Sale of Wines, Port & Spirits, Vintage Tools, Antiques & Collectables
on Tuesday 20th October at 10.30am

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1.      Chateau Gloria, 2003 St Julian, France, owc, twelve bottles, (12). £250-350
2.      Chateau Gloria, 1982, owc (case damaged), twelve bottles, (12). £250-300
3.      Chateau Talbot, 1996, owc (case damaged), twelve bottles, (12). £300-500
4.      Sichel Sirius, Bordeaux 1996, owc (open, twelve bottles, (12). £80-100
5.      Chateau Garraud, 1998 750ml 12.5%, twelve bottles in cardboard case, (damaged), (12). £100-150
6.      Chateau Tour St Bonnet, Medoc 2003 75cl 13.5%, twelve bottles, (12). £100-150
7.      Chateau Batailley, Grand Cru Classe Pauillac, 1998, owc, twelve bottles, (12). £300-400
8.      Chateau Beychevelle, 1998 1500ml 12.5%, owc (open), six magnums, (6). £300-500
9.      Chateau Talbot, St Julian 1998, 1.5L, owc, six bottles, (6). £400-500
10.     Chateau Picque Caillou, Grand Vin de Graves 1985, six 1.5L bottles, owc (open), (labels damaged), (6). £250-350
11.     Chateau Brane-Cantenac, Margaux 1964, two bottles mid-shoulder, two bottles bottom-shoulder, (three capsules intact, one damaged, labels damaged), also one other bottle, unlabelled, capsule Chateau Margaux, mid-shoulder, (5). £20-40
12.     Chateau Olivier, Pessac-Leognan 2015, 75cl, owc, six bottles, (6). £140-180
13.     Chateau Olivier, Pessac-Leognan 2015, 75cl, owc, six bottles, (6). £140-180
14.     Chateau Notton, Margaux, 2013 75cl, five bottles, (5). £90-140
15.     Plaisir de Siaurac, Lalande de Pomerol 2013, 150cl, three magnums, (3). £100-150
16.     Chateau Chauvin, Grand Cru Classe Saint Emilion 2005, 75cl, owc, twelve bottles, (12). £330-400
17.     Chateau Pedesclaux, 5ème Cru Pauillac 2014, 75cl, owc, twelve bottles, (12). £200-280
18.     Chateau d'Arsac, Margaux 2009, 75cl, owc, twelve bottles, (12). £250-350
19.     Fleur de Pedesclaux, 75cl, four bottles and Chateau Notton, 75cl, two bottles, (6). £90-140
20.     Alleno + Chapoutier Guer-Van, Crozes-Hermitage 2015, 75cl, six bottles, (6). £90-140
21.     Ladoix Vieille Vigne, Burgundy 2014, 75cl, six bottles, (6). £80-120
22.     Marques de Riscal Reserva, Rioja 2014, 150cl, six magnums, (6). £180-240
23.     Marques de Riscal Reserva, Rioja 2014, 150cl, six magnums, (6). £180-240
24.     Chablis Grand Cru Blanchot 1987, 75cl 13%, four bottles, Chablis Premier Cru (Ferdinand Jossot), 750ml 12.5%, two bottles, Les Closiers Chateauneuf-Pape 2010, 2011, two bottles, Pouilly-Fuissé 1985, 75cl 13%, one bottle and three others, (12). £40-60
25.     A mixed case of eleven white wines, including Viognier, four bottles and Ockfener Bockstein 1994, two bottles, (11). £30-50
26.     Shiraz Cabernet South Eastern Australia, 2004 750ml 13.5%, Direct Wines Ltd, one bottle and six bottles of mixed non-vintage red wine, (7). £20-40
27.     Chateau Beauregard, Saint-Julien 1967 (F & E May Ltd), five bottles, (soiled labels and capsules intact), Chateau Haut-Beychevelle Gloria 1970, one bottle, mid-shoulder and seven other bottles, labels unreadable, levels vary, (13). £30-50
28.     Sauternes, Chateau Filhot 750ml 14%, (low neck, labels and capsules fair), two bottles, (2). £40-60
29.     France, Chateau Montus, Madiran, mixed 1990's, six bottles, (6). £100-150
30.     Chateau de Rayne/Vigneau, 2005, 750ml 13.5%, one bottle, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, 75cl 15%, one bottle 1986 and one bottle 1985 and Chateau Archambeau 1967, one bottle, (4). £80-120
34.     A modern silver Port label 'Mayflower 1620', with cast decoration of the Mayflower, 5.5 x 4.5cm, London 1970, ___1.2oz. £20-30
35.     Warres, 1985 (bottled '87) 75cl, four bottles, (4). £100-150
36.     W & J Graham's, 1977 (bottled '79) 75cl 21%, five bottles, (clean intact capsules), (5). £200-300
37.     Fonseca Guimaraens, Quinto do Panascal 1977 (bottled '79) 75cl 21%, three bottles, (3). £70-90
38.     Taylor's, 1985 75cl 20.5%, (clean labels, perfect capsule), (1). £50-80
39.     Croft, 1963, (low neck, label scuffed), perfect capsule, one bottle, (1). £50-80
40.     Martinez, 1955 (label lacking, bottom neck), (1). £60-80
41.     Quinta do Noval, 1985 75cl 20%, (labels and capsules intact), twelve bottles, (12). £350-450
42.     Warre's, 1977 twelve bottles, owc, (five bottles show slight seepage), (12). £300-400
43.     Feuerheerd, 1985 70cl 20%, (capsules and labels intact), six bottles, (6). £140-160
44.     Graham's, 1980 75cl, six bottles in wooden case, (capsules and labels intact), (6). £180-220
45.     Niepoort, 2000 750ml 20.5%, five bottles, owc, (capsules intact), (5). £80-120
46.     Quinta do Vale d. Maria, 2000 750ml, owc, six bottles, (6). £100-150
47.     Dow's, 1980 75cl, (two labels damaged, capsules intact), eight bottles, (8). £240-300
