Sale of Antiques & Interiors
on Tuesday 12th February at 10.30am

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1.      A 2003 Peugeot 206 Entice.
2.      A Seat Ibiza.
3.      A late-19th century mahogany writing table, the rectangular top above a central frieze drawer flanked by four others, on turned legs, 125.5 x 63cm, 79cm high and a small bow-fronted stained wood table, (2). £30-40
4.      A 19th century mahogany bureau, the rectangular top and fall front above four drawers, on bracket feet, 102cm wide, 109cm high. £30-40
5.      A 19th century mahogany straight-front chest of two short and three long cock-beaded drawers within pilasters, 109.5cm wide, 117.5cm high and a mahogany bow-fronted chest of drawers, (2), (a/f). £40-60
6.      A collection of twenty 19th century mahogany dining chairs, including armchairs, of various designs, (in need of restoration). £30-40
7.      A William IV rosewood work box, having a single drawer and a sliding compartment, on turned column and concave platform, 60.5cm wide, 78cm high. £60-80
8.      A pair of mahogany torchères, each with twist and carved column, on cabriole tripod support, 118cm high and one other, (3). £60-80
9.      A pair of Edwardian stained wood foot stools, an octagonal shape foot stool, a salon chair (in need of restoration) and other items. £30-40
10.     A Georgian mahogany corner wash stand, 56cm wide, a mahogany square-top pot cupboard and other items, (worm-damaged). £30-40
11.     A painted plaster female figure carrying an urn and torch, (electrified), 107cm high. £30-50
12.     A 17th/18th century stained wood six-plank coffer and another, (incomplete), also an oak chair, (3). £30-40
13.     A 19th century mahogany pull-out dining table, the top with three spare leaves, on octagonal and turned legs, 242cm long including leaves, 126cm wide, (worm damage). £60-80
14.     Six oak plan chest drawers in two sections, 115cm wide. £60-80
15.     An Edwardian walnut octagonal-top occasional table, on turned legs supported by an undertier, 76cm wide, a mahogany circular two-tier occasional table, 63cm diameter and a modern nest of three tables, (3). £15-25
16.     A set of eight Victorian-style balloon-back mahogany dining chairs with serpentine seats, on fluted turned front legs.

17.     A coopered oak brass-bound barrel with transfer-printed royal cipher, 61cm high and a metal-bound car trunk, (one catch damaged), 77cm wide, (2). £30-40
18.     A pine dresser, the shelved top above two drawers and two cupboard doors, 130cm wide, 195cm high. £100-150
19.     A set of four cast concrete figures representing the four seasons, 79cm high, (4). £60-80
20.     A cast concrete female figure on plinth, 125cm high, a pair of white-painted concrete urns and a concrete bird bath, (4). £60-80
21.     A pair of contemporary powder-coated basket chairs, on tubular chrome frames, each with seat pad, (2). £20-30
22.     After R Herdman-Smith, 'Lincoln Cathedral', aquatint, two others and other pictures. £20-30
23.     A mahogany banjo barometer by P Cattaneo & Co, London, with silvered dials, dry/damp, thermometer and spirit level, 97cm high, mercury tube intact, and another, (2). £50-70
24.     A collection of framed Beryl Cook plates and other prints. £20-40
25.     An inlaid mahogany mantel clock of arch form, with French drum gong-striking movement, 33cm high and a dwarf long case clock case with mantel clock movement, 100cm high, (2). £40-60
26.     A collection of various framed book plates of British views, and others. £20-30
27.     A late-19th century black slate striking mantel clock surmounted on the sides by a pair of spelter Marly Horses above a raised hunting scene within the border, 37cm high, (1 Marly Horse a/f). £20-30
28.     Baroon, 'A rustic wood door and staff leaning against the wall', indistinctly-signed acrylic, dated '82, 24 x 18.5cm. £20-30
29.     Canadian School, 'A Depiction of Act 1, Scene 3, The ballroom from the opera Cendrillon', unsigned acrylic and pencil on paper, 43 x 56cm. £50-80
