Sale of Antiques & Interiors
on Tuesday 10th September at 10.30am

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1.      A Laura Ashley 'Henshaw' black extending dining table with extra leaf, 174 x 114cm closed, 174 x 163.5cm with leaf, together with eight matching black-upholstered chairs, (complies with 1988 Fire Regulations). £100-200
2.      A stained pine two-drawer writing table, the rectangular top with inset writing surface, on turned legs, 90cm wide. £30-40
3.      M Smythson (19th century), 'Ducks on a stream with barn in background', signed watercolour, dated 1880, 20 x 32cm and another, (2). £20-30
4.      A retro G-Plan triple-mirrored light teak dressing table fitted with two drawers and a cupboard door, 152cm wide and a matching narrow chest of six drawers, 50cm wide, 46cm deep, 116cm high, (2). £40-60
5.      An elm and beech lathe-back farmhouse-style armchair, (needs strengthening). £40-60
6.      An elm and beech lathe-back farmhouse-style armchair, (needs strengthening). £40-60
7.      A Victorian mahogany side table, the rectangular top above two frieze drawers, on turned legs with brass and porcelain castors, marked 'D & G Patent', 106cm wide, 84cm high. £40-60
8.      A late-19th century stained wood Vienna-style striking wall clock, 76cm high, a modern mahogany frame music Canterbury and a foot stool, (3). £20-40
9.      Two wood frame armchairs, a corner chair, a trunk stand and other items. £20-30
10.     An Indian hardwood circular-top table with inlaid decoration, on three elephant mask supports, 46cm wide, 48cm high. £20-30
11.     Three stained wood tool boxes, various hand tools, two Workzone folding stands, etc. £30-50
12.     After Peter Heard, 'The King's Arms', a limited-edition coloured print no.276/300, signed and titled in mount, 75 x 55cm. £10-20
13.     A stained pine side table fitted with a single drawer, on turned front legs, 76cm wide. £10-20
14.     A child's Lloyd Loom armchair, a Lloyd Loom work table and a painted bentwood stool, (3). £20-30
15.     A quantity of hand tools contained in two wooden toolboxes. £30-40
16.     An oak wall plate rack, 90cm wide, 80cm high. £20-30
17.     An Edwardian inlaid mahogany square-top two-tier occasional table on square tapering legs, 54cm. £10-20
18.     After Marc Chagall, 'The Bride', a framed coloured print, 67 x 52cm and other pictures and prints. £30-50
19.     Two painted wood milking stools, 29cm wide, 21.5cm high, (2). £20-30
20.     Violet M Read, 'River Landscape', signed watercolour, dated 1898, 27 x 34cm, another watercolour, 'Waterfall on the River Teign', 26 x 36cm and two other watercolours, (4). £30-50
21.     William Darton, 'Moorland Stream', signed watercolour, 17 x 22cm, also J Barrett 'Shaugh Moor', signed watercolour, 10 x 17cm, (2). £30-40
22.     R Embury, 'Cattle being driven by a stream', signed watercolour, 24 x 38.5cm, M Kemp-Welch, 'Tree-lined meadow', signed watercolour, 24 x 35cm and three other watercolours, (5). £30-40
23.     A reproduction burr walnut straight-front chest of two short and three long drawers, 98cm wide. £60-80
24.     An Edwardian walnut linen press, the cornice above a pair of doors enclosing trays, two short and two long drawers, 132cm wide, 209cm high. £50-80
25.     A stained pine tool chest, 91cm wide, a smaller metal-bound chest, 65cm and the upper section of a military chest, (a/f), (3). £40-60
26.     After N St John Rosse, two framed prints of a young boy and girl on a beach, 42 x 32cm, a John Bull Magazine Victor Canning advertising poster by Oldham Press, 76 x 50.7cm and other pictures and prints. £30-40
27.     A leather suitcase, 65cm, various trunks and three shooting sticks. £10-20
28.     John Burrington, a mahogany banjo-style thermometer/barometer, 101cm. £20-30
