on Tuesday 14th May at 10.30am

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1.      A modern oak chest of two short and four long drawers, 98cm wide, 120cm high. £60-80
1A.     A Kia Picanto 5-door hatchback 1200cc petrol automatic motor car, black, 2200 miles, MOT 25/09/19, Registration: WJ62 JZA. £3800-4200
2.      A similar lot. £60-80
3.      A similar lot. £60-80
4.      A similar lot. £60-80
5.      An Oriental hardwood jardinière stand of pierced barrel shape, 38cm wide, 36cm high and other small occasional tables, etc. £30-40
6.      A 19th century hardwood collector's chest, having a pair of panelled doors enclosing six small drawers, 37cm wide, 34cm high. £40-50
7.      A small mahogany three-drawer chest, 64cm wide, 74cm high. £20-30
8.      A chain-driven wall clock movement with turned pillars and later painted arch dial, bell lacking, on a later frame and a 19th century octagonal and brass inlaid wall clock, the convex painted dial with chain-driven bell-striking movement, (bell lacking), 31cm diameter, (2).
9.      A Victorian mahogany bookcase, the cornice above a pair of glazed doors, a drawer and cupboard doors, 125cm wide, 221cm high and an 18th century Cuban mahogany oval drop-leaf dining table on turned legs with pad feet, 17 x 180cm open, (2).

10.     A pair of reproduction Oriental wood and metal-mounted low chairs of square form, with loose padded cushions, 70cm wide. £60-80
11.     Two concrete garden urns, 50cm high, a bronze propeller and a small wooden rocking horse, (a/f), (4). £20-30
12.     An antique oak pot cupboard having a pair of panelled doors and two small drawers, 70cm wide, 70cm high. £20-40
13.     A Victorian stripped pine blanket chest, 111cm wide. £50-80
14.     Wilf (Squirrelman) Hutchinson, an oak stool, the shaped seat on carved and turned legs joined by stretchers, one leg with carved squirrel, 41cm wide, 40cm high. £40-60
15.     An Ercol low coffee and book table fitted with two drawers, 80cm square and a matching television cabinet, (2). £50-80
16.     A modern painted wood long kitchen table, 60 x 245cm. £40-60
17.     A Victorian double-sided three-tier dumb waiter, having two centre drawers and three base cupboards with corresponding dummy drawers and cupboard doors, on castors, 134cm long, 48cm deep, 160cm high. £80-120
18.     Two modern pine chests of three drawers, 68cm wide, 69cm high. £60-80
19.     A tall stripped pine two-door larder cupboard with shelved interior, 97cm wide, 220cm high. £50-80
20.     A single-door stripped pine hall cupboard, 70cm wide, 197cm high and another smaller pine cupboard, (2). £40-60
21.     A painted wood cupboard with chinoiserie fabric-covered panels, 85 x 173cm and a similarly-decorated two-door cupboard, (2). £50-80
22.     A set of painted wood library steps, 45cm wide, 80cm high and other painted furniture. £20-30
23.     A Georgian-style mahogany candle stand on turned legs, 38cm wide, 65cm high, a walnut fold-over card table and other items. £20-30
24.     A Victorian pine dresser, the cornice above two glazed doors, two short and two long drawers, 133cm wide, 217cm high. £100-150
25.     A 19th century mahogany circular tripod table, 49cm diameter, a spoon-back nursing chair, (damaged), a gilt-gesso-framed wall mirror, 69 x 80cm, and other items. £20-30
26.     A walnut-framed three-seat sofa raised on short carved cabriole legs, 213cm wide. £50-80
27.     An early-19th century rosewood games and work table, the folding swivel top with satinwood and ebony games board above two small drawers and work basket slide, on end supports and carved paw feet, 72cm (open), 52cm wide, 80cm high. £100-200
28.     A 19th century mahogany long case clock with painted arched dial and bell-striking twin-train movement, 218cm and another oak and mahogany-banded long case clock with square painted dial and rope-driven bell-striking movement, 198cm high, (both in poor condition), (2). £50-80
29.     A 19th century oak and mahogany-banded long case clock with circular painted dial and twin-train bell-striking movement, (bell lacking), 203cm high and a mahogany long case clock case, 203cm high, (2). £40-60
30.     A 19th century mahogany North Country long case clock, the arched dial painted with stag hunting scene, seconds subsidiary and calendar aperture, the twin-train movement striking on a bell, 234cm high. £50-80
31.     A stained wood bobbin-turned corner chair with padded seat, 76cm high. £20-30
32.     A Chinese carved wood occasional table decorated overall with dragons and characters, 60cm square, on folding base and a terracotta garden seat, 46cm high, (2). £30-50
33.     A 20th century oak octagonal occasional table on turned legs and a brass pierced fire kerb, (2). £20-40
34.     After Frank W Wood, 'HMS Royal Oak Entering Plymouth Harbour', a coloured print, 14 x 41cm. £20-30
35.     A 19th century grained wood and oak desk top, the slightly-sloped top with central hinged flap, enclosing a storage space, 138cm x 108cm. £10-20
36.     An Art Deco cut-glass decanter of baluster form, with etched and black-painted decoration, 21cm high, (stopper lacking). £10-20
37.     A Newton & Co. magic lantern with adjustable 9'' focus lens, bellows and Japanned tin body, in metal case. £60-80
38.     A Continental baluster-shaped stoneware jar with underglaze blue decoration, 34cm high, two glazed pottery triform oil lamps, 7cm high and other pottery. £20-40
39.     Three glass domes, three cut-glass decanters and other glassware. £20-40
