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1.      A G Plan nest of three teak tables, 56cm wide, and a Myer smoked glass top two-tier coffee table, 86 x 43.5cm, (2). £40-60
2.      A mid-20th century oak blanket chest with linen-fold decorated front panel, 95cm wide, 47cm high, probably "Old Charm" and an Ercol child's rocking chair, (2). £30-40
3.      An Oriental hardwood camphor-wood-lined blanket box with carved "junks" decoration on front, 102cm wide, 59cm deep, 59cm high. £50-70
4.      A 20th century Hong Kong hardwood coffee table, 128 x 50cm, 40cm high, a painted Lloyd Loom bedroom armchair with original label and a Loom linen box, (3).
. £20-30
5.      A mid-20th century oak bookcase, the rectangular top above a pair of leaded glass doors on bun feet, 92cm wide, 105cm high. £20-30
6.      A modern gilt framed rectangular bevelled edge wall mirror, 73.5 x 135cm. £20-40
7.      •Lana Okiro THE COACH AND HORSES, signed acrylic on board, inscribed on printed label verso, 32 x 47cm. £20-40
8.      A stained pine rectangular chest of two short and three long drawers on turned legs, 104cm wide. £50-80
9.      A pair of teak garden chairs with slatted backs and seats, both 59cm wide, (2). £30-50
10.     An oval gilt framed bevelled wall mirror, 73 x 100cm. £20-40
11.     William Cannon (Fl. 1860-1901) SAILING SHIPS IN FULL SAIL, signed watercolour, 29 x 14cm and a companion, SAILING SHIPS AND FISHING BOATS OFF THE COAST, a pair, and A STEAM TUG AND SAILING SHIPS OFF A HARBOUR, signed watercolour, 14 x 29cm, (3). £40-60
12.     A rosewood and walnut floor-standing linen press with two drawers above four slides, enclosed by cupboard doors, 114cm wide, 117cm high. £20-30
13.     A modern hardwood display cabinet with a pair of glazed doors above two panelled doors, 95cm wide, 188cm high. £20-30
14.     A reproduction mahogany chiffonier with solid shelved back above a pair of panelled doors, 121cm wide, 163cm high and a reproduction chest of three small drawers, (2). £30-40
15.     A mahogany glazed display cabinet, 154cm high, 108cm wide. £20-30
16.     A Victorian white-painted pine dresser, the open shelves above two drawers and two cupboard doors, 140cm wide, 187cm high. £40-60
17.     An early-19th century mahogany tilt-top dining table, on turned column and quadruped supports, 140 x 112cm. £100-150
18.     A suite of oak finish G-Plan bedroom furniture, including: wardrobe, tallboy, chest of five drawers, dressing chest, stool, dressing chest of three drawers, together with an oak finish bureau. £100-150
19.     A Heal & Son Ltd walnut sectional wardrobe with central shelves and drawers flanked by mirrored doors, 184cm wide, 193cm high. £100-150
20.     A Continental reproduction stained pine serpentine chest of three long drawers, 117cm wide, 94cm high and a leather-finished chest of three drawers, 103cm wide, 84cm high, (2). £60-80
21.     A Victorian walnut dressing chest and matching marble-top wash stand, (the dressing chest mirror now sits on the wash stand), 120cm wide, (2). £60-80
22.     Two satin walnut pot cupboards, 40cm wide, 71cm high, a Lloyd Loom stool, a gilt framed oval mirror and one other mirror, (5). £40-60
23.     An antique oak drop-leaf dining table, the oval top above an end frieze drawer, raised on bobbin-turned legs and gates joined by stretchers, 125 x 148cm open. £200-300
24.     A Victorian mahogany fold-over card table, 91cm wide. £20-40
25.     A Victorian mahogany washstand fitted with three small drawers on end supports joined by a pole stretcher, 106cm wide. £20-30
26.     A reproduction mahogany knee-hole writing desk with inset leather top, 123cm wide. £50-80
27.     An early 20th century elm seated "smokers" chair. £40-60
28.     An early 20th century metal bound painted wooden chest with tin lining, 98cm wide, (split to lid). £30-40
29.     John Chancellor, A FISHING VESSEL BM128 OFF-LOADING ITS CATCH, WITH FIGURES ON QUAY, signed oil on board, dated '64, 50 x 39.5cm and one other oil painting, (2). £20-40
30.     A set of four Victorian balloon-back dining chairs with carved backs, on octagonal turned legs and two Victorian dining chairs, (6). £20-40
31.     A Victorian rosewood button-back salon chair, the serpentine seat on short cabriole front legs and later castors. £30-40