29.     A 19th century mahogany barometer/thermometer, 90cm, (af), a wooden golf club and a putting iron, (3). £10-20
30.     J Graham, 'Moorland Scene', a signed oil on canvas, 48 x 73cm, another pair, 'Highland Stream', 90 x 29cm and two other oil paintings, all by the same artist, (5). £20-30
31.     A copper planter, 34cm high, 50cm diameter. £40-60
32.     Sybil Mullen Glover, 'A Glimpse of Sutton Pool', signed watercolour, 21 x 22cm. £10-20
33.     A collection of various pictures and prints. £30-40
34.     Two wooden packing cases with Cunard and White Star Line labels. £20-40
35.     A collection of pianola rolls. £20-30
36.     Nadler Laszlo, 'Study of a gentleman with a bassoon', oil on board, 29 x 23cm, a bevelled wall mirror and other items. £20-30
37.     'Seascape', oil on canvas, 61 x 76cm, David Pearce 'Dittisham', oil on board, signed and dated '73 and a watercolour signed 'Phillip Mitchell', (3). £10-20
38.     After John Charlton, "God Save The Queen", 'The Celebration of The Diamond Jubilee at St Pauls Cathedral, June 22nd 1897', a framed chromolithograph bearing facsimile signature 'Victoria RI 1899' to margin, 60 x 88cm, 'View of Plymouth Breakwater From The Duke of Cornwall Hotel', pencil inscription in the mount and dated June 12 '66, 37 x 59cm and two other pictures, (4). £30-40
39.     After R O Lenkiewicz, 'Embarkation', a limited-edition print, 4/200, pub. John Nash, 50 x 55cm and another after Donald S Swan 'Rising Wind', 51 x 55cm, (2). £20-30
44.     A pair of circular plaster wall plaques decorated in relief with putti, 16cm diameter, within gilt frames. £20-40
45.     Twelve cut-glass jelly glasses and others. £20-40
46.     A brass sun dial, 25cm diameter and other items. £20-40
47.     A collection of Matchbox diecast models, glass marbles and other items. £30-40
48.     A Poole Pottery baluster vase decorated with poppies, 26cm high, a ceramic Liquorice Allsort teapot, 28cm high, three pottery candle holders and other ceramics. £40-60
49.     A set of three Baxter-style coloured prints of mountainous landscapes, each 5.5 x 9cm, framed as one, after Horatio Couldery 'Puppies playing with a kitten', a framed coloured print, 8 x 11cm and a companion, 'A cat with a kitten', a pair and other pictures and engravings. £30-40
50.     Rosalind Pierson, three contemporary miniature watercolours: 'River Lyd' 7.5 x 4.5cm, 'River Walkham, Merrivale, Dartmoor' 8.5 x 8cm, 'River Teign' 5.5 x 7.5cm, all signed and dated, titled labels verso, (3). £80-120
51.     Rosalind Pierson, three contemporary miniature watercolours: 'Tavy Cleeve' 6 x 8.5cm, 'Tavy Cleeve' 6 x 9cm, 'Leat below Tavy Cleeve' 9 x 5.5cm, all signed and dated, titled labels verso, (3).
52.     Rosalind Pierson, three contemporary miniature watercolours: 'Looking To Vixen Tor' 6 x 8.5cm, 'Vixen Tor, Kings Tor' 6.5 x 9cm, 'Bench Tor' 6.5 x 9cm, all signed and dated, titled labels verso, (3).
53.     Rosalind Pierson, three contemporary miniature watercolours: 'Brentor' 6 x 9cm, 'Looking To Haytor' 6.5 x 8.5cm, 'Crow Tor' 8.5 x 5.5cm, all signed and dated, titled labels verso, (3).
54.     Rosalind Pierson, three contemporary miniature watercolours: 'East Okement River' 6.5 x 8.5cm, 'East Okement River' 6 x 8.5cm, 'East Dart River' 4 x 5cm, all signed and dated, titled labels verso, (3).
55.     Rosalind Pierson, three contemporary miniature watercolours: 'Yar Tor' 6.5 x 8cm, 'Crow Tor & Beardown Tor' 6.5 x 9cm, 'View From Combestone Tor' 8.5 x 5.5cm, all signed and dated, titled labels verso, (3).

56.     Rosalind Pierson, three contemporary miniature watercolours: 'Sun and Shadows' 5.5 x 8.5cm, 'Winter Morning' 6 x 9.5cm, 'Autumn Colours' 5.5 x 8.5cm, all signed and dated, titled labels verso, (3).