40.     A small rosewood drawing instrument case containing miscellaneous instruments, 21cm wide, a pen and ink stand, a wooden till and other boxes. £20-40
41.     A set of fifteen leather and Morocco-bound volumes of Shakespeare and other books. £20-30
42.     A glass celery vase with moulded rim and etched with ferns, 18cm high, a cut-glass cocktail shaker and other glassware. £30-50
43.     A smoker's small compendium cabinet, the door with Art Nouveau-style copper panel enclosing a fitted interior, 40cm high, 32cm wide. £30-40
44.     A 20th century Danish tall cylinder-shaped green glass vase, signed and labelled Holmegaard, dated 1961, 37cm high and other modern glassware. £20-30
45.     Two transfer-printed glass lamp shades and various Victorian coloured and later glassware. £20-30
46.     A Huntley & Palmers novelty biscuit tin in the form of bound books, 16cm, other advertising tins and miscellaneous items. £40-60
47.     Three Royal Doulton plates decorated with birds and foliage together with various Royal Worcester 'Millennium' ware. £30-40
48.     A collection of Coalport figurines, including 'High Society' and 'John Bromley', (some damages), (8). £20-40
49.     A Royal Doulton white-glazed character jug 'Farmer John', 15.5cm high. £30-50
50.     Three Royal Doulton character jugs, 'Henry VIII', 'Toby Philpots' and 'Granny' (with tooth) and five smaller jugs, 'Long John Silver', 'Rip Van Winkle', 'Old Charly', 'Beefeater', 'Robin Hood', with a Royal Doulton Beswick reference book, third edition, by Jean Dale, (9). £60-80
51.     A collection of Staffordshire flat-back figures and Staffordshire spaniels, (some restoration and damage). £20-30
52.     A collection of four spelter figures and a bronzed metal table lamp, (5). £20-30
53.     A Georg Jensen silver pendant of rectangular form, with applied flowers, tendrils and leaves, marked "JBJ" for J Bernth Jensen and "830.S", 3.2cm x 4.1cm. £60-100
54.     A wrought iron fire grate, dogs and fire back, together with iron cooking pots, pot hanger and miscellaneous items. £40-60
55.     Hobdell, contemporary, 'I Could Do With Some Help', coloured screen print, numbered 1/5, signed and dated 06/03, 34 x 24cm and five Russell-Flint prints, (three unframed). £30-40
56.     Three watercolour head and shoulder studies of young ladies wearing floral bonnets, framed oval, 21 x 18cm, (3). £30-50
57.     J C Bonfield, 'Knights and Soldiers Entering a Castle', watercolour and pencil, signed and indistinctly-inscribed, dated May 1875, 22 x 34cm, a pencil drawing 'There is Nothing Like Tea', framed oval, 19 x 14cm and a 20th century watercolour 'Figures and chickens outside a cottage', (3). £40-60
58.     A Doulton Lambeth pottery vase of baluster form with tall slender neck, painted with flowers, 33cm high, a ceramic biscuit barrel of lobed form, with plated mounts, a German stoneware half-litre stein, a Royal Doulton figure group 'Thanksgiving' HN2446 and other ceramics. £30-50
59.     G Soden, 'Sidon (Lebanon), Busy street scene', signed oil on canvas, dated '70, 52 x 67cm and another, 60 x 50cm, (2). £50-80
60.     A collection of seven copper and brass warming pans with turned handles, (7). £50-80
61.     A pair of plated short candlesticks, 13cm high, six each dessert knives and forks with white metal handles, together with two pewter coffee pots, a flat iron stamped 'Alcock & Co, Propy Ltd, Melbourne and London' and miscellaneous items. £30-50
62.     A terracotta pottery and green-glazed charger with incised peacock decoration, 36cm diameter and three green-glazed pottery candle holders, (4). £10-20
63.     "His Master's Voice", a sepia print of the painting by Francis Barraud, framed and glazed, 61 x 69cm overall, (foxed). £10-15
64.     Approximately fifty-seven mainly-19th century drinking glasses, including Champagne saucers, wine glasses, custard glasses and miscellaneous items. £40-60
65.     A pair of 19th century candle coach lamps stamped 'Raydyot', 46cm high, both with one cracked and one perfect bevelled window, (2). £30-50
66.     A collection of millefiori and plain glass paperweights, an oval blue and white lattice-work glass bowl and a modern collectable glass relief-decorated paperweight. £30-50
67.     A late-Victorian marble case mantel clock with white enamel dial and bell-striking drum movement, the case with presentation plaque, 24cm high, 30cm wide and other items. £20-40
68.     Indistinctly-signed, 'Figures and camels in a desert landscape', watercolour, 17 x 26cm. £20-30
69.     A 'Palm Beach' three-quarter-size guitar decorated all over with a mosaic of coloured paper 'tiles', 96cm overall, with stand. £10-20
70.     A Troika square vase by Sue Lowe, 1976-77, signed 'SL', 9cm high. £30-50
71.     A wooden model of a fishing smack, with gaff rig, crab pot, bucket, net and oars, on stand, 57cm long (including rudder). £20-30
72.     A brass and iron saucepan, a set of scales and weights and a quantity of mainly late-19th and 20th century brass ornaments and miscellaneous items. £30-50
73.     A Gouda ceramic plate decorated with flowers, 30cm diameter, a Makkum ceramic charger decorated with flowers and birds, (presented by Phillips Electrical), 32cm diameter, a group of modern pottery stamped 'LK' and other ceramics. £40-60
74.     A group of six Coalport figurines, 'Penny' 11/87, 'Juliette' 12/83, 'Jennifer' 10/86, 'Sophie' 2/84, 'Samantha' 5/85 and 'Annette' 1/84, (6). £30-50