30.     •Victor Ambrus (b. 1935), 'Elizabeth, Study of a young woman, seated', signed pencil and crayon, dated 1996, 74 x 45cm, The Mall Gallery label verso. £40-60
31.     17th century Italian School, 'Mother and child with three attendant figures', unsigned wash sketch, 16 x 22cm. £40-60
32.     Sabatelli, 'Wounded figures on a battlefield', ink drawing, bears signature, 17 x 21cm and another similar subject, 17 x 22cm, (2). £60-80
33.     Henry John Stock (1853-1930), 'Study of a young woman wearing a locket', a watercolour, signed with initials, dated 1903, oval, 20.5 x 25.5cm and another by the same hand, (2). £20-30
34.     After Peter Kitchell, 'Human Limits', a triptych of abstract prints, each 97 x 62cm, together with a framed exhibition poster at John Christian Gallery, 90 Prince Street NYC 10012, for 1981, (4). £40-60
35.     Unsigned, 'Water Reeds', pastel, 38.5 x 29cm, an unsigned oil on board, 'Landscape', 20.5 x 26cm, an unsigned watercolour, 'Moorland Scene', 18 x 24cm and a framed print after H S Power, 'Thatched Cottage', (4). £30-40
36.     WW, 'Bridge over woodland stream', watercolour, initialled, 23.5 x 17cm, together with an unsigned watercolour titled 'Hamerton, 1865, Staines', 20.5 x 23cm, (2). £20-30
37.     A Victorian pine chest of two short and three long drawers, 106cm wide, 113cm high. £60-80
38.     A similar pine chest of five drawers, 103cm wide, 97cm high. £60-80
39.     A reproduction oak dresser, the plate rack above an arrangement of drawers and cupboard doors, 142.5cm wide, 187cm high. £60-80
40.     A modern oak refectory-style dining table, 183.5 x 74.5cm and six spindle-back dining chairs. £50-100
41.     A pine cupboard with panelled cupboard door and drawers, 88.5cm wide, 134cm high. £30-50
42.     Various pine chairs and others, stools, etc. £30-40
43.     A square oak occasional table, 50cm, an oak coffee table and an oak television stand, (3). £50-70
44.     Two cast concrete garden ornaments and other items. £20-30
45.     A pair of small cast iron campana-shaped urns, 27cm diameter, 19cm high, (2). £30-50
46.     A Victorian mahogany circular occasional table, on baluster-shaped stem and tripod base, 54cm diameter. £50-80
47.     A pine cupboard fitted with a glazed door, 52.5cm wide, 108cm high, a smaller painted pine cupboard, 58cm wide, 78.5cm high, a small pine circular occasional table and a bedside table, (4). £50-70
48.     An oak gate-leg drop-leaf table fitted with an end drawer, 91.5 x 85cm open, an oak child's solid-seat armchair and a set of small open bookshelves, (3). £30-40
49.     A red painted wine rack in the form of a telephone box, fitted with a glazed door and four bottle spaces on each of five shelves, 45cm wide, 95cm high, 34.5cm deep. £40-60
50.     Two large Ming-style porcelain fish-decorated stem bowls, a shaped-rim dragon dish and a similar phoenix and dragon bowl, (4). £80-120
51.     A large Ming-style blue and white octagonal dragon dish and a similar circular charger with lotus flower decoration, (2). £40-60
52.     Two similarly-decorated yellow and blue dragon dishes, in Ming style, 36cm diameter, (2). £40-60
53.     A Ming-style blue and white garlic-necked dragon vase, a bottle with Arabic inscriptions, a pierced lantern vase on stand and a powder blue vase and cover with enamelled animal decoration, (4). £60-80
54.     A large 18th century Imari-style charger and a Ming-style fish jar and cover, (2). £50-70
55.     A large Ming-style monks hat ewer and cover, a powder blue baluster vase with Chien Lung seal mark and three small Ming-style bowls, (5). £30-50
56.     A Tang-style earthenware coloured jar with figural panels and dragon handles and a Tang-style horse with dark brown glaze, (2). £50-70
57.     A large Chinese famille-rose-style brush pot, a green-glazed flask with gilt metal overlay and a group of four other pieces, (6). £30-50
58.     A large famille-rose-style jar, cover and stand, decorated with children in a garden, seal mark in blue. £40-60
59.     A Ming-style twin-necked fish vase, a blue and white dragon moon flask and five other pieces, (7). £40-60