48.     Dow's, 1997 75cl 20%, (capsules intact, labels poor, two missing), five bottles, (5). £100-150
49.     Gould Campbell, 1997 75cl 20%, five bottles and 2000, three bottles, (capsules intact, labels damaged), (8). £100-150
50.     Warres, 1997 75cl 20%, (capsules intact, labels damaged, some missing, seven bottles, (7). £150-200
51.     Smith Woodhouse, 1997 (bottled 1999) 75cl 20%, (capsules intact, labels damaged or missing), six bottles, (6). £80-120
52.     Fonseca, 1970 (bottled in 1972), two bottles and Cockburn's 2000, 75cl 20%, one bottle, (capsules intact, labels damaged), (3). £40-60
53.     Quarles Harris, 2000 75cl 20%, two bottles, (capsules intact, water damage to labels), (2). £40-60
54.     Warre's, Quinta da Cavadinha 1996 75cl 20%, one bottle in presentation case, (1). £10-15
55.     Graham's, 1980 75cl, case of twelve bottles, owc, (capsule and labels intact), (12). £350-450
56.     Martinez, 2000, 75cl 20%, (labels damaged, one capsule torn), three bottles, (3). £40-60
57.     Smith Woodhouse, 1983 (bottled '85), 75cl, (capsules intact, labels damaged), two bottles, (2). £40-60
58.     Croft, 1985, 70cl 20.5%, (capsules intact, labels damaged), five bottles, (5). £150-250
59.     Fonseca 2009 Vintage Port, 37.5cl, owc, twelve half-bottles, (12). £160-240
60.     LBV Port, Porto Pocas LBV 1998, one bottle, Taylor's 2011, one bottle, 2013, one bottle and Graham's 2013, one bottle, (4). £30-40
61.     Pelegrino Marsala Superiore, 75cl 18%, one bottle, Blandy's Madeira, 75cl 19%, one bottle, Lustan East India Solera Sherry, 75cl 20%, one bottle and Crabbies Old Scottish Green Ginger Wine, 23.5%, one bottle, (4). £30-40
62.     Barros Colheita 1980, one bottle in wood box, (stencil and capsule intact), (1). £40-50
63.     A collection of approximately eighty alcohol miniatures. £10-20
64.     A collection of whisky miniatures, (16), (two with low levels), Drambuie 35cl 40%, two bottles and five various miniatures. £20-30
65.     Knockando, 1978 (bottled 1993) Justerini & Brooks Ltd 70cl 40%, in cardboard box. £60-80
66.     The Balvenie, 10yr old Founders Reserve 75cl 40%, in box. £100-150
67.     The Glendronach Original 12yr old whisky, 75cl 40%, in box. £60-80
68.     The Glendronach 18yr old whisky, 75cl 43%, dist. 1972, bottom neck, bottle number 000537, in box, (wear to box). £400-600
69.     The Glenlivet, 12yr old 75cl 40%, in original paper wrapping and box, (1). £20-30
70.     Glen Moray, 12yr old 70cl 40%, in tin box and Johnnie Walker Black Label 12yr old, 70cl 40% (blended), (high shoulder), in box, (2). £20-30
71.     Remy Martin, Fine Champagne Cognac, 68.2cl, 70%. £10-20
72.     Glenturret, 12yr old 70cl 40%, no.246584. £30-40
73.     Glen Moray, Speyside single malt whisky, 70cl, 40%, in box and a collection of miniatures. £20-40
74.     Laphroaig, The Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund bottled, a commemorative bottle of Laphroaig Whisky in presentation box, 15-yrs aged, 70cl, 43%, From a cask signed by HRH The Prince of Wales during his visit to Laphroaig Distillery on Islay in June 1994, also In recognition of the granting of The Royal Warrant earlier the same year, signed by distillery manager and numbered '242', of 290. £200-300
75.     Chivas Regal, 12-yr old blended whisky, 70cl, 40%, one bottle, Famous Grouse, 1L, 40%, one bottle and Bells Whisky, 35cl, 40%, one bottle, (3). £15-25
76.     A collection of approximately forty-five whisky miniatures. £20-30
85.     A collection of chisels, a Stanley plane and other tools, in two boxes. £30-40
86.     Two braces and a collection of auger bits, a wood, iron and brass plane and other tools. £20-40
87.     A collection of wooden planes and other tools, in three wooden tool boxes. £30-50
88.     A collection of Marples mortice chisels, gouges and carving tools with hardwood handles, (22). £40-60
89.     A collection of Marples, Herring Bros and other mortice chisels, gouges and carving tools with hardwood handles, (22). £50-80
90.     A Marple & Son mortice chisel with boxwood handle and other boxwood-handled chisels, gouges and carving chisels. £30-50
91.     A collection of 50 carving and other chisels. £40-60
92.     A collection of 8 firmer chisels, gouges by Peter Ross, Stormont and others and a Marples sash pocket chisel, (9). £40-60
93.     A set of six Stormont mortice chisels with boxwood handles, in home-made box. £20-40
94.     A collection of 19th century and later carving chisels, gouges and pairing tools, by Herring, Addis and others, (24). £40-60
95.     A collection of bookbinding and other tools and five lignum rulers. £30-50
96.     A heavy brass mitre plane with dovetailed brass sole, 24 x 5.5cm, rosewood infill and wedge and 2-inch Marples iron. £100-200