75.     A group of four Coalport figures, 'Penelope' 3/86, 'Eleanor' 10/85, 'Joy' 10/87 and 'Emma' 6/96, (4). £20-40
76.     A group of five Coalport figures, 'Christmas Caroller', 'The Boy', 'The Goose Girl', 'Margot Fontaine' and 'Alicia Markova', (5). £30-40
77.     A damaged Wedgwood black basalt shaped teapot and cover decorated with putti and Bacchanals, 20cm high, a Wedgwood jasperware jug with plated cover, 23cm high and other items of jasperware. £40-60
78.     A polished plated brass car mascot in the form of an owl, 11cm high, a brass candle holder by Palmer & Co, London and other items. £30-40
79.     A group of green-glazed pottery jugs, bowls and vases, 14 pieces. £40-60
80.     A collection of artist's materials, including approximately forty brushes, Rowney and Winsor & Newton oil paints, a Winsor & Newton artist's box with oil painting set, canvases, easels and other items. £50-80
81.     A Jaques, London '1795-1995 The Staunton Chess-Men, Bi-Centennial Edition', in fitted leather case, numbered 58 of 200, a modern inlaid wooden chess board, 54cm square and a Garde World Championship chess clock, boxed. £50-80
82.     A modern Staunton-style chess set in box and a modern inlaid wooden chess board, 48.5cm square. £20-40
83.     A similar modern Staunton-style chess set in fitted box and a modern chess board, 45cm square. £20-40
84.     19th century Continental School, 'Portrait of an elderly gentleman smoking a pipe and wearing a woolly hat', oil on canvas, 37 x 25cm and a companion, an elderly bespectacled woman, a pair, (2). £50-80
85.     A copper spirit tank dipping measure and thermometer and a conical-shaped ale mull, (2). £30-50
86.     A rosewood-handled hand bell with iron clapper, 30cm high and nine other hand bells, (10). £30-50
87.     A large fairground 'Face-in-Hole' board painted 'DEAD OR ALIVE', over silhouette of a bandit and 'Reward of $1,000, on green-painted plywood board, 173 x 115cm, (a/f). £20-30
88.     A brass cribbage board mounted in a rifle stock decorated with military buttons, a 'trench art' shell in the form of a coal scuttle marked 'Ypres 1914-19' and other military-related metalware. £30-50
89.     A collection of mainly-19th century pewter tankards and dishes, some with touch marks, approximately thirty pieces. £100-150
90.     A Poole Pottery ceramic plate decorated with a figure in climbing clothes, 26cm diameter, printed mark 'Poole England' beneath, a Poole baluster vase decorated with poppies and two other pieces, (4). £20-40
91.     A pair of ormolu furniture mounts in the form of winged dragons, 22cm. £20-30
92.     A late-Victorian cylindrical glass biscuit barrel, the plated lid applied with vines, 19cm high, two other biscuit barrels and various plated items. £40-60
93.     A group of five Continental figures, including a Lladro figure of a young girl holding a candle, (5). £20-30
94.     A set of four Royal Worcester figurines from 'The Four Seasons Collection', 23cm high, (4). £30-40
95.     A group of four Royal Worcester figurines, 'Walking Out Dresses of the 19th Century', '1855 The Crinoline', '1878 The Bustle', '1830 The Romantic' and '1818 The Regency', (4). £20-40
96.     A group of four Royal Doulton figurines, 'Dorothy' HN3098, 'Little Boy Blue' HN2062, 'Special Friend' HN3607 and 'Diana Princess of Wales' HN5061, (4). £30-40
97.     A Shelley tea service decorated in the 'Blue Rock' pattern, six each cups and saucers, teapot, cream jug and sugar bowl. £30-50
98.     A lacquered wood box and cover in the form of a quail, 15cm high. £10-20
99.     A papier-mâché chinoiserie letter rack, 24cm wide, other lacquered items, walking sticks and a miscellany. £30-50
100.    A circular copper of typical riveted construction, 41cm diameter, 36cm high, a copper saucepan converted as a coal holder and a half-gadrooned planter, 35cm high, (3). £30-40
101.    A cast iron nut cracker in the form of a dog, 30cm long and other items. £30-40
102.    A silver-mounted walking cane and three wooden-handled parasols, (4). £20-30
103.    A child's stained beech ladder-back armchair with raffia seat, labelled "B Maggs & Co, Clifton, Bristol", together with a child's stained wood armchair with pierced splat and cane seat, (2). £50-80
104.    Two Victorian silver salts with embossed floral decoration, on three hoof feet, makers CB and RTB, London 1870 and 1868, with blue glass liners and associated spoons, ___3oz. £40-60
105.    An olive wood egg-shaped travelling inkwell, the screw top over a glass bottle, 6.5cm high. £10-20
106.    A bronze pestle and mortar, a pair of brass short candlesticks and other brass, copper and metalware. £30-50
107.    A 19th century brass cream skimmer with decorative wrought iron handle, 70cm long, fire irons and other metalware. £30-40
108.    An I & R Pratt & Co. transfer-printed mug, a Copeland Italian pattern cheese dish and cover and other ceramics. £30-50
109.    A large green glass hanging light shade, 36cm high and a clear glass dome, (2). £20-30
110.    A studio art glass vase of wrythen form, signed 'J Carcass LA Studios', 20cm high and other modern art glass. £20-30
111.    A copper and brass garden sprayer labelled 'Farinol of Trafford Park', two foliate metal picture frames and other metalware. £20-40
112.    A Victorian walnut and metal-bound book or blotter cover, 31 x 23cm, a carved bread dish with border inscription, an Edwardian oak two-handled tray and other items. £30-50