32.     A stained bent wood rocking chair with padded seat and back, a shield-shaped dressing glass, 57cm high, one other, and a small upholstered stool on turned legs, 23 x 25cm, 32cm high, (4). £30-50
33.     A stained pine tool chest, 96.5cm wide. £40-60
34.     An early 20th century oak office swivel chair on four supports, a wooden armchair and a bedroom chair, (3). £30-50
35.     A modern gilt metal bevel-edged oval wall mirror with foliate surround, 127 x 70cm overall. £20-30
36.     A reproduction 17th century continental walnut high back chair with studded and tooled leather back and seat, on turned and carved legs. £30-50
37.     A reproduction leather upholstered and buttoned high back boardroom-style chair on carved front legs with brass castors. £20-40
38.     A Victorian walnut framed nursing chair, the carved and padded back with twist supports on upholstered seat and turned front legs. £30-40
39.     A pair of gilt-painted wood oval bedside tables in the French taste, each fitted with three drawers on reeded legs, 51 x 38cm, 69cm high, (2). £40-60
40.     A modern aluminium and plate glass hall table, the top 123 x 46cm, 77cm high and two Victorian painted metal and brass bed ends. £50-80
41.     A George IV mahogany fold-over card table on turned and carved column and four hipped sabre legs, 91.5cm, (top leaf warped), and a small mahogany serpentine side table, 74cm wide. £60-80
42.     A late Georgian rectangular mahogany chest of two short and three long cock-beaded drawers on bracket feet, 91cm wide, 102cm high. £60-80
43.     A set of six Victorian mahogany bar-back dining chairs on turned front legs, (6). £50-80
44.     A Georgian oak tilt-top tripod table, 78cm diameter and a Hepplewhite-style mahogany carver chair, labelled P E Gane Ltd, Bristol, (2). £50-70
45.     Three glazed wall-mounted scratch-built display cabinets for model railway, diecasts or similar, 59 x 165cm, 99 x 63.5cm and 61 x 61cm, and one table top display cabinet, 47.5 x 24 x 32cm (4). £30-40
46.     A Victorian mahogany drop-leaf oval table on turned end supports united by a pole stretcher, 106 x 76cmopen. £30-40
47.     An elm seated spindle-back office armchair, a mahogany framed armchair with upholstered seat on sabre front legs and a stool, (3). £20-40
48.     A Victorian walnut loo table, the top with moulded edge and boxwood inlay, on four turned columns and carved legs, 135 x 100cm. £100-200
49.     A pine corner cupboard, the moulded cornice above a pair of glazed doors and a pair of cupboard doors, 128cm wide, 185cm high. £60-80
50.     A pine dresser, the shelved upper section fitted with a pair of glazed doors above two short and two long drawers, 127cm wide, 194cm high. £100-150
51.     Sheila Waddington, a collection of watercolours and oil paintings of seascapes and landscapes from the studio of the Dorset-based artist. £30-40
52.     A Victorian needlework silk sampler, depicting a vase of flowers within a flower head and leaf border, by Mary Crane Face It Aged 12 Years 1805, 32 x 27cm, (in modern frame).
53.     Benjamin John Ottewell CLIFF-SIDE COTTAGE, LOOKING OUT TO SEA, watercolour, initialled B J O, dated 1883?, 23.5 x 34.5cm, inscribed Dean, Eastbourne in biro verso. £30-40
54.     Unsigned, TWO FROGS, ALONGSIDE TOADSTOOLS, WATERCOLOUR, 16.5 X 24cm, another, TWO DONKEYS, 16.5 x 24.5cm, Adrian Truscott, ISLAND HOUSE, THE BARBICAN, PLYMOUTH, signed pen, ink and watercolour, 30.5 x 21.5cm, (3). £30-40
55.     A wood framed table top display cabinet with a hinged glazed top, 65 x 94cm and a similar smaller cabinet, (2). £20-40
56.     A 20th century Continental machine-made tapestry depicting numerous Japanese geishas, with buildings and waterside landscape, 125 x 370cm, (faded overall, repair to one figure). £20-30
57.     A walnut cased Vienna style wall clock, 100cm high. £10-15
58.     A pair of French 19th century coloured engravings Mazeppa Surpris par Le Comte, and Mazeppa Poursuivi Par Les Loups24.5 x32.5cm, marked Lith de Turgis, another of Constantinople, Lith H Jannin, Paris, 24 x 33cm and two other engravings, (5). £20-40
59.     Fenclocks, Suffolk, a modern mahogany long case clock, the anodised brass dial with sun/moon phase and chiming movement, 196cm high.