60.     A group of six small reproduction brass and enamelled carriage and mantel clocks, (6). £30-50
61.     A hardstone carving of a couple in an erotic embrace, a carving of a dragon and a similar model of a goat, (3). £30-50
62.     Twelve metal-mounted Oriental snuff bottles in various materials, (12). £30-50
63.     Five Oriental glass snuff bottles in imitation of jade and other hardstones, one with gilt erotic subjects, (5). £40-60
64.     A fine quality Chinese snuff bottle with cockerel decoration and another painted with carp, (2). £60-80
65.     A Neolithic enamelled egg and cocoon jar and a similar smaller tripod vessel, (2). £50-70
66.     Three Tang-style earthenware sancai horses, two with riders, in a turquoise glaze. £50-70
67.     Three Tang-style earthenware horses, one with gilded decoration, (3). £50-70
68.     Two Tang-style earthenware horses in sancai glazes, (2). £40-60
69.     Two Tang-style earthenware horses in sancai colours, blue-glazed, (2). £40-60
70.     Two Tang-style earthenware horses, one unglazed with enamel decoration, (2). £40-60
71.     Four small Tang-style earthenware horses with sancai glazes, (4). £30-50
72.     A carved boxwood dragon-form brush washer and a carved wood figure of an immortal, (2). £20-30
73.     A large carved stone tortoise figure, three horses and an elephant, (5). £30-50
74.     Four metal models of horses, a carved stone concentric ball and a Shang-style male figure, (6). £30-50
75.     Two carved wood inro with elephant and crane decoration, an imitation ivory landscape snuff bottle and a faux horn snuff bottle with erotic decoration, (4). £30-50
76.     Ten snuff bottles in imitation of turquoise and cinnabar, with figural and animal decoration, (10). £30-50
77.     Four Chinese snuff bottles, all boxed, two with internal decoration, one faux horn and one faux amber, a box of snuff bottle spoons, a wooden cockerel and a box of twelve animal netsuke. £40-60
78.     Six Goebel German china models of children and birds, (6). £20-30
79.     Six Oriental metal-mounted porcelain vessels: two shoes, two teapots and two covered jars, (6). £20-30
80.     Four faux amber animal carvings, (4). £10-20
81.     Eight porcelain and glass decorated snuff bottles, (8). £30-50
82.     Six small blue and white porcelain Chinese snuff bottles and stoppers, (6). £20-30
83.     Two cameo-style Peking glass bowls, with vine, geese and fish decoration, (2). £20-30
84.     A hardstone-handled large brush and a similar brush with faux-lacquer monkey decoration, (2). £10-15
85.     A Chinese gilt metal filigree emperor's hat with applied dragons and with hardstone decoration. £40-60
86.     A gilt-metal-mounted miniature painting of a Georgian lady holding a basket of flowers. £20-30
87.     Four pairs of 19th century Staffordshire Spaniels, tallest 24.5cm and a collection of twelve various single Staffordshire Spaniels, (damages), (20). £50-70
88.     A collection of seven iridescent glass floral trumpet-shaped epergne flutes with matching bowl, 14.5cm diameter, six other glass flutes, etc. £40-60
89.     Thirty-three pieces of Royal Albert 'Lavender Rose' teaware, twenty-three pieces of Booths 'Indian Tree' dinnerware and other ceramics. £30-40
90.     A large wicker basket, 85 x 44cm, 47cm high, a folding table and other items. £20-30
91.     A pair of late-19th century cream opaque glass vases decorated with flowers, 29cm high, three Murano glass fish, two clown ornaments and other coloured glassware. £20-40
92.     A set of four cut-glass decanters, (two with original stoppers), 27cm high and other glassware. £30-40
93.     A set of eight glass drawer handles, three glass circular paperweights, decanter stoppers and other items. £20-30
94.     Two Lomonosov porcelain magpie figures, 25cm high, five other Lomonosov animal figures, a Beswick Jersey Bull 'CH Dunsley Coy Boy', 11.5cm, a pig model 832 and other animal figures. £40-60
95.     A large treacle-glazed flask modelled as the head of a man wearing a night cap, its end forming the spout, a loop handle applied to the back, (a/f), 29cm high. £30-50