113.    An Eastern brass coffee pot with characteristic long spout, 26cm high, a brass tray of shaped outline engraved with Oriental figures in a landscape, 42cm and other metalware. £40-60
114.    A plastic partially scratch-built diorama of German WWII troops, 60 x 30cm. £10-20
115.    An oak-framed bevelled wall mirror, 95 x 64cm. £20-30
116.    A large beaten-copper tray with central white metal inset, letter 'B' and with white metal trailing husk border, two other copper trays and other items. £30-40
117.    A collection of late-19th and 20th century Oriental ceramics. £30-50
118.    An Italian leather satchel, a leather suitcase, various tin trunks and other items. £20-30
119.    A Rupert Bear toy, another plastic model of Rupert bear, three portable 5.5" Plustron televisions in the form of footballs, including Euro 2004 Championship, The Road to the Finals, a telephone in the form of a football and other toys. £20-30
120.    Two Victorian chamber pots and other 19th century and later ceramics. £20-30
121.    A copper circular tray embossed with a turkey, on textured ground, within piecrust border, 18cm diameter. £10-15
122.    A collection of 19th century and later Port, Sherry and ale glasses, approximately 75. £60-80
123.    A pair of mottled glazed pottery candlesticks, 19cm high, (small chips), a pair of similarly-glazed large jugs of compressed baluster form, 31cm high and other early-20th century glazed pottery. £10-20
124.    Two willow pattern blue and white joint dishes, one marked 'Ironstone China', 45cm, a transfer-printed willow pattern jug, 21cm high and other ceramics. £20-30
125.    A pair of hexagonal-shaped Satsuma vases, 25cm high, a larger pair of vases of slightly-baluster form, 46cm high and other Chinese and Japanese ceramics. £40-60
126.    A large modern Chinese blue and white charger decorated in relief with central dragons and flower heads, 44cm diameter, two other blue and white chargers and other Oriental ceramics, (mainly damaged). £40-60
127.    A pair of gesso three-branch wall-mounted candle holders, an inlaid walnut over-mantel mirror, 71 x 42cm and other items. £20-40
128.    A 19th century Continental carved wood nut cracker in the form of a woman wearing a night cap, a naïve carved wood doll and other items. £30-40
129.    A pair of reproduction Staffordshire greyhounds, pastille burners and a group of Nao and other decorative figures. £30-40
130.    A pair of silver-mounted cut-glass spill vases, 21cm high, a four-bottle cruet on plated stand, three glass paperweights, a Portmeirion 'Phoenix' coffee service and miscellaneous items. £20-30
131.    A collection of ten Goebel figures, (some damages), a Coalport pot pourri decorated with floral sprays on blue and gilt ground and various composite figures. £20-30
132.    Four Smith's wood-cased mantel clocks, (4). £10-20
133.    Three maritime coloured engravings, 'Getting Under Way and Manning The Yards', two others and other naval-related pictures and prints. £20-40
134.    Two 19th century copper lustre jugs, 21cm high, other copper lustre items and miscellaneous ceramics. £30-40
135.    A group of mainly-20th century Oriental ceramics. £20-30
136.    A Columbia Bakelite record player case only, (no workings) and a small quantity of LP and 78RPM records, mainly easy listening, classical and film soundtracks. £10-20
137.    Two novelty brass desk Vestas modelled as flies, 9cm long, (2). £10-20
138.    Two pairs of alloy-framed airline passenger seats with upholstered seats and reclining backs, arms with ashtrays and folding tables in seat backs, with safety instructions in Spanish and English. £40-60
139.    A black sequinned and fringed 'flapper'-style dress, a black and white polka dot sun dress with red net flounce and a burgundy evening dress with beaded neckline, all size 10 approximately, (3). £30-50
140.    Thirty-seven pieces of Royal Albert Crown China floral-decorated teaware, various other teaware, dinnerware, glassware and miscellaneous items. £20-30
141.    A modern Oriental ceramic charger, 37cm diameter, four carved Oriental wood bowl stands and other items, (damages). £10-20
142.    An unusual brass coaster, the circular extending pierced top on short turned legs with castors, 23cm and a small brass trivet, (2). £20-30
143.    Two Hummel figures, two Coalport figurines, a Royal Copenhagen figure of a young girl carrying a doll and other figures. £10-20
144.    A late-19th/early-20th century oil lamp with green glass reservoir, two other oil lamps, plated ware and miscellaneous ceramics. £30-50
145.    An extensive Noritake 'Rose Marie' pattern tea, coffee and dinner service, approximately 120 pieces. £50-80
146.    A Japanese lacquered hinged box decorated with Mandarin ducks, 21cm wide, other boxes and Oriental items. £10-20
147.    Various teaware, pottery and ceramics. £20-30
148.    A small silver two-handled trophy cup, marks rubbed and two silver napkin rings, (3). £30-40
149.    A plated spirit kettle on stand, various hotel plate and other items. £20-30
150.    A Victorian extending metal-mounted oak pair of book ends, a brass-bound walnut work box, various brass ware and other metalware. £30-50
151.    Twenty-one pieces of Paragon 'Country Lane' teaware, various Ridgway 'White Mist' pattern dinnerware, two Lasol Ware milk jugs, fifteen pieces of Crown Devon 'Aztec' coffee ware and others. £20-30
152.    Two Victorian opaque glass vases painted with enamel flowers and blue tits, two cut-glass bowls and other glassware. £20-30