60.     O R (20th century), FISHING BOATS AT LOW TIDE, pastel, signed with initials, 45 x 62cm, S C Longhurst, INCE CASTLE, SALTASH, signed watercolour, dated 10.69, 26 x 36cm and another watercolour, SEASCAPE, by W Darton, 24 x 34cm, (3). £20-30
61.     A carved stained wood hall chair in the Chinese taste, carved with dragons. £40-60
62.     An early 20th century pitch pine and elm school desk and chair, the desk with sloping hinged lid and brass inkwell cover, stamped Geo. M Hammer, London, 65cm wide, 88cm high, 83cm long. £50-100
63.     A modern mahogany-cased grandfather clock, having arched moon phase dial with day, month, date and seconds subsidiary and chiming movement, 195cm high. £20-30
64.     An oak magazine rack/table, a nest of oak tables and a mahogany folding cake stand. (3). £20-30
65.     An Edwardian oak purdonium with panelled front, 41cm wide, a walnut coal box with mechanical opening doors, 35cm wide and a pole screen. £30-50
66.     An early 20th century oak freestanding narrow bookcase, 41cm wide, 130cm high and a smaller oak bookshelf, 38cm wide, 82cm high. £20-30
67.     A modern pine kitchen table with two drawers, on turned legs, a pine occasional table in the form of a surf board and four kitchen chairs, (3 + 1). £20-40
68.     A modern rectangular pine chest of three long drawers, 77cm wide, 77cm high and a pine cheval mirror. £30-40
69.     A mahogany button-back salon chair, the carved wood frame with serpentine seat on carved cabriole front legs. £50-80
70.     A modern gilt frame bevelled wall mirror, 93 x 119cm. £20-30
71.     A large early 20th century oak extending dining table, the top with three spare leaves on turned legs, 122 x 174cm (closed), 310cm including three leaves and a set of six reproduction Hepplewhite style dining chairs, including two carvers. £50-80
72.     A large late 19th/early20th century mirror-backed sideboard, the mirrored back with dentil cornice on pillars and three plates above three drawers and two cupboard doors, 184cm wide, 195cm high. £50-80
73.     An upholstered three-seater knoll settee, 184cm long. £200-300
74.     A set of six elm and beech stick-back kitchen chairs. £50-80
75.     A mahogany spiral-carved torchère, 124cm high, a walnut dining chair, an inlaid bedroom chair and a reproduction walnut corner cupboard. £30-40
76.     A late 19th century upholstered Chesterfield settee on bun feet, 180cm wide. £30-40
77.     Jan Spiller, MEWSTONE FROM WEMBURY, signed oil on canvas, 40 x 51cm; Keith Stott, WINTER AT GLASSCOMBE CORNER, signed pastel, 27 x 26cm and others. £30-40
78.     20th Century Chinese School A THREE-MASTED TRADING JUNK Unsigned gouache, 24 x 31cm and a companion, together with two similar river and landscape scenes. (4). £20-30
79.     Vincent Clare (1855-1930) STILL LIFE, EGGS IN A NEST AMONGST FLOWERS ON A BANK Signed watercolour, 13.5 x 22cm, also George Whyatt, WEST CHITTINGTON, SUSSEX, WITH FIGURES AND A CART IN THE ROAD, signed watercolour, 35 x 50cm, (2). £30-40
80.     A modern brown "leather" Multi York wing back armchair on tapered wood legs. £30-40
81.     An oak dresser base in the Arts and Crafts taste, having an arrangement of three drawers and three cupboard doors with metal door furniture, 153cm wide, 98cm high, 53cm deep. £30-50
82.     Six 19th century Hepplewhite-style mahogany dining chairs with upholstered seats, including one carver, (6). £30-40
83.     An oak extending dining table, 122cm wide, 130cm long, including two leaves, and four Edwardian dining chairs. £40-60
84.     A set of eight oak high-back dining chairs, including two carvers, (8). £100-200
100.    Forty-six pieces of Regent blue, white and gilt decorated dinnerware, eleven pieces of Crown Staffordshire Hunting Scene tea ware and other ceramics. £30-40
101.    •After Sir William Russell Flint R.A, five limited-edition prints after drawings used to illustrate Pidansat de Mairoberts 'Memoirs of Madame du Barry', each bear 'Chelsea Green Editions' stamp and numbered from an edition of 850, 37 x 23cm, (5). £100-150
102.    A black slate-cased striking mantel clock of architectural design, 28cm high, a chromium plated 400-day clock under glass dome, 31.5cm high overall, (af), a wicker creel, fishing accessories and other miscellanea. £30-40
103.    A Spode Italian pattern blue and white decorated shallow dish, 16.5cm diameter, various modern oriental ceramics and other ceramics. £20-30