97.     A small heavy brass mitre plane with 18.5 x 48cm dovetailed brass sole, rosewood and beech infills and rosewood wedge, the ½-inch iron with indistinct maker's stamp. £50-100
98.     Norris, London, a 7½ x 2½ steel plane with wood infills and Marples iron, (damage to nose and overall corrosion) and a Slater 9-inch x 2½-inch brass smoothing plane with wood grip and Marples iron, (corrosion). £30-50
99.     Three small brass and wood rebate planes, (in poor condition), (3). £30-50
100.    A Record no. 073 shoulder plane and a Record no.077A bullnose plane, (both with some rust), (2). £20-40
101.    A Stanley 55 universal plane with 48 blades, in four boxes, (in poor condition). £40-60
102.    A Stanley 98-side rabbet plane, a Stanley no.81 scraper with rosewood sole, a Record no.080 scraper and other scrapers and damaged tools. £40-60
103.    A Stanley 140 block plane, a brass-mounted J Rabone spirit level, 30cm long and other tools, in box. £20-40
104.    A collection of tools, including a wood plough plane, a brace and two wood-handled draw knives. £30-50
105.    A collection of sail makers, wood fids, palms and other tools, in two tool boxes. £30-50
106.    A Stanley 55 universal plane with blades, in box and a tongue and groove plane, (unmarked), (2). £30-50
107.    A collection of tools, including wooden planes, two braces, bits and other tools. £30-50
108.    An antique cast iron pillar drill, 60cm high. £30-50
109.    An early-20th century carpenter's or shipwright's box, with fitted interior, 95cm wide, 49cm deep, 50cm high. £80-120
120.    A Georgian mahogany corner wash stand, the lower tier fitted with a drawer, 61cm wide, 82cm high, a Victorian three-tier whatnot, (casters lacking) and a damaged tripod table, (3). £30-50
121.    An antique oak hanging corner cupboard with swan-neck pediment above a glazed door, 74cm wide, 115cm high and an antique oak fall-front bureau, (2). £30-40
122.    A 20th century stained hardwood long foot stool, with woven leather seat and low arms, on turned legs with stretchers, 92cm long, 41cm high. £30-40
123.    A Victorian mahogany folding bagatelle board with cues and balls, 214cm long, 56cm wide. £30-40
124.    A pair of buffalo or cow horns, 107cm wide. £30-50
125.    M Dowson, 'Moorland Scene', signed watercolour, 19 x 29cm and a companion, a pair, C M Rowe, a pair of watercolours 'Coastal Scenes' and other watercolours. £20-40
126.    H S Morrit?, 'Fishing boats in harbour', signed watercolour, 28 x 38cm and another 'Fishing Village', with other watercolours. £30-50
127.    An Ercol light oak sideboard, 153cm wide, 69cm high. £100-150
128.    A small Ercol two-door sideboard, 91cm wide, 70cm high. £40-60
129.    An Ercol oval drop-leaf dining table, 128cm wide, 133cm long (open) and five spindle-back chairs. £50-80
130.    An Ercol two-shelf plate rack, 97cm wide, 50cm high. £30-40
131.    A 1970's teak-framed rectangular mirror, 51cm wide, 88cm high, a 1970's plant stand and a pine stool, (3). £10-20
132.    A modern craftsman-built hardwood rectangular coffee table on short chamfered legs, 42cm wide, 88cm long. £20-40
133.    Two large glazed pottery planters of baluster shape, 66cm and 60cm high. £30-50
134.    Two large glazed pottery planters, 50cm high. £30-50
135.    An antique pine housekeeper's cupboard, the cornice above four panelled doors enclosing shelves, 136cm wide, 201cm high. £100-150
136.    Indistinctly-signed, 'Flamingos', coloured screen print, signature in pencil within mount, 51 x 39cm. £20-30
137.    After Gould & Richter, a pair of late-19th century coloured engravings 'Toucans', 52 x 39cm, (2). £20-40
138.    An early-20th century monochrome oil painting, 'The Hunt meet', unsigned oil on canvas, 67 x 87cm, dated December 1902, (small hole in canvas). £30-50
139.    A G-Plan rectangular hardwood single-drawer table, on brass-capped square legs, 54cm wide, 53cm high, (pressed gilt logo in drawer) and a modern Oriental rug, 82 x 155cm, (2). £20-30
140.    An Edwardian walnut small Sutherland table, with drop leaves, on turned legs, 62 x 50cm open. £10-20
141.    Fenclocks, Suffolk, a modern mahogany long case clock, the anodised brass dial with sun/moon phase and chiming movement, 196cm high. £30-50
142.    An early-20th century birds-eye maple wardrobe, the cornice above a central mirrored door flanked by two cupboard doors and four drawers, above a two-drawer base, 154cm wide, 206cm high, with a matching dressing table and bedside cupboard, (3). £80-120
143.    A mid-20th century walnut chest, the serpentine top above six long cockbeaded drawers, on scroll feet, 70cm wide, 109cm high. £30-40
144.    An Edwardian mahogany knee-hole desk, the rectangular top with inset above three frieze drawers and six pedestal drawers, 121cm wide, 75cm high, 62cm deep. £60-80
