Sale of Jewellery, Silver, Watches & Gold
on Tuesday 4th December at 10.30am

Lots subject to normal VAT rules are marked in the text-only catalogue with a single asterisk character (*) or a single dagger symbol () to indicate a VAT added rate of 20%.
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Lots subject to normal VAT rules are marked in the text-only catalogue with double 'at' characters (@@) to indicate a VAT inclusive rate of 5%.
Lots marked in the text-only catalogue with a bullet character () are subject to the Artist's Resale Right Scheme.
Lots marked in the text-only catalogue with a small tilde character () are subject to the CITES Agreement.

1.      An 18ct yellow gold bracelet of flattened curb links, with concealed clasp, 18.5cm, 11.2g. 200-240
2.      A pair of yellow metal hoop earrings with textured surface, unmarked, 4g. 60-80
3.      A pair of 9ct gold heart-shaped ear studs, each set eleven small round-cut sapphires and a diamond point, 10mm x 9mm, 1.9g and a pair of cultured pearl and diamond earrings in 9ct white gold mounts. 50-80
4.      A three-stone diamond ring, the claw-set brilliant-cut diamonds totalling approximately 0.6cts, in 18ct white gold and platinum mount, size L, 2.6g. 200-300
5.      A long string of uniformly-sized cultured pearls, 7.5mm diameter, 100cm long, with 9ct white gold clasp. 50-80
6.      A 19th century gilt metal brooch set coral, a banded pendant, a gilt metal swivel brooch and other items of Victorian jewellery. 50-80
7.      A pair of silver gilt earrings of disc form, each set an amethyst carved to portray The Man in the Moon, a cornelian bead bracelet with silver gilt mounts and matching earrings and two pairs of Bakelite 'amber' earrings. 50-70
8.      A 9ct gold brick-link wide bracelet in the form of a belt and buckle, with textured buckle and two hinged bars, 22mm wide, 23cm long, 67.5g. 600-650
9.      A diamond cluster ring claw-set twenty-four brilliant and marquise-cut diamonds, in 18ct gold white mount, size N, 5.8g. 800-1200
10.     A ruby and diamond cluster ring claw-set a round-cut ruby between two triplets of brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18k white gold mount, size N, 3.3g. 100-150
11.     A sapphire and pearl spray brooch claw-set seven round-cut sapphires, amongst demi-pearl-set leaves, in 9ct yellow gold, 5cm, 5.3g. 40-60
12.     A modern circle brooch, alternately-set seven each round-cut rubies and cultured pearls, within border of wire-work circlets, marked '585', 3.3cm, 5.3g. 40-60
13.     An 18ct gold ring set five old-brilliant and 8/8-cut diamonds, size O, 3.6g. 70-100
14.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size N, 2.5g. 50-60
15.     A gold bar brooch centrally-set an opal and pearl heart-shaped cluster, in 15ct gold mount, 5.1cm long, 2.9g. 60-100
16.     An oval shell cameo pendant with 9ct gold mount, on 9ct gold curb-link chain, gross weight 8.6g. 40-60
17.     A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 0.1ct, in 18ct white gold mount, size M, 2.2g. 60-80
18.     An Arts and Crafts silver pendant on chain set teardrop turquoise cabochon in pierced silver mount, on a long chain of oval silver plaques pierced and inset wire-work figure-of-eight motifs, the chain interspersed with turquoise matrix beads, chain length 107cm, unmarked. 200-300
19.     An early-19th century bar brooch claw-set nine graduated old brilliant-cut diamonds, on a white and yellow gold knife-edge mount, total weight 6.8g. 800-1200
20.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size L, 6.9g. 140-160
21.     A pair of Creole-style 9ct gold earrings and other 9ct gold jewellery, 5.8g. 40-60
22.     A modern green jade and demi-pearl heart-shaped cluster ring with 9ct gold mount, size L, 4.2g. 40-60
23.     A 9ct gold bar brooch collet-set an oval amethyst, 3.9g and a yellow metal brooch set three garnets, 5.5g, (2). 80-120
24.     Three 9ct gold rings set synthetic stones, sizes N-O, 8.6g, (3). 30-50
25.     A Victorian mourning brooch with pearl-set onyx plaque within scrolling mount, another brooch and a silver baby bracelet, (3). 30-50
26.     A stick pin in the form of a talon holding an oval garnet, unmarked. 30-50
27.     A five-stone diamond ring claw-set graduated brilliant and 8/8-cut diamonds in 18ct yellow gold and platinum mount, size L, 2.8g. 80-120
28.     A Chinese carved amethyst pendant in the form of two gourds with leaf and tendrils, on an amethyst and pearl-beaded cord, probably 19th century, 4cm long. 60-100
29.     A pair of gold earrings in the form of poppy flowers, each centrally-set an old brilliant-cut diamond, 15mm diameter, 4.3g. 50-70
30.     A Victorian diamond ring claw-set five old brilliant-cut diamonds, with diamond points between, in 18ct yellow gold scrolling mount, total diamond weight estimated at 2.3cts, size P. 1500-2000
31.     A 9ct gold medallion on chain and three other 9ct gold neck chains, 12.1g, (4). 100-120
32.     A pair of 9ct gold earrings of leaf spray form, each set three cultured pearls, and other 9ct gold earrings, 12g. 100-120
33.     A 19th century ring set opal and turquoise cluster between scrolling shoulders, with engraved shank, unmarked, size K, 2.7g. 40-60
34.     A 9ct gold hinged bangle with engraved geometric decoration, 27g. 240-260
35.     A long string of 95 uniform cultured pearls, 7mm diameter, with 9ct gold clasp set amethyst and seed pearl daisy cluster, 80cm long. 80-120
36.     A fire opal-set ring, the oval fire opal claw-set in 18ct white gold mount, with diamond point-set shoulders, (one diamond missing), size P, 4g. 100-150
37.     A long necklace of graduated cultured pearls, 6.5mm to 9.5mm, with 18ct white gold clasp set an oval sapphire and diamond cluster, 76cm long, 120g. 400-600
38.     A five-stone diamond ring claw-set five graduated old brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18t gold mount, size Q, 3g. 200-300
39.     A diamond crossover ring with 18ct white gold and platinum mount, size J, 2.2g and a 9ct gold ring set sapphire and two diamonds, size N, 1.7g, (a/f), (2). 40-60