104.    Helen Seddon, FISHING VESSELS IN ST IVES HARBOUR, signed water colour, 26 x 37.5cm.
105.    A stained and carved wood striking mantel clock of architectural form (af), 39cm high, an oak rectangular panel decorated with a carved wood head and foliage, 45.5 x 21cm, a lacquered box, a Wedgwood pot and cover and a Hammersley candle stick, (5). £30-40
106.    A collection of glassware, including bowls, vases, drinking glasses, etc. £20-30
107.    Thirty-three pieces of Royal Albert Lady Hamilton tea ware. £30-40
108.    A Shelley Maytime decorated ginger jar and cover, 17cm high, a Shelley jelly mould, 9.5cm high, 15cm diameter, two Royal Doulton Dickensware plates and a bowl, a Phoenix ware floral decorated vase and a Kensington ware Sunflower jug, (7). £20-40
109.    A Royal Adderley floral encrusted ornament, three others, a Royal Worcester figurine 1830-The Romantic and other modern ceramics. £20-40
110.    A small Poole Pottery vase with stylized floral and bird decoration, 10cm high, a small Royal Copenhagen dove, 4cm high, other animal ornaments, glassware, etc. £20-30
111.    Six each Aynsley cups and saucers decorated with fruit, signed D Jones on a blue ground. £60-80
112.    Approximately one hundred and six pieces of Portmeirion, The Botanic Garden: tea, coffee and dinnerware, vases, condiments, etc. £100-200
113.    Philip Kappel (American 1901-81), A THREE MASTED TALL SHIP, etching, signed in margin in pencil, 19 x 26.5cm. £20-30
114.    After Tom Merry, a political cartoon print, 'Clean Bowled', 33.5 x 48cm, a Spy political cartoon print 'On The Terrace' supplement to Vanity Fair, Nov 30 1893, two Spy caricature Vanity Fair prints and two other political cartoon prints, (6). £30-40
115.    A 19th century copper warming pan with turned fruit wood handle, and another, (2). £10-20
116.    An oak stationery cabinet fitted with a pair of sloping doors over a letter rack and a single drawer, 31cm wide 27cm high, a smaller enclosed letter rack, an oriental lacquer decorated jewellery cabinet fitted with a pair of hinged doors revealing drawers, 21cm wide, 22.5cm high, (af), and other wooden items. £30-50
117.    Approximately fifty-four pieces of Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea and dinnerware. £50-80
118.    A set of three Fieldings Crown Devon Dora decorated graduated jugs and a three-piece tea service with tea pot stand, (sugar basin repaired). £30-40
119.    Two SylvaC Pottery rabbits, marked 1026, (one brown, one beige), a smaller blue glazed rabbit marked 990 and one other, (4). £20-30
120.    Two Roberts transistor radios, models R747 and R761, a pair of Kenlock 10 x 21 field glasses, two others, two cameras, (af), a copper warming pan with turned handle and a watercolour of Venice by G Estez, 19.5 x 31cm. £20-30
121.    A Victorian eight-piece Majolica dessert service comprising six plates 22.5cm diameter (one af), a comport on triform support, 22.5cm diameter, 15cm high (chipped and repaired), and a smaller comport, 7cm high decorated with green lattice work, central motif and a border of flower heads, the comports having mottled green and brown undersides and supports, , plate bearing registration mark for October 29 1867, together with a Bretby style lustre glazed shallow fruit bowl on three supports, 28cm diameter, 10cm high and other ceramics. £60-80
122.    A glass bell shaped smut cover, 14.5cm diameter, 16cm high, two glass decanters, various dinnerware and other ceramics and glassware. £30-40
124.    •Anthony Holland SIOUX, PORTRAIT OF A NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN FROM BEHIND Signed watercolour, titled, 37 x 25cm and a companion GONDOLIER, a pair, also two others, MAGIC FLUTE, QUEEN OF THE NIGHT' and 'TORQUATO TASSO, ELEONORA D'ESTE', (4). £30-40
125.    A small stained wood stool on four turned legs, 19.5 x 31cm, 16cm high, a leather dressing case with fittings, a pestle and mortar and other wooden and miscellaneous items. £30-40
126.    Twenty-one pieces of Paragon Fascination tea ware, nineteen pieces of Paragon Tree of Kashmir tea ware and two other part tea sets. £30-40
127.    A glass dump paperweight with bubble decoration, 11cm diameter, 9.5cm high, three Caithness glass paperweights, Shimmer Gold, Blessings and Moonbeam, and two others, (6). £30-40
128.    A collection of coloured glass animals, two Caithness yellow and green opaque vases and other glass vases. £30-40
129.    A small collection of cigarette cards, postcards, a Deans Rag Book Golly, a Coronet ciné camera and other items. £20-30
130.    A Zenit E 35mm camera, a collection of vestments, various metalware and other miscellanea. £20-30
