Sale of Antiques & Interior Furnishings
on Tuesday 21st January at 10.30am

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1.      A 19th century painted pine dresser in barn condition, the open shelved back above a base fitted with three drawers and cupboard doors, 177cm wide, 194cm high, (in need of restoration). £80-120
2.      Three early 20th century Art Nouveau style sash window leaded light panels, 97 x 107cm, and one smaller, (4). £20-30
3.      An Edwardian satin walnut chest of three drawers, 91cm wide, 83cm high. £30-40
4.      A late-19th century pine blanket chest, 112.5 x 50cm, 51cm high. £40-60
5.      An antique oak low sideboard, the rectangular top above an arrangement of five drawers and two cupboard doors, 143cm wide, 52cm deep, 59cm high, an Edwardian walnut writing desk with two small side drop leaves and three drawers, 81cm, an oak bureau, 60cm, an Art-Deco-style oak frame rocking chair and a corner cupboard, (5).
6.      A modern pine kitchen dresser, with glazed doors above drawers and cupboards, 150cm wide, 214cm high. £60-80
7.      A Globe Wernicke five-tier oak sectional bookcase on base, each section with factory label, 175cm high, 86cm wide. £300-500
8.      A late-Victorian carved oak aneroid barometer/thermometer by Solanson & Co, Bristol, 92cm high. £50-70
9.      A late-Victorian oak spinning chair, the seat carved with a crest and 1896, one other carved oak spinning chair and a stool, (3). £20-40
10.     A 19th century figured mahogany circular-top breakfast table on hexagonal column and triform platform base, 120cm diameter. £60-80
11.     An early-19th century mahogany Bergère caned cradle, on turned stand, cradle 91 x 46cm, 113cm high overall. £80-120
12.     A late-19th/early-20th century brass-bound satin walnut military secretaire chest, the secretaire drawer above two small and two large drawers, on bracket feet, 94cm wide, 48cm deep, 98cm high. £200-300
13.     Arthur Mills, 'Shepherds driving sheep along a lane', signed watercolour, inscribed on mount Returning Flock, South Downs, Sussex, 33 x 49cm. £20-40
14.     Style of Samuel Prout, 'Plymouth, coming up from Catwater', an unsigned pencil sketch, inscribed verso, 13 x 17.5cm. £50-70
15.     An early-20th century satin walnut dressing chest, the mirrored support above three long drawers, 84cm wide. £20-40
16.     Arthur Wilkinson (1860-1930), 'Sheep grazing on a river bank', signed watercolour, 27 x 38cm. £30-40
17.     A stained wood slat-back farmhouse-style rocking chair. £20-40
18.     A Lloyd Loom bedroom armchair, a modern pine wall shelf, a dressing glass and other small items. £20-40
19.     A pine table, the rectangular top above an end drawer, on turned legs, 50 x 94cm, a small drop-leaf table, a table-top desk, 47cm wide, 14cm high, a walnut tallboy and a cane-seated chair, (5). £20-40
20.     A Japanese framed coloured print, 'Figures in a landscape with Mount Fuji in the distance', 16 x 24cm, two others and a collection of other pictures and prints. £30-40
21.     G H Jenkins (1843-1914), 'A Cornish fishing village 1934, possibly Newlyn', a signed watercolour, 24.5 x 35cm, A Tyler, 'Land's End', signed watercolour, 23 x 29cm, (2). £30-50
22.     Herbert William Hicks (1880-1944), 'The Breakwater, Bude', a signed watercolour heightened with white, 14.5 x 23cm and a companion, 'The Mouth of the Gamell', 14.5 x 23cm, a pair, together with R F Wadham, 'Coastal Scene', signed watercolour, 12.5 x 25cm and another indistinctly-signed watercolour of a beach and coastal scene, 12 x 25cm, (4). £30-50
23.     G H Jenkins (1843-1914), 'The Lion Rock, Kynance Cove', a signed watercolour, 25.5 x 19cm, Herbert William Hicks (1880-1944), 'Yes Tor, Dartmoor', signed watercolour, 14.5 x 23cm, R Holman, 'Tavy-Cleave, Dartmoor', signed watercolour, 20 x 30cm and another by A Jukes-Browne, 'River Erme from below Yadsworth Farm 1915', watercolour, inscribed verso, (4). £30-50
