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1.      A pair of brass curtain poles, each end fitted with finials, 202cm long (without finials), 210cm long complete, 5cm diameter and three wooden curtain poles with rings, (5). £30-40
2.      A 20th century camphor wood blanket chest with overall carved decoration, 101cm wide. £40-60
3.      A modern pine chest of two short and five long drawers, 71cm wide, 110cm high and a pair of similar three-drawer bedside chests, 45.5cm wide, 49cm high, (3). £40-60
4.      An oak display cabinet, 120cm wide, an oak bureau, a needlework table and an oak grandmother clock of square form, (no clock movement), 163cm high, (4). £30-40
5.      An antique oak coffer, the hinged lid above a panelled front and two base drawers, 135cm wide. £50-80
6.      An oak dressing chest of four long drawers, 84cm wide, a set of stained wood open bookshelves, 64cm wide, 122cm high, a carved wood spinning chair, a music stool and other items. £30-40
7.      A 19th century oak corner cupboard, having a single door with central inlaid shell motif, on associated stand, with bobbin-turned supports and an undertier, 79cm wide, 173cm high overall. £30-50
8.      A 19th century mahogany fold-over tea table on square tapered legs and spade feet, 96cm wide and three balloon-back dining chairs, (1 a/f), (4). £40-60
9.      An antique oak oval double-drop-leaf table on turned supports, 141 x 138cm open, (af). £30-50
10.     After Joseph Farquharson, 'Two rabbits on a woodland track', a coloured print, signed in the margin, 63 x 83cm, a framed Pears print of a gentleman and a parrot, 54.5 x 65.5cm and two other pictures, (4). £20-30
11.     A large modern gilt frame hanging wall mirror, 105 x 138cm. £20-30
12.     After Charles Willmott, 'Paradis', a limited-edition coloured print, titled and signed in margin, 70/95, 66 x 76cm, Pub. De Montfort Fine Art. £20-30
13.     After John Mockridge, 'The Newton off Sutton Harbour', a coloured print, 37.5 x 56cm, titled in pencil within the margin, after William De Beer 'Tiger Tails', a limited-edition coloured print, 118/850, 36 x 51cm, signed in pencil and other prints. £20-40
14.     An inlaid mahogany low chest/table fitted with two short and two long drawers, the rectangular top with inset writing surface, 114cm wide, 60cm high and a similar chest fitted with two small and one long drawer, 108cm wide, 46cm high, (2). £20-30
15.     A modern carved hardwood lidded box, 66cm wide and another smaller box carved with African figures, (2). £30-40
16.     An Edwardian inlaid mahogany hall seat, 130cm wide. £50-80
17.     A mahogany library tub chair with upholstered seat, on turned legs. £30-50
18.     An Art Nouveau-style music cabinet, having three drawers with poker work decoration and mother-of-pearl inlay, 57cm wide, 87cm high. £30-40
19.     A stained pine stool, a mahogany plant stand, an oak valet stand, (top damaged) and a cake stand, (4). £30-40
20.     A pair of Yesterday's Pine of Gainsborough blue-painted narrow chests with six graduated drawers, 58cm wide, 106cm high, a similar smaller chest with four graduated drawers, 49cm wide, 67cm high and a low corner unit fitted with a single drawer, 97cm wide, 56cm high, (4). £50-70
21.     A late-19th century stained wood Vienna-style striking wall clock, 76cm high. £20-40
22.     J Graham, 'Moorland Scene', a signed oil on canvas, 48 x 73cm, another pair, 'Highland Stream', 90 x 29cm and two other oil paintings, all by the same artist, (5). £30-50
23.     A child's elm stick-back chair, 41cm high. £20-30
24.     A stripped pine chest of drawers, the rectangular tray top above two small and two long drawers, on turned legs, 89cm wide. £30-50
25.     Two framed military prints after Simkin, two others and a small collection of coloured engravings of local scenes. £20-30
26.     E M Drukel, 'Rocks, North-West Coast of Scotland', a watercolour, signed and titled on label verso, 26 x 42cm and other watercolours and prints. £30-40
27.     Two wood frame armchairs, a corner chair, a trunk stand and other items. £30-40
28.     A bow-fronted marble-top wash stand, a mahogany swing dressing table mirror, a commode and other items. £30-40
29.     A modern mahogany frame music Canterbury and a foot stool, (2). £20-30
