play-worn diecasts, including 24f Sportsman's Coupé, 38c Lagonda, 39e Chrysler Royal, 25a Wagon, 25g Flat Truck, 25v Bedford Refuse, 29c Bus, 30f Ambulance, and others, (14). £60-100
420.    A large quantity of unboxed play-worn diecasts, including some Matchbox and Corgi diecasts and some miniature plastic cars. £30-50
421.    A quantity of unboxed play-worn diecasts, including some Models of Yesteryear. £30-40
422.    Burago, three boxed 1/24 scale cars, four unboxed 1/18 cars, twelve 1/43 scale cars and a quantity of boxed diecasts, various. £30-50
423.    A quantity of Lledo 'Days Gone' and 'Trackside' diecasts, boxed, (61, including some multiple packs). £40-60
424.    Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, Connoisseurs' Collection, boxed, a framed Leyland Titan TD1 and two others, similar, YY908 and YY942, all in original outer cartons. £40-60
425.    Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, YSH2 and YSH3, boxed and 21 other boxed Models of Yesteryear. £30-40
426.    Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, 30 boxed diecasts and a quantity of unboxed Models of Yesteryear. £30-50
427.    Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, 30 boxed diecasts, one other and a quantity of unboxed Models of Yesteryear. £30-50
438.    A composition Shirley Temple-type doll, unmarked, 34cm, a Horsman composition doll, 29cm and six other composition dolls, (all a/f), (8). £30-50
439.    An unmarked composition-head doll with sleeping brown eyes, tin body with inoperable speech box and long wood legs with carved booties and socks, 59cm, two boudoir shoulder-head dolls, a Chinese doll and a cloth-faced doll, (5). £50-100
440.    Ten various composition dolls, (all a/f), (10). £40-60
441.    A collection of miniature bisque dolls, small shoulder heads, a Minerva metal doll's head, two pin-cushion dolls and miscellaneous limbs. £50-80
442.    A quantity of unstrung composition dolls and doll parts, three Leonardo Collection bisque heads and a small quantity of doll's clothes, modern dolls, etc. £20-30
443.    A doll's house red glass carafe and two wine glasses, boxed doll's tea sets and other items. £20-30
444.    An Ernst Heubach doll's head, (cracked) and a collection of wooden, tinplate and other dolls, animals, etc. £30-50
445.    A German composition-head doll with cloth body and limbs and a collection of cloth dolls. £60-80
446.    A Sasha doll, Gregor, with dark brown hair and denims. £40-60
447.    A Sindy doll, two others, similar, a Sindy horse with harness and buggy, wardrobe and clothes, oven, etc. £30-40
448.    Armand Marseille, a 990 bisque-head doll with sleeping blue eyes and jointed composition body, (a/f, limbs detached), 41cm and a celluloid doll in national costume, (2). £30-50
449.    Armand Marseille, a 390 bisque-head doll with sleeping eyes, (detached), brown real hair wig in ringlets and fully-jointed body dressed in pink chiffon, with socks and shoes, marked Armand Marseille Germany 390 AoM, 42cm, in original box. £50-70
450.    Armand Marseille, a 390 bisque-head doll with sleeping brown eyes, brown mohair wig and fully-jointed composition body dressed in shift and slippers, marked Armand Marseille, Germany 390 A9M, 65cm, in original box marked Fairy Princess. £50-70
451.    An A Lanternier & Cie bisque-head doll with fixed blue paperweight eyes and open mouth with teeth, on jointed composition body, (needs re-stringing), indistinctly-marked Lanternier, France 5, (damage to fingers), 37cm. £30-50
452.    An Armand Marseille bisque-head doll with sleeping blue eyes, on jointed composition body, impressed Armand Marseille Germany 996 A13M, 60cm. £50-80
453.    An Armand Marseille 341 baby doll, the bisque head with sleeping blue eyes, on jointed composition body, marked AM Germany 341./4.K, 38cm and a similar baby doll with stuffed body, AM Germany, 42cm, (2). £40-60