131.    A pair of glazed terracotta black spaniel ornaments, with glass eyes, 34.5cm high. £15-25
132.    A pair of 19th century Continental parian ware figure groups depicting country figures, the female seated on a barrel holding a tambourine, the male holding bagpipes with a sheaf of corn and a sickle at his feet, on shaped bases, 30cm high, (forefinger of right hand on both figures damaged, part of sickle blade missing), (2). £40-60
133.    A pair of gilt metal candlesticks, the columns in the form of fish on square bases, 23cm high, a pair of brass candlesticks, various cameras and other metalware. £30-40
134.    A wooden casket with gilt metal decoration and hinged triangular lid, 25cm wide, 19.5cm high, a studio sycamore vase by Tim Spencer, 16cm high, other wooden items and a small framed wool sampler with text, 16 x 16.5cm. £30-40
135.    Forty-four pieces of Wedgwood Kutani Crane decorated tea and dinner ware, thirty-seven pieces of midwinter Spanish garden tea ware and other tea ware. £30-50
136.    A collection of plated cutlery and other plated ware. £20-40
137.    A small collection of LP and 45rpm records. £10-15
138.    A Lladro head of the Madonna, 22cm high, a small Belleek cream jug and bowl with green factory mark, studio pottery and other ceramics. £30-40
139.    A copper frying pan with iron handle, 29.5cm diameter, a brass oil lamp with glass reservoir, other brassware, a pair of Greenkat Navigator 7 x 50 binoculars and other miscellanea. £40-60
140.    Thirty-five pieces of Glen decorated tea ware, thirty-five pieces of red, green, black and gilt floral tea ware and other ceramics. £20-30
141.    A pair of spelter female figures after L & F Moreau on wooden bases, 44cm high overall, an oriental brass tazza, 25.5cm diameter, 22cm high, a circular two-tier brass table on folding wooden stand, various plated and other metalware. £30-50
142.    Three studio pottery jugs by Martin Homer, 15cm high, (one with chipped spout), a Poole Pottery cube table lamp, a salt-glazed pint mug with embossed figures drinking, 13cm high, a stoneware flagon stamped 2 G Hawley, Bristol, 36.5cm (hairline crack), other stoneware items and ceramics. £30-40
143.    Gallaher Ltd cigarette cards, Butterflies & Moths 48/48, Dogs, 2nd series, 48/48, Garden Flowers 48/48, W D & H O Wills, Speed, 50/50. Railway Equipment, 50/50, all loose in albums and a collection of approx twenty-seven other sets, mainly W D & H O Wills and John Player & Son, all stuck in albums and other part sets, together with a National Savings poster. £30-50
144.    A collection of various play-worn Dinky and Matchbox diecast models. £30-40
145.    A Chad Valley & Co. teddy bear, 39cm high, a Merrythought teddy bear, 35cm high, a modern Steiff teddy bear, 24cm, a modern Steiff Gori gorilla, 31cm, a golly doll and a Golden Bear Snowman. £40-60
146.    Claude Kitto, WEMBURY BEACH, oil on board, 39 x 50cm, titled label verso, Robert Piper, ON THE BEACH, signed oil on board, 24.5 x 29cm, titled verso and four other oil paintings, (6). £30-50
147.    A Tremaen studio pottery sculptural hieroglyphic table lamp base of tapering rectangular form, 36cm high, 24cm wide, 16cm deep, and a similar smaller Tremaen studio pottery sculptural hieroglyphic table lamp base, 29.5cm high, 21cm wide, 14.5cm deep, (2).
. £60-80
148.    Twenty-six pieces of Paragon Lugano decorated tea ware, (five cups af) and a Royal China Works, Worcester petal-shaped bowl, 8cm high. £20-30
149.    A collection of approximately 240 LPs and 12" singles mainly 1980/90's pop music. £40-60
150.    An autographed photograph, Tomb Raider by Angelina Jolie, 19.5 x 24.5cm with COA, a Tomb Raider series 3 original Filmcells limited edition framed photograph 15:100 and five other photographs of Angelina Jolie with facsimile signatures. £20-30
151.    Seventeen framed coloured prints of F1 cars and drivers, 12 by Stuart McIntyre, 5 by Graham Bosworth and 4 others, (21). £50-70
152.    After M J Thompson, three limited edition F1 prints, Masters of Strategy (395/500), Dark Angels (232/500), Green Giant (47/500), all signed in pencil by artist, together with two Stephen Doig limited edition Lewis Hamilton prints, Magic in Montreal (58/250), A Brand New Hero artist's proof (5/10), both signed by artist., (5). £30-40
153.    A collection of books on Formula 1 racing and cars. £20-30
154.    A vintage Ferrari Marlboro Michael Schumacher jacket, another Schumacher Ferrari blue jacket, two Lamborghini jackets, three Mercedes-Benz Petronas jackets, (two with added Lewis Hamilton name, one as above, with photograph) a similar T shirt, a Tommy Hilfiger Petronas jacket, all medium size, together with a Ferrari holdall.