57.     Rosalind Pierson, three contemporary miniature watercolours: 'River Avon, Dartmoor' 6 x 8.5cm, 'River Avon, Dartmoor' 6.5 x 9cm, titled labels verso and another untitled 'Winter river scene', 6 x 9.5cm, all signed and dated, together with a book 'The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers "One Hundred Years", (4).

58.     A large copper kettle, 36cm high, one other kettle, a circular copper bowl, a copper warming pan with turned wood handle, a small quantity of horse brasses and other metalware. £30-50
59.     A modern terracotta roof tile ridge finial depicting a hare, 17cm wide, 40cm high. £30-40
60.     A modern terracotta roof tile ridge finial depicting a squirrel, 17cm wide 40cm high. £30-40
61.     A small quantity of coloured and clear glassware, including two decanters, green glass vases and bottles, a cranberry glass wine glass, etc. £20-30
62.     A copper coal box of circular tapering form, embossed with the Dutch coat of arms and a rural windmill scene, with brass lid, standing on three brass supports, 44cm high. £30-50
63.     A harlequin set of six graduated copper measures, 1 gallon - ½ gill, the pint measure stamped Burt Bros, Birmingham 1955, 53152, (6). £50-80
64.     A Beswick grazing shire horse, brown glaze No.1050, a Royal Doulton figure 'Mrs Bardell', 11cm high, a Doulton Burslem floral-decorated plate and other ceramics. £20-30
65.     A cased set of twelve each fish knives and forks with servers and a quantity of plated cutlery. £30-50
66.     A Copeland Spode 'Italian' pattern blue and white decorated bowl with gilt rim and foot, 25.5cm diameter, 12.5cm high, two glass decanters and other ceramics and glassware. £20-40
67.     A collection of various wooden boxes, a Ronson's plated table lighter and other plated ware. £20-40
68.     A Royal Doulton figurine 'Once Upon A Time' HN2047, 11cm high, a pair of Whitefriars-style 'bark' blue glass vases, 16.5cm high, three studio coloured glass bowls and two vases, (8). £30-40
69.     A pair of cut-glass decanters, 25.5cm high, one other, a glass ship's decanter, four pieces of commemorative china, (1 a/f) and other ceramics and glassware. £30-50
70.     A plated three-piece tea service, other plated ware, three Stratton compacts and three lady's wrist watches. £20-40
71.     An inlaid wood writing box, (slope lacking), 39.5cm wide, an inlaid jewellery box with inner tray, 30.5cm, a mahogany tea caddy (a/f) and other boxes. £30-40
72.     A Victorian silver-plated biscuit barrel of circular ribbed form, with lid, on an integral circular stand raised on three scroll feet, 19cm high, another with embossed decoration and a plated oval biscuit barrel decorated with birds and insects amongst reeds, (3). £50-70
73.     A collection of six modern Wedgwood 'Wild Strawberry' ornaments and other ceramics. £15-20
74.     A collection of Vasart and other coloured glass bowls, posy holders and small vases, approximately 36 pieces. £40-60
75.     A pair of blue opaque glass vases decorated with flowers, 28cm high, a cut-glass decanter and stopper, 35cm high and other coloured glassware. £30-40
76.     A Selkirk glass paperweight 'Sunburst', three other modern glass paperweights and other glassware. £20-30
77.     A Brannam ware baluster vase decorated with berries and leaves on a green ground, 25cm high, various blue and white decorative plates, some a/f and other ceramics. £30-40
78.     A small walnut-veneered dressing glass fitted with a single drawer, 26.5cm high, 17.5cm wide, a circular wood-framed aneroid barometer, a malachite desk sculpture, 16.5 x 12.5cm, 8cm high and other items. £40-60
79.     A pair of 19th century brass candlesticks, 24cm high, a 16th century-style bronze bell, the handle cast as the head of an old woman, above raised decoration and inscription F Hemony Me Fecit Anno 1569, 10.5cm high and other metalware. £40-60
80.     A Royal Doulton figurine 'Laurianne' HN2719, 17cm high, a Royal Copenhagen figure of a playful kitten on its back, another of a sitting cat and other animal and figure ornaments, (some a/f). £30-40
81.     An ebony pen and ink stand with shell-shaped tray, 26cm wide, (a/f), a French-made ebonised wooden model of a limousine, (a/f), a plated crumb scoop and other items. £30-40