454.    An Armand Marseille bisque-head 390 doll with sleeping brown eyes, on unstrung jointed composition body, impressed Armand Marseille Germany 390 A II M, 70cm approximately. £30-50
455.    A Simon & Halbig bisque-head doll with sleeping blue eyes, (dislocated), on jointed composition body, dressed in national costume, impressed indistinctly Simon & Halbig S&H 6½, 43cm, another bisque-head doll, (a/f) and two heads, (4). £50-70
456.    A Triang mock-Tudor doll's house c1930's, with four rooms, staircase, garage, opening lattice windows and front door, 68 x 27 x 41cm, (front door frame, adjacent window frame and one chimney missing). £20-40
457.    A collection of Edwardian doll's house furniture, including a wooden fire place with turned pillars, an inlaid glass cabinet, a table and two chairs and a Chippendale-style corner chair. £50-70
458.    An Edwardian doll's house oil lamp with gilt metal urn base and glass chimney, a gilt metal coal scuttle with shovel, a pierced gilt basket with two glass bottles and two glasses, a white metal and glass jug and other items. £30-50
459.    A collection of Edwardian doll's house crockery, cutlery, etc, including metal and china tea sets, a Crown Staffordshire miniature jug, (a/f) and basin, cutlery, four Continental miniature dolls and other items. £30-50
459A.   A collection of Edwardian and later dolls house furniture, crockery and glass, including a metal whatnot, a metal cruet with glass bottles, a blown glass soda siphon, four lead kittens in a basket, a jar of jam and other items. £30-50
460.    A Heubach Köppelsdorf bisque head 320 doll with sleeping brown eyes, short real hair wig and jointed composition body, marked Heubach Koppelsdorf 320 - 7½ Germany, 55cm, (a/f, damage to fingers and hairline crack to back of head). £30-40
461.    An Armand Marseille bisque-head doll with fixed blue eyes, one upper tooth missing, on jointed composition body, impressed Armand Marseille Germany A 10 M, 60cm, (a/f, damage to fingers). £40-60
462.    A hand-made rabbit soft toy in felt jacket, waistcoat and breeks, a small teddy bear, a Paddington bear and one other, (4). £30-50
463.    A Paddington Bear with red Dunlop wellies and paper label and a Chad Valley 'Sooty' glove puppet, (2). £40-60
464.    A Steiff 2012 Diamond Jubilee teddy bear with certificate numbered 746, 26cm and a Steiff for Danbury Mint "You'll Never Walk Alone" teddy bear, with certificate, medallion and scarf, in sealed bag, with box, (2). £50-80
465.    A Steiff for Danbury Mint Centenary "The Million Hugs" teddy bear, boxed with certificate. £30-50
466.    Steiff Rupert Bear Classics: Rupert Bear with tags, (no box), Bill Badger, boxed with certificate no.424, Edward Trunk, boxed with tags, Algy Pig, boxed with certificate no.840. £80-120
467.    Hermann, two limited-edition teddy bears: The Concorde 1976-2003, 1477/1976 and Royal Diamond Wedding Anniversary 1947-2007 005/1947, both 34cm, with certificates, in sealed bags, (2). £30-50
468.    Hermann, a limited-edition teddy bear The Imperial Bear, no.76 of 206, dark brown mohair with satin pads, 38cm, with certificate and velvet bag. £40-60
469.    Hermann, a limited-edition teddy bear, EIIR 80 Birthday 2006, 40cm, no.236/2006, in regimental costume. £20-30
470.    Two Charlie Bears with tags, in bags, "Thomas", 35cm and "Olly", 28cm, (2). £40-60
471.    A Merrythought for Compton & Woodhouse teddy bear, "Cranberry Bear", 37cm, ltd edn of 135, boxed with certificates, another, "Freddie Fisher", 32cm, (a/f), boxed and a Deans Rag Doll Co. ltd edn teddy "Horatio", 32cm, with tags, (3). £60-80