40.     A large white metal locket embossed on both sides with flowers, leaves and shells, and two chains, (3). 30-40
41.     A pair of pearl-set yellow metal earrings, each with pink, white and black flower head centred by a seed pearl and suspended by pearl-set bar from screw fitting, and a similar stick pin, all unmarked, 3g. 60-80
42.     An 18ct yellow gold ring set three garnets, with pairs of rose-cut diamonds between, size K, 3.4g. 40-60
43.     A small hunting brooch with a running fox, unmarked, 3.8cm long and a Naval crown sweetheart brooch, total weight 6.4g, (2). 60-100
44.     Five various Victorian and Edwardian stick pins, (5). 30-50
45.     A 14ct gold ring set cultured pearl, size Q, 1.9g and four gold gem-set rings, sizes N-P, 8g, (5). 60-80
46.     Five various 18ct gold pendants and a single hoop earring, 7.2g, a 9ct gold St Christopher pendant, 3.4g and three other pendants marked '333'. 160-180
47.     A garnet and pearl-set open-work pendant, (a/f), on belcher-link chain, unmarked, 9.1g. 80-100
48.     A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 0.3ct, in 9ct gold mount, size P, 3g. 60-100
49.     A collection of 9ct gold, to include an elephant ring, size L and a St Christopher pendant, total weight 15.7g. 130-150
50.     An 18ct gold gipsy ring set single old brilliant-cut diamond, size O, 4.9g. 60-80
51.     A pair of Edwardian pearl and diamond earrings, each millegrain-set an old brilliant-cut diamond above a similarly-set diamond pendant, within a circlet of seed pearls, unmarked, tested as 15ct gold and platinum, length 23mm, on hook fittings. 150-200
52.     A Victorian brooch of scrolling form set oval citrine, with similarly-set drop below and later festoon chains, 7.5cm length, 9.5g. 80-120
53.     A gold ring with Chinese character, on textured ground, marked '14k', size L. 70-90
54.     A 9ct gold bracelet of elongated and flattened curb links, with concealed clasp, 19cm long, 26g. 220-250
55.     Three 9ct gold rings of rope-twist form, sizes G, K and M and another 9ct gold ring, size M, 5.6g, (4). 40-60
56.     A quantity of gold chains, all a/f, and other items, gold weight approximately 23g. 180-200
57.     A pair of small 14k gold brooches, each set a seed pearl within enamelled floral decoration, 24mm long, 2.4g, (2). 30-50
58.     A small oblong Skakudo pendant with bamboo decoration, 32mm long and a brooch in the form of two geese flying across a crescent moon, 35mm, (2). 40-60
59.     A ruby and diamond 9ct gold half-hoop ring, size Q and a similar sapphire and diamond ring, size P, 4.5g, (2). 40-60
60.     A 9ct gold belcher-link neck chain and a modern 9ct gold bracelet, 9.3g, (2). 80-120
61.     A modern diamond cluster pendant claw-set nine brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold mount, 1.2g. 80-120
62.     A 9ct gold emerald and synthetic white stone cluster ring, size R and a 9ct gold half-eternity ring, size O, 4.8g, (2). 30-50
63.     An octagonal 22ct gold locket with engraved inscription, 2.1 x 1.8cm, 7.6g. 160-180
64.     An Edwardian stick pin set an oval opal, in 15ct gold mount. 30-50
65.     An early-19th century three-stone foiled paste ring, the green pastes collet-set between rope-twist and beaded borders, on possibly later tapered shank, unmarked, size L, 3.5g. 60-80
66.     A pair of 9ct gold octagonal cufflinks with engine-turned decoration, 6g. 50-70
67.     A pair of 9ct gold engine-turned cufflinks engraved 'M' and 'N', 8.5g. 70-90
68.     A diamond cluster ring set two rows of Swiss and 8/8-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold mount, size L, 2.2g. 50-70
69.     A modern 14ct yellow gold ring set opal baton, (a/f, in two pieces), between diamond-set shoulders, size N, 2.6g. 30-50
70.     A small pendant of heart shape set a turquoise and pearl heart-shaped cluster, within a border of pearl-set stars, on modern 9ct gold chain and another pendant and chain, gross weight 4.8g, (2). 40-60
71.     A 1960's 9ct gold hinged bangle with engraved scroll decoration, 3.7cm wide, 70g. 620-650
72.     A diamond cluster ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 0.6cts, within a surround of eight brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold and platinum mount, size P. 650-750
73.     A pair of 9ct gold oval cufflinks with engine-turned decoration and engraved initials, 15.2g, boxed. 130-150
74.     A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks and matching tie clip and a tie chain, 13.8g. 120-140
75.     A large oval tiger's eye pendant overlaid with a gold profile in high relief of a young woman with diamonds in her hair, within a gold open-work frame, maker's mark 'TAR', London 1977, marked for 9ct gold, 5cm x 3.7cm, 6.3cm overall with bale, 36.6g. 200-300
76.     A 9ct gold box-link necklace, 50.5cm, 11.5g. 100-120
77.     A small brooch set foiled pink paste and pearl cluster, a 9ct gold open-work pendant set amethyst and seed pearls, on gold chain and a small 9ct gold brooch, gross weight 9.8g, (3). 60-100
78.     A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond, in 18ct white gold mount, size M, 2.5g. 90-120
79.     A 9ct rose gold guard chain of wire-embellished belcher links, chain 73cm long, 20.8g. 200-250
80.     A 9ct yellow gold bracelet with fifteen charms and one spare charm, 44g. 380-420
81.     A 22ct gold wedding band, size T, 6.5g. 130-150
82.     A 9ct gold wedding band, size U, 7g. 60-70
83.     A Victorian brooch set an old-cut diamond on a blue-enamelled oval boss, within a blue and white enamelled wreath set four demi-pearls, 3.7 x 2.5cm, 13.4g. 100-120
84.     An 18ct yellow gold heart-shaped pendant on rope-twist chain, 4.6g. 80-120
85.     An 18ct yellow gold woven herring bone snake-link bracelet with central knot, 20cm long, 5.6g. 90-120
86.     An opal and diamond cluster ring, the large oval opal (19 x 11.5mm), millegrain-set with trios of 8/8-cut diamonds above, below and on each shoulder, the mount of 18ct yellow gold, size L. 400-600
87.     An 18ct gold wedding band, size Q, 3.4g. 60-80