155.    A collection of various plated cutlery, a Coronet camera, other metalware and wooden miscellanea. £20-30
156.    A collection of approx 55 boxed Lledo, Maisto and other diecasts, together with a small quantity of play worn diecasts and three glass car models on stands. £30-50
157.    Five boxed Hasbro Star Wars figures: Electronic Elite Praetorian Guard, Flame Trooper, Rey (Jakku), Finn (Jakku), First Order Tie Fighter Pilot, two unboxed figures, together with three boxed Jakks figures, Tie fighter pilot, Jyn Erso and Stormtrooper. (10). £60-80
158.    A large round cut-glass punch bowl with lid, 23cm diameter, 31cm high, an oval cut-glass biscuit barrel and lid, ten Ngwenya glass animal napkin rings, drinking glasses and other glassware. £40-60
159.    A 20th century stained wood cartel clock carved in the rococo style, the movement striking on a bell, the dial marked Westerstrand, Töreboda, 60cm high. £30-40
160.    Tim Spencer, a sycamore vase of round form, 20cm high, signed and numbered 97/145, another holly vessel, 23.5cm high, 92/288, Ralph Stewart, a large spalted sycamore vase of ovoid form, signed and dated '97, 34.5cm high, (3). £60-80
161.    A reproduction student brass double oil lamp with green glass reservoirs and shades, 81cm high overall. £40-60
162.    A late Victorian rosewood workbox with secret side drawer, 30.5cm wide, 16.5cm high, 23cm deep, split top, interior tray needs reconstructing, a mid-20th century oak framed barometer/thermometer by W Hartley, Moss Side, Manchester and other wooden items. £50-70
163.    A nine-piece Limoges dessert service decorated with daisies and butterflies, three pieces of Beswick "Salad" ware and other ceramics. £30-40
164.    A collection of modern jigsaw puzzles and other items. £10-20
165.    A brass and ceramic oil lamp, the ceramic reservoir with raised floral decoration on brass base and ceramic plinth, with etched opaque purple shade, 65cm overall, a ships decanter and a small collection of glass knife-rests. £30-40
166.    A pair of modern metal two-branch standing candle holders with glass fittings, 47cm high overall, a modern brassed table easel, four similar smaller easels and other miscellanea. £20-30
167.    A reproduction oil lamp with cranberry glass reservoir and brass column on ceramic plinth, a modern brassed oil lamp with cranberry glass shade, 48cm high and a hand-held oil lamp, (3). £30-40
168.    A Short and Mason aneroid barometer on wooden mount, 18cm diameter, and a c1980 Scan-Globe Denmark, 12" diameter on plastic hexagonal base (small repair on globe), (2). £20-30
169.    A brass wall mounted oil lamp with cranberry glass reservoir and shade, together with a bell-shaped glass smut cover. £30-50
170.    A brass fire kerb with tubular rail, 135cm, two pairs of three fire brasses (af), a pair of brass fire dogs, a copper coal helmet and a chestnut roaster. £30-40
171.    A 19th century blue and white willow pattern supper set, comprising four crescent shaped dishes and covers (two dishes with crazing and two with repaired lids) and a central circular bowl nd cover (cover with chip and repaired finial) contained in a circular mahogany tray with brass handles, 46cm diameter, various decorative plates, jugs and other ceramics. £30-50
172.    A pair of plated coasters, a pair of brass candle sticks, a door stop, a Gemstone egg box containing twenty-five eggs, other metalware and miscellanea. £20-30
173.    A scratch-built dolls house, 64.5cm wide, 55cm high and a small collection of dolls house furniture. £10-20
174.    After F Richards, a set of eight coloured prints depicting scenes and verses of Widecombe Fair, other prints, amateur watercolours, etc. £20-30
175.    A pair of carved teak bookends in the form of sailing ships, (made from the teak of HMS Iron Duke, Admiral Jellicoe's flag ship, Jutland 1916), 26cm high, a Princess Mary Christmas 1914 brass box, (no contents), other metalware and miscellanea. £40-60
176.    A mid-19th century English porcelain egg cup stand with six matching egg cups (one broken), on paw feet, decorated with sprays of flowers, 25cm (hairline crack to one handle).
