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2.      Sarget de Gruaud - Larose 1999, St Julien, 21 bottles. £200-400
3.      Chateau Moulin Riche (Chateau Léoville Poy Ferré) 1999, St Julien, 12 bottles. £200-300
4.      Carruades de Lafite 1996, Pauillac, 1 bottle, Chateau Phelan Segur Saint-Estephe, 1 bottle, Les Fiefs de Lagrange 1999, St Julien, 1 bottle and Chateau le Pas de Bret 1998 Cotes de Bourg, 1 bottle, (4). £60-80
5.      Chateau La Tour Carnet 1975 Medoc, labels poor, one missing, 6 bottles. £60-80
6.      Chateau Segonnes 1995 Margaux, 12 bottles, made by Chateau Lascombes OWC. £180-300
7.      Chateau Cissac 2006 H Medoc, 12 bottles, Cru Bourgeois OWC. £150-200
8.      Chateau Pindefleurs 2003, 12 bottles, Grand Cru St Emilion OWC. £180-300
9.      Chateau Mazeris 2003, 8 bottles, Canon-Fronsac OWC. £100-160
10.     Moueix Cotes de Castillon 2005, 12 bottles. £100-150
11.     Mauriac Bordeaux OWC, 6 bottles. £60-90
12.     Chateau Smith-Haut-Lafite 1973, 2 bottles, Grand Cru Pessac-Leognan. £50-80
13.     Chateau Prieur Lichine 1969, 2 bottles, 4ème Cru Margaux. £80-100
14.     Chateau Margaux 1969, 3 bottles, Premier Cru Margaux. £300-500
15.     Chateau Ferrière 1975, 1 bottle, 3ème Cru Margaux. £40-60
16.     Chateau Giscours 1967, 1 bottle, 3ème Cru Margaux.
17.     Chateau Lascombes 1983, 1 bottle, 2ème Cru Margaux.
18.     Chateau Lascombes 1982, 7 bottles, 2ème Cru Margaux.
19.     Chateau Picheron Bordeaux 2009, 6 bottles. £25-40
20.     Chateau Coutet 1976, 7 bottles, Premier Grand Cru Barsac OWC. £300-500
21.     Chateau Climens 1969, 4 bottles, Premier Grand Cru Barsac, (part labels missing). £400-600
22.     Premier Cotes de Bordeaux, 2 bottles. £8-15
23.     Chateau Rousseau de Sipian, 3 bottles, 2009 Medoc. £20-30
24.     Chateau Pontet-Canet 2010, 3 bottles, 5ème Cru Pauillac OWC. £150-220
25.     La Croix de Beaucailleu, 6 bottles, 2005 St Julien. £75-150
26.     Chateau Teyssier 1999, 1 bottle, Grand Cru St Emilion. £15-20
27.     Chambertin 1957, 2 bottles, Grand Cru. £50-100
28.     Chambertin 1955, 1 bottle Grand Cru. £30-70
29.     Beaune Premier Cru 1998, 1 bottle. £15-20
30.     Chateau Certan 1918, 1 bottle, Premier Grand Cru Pomerol, now 100 years old. £1000-1500
31.     Chateau Pontet-Canet 2006 Pauillac 5ème Cru, OWC, 12 bottles. £600-900
32.     Reserve de Comtesse Pichon 2009 Pauillac, OWC, 12 bottles. £350-500
33.     Chateau Lagrange 2009, St Julien 3ème Cru, OWC, 12 bottles. £300-500
34.     Chateau Tour de By 2006, Haut-Medoc, 6 bottles and Chateau de Fonbel Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2006, 5 bottles, (11). £150-200
36.     Meursault Rouge 2013, Remoissenet Pere et Fils, 6 bottles. £100-160
37.     Monthelie "Sens Roches" 2011, Louis Jadot, 6 bottles. £100-150
38.     Lieu Dit Malakoff Shiraz 2008, Domaine Terlato & Chapoutier, 4 bottles. £70-120
39.     Faustino Edicion Especial 2001, 2 bottle boxes, (2). £40-60
40.     Clarendelle Amber Wine, 50cl, Montbazillac, 6 bottles. £40-70
41.     A similar lot, 6 bottles. £40-70
42.     Perrin Reserve de Prebot 2000, 12 bottles, Special Cuvee, OWC. £120-180
43.     Crozes - Hermitage Mousset 2008, 4 bottles. £50-80
44.     Chateau Chapelle Saint-Etienne 2009, 8 bottles, Pic St Loup. £40-80
45.     Keep Calm and Carignan, v de t, 8 bottles. £30-40
46.     Garage white, v de t, 6 bottles. £20-30
47.     Reserve de Gassac Herault, 4 bottles. £25-40
48.     Barbera d'Alba 2012, Italy, 6 bottles. £25-40
49.     Nebbiolo d'Alba 2011, Italy, 6 bottles. £25-40
50.     Modus 2006, Tuscany, 5 bottles. £70-90
