Sale of Silver, Jewellery, Gold Coins & Watches
on Tuesday 3rd December at 10.30am

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1.      A Victorian white-metal-mounted malachite buckle brooch, 6cm diameter, a white metal hinged bangle, a bow brooch and a small blue enamelled silver brooch by Charles Horner, (4). £60-80
2.      A Victorian silver locket on unmarked oval beaded-link chain, 49.5cm long. £80-120
3.      A Victorian 15ct gold guard chain of ribbed links, 144cm long, 28.3g. £500-600
4.      A 22ct gold wedding band, size O, 9g. £200-220
5.      A 1776 guinea, (soldered loop), on a 9ct gold chain, total weight 14.7g. £240-280
6.      A 15ct gold hinged bangle bearing inscription, (damaged), 11.4g. £160-180
7.      A 9ct rose gold curb-link Albert watch chain with bloodstone swivel fob, chain 43.7g. £500-600
8.      A 9ct gold curb-link bracelet with padlock clasp, six 9ct gold charms, (detached), a 9ct gold fine chain and a 9ct gold signet ring (damaged), total weight 19.3g. £200-250
9.      An Edwardian pearl-set swallow pendant, (damaged), on 9ct gold chain and a 9ct gold bar brooch, total weight 6.9g, (2). £60-80
10.     A shell cameo brooch depicting an angel and a three-stone garnet ring, unmarked, (2). £40-60
11.     A 9ct gold locket on 9ct gold chain, 9.5g. £100-150
12.     A wedding band with 22ct gold outer layer, on platinum inner, size L, 2.5g. £50-60
13.     A 9ct rose gold curb-link bracelet with padlock clasp, 30g. £300-350
14.     A 9ct rose gold curb-link half-Albert watch chain, 8g. £80-100
15.     A pair of 9ct yellow gold pendant earrings of loop form, 4.3cm long, 5.2g. £50-80
16.     A sapphire and diamond cluster ring set a round-cut sapphire and sixteen 8/8-cut diamonds, in unmarked gold mount, size V, 5.3g. £80-120
17.     A wreath brooch alternately-set cultured pearls and round-cut rubies, on 9ct yellow gold mount, 2.4cm diameter, 4.5g. £40-60
18.     A half-eternity ring collet-set eleven brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct white and yellow gold mount, size O, 2.8g. £70-100
19.     A modern shell cameo brooch with 9ct yellow gold rope-twist mount, 5.4 x 4cm, 17g. £50-80
20.     An 18ct yellow gold cross-over ring illusion-set two brilliant-cut diamonds, size P, 6.9g. £150-200
21.     A French Belle Epoque brooch set a triangular enamel plaque depicting a female figure playing a lyre beside a cherub, the panel backed with mother-of-pearl, in pearl-set surround with scrolling pierced panel below supporting tapered drops with pearl terminals, boxed, French marks for 18ct gold, 15.5g, 47mm wide, 70mm long, (centre drop missing, small dents to two drops, repairs to two, possibly three, drops). £800-1000
22.     A Georgian mourning ring set with plaited hair panel, within engraved and pearl-set borders, between pierced shoulders, (damages, part missing on one side), engraved inscription inside dated 1821, size T, 4.6g. £80-120
23.     A 9ct gold buckle ring, size Q, 4.6g. £40-60
24.     A 9ct gold cross on curb-link chain, 5.9g, 39.5cm. £60-80
25.     A pair of 9ct gold earrings with screw fittings, a 9ct gold disc pendant, 6.3g total and an 18ct gold pendant, 1.4g, (3). £80-100
26.     An 18ct gold neck chain, 45.5cm long, 3.9g. £70-90
27.     A 9ct gold ring set an amethyst and two white stones, size L and a 9ct gold signet ring, size U, 4.4g, (2). £40-60
28.     A 14k gold bracelet set Mikimoto cultured pearls, boxed and a 14k gold brooch and matching earrings set Mikimoto cultured pearls, boxed, 21g, (3). £220-260
29.     An Edwardian diamond cluster ring set nine old brilliant-cut diamonds, in platinum mount, size J½, 3.4g. £320-360
30.     A pair of sapphire and diamond earrings, each set an oval sapphire below a brilliant-cut diamond, with 18ct yellow gold screw fittings, 3.6g. £180-220
31.     A 9ct rose gold belcher-link chain, 77cm, 13.9g. £130-150
32.     An amethyst brooch claw-set a large round-cut amethyst of approximately 22cts, in 9ct gold mount, 33mm diameter, 10.9g. £60-80
33.     A sapphire and diamond eternity ring alternately-set thirteen each brilliant-cut diamonds and square-cut sapphires, in unmarked white metal mount, size J½, 3.4g. £280-320
34.     A 9ct gold brooch set oval blue chalcedony, 36 x 28mm, 10.7g. £40-60
35.     A 9ct rose gold curb-link bracelet with padlock clasp and nine charms, 30.4g. £300-350
36.     An Edwardian three-stone diamond ring, the brilliant and 8/8-cut diamonds in 18ct white and yellow gold mount, size P, 2.3g. £60-80
37.     A pair of Chinese gold hoop earrings, each with jade fish and character drops and three pairs of gem-set 9ct gold earrings, 5g. £40-60
38.     A Victorian 15ct gold swivel fob seal set cornelian/bloodstone, 9.8g. £80-120
39.     A small Victorian 15ct-gold-mounted swivel fob seal set cornelian/bloodstone, 6.9g. £60-80
40.     A gold on silver Masonic ball fob, 7.6g. £80-120
41.     A 14k gold ring set an oval jadeite cabochon, size M½, 4.8g, a 9ct gold wedding band, size L½, 1.3g and a small pearl and paste-set gold ring, (3). £60-80
42.     A 1912 sovereign pendant, (soldered). £180-200
43.     Two bar brooches set seed pearls, a 9ct gold bar brooch set paste and a plain gold bar brooch, gross weight 14g, (4). £140-180
44.     A fancy-link gold bracelet with concealed clasp, 4.9g. £80-120
45.     An 18ct gold wedding band with basket-weave decoration, size O, 5.2g. £100-120
46.     An early-20th century fox head stick pin, a small 15ct gold stick pin set ruby and pearl and two other stick pins, (4). £50-70
A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 1.4cts, in 18ct yellow and white gold mount, diamond VVS, colour G-H, size J, 3.5g. £1500-2000
48.     A string of graduated yellow amber oval beads, 67g, largest 28 x 20mm, smallest 11 x 8mm, 79cm long. £300-500
49.     A Mappin & Webb diamond cross-over ring with two crossed bands, each with three rows of brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct white gold, size M, 8.5g, boxed. £200-300
50.     An Edwardian black opal and diamond necklace claw-set a pear-drop opal, below a millegrain-set brilliant-cut diamond, below knife bar, on white gold trace chain, pendant 3.4cm. £400-600
51.     A 9ct white gold trefoil brooch set brilliant and 8/8-cut diamonds, round-cut rubies and cultured pearls, 53mm diameter, 3.9g. £80-120
52.     A Norwegian silver filigree solje brooch, marked 830S, 10cm long. £40-60
53.     A 9ct gold eternity-style ring set garnets, size P, 4.6g. £40-60
54.     An Edwardian 15ct gold and platinum bar brooch set diamond and seed pearl cluster to centre, 55mm, 3.5g. £60-80
55.     An Edwardian bar brooch, the yellow gold bar with a pair of horseshoes, alternately-set round-cut sapphires and old brilliant-cut diamonds, 57mm wide, 9.6g, unmarked. £250-350
56.     A Georgian fob seal with cornelian intaglio, 33mm high. £100-150
57.     A Victorian 'husband and wife' mourning brooch of oval scrolling form, the inset blonde and brown hair locket within a demi-pearl border, 45mm, 18.9g. £60-100
58.     A pair of emerald and diamond cluster earrings, each rectangular emerald of approximately 1.8cts claw-set within a surround of twenty brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold post and clip mounts, 11 x 13mm, 6.8g. £1000-1200
59.     A rivière of sapphire-blue paste stones claw-set in white metal mounts, impressed Pat. App. For, 41.5cm long, (no ring bolt). £30-50
60.     A Victorian silver butterfly brooch set white pastes, unmarked, 4cm. £40-60
61.     A 9ct gold and enamel Devonshire Regiment sweetheart brooch, 58mm, 5.4g. £60-80