24.     An early-19th century mahogany linen press, the pair of panelled doors enclosing three shelves, above two short and three long drawers, 133cm wide, 217cm high. £40-60
25.     A set of eight Regency-style mahogany dining chairs with drop-in seats and rope-twist backs, on sabre front legs and a folding campaign chair, (9). £50-80
26.     A modern oak office desk with computer slide, 132 x 67cm, 77cm high. £60-80
27.     An early-20th century oak rectangular planter with metal liner, on square tapered legs and castors, 91 x 31cm, 83cm high. £60-80
28.     A modern oak television stand, 120 x 44cm, 50cm high. £40-60
29.     A dark oak occasional table/bench, 100 x 42cm, a hat and coat stand, one other occasional table, a pair of dining chairs, two plant stands and other items. £20-30
30.     A late-19th century mahogany linen press with a pair of panelled doors, slides lacking, above three short and three long cockbeaded drawers, 145cm wide, 206cm high. £40-60
31.     A modern pine armchair, a modern oval cheval mirror, a modern yellow pine refectory table and two wall mirrors, (5). £20-30
32.     A concrete garden ornament fashioned as a seated nude female figure, 60cm high, two small concrete Buddha figures and a large planter, 40cm high, 58cm diameter, (4). £20-30
33.     A modern composite coffee table, the base in the form of two dolphins supporting an oval glass plate, 91 x 71cm, 39cm high. £5-10
34.     A pair of reconstituted stone circular garden planters moulded with cherubs, 43cm diameter, 39cm high and three others, (5). £60-80
35.     A terracotta bowl planter, 35cm high, 40cm diameter and two others, (3). £30-50
36.     A granite staddle stone, 43cm diameter, together with a staddle stone base, (2). £50-80
37.     A small half-round granite trough, 58 x 42cm, 22cm high. £60-80
38.     A rustic carved wood bench, 148cm and a teak bench, 148cm, (2). £50-70
39.     A cast iron pub table base and a cast iron circular table on column triform base, together with two cast iron chairs, (4). £80-120
40.     A cast iron campana shape garden planter, 55cm diameter, 33cm high. £20-30
41.     A brass lamp standard fitted with three branch light fittings in the form of swans, on a platform base, 180cm high. £20-40
45.     Jack R Mould (1925-1998), 'Evening warmth, Coverack', signed oil on canvas, 49.5 x 100.5cm, titled verso. £30-50
46.     Jonathan Shaw, 'Cappuccino Skies II', a framed limited-edition print, 151/395, 50 x 40.5cm, signed, numbered and titled in pencil within margin. £30-40
47.     Eighty-seven pieces of Limoges dinner and coffee ware, of plain white ground with gilt-decorated rim. £40-60
48.     A mixed canteen of plated cutlery contained in a fitted oak box, (teaspoons lacking). £10-20
49.     A large studio pottery bowl, the interior with a blue ground and yellow dots, the outer cream with blue dots, 13.5cm high, 35cm diameter, a similar small vase, both incised RR to base, another similar unmarked bowl, a 20th century Oriental shallow dish decorated with children playing, 30.5cm diameter and other ceramics. £30-40
50.     A copper coal helmet, a pair of brass shell case vases, 17cm high, a pair of Telemax 5 10x50 binoculars in case, a metal Benares tray with wooden stand and other metal ware. £30-40
51.     R Southy, 'Dartmoor Near Vixen Tor', a signed watercolour, 25.5 x 36cm, titled label with artist's name as Rubens Southey and two other small watercolours, (3). £20-30
52.     A Royal Doulton flambé vase of ovoid shape decorated with mottled glazes over a red ground, printed factory mark, painted Noke signature and initialled FM for Fred Moore, raised shape no.1433, 17.5cm high. £30-50