177.    Three small Cairo ware dishes, 13cm, 18cm and 20cm diameter, (3). £15-20
178.    A Royal Doulton figurine, Sweet and Twenty, HN1360, 15cm high, and Royal Doulton Bunnykins baby's bowl, 19cm diameter, two Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, Mr jeremy Fisher and Timmy Willie from Johnny Town-Mouse, both BP-2A and other small modern ceramics. £40-60
179.    A Royal Doulton figure of a black and white cocker spaniel with pheasant, HN1137, 17cm high, a Beswick King Charles spaniel, Josephine of Blagreaves, no.2107B, 13.2cm and a Beswick Dachshund, seated, tan, no.1460, 7cm, (3). £30-50
180.    A collection of five Royal Worcester birds: Blue Tit no 3199, Robin, no.3197, Chaffinch, no.3240, Marsh Tit, no.3336, Wren, no.3198, (small chip to beak), an Aynsley Greenfinch, a limited edition Royal Adderley Budgerigar by Barbara Linley Adams (with certificate) and two other bird figures, (9). £40-60
181.    A Vintage 1950's plated ice cream wafer maker by Ergos, 13.5cm, an AA badge OK88356 and other miscellanea. £20-30
182.    A stylish Art Deco conical three-piece metal tea service, comprising teapot, 22cm high, cream jug, 11cm high and sugar bowl, 12cm high. £40-60
183.    A Troika Pottery wheel vase by Beverley Ellwood decorated with geometric designs, factory mark and monogram to base, 12cm diameter. £40-60
184.    A Replogle Globes Inc 12" diameter globe on brass stand and circular wood base. £30-40
185.    A pair of Russian BNU 7x50 binoculars in case and a Solarvision Superwide 0.42x lens, (2). £30-40
186.    A modern Indian white metal and enamelled chess set in fitted box (some enamel flaking).
187.    Eric Roberts, PROUD BUZZARD, watercolour, signed and titled, 48 X 35cm and seven botanical watercolours, signed, largest 44.5 X 29cm, (8). £30-50
188.    Five wood and fibreglass model power boats, largest 108cm, all in disrepair, (5). £30-50
189.    A Japanese coloured print, GEISHA PLAYING A LUTE, 37.5 x 25cm and one other of bamboo, (2). £20-30
206.    A Mabie Todd & Co Swan fountain pen, boxed, a Parker brown marble-effect fountain pen and nine others, some af, (11). £40-60
207.    A collection of six various Parker fountain pens with five empty Parker pen cases. £30-40
208.    A collection of ball point pens, mainly Parker, an Essel cased geometry set and other items. £30-40
209.    A 1950's painted powder compact decorated with Scottish terriers, a white metal chain purse and other items. £30-40
210.    A small collection of military badges, Oxford University buttons, etc. £20-30
211.    An engine turned silver napkin ring, Birmingham 1977 and two other silver napkin rings, (3). £20-30
212.    A George V conical glass whisky tot jug with star cut base and silver hinged lid (hinge af), 9.5cm high, two modern silver decanter labels, Whisky and Gin, two modern silver goblets, a small dish and a spill vase (af), weighable silver 10.5oz. £80-120
213.    A silver mounted cut glass hair-tidy, 6cm high, Birmingham 1914, a silver topped glass sugar sifter, 12.5cm high, a silver-backed hair brush and a Swedish silver-plated shallow christening dish. £15-25
214.    A silver gate-link bracelet with padlock clasp, a silver rope-link neck chain, a wrist watch, a keyless 800-silver pocket watch (a/f) and a Ronson silver-plated table lighter. £20-30
215.    Two silver thimbles by C Horner, two other silver thimbles, two mother-of-pearl-handled silver-bladed fruit knives, (one a/f) and other items. £30-40
216.    A square glass dressing table bottle of ribbed form with stopper and silver cover, Birmingham 1925, 9.5cm wide, 14cm high, (small chips), an oval glass container with silver gilt cover, London 1905, 10cm wide, 5.5cm high, a matching bottle, London, 1904, 9cm high and a silver mounted scent bottle, (4). £50-80
217.    A silver oval mustard pot with blue glass liner, 4cm high, Birmingham 1901, a silver salt, a napkin ring, and a modern silver photo frame with three oval apertures, 12.5 x 24.5cm.