145.    A Georgian mahogany lowboy, the rectangular top above three frieze drawers, on turned legs, 77.5cm wide, 70cm high, 49cm deep. £30-50
146.    A walnut-framed upholstered seat stool on cabriole legs, a gilt frame triptych mirror, a gilt frame wall mirror and two watercolours, (5). £30-40
147.    A late-20th century mahogany finish open bookshelf, the rectangular top above a drawer and shelves, 76cm wide, 88cm high, together with a mahogany finish two-drawer filing cabinet, 52cm wide, 79cm high, (2). £20-30
148.    A late-19th century mahogany Pembroke table fitted with an end drawer, on turned legs, 104 x 89cm (open), a 19th century circular-top table on turned and fluted column and triform base, 45cm diameter, 61cm high, (later top) and a painted occasional table, (3). £30-50
149.    A 20th century shaped rectangular occasional table, the top painted to simulate parquetry, 54cm, 69cm high. £20-30
150.    A Georgian mahogany and oak long case clock, with arch painted dial and 8-day bell-striking movement, face painted W Robinson, Darlington. £80-120
151.    A large pine-framed mirror, 194 x 81cm. £50-80
152.    A 1920's oak-cased chiming wall clock, 78cm high. £20-30
153.    An Edwardian button-back upholstered tub armchair on square tapered front legs and a similarly-upholstered Edwardian corner chair, (2). £50-80
154.    A pair of painted rattan armchairs with loose cushions and a matching stool, (3). £20-30
155.    An alloy post box on pedestal column, three alloy garden chairs and other items. £20-30
156.    Four concrete garden planters. £20-40
157.    A cast concrete reeded pedestal column, 40cm high and two cast concrete oval decorative plaques, (3). £20-40
158.    A cast concrete wall-mounted water feature in the form of a lion's head with font, 76cm high, 44cm wide. £20-30
159.    A Georgian oak corner cupboard with dentil cornice, 72cm wide, 108cm high. £10-20
160.    After Christine Silver, 'Silhouette female figure in period dress holding flowers in a garden', framed oval, signed watercolour, 68 x 48cm and five similar smaller signed watercolours, (6). £20-30
161.    After Hugh Casson, 'HM Royal Yacht Britannia, Tower Bridge', a framed coloured print, 26 x 20cm, two others, 'Albert Memorial, Coulton House Terrace', two prints after Annie Retivat and one other picture, (6). £20-30
162.    A set of four early-20th century Chippendale-style dining chairs, (4). £30-40
163.    E P Allen, 'Figures in a market square', signed watercolour, 25.5 x 31.5cm, W A D King, 'Landscape with ducks beside a river', signed watercolour, 36 x 50cm and other watercolours. £30-40
164.    A late-19th century circular-top ebonised gypsy table, on turned cross-form legs united by a turning ball, 53cm diameter, 61cm high. £30-40
165.    An Akita camera and accessories in silver-coloured metal case and a collection of other cameras and accessories. £30-50
166.    Three Coalport Snowman characters: 'The Hug', 'The Wrong Nose', 'Dressing Up', all with boxes, (3). £30-40
167.    Three Royal Doulton figurines: 'Victoria' HN4623, boxed, 'Christmas Day' HN4757, both with certificates, 'Jayne' HN4524 and a Coalport figure 'Amanda', no certificates, (4). £40-60
168.    A Royal Doulton character jug 'North Staffordshire Drummer Boy' D7211, boxed with certificate and five Wade figures, including 'Collectus Boy Fairy' 1350/2500, with certificate, 'Ripley 1998', 'Camping Bear 1998', 'Newark 1998' and 'Fish Waiter 1998', (6). £30-50
175.    W H Earp, three signed watercolour paintings, 'Woodland scene with figures in a rowing boat on a lake and figures on a path', 21.5 x 53cm with a companion, a pair, also, 'Sailing boats on river with mountainous landscape', 54 x 24.5cm, (3). £20-40
176.    An Edwardian oak-cased wall clock, the circular enamelled dial with slow/fast aperture, 24cm diameter and other items. £20-30
177.    A Coalport 'Paradise' coffee service in original box, other ceramics and miscellaneous items. £20-30
178.    A collection of Royal Doulton 'Larchmont' dinner ware and other ceramics. £20-30
179.    Eight Waterford crystal 'Tramore' hock glasses in two boxes and other glassware. £20-30
180.    A collection of Worcester transfer-printed pink and gilt dinner ware, approximately twenty pieces, Shelley tea ware and other ceramics. £30-40
181.    A pair of glass bowls in the form of swans, a Whitefriars-style blue glass textured vase and other coloured and clear glassware. £20-40
182.    A Corona Elizabeth II Coronation doll's tea set, boxed and other ceramics. £20-30
183.    Arthur Read, 'Gutter Tor, Dartmoor', signed oil on canvas, 50 x 90cm. £30-50
184.    Arthur Read, 'Wooded Landscape', signed oil on canvas, 59 x 90cm and another, 'The Hay Cart', signed oil on canvas, 60 x 90cm, (2). £40-60
185.    A Malling octagonal shape jug, various ceramic jugs and miscellaneous items. £30-40