88.     A 1787 guinea with soldered pendant mount, on 9ct rose gold chain, gross weight 23g. 300-320
89.     A bracelet of eleven native-cut turquoise beads, colour-treated, on expanding band, 43.3g. 30-40
90.     A five-stone diamond ring claw-set five graduated old brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow and white gold mount, size L, 2.5g. 300-500
91.     A 9ct gold guard chain of round links interspersed with eight Baroque pearls, with plated bolt ring, 148cm long, 31.5g. 300-350
92.     A solitaire diamond ring four-claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond, in platinum mount, size L, 3.8g, with Beaverbrooks diamond certificate stating carat weight 0.3ct, clarity SI1, colour G. 300-400
93.     A platinum wedding ring, size L, 3.5g. 50-80
94.     A Victorian brooch of scrolling form set citrine, 6.3cm long, 12.1g. 100-150
95.     A 9ct gold ring set citrine, in scrolling mount, size K, 6.5g. 30-50
96.     Two 9ct gold wedding bands, sizes J and P, 7.3g, (2). 60-70
97.     A 9ct gold rope-link neck chain with scrolling panel and tassel terminals, 22g. 180-200
98.     A modern pendant set oval Blue John plaque within 9ct gold mount, on gold belcher-link chain, gross weight 12.1g. 60-100
99.     A ruby and diamond ring channel-set a line of square ruby baguettes, with 8/8-cut diamond-set 'buckle', in 9ct yellow gold mount, size P, 2.7g. 40-60
100.    A 9ct gold ring set emerald and 8/8-cut diamond cluster, size P, 2.3g and another 9ct gold ring set amethyst between diamond-set shoulders, size P, 3g, (2). 50-80
101.    A 9ct rose gold curb-link Albert watch chain with modern smokey quartz swivel fob, gross weight 45.5g. 340-360
102.    An 18ct yellow and white gold wish-bone ring claw-set nine brilliant-cut diamonds, size P, 4g. 350-380
103.    A 9ct yellow gold necklace of rope-link chain interspersed with gold spheres, 12.2g. 100-120
104.    A modern shell cameo brooch depicting the Three Graces, in 9ct gold mount, 5 x 4cm and a similar cameo ring in 9ct gold mount, size M, 17.8g. 60-100
105.    An 18ct gold gipsy ring set three old-cut diamonds, size S, 3.8g. 90-120
106.    An 18ct gold ring set two old-cut diamonds, (a/f, one setting vacant), a 9ct gold ring set three opals, (one a/f) and a 9ct gold ring set diamond points, gross weight 7.2g, (3). 90-120
107.    An 18ct gold signet ring, size I, 6.2g, (a/f, shank cut). 90-110
108.    A 9ct gold oval locket with engraved decoration, 13.3g. 120-150
109.    A 9ct gold bracelet of double-curb links, with padlock clasp, 8.8g. 80-90
110.    A necklace of three strings of graduated cultured pearls, with a white metal clasp set nine brilliant and 8/8-cut diamonds. The clasp splits to convert the necklace to two necklaces of one and two strings each, 225 pearls measure 5mm to 9mm, longest string 57cm long, (clasp tests as approximately 18ct white gold). 300-500
111.    An Edwardian ruby and diamond cluster ring claw-set a round-cut ruby within a surround of ten old brilliant-cut diamonds, in unmarked gold mount, (tests as 18ct approximately), size J, 2.5g. 200-300
112.    A string of slightly-graduated cultured pearls with concealed pearl clasp, 57cm. 30-50
113.    A pair of 9ct gold hoop earrings of twisted textured form, 28mm diameter, 6.1g. 50-80
114.    A diamond half-hoop ring set seven brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold mount, size P, 2.4g. 120-160
115.    A pair of modern rock crystal pendant earrings of faceted conical form, suspended from textured yellow metal hook fittings, 57mm long. 60-80
116.    A necklace of cherry-red phenolic Bakelite graduated beads, 92cm long, 68g. 60-100
117.    A sapphire and diamond cluster ring claw-set an oval sapphire, within a border of sixteen brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct gold mount, size K, 4.3g. 80-120
118.    A pair of 9ct gold interlocking rings of 'Z' design, one rose gold, the other white gold, size M, 2.5g and a 9ct yellow gold double-band knot ring, size N, 2.9g. 40-60
119.    A modern 9ct gold locket pendant on 9ct gold belcher-link chain, 11.3g. 80-120
120.    A ruby and diamond half-eternity ring in 9ct gold mount, size M, 2g and a 9ct gold solitaire diamond ring, size K, 1.6g, (2). 50-60
121.    An 18ct gold curb-link bracelet and an 18ct gold wedding band, size M, 4.4g, (2). 70-90
122.    A 9ct-gold-mounted opal matrix pendant on gold chain, bearing French marks for 18ct gold. 30-50
123.    A 9ct gold St Christopher pendant on chain and two other 9ct gold chains, 9.6g, (3). 80-100
124.    A string of fifty-seven uniformly-sized cultured pearls, 8mm diameter approximately, 56cm long, no clasp, 46g. 50-60
125.    An emerald and diamond ring claw-set a rectangular emerald of approximately 0.9cts between triplets of brilliant-cut diamonds, on unmarked gold mount, (tested as 18ct), size P, 2.1g. 80-120
126.    An unusual necklace of thirty-one large silver oval links and one 18ct gold link, 39g. 40-60
127.    A 9ct gold herring bone neck chain, 3.4g, a gold signet ring, size I, 1.3g and a quantity of ear studs, some marked for 9ct gold. 40-60
128.    A three-stone diamond ring claw-set three old brilliant-cut diamonds, in unmarked gold mount, size N, 3.7g. 500-800
129.    An Edwardian pearl and diamond brooch set three pearls, white, grey and golden, in a line, and entwined by a continuous line of 8/8-cut diamonds, in millegrain settings, with further diamond accents set above and below, unmarked, 3.2cm long, pearls 6.5-7mm diameter. 400-600
130.    A 9ct yellow gold brooch of stylised knot design, 43mm long, 5.1g. 40-60
131.    A pair of emerald and diamond earrings, each with an emerald cabochon within a surround of eight 8/8-cut diamonds, in 9ct gold screw fittings, 8mm diameter, 2.7g. 40-60
132.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size P, 1.3g, a 9ct gold signet ring, (a/f), 1.8g and a small 15ct gold stick pin set diamond point, 1.3g, (boxed), (3). 50-70
133.    A sapphire and diamond cluster ring claw set a brilliant cut diamond and four round cut sapphires within a surround of twenty diamond points in 18ct white gold mount, size P, 5.7g.