472.    A golden mohair plush teddy bear standing on all fours, possibly Steiff, with shaved mohair plush snout, horizontally-stitched nose and blue glass eyes, the unjointed excelsior-stuffed body with inoperable squeaker, on felt pads with four claws on each foot, no label or button, 20cm high, 29cm long. £60-80
473.    An early-20th century teddy bear with pronounced snout, glass eyes, yellow mohair plush, excelsior-filled body with growler, (a/f), curved arms and straight legs with replaced pads. £30-50
474.    Steiff for Danbury Mint, 'The Four Seasons' teddies: Hamish, Dylan, Sunny and Scrumpy, each with its certificate, 33cm, (4). £60-80
475.    Steiff for Danbury Mint, 'Bears of the Week', seven bears, each 23cm, with tags and certificates, (7). £60-100
476.    Three Deans Rag Book Co. for Past Times teddies, 36cm, 28cm and 22cm and five 'Cherished Teddies' resin models, boxed, (8). £30-40
477.    Schuco, a miniature teddy bear compact, with lipstick, gold mohair plush, 9cm. £50-80
478.    A vintage teddy bear with golden mohair plush, horizontally-stitched nose, glass eyes, straight limbs with replacement pads, 45cm and a Chiltern Hugmee bear, 39cm, (2). £60-80
479.    An early-to-mid-20th century polar bear, possibly by Gebruder Hermann, the wood wool-stuffed body with moving neck mechanism operated by turning the tail, with glass eyes, vertically-stitched nose with dropped outer stitches, mohair plush and felt pads with no claws, 31cm long, 14cm high. £50-100
480.    A quantity of lead and aluminium circus figures by Timpo, Wendal, etc, including clowns (x6), man on stilts, lion tamers (x2), gypsy with bear, girl acrobat on horse and animals. £80-120
481.    Seven Timpo railway figures, to include woman with child, man with rucksack, man in brown coat and four railway staff, also a quantity of cowboys, Indians and other lead figures. £80-120
482.    Nineteen Star Wars figures 1977-1980's and a small quantity of play-worn lead figures. £40-60
483.    Britains, J Hill & Co and others, a large quantity of lead farmyard animals, people, carts, trees, hay ricks, etc. £40-60
484.    Britains, Set 206 The Royal Warwickshire Regiment (at the salute), office and eight infantrymen, in original Whistock box, (one rifle missing, box poor) and a part-set with Office and six infantrymen, boxed, (one arm missing, Whistock box poor). £40-60
485.    Britains, twenty-eight Royal Navy figures, repainted khaki, a J Hill & Co cavalry officer and other military figures, (43). £40-60
486.    A quantity of lead cowboys and Indians, zoo animals and three large-scale pigeons. £30-50
487.    Britains, fourteen unboxed marching Greek Evzones (Set 196), one other Britains soldier and a military motorcycle and rider. £40-60
488.    Three mid-20th century German children's portable gramophones and a quantity of Walt Disney, Kidditunes and other records. £30-50
489.    A part-built Meccano 'Motor Car Constructor' kit two-seater sports car: body seats, lights, front bumper and front wheels only. £40-60
490.    A Bowman Models spirit-fired stationary steam engine, with horizontal boiler, single cylinder and burner, base 15.5 x 24cm. £30-50
491.    Schuco, a clockwork clown drummer, with clothed tinplate body, (working, no key). £30-50
492.    A quantity of glass marbles, 160 approximately, various glass slides, a small quantity of unboxed OO gauge railway and other items. £30-40
493.    A Starkies Patent cast aluminium money box, three cast metal crown money boxes, a tinplate post box money box and six other money boxes, (11). £30-50
494.    A folk art wooden hen pecking paddle toy with a woman casting grain. £10-20
495.    Mamod, SA1 Steam Roadster, boxed, (has been steamed) and an MN2 Stationary Steam Engine, (no box), (a/f). £50-70
496.    Twenty-two bone dominoes, reputed to be made by a French prisoner of war, other dominoes, chess men, bone counters, 150 bone letter tiles, board games, etc. £30-40