53.     Four pieces of studio pottery by Tim Gee, comprising two translucent porcelain bowls decorated with shapes of irregular design, 13cm and 13.5cm high, two bowls with green-glazed interiors, 6cm high, 13cm diameter, 6.5cm high, 19cm diameter, together with three other studio pottery vases, (7). £40-60
54.     A 21st century studio blue glass bowl, the interior with ribbed decoration, 13cm high, 26.8cm diameter, etched R Glass 2004 to base. £20-40
55.     A 19th century ironstone two-handled fruit bowl on stand, together with a tureen and cover, damaged. £20-30
56.     A plated three-piece tea service and other plated ware. £20-30
57.     A collection of twenty coloured glass bricks, 24cm square, 8cm deep, five smaller coloured glass bricks, 24 x 11.5cm and seven clear glass bricks, 19cm square, (some damaged), (32). £20-30
58.     A collection of approximately forty-five 'Quadra' glass bricks, 19.5cm square, 9.5cm deep and seventeen similar smaller bricks, 14.5cm square, (some damaged). £30-40
59.     A carved wood low circular table with copper bowl inset, 84cm diameter, 40cm high, an Asian carved wood group of two figures, 49cm high, a walnut needlework box, (interior lacking), 30cm wide, a stained wood striking mantel clock, a small ebonised timepiece and other wooden items. £30-50
60.     Nine coloured glass hock glasses, two cut-glass baskets, other glassware and two modern Capo-di-Monte figures. £30-40
61.     T B Yates, 'Landscape at sunset', watercolour, signed and dated 1908, 16 x 25cm and two miniature oil paintings, (3). £20-30
62.     An unnamed stoneware flagon, 38cm high, two Victorian amethyst glass vases decorated with gilt and enamel dots, 25cm high, eight Wade 'My Fair Lady' figures and other ceramics. £20-40
63.     Three Country Artist's composite bird groups, including 'Thrush with young', 'Kingfisher' and 'Tawney Owl with mice', together with ten modern bronzed animal groups. £20-30
64.     A table-top stained wood nest of four drawers, 33.5cm wide, 25cm high, 26cm deep and a wooden stationery tray, 24 x 19cm, (2). £30-40
65.     Fourteen pieces of Coalport teaware decorated with flowers on trellis, no.262926, (spout chipped on teapot), nineteen pieces of Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' teaware and twelve pieces of Wedgwood 'Lichfield' coffee ware. £20-40
66.     A Silvestri Patent No. 20T Satters spring-balance set of scales, to weigh 300lb. £20-30
67.     An Edwardian inlaid mahogany mantel clock, having a rounded top and tapering body, 27cm high. £30-40
68.     A collection of British and World postage stamps, in albums and loose, together with a small collection of cigarette and trade cards. £30-40
69.     A collection of postage stamps in a Century album. £10-15
70.     A mahogany-cased chiming mantel clock, 23cm high, a framed mirror, (damaged), a canteen of cutlery and other miscellaneous items. £30-40
71.     A black slate-cased mantel timepiece, an ebonised occasional table, a carved African mask and other items. £30-40
72.     A glass four-branch hanging light fitting, (no drops), 55cm, various glass hanging light bowls, shades, etc. £30-40
73.     Unsigned, 'Woodland Landscape', oil painting, 55 x 19cm and a companion, 'Seascape', a pair, (2). £20-30
74.     Robert Morden, 'Cornwall', a framed map with hand-coloured outlines, 36 x 41cm. £30-50
75.     A 20th century Chinese blue and white bowl decorated with chrysanthemums, 8.5cm high, 20cm diameter, three other pieces of Oriental ceramics, together with a modern cloisonné vase, 8cm high and four other small pieces of modern cloisonné ware, (8). £30-40
76.     A pair of child's vintage leather football boots, a pair of shin pads and a pair of leather boxing gloves by Osset for J H Bean & Co. £20-30