30.     A late-Victorian mahogany tub chair inlaid with boxwood and ivory, (a/f). £20-30
31.     An oak-framed wool-work fire screen, 103cm wide, an upholstered mahogany stool and other items. £20-30
32.     A set of four bentwood dining chairs with textured plywood seats and backs. £20-30
33.     A Victorian mahogany side table, the rectangular top above two frieze drawers, on turned legs with brass and porcelain castors, marked 'D & G Patent', 106cm wide, 84cm high. £60-80
34.     A metal-bound pine chest, 74cm wide, 59cm high, 50cm deep and a pine tool chest, 92cm wide, (2). £50-80
35.     An Edwardian white-painted cupboard, 107cm wide. £10-20
36.     A Norwegian-made office swivel chair on chrome finish quadruped support. £10-20
37.     An oak spinning chair, an inlaid mahogany nursing chair and an Edwardian cord-seated chair, (3). £20-30
38.     A 19th century pine kitchen table on turned legs, 136 x 76cm, (drawer lacking) and a stained wood kitchen table fitted with a frieze drawer, 107 x 138cm, (2). £50-100
39.     A late-Georgian mahogany rectangular chest of two short and three long cockbeaded drawers, on splayed bracket feet, 108cm wide, 103cm high. £50-80
40.     An oak open bookcase, 90cm wide, 102cm high, a small oak hall stand and two-drawer stained-wood side-table, (2). £20-40
41.     A stained wood mirror-back sideboard in the Art Nouveau taste, 153cm wide, 190cm high. £20-30
42.     A Georgian mahogany secretaire bookcase, the pair of glazed doors above a fitted writing drawer and three drawers, on shortened bracket feet, 125cm wide, 235cm high. £80-120
43.     A modern Oriental hardwood extending dining table on cabriole legs, the top with inlaid decoration of birds, foliage and bamboo, 145 x 95cm open, together with six matching solid-seat Queen-Anne-style dining chairs. £50-80
44.     A Victorian gilt gesso overmantle mirror, 128 x 100cm. £40-60
45.     A mahogany extending dining table on turned legs, 124 x 104cm, (no spare leaves). £40-60
46.     A late-19th century Continental oak corner cupboard fitted with a pair of fielded panelled doors, with mottled grey and pink marble top, 69cm wide, 124cm high overall. £20-40
47.     Continental School, an allegorical scene of figures picking grapes and resting underneath trees, with horse and cart and figures in the background, watercolour, indistinctly-signed, 61 x 51cm and a framed print after Claude Kitto, 'Beached sailing vessels', 19 x 40cm, (2). £40-60
48.     An Oriental runner, 204 x 102cm and three other rugs, (4). £30-40
50.     A collection of four modern Eastern-style rugs, all decorated pink, black, cream and blue, largest 140 x 79cm, (4). £10-20
51.     Late-19th/early-20th century, 'Kittens playing in a wicker basket', unsigned oil on canvas, 38 x 26.5cm, (a/f) and other pictures and prints. £15-20
52.     A copy of Beryl Cook's 'Cruising' painting, unsigned oil on canvas, unframed, 66 x 66cm. £30-50
53.     A copy of Beryl Cook's 'Sabotage' painting, unsigned oil on canvas, 69 x 70cm and another similar oil on canvas, 69 x 70cm, both unframed, (2). £30-50
54.     After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), 'Roulette', a limited edition silkscreen coloured print no.41/395, signed in the mount, 53 x 50.5cm. £100-150
55.     After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), 'Clubbing In The Rain', a coloured print published by Alexander Gallery Publications, Fine Art Trade blind stamp and signed in pencil in the mount, 69 x 49cm.
56.     After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), 'The Baron Entertains', a limited edition silkscreen coloured print no.232/300, signed in the mount, 70 x 48cm, bears label Portal Gallery 16A Grafton Street, Bond Street, London.
57.     After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), 'The Manipulators', a limited edition silkscreen coloured print no.141/300, signed in the mount, 45.5 x 62cm, bears label Portal Gallery 16A Grafton Street, Bond Street, London.
58.     After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), 'Dog In The Dolphin', a limited edition coloured print, with Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp and signed in the mount, 55.5 x 27cm.