51.     Barolo Riserva 1975, 1 bottle and Giovanni Capelli Montaglieri, 1 bottle, (2). £15-30
52.     Garrafeira Fonseca 1992, 1 bottle, Castell del Remei 1999, 1 bottle and Arzuaga Rioja 2004, 1 bottle, (3). £25-50
53.     Chateau Le Fage 1997, Monbazillac, 4 bottles. £30-70
54.     A quantity of desert wines: Miranda Golden Botrytis, 35cl, 1995 Australia, Chateau Bastor-Lamontagne 35cl, 1989 Sauternes, Noble One Botrytis 35cl, 1989 Australia, Clos d'Albizzi 70cl, France and Chateau Prieure-Bise 50cl, 1997, layon, one bottle each, (5). £25-50
55.     A quantity of miscellaneous wines: Andre Lorentz Pinot Noir 1999, Alsace, Cesari Amarone 1997, Italy and Salon vintage Champagne, 1983, France, one bottle each, (3). £30-60
56.     A collection of Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese red and white wines, (15). £20-30
59.     Moët et Chandon Dom Pérignon 1971, 1 bottle, (foil and label damaged), also Boizel Champagne, 2 bottles, (3). £100-150
60.     Mumm, 2004 Vintage, 3 bottles. £60-100
61.     Heidsieck & Co, Monepole Rosé N.V, 75cl, 6 bottles. £75-120
62.     Jacquart Brut N.V. Magnum, 3 bottles. £90-140
63.     Gancia 24 cuvee Asti Special Cuvee, in OWB, 6 bottles. £75-120
64.     A similar lot, 6 bottles. £75-120
65.     Ascension Malbec 2009, Argentina, 8 bottles. £25-50
66.     Temma Reserva Malbec 2006, Argentina, 9 bottles. £30-50
67.     The Prospecter 49er blend 2012, California, 11 bottles. £40-60
68.     North Bank Malbec 2013, South Africa, 12 bottles. £40-80
69.     West Cape Howe Shiraz 2012, South Africa, 8 bottles. £30-50
70.     Grower's Reserve Shiraz/Cab 2012, 6 bottles. £25-40
71.     Il Divino Primitivo 2009, 4 bottles. £15-20
72.     Tip Pepe Palomino Sherry, 3 bottles. £12-30
73.     Gonzales Byass Amontillado Sherry, 5 bottles. £40-60
74.     Gonzales Byass Matusalem Sherry, 4 bottles. £30-70
75.     Warres 1985 Vintage Port, 5 bottles. £150-200
76.     Dow's 1985 Vintage Port, 4 bottles. £130-160
77.     Martinez 1990 Vintage Port, 6 bottles. £150-200
78.     Warres 1979 Vintage Port, 3 bottles. £80-120
79.     Quinta de Noval 1975 Vintage Port, 1 bottle. £30-50
80.     Cockburns 1963 Vintage Port, cork slightly raised, 1 bottle. £20-40
81.     Cockburns 1967 Vintage Port, 1 bottle. £20-30
82.     Warres 1975 Vintage Port, 1 bottle. £30-40
83.     Grahams 1970 Vintage Port, 1 bottle. £30-40
84.     Sandeman's 1966 Vintage Port, 1 bottle. £25-40
85.     Offley Boa Vista Vintage Port, 1994, 12 bottles, OWC. £200-400
87.     Courvoisier Luxe Cognac 40% vol, 70cl, 1 bottle, VSOP Napoleon French Brandy, 36% vol, 70cl, 2 bottles and eight various bottles of Sherry and wine, (12). £30-50
88.     John Haig & Co. Ltd Dimple Whisky, 43% vol, 75cl, in box, 1 bottle and another, 26.6 fl.oz, 70% proof, in box, 1 bottle, (2). £20-30
89.     Dujardin & Co. Golden Keys Brandy, 3L bottle. £30-60
90.     Bas-Armagnac, 1993 Vintage, Marquis de Caussade, 3 bottles. £75-150
91.     Bache-Gabrielsen VSOP Cognac, 3 bottles. £60-100
92.     John Haig & Co, Dimple Whisky, ½-bottle with wire and spring cap and a miniature Haig Dimple, (2). £20-30
93.     Taylor's LBV Port 1982, 2 bottles, Dom Benedictine 75cl 75 proof, 1 bottle, Sapins Liqueur in tree-form bottle, 1 bottle and Trebbiano Del Rubicone Italy World Cup, 1 bottle, (5). £50-80
94.     Taylor's Select Reserve Port, 1 bottle, Cockburns Special Reserve Port, 1 bottle and Fortnum & Mason LBV Port 2004, bottled 2008, 1 bottle, (3). £10-20
95.     Offilers Special Reserve Liqueur Whisky, (foil intact, label damaged). £40-60