62.     A green tourmaline and diamond ring, the dome-top tourmaline of approximately 2.52cts, claw-set between two brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18k white gold, size N½, 4.8g, (with Ugo Piccini certificate). £120-150
63.     A pair of 18ct yellow gold cufflinks of knot design, 4.9g, cased. £120-150
64.     An Essex crystal brooch, gentian violets, with mother-of-pearl back and gold mount, 22mm diameter, 5.1g. £80-120
65.     An Essex crystal brooch, pinks, 30 x 23mm, oval, (cracked). £50-60
66.     A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 0.2cts, in 18ct yellow gold mount, size N, 2.3g. £80-120
67.     A 9ct gold dress ring set blue spinel, size N, 3.6g. £30-40
68.     A 9ct gold locket on curb-link chain, 11.4g. £110-130
69.     A gold-plated fob seal with cornelian intaglio, on gold-plated watch chain. £30-50
70.     An enamelled silver brooch of floral design, by Ivar Holth, marked 925S and with a circled H, (enamel damaged), 67mm long. £30-50
71.     A 9ct gold dress ring set smoky quartz, size O, 4.6g. £30-40
72.     A 9ct white gold hinged bangle set five white stones, 56 x 50mm inside measurement, 6.4g, boxed. £60-80
73.     An amethyst and pearl cluster ring in 9ct gold mount, size L½, 5.4g. £40-60
74.     An 18ct gold signet ring, size O and an 18ct gold wedding band, size L, 6.1g, (2). £120-140
75.     A string of orange Bakelite amber-style graduated beads, 71cm, 86g. £30-50
76.     A solitaire diamond ring set a brilliant-cut diamond, in unmarked gold mount, size L, 2.1g. £120-150
77.     A 9ct yellow gold rope-twist chain, 45cm long, 10.6g. £100-120
78.     A pair of 9ct gold earrings, a 9ct gold signet ring, size M and other items, total weight 9.6g. £80-120
79.     A ruby and diamond triple-cluster ring, the three round-cut rubies within borders of brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct white and yellow gold mount, size O, 4.1g. £120-150
80.     A pair of 9ct yellow gold hoop earrings, a pair of 9ct gold knot earrings and a pair of 9ct gold ear studs set white stones, 5.9g, (3). £60-80
81.     A 9ct gold locket-back brooch with cannetile decoration and a 9ct gold stick pin, 4.6g, (2). £40-50
82.     A 9ct yellow gold rope-twist chain, 59cm, 17.6g. £170-200
83.     A 9ct gold ring set a rectangular-cut garnet, size T, 4.6g. £40-60
84.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size U½, 7.5g. £150-180
85.     A 9ct rose gold curb-link bracelet with bolt-ring clasp, 7.8g. £80-100
86.     A pair of 9ct gold ear studs set round-cut garnets, 1.7g and a pair of small two-tone hoop earrings, (2). £30-50
87.     A three-stone diamond ring in 18ct gold and platinum mount, (very worn), size J, 1.7g. £50-70
88.     A three-stone diamond ring millegrain-set three brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold and platinum mount, size P½, 2.4g. £150-180
89.     A 14ct gold necklace of alternate white and yellow gold links, 61cm long, 40g. £560-600
90.     An 18ct yellow gold circular double locket, one side with raised flower and scroll decoration on dark red enamel ground, on yellow metal chain, locket 13g. £180-220
91.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size O, 4g. £70-90
92.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size K, 2.5g. £50-60
93.     A 9ct rose gold bracelet of fancy links, with padlock clasp, (damaged), 8.6g. £80-100
94.     A pair of cameo ear clips, the shell cameos set in 9ct gold scroll mounts, 20 x 18mm, 7.4g. £50-70
95.     A modern 9ct-gold-mounted shell cameo brooch/pendant, on 9ct gold chain, total weight 8.2g. £60-100
96.     Two 9ct gold signet rings, sizes P and K and a 9ct gold cluster ring set red and white stones, 7.5g, (3). £60-80
97.     A 9ct gold cross and chain, 4g and two pairs of ear clips, 5.2g, total 9.2g. £90-120
98.     A lava stone cameo mounted in jet as a bracelet, a necklace of graduated faceted jet beads and other similar items. £30-50
99.     A 9ct two-colour gold wedding band, size T, two gold rings with vacant settings and other items, 10g. £80-120
100.    A tri-colour gold necklace marked GL 585, 13.3g, 46cm long. £160-200
101.    A pair of unmarked yellow metal cufflinks in the form of Maltese crosses, 6g. £80-120
102.    A 9ct gold tie clip, 5.8g. £50-70
103.    A 9ct rose gold signet ring, size P, 6.3g. £60-80
104.    An 18ct gold ring claw-set an old brilliant-cut diamond, size O½, 3.9g. £80-120
105.    A gold stick pin in the form of a coronet set pearls, (damaged), a small 15ct gold horseshoe stick pin and two others, (4). £40-60
106.    A Victorian engraved gold bolt and buckle brooch, 6.9g, (damaged). £60-80
107.    A string of faceted and graduated amber beads, largest 2 x 1.5cm, 20g. £30-40
108.    A Victorian gipsy ring set a rose-cut diamond, size P, 1.9g. £40-60
109.    A garnet and pearl cluster ring with 9ct gold mount, size M, 4.9g. £40-60
110.    Five mourning brooches, a mourning lapel stud and a plated locket, (7). £80-120
111.    A small pietra dura brooch, a lava cameo brooch (damaged), with matching ear clips and a Victorian locket brooch, (4). £40-60
112.    A pair of Victorian coral earrings, each with carved coral tear-drop pendant below a coral cabochon, with unmarked gold cap and hook mounts, 70mm long, 8.8g. £150-200
113.    A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 1.3cts, VVS, M-N, in unmarked white metal mount, with 8/8-cut diamond-set shoulders, size J. £800-1200
114.    An Edwardian crescent brooch set thirteen graduated opals and twelve diamond points, in unmarked gold mount, 52mm long, 3g. £100-150
115.    A Victorian stick pin collet-set an oval garnet cabochon, surmounted with a diamond-set fly motif, garnet 20 x 11mm, total length 85mm, 4.6g. £160-200
116.    A 9ct yellow gold guard chain interspersed with rose gold ball links, 144cm long, 20.8g. £250-300
117.    An early-20th century aquamarine, diamond and pearl pendant on chain, the pear-shaped aquamarine 24 x 14 x 8mm, suspended on a chain, below a cultured pearl and an old-cut diamond, on white metal chain with later silver bolt ring, pendant 50mm. £400-600
118.    An Edwardian-style open-work pendant of flower and scroll form set round-cut rubies and seed pearls, with teardrop ruby below, in 9ct yellow gold, marked 375, on gold chain, pendant 40mm, 6.8g. £100-150
119.    A 9ct gold dress ring set oval blue topaz and white stone cluster, size M, 5.6g. £40-60
120.    A Chinese ceramic and metal buckle decorated with cranes, and other items. £40-60
121.    A circular malachite and hardstone-set brooch, a pair of Victorian hardstone-set drop earrings, (one damaged) and other items. £40-60
122.    A rose gold slave bangle, 73mm inside diameter, 16.4g. £180-220
123.    A 9ct gold opal and garnet cluster ring, another set cultured pearl, both size N and a small cluster ring, size L, 6g, (3). £60-80
124.    An 18ct gold bar brooch, 1.9g, three 9ct gold pendants on chains, 5.8g and a locket, (damaged), (5). £80-120
125.    A 9ct gold signet ring, size O½, 7.3g. £70-90
126.    Tiffany & Co, an Elsa Peretti silver open-heart brooch set diamond, 8.4g, with pouch and box. £50-80
127.    A 1970's 9ct-gold-mounted shell cameo brooch, 55 x 40mm, 15.5g. £40-60
128.    An 18ct gold wedding band with engraved decoration, size X, 7.8g. £80-90
129.    A 9ct rose gold curb-link bracelet with later clasp, 15g. £150-160
130.    A 14ct gold necklet, each yellow gold plaque overlaid with a white gold dolphin motif, 25.1g, in case, with original guarantee dated 1999. £350-400
131.    A string of Bakelite cherry amber-type graduated beads, largest 3 x 2cm, re-strung as two strings, 82g. £50-80