497.    Mamod, TE1 Traction Engine with burner, (no canopy or box). £20-30
498.    Marx Toys, a battery-operated remote-controlled Jaguar with head lights and horn, boxed. £40-60
499.    Mamod SR1A steamroller with burner, in original box with instruction leaflet and accessories. £30-50
500.    Meccano, a large quantity of mainly blue, silver, red and green components, in fitted wooden box. £40-60
501.    Scalextric, a large quantity of cars (two boxed), car parts, hand throttles, etc, (23 cars). £50-70
502.    A Korky the Cat lithographed tinplate bucket, a Disney Mickey Mouse puppet, (a/f) and other items. £30-40
503.    A quantity of miscellaneous toys, including 15 Snoopy figures, two Mickey Mouse soft toys, Disney, Ninja, MacDonalds and other toys. £20-30
504.    A battery-operated Amphibious Car by H-I-S, Hong Kong, no.R3317, boxed. £30-50
505.    Triang, a Minic Waterline Ship M704 SS United States, boxed and a carved wood huntsman, horse and three hounds. £10-15
506.    "The Junior Television Set", clockwork motor-driven, in original box depicting Laurel & Hardy, with instructions. £20-30
507.    A child's "Saphon" tinplate clockwork gramophone with horn, (a/f) and two Bing Pigmyphone tins, one empty, the other with mechanism only, (3). £30-50
508.    A Bing Pigmyphone tinplate clockwork gramophone with horn, (a/f), a "Little Marvel" Stars and Stripes March record and a very small Jack Payne "Say it with Music" record, 9cm diameter. £30-50
509.    A 1950s/60s Moko diecast metal Muffin the Mule puppet with six hopped strings, 14cm long, a "Sunny Jim" stuffed toy, two model warships and a quantity of doll's house furniture. £30-40
510.    A quantity of Meccano. £15-20
511.    A quantity of glass marbles, 175 in total and a small quantity of Bakelite balls. £30-40
512.    Super Trix Constructo Set 368, with Trix Complete Engineering Manual, boxed, (a/f) and a Spears Games Contemporary Bricklayer Kit B, boxed, (a/f), (2). £10-20
513.    A Japanese Alps battery-operated panda shoe shiner and a boxed Escalado set. £30-50
514.    A Mobo "Pony Express" ride-along pony and trap, 56cm high. £30-40
515.    A TPS Japan tinplate clockwork skipping toy, a "Foreign Made" clockwork sports car and ice cream vendor, (a/f), a Triang milk float, a pair of "Spring Heel Jacks" and other items. £40-60
516.    A Haddon rocking horse of varnished unpainted wood, with horse hair mane and tail and leather tack, on mahogany trestle, numbered 02927, 122cm high, 146cm long. £200-300
517.    An early-20th century painted wood rocking horse on painted sleigh base and fitted with leather tack, 100cm high, 185cm long. £200-300
518.    An early-20th century rocking horse on pine trestle, (a/f, re-painted, no mane or tail), 110cm high, 122cm long. £60-80
525.    A Thomas A Edison Gem phonograph, numbered G135514, with 12cm cylinder, key, tin horn and oak case and base. £80-120
526.    An HMV table-top gramophone, model 104. £30-40
527.    A Pathé picnic gramophone, an Acott & Co. Ltd picnic gramophone, (incomplete) and a "Diana Portable" gramophone, (all a/f), (3). £30-50
528.    A small crystal radio set with headphones, a KB folding Bakelite radio and two GPO items, (all a/f), (4). £30-50
529.    An unnamed fultograph in wooden case, with a swan-neck loud speaker horn of cast metal, with grained finish. £40-60
530.    A grained-wood-cased table-top gramophone with pressed tin horn, base 39 x 39cm, horn 46cm diameter. £60-80
531.    An early-20th century oak Zonophone horn table-top gramophone, the stepped case with Zonophone trademark transfer label and retailer's plaque W B Nield, Llanelly, with brassed tinplate horn, base 36 x 36cm, horn 60cm diameter. £80-120
