Sale of Antique & Later Furnishings
on Tuesday 16th January at 10.30am

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1.      An antique rustic painted pine dresser, the moulded cornice above two shelves, the lower part fitted with harlequin drawers and two cupboard doors, 196cm wide, 208cm high. £100-150
2.      A large 19th century rectangular scrub top pine kitchen table with frieze drawer and turned legs, 182 x 133cm. £100-200
3.      Two painted wood food safes and a painted pine kitchen table, 80 x 120cm (3). £40-50
4.      Two metal-bound painted wood two-door cupboards and metal carrying handles, 105cm wide. £30-40
5.      A Victorian painted pine chest of two short and two long drawers, 91cm wide. £30-50
6.      A painted lathe-back farmhouse style armchair and other painted chairs, etc. £30-40
7.      A 19th century Continental painted wood dressing table with double caned panels, drawer and central mirror, 100cm wide, together with a circular pot cupboard with marble top, two bedroom chairs and other painted bedroom furniture. £60-80
8.      A Victorian upholstered salon chair on short turned walnut legs. £30-40
9.      A 19th century mahogany two-drawer writing table, the top with inset writing surface above two frieze drawers, on turned legs, 120cm wide, 60cm deep, and an Edwardian walnut occasional table (2). £30-40
10.     A modern pine dresser, the open shelved upper section above three drawers and three cupboard doors, 144cm wide, 196.5cm high. £50-80
11.     W Anning, Sailing boats and a Paddle Steamer off a Lighthouse, signed oil on canvas, dated 1893, 34.5 x 52cm and three other oil paintings, (4). £30-40
12.     Robert Piper, HMS Culloden off Drake's Island, signed oil on canvas, titled verso, 50 x 91cm, another, First Light, signed watercolour, 27.5 x 38cm, titled verso, Richard Slater, Rame Head, signed watercolour, titled and dated 2006 on label verso, 24.5 x 32.5cm (3). £30-40
13.     An early 20th century oak side table, the rectangular top above a frieze drawer, on turned legs, 77cm wide. £30-50
14.     A large earthenware jar and cover, 50cm diameter, 55cm high, (cover af). £30-40
15.     A modern carved wood lectern, 106cm high. £20-30
16.     An oriental carved wood circular occasional table, 45cm diameter. £20-40
17.     A painted metal milk churn, Dried Milk Products, Carmarthen, 68cm high. £30-40
18.     A vintage green pyramidal petrol can with paper label for Rowe Brothers & Co Ltd, 51cm high, five metal jerry cans, other cans and an oil pump, (all af). £40-60
19.     Ten vintage blow torches, various boxed tools and other items. £30-50
20.     Two rush seated stools and a mahogany Pembroke table, (3). £20-30
21.     A pine chest, 85 x 65 x 55cm and a wooden tool box, (2). £30-40
24.     An Edwardian stained wood low X-frame chair with padded back and seat. £20-30
26.     A painted chest, the lid painted with an image of Calpe, a three-masted paddle steamer within a rope frame, the front gilt-painted Captain Wm Roach, Falmouth Steam Packet Co. on the sides, 1825, 102cm wide, 40cm deep, 49cm high.
28.     F M Thomson Autumn Tints, Ellesmere, signed oil on canvas, titled verso, 49.5 x 75cm; Philip Read, Landscape with Buildings, signed watercolour heightened in white, 26 x 36.5cm and a companion, a pair, and five other pictures, (8). £30-40
29.     An antique low cupboard the rectangular top above a single door, the interior fitted with shelves, 118cm wide, 123.5cm high, 33cm deep.