132.    A David Andersen enamelled silver-gilt butterfly brooch with naturalistic decoration, marked D-A, Norway 925S Sterling, 6cm. £80-120
133.    A Norwegian enamelled silver double-wave brooch by Ivar T Holth, with cobalt guilloche enamel, 5.7cm. £30-50
134.    A 9ct gold fancy-link bracelet, 1cm wide, 19.5cm long, 11.5g. £110-130
135.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks with engine-turned decoration, 5.1g. £50-70
136.    A shell cameo brooch with octagonal 9ct gold mount, 2.7cm across, 5.4g and a small 9ct gold locket on chain, 4.3g, (2). £50-80
137.    A pair of chalcedony long-drop earrings with unmarked gold caps, on later screw fittings. £60-80
138.    A pair of yellow metal filigree pendant earrings with clip fittings, marked '750', 4.5cm long, 9g. £150-180
139.    A circular silver Viking ship brooch marked 'Silver', 3.6cm diameter and another, similar, marked '830S', 4.5cm diameter, (2). £50-60
140.    An Italian white metal and micro-mosaic cross, micro tiles depicting the Vatican, with brass corpus, 75mm. £50-60
141.    A cameo ring, the shell cameo of a young woman, in garnet-set border, on 9ct gold mount, size K½, 5g. £50-70
142.    A Victorian diamond crescent and heart brooch set with graduated old brilliant-cut diamonds, in silver backed with gold, 41mm, 2.5g. £200-300
143.    A Victorian mourning ring of 18ct gold with diamond and pearl cluster, the black enamelled shoulders with the words "In Memory Of", inscription and hair locket to inner shank, size K, 2.5g, boxed. £200-250
144.    An Edwardian amethyst and seed pearl open-work pendant, with oval amethyst within scrolls of seed pearls, in 9ct gold, with pearl-set bale, (drop lacking), 40mm. £100-150
145.    A small Victorian turquoise and rose-cut diamond round cluster, mounted on later gold bar brooch, 40mm, 2.8g. £40-50
146.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size M½, 4.9g. £100-120
147.    An 18ct gold ring claw-set an oval opal, (13 x 10mm), size P, 3.6g. £100-150
148.    A Continental Art Nouveau 900 silver and enamel pendant, the stylised interlaced design with pink plique à jour enamelling, centrally-set mabé pearl, with marcasite accents and pearl drop, marked 'Deposé' and '900', pendant 43mm long, on silver long-link chain bearing Austrian import marks, 9.2g. £200-250
149.    A gold wedding ring with Continental mark, (sawn through), 5g. £60-80
150.    A sapphire and white stone cluster ring in 9ct gold mount, size N, 2.3g. £40-60
151.    A Victorian oval jet mourning brooch, centrally-set an opal cabochon, with gold-mounted locket back, 45 x 34mm, 20g. £40-60
152.    A Continental gold ring set two rose-cut diamonds either side of a vacant setting, size K½, 2.8g, two pieces of a gold tooth, 2.7g and two 9ct gold chains, (one damaged), 3.9g. £80-120
153.    A string of graduated cultured pearls and a small cameo brooch, (2). £40-60
154.    Four 19th century gold-plated fob seals set hardstone intaglios and two base metal seals, (6). £40-60
155.    Two 19th century seals, one set cornelian, the other chalcedony and two hardstone-set watch keys, (4). £100-150
156.    An 18ct gold brooch in the form of a rose, c1960's, 40 x 36mm, 11.2g. £220-250
157.    A 9ct rose gold curb-link Albert watch chain, 37cm long, 46.8g. £480-520
158.    An 18ct gold horseshoe pendant, 2.7g. £50-70
159.    An 18ct yellow and white gold wedding ring with pierced leaf decoration set brilliant and 8/8-cut diamonds, size U, 3.5g. £80-120
160.    An Edwardian 15ct open-work brooch/pendant set overall with seed pearls, 50mm long (with bale), 5.4g. £120-150
161.    A Victorian 15ct gold brooch in the form of a crescent and flower spray, set overall with seed pearls, 44mm wide, 4.1g. £60-100
162.    A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a princess-cut diamond, in 18ct white and yellow gold mount, size Q, 2.5g. £60-80
163.    An opal pendant, the oval opal collet-set in an unmarked gold scrolling mount, 30mm, 3.3g. £50-70
164.    Two identical 9ct gold curb-link neck chains, each 51cm long and a similar bracelet, 21cm, total weight 20g, (3). £150-180
165.    A sapphire and diamond cluster ring collet-set an oval sapphire within a border of ten rose-cut diamonds, in unmarked gold mount, size P½, 4g. £60-100
166.    A 9ct tri-colour gold necklace, (damaged), 43.5cm long, 14.6g. £140-160
167.    A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond, in 18ct gold and platinum mount, size M, 1.5g. £70-80
168.    A 9ct rose gold ring of Celtic knot design, size Q, 5.5g. £50-70
169.    A silver-mounted amber brooch, a pair of opal and garnet cluster ear studs and a silver locket on chain, (3). £30-50
170.    A 9ct gold ring set four synthetic sapphires, size P½ and two 9ct gold rings, one set sapphire and diamonds, 4.6g, (3). £40-60
171.    A 9ct gold and enamel RAF sweetheart brooch, another 9ct gold sweetheart brooch for 'The Buffs' and three other gold brooches, total weight 12.9g, (5). £130-150
172.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size M, 5.8g. £120-140
173.    A platinum wedding band, size N, 2.6g. £30-50
174.    An Edwardian stick pin claw-set a sapphire and pearl flower, on unmarked gold mount, 1.6g. £40-60
175.    A 9ct rose gold curb-link chain with a Masonic medallion and enamelled locket, (damaged), (no clasp), 19g. £180-200
176.    A Mikimoto necklace of two strings of graduated cultured pearls, another of freshwater pearls with 14k gold clasp and other cultured pearl necklaces. £70-100
177.    A modern 14k gold abacus pendant on box-link chain, 3.7g. £50-70
178.    A 9ct gold heart pendant on chain, 4.9g, a small 9ct-gold-mounted cameo pendant and a 9ct gold hinged bangle, (damaged), 5g. £100-120
179.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size W, 7.7g. £150-180
180.    A 9ct gold belcher-link chain, 76cm long, 16g. £160-200
181.    A modern blue topaz fringe necklace, the oval topaz stone in 9ct gold spectacle mounts, 36.5cm, 8.1g. £100-150
182.    A modern gold ring claw-set an aquamarine of approximately 4.5cts, size M½, 3.5g. £160-200
183.    A Chinese gold and jade bracelet of alternate jade discs and gold character plaques, marked 'WH.20', 18cm, 13.9g. £200-300
184.    A Victorian bar brooch with central diamond-set bow, with diamond-set heart pendant below, between diamond-set terminals, the old brilliant-cut diamonds set in silver, on gold bar brooch, 42mm wide, 4.1g. £400-600
185.    An 18ct white gold ring set three cultured pearls, size M, 2.5g. £50-80
186.    A Georgian mourning brooch, the hair locket within pierced scrolling border, inscription to reverse, 20mm. £30-50
187.    An Austrian silver-gilt garnet and pearl cluster pendant with filigree mount, (drop lacking) and a silver hinged bangle, (2). £50-80
188.    A modern daisy cluster diamond ring set a brilliant-cut central diamond and eight 8/8-cut diamond-set petals, in 18ct white and yellow gold mount, size M, 3.8g. £70-100
189.    An 18ct gold wedding band, size K, 4.9g. £80-120
190.    A 9ct gold ring set jade, size N, 2.1g and a 9ct gold wedding band, size L, 1.9g, (2). £30-50
191.    A necklace of uniformly-sized cultured pearls, with 18ct yellow gold pearl-set clasp, 42cm and a similar bracelet with 9ct gold clasp, 18cm, (2). £50-70
192.    A sapphire and diamond cluster ring with 9ct gold mount, size K½, 2.5g. £30-50
193.    A 9ct gold neck chain, 48cm long and a similar chain, (damaged), 9.6g, (2). £90-110
194.    A highly-decorative brooch/pendant set three cultured pearls, on gold stylised leaf and berry mount, over oval green chalcedony plaque within gold scrolling mount set cultured pearls and turquoise, 9ct gold, c1970, 51 x 40mm, 60mm with bale, 16.1g. £100-150