532.    A "Cockleshell" Monarch gramophone by Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd, c1908, with brass horn, gold maker's label and retailer's plaque W B Nield, Llanelly, base 33 x 33cm, horn 42cm diameter. £200-300
533.    An early-20th century oak-cased horn table-top gramophone with painted pressed tin horn, base 37 x 37cm, horn 50cm diameter. £60-80
534.    An early-20th century horn table-top gramophone with "Exhibition" Gramophone Co. Ltd pick-up, the oak case with carved mouldings and pillared corners, with brass horn, base 33cm, horn 59cm diameter, also three "Standard Disc" records by the Standard Talking Machine Co. £200-300
535.    An early-20th century Standard Talking Machine Co. Standard Model A horn table-top gramophone, the oak case with maker's transfer and blue and gold painted horn, base 28 x 28cm, horn 43.5cm diameter. £80-120
536.    A Columbia Phonograph Co. Graphophone type AT, numbered 244053, (no horn), with lid, 30 x 20 x 28cm. £80-120
537.    Three painted tin gramophone horns, all 52cm diameter, (3). £30-40
538.    A large Japanned gramophone horn, 56cm and a smaller brass horn, 42cm, (2). £40-60
539.    "Excellaite", a painted cast metal and aluminium swan-neck horn, 26cm and two brass horns, 25cm, (3). £40-60
540.    Five phonograph horns, two brass, two tin, one aluminium, (5). £40-60
541.    A large quantity of gramophone parts, mainly tone arms and elbows. £30-50
542.    Ten reproducers, some boxed, including Limit Excelsis, Limit FM, Perophone Prima Dona, Daptacon Jr, HMV No.2. £30-50
543.    An HMV table-top gramophone with mahogany case and painted horn, base 39 x 39cm, 59cm diameter. £80-120
544.    "His Master's Voice", a sepia print of the painting by Francis Barraud, framed and glazed, 61 x 69cm overall, (foxed). £20-30
545.    A radio receiver set with S G Brown head set. £30-40
546.    A Thomas A Edison GEM phonograph in oak case, "Model C", numbered 265440, (no horn). £80-120
547.    A quantity of phonograph cylinders, mainly by the National Phonograph Co, 60 approximately, (some a/f). £40-60
548.    Two modern His Master's Voice ornaments, (both a/f), a gramophone musical box, a cast iron money box in the form of a sailor and other items. £25-35
549.    A Columbia Gramophone Co. Ltd portable gramophone. £20-40
550.    A Tyrela mahogany-cased floor-standing gramophone of oval form, with transfer 'inlay' and splayed legs, 51cm x 44cm, 77cm high. £40-60
551.    A Tyrela mahogany-cased floor-standing gramophone of rectangular form, with one record, "He played his ukulele as the ship went down" by Jay Wilbur & his Band, 49 x 43cm, 103cm high. £40-60
552.    An early-20th century cast iron model of Nipper, the HMV dog, 35.5cm high. £50-80
553.    A modern resin model of Nipper, the HMV dog, 35cm high. £20-30
554.    A modern resin model of Nipper, the HMV dog, on base, 35.5cm high. £20-30
555.    A modern resin model of Nipper, the HMV dog, on base, 34cm high. £20-30
556.    A Chanson 48-bass accordion, in case. £40-60
557.    A 20th century violin, one-piece back, with paper label "Medio-Fino", with bow, in case, violin 60cm overall. £40-60
558.    A Continental full-sized violin, with two-piece back and mother-of-pearl-inlaid ebony pegs, bearing Antonius Stradivarius label, with two bows, in case, 14". £60-80
559.    A full-size violin, the two-piece back and rosewood pegs, 14", cased and another, in case with bow, (both show signs of restoration and in need of further attention). £100-150
560.    A Bingoscope Model C4 home cinema projector, boxed, a Pathéscope Ace home cinema projector, boxed and a quantity of Pathéscope and other films, including Disney films. £30-40