82.     A CH Brannam Barum ware pot in the form of a Bulldog holding a pipe between its teeth, in a blue/green glaze, 6.5cm high, impressed factory mark to base. £50-70
83.     Thirty-eight pieces of Royal Doulton floral-decorated tea ware, various commemorative mugs and beakers and other ceramics. £30-40
84.     A stained wood Vienna-style striking wall clock, 90cm high, three mantel clocks, four various cameras and miscellaneous items. £30-40
85.     A Wedgwood-style blue and white jasperware biscuit barrel with plated lid and handle, 23cm high overall, an 'Amherst' decorated ironstone punch bowl, 29cm diameter, 16cm high, a Fieldings Crown Devon 'Spring' decorated cheese dish and cover, various decorative plates and other ceramics. £40-60
86.     20th century, 'Dunkirk with military vehicles and fallen bodies', watercolour, indistinctly-signed, 23.5 x 33.5cm. £30-50
87.     Iris Bowen Evans BA, 'Branches overhanging a river edge', signed circular watercolour on silk, dated 2000, 40cm diameter, a modern oil painting 'Snow Landscape' and one other, a modern wool-work picture and three other paintings, (7). £30-40
88.     Lewis Creighton, 'Moorland Scene', signed oil on board, 39.5 x 49.5cm, together with a limited edition signed coloured print after Diane Mathias 'Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nghadau', 30.5 x 30.5cm, 43/125, (2). £30-40
89.     An African carved hardwood bust of a tribes woman, 24cm high, various carved wood bowls and goblets, a chessboard and other items. £40-60
90.     A Royal Doulton figurine 'Mother's Helper' HN3650, 10.5cm high, two Royal Worcester candle snuffers, 'Old Woman', 'Feathered Hat', an Aynsley 'Piggy' model, two Coalport ceramic cottages and other animal and figure ornaments. £30-40
91.     A pair of plated berry spoons, a plated chamber stick and other plated ware. £15-25
92.     An inlaid mahogany balloon shape mantel timepiece, the dial marked Speed, Kings Lynn, 30.5cm high and an oak-cased domed mantel clock with French striking movement, 25.5cm high, (2). £40-60
93.     A collection of cased and loose plated cutlery, a four-piece plated tea service and other metalware. £30-50
94.     A Juba mahogany case chiming mantel clock, 21.5cm high, (a/f), one other timepiece, a vintage wooden servant's bell box, 37.5 x 28cm, (a/f), various metalware and miscellaneous items. £30-40
95.     Thirty-five pieces of Royal Doulton 'Carnation' tea and dinner ware and other tea ware. £30-40
96.     A Bairnsfather ware 'Old Bill' transfer-printed plate, 24.7cm diameter, one other, (a/f), three Imari decorated plates, a pair of Staffordshire black and white spaniels, 25cm high, a late-19th century majolica 'corn-on-the-cob' jug, 20cm high, (a/f) and other ceramics, etc. £40-60
97.     An HMV portable gramophone and a quantity of 78RPM records. £30-40
98.     Fifteen pieces of Brownhills Pottery & Co. bamboo and trellis decorated wares and other ceramics. £20-40
99.     A late-19th/early-20th century cast ornate metal photograph frame, 35cm high, 27cm wide, two brass shell cases, 29.5cm high, two pairs of brass candlesticks and other metalware and miscellaneous items. £30-40
100.    A large West Germany studio pottery jug, 55cm high, a small brown and cream glazed jug marked 'Scheurich - Keramik 400-25', 25.5cm high, one other jug and three vases, (6). £30-40
101.    A five-piece Picquot Ware tea service, including a kettle, on tray. £30-40
102.    Two pairs of bowling woods and one smaller bowling wood, (5). £15-25
103.    A pair of Royal Doulton flambé elephants with trunks in salute, 10.5cm high, a Teddy Tail transfer-printed mug by Chas Folkard, 7cm high and a Royal Worcester figurine 'Grandmother's Dress' 3081, 16.5cm high, (4). £30-50
104.    A Royal Worcester blush ivory tapering cylindrical jug, printed and painted with flowers in relief, with gilt foliage and reeded loop handle, 21cm high, printed factory mark, date code for 1908, shape number 1047, (small chip to spout). £20-30
105.    A Chilmark fine pewter sculpture of an eagle preparing to land, 'Majesty', by Anne Transue McGrory, on circular wooden base, no.1253/3500, dated 1988, 25.5cm high. £30-40