195.    An antique silver necklace set foiled flat-cut garnet clusters, with scroll mounts and three garnet drops below, unmarked, largest cluster 33mm across, 18.9g. £40-60
196.    An unusual gold ring set tiger's eye overlaid with an X-motif, size M, 4g. £40-60
197.    A Victorian demi-parure c1880, comprising hinged bangle, pendant and drop earrings, each matt gold piece overlaid with applied scroll band set with demi-pearls, coral and rose-cut diamond points, in fitted case, total weight 73.9g, bangle 25mm wide, 57 x 50mm inside, (damage to edge), pendant 63mm long, including bale, earrings 52mm long, including hook fittings. £1200-1500
198.    An 18ct yellow gold double-hinged bangle with screw-head decoration, 5.7 x 5cm, 14.5g, cased. £280-300
199.    A three-stone diamond ring, the graduated brilliant-cut diamonds collet-set in platinum mount, size M, 5.7g, sold with a mock-up of the same ring set cubic zirconia, boxed. £600-800
200.    An 18ct gold dress ring claw-set an oval turquoise cabochon within a wreath of leaves, size M½, 9.8g. £120-150
201.    A 9ct gold rope-link chain necklace, 55.5cm long, 12.5g. £120-150
202.    A 9ct gold ring in the form of an elephant pavé-set 8/8-cut diamonds, size K½, 4.2g. £50-80
203.    A diamond cluster ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 0.94cts, within a surround of ten brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct white gold pour-part mount, VS, M-N, size M, 6.9g. £1800-2200
204.    A Victorian attractive guard chain of ribbed belcher links, interspersed with fancy rectangular links, 133cm long, unmarked, (tests as approximately 15ct gold), 36g. £550-650
205.    A fire opal and diamond cluster ring, the oval opal, approximately 15 x 12 x 6mm collet set within a surround of twenty old brilliant cut diamonds in unmarked white and yellow metal mount (tests as high carat gold), total diamond weight estimated at 1.5cts, cluster 21 x 17mm, size K½, 7.9g. £800-1000
206.    A pair of diamond trefoil cluster earrings, each claw set three brilliant cut diamonds in unmarked white metal mounts, total diamond weight estimated at approximately 1.5cts, 2.8g. £600-800
207.    A middle eastern yellow gold ring set blue and white stones, size N and two other gem set 18ct gold rings (one with vacant settings), total 9.3g. £160-200
208.    A 9ct gold ring set peridot, size M, 2.8g (very worn), a synthetic blue and white stone set ring with 22ct gold shank, size M, 3.6g and a 9ct gold buckle ring, size N, 2g, (3). £80-120
209.    A 9ct yellow gold hinged bangle, one half claw set a total of eighty-four brilliant cut diamonds in two rows, internal dimensions 58 x 48mm, 13g, diamond weight estimated at 1ct approximately). £200-300
210.    A 9ct yellow gold hinged bangle of twist design, claw set nine brilliant cut diamonds, diamond weight 0.1ct, internal dimensions 61 x 49mm, 12.5g. £150-200
211.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, 16g and a 9ct gold horseshoe stickpin set white paste stones. £160-200
212.    A sapphire and diamond marquise cluster ring set old brilliant cut diamonds around a round cut sapphire, between sapphire set shoulders, in 18ct yellow gold mount, size P, 3.4g. £100-150
215.    A horn-shaped watch key set bloodstone, a Royal Artillery sweetheart brooch, (damaged) and other items. £30-50
216.    A quantity of gold and yellow metal shackles, ring bolts, links and other items, 17g approximately. £150-180
217.    A gold-plated filigree brooch with Viking motifs, a gold-plated bracelet and other items. £40-60
218.    A green and white enamelled bracelet, a similar brooch marked 'Silver', two Scottish silver brooches and other jewellery. £30-50
219.    A large agate oval brooch, 68 x 48mm, a gold-mounted agate brooch, a string of graduated faceted garnet beads and other items. £60-80
220.    A pair of 9ct gold earrings set turquoise, other earrings, etc. £20-40
221.    A silver Art Nouveau button, an early-19th century paste and pearl brooch, various uncut and loose gemstones and other items. £40-60
222.    A 9ct gold wedding band, size L½, 3.3g, a 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on plated bracelet and other items. £50-80
223.    A good-quality jewellery box with inner tray and two keys, an amber bracelet and other items. £40-60
224.    A large pinchbeck buckle set paste stones, two pietra dura brooches, (damaged), a gold-plated guard chain and two garnet brooches, (one damaged), (6). £60-100
225.    A silver-mounted brooch set nephrite, an unusual white metal bracelet and other items. £40-60
226.    A 9ct gold bangle set peridot, (damaged) and other 9ct gold jewellery, gross weight 14.7g. £130-150
227.    A silver belcher-link chain, 34.9g and various other silver and white metal jewellery. £40-60
228.    A Victorian silver-gilt stick pin with micro-mosaic panel depicting a fly, a silver and marcasite bow brooch and other items in a jewellery box. £60-80
229.    A yellow metal retractable toothpick and a similar pencil, (damages), (2). £40-60
230.    A 15ct gold telescopic propelling pencil with scroll engraving, 68mm/40mm, (open/closed), 7.4g. £80-100
235.    A 15ct gold trench style wrist watch, the white enamel dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, marked Robinson & Co, Singapore, 31mm, 26.5g. £60-100
236.    A Victorian silver hunter cased pocket watch (not working), 49mm, 94g, on a silver watch chain with double sided floral enamelled plaque and another Victorian silver cased pocket watch, 54mm, 105g on silver watch chain, (2). £60-100
237.    A George IV silver pair cased fusée pocket watch by Bullingford, London, the white enamel dial (cracked) with Roman numerals, the signed movement numbered 2024 in case hallmarked Birmingham 1821, 54mm diameter, 127g. £50-70
238.    A gentleman's 9ct gold cased wristwatch, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, in shaped rectangular rose gold case with Glasgow import marks for 1928, 38 x 25mm, on leather strap, boxed. £50-80
239.    Waltham, a silver-cased open-face key-wind pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, 51cm diameter, 116g, and two other pocket watches (damaged), (3). £50-70
240.    A lady's French 18ct-gold-cased open-face fob watch, with gilt face, Roman numerals and engraved case, 33cm, 30g, cased, on 9ct gold fob brooch. £150-200
241.    A lady's Continental 18ct-gold-cased keyless open-face pocket watch with white enamel dial, Arabic numerals and engraved case, 3.1cm diameter, 23g. £80-120
242.    A Victorian silver-cased fusée pocket watch by S W Kendall, Portland, with silvered dial and seconds subsidiary and two other silver-cased pocket watches and a watch chain, (4). £60-80
243.    A lady's 9ct-gold-cased Mira wrist watch on leather strap and a gold-plated wrist watch, (2). £30-40
244.    Longines, a gentleman's 1960's 9ct-gold-cased mechanical wrist watch, the silvered dial with applied Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, the 370-calibre movement numbered 13321684, 33mm diameter, on leather strap. £150-200
245.    Universal Genève, a gentleman's c1960 18k gold automatic wristwatch, the gilt dial with baton numerals, centre seconds and date aperture, the Microtor 218-2 movement numbered 329805, 33mm diameter, on leather strap. £150-200
246.    Omega, a gentleman's 1970's gold-plated automatic wristwatch, the square gilt dial with baton numerals, centre seconds and date aperture, the 1012-calibre movement numbered 37724610, 32mm, on leather strap. £100-150