96.     A collection of nine 19th century and later ceramic Toby jugs and two others, (damages and restoration), (11). £80-120
97.     A collection of twenty-eight 19th century Staffordshire figures, pastille burners, etc, (damages and restoration), (28). £60-80
98.     A Staffordshire pottery jug decorated with flowers and name in gilt 'Thomas Ford 1878' within cartouche, 24.5cm high, a Mafra Caldas, Portugal, brown-glazed pottery bull on rectangular stand, 35cm high, (a/f, tail lacking, horns broken, chips to base) and other ceramics. £30-50
99.     A large collection of mainly late-19th century Continental figures, fairings, animals, etc, (damages). £50-80
100.    An Ostrich egg with metal leaf finial, on metal mount and circular base, a 19th century metal door stop in the form of a wheat sheaf, 19cm high, another in the shape of a bell, a later Punch & Judy doorstop, 32cm high, other metalware, etc. £40-60
101.    A late-19th century butcher's shop stoneware bobbin-shaped ham stand, printed to base 'Parnall and Sons Ltd, Avery House, Clerkenwell Green ECL Works Fishpond's Bristol', 19.5cm high, 19cm diameter and a later shop display in the form of a standing pig, 60cm high, (2). £30-50
102.    A pair of Longpark Torquay pottery candlesticks decorated with chickens, 15cm high, other pieces of Torquay pottery and a large quantity of commemorative mugs and beakers. £30-40
103.    A pair of late-19th century pink opaque glass lustre-drop vases decorated with flowers, 25cm high and spare crystal glass drops. £20-40
104.    A Margaret Coning ceramic cartoon 'Freshly-cut flowers', green-glazed, 28cm wide, 21cm high. £20-30
105.    A brass novelty smoker's companion in the form of a pickelhaube, a mortar and a monkey in uniform, 12cm high, 10cm wide, a metal submarine paperweight, 27cm long, a collection of horse brasses and other metalware. £50-80
106.    A Studio art glass comport, 28cm high, modern glass paperweights, various tea wares, other ceramics and glassware. £20-40
107.    A part-set of James Dixon & Son plated cutlery, in oak fitted case. £20-30
108.    A Taskmaster 8" bench grinder, a Black & Decker KG75 angle grinder, a Parkside model making and engraving set and other hand tools. £30-50
109.    A Hermle wooden chiming mantel clock, 31cm high, various modern ceramic figure ornaments, two Murano glass clowns and miscellaneous items. £30-40
110.    Two pairs of 19th century Staffordshire liver and white Spaniels, 31cm high, a smaller pair, 16cm high and three other Spaniels, (damages), (9). £30-50
111.    A brass trivet with pierced square top, 21.5cm high, two other trivets and a candlestick, (4). £20-30
112.    An Allander plated eight-setting canteen of cutlery, in fitted box and other metal and wooden items. £20-40
113.    Three Coalport figures: 'Midsummer Dream', 'Thoughtful', 'Nina' (a/f), two Royal Worcester figures, 'Friendship', 'Congratulations', a Royal Doulton figure 'God Bless You' and two Royal Doulton 'Chatsworth' floral plates, (8). £30-40
114.    Four Royal Worcester figures: 'Mothering Sunday', 'The Christening', 'The Wedding Day', 'A Present for Santa', from the Cherished Moments Collection and one other, 'Celestia', all with certificates. £30-40
115.    Wedgwood, a set of seven limited edition figurines, Henry VIII (with wooden plinth) and his six wives, with certificates in factory folder. £150-200
116.    A cranberry glass jug with gilt floral decoration (faded) and clear glass handle, 21.5cm high, a pink and opaque glass comport on metal stand, other cranberry glass, (some a/f) and a mirrored vase-shaped photograph frame, 38cm high, 27.5cm wide. £30-50
117.    A Beswick model 'Dartmoor Pony', 16cm high, another 'West Highland Terriers - seated' and other animal figures, including Melba Ware, Charisma, etc. £30-50
118.    A pair of Art Deco chromium and glass wall lights, each decorated with a nude female artistic figure, 28cm wide, 25cm high, a glass four-branch hanging light fitting, 54cm high and other glass light shades and fittings. £50-80
119.    A collection of various boxes, including three porcupine quill boxes, writing slope, sewing boxes, etc, approximately twenty, (mainly a/f). £40-60