59.     After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), 'Street Market', a framed coloured print, with Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp and signed in the mount, 39 x 39cm.
60.     After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), 'Big Olives, Little Olives', a limited edition coloured print no.276/300, signed in crayon, 67 x 67cm.
61.     After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), 'Four Hungry Cats', a coloured print with Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp, signed in the mount, 43 x 37cm.
62.     After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), 'In The Snug', a coloured print, signed in the mount, 46.5 x 60cm.
63.     After Beryl Cook (1926-2008), a limited-edition poster for 'The 33rd London Film Festival 1989', no.77/100, signed and numbered 80 x 60cm. £50-80
64.     After Itzchak Tarkay (1935-2012), an Artist Proof serigraph 'Flowers', signed and marked AP, 14/50, 32 x 26cm and a companion, a printer's proof edition 'Untitled #24', signed and numbered PP7/15, 30 x 30cm, both with certificates of authenticity, (2). £50-80
65.     After Itzchak Tarkay (1935-2012), a limited-edition serigraph 'Champs Elysées', signed and marked 224/300 in mount, 62.5 x 123cm and another 'Erika In A Hat', signed in crayon and numbered 38/350, 29.5 x 25cm, (2). £50-80
66.     After Peter Heard, 'The King's Arms', a limited-edition coloured print no.276/300, signed and titled in mount, 75 x 55cm. £20-40
67.     A modern pine dresser, the open shelved top above a base fitted with an arrangement of five drawers and two cupboard doors, 152cm wide, 199cm high.
68.     A Georgian mahogany bureau/bookcase, the pediment above a pair of astragal-glazed doors, with fall front having a fitted interior over two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 112cm wide, 204cm high. £80-120
69.     An early-19th century mahogany pedestal sideboard, having an arrangement of drawers and cupboard doors, on turned front legs, 200cm wide, 109cm high and an Edwardian bookcase, having a pair of leaded glazed doors above two drawers and two cupboard doors, 124cm wide, 218cm high, (2). £80-120
70.     R. Southey, 'Dartmoor near Vixen Tor', a signed watercolour, 25.5 x 36cm, titled label with artist's name as Rubens Southey and two other small watercolours, (3). £20-30
71.     A collection of various engravings, including 'The Trial of William Lord Russell in the Old Bailey 1683' and a portrait of a young woman, oil on canvas, 76 x 63cm, indistinctly-signed and dated 1967. £30-40
72.     Three early 20th century Art Nouveau style sash window leaded light panels, 97 x 107cm, and one smaller, (4). £30-50
73.     A Georgian walnut-framed rectangular mirror, 88.5 x 51cm and an inlaid mahogany oval-framed mirror, (2). £30-40
74.     A Continental wall clock movement in later ebonised case, 61 x 50cm. £20-30
75.     A gilt frame coloured print on canvas resembling an oil painting of a château on a hill, with cattle grazing and figures in foreground, 59 x 75cm. £30-50
76.     A stained wood tool box, 83cm wide and one other, (2). £20-30
77.     A collection of wooden moulding planes, other wooden planes. various shipwrights hand tools, etc. £30-50
78.     A pair of large steel dividers/compass, 50cm, a brass mounted wood spirit level marked A Pratt, 27.5cm long in tin case, a collection of wooden handled chisels and other tools, etc. £30-50