218.    Thirty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 132g. (30) £40-60
219.    Thirty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 132g. (30)
220.    Thirty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 132g. (30)
221.    Thirty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 132g. (30)
222.    Forty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 164g. (40)
223.    Forty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 165g. (40)
224.    Forty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 151g. (40)
225.    Fifty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 225g. (50)
226.    Fifty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 190g. (50)

227.    Fifty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 186g. (50)

228.    Fifty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 197g. (50)

229.    Fifty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 190g. (50)

230.    Fifty silver rings, various designs, set marcasite with coloured stones, all marked Silver, gross weight approx 190g. (50)

231.    Various compacts, costume jewellery, etc. £30-50
232.    An unsigned papier mâché box, the lid painted with a vase of flowers, a Mappin & Webb leather jewellery case and other items. £30-50
233.    A WWI silver-cased trench watch, with enamel dial and subsidiary dial, wire lugs, Swiss movement (working) and screw back, London import marks for 1915, 3.2cm diameter and a lady's Continental silver-cased key-wind pocket watch, (2). £30-50
234.    A lady's Continental silver-cased keyless pocket watch with floral engraved back, suspended on sterling silver bow brooch and two other Continental silver-cased pocket watches, both key-wind, (all working), (3). £40-60
235.    An engraved christening fork and spoon engraved 'Gladys', in fitted baize case, London, 1896. £30-40
236.    A small silver-bladed fruit knife, the mother-of-pearl handle with etched decoration and inset small rondels, maker IL, Sheffield 1830, 12cm long, open. £10-20
237.    A silver miniature model of a jockey harness racing, 51mm long, marked Silver 900. £30-40
238.    A small silver cigarette case with engine-turned engraving, inscription inside The Little Bean 2/9/27 from Musty Mike, Birmingham 1927, 54g and a modern silver-sided penknife, (2). £20-30
239.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size K, 2.4g. £60-70
240.    A solitaire diamond ring claw set a diamond of approx 0.15cts in 18ct gold and platinum mount, size I, 1.6g £40-60
241.    A ladies Roamer wrist watch with 9ct gold case and bracelet, 11.9g total, and a ladies Avia 9ct gold cased wrist watch on leather strap, (2). £100-120
242.    A pair of 9ct gold turquoise set earrings, another pair of earrings and a 9ct gold mounted cameo pendant on 9ct gold neck chain, (chain 3.8g.) £60-80
243.    An Art Deco rectangular silver cased wrist watch, the silver dial with Arabic numerals, Glasgow import marks for 1930, on leather strap, case 24 x 40mm, (working), and a 1920's "trench" style silver cased wrist watch bearing London import marks for 1926, (not working), 30mm diameter, (2). £30-50
244.    A 1914 half-sovereign. £140-150
245.    A pair of synthetic purple sapphire earrings in white metal mounts, marked 9k and a similar ring, (af). £30-50
246.    A pair of Japanese mother of pearl brooches, a mother of pearl "Bethlehem" pilgrim badge, a miniature Caithness paperweight, boxed, and other items. £30-50
247.    An RAF cap badge, two wrist watches, various badges, seals, cufflinks, etc. £15-20
248.    A quantity of costume jewellery. £20-40
249.    An unmarked swivel brooch with enamelled and pinned half-sovereign, 30mm diameter, 6.5g. £120-150
250.    A Scottish silver Viking dragon boat brooch by Henderson & Horner Bros, Glasgow 1936, 4.8cm and a Celtic silver brooch by Malcolm Gray, Edinburgh 1978, 3.7cm, (2). £20-40
251.    A tortoiseshell and mother of pearl card case (af), and a quantity of costume jewellery. £30-40
252.    Withdrawn. £60-80
253.    A diamond ring channel-set a brilliant-cut diamond between diamond-set shoulders, in 9ct gold mount, size I and a 9ct gold wedding band/eternity ring set seven diamonds, size I, 4.1g, total diamond weight 0.5cts approximately, (2). £80-120
254.    An enamel, diamond and gold brooch in the form of three pansies, each claw-set a small diamond to centre, within purple, yellow and orange enamelled flower petals, on long stems with gold tie, unmarked, 53mm long, 8g, (damage to enamel on six of the petals). £180-220
255.    A late-Victorian diamond-set marquise cluster ring, claw-set fifteen graduated old brilliant-cut diamonds, in pierced gallery, the shank marked '18ct', size M, head 22mm x 10mm, 3.6g. £200-300
256.    An early-19th century fob seal set rock crystal, 35mm high, 14.4g. £60-80
257.    A quantity of costume jewellery. £30-40
258.    A quantity of beadwork, necklaces, etc, some vintage. £20-40
259.    A quantity of figurative brooches and other costume jewellery. £20-40
260.    A National Sweet Pea Society medallion, other badges, a pair of vintage spectacles, compacts and miscellanea. £40-60
261.    A 9ct gold hinged bangle (small dent), 9.8g. £120-140
262.    A 9ct gold cross on chain and a small 9ct gold openwork brooch, 4.1g. £50-60
263.    A Bentime 9ct gold cased wrist watch, (af), a plated babies rattle with teething ring and other items. £20-30