153.    A collection of ceramic commemorative ware, including a Royal Doulton King George V & Queen Mary small mug, a Royal Doulton advertising brick and other ceramics. £20-30
154.    A framed Stevengraph silk 'The Late W E Gladstone' and four Baxter engravings depicting religious subjects, (5). £10-20
155.    A retro plastic ice bucket shaped as a pear by Evers, with clear glass liner, 27cm high. £10-20
156.    A Royal Doulton figure 'The Professor' HN2281, 18cm high and a Royal Doulton 'Sir Francis Drake' plate, 26cm diameter, (2). £20-30
157.    A bronze bell with iron clapper, cast with military bronzed arrow, 14cm high and a Norwegian oblong-shaped bell with iron hanger and clapper stamped 'Stalhein Norge 1911', 10.5cm, (2). £20-40
158.    A brass and iron minor's lamp with indistinct maker's plaque, (possibly Alwood's?), 26cm and a later brass miner's lamp, (2). £30-40
159.    A group of six Royal Worcester figurines, including 'Queen Elizabeth I', 'Lullaby', 'First Steps', 'Sweet Dreams', 'Once Upon A Time' and 'New Arrival', (6). £40-60
160.    A set of twelve Limoges painted porcelain plates and serving dish, each decorated with a bird and each signed 'Dubois......', the serving dish 47cm, plates 24cm diameter. £100-150
161.    A Limoges painted porcelain fish service, comprising twelve circular plates and a sauce boat on stand, each decorated with a fish and signed 'Goy......?'. £60-80
162.    A collection of Prattware and other pot lids, including 'On Guard', 'Doctor Johnson' and others. £30-50
163.    A Fieldings ceramic match holder/strike, 'Captain Webb Matches Puck', 8cm high, two Carltonware match strikes of ceramic ball shape and one other, (4). £10-20
164.    A Royal Doulton jardinière decorated with Art Nouveau stylised flowers on a blue/green mottled ground, 17cm high, 18cm diameter and one other larger jardinière with wavy rim, (a/f), (2). £20-30
165.    A Whitefriars-style tall square shape bark-textured glass vase in an aubergine colourway, 30.5cm high. £20-40
166.    A collection of seven 19th century and later Staffordshire pottery Toby jugs, (7). £40-60
167.    A collection of items manufactured from ship's timber, including 'HMS Iron Duke', 'Mauretania', 'HMS Ark Royal', 'HMS Victory' and others. £40-60
168.    A similar lot, mainly barrel-shaped pots, approximately twenty. £20-30
169.    A similar lot. £20-30
170.    Four 'Goodyear' advertising tyre ashtrays, three miniature advertising bottles, (2 x Guinness, 1 x Harp) and other advertising items. £20-30
171.    A vintage Kartro Adjustable number stamp, boxed. £5-10
172.    An early-20th century silver chatelaine of pierced floral form, by Colen Hewer Cheshire, Chester 1901, the two chains supporting a button hook and a silver-cased folding penknife/button hook/scissors. £60-80
173.    A Victorian mourning brooch, the front locket containing a photograph of a gentleman, within scrolling frame, further locket to back, 5.2cm x 4.7cm. £30-50
174.    A Coalport figure to commemorate The Golden Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II 1952-2002, 26cm high, 41/950 and another, 'The Queen', commemorating the marriage of the future Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Duke of Edinburgh, 669/7500, (2). £20-40
175.    A collection of eighteen Royal Doulton 'Brambly Hedge' figures and a Beswick Beatrix Potter figure 'Old Mr Brown', (19). £50-70
176.    An 18th/19th century Flight Worcester oval dish decorated blue and gilt with underglaze blue crescent mark beneath, 'Royal Lily' pattern, 21 x 13cm. £20-30
177.    A Whitefriars textured bark cylinder shape tangerine glass vase, 16cm high. £30-40
178.    A late-19th century Chinese porcelain sparrow beak jug decorated with floral sprays, 13cm high. £20-30
179.    Three RAF Benevolent Fund bells cast in metal from German aircraft, two aluminium ashtrays moulded from 'metal from R101', 17cm and other items. £40-60
180.    A pair of cut-glass circular salts, 8cm diameter, in fitted box marked 'Weir & Sons (Dublin) Ltd', a CH Brannan small pottery three-handled cauldron shape pot with motto and other items. £20-30
181.    Lindsay Balkwell, an Art Deco-style mannequin head of female form, in white polished plaster, black painted mouth, inscribed signature and date 1984, 34cm high. £30-50
182.    An unmarked crested ware model of a WWI tank, (Gosport), printed beneath 'Made in England for J Cootes, Toy Fair, Gosport', an unmarked model of a three-funnel warship, (Invergordon), 13.5cm long, a Foley China drum, (Gosport), 5.6cm diameter, an Arcadian China officer's peak cap, (Burntisland) and a similar unmarked peak cap, (Gosport), (5). £30-40
183.    Approximately thirty pieces of crested ware, including Arcadian 'Little Bird' with flapper, (Invergordon), a Savoy China model of the Eddystone Lighthouse, (Plymouth) and others. £30-40
184.    Fourteen pieces of WH Goss crested ware, including Teignmouth Lighthouse, (South Shields), Bath Roman Ewer, (Gosport & England), 13cm and others. £20-40
185.    A Victoria China crested model of a sailor winding a capstan, (New Brighton), 11cm, another, similar, Coronet Ware, (Gosford) and an Arcadian China model of a sailor with hands on hips, (Ripley), 13.5cm high, (3). £60-80
186.    An Arcadian China crested model of a sailor bust, the hat band impressed 'HMS Queen Elizabeth', (City of London), 9cm, hat tilted to left, another bust of a sailor in a hat band 'HMS Dreadnought, The Handy Man', (City of London), hat tilted to right and a soldier bust inscribed 'Tommy Atkins' with verse 'It's the soldiers of the King my lads', (Fleet), 9cm, (3). £30-40