247.    Tissot, a gentleman's Tissonic Electronic stainless-steel-cased wristwatch, the blue dial with baton numerals and centre seconds, (no box or papers). £30-50
248.    A gentleman's 1960's 9ct-gold-cased chronograph, the silvered dial with Roman evens and dot odd numerals, subsidiary seconds and 30-minute dials and blue tachymeter scale, 37mm diameter, the metal cuvette numbered 119, the watch back hallmarked for London 1963, on leather strap. £100-150
249.    A J W Benson 9ct-gold-cased open-face pocket watch, the white enamel dial with seconds subsidiary and Roman numerals, the gold case hallmarked for Birmingham 1928, 48mm diameter, 87g, boxed, with original J W Benson Ltd letter and receipt dated 1929. £200-300
250.    A J W Benson silver-cased open face pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, the silver case 50mm, 130g, hallmarked for London 1893. £120-150
251.    A silver-cased key-wind open-face chronograph by J Richardson for J W Keeley & Sons, the white enamel with Roman numerals, marked 'Centre Seconds Chronograph', 57mm diameter, 182g, hallmarked for Chester 1898. £50-80
252.    A J W Benson gold half-hunter-cased keyless pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, with 9ct gold case, 50mm, 95.8g, hallmarked for Birmingham 1929. £400-500
253.    Rolex, an open-face keyless pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, 48mm, in silver case, hallmarked for Birmingham 1917 and numbered 305627, 93.6g. £200-300
254.    J W Benson, a silver-cased keyless half-hunter pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, 50mm, hallmarked Birmingham 1933, (cracked dial), 101g. £50-60
255.    An American Excelsior Watch Co. plated hunter-cased pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, 56mm, the signed movement numbered 175C57, 153g. £30-50
256.    Omega, a stopwatch for Prestons Timer Division, with top-wind 50mm case and dial with Arabic numerals and minute subsidiary dial, and another stopwatch, (2). £40-60
257.    Tissot, a lady's gold-cased wrist watch on 9ct gold flexible bracelet, 22.6g, (not working). £150-180
258.    Omega, a lady's Omega DeVille gold-plated wrist watch c1990, on steel bracelet, with original papers, numbered 5281. £30-40
259.    A lady's Marvin gold-cased wrist watch on plated bracelet and a lady's Seconda wrist watch, (no strap), (2). £40-60
260.    Fendi, a lady's wrist watch with steel and gold-plated case and bracelet and a DKNY steel-cased wrist watch on leather strap, with booklet, (2). £40-60
261.    A gentleman's 9ct gold rectangular-face wrist watch on leather strap, (no winder, corroded) and a lady's gold-cased wrist watch on plated bracelet, (not working), (2). £50-70
262.    A lady's 14k-gold-cased keyless pocket watch with white enamel dial, Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, in engine-turned gold case, 30mm diameter, 23.4g, (face cracked). £80-120
263.    A Continental open-face keyless pocket watch by Th Beyers Sohn, numbered 17052, the white enamel dial (damaged) with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, 51mm diameter. £30-50
264.    A Continental trench-type wrist watch, the white face with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, the silver case with import marks for 1918, 35mm diameter, (not working). £30-50
265.    Rolex, a lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, (damaged, no winder), on 9ct gold sprung bracelet, 25mm diameter, 19.2g, boxed. £80-120
266.    J Wartski, Manchester, an open-face key-wind chronograph, the white enamel dial with Roman numeral minutes, Arabic seconds and centre sweep seconds hand, numbered 42784, in silver case hallmarked for Chester 1893, 64mm diameter, 237g, (not working). £40-60
267.    A silver-cased keyless half-hunter pocket watch, 48mm diameter, on silver watch chain with enamelled coin fob and an open-face key-wind silver-cased pocket watch on white metal guard chain, (both watch cases dented). £50-80
268.    A vintage Seiko Sportsmatic day/date gentleman's wrist watch, (dial damaged) and four other wrist watches by Roamer, Ingersoll and Seiko, (5). £60-80
269.    Mondaine, a lady's day/date wrist watch with gold-plated case, a gold-cased wrist watch, (not working) and two other wrist watches, (4). £40-60
270.    Rotary, a lady's 9ct gold wrist watch of octagonal shape, on 9ct gold Brazilian bracelet, 21mm diameter, 17.3g. £100-150
271.    Tudor Royal, a lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, the movement marked Tudor, on 9ct gold Brazilian-link bracelet, 20mm diameter, 15.8g. £100-150
272.    Longines, a lady's 18ct gold oval manual wrist watch, the gold face with baton numerals, on tapered flexible bracelet, 22 x 19mm oval, 36.1g. £600-800
273.    A lady's French 18ct-gold-cased half-hunter pocket watch with pink bezel enamelled with blue Roman numerals, winder lacking, 37mm, 39g. £150-200
274.    Lanco, a lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on 9ct gold bracelet, 21mm diameter, 12.4g. £70-100
275.    A Continental 18k-gold-cased open-face keyless pocket watch, with gilt face, Roman numerals and engraved case, 39mm diameter, 44g. £200-250
276.    A silver-cased open-face key-wind pocket watch, with Roman numerals and elaborately-chased silver dial, 40mm diameter, 66g. £30-40
277.    A gentleman's 18ct gold automatic wrist watch by Patek Philippe for IOS Ltd, (Investors Overseas Services Ltd), for the Million Dollar Associate Club, the champagne dial with Roman numerals, date aperture and IOS logo, the back also engraved with the IOS logo and Million Dollar Associate, on integral 18ct gold bracelet, the movement numbered 1129104, calibre 27-640M and signed Patek Philippe & Co, Genève, 35mm, 80g, 1969, sold with Patek Philippe 'Extract From the Archives' dated 2014 and a Certificate of Guarantee with different movement number, (dent to back, one link missing to edge of bracelet). £2800-3200
278.    Omega, a lady's 18ct-gold-cased wrist watch c1956, the circular dial with baton numerals, movement numbered 15615229 calibre 244, 20mm, 8.5g, (no strap). £50-70
279.    Omega, a gentleman's Omega Seamaster automatic wrist watch, the silvered dial with baton numerals, in steel case, 34mm diameter. £150-200
280.    A WWII military issue stop watch, indistinctly marked Pringle ?th Mark II 1940, numbered 15234, and another, Pat 3169 and numbered 8881, (2). £60-80
281.    Waltham, a gold-plated hunter cased keyless pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, in engine turned case, 47mm diam. £40-60
282.    A silver-cased key-wind open-face pocket watch, the white enamel dial marked H E Peck, London, 53mm diameter, on silver curb link Albert watch chain. £50-70
283.    A Continental silver-cased key-wind pocket watch, (loop missing) and a Chinese white metal cigarette case, (2). £40-60
284.    Tudor, a 9ct gold cushion cased wristwatch, the silvered dial with Arabic and dart numerals, 28mm, 15.9g, (not working). £40-60
285.    A gentleman's 9ct gold cased wristwatch, the gilt dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary with calibre AS984 Swiss movement and 9ct gold screw-back case hallmarked for Chester 1942, 28mm diameter, 17.1g. £60-100
286.    Omega, a gentleman's Omega Seamaster automatic wristwatch, the dial with baton numerals and date aperture, in gold plated case on plated Omega bracelet, 34mm diam, 71g. £250-300
287.    A lady's Union wristwatch, the square face (10mm) with Arabic and dart numerals in 14ct gold case with elongated and enamelled shoulders, Swiss hallmarks for 14ct gold, on plated bracelet, (enamel damaged). £50-90