120.    A collection of ten various glass domes, tallest 28cm high, base 14cm diameter, (10). £30-50
121.    A quantity of various clock movements and spares. £40-60
122.    A brass hand bell with turned wood handle, 26cm high, a copper kettle, brass candlesticks, other brass, copper and metalware. £40-60
123.    A brass and lacquered monocular microscope, four pairs of binoculars, a set of postage scales and miscellaneous items. £30-50
124.    Four Coalport figurines: 'Diana, Princess of Wales', 'Sarah', 'Helena Riding in Hyde Park' and 'Chantilly Lace - Charm', two Royal Worcester figurines: 'Royal Enclosure - High Society' and 'The Fairest Rose', two Royal Doulton figurines: 'Reflections - Pensive' and 'Shall I Compare Thee', modern Coalport vases, animals and other ceramics. £40-50
125.    An Enfield oak-cased chiming mantel clock, three oak case striking mantel clocks, a reproduction barometer by Comitti, 97cm and a modern wall clock, the movement marked FHS, (a/f), (6). £40-60
126.    A 17th/18th century Bellarmine jug with incised mask and oval medallion, handle lacking, 24cm high, another broken at the neck, 20cm and other pottery items, mainly-damaged. £50-80
127.    A collection of archaeological dig pottery finds, some with 'Newbury Collection' stickers. £100-200
128.    A brass-bound mahogany cutlery canteen converted as a collector's chest, labelled Jas Ramsey, Goldsmith, Dundee, 47cm wide, 26cm high. £30-50
129.    A late-19th century small ebonised display cabinet, 40cm wide, 54cm high, a mahogany rectangular glazed display case on base, 38cm x 31cm, 24cm high and another small glazed display case, 44 x 22cm, 23cm high, (3). £50-80
130.    A late-19th century walnut-cased Vienna wall clock with striking movement, 100cm high, (door glass lacking). £20-40
131.    Two 19th century Chinese Imari baluster shape jars, 13cm high, (covers lacking), a 20th century Oriental enamel lidded box decorated with fish, three snuff bottles and other items. £50-80
132.    A set of eight Royal Doulton Millennium 20th Century Advertising Classics limited edition figures, including 'Sir Kreemy Knut' 757/2000, 'Father William' 803/2000, 'Golly' 773/2000, 'Player's Hero' 723/2000, 'John Ginger' 800/2000, 'Fox's Polar Bear' 923/2000, 'The Milky Bar Kid' 951/2000, 'Guinness Toucan' 736/2000, together with oval ceramic plaque, (9). £120-180
133.    A pair of Clarice Cliff 'Celtic Harvest' jugs, moulded and printed mark to base, 22cm high, a similar bowl, 12cm high, 26cm diameter and a majolica jug decorated with corn cobs, 16cm high, (3). £50-80
134.    A part-suite of cut-glass drinking glasses. £40-60
135.    Eighteen pieces of various crested china, including Arcadian Jester (Maidstone) and Goss 1887 Jubilee beaker, (a/f), etc. £10-15
136.    Three ceramic crinoline lady pin cushions and eight Continental ceramic female figure ornaments, (11). £20-40
137.    A blue glass rolling pin decorated with sailing ships and motto "Remember Me" in gilt, 39cm, a large opaque glass rolling pin, 77cm long and three others, (a/f), (5). £40-60
138.    Four Beswick Beatrix Potter figures: 'Goody Tiptoes', 'Timmy Tiptoes', 'Mrs Rabbit', (small chips to end of umbrella), 'Peter Rabbit', all BP2, two Lladro figures of young girls holding a sheep and a hen, a Lladro goose and a Goebel group of two rabbits, (8). £40-60
139.    A collection of twelve Moorcroft rectangular blue-glazed lids, each 12.5 x 9cm, eight decorated with magnolias and four with hibiscus flowers, (12). £60-80
140.    A Moorcroft mid-20th century baluster-shaped vase with wisteria decoration, impressed factory mark and green signature to base, 17.5cm high. £150-200
141.    A Moorcroft green-glazed small bowl with tiger lily decoration, on green ground, impressed factory mark to base, 11.5cm diameter, 4cm high. £40-60
142.    A Continental carved wood figure group of a woman and child seated on a horse, with indistinctly-carved signature and Tivoli, 54cm high and other items. £60-80