96.     A rare Balvenie Founders Reserve Malt Whisky in older Cognac-style bottle, 40%, capsule intact, label soiled and collar damaged. £50-100
97.     Hine VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac, 100cl, 40%, in carton, collar damaged. £20-30
98.     Bass & Co. Jubilee Strong Ale 1977, 1 bottle and three smaller bottles, (4). £40-60
99.     Pussers Ltd, British Virgin Islands, ceramic flagon British Navy Pussers Rum, 95.5 proof, 54% vol, 1L. £40-60
100.    A Late-Victorian mahogany bow-front chest of two short and three long drawers, on turned legs, 122cm wide. £100-150
101.    A set of early-20th century oak freestanding open bookshelves with adjustable shelves and carved sides, on base, 91cm wide, 116cm high, labelled 'Hewetson, Milner & Thexton Ltd, Tottenham Court Road, London'. £40-60
102.    A Lloyd Loom bedroom chair, a similar linen box, a small Ercol occasional table, a folding table and a child's chair, (5). £30-40
103.    A 'Trifon' weathered teak slatted-seat-and-back garden bench, 158cm wide. £50-70
104.    A 'Gresswell' metal three-tier book trolley, 91cm wide, 89cm high, a painted wooden freestanding four-tier bookshelf, 52cm wide, 95cm high and a modern upholstered pouffee, (3). £20-30
105.    A 20th century walnut-framed cheval mirror with arched plate and splayed legs, 47cm wide, 155cm high. £50-80
106.    A modern rectangular polished-metal-frame and glass two-tier coffee table, 128.5 x 78cm. £30-40
107.    A modern rectangular black metal frame and glass two-tier coffee table, 125 x 74.5cm. £30-40
108.    A reproduction Regency mahogany window seat with scroll ends, on turned and reeded supports, 121cm wide, 31cm deep. £100-200
109.    A bamboo-framed four-tier freestanding bookshelf, 76cm wide, 97cm high. £30-40
110.    A Late-Victorian walnut knee-hole writing desk, the galleried top with two small drawers and writing surface above an arrangement of nine drawers, 122cm wide and a two-drawer side table, (2). £60-80
111.    A Greenwood & Co. map of the County of Monmouth, hand-coloured, engraved Josiah Neele, published 1831, 63 x 75cm, unframed, three other maps of Monmouthshire and a hand-coloured map of Herefordshire by H Moll, 21 x 32cm, framed, (5). £30-50
112.    Cegla?, 'Continental scene with fishing vessels', a signed oil on board, 50 x 99cm and four other oil paintings (5). £30-40
113.    After Brian Pollard, 'Music of The Night' 1992-2000', a limited edition signed poster, 234/2000, 57 x 40cm. £20-40
114.    A collection of various pictures and prints. £20-30
115.    Isabel McWhirter, 'Flowers with Hydrangeas', a signed pastel dated 1980, 75 x 54.5cm, Bracey, 'Garden Gate surrounded by flowers' a signed pastel dated '99, 40 x 58cm and other pictures and prints. £30-40
116.    A collection of various black and white and coloured framed book plate engravings of various locations in Great Britain, (13). £30-40
117.    A mahogany three-tiered wall shelf, 69cm wide, 57cm high, three other sets of wall shelves, a stool, a bookrack and a towel rail, (7). £50-80
118.    A 19th century wirework and brass-framed nursery fire guard, 69cm wide, 69cm high, a 19th century brass and pierced steel fire kerb raised on three brass cast paw feet, 67cm wide, 22cm high and two other similar larger fire kerbs, (4). £60-80
119.    A Rexson 'Biarritz' portable gramophone and a small collection of 78RPM records. £10-20
120.    An Edwardian stained wood bureau/bookcase, the top fitted with a pair of leaded glass doors above a fall front and three drawers, 103cm wide, 230cm high. £50-80
121.    A 19th century mahogany long case clock with 11" square painted dial and movement striking on a bell, 210cm high. £150-250