134.    A necklace of three strings of graduated cultured pearls, with 8/8-cut diamond-set Art Deco clasp, 40cm, 27g. 80-100
135.    A pair of Victorian lava stone drop earrings, each with carved cameo supported on chains to wire hook fittings, 40mm, 5.3g. 60-100
136.    An 18ct gold buckle ring set two Swiss-cut diamonds, size P, 4.7g. 80-120
137.    A modern 9ct gold ring set turquoise cabochon, size L and another, similar, set coral cabochon, size K, 6g, (2). 40-60
138.    A Norwegian 930 silver gilt filigree and enamel necklace by Marius Hammer, of five graduated pale blue guilloche enamel and filigree discs joined by pairs of chains, with sprung barrel clasp. 80-120
139.    A Norwegian 925 silver guilloche-enamelled circular brooch with hand-painted pink rose on white ground, stamped "925S T.J.", 45mm diameter, 20.6g. 30-50
140.    A pair of Arne Johansen Danish silver cufflinks of stylised heart shape and a David Andersen, Norway, Viking silver ring, (2). 30-50
141.    David Andersen, Norway, a necklace of blue-enamelled silver-linked ovals, with matching clip earrings. 100-120
142.    A Victorian oval brooch with onyx plaque overlaid with pearl set motif within cannetile decorated gold mount with locket back, 38mm long, 13.1g. 60-80
143.    An 18ct gold ring with French marks, set a Swiss-cut diamond, size M, 3.5g. 70-90
144.    An 18ct gold ring with French marks, set a synthetic white stone, size P, 2.6g. 60-70
147.    An Edwardian aquamarine and ruby negligee pendant, spectacle-set a large oval pale aquamarine of approximately 14cts below which are suspended two aquamarine pear-shaped drops of approximately 10 and 4cts, on unequal length chains collet-set five and three round-cut rubies, on 18ct yellow gold chain and mounts, marked "BB", 13.5g. 600-1000
148.    A pearl necklace of five strands of graduated cultured pearls, 5mm to 8mm, with unmarked white metal clasp, (tests as 18ct gold), set a cluster of rubies and diamonds, total weight 88.5g. 300-500
149.    A pair of Victorian ivory pendant earrings carved in the form of cherubs' heads and wings, later gold hook fittings, ivory drops 46mm long, 65mm overall. 100-120
150.    A silver gilt mounted Chinese jade brooch, a similar simulated jade pendant and earrings, an enamelled Norwegian silver butterfly brooch and other items of jewellery. 50-80
151.    A 9ct gold coffee bean pendant on a 9ct gold belcher-link chain, 10.8g. 80-100
152.    A 9ct gold flexible bracelet, 18cm long, 19g. 160-180
153.    A diamond cross-over ring claw-set two old brilliant-cut diamonds of approximately 0.6cts (total), in 18ct gold mount, size L, 3.5g. 150-180
154.    A 9ct gold pendant set cultured pearl, on chain, a 9ct gold bar brooch set garnet and another 9ct gold chain with pendant, gross weight 8.4g, (3). 70-80
155.    An Irish 9ct gold claddagh pendant on 9ct gold chain, boxed and a 9ct gold ingot pendant with 9ct gold chain, total weight 8.8g, (2). 80-100
156.    A solitaire diamond ring, the brilliant-cut diamond illusion-set in 18ct gold and platinum mount, size L, 1.9g and a 9ct gold wedding band, size L, 1.9g, (2). 60-80
157.    A 9ct gold gate-link bracelet with padlock clasp and a small 9ct gold curb-link bracelet with padlock clasp, 6.5g, (2). 50-70
158.    A late-19th century hinged bangle, the front set seed pearls within a geometric pattern, the back three parallel carved bars, 48 x 55mm, inside unmarked, 26.5g, (tests as 15-18ct). 300-500
159.    A five-stone diamond ring, the brilliant-cut diamonds claw-set in 18ct gold mount, size M, 2.7g. 80-120
160.    A small dragonfly pendant, (unmarked), on 9ct gold chain, a 9ct gold cameo ring, a 9ct gold signet ring and another ring, gross weight 10g, (4). 50-80
161.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size M, 2.2g. 40-50
162.    An 18ct yellow gold and platinum half-Albert watch chain of alternate bar and chain sections, in gold and platinum, 35.5cm long, 7.9g. 150-180
163.    A 14k gold crescent and star brooch set graduated seed pearls, 2.8g. 30-50
164.    An 18ct gold signet ring, size L, 4.7g. 80-90
165.    A necklace of fifty-nine slightly-graduated cultured pearls, with pearl and green stone cluster clasp, 60cm, 41.7g. 60-80
166.    A necklet of red coral beads with coral-set clasp, marked "800", 40cm, 24g. 30-40
167.    An 1890 crown mounted as a pendant, two bangles, a watch chain, charm bracelet and other silver and white metal jewellery. 30-40
168.    A pair of 18ct gold oval cufflinks of plain form, 9g. 160-200
169.    An 18ct yellow gold half-eternity ring, alternately channel-set seven diamond baguettes and six brilliants, size Q, 2.8g. 60-100
170.    A 9ct rose gold Grenadier sweetheart brooch and four other 9ct gold brooches, 12.7g, (all a/f), (5). 80-100
171.    An 18ct gem-set gipsy ring, size R and an 18ct gold signet ring, (a/f), 4.9g, (2). 80-100
172.    Two 9ct gold chain bracelets, 7.8g, (2). 60-80
173.    Four various 9ct gold rings, all a/f, two set onyx, a cameo, gross weight 13g, (4). 80-100
174.    A gold ring set a John F Kennedy commemorative coin, size L, 2.5g. 40-60
175.    Four pairs of 9ct gold earrings, 2 a/f, two chains and a pendant, total weight 13g. 100-120
176.    A gold ring set 8/8-cut diamonds, size R and three other 9ct gold rings, one set synthetic stones, 7.8g, (4). 50-70
177.    A necklace of two strings of uniformly-sized cultured pearls, (6mm), with pearl-set 9ct gold clasp, 48cm. 60-100
178.    An Edwardian sapphire and diamond cluster ring millegrain-set an oval sapphire within two concentric surrounds of rose-cut and old brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct white and yellow gold mount, size P, 3.3g. 300-500
179.    A 9ct gold hinged bangle, c1960's, with engraved scroll decoration, 1.6cm wide, internal dimensions 6.2cm x 5.8cm, 22g. 180-220
180.    A small Victorian locket in the form of a book, with enamel and engine-turned decoration, 2.1 x 1.6cm. 20-30
181.    A string of graduated Bakelite cherry 'amber' beads, with concealed clasp, 9mm to 27mm, 59.4g, 87cm long and a pair of similar earrings. 80-120
182.    An Edwardian yellow sapphire and diamond ring, claw-set an oval yellow sapphire between 8/8-cut diamond-set shoulders, in 18ct yellow gold and platinum mount, size O, 5.9g. 300-400
183.    A shell cameo brooch portraying Flora, in 18ct gold mount. 40-60
184.    A Peruvian 18k gold and silver suite of jewellery, comprising bracelet, necklace and earrings, each 925-silver rectangular plaque pierced, engraved and overlaid with 18k gold Peruvian motif, marked "925, 18k, Old Cuzco", 111.5g. 50-80