186.    A collection of good quality art books, mainly contemporary. £10-20
187.    Various plated ware, copper, brass and other metal ware. £30-40
188.    A Loetz-style iridescent glass vase, 15cm diameter, a Royal Doulton plate decorated with ducks and other ceramics and glassware. £20-30
189.    A collection of Lladro bells and baubles, 1998 - 2009, (25). £30-40
190.    A modern .925 silver bottle coaster, 10cm diameter and other plated ware. £20-30
191.    A Coalport figurine 'Sunday Best', a Royal Copenhagen figure of a Robin, 6.5cm high, a similar smaller model and other animals and figurines. £20-30
192.    A Coalport for Jaguar 'Camelot' pattern coffee service, in box, a Grafton 'Malvern' tea service, twenty-one pieces and other ceramics. £30-40
193.    Two wall mirrors, a repainted wall clock, various table lamps and miscellaneous items. £30-40
194.    Modern glass decanters, two glass pickle jars and covers, other glassware and ceramics. £20-40
195.    A collection of Rye Pottery 'Canterbury Tale' figures, two modern ceramic geisha figures and miscellaneous items. £20-40
196.    Twenty pieces of Royal Albert 'Serena' tea ware, thirty-five pieces of Allertons floral-decorated tea ware and other ceramics. £20-30
197.    A Plichta pig decorated with clover flowers and leaves, 12cm long, a collection of five Carn Pottery cats and other ceramics. £20-30
198.    A modern 'Imari' decorated model of a pig, 30cm long, a similar cat and rabbit, a Selkirk glass vase, a millefiori paperweight and other glassware. £30-50
199.    A collection of five 20th century Oriental silk-work pictures depicting birds. £10-20
200.    A Deans Rag Book teddy bear, 54cm high. £10-20
201.    A Poole Pottery free-form vase decorated in the 'Totem' (PY) pattern, 36cm high and various professional and amateur pottery items. £40-60
202.    A set of five pictorial ceramic tiles depicting kingfishers, 76 x 15cm, framed. £10-20
203.    A Duntafil Patent carriage lamp, a Garrard mantel clock with presentation inscription and miscellaneous items. £20-40
204.    An Iznic charger, 39cm diameter, two Dresden crinoline figurines and other ceramics. £40-60
205.    An early-20th century blue and white prunus-decorated ginger jar and cover, 20cm high, four smaller ginger jars and a pair of Noritake hexagonal vases. £30-50
206.    A 2-gallon copper measure, a clockwork spit roast by Jonathan Linwood, (a/f) and other metal ware. £30-50
207.    A 1960's cylindrical glass and powder-sprayed metal light fitting, 33cm high and various plated ware, etc. £20-30
207A.   A leather Gladstone bag, 57cm long. £20-30
208.    A Royal Doulton 'Cadenza' tea part-service, approximately 35 pieces, a collection of Derby 'Luxor' pattern tea and dinner ware, approximately 24 pieces and a boxed tea set. £20-30
209.    H Johnson?, 'Figures standing beside pine trees in a landscape', indistinctly-signed oil on canvas, 35 x 44cm. £30-40
210.    A pair of brown and cream studio glass vases of flat ovoid form with long necks, 40cm high, a glass oil lamp, one other and a glass dome, 22cm high, on base. £30-40
211.    An Elliott mahogany-cased 8-day lever bracket-style clock, with Westminster/Whittington chime and carrying handle, 33cm high overall, together with a French floral-encrusted porcelain striking mantel clock, the enamel dial marked Valery A Paris, 28cm high, (damages), (2). £40-60
212.    A collection of vintage pewter ware, including four plates, 23cm diameter, twelve tankards of various sizes, a mug and two pairs of pin trays, 10cm and 8.5cm diameter, many items with touch marks. £20-40
213.    A composite figure group 'Still Lost, Trooper 4th Line Dragoons - Porte Etendard, 5th Light Horse Lancers', in plastic case and two volumes of 'The National Shakespeare, Histories & Comedies'. £20-30
214.    A brass 400-day clock, marked BHA, under glass dome, 29cm high overall, (a/f). £20-30
215.    A mahogany medicine cabinet, the rectangular top above a pair of doors opening to reveal six drawers and shelves, 40cm wide, 48cm high, 16cm deep. £30-50
216.    A collection of decorative 19th and early-20th century cups and saucers, a Hughes and Co. pale blue salt glaze jug and other ceramics. £30-40
217.    An oak biscuit barrel with plated mounts, lid and handle, 25cm high overall, a Firestone rubber tyre ashtray, plated ware and miscellaneous items. £30-40
218.    A Royal Worcester 'Worcester Herbs' vase, 26cm high, other modern ceramics, including collectors' plates, vases, Carltonware, two composite tortoise models and other items. £20-40
219.    A brass oil lamp with tapering fluted column and green/opaque glass shade, 68cm high overall, two brass trivets, a copper kettle, two iron pot hangers and other metal ware. £30-50