122.    A Continental stained oak cupboard, the carved low back and rectangular top above a pair of carved doors, on plinth base, 92cm wide, 122cm high. £30-40
123.    An Edwardian mahogany coal purdonium with a shaped raised back and shelf, on turned supports, 48cm wide, 113cm high, together with a low modern bookcase fitted with a pair of glazed doors, 74cm wide, 77cm high, (2). £30-40
124.    A modern pine rectangular-top side table fitted with two drawers on square legs, 126.5cm wide, 48cm deep, 74cm high. £30-50
125.    An Art Nouveau-style oak-framed wall mirror, 111cm wide, 72cm high, an oak work box fitted with a single drawer, 51cm wide, 33cm deep, 48cm high and an oak book rack, (3). £20-40
126.    A modern occasional table with mirrored top and sides, fitted with a single drawer, 49cm wide, 64cm high and a modern Italian tripod table with inlaid circular top, (2). £20-40
127.    WSL Berry, 'Portrait of a woman wearing a high collar, diamond pendant and crescent brooch', signed oil on canvas, dated 1910, 56 x 45cm and other pictures and prints. £10-20
128.    After Rembrandt, 'Self-portrait as Paul The Apostle', late-19th century oil on canvas, bears signature and date 1661, 49 x 43cm. £50-70
129.    Unsigned, 'Water Reeds', pastel, 38.5 x 29cm, an unsigned oil on board, 'Landscape', 20.5 x 26cm, an unsigned watercolour, 'Moorland Scene', 18 x 24cm and a framed print after H S Power, 'Thatched Cottage', (4). £40-60
130.    W Langley?, 'Figure fishing from a river bank, ruins of an abbey in the distance', oil painting, 37.5 x 26cm and other pictures and prints. £30-50
131.    W D**, 'Scottish Croft', indistinctly-signed watercolour, 23 x 30cm and other pictures and prints. £20-40
132.    Alfred Leyman (1856-1933) (Attrib.), 'Wagons and figures outside a thatched inn', unsigned watercolour, 26.5 x 45cm. £80-120
133.    A Victorian stained wood pole screen with square-shaped floral panel, on circular base, 135cm high, (a/f), a gilt-framed mirror, 38 x 33cm and other items. £20-30
134.    An oak hall chair with pierced back, four cane-seated bedroom chairs and other chairs. £30-40
135.    An Edwardian stained mahogany hall stand with central square mirror above tiled back, glove box and twin stick stand, 74cm wide, 191cm high and a smaller oak hall stand with circular central mirror, 61cm wide, 191cm high, (2). £40-60
136.    An oak-framed bevelled-edge mirror, the frame carved with flowers in each corner and leaves along the sides, 56.5 x 72cm overall. £30-50
137.    A 19th century pine tool box, paper label within 'Kate Blightman box gave to her by her master Mr Heath, Long Parish, September 20 1864', together with a small collection of tools. £40-50
138.    •Sue Wills (b. 1962), 'The Hoe Foreshore, Plymouth', signed pastel, dated 2002, 67 x 103cm. £40-60
139.    A M Hayworth?, 'Torr Abbey', a signed watercolour, titled on the mount, 35 x 50cm, (faded). £10-20
140.    A pair of white-painted metal folding two-tier bookshelves, 60cm wide, 115cm high and a matching four-tier folding bookshelf, 60cm wide, 157cm high, (3). £30-40
141.    A pair of painted metal folding three-tier bookshelves, 62cm wide, 123cm high and a pair of smaller two-tier bookshelves, (4). £30-40
150.    A Continental hardwood wall bracket with carved decoration of a male figure wearing clogs, playing the bagpipes, 40cm high, 33cm wide, (a/f), a carved wooden tray, a stool and a letter rack, (4). £30-40
151.    A collection of Valero silver-plated goblets, a plated and wooden bread board and other plated ware. £30-40