79.     After Henry Tanworth Well RA, WIMBLEDON 1872 - Figures at the Wimbledon rifle range: H W Heaton (vendor's ancestor), W J Colville, E Ross, M Drake, H B Halford, M R Smith, S Ricksley, Lord Elcho, and G Mackenzie, titled on mount, engraved by Thomas Lewis Atkinson, published Feb 27th 1872, Henry Graves & Co, blind stamp Print Sellers Association, Parker Gallery label verso, image 57 x 86cm, 78 x 107cm overall. £100-200
80.     After Lady Butler, 'Balaclava, The Return, 25th October 1854, "The Charge of The Six Hundred"', a framed black and white print, 48 x 77cm and a companion, 'The Return From Inkermann, Sunday November 5th, 1854', 48 x 76cm, a pair, (2). £20-30
81.     A Quad 33 Pre-amplifier, serial no. 25503, a Quad 303 Stereo Power Amplifier, serial no. 51870 and a Quad FM3 Tuner, serial no. 32522, (3). £150-200
82.     A Thorens TD160 Turntable. £100-200
83.     A Naim Audio NAP90 Amplifier, serial no. 106348, an NACD3 Compact Disc Player, serial no. 115333, an NAC 92 Pre-amplifier, serial no. 104356, a Stax SRM-212 driver unit for ear speakers and a pair of Stax SR202 headphones, (5). £200-400
84.     A pair of Monitor Audio Silver 8i Speakers, 89cm high. £50-80
100.    A Victorian biscuit barrel, various modern Oriental vases and other ceramics. £10-20
101.    Two large Waterford crystal tumblers in the butterfly127
pattern, various glassware, Royal Doulton 'Carmina' dinnerware and miscellaneous items. £30-40
102.    A collection of modern Chinese and other Oriental ceramics. £30-50
103.    A collection of twelve various 19th century and later Staffordshire and other Toby jugs, (some with damages and restoration), (12). £30-40
104.    A collection of four Staffordshire-style ceramic cow creamers, with black and gilt-decorated body, tallest 14.5cm, five various brown-glazed ceramic cow creamers and a Staffordshire group of a cow with a milkmaid, (some with damages and restoration), (10). £30-40
105.    A collection of Minton dishes and soup dishes, hand-painted and signed by Tony Harris and Shirley Anne Bracewell, (Drymen Pottery, Glasgow), dated 1962, fourteen pieces. £30-40
106.    A modern plated white metal Chinese hand mirror with jade-coloured stone handle, a Burmese white metal embossed bowl, 13cm diameter, various plated metalware and miscellaneous items. £30-50
107.    A collection of reference books on antiques, mainly ceramics. £20-40
108.    A collection of modern Oriental export and tourist ware, including a caned-panel food carrier, a hardwood box containing cloisonné chopsticks, a wooden abacus and other items. £30-50
109.    Eustace A Tozer (British, 1869-1931) MOORLAND LANDSCAPE LOOKING OUT TO SEA Watercolour, signed and dated 1897, 25 x 74cm. £30-50
110.    A collection of various metal hanging and wall light fittings and miscellaneous items. £20-30
111.    A collection of Minton 'Spring Valley' pattern dinnerware, approximately fifty-nine pieces and approximately twenty-three pieces of Wedgwood 'Medina' dinnerware. £30-40
112.    A Bristol blue decanter and stopper decorated in gilt with 'Brandy' wine label, two other Bristol blue decanters, (a/f) and other glassware. £30-40
113.    A collection of copper lustre jugs, mugs, etc, (some a/f). £10-20
114.    A collection of modern Copeland Spode Italian pattern and Churchill willow pattern dinnerware, other ceramics and miscellaneous items. £20-40
115.    A small Edwardian mahogany mantel clock, (converted to battery), a mortarboard and gown and a modern Steiff bear. £20-30
116.    A large Ming-style monks hat ewer and cover, a powder blue baluster vase with Chien Lung seal mark and three small Ming-style bowls, (5).