561.    A collection of stereoscopic slides: "Realistic Travels" (15), including one of "Kaffirs in compound - De Beers Mines, Kimberley", T W Ingersoll 1899, (9), G W Wilson (5), 29 total, also an Underwood & Underwood aluminium and mahogany viewer and 11 magic lantern slides. £30-50
562.    A quantity of Super-8 professionally-produced ciné films, 1930's-70's, including: Concorde, Chipperfield's Circus, Royal Weddings, 1953 Coronation, also a boxed splicer, reel can and spool. £30-40
563.    A Leica II Rangefinder camera no.241636, with Leitz Elmar f=5cm, 1:3.5 lens, in leather case, with two Leica film holders and a Bertram light meter. £200-300
564.    A Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit F2.8/90 lens no.1878352, with lens cap, in plastic case and a Leica Visoflex. £80-120
565.    A Franke & Heidecke "Rolleiflex" twin-lens camera, with synchro-compur shutter and Zeiss Tessar 1:3.5 f=75mm no.1481318 and Heidosmat 1:2.8/75 no.2014373 lenses, body no.1488340, in leather case and a Rolleikin film adapter set. £120-180
566.    A 19th century full-plate studio camera, (no lens), an Agfa folding camera and a Box Brownie, (3). £50-70
567.    A Canon Tele Converter TC-DC58A 1.5x and other camera filters and accessories, in two metal cases. £40-60
568.    A Russian copy of a Leica II camera with "Panzerkampf" insignia, numbered 10543, in leather case and another leather case. £50-70
569.    Eight various SLR cameras including Bessamatic, Konica, Ricoh and ten assorted lenses. £30-50
570.    A Leica M2 Rangefinder camera 1963, no.1087195, with Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 1:2.8/50 lens no.2119784 with instruction booklets. £300-350
571.    A Leica III Rangefinder camera, 1936/37 no.229984, with Leitz Elmar 1:3.5/50 lens no.037616 with instruction booklets and Leica manual by W D Morgan and H M Lester. £150-250
572.    A Russian copy of a Leica II camera and four wooden "Leica" display stands. £50-70
573.    A quantity of cameras and accessories, to include Yashica-Mat Twin Lens camera, Pentax Asahi, Canon EOS 500, Agfa Silette. £40-60
574.    A Chinon CE41 camera, a Pentax 35mm-70mm F2.8-3.5 zoom lens, boxed, an Ikonta 521/16 camera and a quantity of accessories. £40-60
575.    A CB Model 38 projector with fourteen Pathéscope and other films, including five Disney films, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, etc. £30-40
576.    A Canon EOS 400D digital camera with a large collection of lenses and accessories, including an Opton MZ-5000 300m, Optomax Auto Zoom f:85-205mm, Canon f:70-300mm. £80-120
577.    A Russian Fed copy of a Leica II Rangefinder camera, numbered 669086, in leather case, a Fed leather case, a Fed lens in plastic case and another Russian lens, (4). £30-50
578.    An Asahi Pentax SLR camera with Super-Takumar 1:1.8/55 lens, three other Super-Takumar lenses: 1:2/35, 1:3.5/135 and 1:4/200 and other cameras and photographic equipment. £30-50
579.    An Agfa Super Isolette folding camera, numbered UK4137 with Solinar 1:3.5/75 lens no. U07069, in case. £100-150
581.    A BR (W) enamelled metal home signal dated 1960, 202 x 29cm and a shunting signal, 40cm diameter, (2). £60-80
582.    An Intercity sign showing the railway routes of Britain, 59.5 x 42cm and a "Paddington/Exeter/Plymouth" sign with "Paddington/Torquay/Paignton" to the reverse, (2). £30-40
583.    An early-20th century cast iron railway sign of lozenge shape, painted white on red, "Notice. This Bridge is insufficient to carry a Heavy Motor car ......... North Eastern Railway Coy York", 95 x 59.5cm. £100-150
584.    A late-19th century cast iron railway sign, painted white on black, "Great Northern Railway. Public Warning Not to Trespass ...... Kings Cross July 1896 By Order", 42 x 71.5cm. £80-120
585.    An early-20th century cast iron railway sign, painted white on black, "Southern Railway. Warning is hereby given under section 97(2) of the Southern Railway Act 1924 .....", 40 x 62cm. £80-120