77.     A small quantity of 1990's Subbuteo teams in boxes, (some damaged), with other accessories, various children's annuals, two Beatles LP's: The White Album (1973) and Hey Jude (1979), an Essex miniature sewing machine and miscellaneous items. £30-40
78.     A canvas and leather leg o'mutton gun case by Manufrance, St Etienne, 85cm long and an army great coat, (2). £20-30
79.     A knitted wool and beaded dress by Tricoville, British Hong Kong, size 18. £10-20
80.     A vintage photograph of an Imperial Airways, London, passenger bi-plane, together with a group of passengers, 25 x 30cm, a vintage photograph of Barnstaple town centre, other photographs and miscellaneous items. £30-50
81.     'Studies of boats and coast scenery', sixteen plates by Samuel Prout, pub. Ackermans Repository, 101 Strand, 1816, together with sketches by G Moorland containing four sketches sold by E Orme, 59 Bond Street, London, various Currier & Ives prints, and others. £30-50
82.     19th century Dutch School, 'Portrait of a Gentleman', oil on canvas, laid on panel, indistinctly-signed and dated 1885, 28 x 19cm, Continental School, 'Madonna and Child', oil on canvas, laid on panel, 18 x 15cm, unsigned, and other pictures. £40-60
83.     Rita Greig RWA (1918-2011), 'Old Albufeira, Algarve', oil painting on board, signed with initial, titled label verso, 10 x 18cm, and other pictures. £30-50
84.     A reconstituted stone fountain in the form of two putti, converted as a sun dial, 73cm high. £30-50
85.     An early-20th century brass and leaded light gas lantern, with four multi-coloured glass panels and original gas fitment, 62cm high, the lantern 22cm square, (small damage to two panels). £60-80
86.     An Edwardian brass-mounted oak magazine rack, 38cm wide, 39cm high. £40-60
87.     A painted alloy plaque "Devonport", marked Frampton on reverse, 47cm high, 43cm wide. £30-50
88.     An alabaster domed building, a fibreglass male mannequin head and other items. £20-30
89.     A collection of approximately thirty-five sea shells and minerals collected in the early-20th century, arranged in sand within a modern Perspex display case. £30-40
90.     S W Armstrong, 'The Barbican', watercolour painting, 22 x 38cm, F H Hodgess, a pair of watercolour moorland scenes, 41 x 23cm, unframed and other paintings. £40-60
91.     Two Indonesian swords in carved wood scabbards, various knives, a vellum suitcase and a 20th century carved wood mask. £30-40
92.     A stained wood-cased mantel clock of architectural form, with Jurgens gong-striking movement, 42cm high. £10-20
93.     An early-20th century Swift & Son black japanned and lacquered brass student microscope, 28cm high, (no box), together with a similar larger Swift & Son microscope, No.17771, (damaged, stand broken), in box, (2). £40-60
94.     A good-quality set of plastic gaming chips in ten colours, contained in a shagreen-effect covered and fitted box, marked T Goode & Co, London W, case 40cm long, 12cm wide, 5cm high. £30-40
95.     A collection of plated cruets of thistle form, plated cutlery and other plated ware. £40-60
96.     A bone walking stick with carved animal's head handle, 69cm long. £20-30
97.     A large pair of famille rose vases of hexagonal form, decorated with panels of phoenix in flowering shrubs, (one rim damaged), 44cm high. £60-80
98.     A late-18th century pale pink silk waistcoat, the front panels with applied silver lace and braid, two pockets, V-neck, hook fastenings and fine linen lining and back, (age damage to silk). £20-30
99.     An early-20th century baby dress of net, needle-run with flowers on the bodice and hem, over a lace-trimmed silk under-dress and another silk baby dress decorated with pin tucks and machine lace insertions, (2). £20-30