220.    Twenty-eight pieces of Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' tea ware, together with matching miniature tea ware, including six cups and saucers, teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, (all boxed) and other ceramics. £30-40
221.    A mahogany brass-bound jewellery box with inset tray, 31cm high, a marble and brass paperweight in the form of a curling stone, 10cm high, 12cm diameter, a cast iron boot scrape and other metal ware and miscellaneous items. £40-60
222.    A Thomas Dimmock (Junr) & Co. kaolin ware 'Mandarin' pattern blue and white meat plate, 45.5 x 35cm, other blue and white ceramics, a glass bowl and other glassware. £20-40
223.    A small collection of play-worn diecast models, two Airfix boxed car kits and miscellaneous items. £10-20
224.    A copper ale muller, 30cm high, parts of an Arnold & Sons microscope and other brass ware. £30-40
225.    A Faience decorated shallow bowl, 36.5cm diameter, 9cm high, two pottery vases and a jug, (4). £30-40
226.    An abstract steel model of a stag, 35cm high and a collection of various prints, a framed modern tile, etc. £20-30
227.    A copper quart jug, 18cm high and a copper ale muller, 37cm high, (2). £10-20
228.    An MB Games 'Star Trek The Next Generation' interactive video board game, a framed coloured print of the four Star Trek commanders and a Star Trek Voyager paperback book. £5-10
229.    A modern Tasman wool rug and other items. £10-20
230.    A Calstock Pottery rectangular plaque, 'Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash', 22 x 9cm, two others, various pottery vases, shallow dishes and other ceramics. £20-30
231.    A small collection of Dartington glass vases and other glassware. £10-20
232.    Fifteen pieces of a Continental dessert service with gilt and floral decoration. £60-80
233.    Four modern cloisonné decorated shaped boxes and covers which form a butterfly when arranged and a rectangular metal floral-decorated tray, (2). £20-30
234.    A pair of 20th century Oriental ginger jars and covers decorated with flowers on a black ground, 17cm high, a pair of Oriental vases decorated with warriors, 20cm and two other pieces of Oriental ware, (6). £20-40
235.    Four white metal table forks, one dessert fork, three tablespoons and five white-metal-handled table knives, all marked .800, weighable ___16oz and a quantity of plated ware. £60-80
236.    Three cut-glass decanters, five cranberry glass wine glasses, a cut-glass bowl, thirteen pieces of Oriental eggshell tea ware decorated with chrysanthemums and other ceramics and glassware. £30-40
237.    Two leather saddles, two metal saddle racks and other items. £10-20
238.    A leather holdall and a collection of various bags, wallets, etc. £10-20
239.    After J C Skinner, 'Broadstairs Beach II', artist's proof, signed with pencil in mount, 10 x 21cm, a companion, 'Low Tide', 2/750, coloured prints and a collection of well-presented framed book plates and prints. £10-20
240.    A pair of wooden nutcrackers in the form of a pair of legs, (a/f), a carved wood nut bowl on elephant stand and other items. £30-40
241.    A limited-edition cartoon print 'Good Colour for Age', 7/600, a collection of well-framed furnishing pictures and prints and two modern oil paintings, 'Still Life' studies signed T Watkins. £20-40
242.    Mark Gibbons, 'Shelley Beach, Exmouth', signed and titled watercolour, 25 x 36.5cm, together with a pastel of a woodland scene, indistinctly-signed, (2). £15-20
243.    A large collection of crafting equipment and materials, textiles and miscellaneous items. £20-30
244.    A Husqvarna Sew-Easy 350 Computer electric sewing machine. £20-30
245.    A circular brass Benares tray, 49cm diameter, (no stand), a small collection of Wrigleys ephemera, first day covers and other items. £20-30
246.    A quantity of first day covers in albums and loose, modern advertising postcards, tea cards and other ephemera. £30-40
247.    A modern Verdigris-finished metal and frosted glass hanging light fitting, 51cm diameter, 63cm high, a matching smaller light fitting, 39cm diameter and a wall light, (3). £20-40
248.    A modern battery-operated oak bracket clock and three early-20th century mantel clocks, (4). £20-40
249.    A 400-day clock under plastic dome, one other and an Enfield Bakelite-cased mantel clock, (3). £20-30
250.    Approximately sixty-five pieces of Wedgwood 'Chester'-decorated dinner and tea ware. £20-30
251.    A collection of various books, in two boxes. £10-20
260.    Malcolm Sutcliffe (20th century), a studio blue glass bowl decorated with dolphins, etched signature to base, 11cm high, 15cm diameter. £40-60
261.    A Sabino opalescent glass vase of bulbous form decorated with leaves, 13cm high, (chip to rim), a large purple glass vase, 35cm high and three other pieces of glass, (5).