143.    A cast bronze figure of a dolphin, 25cm high, various gilt metal furniture adornments and miscellaneous metalware. £30-50
144.    A collection of horological items. £30-50
145.    An oak-cased wall clock with single fusee movement, (bezel lacking), two marble mantel clocks and others. £30-40
146.    A large collection of field walking finds, including pottery, bottles, metalware and a collection of damaged clay pipes. £30-40
147.    A 19th century spelter oil lamp base in the form of a putto, with small cut-glass reservoir, 40cm high and a collection of oil lamps and parts. £50-80
148.    A collection of eleven Staffordshire flat-back figures, including 'Empress of France', 'Harvest', 'Tom King', 'Dick Turpin', (mainly-damaged), (11). £30-40
149.    Two Victorian rosewood dressing cases, incomplete and in need of restoration, (2). £30-50
150.    An Edwardian oak stationery box, the sloping doors revealing a fitted interior, 31cm wide, a Georgian mahogany knife box and other boxes, all in need of restoration. £40-60
151.    After Guillaume Coustou, a pair of Coustou-style bronze Marly horses, (one damaged), 60cm high, 22cm wide. £200-300
152.    A Belleek porcelain reticulated bowl and cover, with floral finial and standing on four scroll feet, 14cm high, 11cm diameter, black factory mark and a Belleek basket-weave bowl with impressed factory mark, 7cm high, 13cm diameter, (2). £60-80
153.    A collection of twelve Royal Worcester limited edition figurines 'The Fashionable Victorians', with certificates in factory folder. £50-70
154.    A Royal Worcester blush ivory tapering cylindrical jug, printed and painted with flowers in relief, with gilt foliage and reeded loop handle, 21cm high, printed factory mark, date code for 1908, shape number 1047, (small chip to spout). £30-50
155.    A Susie Cooper harlequin set of six each coffee cups and saucers, (boxed), a Staffordshire blue and white willow pattern meat plate, 44.5cm, a Booths 1914-1919 Peace Celebration beaker, (a/f) and a Minton small cup and saucer. £20-40
156.    A 19th century treacle-glazed money box in the form of a rustic figure, 12cm high, two other pottery money boxes and a painted plaster bust of a wigged figure wearing a stock and collar, 20cm high, (4). £30-40
157.    A collection of vintage bone and ivory chess pieces, games counters and miscellaneous items. £30-50
158.    A collection of Oriental tea bowls and saucers, mugs and teapots, (damages to most pieces). £30-40
159.    Various corkscrews, metalware and miscellaneous items. £40-60
160.    A Victorian brass reception bell, 12cm diameter, 10cm high. £15-20
161.    Two reproduction Japanese swords, in scabbards and a stained wood clock, (3). £20-30
162.    A Late-Victorian opaque glass oil lamp with floral and butterfly decoration, 65cm high overall. £20-30
163.    A collection of various bottles of wine. £20-30
164.    A quantity of postage stamps in albums, loose and First Day Covers. £30-40
165.    A small collection of books. £5-10
166.    A quantity of costume jewellery, five small watercolours, two oil paintings and miscellaneous items. £20-40
167.    A pair of Satsuma vases decorated with figures, 36.5cm high, (one damaged), (2). £20-30
168.    A blue and white tea bowl and saucer decorated with a building in a landscape and other ceramics. £20-30
175.    A collection of approximately one hundred and fifteen pocket watch keys. £30-40
176.    A small quantity of British and foreign coinage, a silver-mounted ribbed glass ball-shaped match strike and ten Tonga tin foil stamps, framed. £20-30
177.    An Elizabeth II 1976 gold sovereign. £180-200
178.    A collection of British and foreign coins, includes a small quantity of pre-1947 silver. £20-40
179.    A collection of fifteen modern fountain pens and a book 'Fountain Pens' by Peter Twydle. £10-15
180.    A large quantity of pocket watch movements, metal cases, and other pocket watch parts. £60-80
181.    A collection of approximately sixty-five various vintage pocket watch keys. £60-80
182.    A collection of approximately eighty-five various vintage and modern pocket watch keys. £30-40