106.    A Clarice Cliff vase of Art Deco form decorated in the 'Capri' pattern, shape no.515, 'Bizarre' and signature to base, 12.5cm high, 20cm wide, (a/f, chip to corner and base), with flower frog. £40-60
107.    Eighteen pieces of Royal Crown Derby Imari-decorated tea ware, pattern no. 2451 and two Mintons egg cups with similar pattern, (20). £50-80
108.    A Beswick Guernsey cow, (first version), 11cm high and a Guernsey calf, 7cm high, (2). £40-60
109.    Four Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, 'Foxy Whiskered Gentleman', 'Mrs Rabbit', 'Tommy Brock' (first version, second variation), 'Mrs Flopsy Bunny', all BP2, 'Tailor of Gloucester' BP3 and two Royal Albert figures 'John Joiner' and 'Old Mr Brown', (7). £40-60
110.    A collection of five Goebel figures, 'Shepherd's Boy', 13.5cm, 'Chick Girl', 9cm, 'Little Sweeper', 11.5cm, 'Strolling Along', 12.5cm and 'Be Patient', 11.5cm, (5). £30-50
111.    A Royal Worcester model of a thrush 3234, 11.5cm high, a Goebel robin and five other Goebel bird models, (7). £30-40
112.    A mid-19th century Richardson vitrified opaline glass cylindrical vase enamelled in black of a woman carrying a bundle of twigs on her head, with a young girl, 9.7cm high and another similar vase decorated with a kneeling biblical figure, 9.7cm high, one vase marked 'Richardson, Vitrified Enamel Colours' to base, (2). £30-40
113.    An Orchies-style vintage French majolica pitcher in the form of a pig carrying a ham on a sash around its body, 20.5cm high and a Staffordshire figure group of the sleeping judge and clerk, 23cm high, (2). £50-70
114.    A collection of eight Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, including 'Tabitha Twitchett & Miss Muppet', 'Mr Benjamin Bunny & Peter Rabbit', 'Mrs Tiggywinkle', etc, all BP3, (8). £30-40
115.    A collection of fourteen Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures, including 'Timmy Willie Sleeping', 'Johnny Town Mouse with a bag', 'And This Pig Had None', 'Jeremy Fisher', etc, (14). £40-60
116.    Two 275ml bottles of Courage 'Drake 400 Ale', two 275ml bottles of 'Silver Jubilee Ale', a 275ml bottle of 'Anniversary Ale' and an Ind Coope 330ml bottle of strong lager to celebrate the marriage of The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, (6). £10-20
117.    A collection of sixteen Spillers plastic Homepride 'Freds', including a salt and pepper, weights, etc, together with a small quantity of Peter Pan Playthings kitchen utensils, etc. £20-40
118.    A Franklin Mint 'The Battle of Waterloo Chess Set', with pewter pieces, in fitted box with descriptive cards for each piece and a Danbury Mint 'The Armada Chess Set', in fitted box with paperwork and certificate of authenticity, (2). £60-80
119.    After L R Squirrell, 'A Little Boathouse, Dedham', an engraving, signed and titled with pencil in mount, 16.5 x 21.5cm and another, 'The Ancient House, Ipswich', 23 x 17cm, signed and titled in mount, (2). £60-80
120.    An Oriental parquetry jewellery box, converts to pedestal table fitted with doors and drawers, 28cm high, 35cm wide, (closed), an oak inkstand fitted with two glass inkwells, (a/f) and other wooden and miscellaneous items. £40-50
121.    20th century, 'British Aircraft in Flight', sepia, indistinctly-signed, 23.5 x 31cm, another of a British twin-engine aircraft in camouflage, 30 x 43cm and one other watercolour by the same artist, (3). £30-50
122.    L Bill, 'Street scene, Antibes', unframed watercolour, signed, 52.5 x 36.5cm and a companion, 'Fishermen tending their nets, 37.5 x 55cm, a pair, together with an unsigned oil painting titled 'Paysage, Okehampton' verso, 64.5 x 80cm, (3). £20-30
123.    A Regency rosewood and brass-bound writing slope, the lid with initialled brass plaque, campaign-style handles and fitted interior, the brass lock by Tompson and stamped GR beneath a crown, 29.7cm wide, 24.2cm deep, 12cm high, another brass inlaid writing box and an inlaid mahogany box, (all a/f), (3). £60-80
124.    Three volumes of 'History of The Great Western Railway' by E T Macdermot & C R Clinker, two volumes of 'A Pictorial Record of Great Western Engines' by J H Russell, in slip case, a small quantity of railway engine badges, RAC and AA badges and miscellaneous items. £20-30