262.    A set of twelve each ivory-handled dessert knives and forks by Mappin Brothers, in fitted mahogany case, (splits to some handles). £30-40
263.    A bronzed metal sculpture of a horse's head, on black marble plinth, 31cm high. £50-70
264.    A part-canteen of Oliver & Bower Ltd king's pattern cutlery and other plated ware. £30-40
265.    Two Royal Doulton figurines, 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' HN2048, 'La Sylphide' HN2138, a Sparklets glass and metal mesh soda siphon, a print after Frank Sherwin and an oil painting of a Chinese junk, (5). £20-30
266.    A white metal pot pourri bowl with pierced domed cover and finial, engraved with floral and foliate designs, 17cm diameter, possibly Persian. £30-40
267.    An Underwood & Underwood stereoscopic viewer, together with a collection of approximately seventy various stereoscopic cards. £20-30
268.    Four Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Robin (gold stopper), Rabbit (gold), Goldcrest (silver) and Duck (no stopper), (4). £40-60
269.    A parian figure 'Defeat', depicting a young boy sitting at a table, upon which is an empty bowl, knife and fork, 17cm high, another of a young woman holding a wheat sheaf, 23cm high and one other of a young woman standing next to a horse and cart, 17cm, (3). £40-60
270.    A black slate and marble striking mantel clock of architectural design, with brass pillars, 29.5cm high, (bezel detached). £10-20
271.    A Caithness 'Pastel' glass paperweight, other modern paperweights, a Swarovski glass bear, 7cm high, three other pieces, (a/f) and other glassware. £30-40
272.    Two early-20th century milk jugs and two ironstone plates, (4). £5-10
273.    A pair of Austrian moulded pottery plaques depicting a boy and girl holding farm implements, 31 x 44cm, one undamaged, (2). £20-30
274.    A 20th century French oval brass carriage clock, with white enamel dial escapement, (not operating) and a modern gilt brass brass battery-operated mantel clock, (2). £30-40
275.    A pair of plated three-light candelabra, (a/f), 38cm high, a late-Victorian plated pen and ink stand with green glass wells, a stag's head pen holder and other metal ware. £30-40
276.    Three 19th century Chinese blue and white octagonal dishes decorated with birds and flowers, 21.5cm diameter, (one with hair-line crack, all with small chips to rims), (3).
277.    A pair of Wedgwood Etruria baluster-shaped vases with willow decoration, 23.5cm high, (chip to base on one vase) and a small collection of crested china. £20-40
278.    A collection of nine Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, including 'Appley Dapply', 'Timmie Willie', 'Tom Thumb', 'Samuel Whiskers', 'Timmie Willie Sleeping', all BP-3c, 'Hunca Munca Sweeping', 'Tailor of Gloucester', (a/f), 'Squirrel Nutkin', 'Goody & Timmy Tiptoes', all BP-3b, (9). £40-60
279.    A collection of seven Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, including 'Benjamin Bunny (third version)', 'Poorly Peter Rabbit', 'Mr Benjamin Bunny', 'Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail', 'Tommy Brock', all BP-3c, 'Mrs Tiggy Winkle', 'Peter Rabbit', both BP-3b, (7). £30-50
280.    A collection of seven Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, including 'Susan', 'Tabitha Twitchett', 'Tom Kitten', 'Miss Moppet', 'Mr Drake Puddle-Duck', all BP-3c, 'Jemima Puddleduck', 'Foxy Whiskered Gentleman', both BP-3b, (7). £30-50
281.    A collection of three Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, including 'Mr Alderman Ptolemy', 'Aunt Pettitoes', both BP-3c, 'Mr Jeremy Fisher' BP-3b and four Royal Albert figures, 'Pigling Bland', 'Mother Ladybird', 'Mr Jackson', 'Johnny Town-Mouse with a bag', (7), together with a collection of twenty-three books by F Warne & Co. £30-50
282.    A Royal Worcester blush ivory figurine of 'John Bull', 18cm high, no.851, factory and date mark for 1908. £40-60
283.    A Goebel Schaubach Kunst porcelain figure of a ballerina, 19.5cm high, impressed Kunst 18, factory mark to base. £40-60
284.    A David White studio pottery vase of ovoid form, with narrow neck and broad top, brown and cream ground with crackle decoration, 17.5cm high. £20-40
285.    A Royal Doulton limited edition black basalt 'The Mayflower' loving cup, commemorating the 350th anniversary of its sailing, no.380/500, in original box with certificate. £40-60
286.    A similar lot, no.421/500, in original box with certificate. £40-60
287.    A Royal Worcester limited edition 'The Mayflower Bowl', no.318, in original box with certificate. £40-60
288.    A Spode limited edition 'The Mayflower Plate', no.862, boxed with certificate, a Coalport limited edition 'Mayflower 1620-1970' plate made exclusively for Dingles, Plymouth, in box, no certificate, a Coalport limited edition 'The Mayflower Plate' no.1217, boxed with certificate, a Crown Ducal 'colonial Times' rectangular plate depicting 'The First Sermon Ashore - Plymouth 1621', 31 x 23cm and an Adams plate 'The Mayflower in Plymouth Harbour', a commemoration of Mayflower II built 1956, (5). £20-40
289.    A Historical Heirloom Ltd limited edition miniature sterling silver cream jug, ___7oz, inscribed Commemorating the 350th Anniversary of the Sailing of the Mayflower, the signing of the Compact and the Founding of the Plymouth Colony, 14.5cm high, no.152/2000, in fitted box, complete with COA book, scroll and pamphlet 'A Short History of Eton College and its Silver', in original packaging. £80-120
290.    A similar limited-edition miniature sterling silver cream jug, 87/2000, in fitted box, (no paperwork). £80-100