30.     A 19th century pine dresser base with three central drawers flanked by cupboard doors, with later open shelved top, 169cm wide, 186cm high. £100-200
31.     A Victorian stained wood chest of four long drawers (top damaged), 109cm, an elm open-shelved corner cupboard, 72cm wide, 92cm high, and a pine corner cupboard, (3). £30-50
32.     A modern oak effect kitchen table, four wood stools and other modern furniture. £10-20
33.     A brass fender and a collection of banner poles. £20-30
34.     A cut glass five branch chandelier, 70cm diameter, 50cm high, and a smaller chandelier, 55cm diameter, 40cm high, (4). £80-120
35.     An early-20th century lacquered copper four-branch chandelier with tiered opaque glass icicles and bowl shades, 75cm high, 70cm diameter. £80-120
36.     An Edwardian walnut display cabinet with mirrored back, glazed door and splayed legs, 80cm wide, 140cm high. £40-60
37.     A pair of late Victorian walnut bedroom chairs with upholstered seats, and a late Victorian bedroom chair with padded seat and back, (3). £30-50
38.     Six stained wood dining chairs, two 19th century caned dining chairs and other chairs. £30-40
39.     An Edwardian inlaid mahogany armchair an elm office armchair and other chairs. £30-40
40.     An antique panelled oak coffer, the front with geometric designs, 140cm wide. £80-120
41.     A 20th century brass bound coopered planter, 35cm diameter, 34cm high, two framed prints and two tables. £40-60
42.     A zinc-lined wooden chest, 94cm wide, 71cm high, 87cm deep, and a similar smaller chest, 93cm wide, 74cm high, 70cm deep, (2). £30-40
43.     An Edwardian mahogany straight front chest, the rectangular top above a small central cupboard flanked by two small drawers above three long drawers, 106cm wide and a stained wood display cabinet on cabriole legs, 122cm wide, (2). £60-80
44.     A painted pine two-drawer kitchen table on turned legs, 126 x 86cm. £50-70
45.     A satin walnut wardrobe, the cornice above a single mirrored door, on drawer base, 125cm wide, and a matching dressing chest, 107cm wide, (2). £60-80
46.     An Edwardian inlaid mahogany sectional wardrobe, the cornice above a central door flanked by a pair of mirrored doors on base, 191cm wide, a matching dressing table, 129cm wide and a stained mahogany marble back and top wash stand, (3). £60-80
47.     A late 19th century mahogany drop leaf table with end drawer, on square tapering legs, 126 x 93cm open, an oak fold-over table, a music stool, a Lloyd Loom laundry bin and a lacquered folding cake stand. £30-40
48.     A collection of various paintings, prints and engravings. £30-40
49.     A hardwood panelled two-door wardrobe, 134cm wide, 213cm high. £20-40
50.     An Edwardian oak smokers' hanging wall cabinet with a pair of glazed doors, four small drawers, shelf and pipe rack, 40.5cm wide, 47cm high. £40-60
51.     An E Maurice & Co. gong-striking carriage clock movement, the enamelled dial signed Asprey, and other clock and pocket watch movements. £60-80
52.     A set of three long case clock brass ball finials, spandrels, other clock furniture and a collection of various lenses. £40-60
53.     A collection of clock pendulums, clock dials, bezels, etc. £40-60
54.     An American stained wood rocking chair with upholstered back, seat and arms and an Edwardian upholstered wing back armchair on square tapered front legs, (2). £30-50
55.     20th Century Continent school, A Gentleman Seated Reading and Holding a Musical Instrument, indistinctly signed Laszlo *****, on board, 29 x 23cm, label on back referring to Nadler Laszlo, a wood picture of a village street, a mirror and two framed sets of cigarette cards. £30-50
56.     A Valley 2-ton engine hoist and a trolley jack, (2).
57.     A Champion 1010W router CR1010, a McKellar 1010W rotary hammer drill and other electric hand tools.
58.     A pair of Jetmarine folding ramps.
59.     An Erde 102 trailer (damaged).
60.     A Daxara 148 trailer. £150-250
61.     A Parkside PSE 2800 generator, a Nutool NTET950L generator and a Sealy 6litre air power portable compressor, (3) (af). £60-80
62.     An oak drop-leaf table on barley-twist supports, 177 x 104cm open, four oak-framed dining chairs, a bentwood chair and two rush-seated stools, (8).