185.    A string of polished rough-cut peridot beads entwined with a string of freshwater pearls, and a piece of uncut water opal. 30-40
186.    An opal and diamond cluster ring with 9ct gold mount, size P, 1.9g. 40-60
187.    A string of uniformly-sized cultured pearls with 9ct gold clasp. 30-50
188.    A 1960's silver hinged bangle, a gold-cased wrist watch, (a/f), a gold bar brooch and a stick pin set diamond point, (4). 40-60
189.    A 9ct gold ring set opal triplet, size O and a 9ct gold ring, size O, 4.6g, (2). 30-50
190.    A George II guinea with soldered pendant mount, 8g. 140-160
191.    An 18ct gold gipsy ring set five diamonds, size M. 60-80
192.    An 18ct-gold-cased wrist watch, (not working), with ruby-set bezel mounted as a fob watch, with a heart-shaped open-work 15ct gold brooch/pendant and bale set seed pearls, 15.3g. 80-120
193.    A three-stone diamond ring claw-set three brilliant-cut diamonds, in gold mount, size P, 1.4g. 120-150
194.    A pair of diamond earrings, each claw-set an old brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 1.2cts, with small diamond of approximately 0.6cts below, on knife-wire mount, colour H-I, VS-SI, each earring 14mm long, 3.2g. 2500-3500
195.    A pearl choker of two rows of 34 and 37 uniformly-sized cultured pearls of approximately 9mm diameter to a large ruby and diamond flower-head cluster clasp, the central ruby and diamond cluster within a surround of six similar 'overlapping' clusters of round-cut rubies and brilliant-cut diamonds, total weight 81g, clasp 31mm diameter, length 35.5cm. 800-1200
196.    A 9ct gold brick-link bracelet, 20cm long, 5.4g. 40-60
197.    A pair of heart-shaped opal ear studs in 9ct gold mounts, an opal pendant on 9ct gold chain and other items, gross weight 13g. 80-100
198.    Three 9ct gold chains and four pairs of gold earrings, (7). 150-180
199.    A small sapphire and diamond round cluster ring, in 18ct gold and platinum mount, size K, 2.4g, an 18ct gold half-hoop ring set five 8/8-cut diamond points, size J, 2.4g and a 9ct gold ruby and diamond cluster ring, M, 2.9g. 100-150
200.    A string of 'amber' Bakelite beads, a silver butterfly brooch set amethysts and other silver and white metal jewellery. 30-50
201.    A yellow metal ring of abstract design set a polished amethyst, size P, 9.2g. 100-150
202.    A 9ct gold fancy-link chain bracelet, 4.6g and other gold jewellery, gross weight 11g, also a gold-cased wrist watch on sprung bracelet, gross weight 18g. 180-200
203.    A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond, in unmarked white gold mount, size J, 1.6g. 200-250
204.    A gold fancy-link neck chain, 8.2g, with a gold-plated and enamelled Oris watch. 60-80
205.    A three-stone diamond ring claw-set three brilliant-cut diamonds, total diamond weight estimated at 2.7cts, in unmarked gold mount, size M, 4.5g. 2500-3500
206.    An Art Deco-style brooch, in the form of an onyx open circle with inner lining of millegrain-set diamonds and flanked by geometric motifs channel-set two lines of calibre-cut sapphires and pav-set diamonds, in 18ct white gold, 4.3cm long, marked "18k 750", 8.1g. 400-500
207.    A late-19th century ruby or pink sapphire and diamond rivire, alternately-set graduated square-cut rubies or pink sapphires and old brilliant-cut diamonds, a total of thirty-eight of each, the pink stones set in yellow gold, the diamonds in silver and gold collet mounts, with concealed clasp, 36cm long, total weight 21.2g, pink stones graded from 3.5mm to 5mm, diamonds 0.04ct to 0.16ct, (with folding pendant loop to central stone). 3500-4000
208.    A pair of early-20th century pink sapphire and diamond pendant earrings, each claw-set an oval pink sapphire below a line of graduated old brilliant-cut diamonds, in white gold collets, with rose and white gold mounts, unmarked, total weight 3.7g, (screw fittings), 2.5cm long. 400-600
230.    Nadine, an 18ct yellow gold ring-watch, the domed lid set seven 8/8-cut diamonds, size I, 10.7g. 150-200
231.    Buren, a ladies Art Deco cocktail watch, the rectangular platinum case pav-set with brilliant-cut diamonds, between diamond-set shoulders and links to cord bracelet, gross weight 14.1g. 250-350
232.    A ladies Art Deco cocktail watch, the octagonal platinum case with 8/8-cut diamond-set bezel, on 9ct white gold cord and sprung bracelet, gross weight 12.2g. 150-200
233.    Jaeger LeCoultre, a ladies 9ct gold wrist watch, the circular dial with Arabic and dart numerals set in a textured flexible bracelet with herring bone detail and edges, the case numbered 5454, 2cm wide, 18.8cm long, 55g, boxed. 480-520
234.    Jaeger LeCoultre, a gentleman's square-faced automatic wrist watch, the silvered dial with baton numerals and date aperture, the signed movement numbered K881, 15082703, the 14k yellow gold case numbered 918348, on 14k tapered flexible bracelet, gross weight 73.6g. 800-1200
235.    Three ladies wrist watches with 9ct gold cases and sprung bracelets, gross weight 52g, (3). 250-280
236.    A Marvin Siciliano gold-plated keyless pocket watch and other watches. 30-40
237.    A ladies 15ct-gold-cased wrist watch on 9ct gold sprung bracelet, gross weight 20.5g. 60-80
238.    A silver trench-cased wrist watch, (a/f), a 1930's silver octagonal-cased wrist watch with Rotary movement and a ladies wrist watch with mother-of-pearl bezel and back, (a/f), (3). 30-50
239.    A ladies 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch with gold expanding bracelet, (a/f), 17g, a Rotary 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch with plated bracelet, with original Bakelite box and guarantee dated 1954 and two other gold-cased wrist watches, (both a/f), (4). 80-100
240.    Thomas Russell & Son, a 1970's gents 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, 20g, with inscription to back, boxed with original guarantee. 60-80
241.    A silver-cased open-face keyless pocket watch with visible 8-day escapement, (a/f) and a silver-cased open-face key-wind pocket watch, (a/f), on sterling silver fancy-link watch chain and other items. 40-60
242.    Laco, a chinoiserie purse watch, (a/f), ten ladies small fob watches, (all a/f) and a ladies Everite 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch. 50-70
243.    A ladies Continental 14k-gold-cased open-face key-wind pocket watch, a smaller 9k-cased watch and a 9ct-gold-cased keyless pocket watch, all with gilt faces, all a/f, total weight 80.3g, (3). 100-150
244.    Three gold-plated keyless open-face pocket watches, (all a/f) and two plated watch chains, (5). 30-50
245.    A silver-cased open-face fuse pocket watch, the white enamel dial with seconds subsidiary, Chester 1882. 30-50