183.    A tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl rectangular card case, 9cm and two foliate-engraved mother-of-pearl visiting card cases, both in need of restoration, (3). £40-60
184.    A collection of wood snuff boxes, a horn and white-metal-mounted small quaich, various needle cases and miscellaneous items. £50-70
185.    A turned wood watch holder of arch form, 16cm high, (cracked and repaired). £20-30
186.    Seven white metal pocket watches, (a/f), including a silver pair-case watch case and various movements. £40-60
187.    A silver RAF sweetheart brooch and a large quantity of costume jewellery, etc, in a hat box. £30-50
188.    A gentleman's Breil wrist watch and a Bruno Söhnle wrist watch, (2). £20-40
189.    A gentleman's Ingersoll Gems Marine wrist watch and two Ingersoll Gems Pilot wrist watches, all boxed, as new, (3). £30-50
190.    A gentleman's Invicta Chronograph 100m, 330ft wrist watch, model number 5654, boxed with paperwork. £30-50
191.    A gentleman's Invicta Water Resist Tritnite wrist watch, model number 2875, boxed with paperwork and a Breil water-resistant wrist watch, boxed with papers, (2). £30-40
192.    Three gentleman's wrist watches, all boxed, as new: Fusion, Mastertime and Moscow Time, (3). £30-40
193.    A quantity of modern novelty pocket and other watches, approximately 15. £30-50
194.    Six novelty talking wrist watches and other watches, (all boxed), (a/f), (17). £30-50
195.    A quantity of modern ornamental pocket watches, (a/f), (15). £30-50
196.    A quantity of fashion and novelty wrist and fob watches, (a/f), (16). £30-50
197.    A quantity of modern ornamental pocket watches, (a/f), (18). £30-50
198.    A quantity of modern ornamental pocket watches, (a/f), (18). £30-50
199.    A quantity of modern ornamental pocket watches, (a/f), (18). £30-50
200.    A quantity of modern ornamental pocket watches, (a/f), (18). £30-50
201.    Various fashion and novelty watches. £30-40
202.    A gold-plated hunter-cased Waltham pocket watch with white enamel dial, Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, (working). £40-60
203.    A 9ct gold snake ring with red stone-set eyes, size R, 4.7g. £40-60
204.    A 9ct gold buckle ring, size Q, 3.2g and a 9ct gold wedding band, size O, 3.2g, (2). £60-70
205.    A yellow metal ring with incised Chinese dragon, 10.7g. £150-200
206.    A Seiko Diamatic wrist watch, a gent's Seiko automatic day/date wrist watch and other wrist watches. £30-50
207.    A ladies Jaquet-Droz wrist watch and other wrist watches. £30-40
208.    A ladies 9ct-gold-cased Vertex wrist watch on plated expanding bracelet. £30-40
209.    A ladies 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch by Buren, on plated expanding bracelet. £30-40
210.    An Edwardian jewellery box with a small collection of silver and other jewellery, various wrist watches and a quantity of jeweller's findings, paste stones, etc. £30-50
211.    A silver necklace, bracelet and earrings set marcasite and garnets, a silver fringe necklace and other silver jewellery. £40-60
212.    An 800-silver bracelet, a sterling silver and marcasite lizard brooch, various freshwater pearl and bead necklaces and other jewellery. £30-50
213.    A marcasite and mabé pearl bird brooch, a pair of Christian Dior clip-on paste earrings, boxed, a silver charm bracelet and other items in an inlaid wooden box. £30-50
214.    A quantity of costume jewellery in a modern jewellery box. £30-50
215.    A 9ct gold curb-link bracelet with four charms, 6.6g. £50-70
216.    A modern 9ct gold curb-link bracelet and another, (a/f), 6g, (2). £50-60
217.    An amethyst ring in 9ct gold mount, size L, 2g and a large 9ct gold ring set smokey quartz, size N, 8.1g, (2). £40-60
218.    A shell cameo brooch in 9ct gold mount, 5 x 3.7cm, 16.4g. £30-50
219.    A 9ct gold brooch set cultured pearl, 2.8g and a 9ct gold fancy-link bracelet, (a/f), 3.8g, (2). £50-60
220.    A 9ct gold bar brooch set peridot and another set operculum, total weight 11.3g, (2). £50-70
221.    A quantity of watches and costume jewellery. £20-30