66.     A pair of ceramic floral umbrella stands of cylindrical form, 49cm high, 23cm diameter, a pair of large Japanese Satsuma vases decorated with warriors, 55cm (both af) and other ceramics (damages). £50-70
67.     A polished stone chess set, with board, 60cm square and a composite chess set (af). £20-40
68.     •Jonathan Kingdon BAOBAB & ACACIA, NO.5 Unsigned acrylic on board, titled on paper label verso, 62 x 44cm. £10-20
69.     A brassed candlestick telephone, model AT111, converted by Astral Telecommunications Ltd, 32cm high, a vintage brass iron, a brass Benares tray with stand and other metalware. £40-60
Cattermole Cathrey (Late-19th century), 'Cattle in a landscape with windmill', signed watercolour, 51 x 66cm. £30-40
A Buzzi (19th century Italian), 'Interior scene figures taking food at a table', signed watercolour, 52 x 68cm. £30-40
72.     Three Vitreous China "Mendoza Sherry" barrels by Dexan International Ltd, 31cm and one other, marked "UNSD GIN", 28cm high, (4). £15-25
73.     A 1915 Doidges annual, five other 1940's Doidges annuals and a collection of Giles annuals, approximately 40. £10-15
74.     A wooden Black Forest style cuckoo clock, 48cm high, (pendulum lacking), an oak cased chiming mantel clock, 24cm high, a walnut cased chiming mantel clock and a brass 400-day clock under a plastic dome, (4). £50-80
75.     After Barrie A F Clark, Spitfire Mk V, a framed coloured print signed by Max Charlesworth (Sqn Ldr) DFC, 602 Sqn, RAF Kenley, 1941/42, 49.5 x 100cm, other prints and a collection of forty-four RAF and Navy collectors' plates. £30-50
76.     Thirty-four pieces of Royal Albert Moss Rose tea ware, a fifteen-piece Royal Standard floral coffee set, (one cup af) and other tea and dinnerware. £30-40
77.     An HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother commemorative limited edition 44-piece canteen of Royal Pearl EPNS cutlery by Arthur Price for the Royal Mint, no.12/250, with certificate and other plated ware. £30-50
78.     David Peace (20th century), 'Dittisham from the river', a signed oil on board, 44 x 90cm, dated '73. £30-50
79.     A Yashica 635 camera in case, a Brownie no.2 box camera, one other, a pair of Swift Audubon HR 8.5 x 44 binoculars, a pair of Astral HR 10 x 50 binoculars in case and a mahogany carrying case for a scientific instrument. £30-50
80.     A leather suitcase, a leather Gladstone bag, a wooden cash till and other items. £30-40
81.     •Eric Erskine Campbell Tufnell (1888-1978) HMS STALKER D91 ESCORT AIRCRAFT CARRIER Signed and titled watercolour, 26 x 37cm. £15-20
82.     Twenty-one pieces of Tuscan China Plant tea ware and other part tea sets. £20-30
83.     An Arthur Price of England eight-place setting canteen by Cooper Ludlam in fitted wooden box. £50-80
84.     Four Beswick character jugs, Sairey Gamp, Scrooge, Micawber, Tony Weller, a Staffordshire character jug, Mr Pickwick and three Beswick teapots, Sam Weller, Sairey Gamp, Dolly Varden, (8). £50-80
85.     Two silver-mounted cut-glass decanters, (a/f), miniature cups, saucers and other Continental ceramics, (mainly damaged and repaired). £30-50
86.     A pair of brass fire dogs, 30cm high, a pair of brass candle sconces and other brassware. £30-40
87.     A quantity of play-worn diecast models, annuals, etc. £10-15
88.     A large Continental white and gilt ceramic planter, 42cm long, various Royal Worcester 'Evesham' pattern ceramics, a Continental beige glass bowl on stand and miscellaneous items. £30-50
89.     A pair of Oriental carved bamboo brush pots, 32.5cm high, a rectangular lacquered box, an oak mantel clock, 15cm high and other items. £30-40
90.     A Fieldings Crown Devon On Ilkla Moor Baht'At musical jug, 19.5cm high. £20-30
91.     A Hermle Franklin Mint York Minster Cathedral skeleton clock on circular wooden base with glass dome, 29cm high. £30-40
92.     A Sunderland jug in pink lustre and black transfer decoration, having polychrome over painting with Crimean War Memorial May They Ever Be United on one side and a view of Burdon iron bridge over the River Wear on the other, 14cm high. £30-40
93.     A large Royal Doulton flower encrusted bowl, 14cm high, three similar ornaments and six modern figure ornaments, (10). £20-30
94.     Two Mary Gregory style green glass beakers, a pink crackle glass jug, 19cm high, modern glass paperweights and other glassware. £20-40
95.     A quantity of boxed and loose plated cutlery, a Collis & Co plated oval two-handled bowl and cover, other plated ware, a glass decanter and other glassware and ceramics. £40-60