246.    Five Continental silver-cased key-wind pocket watches of small size, (a/f), (5). 60-80
247.    Two Late-Victorian silver-cased open-face keyless pocket watches, (one with dial a/f), (2). 40-60
248.    A Continental silver hunter-cased keyless pocket watch and three other pocket watches, (4). 30-50
249.    Five various steel-cased open-face pocket watches, (all a/f), (5). 30-50
250.    Eight 20th century pocket watches, including Rialto, Fero-Feldmann and a hunter-cased Braille watch, (some a/f), (8). 30-50
251.    Tissot, a gentleman's 1930's rectangular wrist watch, the two-tone dial marked "Tissot Non-Magnetic", in steel case, 38 x 22mm, the movement numbered 1001247, on expanding bracelet. 40-60
252.    Rotary, a ladies 9ct gold wrist watch on 9ct gold chain bracelet, 13.8g, (bracelet a/f). 90-120
253.    Sovereign, a ladies 9ct gold wrist watch on 9ct gold bracelet, (clasp a/f), 14.6g, (battery movement). 90-120
254.    Jaeger LeCoultre, a military issue open-face pocket watch, the signed black dial with luminous Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary at 6 o'clock, in chrome case stamped "GS/TP [arrow] S 002397". 100-150
255.    A silver-cased "Farringdon G" ladies pocket watch and a gent's silver-cased keyless pocket watch, (not working), (2). 40-60
256.    A ladies silver-cased key-wind pocket watch, cased and a gent's gold-plated hunter-cased keyless Waltham pocket watch, (both not working), (2). 40-60
257.    A silver-cased open-face key-wind pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, in engine-turned case with D F & C movement, on silver graduated curb-link Albert watch chain, with keys and swivel fob. 40-60
258.    A vintage Tudor cushion-cased wrist watch, the silvered dial with Arabic and baton numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, the 17-ruby movement numbered 59, the steel case numbered 11100 and 1154, on expanding bracelet, 27mm. 40-60
259.    Tissot, a ladies 9ct gold wrist watch, the circular dial with baton numerals, on 9ct gold fancy-link bracelet, gross weight 15.2g. 120-150
260.    Omega, a ladies 9ct gold wrist watch c1960's, the square dial with baton numerals, on slightly-tapered flexible gold bracelet, 31.4g, the movement numbered 484 25501083, boxed with papers dated 1965. 200-300
261.    A gentleman's 18ct-gold-cased open-face key-wind pocket watch, the engraved gilt face with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, the unsigned movement numbered 3224, in engraved case, hallmarked London 1872, 96.7g. 300-400
262.    Omega, Seamaster Cosmic 2000 automatic gold-plated gentleman's wrist watch, the circular champagne dial with baton numerals and day/date apertures, the back lightly-engraved "I BM 1952-1977". 150-180
263.    Roamer, Stingray Chrono steel-cased gentleman's wrist watch, the black circular face with three subsidiary dials, red centre seconds hand, luminous marks and outer tachymeter scale, on unsigned tapered steel bracelet. 300-500
264.    Omega, a ladies 9ct-gold-cased round-faced wrist watch, the silvered dial with baton numerals, on 9ct gold tapered flexible bracelet, gross weight 22.6g, with box and guarantee dated 1971, 22.7g. 200-300
265.    Omega, a ladies Omega Ladymatic 18ct gold wrist watch, the round dial with claw-set accents, on textured tapering flexible bracelet, 37.5g, movement numbered 661, 20595757. 600-800
266.    Two silver-cased open-face pocket watches, (1 a/f) and a Lomedo wrist watch, (a/f), (3). 40-60
267.    Two ladies wrist watches with 9ct gold cases and sprung bracelets, (both a/f), 31.9g, (2). 100-150
268.    A ladies 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, the circular gold dial with Arabic numerals, on 9ct gold sprung bracelet, 20.8g. 60-100
269.    Tissot, a gentleman's Visodate Automatic Seastar gold-plated wrist watch, on plated bracelet. 50-80
270.    Accurist, a ladies 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, the circular dial with baton numerals, on gold fancy-link bracelet, 12.9g. 70-100
271.    A ladies 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch on plated bracelet. 30-40
272.    Omega, a gent's wrist watch c1962, the silvered dial with baton numerals and seconds subsidiary, the movement numbered 269, 19229637, 33mm diameter, on expanding bracelet. 100-200
273.    A ladies Continental 9ct-gold-cased open-face keyless pocket watch, the engraved gilded face with Roman numerals, with foliate-engraved case, 24.5g. 60-100
274.    Rolex, Oysterdate Precision stainless steel wrist watch c1972/3, the circular dial with baton numerals, case diameter 35mm, numbered 6694/3603452. 1000-1200
275.    Longines, a gentleman's 18ct-gold-cased French watch, the white enamel dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, the case with wire lugs, (winder replaced), 32mm diameter, on leather strap. 300-400
276.    Omega, Automatic Seamaster stainless steel gentleman's wrist watch, the champagne dial (a/f), with Arabic and dart numerals, on steel bracelet. 150-200
277.    A gentleman's Technos Automatic Pioneer wrist watch, with baton numerals and day/date apertures, in plated case and a gentleman's Rotary quartz wrist watch, (2). 30-50
278.    Tudor Royal, a ladies 9ct gold wrist watch, the circular dial with '12', dart and dot markers and seconds subsidiary, the movement marked "Tudor", on tapered brick-link bracelet, 16.8g. 100-150
279.    A Continental ladies 14k gold open-face keyless pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Arabic numerals and gold decoration, in foliate and scroll-engraved case, 32mm, 24.9g. 40-60
280.    Omega, Automatic "Chronometre" Officially Certified Constellation 18ct gold gentleman's wrist watch c1950's, the champagne cross hairs pie pan dial with arrowhead markers, 34mm diameter, on 18ct gold Omega bracelet, 75.9g. (No winder). 1500-2000
281.    Rolex, Oyster Perpetual Datejust chronometer ladies wrist watch, the gold dial with baton markers, 25mm diameter, on original steel and yellow gold bracelet, the case numbered 69173/W6 18636, with box, booklet and International Service Guarantee card dated 26/07/11, in Rolex wallet and box base. 1000-1500
290.    A 1900 half-sovereign. 100-120
291.    A 1974 sovereign in 9ct gold pendant mount, with 9ct gold rope-twist chain, 15.4g. 250-280
292.    A 1/10 Krugerrand 1980 in a 9ct gold gate-link bracelet, 11.8g. 150-180
293.    A 1912 half-sovereign. 100-120
294.    A 9ct gold enamelled medallion "Neptune Swimming Club", 10g. 80-90
295.    A 1980 Royal Mint Proof half-sovereign, cased. 100-120