117.    A collection of fifteen Vasart mottled glass basket posy holders, approximately 10cm high, (15). £40-60
118.    A collection of ten Border Fine Art animal models, including 'Mouse on banana', 'Mouse on green grapes', 'Mouse on pear', 'The Poacher' (a/f), 'Family Life', etc, (10). £60-80
119.    A collection of six modern Wedgwood 'Wild Strawberry' ornaments and other ceramics. £20-40
120.    A collection of plated ware, including entrée dishes, jugs, teapots, etc. £30-50
121.    A walnut-cased mantel clock of architectural form with brass dial, the movement striking on a gong, 55cm high. £30-40
122.    A pair of Hilkinson 7x50 wide-angle binoculars in case, a pair of Polar 12x50 binoculars, other binoculars, cameras, etc. £30-50
123.    Three Beswick models of birds, 'Song Thrush' 2308, 'Kestrel' 2316, 'Pigeon' (two stripes) 1383, a pair of two-handled vases with covers and other ceramics. £30-50
124.    A collection of twelve Vasart mottled glass posy holders in the form of top hats, (12). £40-60
125.    A cranberry glass jug with clear glass handle, 20cm high, a cranberry glass bowl with plated mount and handle, 11cm diameter, 17cm high overall, four modern glass paperweights and other coloured glassware. £30-40
126.    Two 'The Protector No. Type 1A' miner's lamps by the Lamp & Lighting Co. Ltd, Eccles, Manchester, 26cm high, (2). £30-40
127.    Two Royal Worcester figurines, 'Thursday's Child has far to go', (af), 16cm high, 'Friday's Child is loving and giving', 17.5cm high and other figure ornaments. £30-50
128.    A collection of fourteen mainly Vasart mottled glass posy holders in the form of baskets, (14). £40-60
129.    Twelve pieces of Copeland Spode blue and white 'Italian' pattern ceramics, including three crescent side dishes, an oval-shaped shallow dish, six fruit dishes, 16cm diameter, (1 a/f), two Davenport and one Masons 'Imari' decorated jugs and two blue and white willow pattern meat dishes, etc. £30-50
130.    A black marble architectural mantel clock having a French drum gong-striking movement, 32cm high. £30-40
131.    A collection of fifteen pieces of mottled glass, including vases, bowls, posy holders, six pieces marked 'Vasart', (15). £50-80
132.    A cristoleum picture 'The Smithy', 16 x 24cm and three other pictures, (4). £30-40
133.    A brass oil lamp with green glass shade, a modern carved wooden parrot and a fencing foil, (3). £10-20
134.    Joseph Gray, 'River scene with windmill', etching, signed in ink within margin, 12 x 16cm, another etching by Percival Gaskell, 'Deer within a wooded landscape', signed in pencil, 22 x 16cm and one other etching, 'Interior of a cathedral', indistinctly-signed, (3). £20-30
135.    After Janet Swanborough, three limited-edition framed prints, 'Siesta, Isles of Scilly', 350/1250, 43 x 60cm, 'Samson, Isles of Scilly', 416/497, 43 x 60cm, 'South Westerly, Isles of Scilly', 58/1000, 43 x 50.5cm and other pictures and prints. £20-30
136.    An oak-cased aneroid barometer/thermometer, the dial marked Adams, Dartmouth, 61cm, an oak three-bottle Tantalus (no key), two pairs of lacquered binoculars, (a/f), costume jewellery and other items. £30-50
137.    A 19th century Staffordshire flat-back group of a poacher with his dog, 40cm high, three Staffordshire figures with goats, another of a figure dressed in Scottish costume resting against a large sheep, 21cm and a spill vase with a young girl and a spaniel dog, (some with restoration), (6).
138.    A vintage Baccarat heavy crystal glass sculptural paperweight or desk accessory, 12cm diameter, 3.7cm high, the top with four crater-like indentations and factory mark to base, a collection of four cut-glass decanters and stoppers, tallest 32.5cm high and other glassware.
139.    An oak rack containing 'The Burlington Art Miniatures', in twenty volumes, published by The Fine Arts Publishing Co. Ltd. £30-40
140.    Four Royal Doulton figurines, 'Nina' HN2347, 19cm high, 'The Rag Doll' HN2142, 13cm, 'Mother's Help' HN2151, 14cm, 'Cookie' HN2218, 13cm and six pieces of Royal Doulton Bunnykins ware. £20-40
141.    An inlaid mahogany-cased striking mantel clock, 24cm high, (a/f), a leather Masonic case and other items. £20-30
142.    A collection of various ceramic and other table lamps with shades and a collection of various glassware, including drinking glasses, decanters, vases, bowls, etc. £20-30
143.    Two 19th century Staffordshire greyhound models, three Coalport blue and white plates and a modern Oriental vase. £20-30
144.    A pair of white and pink glass bowls with frilly rims, 10cm high and three small pink and white glass jugs, approximately 19cm high, and other coloured glassware.