96.     •Gurzynski, 'Simi', a limited edition coloured screen print, 7/7, signed and titled in pencil on mount, 49 x 37cm and another, Ann Tabak, 'Home Thoughts from Abroad', a limited edition screen print and collage, signed and titled in pencil on mount, (2). £20-30
97.     A small collection of Mason's Mandalay ceramics including a graduated set of three jugs, a chamber stick and snuffer, vases, a Hammersley floral three-division dish and other ceramics. £30-50
98.     A Corgi Eddie Stobart Ltd motorway truck set, a Spirit of St Louis radio/alarm clock, three two-piece pool cues and other items. £20-40
99.     A Zenit EM and a Zenit E camera and other photographic accessories. £10-20
100.    Four Royal Doulton figurines, Southern Belle, HN2229, 20cm, Delight, HN1772, 18cm, Babie HN1679, 12.5cm, and The Ballerina HN2116, 18cm (small chip to hem of dress), (4). £60-80
101.    Six Royal Doulton character jugs: Glen Miller, (no glasses), D6970, 18cm, Long John Silver, D6335, 18cm, Robin Hood, D6527, 18cm, Mine Host, D6468, 17.5cm, Beefeaters, D6206, 17cm, Falstaff, D6287, 16cm, (6). £40-60
102.    A Decca Junior portable gramophone, a Philips type 341A radio and a Bush type DAC 90A radio, (3). £30-40
103.    A Beswick panda, impressed 720, 10cm and other modern animal figures. £20-30
104.    Two Royal Doulton figurines, The Old Balloon Seller, HN1315, 19cm, The Balloon Man, HN1954, 18cm and a Leonardo Collection figure of the Balloon Lady, 22cm, (3). £40-60
105.    A Wade figurine, HRH Princess Elizabeth, 15.5cm high, designed by Jessie Van Hallen. £20-30
106.    A modern cut-glass ice bucket of slightly-flared shape, with silvered metal mounts, 21cm high. £30-40
107.    A pair of late 19th century Staffordshire figure groups depicting a young boy and girl seated on a dog, each holding a smaller dog, 15.5cm high, 16cm wide, a Staffordshire figure group of a young man and woman, 33cm high, a Fieldings Crown Devon John Peel jug with fox handle, 14.5cm (af) and a Shorter & Son Father Neptune jug, 17.5cm high, (5). £40-60
108.    A 20th century Naples porcelain table lamp in the form of a young woman, 39cm, and various 19th century Continental porcelain figures, (numerous damages).
. £60-80
109.    An Oriental bronze vase with raised decoration of two birds flying amongst trees and blossom, 24.5 cm high and two carved wood figures of oriental deities, 43cm high, (3). £60-80
110.    Three Beswick horses: foal, (large, head down), 11.5cm, grey gloss, Bois Roussel Racehorse (2nd version), 20cm, grey gloss, and Palomino (prancing Arab type, 2nd version) 17cm high, (3). £20-30
111.    A Beswick model, Huntsman, style two, standing, 21cm, brown gloss, two foxes, standing and two foxhounds, (5). £40-60
112.    A Beswick model, Mounted Indian, 22cm high. £80-120
113.    A Continental brass carriage clock, the dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary alarm dial, the movement striking on a bell under the base, 15cm high, (one glass panel af). £40-60
114.    A Goodwin, Bridgwood & Harris pottery jug to commemorate the death of George IV, printed in black with a portrait, coat of arms and dates inscription, the borders with flowers of the union, printed mark, 15cm high, (discoloured and restored), a Foley China Queen Victoria Jubilee mug, another manufactured for Harrods, four other Royal commemorative mugs and a small plate. £50-80
115.    Three Wedgwood blue and white jasperware Christmas mugs, 1971/2/7, a Late-Victorian transfer-printed jug depicting street scenes, 13cm high and other ceramics. £30-40
116.    Luigi Allavera, Figures in a Mediterranean Street, a signed watercolour, 20.5 x 9cm and an unsigned watercolour of figures outside an inn, 9.5 x 18cm. £30-50
117.    An inlaid mahogany aneroid barometer/thermometer, 32cm wide, 86cm high. £40-60
118.    A reproduction The Admiral Nelson ships barometer on gimbal mount, by Franklin Mint, 109cm high. £20-40
119.    A Black Forest carved wood sitting bear napkin or salt holder, 18cm high, a pair of hardwood book ends carved with tribal busts, a carved wood inkwell in the form of an owl, 8cm and other wooden items. £40-60
120.    A pair of enamel and mother of pearl opera glasses, three wooden truncheons, a wooden articulated snake, car badges and other miscellanea. £30-50
121.    A pair of small Royal Dux figures of a young girl and boy with ewers, 18.5cm high, a Continental porcelain match holder in the form of a boy with a dog, (af) and other Continental figures, (damages). £30-50