187.    An unmarked crested ware model of a sailor, seated, holding a toy submarine, (Cleethorpes), 7.5cm high, (possibly Grafton China). £30-40
188.    A late-19th/early-20th century small French carriage alarm timepiece with white enamel dial, 13cm high, (chips to glass panels). £40-60
189.    A miniature glass mosaic picture frame decorated with blue and white flowers around an oval aperture, gilt metal back with strut support, (a/f), 75mm x 62mm. £10-15
A Russian silver-mounted moulded glass Claret jug, the glass reservoir cracked, 19cm high and four silver teaspoons. £20-40
191.    'The Leader No. Forty', a brass and turned wood vintage desk date stamp, four Coalport ceramic finger plates, a child's microscope with slides and other items. £10-20
192.    A Dinky 651 Centurion Tank, a 670 Armoured Car and other toys, play-worn. £10-20
193.    A pair of brass candle holders in the form of winged griffins, 17cm high, (2). £20-40
194.    A pair of shell-work dioramas in the form of anchors, 28cm high, (2). £20-30
195.    After R Dodd, a set of four coloured unframed engravings of the Battle of Trafalgar: 'Rear Division', 'Van Division', 'Victory of Trafalgar in the Rear', and 'In the Van', published by J W Laird, 50 x 75cm, and another engraving, (5). £20-40
196.    An Eastern white metal amulet incised with script to one side, 9cm, suspended from a chain. £40-60
197.    Three Royal Doulton figurines, 'The Balloon Man' HN1954, 'The Old Balloon Seller' HN1315, 'Autumn Breezes' HN1934, (3). £30-50
198.    A Royal Doulton figure, 'Top O' The Hill' HN1834, (back stamp applied in mirror image), 20cm high. £20-30
199.    A reproduction skeleton timepiece with white dial, under glass dome, 28cm high and a 20th century Kundo 400-day clock under dome, 16cm, (2). £20-30
200.    A collection of five Coalport figurines, 'Princess Alexandra', 'Diana Princess of Wales 29th July 1981', 'Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother', 'Queen Victoria' and 'Queen Mary', (5). £40-60
201.    A canteen of Arthur Price stainless cutlery, eight-piece setting, in fitted box. £30-50
202.    Derek Holland (20th century), 'Church at Sommières in the Midi', a signed pen and ink drawing, 20 x 29cm, together with 'Figures and camels outside a Moroccan town', an oil on board, 26 x 21cm and an engraving, (3). £30-50
203.    A pair of oval glass salts with silver spoons, other glassware, a folding oak photo frame, brass lamp and a miscellany. £20-30
204.    A beaten pewter oval box and cover in the Tudric style, of rounded form, set with small turquoise stone, stamped 0649, the silk lining printed Liberty & Co, Regent Street, 9cm, various soapstone animals and other items. £30-50
205.    A pair of King's pattern electro-plated silver sugar tongs and another pair, (2). £2-5
206.    An aluminium 'Sugar' tin with domed lid and blue and cream striped decoration, 15cm high. £2-5
207.    A leather suitcase with brass "D.C" plaque and hotel label, 58.5 x 36 x 14cm, a leather Gladstone bag, 47cm wide and one other suitcase, (3). £30-50
208.    A Lorenzo Model 17/A six-string acoustic guitar in carrying case. £20-30
209.    A large quantity of artist's materials, to include acrylic and oil paints, brushes, pastels, twenty canvasses, crayons, etc. and two table easels. £30-50
210.    Three urn-shaped terracotta plant pots, 41cm high, (3). £50-80
211.    A cast concrete water feature, 80cm high. £40-60
212.    A cast concrete figure of a woman on plinth base, 125cm high and another, (2). £30-50
213.    A pair of cast concrete garden urns, 40cm high, 44cm diameter, (2). £40-60
214.    Four amphora-shaped terracotta planters, 60cm and 41cm high, (4). £30-40
215.    A large terracotta planter of compressed circular form, 55cm diameter, 32cm high and two others, (3). £30-40
216.    A large iron-bound coopered barrel, 95cm high, 64cm diameter. £30-40
217.    A coopered metal-bound barrel for 'George & Co, Ltd, The Bristol Brewery', 52cm high, 38cm diameter. £20-30
218.    A Victorian bow-fronted chest of two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 103cm wide, 105cm high. £20-30
219.    A mahogany rectangular pot cupboard on cabriole legs and a 19th century stained wood blanket chest, 60cm, (2). £30-40
220.    A 19th century painted gesso circular convex mirror, the frame and mirror plate painted gold, 69cm diameter, a modern oval gilt mirror and various pictures and prints. £30-50
221.    A modern white-painted aluminium garden table and four chairs, table 102cm diameter. £40-60
222.    A painted alloy garden table, two chairs and a bench, table 82cm diameter. £30-40
223.    Thirty various diecast racing cars, including: two Triang Mini Hi-Way cars, (no drivers), eight Corgi, one Dinky and five Matchbox, also three plastic cars, (33), all play-worn. £20-30
224.    A photograph of the race horse 'Holy Mint', 59 x 73cm, inscribed with a list of races won in 1904/1906, signed 'Gordon Chase, Tunbridge Wells'', in carved oak frame. £40-60
225.    A Neapolitan School naïve oil on canvas painting of Mt Vesuvius, damaged, 36 x 65cm, two similar works and other framed and unframed oil paintings, (all in poor condition). £20-40
226.    19th century Continental School, 'Figure crossing a bridge in a mountainous landscape', unsigned oil on board, 17 x 25cm and other unframed and framed works, (all in poor condition). £20-40
227.    An 18th century hand-coloured map of The British Isles, Tobia Majero, 1749, 46 x 54cm. £50-100