296.    A 2006 sovereign mounted on Royal Mint "Gold Bullion Sovereign" card. 200-210
297.    A 1912 sovereign. 200-220
298.    The King's Gold Medal Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, won by Colin Belfield, 1933, hallmarked 18ct gold, cased, 56.6g. 1000-1200
320.    A large plated half-fluted Monteith with gadrooned rim, lion mask ring handles and chased with floral swags, on circular base, 38.5cm diameter, 23cm high, together with a plated King's pattern ladle, (2). 100-200
321.    An Indian silver three-piece tea service of circular compressed form, heavily-embossed with panels of deities and having elephant mask handles, the teapot with elephant spout and the cream jug with tiger's head spout, ___51oz, impressed "Daday Khan, Madras" to base. 400-600
322.    An Asian silver jewellery box of shaped rectangular form, profusely-embossed with foliage and animals, 24cm wide, 8cm high. 200-300
323.    An Oriental white metal square box with hinged cover, embossed with flowers and birds, on ball feet, 17cm square, 3.5cm high and an Oriental plated bowl with two elephant mask handles and embossed with dragons, on circular base, (a/f), 18.5cm diameter, 12cm high, (2). 40-60
324.    A Chinese white metal model of a three-masted junk, on wooden stand, 13cm wide, 19cm high and a pair of white metal short candlesticks with circular loaded bases, (3). 30-40
325.    An Asian white metal circular pot and cover with engraved decoration, marked '90', 8.5cm diameter, 2cm high. 30-40
326.    Four American silver tablespoons with beaded edges, (4). 50-60
327.    A pair of Chinese silver bonbon dishes, each with 'bamboo' handle and feet, one embossed with carp and reed to the border, the other with iris, character marks beneath, 15cm diameter, 12cm high, (2). 250-350
328.    A Chinese oblong pierced box decorated with dragons, 12cm long, impressed marks for Wang Hing, a cheese scoop with iris-embossed handle, stamped '........Yokohama Sterling', a silver-mounted scent bottle and an English silver-mounted cut-glass pot, (4). 100-200
335.    Twelve Old English pattern silver teaspoons and six similar dessert spoons, London 1877, maker 'SS', ___18oz. 100-150
336.    Six Old English pattern silver teaspoons, London 1897, ___3oz. 20-30
337.    A silver-backed part dressing table set, comprising hand mirror, two hair brushes, two clothes brushes, all Birmingham 1910/11/12 and four matching silver-topped bottles, London 1911, (all monogrammed). 80-120
338.    A pair of Art-Deco-style silver-backed hair brushes, London 1913, a similar pair of clothes brushes, London 1919 and a silver button hook with embossed handle, (5). 40-60
339.    A silver sugar caster of plain octagonal form, 21cm high, Sheffield 1961, maker EV, ___7oz. 40-60
340.    A silver "The Howitt Lighter", with engine-turned decoration, Sheffield 1944, 6cm and a Ronson "Newport" plated lighter, (2). 30-50
341.    A silver plain cigarette case with monogram, 8.5 x 5.5cm, Birmingham 1908, another silver cigarette case with leaf decoration and initials, 8 x 6.5cm, Birmingham 1925 and a silver Vesta case, total weight ___5oz, (3). 30-40
342.    A plain silver sugar bowl, Birmingham 1928, 5.5cm high, 9.5cm diameter, ___5oz. 20-30
343.    A pair of silver 'wishbone' sugar tongs, London 1929, by S Mordan & Co, together with a silver regimental brooch by Page, Plymouth, (2). 30-50
344.    A silver sparrow beak cream jug of plain form, with inscription, 9.5cm high, Birmingham 1921 and a plain silver sugar bowl with inscription, 11cm diameter, 5cm high, Birmingham 1919, total weight ___7oz, (2). 40-60
345.    A pair of small circular white metal photograph frames marked "800", 5.5cm diameter, a silver key-wind pocket watch, (a/f) and other items. 30-40
346.    A silver rectangular photograph frame of plain form, 14.5 x 11cm, Birmingham 1938, together with a pair of modern silver engine-turned and engraved-back clothes brushes and a comb, in a fitted case, Birmingham 1961, (2). 30-50
347.    A silver-mounted manicure set in fitted case, Birmingham 1938/1939, two silver gilt teaspoons and two small decorated silver clips. 20-40
348.    A silver engine-turned cigarette case, 14.5 x 8.5cm and three others, (all with initials), total weight ___16oz. 100-150
349.    A silver oblong shallow tray with rounded ends, 16 x 7cm, Birmingham 1933, a silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1902 and other small silver, silver weight ___8oz. 40-60
350.    Six silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1945, ___2oz and a cased set of silver-handled cake knives. 20-30
351.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons, Sheffield 1959, a silver napkin ring and other white metal spoons, weighable silver ___5oz. 30-40
352.    John Pinches Ltd, a set of fifty silver ingots "Great British Locomotives", each ingot weighing approximately one ounce, in fitted case. 300-400
353.    A plain circular 1920's three-piece tea service, various dates, ___33oz. 200-250
354.    An embossed sugar caster, 20cm high, London 1900, ___6.3oz. 50-80
355.    A three-piece plain oblong tea service, London 1934, ___37oz. 250-350
356.    A plain hot water jug, Birmingham 1931, ___20oz. 100-150
357.    A plain silver two-handled trophy cup on circular foot, 19cm high, 20cm diameter, Birmingham 1912, ___17oz. 100-150
358.    A modern loaded table candelabrum with three sconces and turned stem, 25cm high, London 1972. 40-60
359.    A plain cylindrical tankard, 12cm high, London 1939, ___11oz. 60-80
360.    A plain sauce boat, Sheffield 1932, ___6oz and an early-19th century sugar bowl of compressed form, marks rubbed, ___10oz, (2). 80-120
361.    A set of twelve teaspoons, Sheffield 1925, ___4oz and a pair of loaded short candlesticks. 40-60
362.    An Art Nouveau embossed photograph frame of rectangular shape, decorated with flowers, Chester 1905, 30 x 25cm, (a/f). 30-50
363.    A silver-backed hand mirror and hair brush embossed with winged cherubs and a silver-handled shoe horn, (3). 20-30
364.    An engine-turned matchbox cover, Birmingham 1921, a pair of Victorian sugar tongs and a small silver mesh purse, ___4oz, (3). 30-50
365.    Various modern cruet items with blue glass liners and a modern silver ashtray, silver weight ___6oz. 80-100
366.    A modern silver plain tankard with 'C'-scroll handle, Birmingham 1931, 12cm high, ___14oz. 100-150
367.    A modern Walker & Hall three-piece cruet set, London 1958, with blue glass liners and three other cruet items, weighable silver ___9oz. 50-80
368.    A modern silver wine coaster with pierced decoration and wooden base, Birmingham 1972, 14.5cm diameter. 40-60