. £10-20
145.    A collection of approximately twenty-five Vasart and other mottled glass posy holders with frilly edges. £40-60
146.    A large collection of cranberry, pink and white overlay glass and other glassware, (mainly a/f). £20-40
147.    South Asian School, 'The Drinking Lama', a figure in colourful hat and robes drinking, unsigned oil on board, 37 x 27cm, Jan? (Asian School), 'Figure of a young man wearing a fur hat', signed watercolour on paper, 27 x 19cm, both with Calcutta framing labels and two other works, (4). £60-80
148.    A Poole Pottery studio vase, 23cm high, three Royal Copenhagen shallow dishes and other items. £30-40
149.    A Vasart coloured glass and flecked circular bowl, 8cm high, 11cm diameter, with original paper label and eight other pieces. £20-30
150.    A collection of mainly-damaged Vaseline glass, including spill vases and other glassware, a quantity. £30-50
151.    A collection of modern Shanghai-made and Oriental jackets and other clothing and accessories. £20-30
152.    An Indonesian wood puppet and miscellaneous items. £20-40
153.    An Adams Tunstall jasperware biscuit barrel, various blue and white dinnerware, teaware and miscellaneous items. £20-30
154.    A collection of ten pieces of coloured Strathearn decorative glass, including a fruit bowl with frilly edge and coloured detail. £80-120
155.    A Crown Derby small pot-pourri and cover in the Imari pattern, a Grosvenor Old English pattern tea part-service and other ceramics. £40-60
156.    A silver-mounted ivory-handled walking cane, a police-issue drill cane, various metalware and miscellaneous items. £30-40
157.    Six Wedgwood Etruria green leaf dishes, a Wedgwood jasperware shallow fruit bowl on three ball feet, 21cm diameter and other teaware and miscellaneous ceramics. £30-50
158.    An Edwardian oak two-drawer cabinet enclosed by a leaded glass door, 22 x 18cm, a mother-of-pearl inlaid rosewood jewellery box, a rosewood stool and other items. £40-60
159.    A Wedgwood blue and white transfer-printed helmet-shaped cream jug, 14cm high, a 19th century blue and white meat plate decorated with figures within a lakeland scene, on a raft, crossing a bridge and carrying a deer, 42.8 x 39cm and other blue and white ceramics, (some damage). £40-60
160.    A brass model of a temple lion, 15cm high, various copper funnels and measures, a brass companion set and other items. £20-30
161.    A pair of clear glass light fittings with cut drop, 16cm diameter, 40cm high, (2). £40-60
162.    A mid-20th century Oriental 'jade' carving of five galloping horses, on wooden stand, in box, the carving 48cm long, 26cm high. £20-40
163.    A glazed stoneware novelty pot and cover in the form of a grinning mask wearing a nightcap, 12cm high, an art pottery two-handled green and blue-glazed vase, 25cm high, glassware and miscellaneous items. £20-40
164.    Two plated entrée dishes, various plated cutlery and other plated ware. £20-40
165.    A collection of Hizen pattern dinnerware, a Tuscan China tea part-service and other ceramics. £20-30
166.    A Victorian ebony-handled brass and iron trivet stand, various Indian inlaid-brass export ware and other items. £20-40
167.    A copper two-handled circular planter on three metal supports, 43cm diameter, 32cm high, a copper urn with brass handle, (electric, no lead) and a copper warming pan, (3). £30-40
168.    A Royal Doulton ceramic chamber set decorated with gilt and other glass and miscellaneous items. £30-40
169.    An inlaid walnut pen and ink stand, the base fitted with a drawer, 23cm wide, two wooden abaci, two Cairo ware pots and other items. £40-60
170.    An Apache 68 bow in box with accessories and arrows, a scholar's gown and silk, various tools and miscellaneous items. £30-40
171.    A brass oil lamp, a brass skillet and miscellaneous items. £30-40
172.    A collection of ceramic teacups and saucers, mainly chipped and with hairline cracks, a collection of 19th century English teaware and other ceramics. £30-40
173.    A plated hors d'oeuvres dish complete with glass dishes and other metalware, cutlery, etc. £20-30
174.    A collection of teaware, dinnerware and other ceramics. £20-30
175.    Courage Anniversary Ale, three bottles, each 9⅔? fluid ounces, Plymouth Breweries Mayflower Ale, 9⅔? fluid ounces, six bottles, Champagne Bruno Paillard, Brut 75cl, one bottle, Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky 350ml, one bottle and other bottles. £10-20