125.    A pair of Chinese bottle vases decorated with flowers, 17.5cm high, two similar Japanese Imari vases, 18.5 and 15cm, two Imari decorated plates, a similar bowl and two cloisonné pin trays, (9). £40-60
126.    A burr and ebonised wood jewellery box/hat pin cushion fitted with a single drawer, with leaded base, 10cm square, 13.5cm high, four other wooden boxes and a small pot and cover, (6). £30-50
127.    A 20th century Chinese porcelain tray decorated with figures under a tree and script, 23.7 x 16.5cm. £30-40
128.    A Carltonware egg cup, 6cm high, with a salt and pepper in the form of two bird's eggs. £10-20
129.    A Mettlach etched and printed portrait decorated stoneware stein, impressed No. 1997 and Hopfen U Malz Gott Erhalt's 1866-1891, featuring a portrait of George EhretRead, about his old New York brewery, the lid with the Zoigl star, 23cm high. £20-30
130.    A Susie Cooper tea set for two decorated with red spots, a Poole Pottery cruet set and other ceramics. £20-30
131.    WITHDRAWN £20-40
132.    A small metal triptych with a religious theme in coloured enamels, 10cm high, 11.5cm wide (open), 6cm wide (closed), 'The City' Whistle and miscellaneous items. £30-40
133.    A small .925 sterling silver pill box with shell-decorated hinged lid, 3.5cm wide, a silver page marker with embossed decorated handle, 9.5cm long, Birmingham 1896 and other items. £30-40
134.    A cased set of drawing instruments, a small set of scales and weights and a travelling chess set, (3). £20-30
135.    A pair of silver spill vases with loaded bases, 13cm high, Birmingham 1924, a modern silver circular pin tray with Churchill crown in base, London 1966 and two silver-handled items, (4). £20-30
136.    A plain rectangular silver photograph frame, Birmingham 1918, 16 x 11cm and another of shaped rectangular form, Birmingham 1917, 18 x 11cm, (a/f), (2). £40-60
137.    A collection of five carved wooden smoking pipes, the bowls carved as a cow, a horse, a human skull, a Red Indian and one other animal, (5). £20-40
138.    A wooden inkwell in the form of a wide-brimmed hat with feather, 15.5cm wide, 7.5cm high and other items. £30-40
139.    An unsigned oval miniature watercolour of a woman wearing a blue dress, 8 x 6cm and another of a gentleman, (2). £20-30
140.    A collection of mainly British coinage. £30-40
141.    Two modern silver-plated photograph frames with embossed scenes, 13 x 10cm and 11 x 8cm and one other modern oval photograph frame, (3). £20-40
142.    Seven various open-face pocket watches by Ingersoll, Sekonda, Derrick and Shu Hang. £15-25
143.    A Revlon "Love Pat" Rachel square gilt metal compact with paste-set clasp, 82 x 67mm, two Coty compacts, a Coty lipstick and three others by Estee, Revlon and Yardley, (7). £20-30
144.    A ladies Jaquet-Droz wrist watch and other wrist watches. £10-20
145.    A silver-cased keyless pocket watch, the movement marked 'Selex', the white enamelled face a/f, marked 'B Bullen, Royal Arcade, Norwich'. £10-20
146.    A painted spelter figure group of an Arab seated and holding a pipe, (pipe lacking), with a camel, 9.5cm high. £20-30
147.    A rosewood-handled corkscrew with cutaway spiral helix and handle brush, one other corkscrew, various wooden boxes, etc. £20-30
148.    A Republic of China 1912 Li Yuanhong one-dollar (27.1g), a Mexico 1968 silver 25-pesos (Olympics), a Queen Victoria 1888 double-florin, a silver and enamel Unity CHB League badge, other coins, etc. £20-40
149.    A small collection of British coins, including pre-1947 silver, 2 x Gill £5 notes, 5 x £5 crowns, etc. £30-40
150.    A silver napkin ring, Birmingham 1938, a Georgian silver teaspoon, two others and a cased set of six silver-handled tea knives. £20-30
151.    A collection of five Swarovski crystal models of marine creatures: a seahorse, a butterfly fish (no coral), a baby carp, a telescope fish and a crab, (all boxed), (5). £30-50
152.    A collection of five Swarovski crystal models: a groundhog (tail lacking), a crocodile, a hippopotamus, a rhinoceros and a mother kangaroo with joey in pouch, (all boxed), (5).