291.    A Harrods silver limited edition '1620 The Mayflower Goblet' by Richard Woodman Burbidge, ___7½oz, no.309/500, in original fitted box with certificate. £80-120
292.    A similar lot, no.317/500, in original fitted box with certificate. £80-120
293.    A silver 'The Mayflower Dish', 11cm diameter, London 1969, boxed and two similar smaller dishes, 7.5cm diameter, (only one box), total weight ___4.6oz. £50-70
294.    Two silver-cased 'The Mayflower Spoon', London 1970 and three modern silver 'Dartmouth' souvenir spoons, total weight approximately ___3½oz. £30-40
295.    A collection of 'Ladybird' books and other ephemera, mainly about the Mayflower. £10-20
296.    A silver-mounted amethyst negligée necklace, (most of neck chain missing), an Australian Commonwealth Military Force badge, (a/f), costume jewellery and other items. £20-30
297.    A pair of Victorian silver salts, London 1880, a silver pepper pot, London 1896, a pearl-set stick pin, silver brooches, costume jewellery, etc, weighable silver ___3.2oz. £40-60
298.    A gold-plated keyless pocket watch and two silver-cased key-wind pocket watches, (none working), a collection of studs and wrist watches. £30-40
299.    A 19th century heart-shaped watch key and a quantity of gold single earrings, chains, rings, etc, all a/f, gross weight 17g. £200-230
300.    A quantity of silver-mounted jewellery, two Trifari diamanté brooches and other costume jewellery. £30-40
301.    A plated Vesta case in the form of a book, a gold-plated watch chain, a Metropolitan whistle, various watches and other items. £30-40
302.    A 9ct gold ring set amethyst, size K, 2.7g. £30-40
303.    A 9ct rose gold medallion and other items, 5.7g. £70-90
304.    An LNER Railway Service lapel badge, a silver and mother-of-pearl fruit knife and other items. £30-50
305.    Approximately seventy-five Plymouth City Fire Brigade buttons and seven NFS buttons. £30-40
306.    Six vintage GWR buttons, other buttons, including Exeter Police, military, five Acme 'The Thunderer' whistles, the Emca City whistle and an ARP whistle. £30-50
307.    An M Hohner Super Chromica Chromatic Harmonica in original box, no.260½ and a Hero harmonica, (2). £20-30
308.    A rosewood-handled corkscrew, a pair of opera glasses, a US Gauge Co. tyre gauge and other items. £30-40
309.    Various military buttons and various coinage. £10-20
310.    An Oriental watercolour, 'Group of seated figures gathered around battle flag', 18 x 29cm, three modern netsukes and a modern ceramic pottery figure, (5). £10-20
311.    A silver-mounted cut-glass scent bottle with stopper, 19cm and seven other glass scent bottles, (8). £30-40
312.    An early-20th century autograph book, a compendium compact by Kigu, a miniature harmonica by Seydel Söhne 'The Bandmaster' and other items. £30-40
313.    A small collection of 1980's railway badges, first day covers and other railway-related items. £20-30
314.    A quantity of costume jewellery, etc. £30-40
315.    A 10k gold wedding band, size M, 3.4g. £50-60
316.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size L, 2.4g. £80-90
317.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size L, 2.2g. £80-90
318.    A bracelet of square plaque links, each with raised zodiac sign, 16.8g, unmarked. £150-200
319.    A small Vizagapatam box containing silver and white metal jewellery, including a blue and white enamelled silver pendant. £30-40
320.    A quantity of costume jewellery, watches, etc. £20-40
321.    A 9ct gold ring set solitaire synthetic white stone, size M, 3.3g. £30-50
322.    A Sekonda pocket watch, a paste-set spider brooch and other costume jewellery, coins and watches in two jewellery boxes. £40-60
323.    A Swatch "Pop" wrist watch, a Monet simulated pearl necklace and other costume jewellery, in two jewellery cases. £20-30
324.    A gold ring with four-petalled flower set garnets and diamond point, size P, a small gold brooch and a 9ct gold watch bracelet, total weight 7.2g, (3). £80-120
325.    An 18ct gold ring illusion-set three 8/8-cut diamonds, size L, 2g, boxed. £50-60
326.    A lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on 9ct gold expanding bracelet, gross weight 20.6g, (not working). £80-120
327.    A lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on 9ct gold expanding bracelet, gross weight 15.6g. £80-120
328.    A lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on 9ct gold bracelet, (not working), gross weight 12.2g. £90-110
329.    A silver hinged bangle, a gold-plated hinged bangle, two silver charm bracelets, two silver watch chains and other items. £40-60
330.    An 18ct gold wedding band, size N, 6.3g. £170-190
331.    A pair of 9ct rose gold plain cufflinks, 5.4g. £70-90
332.    A 9ct gold pendant on 9ct gold chain, 3.9g. £40-50
333.    A modern wooden jewellery casket and a quantity of costume jewellery and watches, some in jewellery boxes. £40-60
334.    A silver-mounted peridot, amethyst and blister pearl pendant on chain, similar pendants on chains, silver-mounted rings, a string of freshwater pearls and other items. £30-40
335.    A 10ct gold ring set mystic topaz between two diamond points, 3.8g and two other 9ct gold gem-set rings, 8.4g, (3). £80-120
336.    A 9ct gold ring set cameo and a 9ct gold onyx-set ring, 7.4g, (2). £60-80
337.    Two 9ct-gold-mounted smoky quartz-set rings and one similar amethyst-set ring, 11.3g, (3). £60-80
338.    A 9ct gold rope-twist neck chain, 10.1g. £130-150
339.    A 9ct gold locket on gold chain, two pairs of 9ct gold earrings and a single gold earring, 9.9g, (4). £130-150
340.    A 9ct gold wedding band, size K and a 9ct gold eternity ring set white stones, 5.3g, (2). £60-80