369.    A modern silver plain sugar caster of tapered shape, a pair of loaded spill vases, a pair of Exeter sugar tongs and a set of six modern teaspoons in case. 40-60
370.    A silver rectangular cigarette box, 14 x 9cm, 4.5cm high, London 1902. 40-60
371.    An Edwardian Irish three-piece bachelor's tea service, with pierced engraved rim, dolphin handle and spouts, stamped "West & Son", Dublin 1906, ___20oz. 200-300
372.    An Edwardian bachelor's half-gadrooned teapot and cream jug, Chester 1903, (inscription removed) and a pair of short loaded taper sticks, weighable silver ___11oz. 60-80
373.    A pair of silver embossed salts on shell and hoof feet, 6.5cm diameter, 3.5cm high, London 1858, maker RH, ___3oz. 60-80
374.    A heavy cut-glass inkwell with engine-turned silver-hinged lid, by Mappin & Webb, 9cm square, 8cm high, lid with inscription, Birmingham 1938 and a rectangular plain silver cigarette box, also inscribed, marks rubbed, (2). 50-70
375.    Three miniature two-handled trophy cups, various modern condiments and other small items, weighable silver ___7oz. 50-80
376.    A set of six teaspoons and sugar tongs, in case, Sheffield 1925 and another set of six teaspoons, 1910, ___6oz. 50-80
377.    A cut-glass dressing table bottle with silver collar mount and other silver-mounted bottles. 50-100
378.    A plain circular photograph frame by Mappin & Webb, Chester 1915, 13cm diameter and a plain oval modern photograph frame, 15 x 11cm, (2). 50-80
379.    A small silver ring box of serpentine form, on three feet, 7cm wide, 4cm high, Birmingham 1909, a small modern rectangular photograph frame and other small silver. 30-40
380.    A set of six each silver fruit knives and forks by Frank Hall, Sheffield 1930, ___19oz, (12). 150-250
381.    A set of six silver fiddle, thread and shell pattern soup spoons, Sheffield 1942, maker CB & S, ___13oz, (6). 100-150
382.    A pair of fiddle pattern tablespoons, London 1824 and one other similar spoon, London 1836, ___7oz, (3). 40-60
383.    A Victorian Exeter sifter spoon, the bright-cut handle with pierced bowl, Exeter 1882, an Exeter mustard spoon and other small silver. 50-80
384.    A bright-cut christening spoon and fork in fitted case, Sheffield 1909 and a pair of modern Old English tablespoons. 30-50
385.    A Victorian fiddle pattern fish slice with pierced blade, London 1839 and other small silver, total weight ___9oz. 60-80
386.    A William IV small tankard of ribbed cylinder form, 6.5cm high, London 1835 and a plain cylinder tankard with inscription, London 1908, total weight ___9oz, (2). 80-120
387.    Four each Victorian dessert knives and forks with loaded handles, London 1874, a pair of pepper casters, Birmingham 1902, an engine-turned cigarette case and a collection of miscellaneous flatware, weighable silver ___19oz. 80-120
388.    A set of twelve each dessert knives and forks with mother-of-pearl handles, Sheffield 1911, in fitted oak case. 150-250
389.    A set of six coffee spoons with pierced terminals, in case, Birmingham 1931, a pierced 20th century cruet and an engine-turned napkin ring. 30-40
390.    A pair of pierced circular shallow sweetmeat dishes, 10.5cm diameter, Birmingham 1931, a small modern tankard, 8cm high, Birmingham 1964, inscribed, a cigarette case and other items, weighable silver ___8oz. 50-80
391.    A reproduction silver dressing table set embossed with winged cherubs, in fitted case. 60-80
392.    A modern silver egg cup and spoon, in box and a baby's pusher and spoon, in box, (2). 40-60
393.    A plain silver butter dish with glass liner, marks rubbed, a George III Old English tablespoon, London 1794 and other small silver. 30-50
394.    A circular salver with scroll border, on foliate scroll feet, by Mappin & Webb, 34cm diameter, Sheffield 1900, ___34oz, inscribed with monogram. 200-250
395.    A large oval two-handled tray with gadrooned border and handles, by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co, London 1902, ___90oz. 500-600
396.    A modern silver coffee pot of plain tapered form, 26cm high, London 1961, ___29oz. 200-300
397.    A silver circular photograph frame of plain form, 12.5cm diameter, Birmingham 1919, an engine-turned cigarette case, 8.5 x 9.5cm, Birmingham 1927, with monogram, ___4oz, two silver-rimmed shallow glass dishes and a silver fork and spoon. 40-60
398.    A pair of cased fish servers with ivory handles, Sheffield 1937, maker GB & S. 30-40
399.    A rectangular tray with embossed decoration, 26 x 19.5cm, 4cm high, Birmingham 1924, ___9oz. 60-80
400.    A Mappin & Webb circular bowl with half-gadrooned decoration, the border with pierced butterflies, standing on a circular base, 10cm high, 13cm diameter, Birmingham 1905, maker WHS, ___7oz, (glass liner lacking). 50-70
402.    A silver pencil of ribbed form, Birmingham 1896, other pencils, an agate-topped button hook and a silver cheroot case. 30-50
403.    A novelty plated pickle fork in the form of a garden fork, with ivory handle, other pickle forks and miscellaneous cutlery. 30-40
404.    A miniature baluster-shaped tankard by Elkington & Co, marks rubbed, a small pill box with embossed lid and other items. 20-30
405.    A silver pin cushion in the form of a duck, (a/f) and other small silver. 20-30
406.    A set of six teaspoons with shell bowls and twist handles, London 1904, four other teaspoons and four Tiffany & Co. sterling cake forks, total weight ___6oz. 50-100
407.    A pair of fiddle pattern mustard spoons, London 1839 and a set of six early-18th century Old English teaspoons, (a/f), ___2.8oz. 40-60
408.    A pair of early-19th century knife rests, possibly London 1808 and three modern wine labels. 20-30
409.    A rectangular engine-turned cigarette case, 14.5 x 8.5cm, Birmingham 1945, ___7oz. 40-60
410.    A square engine-turned cigarette case, 8.5cm, Birmingham 1929, inscription inside and an engraved Vesta case, Birmingham 1910, total weight ___6oz, (2). 40-60
411.    A Late-George-III apple corer with ivory handle, London 1805 and a Victorian pickle fork with engraved decoration, Sheffield 1897, (2). 50-80
412.    A George III caddy spoon with leaf-decorated bowl, London 1811, maker JS. 20-30
413.    A silver chain mail mesh purse with tassel decoration, London import marks, 19 x 17cm, ___9oz. 40-60
414.    A silver chain mail mesh purse, 11 x 15cm, ___3oz. 30-50
415.    A Swiss silver and blue guilloche enamel miniature carriage clock by The Geneva Clock Co, the 14-jewel movement signed "GC C" and numbered 204 55, the case marked "JTC", "90 82", standing on bun feet, with carrying handle, 48mm overall, in leather-covered travel case from Cartier.