176.    A collection of various modern coloured ceramic ginger jars and covers, with wooden stands, modern Oriental ceramic figures and other items. £20-30
177.    A collection of Vasart coloured glass bowls, posy holders and small vases, approximately 22 pieces. £40-60
178.    A 19th century three-draw brass telescope, 43cm open, a pair of brass candlesticks, a folding wooden pocket watch stand and miscellaneous items. £30-50
179.    A Royal Worcester figurine 'Parakeet', another, 'Grandmother's Dress' and other ceramics. £30-40
180.    Four coloured glass blocks, 20cm square, 8cm high. £10-20
181.    An old bottle of Gordon's Special Dry London Gin, with original labels, foil and spring cap, a commemorative ceramic whisky bell commemorating the 90th birthday of The Queen Mother, five King Edward Invincible cigars and a Havana cigar in plastic case. £20-30
182.    A small millefiori glass paperweight, 6.5cm diameter and a collection of silver-mounted glass bottles and casters. £50-80
183.    Two cloisonné ovoid shape vases in the ginbari style, decorated with flowers and leaves, 17cm high, (a/f), (2). £20-40
184.    A Saint Blaise brass circular desk clock with movable outer ring numbered 1-24, with engraved names of cities on inner, engraved Universal Leaf Tobacco Co. Richmond VA, 15cm diameter and an Emes travel alarm clock, (2). £30-40
185.    An Art Deco Sowerby-style Pandora's box clear pressed glass biscuit barrel/jar and lid, 19.5cm high, 12.5cm wide, (lid a/f). £20-40
186.    Two reproduction curve-bladed swords in scabbards marked 'Made in India', 82cm and 79cm blades, (2). £20-30
187.    Two Royal Doulton Dickens Ware match holders/strikes, both depicting Sam Weller on the front and Tony Weller on the reverse, signed 'Noke', Royal Doulton backstamp, reg, no. 768178 and pattern no. D5175 to base, 9cm high, (slight variations to detail of decoration), (2). £80-120
188.    A modern Moorcroft vase of tapering cylindrical form, tubeline-decorated in the 'Tribute to Charles Rennie Mackintosh' pattern, c1995, factory marks to base, 36.5cm high. £80-120
189.    A Robert "Mouseman" Thompson oak ashtray with carved mouse signature, 10 x 7.5cm. £40-60
190.    A pair of plated copper candlesticks, 30cm high, a "Homestead Series" brass military photo frame with Northumberland Fusiliers crest, 29.5 x 17cm, six Alfred Meakin "Virginia, The Old Dominion State" transfer printed plates, 25cm, other metalware and miscellanea. £30-50
191.    An Asprey & Co plated cocktail shaker, 30.5cm high, (dent in lid), a silver loaded base spill vase, 19cm, a silver mustard (no liner), a silver back hair brush and other plated ware and miscellanea. £30-40
192.    An eight-place setting canteen of plated cutlery by Butler of Sheffield, (2 teaspoons lacking), in fitted mahogany box. £30-40
193.    A collection of various brass weights, two brass candle holders, etc. £10-20
194.    A copper circular shallow pie mould with impressed fish decoration, 28cm diameter, 4cm high, a copper scoop with turned wood handle and a collection of copper saucepans, etc. £30-50
195.    A 19th century mahogany barometer/thermometer, 90cm, (af). £10-20
196.    Three Japanese watercolours of landscapes in scrolls, each signed and with script images, 60 x 60cm, 68 x 45.5cm and 99 x 47cm, (3). £50-100
197.    A rectangular mirror in carved gilt frame, 69 x 86cm overall. £20-30
198.    19th Century English School, "View of Plymouth", unsigned watercolour, 28.5 x 46cm and two other watercolours. £20-30
199.    A plated salver, plated teaspoons, a pocket watch, two fob watches and other miscellanea. £15-25
208.    A 1914/18 War Medal and Victory Medal to 240692 PNR A J Bastone R.E, a 1939/45 War Defence Medal and other items. £10-20
209.    A Mauchline rectangular wood box transfer-printed with Torquay, Babbacombe Bay, a cylinder-shaped inkwell box with "Tunbridge" decorated lid, a carved wood mask walking stick head and other items. £40-60
210.    A rosewood-handled corkscrew with cutaway spiral helix and handle brush and another 19th century corkscrew, (2). £20-40
211.    A collection of British and foreign coinage, etc. £20-30
212.    A small silver engine-turned ashtray, Birmingham 1953, 7cm diameter, a silver three-prong fork with embossed handle, Birmingham 1896, (a/f), two silver 1oz ingots and other small silver items, total weight ___6oz. £40-60
213.    A collection of silver-plated livery buttons marked 'Firmin & Sons Ltd, 10 St Martins Lane', with crest, twenty-eight jacket buttons and eleven sleeve buttons, together with military buttons and miscellaneous items.