122.    A Worcester Royal China Works miniature jug, 6.5cm high and a bowl, 7.5cm diameter, 4.2cm high with hand painted decoration of a pheasant, (unsigned) and a modern Moorcroft style salt, 9.5cm high, no markings. £30-40
123.    A Canton round pot and cover, the cover decorated with a female figure, the sides with flowers and butterflies, 9.5cm diameter, 6.5cm high, (af), a carved wood figure of a deity, 27cm, (hat missing) and other Oriental items. £40-50
124.    A brass carriage timepiece, the dial marked H Samuel, Made in England, 15cm high, A German brass 400-day clock under a glass dome and three other clocks, (5). £50-80
125.    A collection of thirteen fountain pens, other pens, nibs, etc. £50-80
126.    A turned wood chess set, king 7.5cm, (one black pawn replaced, another part chess set stamped Bancroft, various military buttons, etc, plated cutlery, keys, etc. £40-60
127.    19th Century English school, Stonehenge, Wilts, an unsigned oil on canvas, 23.5 x 39cm. £20-40
128.    David Whittley, Commandos from 40 Commando Anti-Tank Troop March Towards Port Stanley, (taken from a photograph), a signed oil on canvas, dated 1983, 39 x 60cm. £20-30
129.    A Georgian-style mahogany and parcel gilt wall mirror, 40 x 70cm, an Edwardian two-handled concave-sided tray and a Prattware pot lid 'Strasburg', 11cm diameter, in wood frame, (3). £20-30
130.    A framed rectangular bas-relief plaque of The Last Supper, signed in left bottom corner Putinati, F 1818, 8 x 14cm, five walking canes, a walking stick and other items. £50-90
131.    A pair of black ground Staffordshire spaniels, 34cm high, gilt collar faded, a Royal Doulton stoneware jardinière, 18cm diameter, 17cm high, other ceramics and glassware, a birdcage clock, 16cm high, af, and other items. £40-60
132.    A full-size violin with paper label, Apres Guarelagnini Lorengo, another violin, a bow, a small banjo, (all af) and a metronome. £40-60
133.    Two kukri knives (af), two pairs of horse hames and other items. £30-40
134.    A Beswick set of three graduated flying ducks, 596/1, 596/3, 596/4, (one af). £30-40
135.    A 19th century glass rummer, various drinking glasses, inkwells, a light fitting, other glassware, etc. £30-40
136.    A wooden model of HMS Victory, on stand, 50cm long, 45cm high and four other ships models, (5). £20-30
137.    A vintage leather suitcase by Nam Ha Leather Factory, Hong Kong, Shanghai, 76 x 42cm, 20cm high. £20-30
138.    Jos Neugebauer, Young Boy Sitting Against a Tree Trunk, signed watercolour, dated 1880. 9 x 8.5cm and another of a young girl wearing an apron over a blue dress, signed and dated 1879, 14 x 11.5cm, (2). £40-60
139.    A silhouette of a gentleman, in a maple frame, 13.5 x 10cm and other pictures and prints. £20-30
140.    A collection of sixty silk pictures depicting oriental subjects, figures, boats and horses, signed Biky, (60). £30-50
141.    A pair of reproduction brass basket-hilted swords, (2). £10-20
142.    A 20th century model of Dahlgren's 1861 Howitzer with cast metal mounts and stained beech frames, spoked wheels and applied plaque, barrel 19cm long, (af), another smaller metal and brass cannon, twelve composite guardsmen, 16.5cm high and other military figures. £40-50
143.    A five-piece plated tea service, an oval galleried tray, plated cutlery, two entrée dishes and covers and other plated ware. £60-80
144.    A pair of Falconware two-handled lidded vases decorated with Oriental figures and lanterns on a blue ground, 29cm, a graduated set of three jugs and other ceramics. £40-60
145.    Various glassware including a part-suite of drinking glasses, four decanters, a frosted glass ice bucket with plated mount and handle, etc. £30-50
146.    Two folding bookends with applied gilt cherubs, 42cm, a piece of coral, a Helveco calendar clock, a copper coal helmet and other metalware, etc. £30-50
147.    Various porcelain and ceramic figures, some af, a Spode Mayflower plate and other items. £20-40
148.    Various part tea sets, dinnerware and other ceramics. £20-40
149.    A black slate and green marble striking drum mantel clock, the white chapter ring enclosing a recessed visible escapement, signed Henry Marc, Paris, within a scrolling stepped case, 29cm high, (chips to case). £40-60
150.    A violin labelled for John G Murdoch, in case with bow. £20-30
151.    A collection of sixteen 20th century Oriental ceramic and composite snuff bottles, (16). £20-40