228.    A carved wood figure of a Chinese deity, 32cm high and three others, (4). £30-50
229.    A Victorian walnut writing slope and work box with fitted interior, a brass-bound mahogany writing box and other items. £40-50
230.    A set of four watercolour studies of woodland, shrubs and trees, indistinctly-signed in the margin, 33 x 25cm, 31 x 28cm, (4). £30-40
231.    An Arts & Crafts copper candle holder of tapering form, on square base, 20cm high. £30-50
232.    A copper hunting horn with alloy mouth piece by Swaine & Adeney, London, 23cm. £20-30
233.    G Noris?, 'Water Mill', oil on board, 14 x 19cm and a companion, a pair, in gilt gesso frames and other works. £20-40
234.    A Crown Devon polychrome-decorated plate with gilt lining, decorated with a galleon, gulls and shoreline, 30cm. £30-50
235.    19th century English School, 'North Berwick Parish Church', pen and ink drawing, 10 x 13cm, inscribed on label verso, sketched 1871, framed with a watercolour sketch 'The Wall Tower', titled on label verso, 9 x 12cm, E E Cleal, 'Landscape', oil on board, 11 x 26cm, a pair of brass fire dogs, fish servers and other items. £40-60
236.    A small collection of cigarette and trade cards, postcards, etc. £10-20
237.    A collection of Parker and other pens, 1977 Jubilee Crowns and miscellaneous items. £30-50
238.    A collection of various brass weights, two brass candle holders, etc. £10-20
239.    A Gnome Photographic Alphax Major slide projector for 2'' x 2'' slides, boxed. £2-5
240.    A large scratch-built 10-hole table-top bagatelle board with separate ramp, (no cues or balls), 243 x 60.5cm. £10-20
241.    A Danish sterling silver necklace by N E From, of modernist design c1973, the pendant set green quartz, on necklace of slightly-curved batons, marked "Sterling, Denmark, N E From, 925S", London import marks for 1973. £80-120
242.    Two limited-edition Caithness glass paperweights, 'Nature Study' 12/200 and 'National Flowers' 12/250, also 'Ladybird' (miniature), all with certificates, (3). £50-80
243.    Three limited-edition Caithness glass paperweights, 'Robin and kettle' 76/1000, 'Christmas Rose' 43/500 and 'Swan Lake' 29/250, all with certificates, (3). £60-80
244.    A Caithness unique glass paperweight designed and made by Colin Terris 'Chinese Lantern Series #1', No.1/1, with certificate. £50-80
245.    Two Caithness limited-edition glass paperweights 'Gannet' 53/100 and 'Flying Fish' 142/500, with certificates, (2). £40-60
246.    A Caithness unique glass paperweight designed and made by Colin Terris 'Cocoon Series #2', No.1/1, with certificate. £50-80
247.    Two Selkirk Glass limited-edition paperweights 'Ice Coral' 331/450 and 'Midwinter' 337/450, with certificates, (2). £30-50
248.    Three Caithness limited-edition glass paperweights 'Magic Carpet' 366/750, 'Coral Garden' 458/500 and 'Lullaby' 209/250, also one other 'Blush', all with certificates, (4). £50-70
249.    Three Caithness limited-edition glass paperweights 'Star Beacon' 333/750, 'Pagoda' 450/500 and 'Golden Corsage' 192/250, also 'Myriad' (unlimited), all with certificates and one other 'Initial' (J), without certificate, (5). £60-80
250.    Three Okra Glass Studios paperweights, 'Black Tower' 13/150, 'Nebular' No.15 and one other floral decoration No.51, two with certificates and five Merlin glass paperweights by Liam Carey, (8). £50-70
251.    Two Perthshire millefiore glass paperweights and three Strathearn glass paperweights, (5). £40-60
252.    A modern limited-edition Baccarat glass paperweight decorated with deep blue flowers, etched '38/175', dated 1984 and factory mark, with certificate. £100-150
253.    A modern unlimited Baccarat glass millefiore paperweight, with factory mark, dated 1982. £80-120
254.    A modern unmarked glass paperweight decorated with a butterfly and flowers and one other millefiore glass paperweight, (2). £30-50
255.    A modern Lalique frosted green glass model of an angel fish and a similar amber glass fish, both etched 'Lalique, France', 5cm high, (2). £40-60
256.    A small quantity of fountain and other pens, including Platinum, Parker, Sheaffer, Watermans, etc. £30-40
257.    A modern 9ct yellow gold brooch in the form of a 1920's couple in evening dress, 4.4cm, maker P & R Bushell, 2.9g. £30-50
258.    A modern St Louis glass paperweight of egg shape, with twists of tricolour, dated 1976, 7.5cm, with certificate and another St Louis glass paperweight 'Bicentenaire De La Revolution', decorated with tricolour bands, dated 1989, (2). £60-80
259.    A modern St Louis glass paperweight decorated with berries and leaves, 7cm diameter, 4cm high, dated 1992. £30-50
260.    An S J Penn-Smith glass paperweight 'Dewy Orchard', with certificate, two Caithness glass paperweights etched 'CG' on base and seven other glass paperweights, (10). £60-80
261.    A collection of twelve various modern glass paperweights, (12). £30-50
262.    An Okra 87 'Nekton III' limited-edition glass paperweight No.15/49, no certificate, three Whitefriars Caithness paperweights 'Double Dragonfly' 99/150, 'Hanging Basket' 26/250 and 'White and Pink Spray' 239/250, all with certificates and another 'Pansy' 136/250, no certificate, (5). £60-80
263.    A Whitefriars limited-edition millefiore paperweight '25th Anniversary of The Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1953-1978' No.166/500, with certificate, a Langham glass paperweight, an Okra 88 'Secret Garden' paperweight No.142, with certificate and an Okra 1987 bottle and stopper No.9, 18cm high, (4). £30-50