586.    A silk panel heavily-embroidered in silver bullion, with a bodice front, skirt front, two cuffs and another narrow form; a pink silk panel heavily-embroidered in silver and gold bullion, silk thread and sequins with a peacock, another silk panel with similarly-embroidered panel and a Victorian plush-work tapestry representing a peacock. £40-60
587.    A Victorian miniature leather boot, possibly a salesman's sample, of faded red leather with scalloped vamp, boot buttons and tabs, shaped ankle and leather soles, 15.5cm high. £30-50
588.    A 19th century spinning wheel of small size, on triangular base, 62cm to top of wheel. £30-40
589.    A hunting bowler hat by Tress & Co. Ltd for Moss Bros & Co. Ltd, a pair of riding boots, (size 5½ approximately), with trees, a black wool riding habit with side saddle shirt, an Irish Times photograph of a huntswoman and other items. £40-60
590.    A ladies beaver jacket, size 12/14 approximately, a ladies grey Persian lamb jacket, size 12/14 and a pair of early-20th century ankle boots by Manfield & Sons, size 5½/4. £30-40
591.    An early-20th century Chinese Export chess set, (incomplete), of ten natural ivory pieces and twelve stained-red ivory pieces, also a brass buckle set turquoise matrix, a page turner and a brassed ruler etched with runes. £40-60
592.    A Gledhill Brook Time Recorders Ltd clocking-on clock numbered 29971, 118 x 48cm. £40-60
593.    A modern kit-built model of a three-masted four-deck warship, with brass cannon and metal anchors, 100cm long, 81cm high. £50-80
594.    A scratch-built wood model of a submarine, the deck lifts to reveal a motor compartment with drive shaft and propeller, (motor lacking), 116cm long. £60-80
595.    A scratch-built metal model of a Royal Navy warship, details include gun turrets, ship's boats on davits and search lights, possibly dockyard-made, 74cm long, together with a scratch-built painted wood model of a battle cruiser, 111cm long, (2). £60-80
596.    A planked wood pond yacht with mast, sail and boom, 76cm and two other wooden model boats, (3). £40-60
597.    A large radio-controlled scratch-built model of a tug, with Blade SR control, 138cm long, 37cm wide, on wheeled stand. £40-60
598.    Five British Telecom plastic telephones, (5). £25-35
599.    A 1970's Guinness 3-D advertising poster, with "Good For You" above a Guinness bottle overlaid with a plastic glass containing simulated froth, 94 x 65cm. £50-80
600.    Two Guinness commemorative packs, Christmas brew, glasses, etc. £30-40
601.    A Record No.311 rebate plane, (lacks bull-nose attachment) and a Record no.077A bull-nose plane, (2). £30-50
602.    A c1930 Hailwood & Ackroyd miner's safety lamp, Type 01B, 27cm high. £30-40
603.    E R Watts & Son, London, a bronze theodolite, numbered 51659, finished black with levelling bubble and spirit level, in leather case with original metal and wood tripod. £40-60
604.    C Baker, London, a painted bronze theodolite, numbered 501125, in original fitted box. £30-50
605.    Fifteen pens, including Conway Stewart, (15, 75), Burnham no.54, Onoto the Pen, Platignum and Mentmore, (15) £40-50
606.    A brass model of a colliery and figure pushing a wagon of coal, a Hockley Lamp & Limelight Co. miner's lamp and a miniature miner's lamp, (3). £60-100
607.    A Hong Kong-made Rolls-Royce Phantom II radio, boxed and two others, similar, unboxed, (3). £20-30
608.    A Sun Alliance lead fire mark numbered 425573, 18cm x 17cm and another, painted, numbered 157619, 18 x 18cm, (2). £50-80
609.    A 19th century Cornish miner's lamp, (pre-safety lamp), of copper, vented at top below domed cover, impressed "Wheal Bush, Todpool Mine" and a japanned tin carriage lamp, (2). £30-50