214.    A Swarovski glass model of a yacht A7473 000 004, in box and a small malachite egg with stand, (2). £60-80
215.    Two brass paper tidies, each in the form of a human hand, 13cm long. £10-20
216.    Six novelty talking wrist watches and other watches, (all boxed), (a/f), (17).
217.    A leather vanity case containing bottles, brushes, etc, with silver-plated mounts. £20-40
218.    A quantity of costume jewellery. £30-40
219.    A BSA Scorpion .177 air pistol. £30-40
220.    Two Queen Victoria crowns, 1887, 1897, various silver threepences, a 1908 Guangxu silver crown, (mounted as a brooch) and a quantity of British copper coins. £40-60
221.    A collection of metal pocket watches, a steel heart-shaped fob watch and other items. £60-80
222.    A late-Victorian silver menu holder in the form of two griffins drinking from a fountain, Birmingham, 1911, an engraved silver card case and other items. £50-80
223.    A quantity of modern costume jewellery. £30-40
224.    A quantity of modern costume jewellery. £20-30
225.    A guilloche-enamelled locket pendant, a 9ct gold neck chain, (a/f), a silver brooch and a quantity of costume jewellery. £30-40
226.    A quantity of metal, Bakelite and other Vestas, matchbox holders, etc, (19). £30-40
227.    A quantity of metal-cased keyless pocket watches, (20). £30-50
228.    A similar lot, (20). £30-50
229.    A similar lot, (20). £30-50
230.    Four gent's wrist watches by Christian Lars, GT, Ingersoll and Swiss Master, all boxed. £30-40
231.    A gent's "Ingersoll Diamond" quartz wrist watch marked 100m Water Resistant, boxed. £30-40
232.    A gent's Pilota Scuderia Ferrari Cronometro wrist watch, boxed. £30-50
233.    A gent's Invicta 660ft-200m water resistant wrist watch, boxed. £30-40
234.    An opal and diamond cluster ring claw-set an oval opal within a border of 8/8-cut diamond points, in 9ct gold mount, size P, 3g. £60-80
235.    A pair of modern ruby and diamond drop earrings, each claw-set four rubies and a brilliant-cut diamond in cross design, on 9ct gold mounts, 26mm long, 2g. £60-100
236.    A modern diamond pendant set one square-cut and three brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold mount, with gold chain pendant, 20mm long, chain 41cm long, 8g. £180-200
237.    A Victorian necklace of faceted graduated jet beads, (two largest a/f), 103g and other jet items. £30-50
238.    A pair of cultured pearl drop earrings, each pearl stud supporting a slightly-larger pearl drop, on curb-link chain, unmarked, 21mm long, 1.3g. £20-30
239.    A quantity of costume jewellery and wrist watches. £20-30
240.    A small quantity of lady's and gent's wrist watches. £20-30
241.    A silver-cased open-face pocket watch, the white enamel dial and fusée movement signed Geo Cary, Farnworth, hallmarked Chester 1873, 52mm diameter. £30-50
242.    A gentleman's 9ct gold cushion-shaped wrist watch, the movement by Prestex, a lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch and a 9ct-gold-cased pocket watch, all movements a/f, (3). £80-120
243.    A gent's Saga Electric wrist watch, boxed and two other wrist watches, (3). £30-40
244.    A lady's wrist watch, (a/f) with 9ct gold case and bracelet, total weight 12.1g. £60-80
245.    A gold-plated Elgin hunter-cased keyless pocket watch and two silver-cased open-face pocket watches, (all movements a/f), (3). £40-60
246.    A set of six silver coffee bean teaspoons, an 18ct gold ring set diamonds and white stones, (a/f), 2g and other items in a Chubb &Sons safety deposit box. £50-70
247.    An enamel and white metal Art-Nouveau-style pendant on silver chain. £20-40