288.    An 18ct gold cased key-wind open face pocket watch, the engraved gold dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, the movement signed Loafler & Co, 18 Exmouth St, London, in engine turned gold case, hallmarked for 1860, 47mm, 89.3g. £300-500
289.    Omega, a gentleman's Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronometer wristwatch, ref: 31190445103001 with presentation box, outer card box and papers, the automatic movement, cal.9300, signed Omega and numbered 86744045, in steel case with exhibition screw back and Omega crown, on original Omega bracelet numbered 50/1958/989. £3000-3500
290.    A 1911 sovereign. £200-220
291.    A 1915 sovereign. £200-220
292.    A 1928 sovereign. £200-220
293.    A 1908 sovereign in 9ct gold wavy-rim mount, on neck chain, total weight 14.4g. £280-300
294.    A 1908 half-sovereign. £100-120
295.    A 1984 1/10 krugerrand gold coin in pendant mount, on neck chain, total weight 6.2g. £80-120
296.    A 1912 sovereign in a 9ct gold pendant mount, 11.4g. £250-280
297.    A George III 1806 half-guinea. £150-200
298.    A Tristan da Cunha gold one crown, 2008, cased. £60-80
299.    A half-sovereign in 9ct gold ring mount, total weight 9.9g. £150-180
300.    An 1899 sovereign in 9ct gold pendant mount, 9.2g. £220-250
301.    A 1902 half-sovereign. £100-120
302.    A 1911 sovereign. £200-220
303.    A 1913 sovereign. £220-250
304.    A 1914 half sovereign, (scratched). £90-110
305.    An 1887 half sovereign. £100-120
306.    A 1979 proof sovereign in Royal Mint case and outer card box and a 1978 Balliwick of Guernsey Royal Visit crown, (cased). £220-250
307.    A 1980 proof sovereign in Royal Mint case, with leaflets. £220-250
308.    A 2002 Golden Jubilee sovereign in capsule and presentation card. £220-250
309.    A 2002 gold proof five-pound coin, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Gold Proof Memorial Crown, cased with certificate numbered 1738, in outer sleeve. £900-1000
310.    A 2005 proof sovereign in Royal Mint case with certificate numbered 6478, fitted outer box. £250-300
311.    A Coronation Golden Jubilee 2003 gold proof five pounds (crown) in case with certificate numbered 1383, in outer sleeve. £900-1000
312.    A 2004 gold proof two pounds - 200th Anniversary of the Steam Locomotive, cased with certificate numbered 0118. £280-320
313.    A 2005 gold proof two pounds, 60th Anniversary of the End of World War II, cased with certificate numbered 0787. £280-320
314.    A 1912 sovereign. £220-250
317.    A pair of Victorian Corinthian column candlesticks with leafy capitals, stop fluted columns and beaded square bases, 28cm high, Birmingham 1881. £200-300
318.    A Georgian style coffee pot of plain tapered octagonal form, with finialled lid, London, 1975, 27cm high, ___33oz. £300-400
319.    A five-piece plain silver dressing table set, boxed, Birmingham 1919, and a butter knife, London, 1860. £40-60
320.    A pair of Georgian fiddle and shell pattern tablespoons, London, 1828, a small two-handled trophy cup, Birmingham 1936, and miscellaneous silver and metalware. £50-70
321.    A silver centenary plaque, presented to Smythe, Richards & Stapledon by the Committee of Lloyds.......Lloyds Agents at Bideford, 25 x 17cm, London 1968. £30-50
322.    Four 20th century silver cigarette cases, 11 oz. £60-80
323.    A plain cream jug and sugar basin of compressed form, London 1905 and a matched silver teapot of similar design, ___33oz. £250-350
324.    A tall loaded spill vase, London 1923 and a late Victorian caddy spoon, London 1892, (2). £30-50
325.    A Victorian engraved christening mug on scroll feet, Sheffield 1846, 9cm high ___3 ½oz. £60-80
326.    A set of six old English pattern table forks, London 1786 and three 18th century tablespoons, ___20 oz. £150-200
327.    A set of six Old English pattern coffee spoons, Sheffield 1926, other teaspoons and a silver tea strainer, Sheffield 1938___8oz. £70-90
328.    A sugar basket of pierced lobed circular form decorated overall with foliate scroll work, having pierced swing handle on cast feet decorated with flower heads, Birmingham1855, maker H & T, 19cm high, (liner lacking), ___6 ½oz. £60-80
329.    A small silver rectangular pin tray, London 1938, a shell butter dish (split), a cased set of teaspoons and other small silver, weighable silver 12oz. £100-150
330.    A small silver toast rack on ball feet, Chester 1904 an engine turned rectangular small tray, London, 1928 and other small silver, 7g. £70-90
331.    An octagonal sweetmeat dish raised on stepped foot, Birmingham 1931, a pair of heart shaped bonbon dishes and other dishes___7oz. £70-100
332.    a silver lidded cut glass preserve pot with spoon, Birmingham 1916, and a cut glass sweetmeat dish with silver base, 9.5cm high, (3). £30-50
333.    A very large cut glass inkwell with domed silver top, monogrammed and worn, complete with well, by Mappin & Webb, London 1905, 15cm square, 12cm high. £100-150
334.    A silver circular fruit bowl with pierced wavy rim, on stepped foot, 21.5cm diameter, 8.5cm high, Birmingham, 1936___11oz. £80-120
335.    A cased set of six Liberty cake forks, Birmingham 1926 and a cased set of six grapefruit spoons, Sheffield 1924. £60-100
336.    A pair of Exeter fiddle pattern table spoons, 1832 and other miscellaneous flatware___16oz. £140-180
337.    A plain circular silver bowl, Sheffield 1911 and various cruet items, weighable silver approximately ___10oz. £60-80
338.    An Edwardian dressing table hand mirror, brush and silver topped jar, a pair of salts and other small silver. £40-60
339.    A pair of large plain silver sauce boats with scroll handles, on three shell and hoof feet, 11cm high, London, 1902___18oz. £200-300
340.    A set of four Georgian-style plain knopped candlesticks, London, 1979, 20cm. £300-500
341.    Four Victorian and later single loaded candlesticks and two loaded spill vases, (6). £100-200
342.    A silver hot water jug of tapered form, 21.5cm high, London 1927___17oz inclusive. £120-150
343.    A modern silver letter tray raised on four shell feet, engraved with inscription, 20.5cm diameter, 10oz £90-120
344.    Two engine turned pin trays, London 1945, and other small pin trays, a bowl and miscellaneous small silver___8oz. £60-80
345.    A small capstan inkwell with liner, 8.5cm diameter, and another, larger, (dented, no liner), (2). £40-60
346.    A pair of embossed silver bonbon dishes, 13.5cm diameter, Sheffield 1895 and four modern Armada dishes, ___9oz. £70-90
347.    A circular fruit bowl with pierced and embossed border, 24cm diameter, stamped Sterling and an oval tray, 26 x 19cm, London 1935, ___16oz, (2). £100-150
348.    A collection of mainly 19th century fiddle pattern flatware, various dates and makers, ___35oz. £250-350
349.    A pair of engine-turned silver napkin rings and nine others, (11), ___6oz. £50-100
350.    A Walker & Hall Old English pattern ladle, Sheffield 1936 and three modern sauce ladles, ___11oz. £100-120
351.    A George III silver gilt tablespoon, Peter & Ann Bateman, London 1793, and five other Georgian tablespoons, ___12oz. £100-150
352.    Four Scottish fiddle pattern dessert forks, Edinburgh 1833, six modern dessert spoons and other miscellaneous flatware, ___17g. £140-180
353.    A Georgian Old English stilton spoon, a modern meat skewer, a set of six engraved teaspoons, Sheffield, 1906 and six mother of pearl handled fruit knives and forks, weighable silver ___6oz. £40-60
354.    Six each modern silver handled dinner and cheese knives, two matching knives and other silver handled cutlery. £60-80