153.    A collection of five Swarovski crystal models: a snail on leaf, a frog, another frog (smaller), a butterfly, another butterfly (smaller), (all boxed), (5).
154.    A collection of six Swarovski crystal models: a mouse, a seal, another seal (smaller), a hedgehog (x2) and another hedgehog (smaller), (all boxed), (6).
155.    A collection of six Swarovski crystal models: an elephant, another elephant (smaller), a pony, a cat (sitting), another cat (sitting, smaller) and a tomcat, (all boxed), (6). £30-50
156.    A collection of four Swarovski crystal models: a lion cub, a poodle, a dog (sitting) and a puppy, (all boxed), (4). £30-50
157.    A collection of seven Swarovski crystal models of birds: a night owl with green eyes, an owlet, an owl with yellow eyes, three penguin chicks, a penguin (a/f), another penguin chick and a small parrot, (all boxed), (7). £30-50
158.    A collection of seven Swarovski crystal models of birds: a small swimming duck, a small standing duck (beak opened), another small standing duck, a dove, a chicken (x2), three chicks, (all boxed), (7). £30-50
159.    A collection of six Swarovski crystal models of birds: swan (x2) and goose (x4), (all boxed), (6). £30-50
160.    Two Swarovski crystal models: Kris bear with skis and Kris bear holding a Champagne bottle and glass, (both boxed), (2). £50-70
161.    Three Swarovski crystal models: Kris bear on skates, Kris bear with honey pot and Kris bear reclining, (all boxed), (3). £50-70
162.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size M½, 6g. £150-170
163.    A lady's Rotary wrist watch with 9ct gold case and bracelet, 13.2g. £120-140
164.    A 9ct gold signet ring, size V½, 5.5g. £50-60
165.    Two 9ct gold rings and one other, unmarked, (a/f), (3). £40-60
166.    A hallmarked silver brooch depicting Queen Elizabeth II, a small quantity of silver jewellery, a quantity of costume jewellery and wrist watches and a jewellery box. £30-50
167.    A 9ct gold ring set marquise-cut smoky quartz, size M, 3.4g. £30-40
168.    A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 0.2cts, in 18ct yellow gold and platinum mount, (a/f, shank badly misshapen), 2.3g and two 9ct gold eternity rings set white stones, 5g, (3). £60-90
169.    Tudor, a lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, (not working) on plated bracelet, the 9ct gold case marked 'Made for Rolex', no.320515. £60-80
170.    A quantity of silver and white metal jewellery and a silver cruet set, (a/f). £40-60
171.    A Chinese jade and filigree bracelet segment mounted as a ring and a quantity of costume jewellery. £40-60
172.    A gold-plated 'Elgin' hunter-cased keyless pocket watch, (a/f), a Credit Suisse "Ingot" wrist watch and a quantity of costume jewellery.