264.    Two Perthshire limited-edition millefiore glass paperweights 'Pheasant' No.62/250 and 'Spanish Armada 400th Anniversary' No.10/300, both with certificates, (2). £60-80
265.    A collection of thirteen various modern glass paperweights, (13). £30-50
266.    Three gentleman's wrist watches, boxed: AV1-8 Sport, Moscow Time and Nautical Time, (3). £30-40
267.    Three gentleman's wrist watches, boxed: 'Extreme', AV1-8 and 'Swiss Master', (3). £30-40
268.    A Deep Blue Precision Diver Juggernaut 1000 wrist watch, boxed. £30-40
269.    Three gentleman's wrist watches, boxed: 'Swiss Master', 'Extreme' and 'Christin Lars', (3). £30-50
270.    A 20th century moulded glass Claret jug with metal mounts, 31cm, a plated cruet set, various plated fish eaters and other metalware. £20-30
271.    A 1969 souvenir bronze 'Calouste Gulbenkian' medallion, 7cm. £20-30
272.    A pair of painted metal table lamps in the form of columns entwined with dragons, 55cm high, (2). £40-60
273.    A brass Crown Cork bottle opener in the form of a lobster, 13cm long. £2-5
274.    A Poole Pottery Living Glaze vase of baluster form, with raised orange/red spots over a matte black ground, signed 'B', numbered 259 and raised 'Poole' mark to base, 10cm high. £10-20
275.    A painted wood filing cupboard, the pair of painted panelled doors enclosing the interior fitted with pigeon holes, on modern turned feet, GWR paper label to the back, 83cm wide, 130cm high. £50-80
276.    A quantity of costume jewellery, the contents of two bags. £20-30
277.    A quantity of costume jewellery, the contents of two bags. £20-30
278.    A quantity of costume jewellery, the contents of two bags. £20-30
279.    A Norwegian silver gilt and enamel leaf brooch by Hroar Prydz, 56mm. £30-50
280.    A quantity of mother-of-pearl counters, a cultured pearl necklace, a micro-mosaic glass brooch and other items. £40-60
281.    An Indian-style silver cuff bangle and various other silver jewellery, some gem-set, ___15½oz. £60-80
282.    An enamelled and gem-set snake bangle, another, gem-set and other costume jewellery. £40-60
283.    Three pairs of 9ct gold earrings, 5.5g, (3). £40-60
284.    A 9ct gold ring set three round-cut hiddenite stones, size U, 2.1g. £30-40
285.    A 9ct gold ring in the form of a leopard set rubies and diamonds, size O½, 2.6g. £30-50
286.    A Russian Poljot wrist watch, boxed with papers and eight Russian top-wind pocket watches, all with watch chains, (9). £40-60
287.    A silver desk calendar, (date cards incomplete), London 1926, two silver thimbles, other thimbles, badges, costume jewellery, coins, stamps, etc. £30-40
288.    A set of bone and ebony dominoes, a carved wood novelty box, three pieces of Torquay Pottery motto ware and a Poole Pottery dolphin, (6). £20-30
289.    An Asian metal shield applied with brass animals and figures, 44cm diameter. £80-120
290.    A collection of drawing instruments in case, some marked Lawrence & Mayo, a box camera, Mah Jong set and other items. £30-40
291.    A Poole Pottery Delphis Ware vase of slightly-tapered cylindrical form, decorated in orange, black and brown on a red ground, factory marks, monogram and '15' to base, 22.5cm high. £20-30
292.    A 9ct gold brooch set diamond point, (a/f), a 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on gold sprung bracelet and a 22ct gold wedding band, 1.8g, (3). £70-100
293.    An egg-shaped metal box collet-set blue pastes, a fork in the form of a garden fork and other items. £30-50
294.    A string of graduated Bakelite 'cherry amber' beads, a coral bead necklace and two other necklaces, (4). £50-70
295.    A Buren keyless open-face pocket watch with white enamel dial, Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, in engine-turned silver case, (working) and a gold-plated Waltham pocket watch, (not working), (2). £30-50
296.    A gent's Stührling Original Automatic wrist watch, boxed with papers and outer sleeve and a gent's Zodiac 1882 wrist watch, boxed, (2). £40-60
297.    A 9ct gold cross pendant set emeralds and diamond points, on 9ct gold snake-link chain, 7g. £60-80
298.    A cross pendant set amethysts, on 9ct gold curb-link chain, 7.9g. £60-80
299.    A 9ct gold brooch, a gold locket on chain and a ring, (a/f), 8.3g, (3). £60-80
300.    A large quantity of earrings. £30-50
301.    A large quantity of costume jewellery. £30-50
302.    A Charles Horner enamelled silver pendant, (a/f), an enamelled plated necklace, various agate cabochons and other items. £40-60
303.    Two silver charm bracelets, a silver rope-twist necklace and other silver jewellery, ___15oz approximately. £60-80
304.    A necklace of graduated faceted citrine beads and other items. £30-40
305.    A paste and marcasite-set silver ring, a pair of simulated pearl pendant earrings with 9ct gold fittings, cased and other items. £30-40
306.    A quantity of costume jewellery. £30-50
307.    A 9ct gold cluster ring, various other rings and lady's wrist watches. £30-50
308.    A 9ct gold ring set smoky quartz, size O½, 2.4g. £30-40
309.    A ladies Frankland Vital Pulse wrist watch with 9ct gold case and bracelet, (bracelet a/f), with box and guarantee dated 1960. £60-80
310.    A Victorian ivory cross pendant, ornately-carved with roses and garlands, 10 x 5cm. £30-40
311.    A set of six enamel and gilt metal buttons, a Bulova Acutron gent's wrist watch, (a/f), other watches and jewellery. £30-50