610.    A large white ensign flag, 135 x 275cm, a St John Association triangular bandage printed with instructions and other items. £40-60
611.    A WWII compass, type P.1L, no.363498, in wooden box, a three-drawer brass telescope and other items. £30-50
612.    A Japanese maritime compass by Daiko Keiki Seisakusho, boxed. £20-30
613.    A pair of painted lead figures of Fox Terriers, possibly originally from book ends, each 15cm high and six other smaller models, similar, (8). £30-50
614.    A six-spoke ship's wheel, 76cm diameter. £30-50
615.    A small brass microscope, 17.5cm high, with accessories, in mahogany case. £30-40
616.    Beck, London, a monocular microscope, model 47, numbered 22718, in case. £30-40
617.    A novelty smoker's companion in the form of a vintage car, made from tinplate, with compartments for tobacco, papers, matches, etc. and a cigarette dispenser, 33cm long, 14cm high. £20-30
618.    An eight-spoke hardwood ship's wheel, 93cm. £40-60
619.    A Walker's "Trident" Electric Ship's Log Mark III, with "Cherub" rotator, wheel and mounting plate, in pine box. £80-100
620.    An Iver C Weilbach ship's compass numbered 3241, 13cm, on gimbal frame, in wood case, an anchor and other items. £40-60
621.    A late-19th century Bradbury & Co, Oldham Wellington-style sewing machine, having an ebonised body with winder wheel, raised on plinth base, no.19443, 26cm high, 40cm long, 20cm deep. £30-50
622.    A Hardy Bros. Palacona split cane two-piece 9' trout rod two Foster Bros split cane trout rods and a Sealey bamboo rod together with three landing nets and a bamboo sea rod. £50-80
623.    A vintage Fyke bamboo framed net eel trap. £10-20
624.    An Edwardian folding push chair with upholstered chenille back and spoked wheels, 82cm high. £20-30
625.    A vintage doll's pram, the wooden body on spoked metal wheels, 74cm high to handle. £20-30
626.    A Victorian child's pram with metal lattice body on sprung chassis, with spoked wheels, 104cm high to handle. £20-30
627.    A Victorian child's pram with wood body on sprung chassis, (a/f), with spoked wheels, 94cm high to handle. £20-30
628.    A Victorian child's pram with wood body, on sprung chassis, with spoked wheels, 95cm high to handle. £20-40
629.    A Victorian child's carriage with wood body folding to make and extra seat, on sprung chassis to wooden handles, 91cm to handle. £30-40
630.    Ten photographs of an experimental car, c1950's, with text "Desining (sic) and Testing your Future Car", a pair of leather gauntlets, two boxed pairs of goggles, various car badges, etc. £30-50
631.    A pair of brass and japanned tin coach lamps and a "National Benzole Mixture" oil can, (a/f). £10-20
632.    A "Pratt's Perfection Spirit" mirror, with Royal coat of arms and oil can, framed, 67 x 52cm. £250-350
633.    A circular mahogany cased advertising wall clock, the dial marked Warwick Tyres, Ride Warwicks All The Time with simple clock movement, 44cm diameter, (paint loss and wear to dial). £60-100
634.    A collection of car badges, including Rover, RAC, AA (9A67184), Fordson, Morris, two cigar cutters, etc. £30-50
635.    A quantity of mainly 1930's and 1940's car brochures, including Wolseley, Austin Healey, Morris, Alvis, Jaguar, etc. £30-50
636.    A Rolls-Royce car mascot, Spirit of Ecstasy, signed Charles Sykes Rolls Royce Ltd Feb 6 19 H (indistinct), the wings impressed TRADE MARK REG and REG US PAT OFF, 28cm overall. £300-500
637.    A Jos. Lucas Ltd "Autolite" brass carbide car lamp, numbered 594, 27cm high, (crack to domed glass). £60-80
638.    A Jos Lucas Ltd "King of the Road" brass carbide car lamp, 34cm high. £30-50
639.    A Jos Lucas Ltd "Autolite" brass carbide car lamp numbered 594, 27cm high, (domed glass broken, handle rivets missing on one side). £60-80