152.    A brass and leather three-draw telescope, 39cm extended, a plated bosun's call, a pair of metal shop scales with brass pans and weights and miscellaneous items. £30-50
153.    Ninety-two pieces of Royal Worcester Palissy "Avon Scenes" blue and white decorated tea and dinnerware. £50-80
154.    A Victorian glass dump with bubble inclusions, 14cm high, a similar smaller glass dump with flower detail, 10cm high, a pair of cranberry wine glasses and other small glassware items. £40-60
155.    A Border Fine Art black Labrador bitch, sitting, 21cm high, a Beswick pheasant no.1226, a Beswick figure of 'Black Beauty' and other animal figures, etc. £30-50
156.    A collection of seven ceramic fairings, including 'Five o'clock tea', 'Oysters, Sir?', a Continental ceramic figure of a lady with a dog on her lap, 14cm high and two others, (10). £40-60
157.    A French 'Versailles' porcelain and gilt metal rectangular trinket box decorated with roses, 9.5 x 5cm and four others, (5). £40-60
158.    A white metal pot pourri bowl with pierced domed cover and finial, engraved with floral and foliate designs, 17cm diameter, possibly Persian. £60-80
159.    A collection of approximately 50 stereoscope slides. £30-40
160.    Two part-sets of drawing instruments in leather cases and loose, a 16cm boxwood triangular shape ruler by Halden & Co. Newcastle-on-Tyne and other boxwood rulers. £20-30
161.    An Italian Faience plate decorated with fruit, 21.5cm diameter, five matching smaller plates, 14cm diameter, all with painted rooster mark, eight Continental oyster plates, 22cm diameter and a rectangular Faience decorated tray, (15). £30-40
162.    A Continental Faience plate with centre armorial decoration, marked 'JJ' to base, 27.5cm diameter, a French Faience wall pocket marked 'Saint Malo', 27cm, seven pieces of Quimper ware and a two-handled bowl, (10). £40-50
163.    An Allertons ceramic Toby jug, various other china and glassware. £20-30
164.    A spelter table lamp in the form of a female figure kneeling and holding a bowl aloft with both arms, 38cm high overall, a gilt metal inkwell in the form of a rose and other items. £30-40
165.    A collection of corkscrews and bottle openers, including 'Zig Zag', a Champagne De Castellone ceramic advertising ashtray and an 'M & B' water jug. £30-50
166.    A plated three-division Claret jug stand with glass Claret jugs etched with vine and grape decoration and having plated mounts, (one a/f), a quantity of plated cutlery and other plated and metal ware. £40-60
167.    A collection of cut glassware, including vases, bowls, drinking glasses, etc. £30-40
168.    Two brass Corinthian column table lamps, 46cm and 42cm high, two brass circular wall plaques, a Hoyang aluminium fish kettle and other metalware. £30-50
169.    Approximately fifty pieces of Wedgwood blue and white 'Willow' pattern tea and dinner ware. £20-30
170.    A glazed ceramic sculpture of a horse rearing and standing on its hind legs, on rectangular plinth, 51cm high. £20-40
171.    An Oriental ceramic garden stool in the form of an elephant, 39cm high, three carved wood tribal figures, a pair of metal Asian figures of a female dancing and a male dancing with two swords, on wooden plinth, 19.5cm high and other metal and ceramic items. £30-50
172.    A modern glass and metal five-branch hanging chandelier, 50cm diameter, 48cm high, a ceramic table lamp and miscellaneous items. £30-40
173.    T Bowen, 'Asia from the Best Authorities', a hand-coloured map, 18 x 22cm. £10-20
174.    •Benedict Blathwayt (b.1951, Author and Illustrator), 'Cornfields, country lane and cattle', pen, ink and watercolour, 15.5 x 20cm and other pictures and prints. £10-20