355.    A large silver backed hand mirror, Birmingham 1910 and an engine turned mirror, Birmingham 1940, (2). £30-50
356.    A plain silver circular footed bowl, Birmingham 1963, two napkin rings and a propelling pencil. £30-40
357.    A 20th century silver plain tazza of lobed form, on circular foot, Sheffield 1912, stamped Pridham & Sons, Torquay, 27cm diameter___18oz. £160-180
358.    A silver backed hand mirror with embossed decoration, Birmingham 1908 and five various dressing table brushes (6). £40-60
359.    A menu holder in the form of a stag, 6cm high, a half round engine turned silver jewellery box (damaged) and other small items of metalware. £40-60
360.    A Victorian silver christening mug with engraved decoration, Sheffield 1861, 9cm high, 4.5cm diameter. £50-100
361.    An engine turned silver backed dressing table mirror, brush and circular jewellery box, Birmingham 1961 and other dressing table items. £80-120
362.    A Victorian smelling salts bottle with silver lid and stopper, Birmingham 1891, various napkin rings and cruets. £80-120
363.    A plain three-handled porringer, Sheffield 1911, 15cm wide___6oz. £40-60
364.    Franklin Mint 'Flags of the United Nations', a set of 138 .925 silver ingots contained in a box with two fitted drawers, approximate total weight ___138oz, with book. £900-1200
365.    John Pinches Ltd 'The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci', a set of fifty hallmarked silver medals contained in a six-drawer fitted cabinet, with Certificates of authenticity and booklet, approximately ___80oz. £700-900
366.    John Pinches Ltd 'The Great Explorers', a set of fifty hallmarked silver medals contained in two albums, with information sheets to each medal, (two sheets missing), approximately ___35oz. £250-350
367.    The Birmingham Mint 'Great British Regiments', a set of fifty-two hallmarked silver medals with regiment badges, contained on two fitted trays within a brass-bound box, Set No. 0501, with paperwork for each medal, (three missing), approximately ___75oz. £600-800
368.    "International Society of Postmasters", an album containing thirty-six commemorative numismatic issue covers, each with a sterling silver medallion, with paperwork, approximately ___25oz. £180-220
369.    The Birmingham Mint Ltd 'The Ancient Counties of England', a collection of forty hallmarked silver medals, with paperwork, approximately ___54oz. £400-500
370.    John Pinches Ltd, The Mountbatten Medallic History of Great Britain and the Sea, eleven sterling silver medals contained in an album, (vol 1), approx ___13oz £100-120
371.    A silver-mounted glass Claret jug of ovid shape, on circular star-cut base, London 1895, 29cm high. £200-400
372.    An Exeter fiddle pattern sifter spoon, 1816 and another sifter spoon, (2). £50-80
373.    A set of six cake forks in case, Sheffield 1939, two sets of six cased coffee spoons and a set of six loose coffee spoons, ___9oz, (4). £60-80
374.    A set of six modern teaspoons in case, Birmingham, a set of six bean coffee spoons and two christening forks. £30-50
375.    A rectangular plain silver photograph frame, Birmingham 1923, 17 x 12cm and a small circular frame, 7cm diameter, (2). £30-50
376.    A six-division wire toast rack, Sheffield 1884, (damaged) and four silver napkin rings. £80-120
377.    Seven Hester Bateman Old English pattern teaspoons, London 1786, a set of six Old English dessert forks, London 1822 and other small silver___12oz. £100-150
378.    A silver mounted horses hoof inkwell with shield engraved Chelsea, Sire Cremone, dam Daleham Lass, Breeder The Earl of Rosebery, Birmingham 1900. £60-100
379.    A rectangular silver bread basket with gadrooned rim, Sheffield 1897, 25 x 20cm___16oz. £100-150
380.    A circular gadrooned salver on claw and ball feet, London 1897, 27cm diameter___18oz. £160-200
381.    A Victorian circular two-handled sugar basin of engraved compressed form, 21cm diameter, 11cm high, London 1872, ___10oz. £80-120
382.    A pair of Victorian engraved fish servers with pierced blades and ivory handles, London 1874. £60-80
383.    A set of six fiddle pattern tablespoons, Exeter 1821, maker Isaac Parkin, ___13oz and a pair of Exeter sugar tongs, 1860, total weight, ___22oz. £200-250
384.    A fiddle pattern basting spoon, London 1828 and other flatware, ___14oz. £100-150
385.    A pierced silver sweetmeat basket, Birmingham 1911, a vase-shaped cream jug, London 1897, a silver-backed hair brush and a cup holder, weighable silver ___5oz. £40-60
386.    Four napkin rings, a small silver sifter spoon and other small silver, ___5oz. £50-80
387.    Two modern silver coasters with pierced borders and two small Armada dishes, London 1956, (4). £50-80
388.    A plain circular salver with gadrooned edge, on claw and ball feet, engraved with crest, London 1928, 30cm diameter, ___29oz. £250-300
389.    A large plain silver loaded spill vase with wavy rim, engraved To Mrs Demetriadi, Lindley Golf Club, 22cm high, ___7oz approximately. £50-70
390.    A George III half-gadrooned lidded jug with S-scroll handle, later-engraved beneath In Memorium N Trubuer 1884, 22cm high, ___26oz. £300-500
391.    A helmet-shaped cream jug, Chester 1937 and a small four-division toast rack, London 1890, ___8oz, (2). £80-120
392.    A set of six "Silver Hallmarks" teaspoons, two small glass bottles and other items. £40-60
393.    A small octagonal helmet-shaped cream jug, Chester 1907 and other items. £40-60
394.    A very large Victorian trophy cup of goblet form, with knopped and beaded stem and base, engraved to Beaumaris Regatta......... 1876, 35cm high, by Elkington, London 1872, ___32oz. £300-320
395.    A boxed Coronation 1953 silver-gilt anointing spoon, four various silver napkin rings and other small silver, weighable silver ___4.95oz. £40-60
396.    Four George III Old English pattern tablespoons, possibly by John Scofield, London 1779 and one other tablespoon, ___10.3oz. £80-120
397.    A silver-topped powder bowl, London 1925, (dented), a silver-topped salts bottle and a silver spill vase (in two parts). £30-50
398.    A George V silver christening mug with engraved bouquets and wreath of flowers, London 1923, 7cm high, ___2½oz. £40-60
399.    A pair of George III Old English pattern tablespoons, London 1791 and a pair of later fiddle pattern tablespoons, London 1828, ___7.78oz, (4). £80-100
400.    A cut-glass dressing table jar, the silver top embossed with a courting couple, Birmingham 1915, a silver-topped hair tidy, a silver pickle fork, (damaged) and a sifter spoon, (4). £30-50
401.    A bachelor's silver teapot by William Hutton & Sons, 12.5cm high, Sheffield 1936, with inscription, total weight ___12½oz. £60-80
402.    A silver-mounted coromandel wood bridge games box fitted for playing cards, score cards and pencils, with fold-down front, complete with key, 21cm wide. £100-150
403.    A plain octagonal teapot, Birmingham 1928, ___15oz inclusive. £80-100
404.    A silver and tortoiseshell dressing table set, Birmingham 1925, (damaged). £40-60
405.    A six-piece tortoiseshell and silver dressing table set, in fitted case, Birmingham 1923. £100-150
406.    A painted engine-turned cigarette case by J C Ltd decorated with a hunting scene. £40-60
407.    A Victorian silver-handled lady's hunting crop, the silver mount in the form of a stag horn, London 1894, (leather keeper missing). £60-80
408.    A pair of trumpet-shaped spill vases on loaded bases, 16cm high, Chester 1922 and a plain sauce boat, Sheffield 1927, weighable silver ___5oz. £60-80