152.    Two Royal Doulton figures, Rose, HN1416 and The Little Bridesmaid, HN1434 and thirteen pieces of WH Goss crested ware. £30-40
153.    A late 19th century Crown Derby Imari decorated teapot, factory mark no.383 to base, (hairline crack to rim of lid), a matching cream jug, 8cm high, 19th century English tea bowls and other porcelain (some damages). £100-200
163.    Three 9ct gold gem set rings, 4.5g. £40-60
164.    Two silver one-troy ounce ingots, three silver fob medallions, a silver swivel fob and other items,___8oz approx. £50-80
165.    A quantity of costume jewellery. £30-50
166.    A plated Dupont lighter and a quantity of wrist watches and cufflinks. £40-60
167.    A Northamptonshire ARP car badge, two other car badges, a silver ARP lapel badge, three 1950's Ascot Iron Stand members medallion, other later medallions and a Rupert League badge. £30-50
A necklace of three strings of graduated cultured pearls with 8/8-cut diamond set Art Deco clasp, 40cm. £60-80
169.    An Edwardian 9ct gold bar brooch set a heart-shaped citrine within a surround of seed pearls, 6cm long, 5.7g. £50-70
A string of fifty-seven uniform cultured pearls, 8mm diameter approximately, 56cm long, (no clasp), 46g. £40-60
171.    An Edwardian 9ct gold garnet and diamond crescent brooch set thirteen graduated garnets with diamond accents, hallmarked for Chester, date marked rubbed, 5cm, 3.5g. £60-80
172.    A quantity of costume jewellery, watches and other items. £30-50
173.    A modern silver watch chain, a horseshoe locket (af), and other items of jewellery. £50-60
174.    Six shell cameos (some af), a framed miniature of a young girl, dated 1922 and other items. £40-60
175.    A quantity of costume jewellery including a Murano type glass bead necklace.
176.    A gentleman's fitted leather travelling case, The Gladstone, opening to reveal a collection of silver mounted bottles, grooming equipment, writing equipment and gentleman's necessaries, silver mounts dated 1882-3, 40cm long, 35cm high. £150-200
177.    A two-strand necklace of graduated cultured pearls, various Victorian and later brooches and other items. £40-60
178.    A 9ct gold gem set "DEAREST" ring, a three-stone diamond cross-over ring and two other rings, (4), total weight 3g approx. £50-70
179.    A 9ct gold snake ring with diamond point eyes, a 9ct gold half hoop ring set sapphires and a 9ct gold peridot and diamond point ring, (af), total weight 2g approx. £30-50
180.    An S Mordan telescopic pencil barrel (no pencil inside), 13 cm extended, will not retract completely, and a quantity of coral and other red beads. £30-40
181.    Lalique, a boxed silver ring set a clear glass cabochon, size J. £30-50
182.    A string of fifty-four uniformly-sized cultured pearls, 7mm diameter approx, to a 9ct gold clasp. £40-60
183.    A Victorian gold brooch set a turquoise cluster in marquise mount with cannetile decoration and locket back, total weight 8.8g (af), a string of simulated jade paste beads and two pairs of earrings.
. £70-90
184.    A 19th century circular gold locket with raised floral decoration, on plated chain. £40-60
185.    A white metal conical trophy cup with loaded base by Helge Hodne, 17.5cm high. £40-60
186.    An Indian white metal bowl with leaf decorated border, 16cm diameter and other items. £20-30
187.    A small quantity of plated ware, a leather bag and other items. £20-40
188.    A pair of silver sugar tongs, London 1806, a silver napkin ring, a silver back prayer book and a silver back clothes brush, (4). £15-25
189.    A Continental oval white metal plaque depicting a cherub amongst grapes and vines, stamped EK 830, 10.5 x 7.5cm, framed, a collection of Continental enamelled silver coats of arms and other metalware. £30-40
190.    A late 19th century silver mounted ivory page turner, Birmingham 1888, 18cm, parts of a late 19th century ivory box and other items. £40-50
191.    Three sets of travelling apothecary scales and weights, in fitted wooden cases, (3). £20-40
192.    A collection of various metal decanter labels, metal plaques, etc. £20-40
193.    Two "Jerusalem" wooden paper knives, various cigar and cigarette holders (af), and other items. £30-50
194.    A Christofle et Cardeilhac silver tot glass, 5cm high.
195.    A white metal-framed hand mirror and hairbrush, both stamped Wingon Co.H.K, a silver sifter spoon, Sheffield 1909, a small silver Mayflower dish and other small silver, weighable silver___4oz. £30-50