175.    WW, 'Bridge over woodland stream', watercolour, initialled, 23.5 x 17cm, together with an unsigned watercolour titled 'Hamerton, 1865, Staines', 20.5 x 23cm, (2). £40-60
176.    A cut-glass silver-mounted square shape decanter with stopper, 25cm high, one other glass decanter, a cut-glass bowl, a pair of vases, together with a pair of modern ceramic figures of a young boy and girl feeding swans, 22cm high. £20-30
177.    A Carltonware salad bowl, five pieces of Aynsley 'Pembroke' decorated ceramics and other chinaware. £10-20
178.    A copper coal helmet with turned wooden handle copper scoop, various trivets, three steel fire irons, (not a set), (a/f) and other items. £40-50
179.    A Sunderland lustre frog tankard 'The Sailors Return', 12.5cm, (hairline cracks), four other pieces of Sunderland lustre ware, (all a/f), a jardinière and stand, dinnerware and other ceramics, (damages). £50-80
180.    A Staunton-style wooden chess set, (king 10.3cm), a circular wooden solitaire board with glass marbles, a treen roulette wheel and lid, the lid with aperture for the ball, 27cm diameter and other items. £50-80
181.    A pair of 19th century green, gilt and white Staffordshire Spaniels, 24cm high, (1 a/f), a pair of smaller Spaniels, a Royal Copenhagen small vase decorated with blackberries and blossom, 10cm high, other 19th century and later ceramics, (some damages). £40-60
182.    A 19th century French Comtoise clock with convex enamel dial and twin-train movement, striking on a bell and having typical grid-iron pendulum and two weights, 41cm high, together with a spelter case mantel clock, (2). £40-60
183.    An Oriental carved wood figure group depicting a male seated, a young boy and a dog, 42cm high, 47cm wide, a carved wood model of an eagle, 51cm high and a carved hardwood elephant, 35cm high, (both a/f), (3). £40-60
184.    A large blue and white octagonal shape vase and lid with floral decoration, 49cm high, 'YB' or 'BY' 109 blue mark to base, various decorative Oriental plates and cups, various blue and white ceramics, (mainly restored or damaged). £40-60
185.    A collection of books and ephemera on the Royal Family. £20-30
186.    A Dartmouth Pottery 'Plymouth Gin' fish jug, 24cm high, a Copeland Spode blue and white 'Italian' jug, other jugs, a Royal Worcester floral-decorated shallow bowl, 26.5cm diameter, a collection of commemorative mugs and other ceramics. £30-40
187.    Two cut-glass bowls, a water jug and various drinking glasses. £20-30
188.    A set of twelve each plated fish knives and forks in oak case, a pair of plated fish servers and an Ashberry three-piece horn-handled carving set in fitted box. £20-40
189.    A late-20th century brass carriage timepiece, the enamel dial with Roman numerals, marked 'Bowden & Sons, Plymouth', the movement stamped 'Made in England 11 jewels', striking on a bell on the hour and half-hour, with carrying handle, 19cm high overall, (a/f, over-wound). £60-80
190.    A lacquered brass umbrella-shaped umbrella/stick stand on circular stepped base, 74cm high. £20-40
191.    A ceramic circular wall plaque decorated with wading birds and foliage, 39cm diameter, a two-handled brown-glazed pottery vase, 29cm high and other items. £20-30
192.    A red and pink cameo glass baluster-shaped vase with tree decoration, 30cm high, a Sowerby-style purple malachite/slag glass beaker, 12cm high, a similar jug and a studio glass vase, (4). £30-40
193.    A treen two-division cutlery tray with turned carrying handle, 35.5 x 23cm and three wooden butter moulds, (4). £30-40