100.    W H Earp, 'Woodland scene with figures in a rowing boat on a lake and figures on a path', signed watercolour, 21.5 x 53cm and a companion, a pair, (2). £50-70
101.    W H Earp, 'Sailing boats on river with mountainous landscape', signed watercolour, 54 x 245cm. £30-40
102.    W H Earp, 'Sailing ships on stormy seas off a coast', signed watercolour, 23 x 52cm and a companion, a pair, (2). £50-70
103.    After Silvanus Trevail, 'Cornwall Lunatic Asylum, Bodmin, Proposed Extensions', a framed print, 24 x 44cm. £20-30
104.    After G Chambers, 'The Capture of the Fort of Vessels in the Spanish Harbour of Begu by H M Ship Hydra', a framed coloured print, 29 x 31.5cm and a companion 'The Capture of Le Furet of 16 Guns', a pair, (2). £20-30
105.    A cased set of brass laboratory scales by A Gallenkamp & Co, case 45 x 24cm, 40cm high, a modern shaped gilt frame wall mirror, a framed embroidered flower picture and a landscape oil painting by Horace Hill, 39 x 49cm, (4). £30-40
106.    A collection of four 19th century Staffordshire cottage pastille burners and three Staffordshire flat-back cottages, (damages), (7). £30-40
107.    A collection of four 19th century Staffordshire cottage money boxes, tallest 17cm. £30-40
108.    A small ship's wheel aneroid barometer, 13cm, three modern composite-head dolls, brass ware, an Arbroath & Turnberry glass chess set and miscellaneous items. £20-40
109.    Derek Wilson, 'Tavy Cleave', signed watercolour, dated Jan 25th '89, 19.5 x 27cm, another, 'Fur Tor from Lynch Tor', signed and dated '89 and three others, (two framed, one unframed), all by the same artist, (5). £20-30
116.    Four London Mint 'World's First Silver Sovereign', with certificates of authenticity, in original packaging, (4). £60-80
117.    Three London Mint 'World's First Silver Sovereign', with certificates of authenticity, in original packaging, (3). £40-60
118.    Three London Mint 'World's First Silver Sovereign', with certificates of authenticity, in original packaging, (3). £40-60
119.    A United States Mint Proof Set 2005, a small 15ct coin '500 Years Reformation, Solus Christus', .5g, various other German metal commemorative coins, medallions and miscellaneous items. £30-40
120.    A Thos. Russell & Son 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch with quartz movement, (inscription to back), on plated bracelet and two steel-cased wrist watches, (3). £40-60
121.    A gentleman's Longines Conquest automatic wrist watch with plated case, silvered dial, dart markers and sweep centre seconds, on plated bracelet, (dial marked all over). £60-80
122.    A 9ct rose gold Albert watch chain, 37cm, 18g. £150-180
123.    A 14ct gold signet ring, size Z, 5.9g. £160-180
124.    A lady's silver-cased open-face pocket watch, boxed and a silver-cased open-face pocket watch, (damaged), (2). £40-60
125.    An 18ct yellow gold ring set three round opals, with pairs of 8/8-cut diamonds between, size O, 3.9g. £60-100
126.    A 9ct gold ring set white stones, size K½ and a 9ct gold ring set hematite, size V, (split), total weight 7.8g, (2). £50-80
127.    A hallmarked silver bamboo hinged bangle, two other silver bangles and a quantity of costume jewellery, badges, etc, in velvet-covered musical jewellery box. £40-60
128.    A Damascene souvenir cigarette case showing the Sphinx and pyramids, five silver-plated finials, a silver Vesta case and other items. £40-60
129.    A lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on 9ct gold expanding bracelet, (damaged) and another 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on plated bracelet, total weight 37.8g, (2). £60-80
130.    A 14ct gold ring set amber, size Q, 3.8g, a 9ct-gold-mounted amber pendant and a pair of silver-mounted amber ear studs, (3). £40-60