173.    A lady's Bentima Star 9ct gold wrist watch with gold bracelet, (a/f), gross weight 9.9g, a lady's gold-cased wrist watch on plated bracelet and two chains, (4). £120-150
174.    Three gem-set 9ct gold pendants on chains, (one a/f) and two small gold rondels, gross weight 7.8g, (5). £80-120
175.    A silver Viking ship brooch by Carl Ove Frydensberg, Denmark, a WWI Defence Medal to 50599 Pte B Adkins, Som. L. I.), a silver cigarette case and other items. £50-80
176.    A St George motif cut from a sovereign and mounted as a brooch, 2.8g. £30-50
177.    A 1906 half-sovereign in 9ct gold brooch mount, gross weight 6.2g. £120-140
178.    Two 9ct gold signet rings, (one a/f), 8g. £80-100
179.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks and a small 9ct gold wishbone ring, 4g, (2). £40-60
180.    A silver hinged bangle, (a/f), various watches, two compacts and a quantity of costume jewellery. £30-50
181.    Two Swatch POP watches on elasticated straps and five other Swatch watches, (7). £30-40
182.    A Kensington Art Ware silver-mounted ceramic brooch, a micro-mosaic fringe necklace and other 20th century micro-mosaic jewellery. £60-80
183.    A quantity of silver and white metal filigree jewellery, including several butterfly brooches and a quantity of Siam jewellery. £50-80
184.    A quantity of hardstone bead jewellery, an amber-type bracelet and other items. £30-40
185.    An Andres Daub silver brooch, other silver and white metal jewellery and other jewellery and compacts. £30-50
186.    A set of six embossed white metal napkin rings, a bone manicure tool, a French silver mount and other items. £20-40
187.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size M, 2.6g. £60-70
188.    A pair of engine-turned 9ct gold cufflinks of parallelogram form, 3.9g and a 9ct gold tie tack. £60-80
189.    A pair of engine-turned 9ct gold octagonal cufflinks, 6.2g. £60-80
190.    A lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, (a/f), on 9ct gold expanding bracelet and a quantity of costume jewellery. £50-80
191.    An Edward VII gold half-sovereign, 1908. £100-120
192.    An Edwardian silver sovereign case, Birmingham 1903. £20-30
193.    Five 9ct gold rings, 18g. £100-150
194.    An 18ct gold wedding band and an 18ct gold ring set white stones, 4.3g total, (2). £50-80
195.    A sterling silver British Empire Exhibition 1924 badge, a small Victorian pendant, a Trifari brooch and a small quantity of costume jewellery. £30-40
196.    A pair of silver spill vases with loaded bases, Birmingham 1914, 13.5cm high, (2). £20-30
197.    Four silver seal-top coffee spoons by Mappin & Webb. £10-15
198.    Two boxed wrist watch sets, a Swarovski brooch, boxed and other costume jewellery. £30-50
199.    A gent's "Ingersoll Diamond" limited edition quartz wrist watch marked '100M Water Resistant', boxed. £30-40
200.    A Giorgio Armani "Whatever It Takes" gent's wrist watch, a gent's Zeontech wrist watch and a gent's G-Shock wrist watch, all boxed, (3). £30-50
201.    Three gent's wrist watches: Guess Bath, Solar Time and Christian Lars, (all boxed with papers), (3). £30-40
202.    Ingersoll, five various steel-cased top-wind pocket watches. £30-50
203.    Seven various top-wind pocket watches by Ingersoll, Smiths and other makers. £30-50
204.    A Smiths 1/5th secs stop-watch and six others, (a/f), (7). £30-40
205.    A quantity of pocket watches, (all a/f), (15). £30-50
206.    An amber necklace and a quantity of costume jewellery in a wooden puzzle-box, jewellery boxes, etc. £30-50
207.    A heavy wheat-link silver neck chain with matching bracelet, 100g, an 1822 crown and a small quantity of silver-mounted and other jewellery. £30-40
208.    An Edward VII gold sovereign, 1905. £220-240
209.    A George V gold half-sovereign, 1911. £110-120
210.    A Queen Victoria gold half-sovereign, 1852. £110-120
211.    An Imperial Service medal to Arthur John Warner, a small collection of coins, two Young Leaguers Union Calendars for 1926 and 1930, a carved wood box and miscellaneous items. £30-40
212.    A WMF metal chamber stick, 7cm high, 13.5cm long, a copper Arts & Crafts-style candle holder on square base, 20cm high, (a/f), two Eastern metal bowls and a pin tray with inset coin, (5). £30-50
213.    A collection of Masonic regalia, including Mark craft. £20-30
214.    An enamel and metal breast badge for the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, in Toye, Kenning and Spencer box. £20-30
215.    A diamond ring set a brilliant-cut diamond between two diamond points, in 18ct gold mount, size M½, 3.7g. £60-100
216.    Two 9ct gold brooches, a 9ct gold stud and other gold jewellery, 8g. £80-100