410.    A plain octagonal four-piece tea service, Sheffield 1973, ___56oz. £450-550
411.    A set of four oval engine-turned napkin rings in boxes, Birmingham 1961, ___7½oz. £100-150
412.    A Victorian baluster-shaped pepper caster with beaded base, 1856 and other Victorian and later cruet items. £50-80
413.    A plain oval sweetmeat dish, 18cm long, London 1943, a cream jug stamped Sterling and three modern wine labels, ___7½oz. £60-80
414.    A set of four engine-turned napkin rings, Birmingham 1939, in boxes, ___1oz. £40-60
415.    A pair of engine-turned napkin rings, Birmingham 1921 and six others. £40-60
416.    A rectangular pin tray, 12 x 9cm, Chester 1910, a small oval spirit flask, Chester 1900 and a plain cigarette case, Birmingham 1920, ___8oz, (3). £80-100
417.    A Mappin & Webb matchbook holder, Birmingham 1926, engraved The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company and an engraved Vesta, Birmingham 1919, (2). £40-60
418.    A pair of plated bottle coasters of flared lobed form, 7cm diameter. £20-40
419.    A pair of large apostle-topped serving spoons, in fitted box marked Vincent Goldsmith, Weymouth. £20-30
420.    A pair of Continental silver salad servers, marked 800, a small model of a junk and other items. £30-50
421.    A pair of Russian table spoons, St Petersburg and six gilt and enamel coffee spoons, Norway Sterling. £40-60
422.     A small Chinese white metal trophy cup embossed with a dragon, on circular base,16cm high, a smaller cup stamped SF, and four carved nut and silver lined spirit cups. £40-60
423.    Two Chinese silver gilt filigree card cases of shaped outline with applied dragons, clouds and foliage, 10 x 6.5cm (2). £60-100
424.    A Dutch Amsterdam souvenir spoon with stork and snake finial and other Continental silver items. £10-20
425.    A Continental white metal snuff box with engraved lid and gilt interior, 9cm long and an English embossed silver pill box, Birmingham 1876, (2) £40-60
426.    A pair of small Russian white metal and gilt spirit cups on circular bases and two embossed white metal bowls. £40-60
427.    A Chinese silver butter dish and cover on stand, marked Luen Wo, the circular dish on stand pierced with dragons and a flaming pearl and having a domed lid with cow finial, 15.5cm, (liner lacking). £150-250
428.    A 19th century Continental silver gilt circular box and cover with engraved and engine turned decoration overall, the lid inset with a painted miniature of a courting couple seated beside a window, 8cm diameter. £100-200
429.    An engine-turned silver and enamel round compact with blue guilloche enamel and naval crown, Birmingham 1946, 7.5cm and a similar lipstick, unmarked, (2). £50-80
430.    A silver sovereign/half-sovereign case with scroll engraving, 5.3cm, Birmingham 1902. £30-50
431.    A plain silver sovereign case with engraved initials, Birmingham 1904. £30-40
432.    A Country Artists silver (filled) teddy bear, 65mm high, Birmingham 1996, boxed and a Royal Worcester heart-shaped pill box, c1999, (2). £40-50
433.    A graduated set of three enamelled mice, possibly Saturno, largest 4cm long. £80-120
434.    A silver trowel book mark with mother of pearl handle, Birmingham 1924, a silver bladed fruit knife, a and other items. £60-100
435.    Two silver napkin hooks, a silver miniature chair, two Art Nouveau silver buttons and other small silver items. £80-120
436.    A small engine turned cigarette case, a miniature silver oar, HMS Vidette 194, a napkin ring and a Chinese match box holder marked Lee Sung and embossed with a junk. £40-60
437.    A pair of models of standing herons, indistinctly marked, 16cm high, (2). £100-150
438.    Two pairs of silver sugar tongs, a silver sifter spoon and other small silver, weighable silver___3.25 oz. £30-50
439.    A silver handled magnifying glass, Sheffield 1912, 12.5cm long. £30-40
440.    A novelty knitting needle holder in the form of two boots, 19cm long, closed. £30-50
441.    Three engraved silver napkin hooks and other small silver items. £30-50
442.    An engine turned silver cased tortoiseshell comb, 10cm long, London, 1938 a small circular pill box with blue jasperware lid and other items. £30-50
443.    A set of six silver place setting markers, each with pierced game bird, stag or dog motif, by J A Campbell, London 1997. £200-300
444.    S Mordan & Co, a novelty propelling pencil in the form of a bottle of champagne with enamelled label for Moet & Chandon, (damaged, the shaft marked S Mordan, 48mm, closed. £60-80
445.    A silver curb-link Albert watch chain, 38cm, 68.6g. £20-40
446.    A silver graduated curb-link Albert watch chain, with hard stone set swivel fob, (damaged), 42cm, 58g. £20-40
447.    A silver curb-link Albert watch chain, 40cm, 28g. £15-25
448.    Three silver curb-link Albert watch chains, 40-44cm, 151g. £40-60
449.    Two silver graduated curb-link half-Albert watch chains with medallions, 34 and 40cm, 121g. £30-50
450.    Three silver graduated curb-link half-Albert watch chains, 98g. £30-50
451.    Six silver and gold medallions awarded to A Weston, all boxed. £30-40
452.    A sterling silver bosun's call, 14cm long, 23g. £30-40
453.    A sterling silver card case with embossed iris decoration, 10 x 7.5cm. £30-50
454.    An engine turned silver card case of purse form, Chester 1914 and an engraved silver visiting card case, Birmingham 1908, (2). £50-70
455.    Two silver tea strainers, London 1955 and Sheffield 1957, (2). £30-50
456.    A pair of knife rests in the form of dachshunds, maker R&D, Sheffield 1973, 8cm long. £30-40
457.    An Edwardian engine turned silver mounted 8-day strut-clock of hexagonal form, Birmingham (date rubbed), 9cm, (strut lacking). £40-60
458.    A French rectangular engraved snuff box engraved to lid To Alfred Hibble in admiration of your abilities and gratitude for your kindness to me in Paris, September 1849, H C Garrettson, New York, 70 x 40cm £40-60
459.    A silver fronted watch holder with engraved bow and swag decoration, 11.5 x 9.5cm, (strut lacking), containing a steel cased open-faced pocket watch. £30-50
460.    A novelty pin cushion in the form of two swans facing in opposite directions, Birmingham 1876, a Victorian sovereign case, London1889 and other items. £60-80
461.    A set of three salt shovels by Hester Bateman, London 1786 and a small collection of 18th and 19th century flatware, total weight ___7oz. £60-80
462.    A silver miniature four-piece coffee service on tray, Birmingham 1905, a miniature three-handled trophy cup, Birmingham 1905, a novelty whistle in the form of a barrel and other small items. £100-150
463.    A Victorian silver covered smelling salts bottle of rectangular form, Birmingham 1884, 5cm high and other items. £40-60
464.    A silver prize oar inscribed H F Regatta 1934, HMS Rodney, R McCohh, makers NA&AFI, Birmingham 1934, 30cm. £50-70
465.    A novelty white metal cigar cutter in the form of a lady on a chamber pot, a gold-plated watch key in the form of a pistol and other watch keys. £40-60
466.    A small silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1916 and a silver sovereign case (damaged). £20-30
467.    A silver wine chart listing vintage ratings (out of 20) of wines 1928 - 1980: Bordeaux Rouge/Blanc, Bourgoyne Rouge/Blanc, Beaujolais and Champagne, 82 x 58mm, London 1983. £30-50
468.    A William IV table snuff box with cast borders and engine-turned decoration, inscribed To Mr Robert Gillett 1839 By The Master Bakers of the Lambeth Association held at The Angel Lambeth....., the gilt interior with coat of arms, Birmingham 1836, Maker TP ___6oz. £100-200