131.    A gold-plated chatelaine, a string of yellow glass beads and other items. £50-70
132.    A quantity of costume jewellery and two jewellery boxes. £30-50
133.    A silver-cased trench-style wrist watch with black dial, (no lugs, not working), import marks for 1917, a 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, 11.5g, a Citizen watch and bracelet set and other wrist watches. £40-60
134.    An amethyst and demi-pearl ring, in yellow metal mount, bearing Portuguese hallmarks for 800 fineness gold, size N, 5.4g, (damage to pearls, one missing). £80-120
135.    A 9ct gold engraved locket on chain, gross weight 7.7g. £60-80
136.    A silver cross pendant set uncut peridot stones, other silver jewellery and a five-piece silver manicure set. £30-40
137.    A quantity of gold and unmarked yellow metal ear studs, (six pairs). £20-30
138.    An Omega De Ville gold-plated wrist watch, (quartz), boxed. £30-50
139.    A quantity of costume jewellery, watches and coins. £20-30
140.    A 9ct gold wrist watch on plated bracelet, a quantity of costume jewellery and two jewellery boxes. £30-50
141.    A group of five WWII medals: 1939-45, Africa and Burma Stars, War and Defence Medals, along with a "For Loyal Service" lapel badge. £30-40
142.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size O, 9g. £240-260
143.    An 18ct gold wedding band with basket-weave decoration, size O, 5.2g. £120-140
144.    A Victorian mourning ring of 18ct gold with diamond and pearl cluster, the black enamelled shoulders with the words "In Memory Of", inscription and hair locket to inner shank, size K, 2.5g, boxed. £80-120
145.    A solitaire diamond ring set a brilliant-cut diamond, in unmarked gold mount, size L, 2.1g. £50-80
146.    A lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on 9ct gold sprung bracelet, gross weight 20g and a 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on leather strap, (2). £60-80
147.    A lady's DKNY wrist watch with papers, a Fendi wrist watch and two other wrist watches, (4). £20-40
148.    A gentleman's Citizen Eco-Drive Signature Collection Grand Complication Chronograph, with steel case numbered G910-S060451, boxed with CD, instructions and outer box, receipt dated 2009. £100-150
149.    A 9ct white and yellow gold wedding band, size P½, 3g. £30-50
150.    A pair of South Africa gold 1-Rand coins converted to cufflinks, 13.8g. £250-280
151.    A Japanese Damascene gilt metal bracelet, a small gilt box inset glass "jade" stones, a pair of La Mignonne leather covered folding opera glasses and other items. £15-20
152.    An unmarked gold and enamel Madonna and child pendant on chain, 6.6g. £70-100
153.    A string of graduated cultured pearls, a cultured pearl and silver chain necklace, a Scottish silver Viking ship brooch and other items. £30-50
154.    Two Royal Mint 'Coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' sets, 1974 and 1977, a Jubilee Mint cased United Kingdom Crown Collection and other coinage and bank notes. £30-50
155.    A collection of ten .800 Continental silver-stamped souvenir-style spoons, approximately ___4oz. £30-40
156.    A Royal Masonic Institute for Girls silver Steward's jewel, 1930 and three others, (4). £30-40
157.    A set of six cased silver teaspoons, Sheffield 1908, ___4oz and a quantity of Tudor plate cutlery. £40-60
158.    A set of brass postal scales and weights on rectangular wooden stand, a small brass three-draw telescope, 18cm open and a pair of Versator Mk III binocular magnifying glasses in case, (3). £10-15
159.    Two mother of pearl card cases, (each with one tile missing), an Indian card case with carved hardwood panels of animals and birds within Vizagapatam borders and another Vizagapatam card case, (4).