194.    A pair of painted parian ware figures of a young lady and gentleman, 45cm high, (a/f) and other ceramics and glassware. £10-20
195.    Three Chas C Stadden pewter figures of Royal Marines, 10.5cm, 11cm and 12cm high and six modern diecast vehicles, (9). £30-40
196.    A late-20th century ceramic studio vase with yellow and cream stripe decoration on a black ground, indistinct maker's mark to base, 17.5cm high. £20-30
197.    A very large quantity of foreign and UK topographical and art postcards and a small quantity of cigarette cards, etc. £30-40
198.    A small quantity of table linen and other textiles, etc. £20-40
199.    An early-20th century Oriental bronze baluster-shaped vase with moulded decoration of birds and foliage, raised on three shaped feet, 27cm high. £40-60
200.    A French aneroid barometer/thermometer in carved stained wood frame, 69cm overall, barometer 14cm diameter. £30-40
201.    After H Alken, 'Tandem - Going Out', a coloured engraving, 26.5 x 33.5cm and a companion, 'Tandem - Returning', a pair and four nautical prints, (6). £15-20
202.    A brass bulkhead clock, now painted blue, the dial with Roman numerals and applied RAF roundel to centre, with RAF badge above the 12, 24cm diameter. £40-60
203.    A set of three Grimwades 'Carro' decorated graduated jugs, tallest 19cm, (1 a/f), one other set of jugs, a 'Pekin' decorated bowl by B & H, 28cm diameter, 12cm high, a Staffordshire flat-back figure group of a couple in Highland dress with a dog, 32cm high and other ceramics. £10-20
204.    The Midas combined camera/projector, a small collection of constructed and painted plastic aeroplane kit models, (a/f) and miscellaneous items. £15-20
205.    A mahogany tea caddy of sarcophagus shape, (interior lacking), 34cm wide, a mahogany rectangular box with carrying handle, (interior partitions lacking), 32cm wide, 25.5cm deep, 8cm high, an inlaid mahogany arch-shaped mantel clock, 18cm high and other items. £40-60
206.    Two brassed hanging light fittings, a modern cuckoo-style clock, five modern wall clocks and other items. £30-40
207.    A large cut-glass trumpet shape vase with ribbed and hobnail decoration, on shaped circular base, 42.5cm high. £30-50
208.    A collection of various elements in glass screw-top jars, contained in a stained wood wall clock case, together with a book, 'The Elements' by Jack Challoner. £30-50
215.    A French small rectangular metal plaque depicting two motor racing drivers behind a steering wheel flanked by two males holding baskets of fruit and flowers above their heads, inscribed 'Rallye Ballon 1927 Chatel Guyon', signed F Fraisse, 5.5 x 6cm, together with a French silver 'Ministere De L'Agriculture Et Du Commerce' medallion, inscribed 'Dijon 1879', signed Barre, 5cm diameter, French silver coins: 1933 20-Francs, 1960 5-Francs, 1965 10-Francs, other coins, etc. £40-60
216.    A silver cigarette case with engraved decoration, Birmingham 1905, 8 x 6cm, ___2½oz. £20-30
217.    Approximately forty modern miniature clocks. £15-20
218.    A quantity of costume jewellery, some unused, with original tags. £20-30
219.    A pair of 9ct gold oval cufflinks, 10.3g. £70-90
220.    A modern 14k box-link neck chain with sliding pendant set diamond, in rubbed-over setting and a pair of matching ear studs, 3.6g, boxed. £100-150
221.    A Japanese metal-mounted shagreen-covered trousse containing bone chopsticks and knife (a/f), 30.5cm long.
222.    Various costume jewellery, watches, etc. £20-30
223.    A collection of approximately one hundred glass marbles. £15-25