160.    A George V silver spill vase with flared rim and inscription, Birmingham 1922, 20.5cm high, ___5½oz. £40-60
161.    An Edwardian silver Art Nouveau-style basket with pierced loop handle decorated with flowers and leaves, with similar pierced leaf decoration to rim and base, Sheffield 1909, 33cm high, maker J D & S, (repairs to base), ___18oz. £150-250
162.    A Mappin & Webb silver rectangular photograph frame of plain form, London 1915, 25.5 x 18cm. £30-50
163.    Two Chinese white metal circular pin trays with Chinese junk silver dollar inset, one marked "Nanking", the other "NK", 9cm diameter and two other similar pin trays, both with inset of the Yuan Shi Kai Dollar, 1 x 9cm diameter, marked "Yok Song", the other 8cm diameter, total weight ___7oz, (4). £50-80
164.    A silver shell butter dish, Sheffield 1891, five shield-shaped tennis trophy medallions c 1929, "Venezuela Curacao" and other items. £50-80
165.    A Chinese white metal porringer by Zeewoo, the handles with the Shanghai Scottish Volunteer Corps badge and inscription Shanghai Scottish S.V.C. Monthly Cup, A Class, Captain A G Long, bowl 9.5cm diameter, 4.5cm high and a Chinese white metal pin tray with Shanghai Scottish badge inset, 9.3cm diameter, marked TC, total weight ___7oz, (2). £60-80
166.    A Chinese white metal-covered hand mirror, clothes brush and hair brush, with embossed decoration of birds and blossom and a matching circular pot and cover, 7.5cm diameter, 5cm high, the pot marked SM, all monogrammed, (4). £60-80
167.    A Chinese oval white metal ring box, the hinged lid decorated with blossom, (hinge damaged), on four shaped supports, 12.3 x 8.5cm, 6cm high, marked Yok Sang, together with five white metal dessert forks and six knives, marked Yok Sang and a server with embossed and etched dragon decoration marked Hung Chong & Co, total weight ___17oz. £80-120
168.    A collection of Chinese white metal, including napkin rings, a cigarette case, a drinking cup, various spoons, etc. and miscellaneous items. £60-80
169.    A cased pair of silver jam spoons with embossed decoration, Birmingham 1896, maker L & S, a silver octagonal-shaped evening purse, 8 x 5cm, Birmingham 1916, monogrammed, (damaged, dented), a silver key-wind pocket watch by John Forrest, London, (not working), four pieces of Continental silver marked .900 FE and other items, weighable silver ___12oz. £70-90
170.    A 1907 half-sovereign in 9ct gold ring mount, size Q½, 8.6g. £140-180
171.    A large 9ct gold cross pendant, (53 x 32mm), on 9ct gold rope-link chain, 18.7g. £180-220
172.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size Q, 5.3g. £130-150
173.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size J, 1.9g. £50-60
174.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size N, 2.5g. £60-70
175.    A 14ct gold pierced key pattern ring, size L, 1.1g, (damaged), a 9ct gold signet ring, size E, 0.7g and a 9ct gold eternity ring set synthetic stones, size T, 3.5g, (3). £50-60
176.    An 18ct gold gypsy ring set three brilliant-cut diamonds, size L, 2.9g. £60-80
177.    A Victorian opal and diamond ring set an oval opal between two triangular clusters, each of six old brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct gold mount, size L½, 3.2g. £160-180
178.    A modern Chinese 18ct gold ring set a coral bead, size L½, 2.9g and a 9ct gold ring set three garnets, size Q, 3.6g, (2). £60-80
179.    A quantity of modern 9ct gold chains, (two damaged), total weight 35g. £350-360
180.    A Victorian 9ct gold belcher-link chain, 5.2g. £50-80
181.    A 9ct gold cross pendant on chain, a 9ct gold chain with cultured pearl drop and a 9ct gold St Christopher pendant on chain, total weight 6.9g, (3). £70-80
182.    A 9ct gold bracelet of hollow engraved curb links, with padlock clasp, 16.8g. £160-200
183.    A 9ct gold bracelet of curb links, with thirteen charms and padlock clasp, 29g. £290-320
184.    Ten pairs of 9ct gold and yellow metal earrings and ear studs, (one earring broken), 9.5g. £80-100
185.    A three-stone diamond ring illusion-set brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct gold and platinum mount, size P, 2.2g. £50-60