Sale of Fine Silver, Jewellery, Watches & Gold
on Tuesday 8th December at 10.30am

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1.      John Pinches Ltd, a set of fifty sterling silver ingots 'Great British Locomotives', inaugural edition, in fitted box with certificate of authenticity and accompanying book, together with a duplicate ingot, approximately ___50oz. £500-600
2.      A George V silver presentation two-handled trophy cup on circular base, engraved Abingdon School, The Larkhill Trophy, with partially-obliterated inscription on the reverse, Chester 1913, 18cm high, ___12½oz. £100-150
3.      A pair of Victorian fiddle pattern sugar tongs, London 1870, a pair of small embossed peppers, Birmingham 1892, a napkin ring and a silver-handled shoe horn, weighable silver ___4oz. £40-60
4.      An Elkington & Co. circular two-handled dish on four splayed feet, Birmingham 1931, 19.5cm diameter, 8.5cm high, ___15oz. £150-200
5.      A George III shaped rectangular teapot with oval lid, pineapple finial and wood handle, decorated overall with bright-cut foliate engraving, maker DUNH, London 1799, 16cm high, later presentation engraving to base Sydney Owen Richardson from the F.B.I, in grateful recognition of his services to British Industry 1926-1945, inclusive weight ___15oz. £300-400
6.      A plain circular letter tray with reeded rim, on three foliate feet, Sheffield 1910, 20.5cm diameter, ___13oz. £120-150
7.      A collection of six Victorian and two Georgian dessert spoons, various dates, teaspoons and other items, ___17oz. £150-200
8.      A rectangular two-division cigarette box of plain form, Birmingham 1926, 17.5cm long, 6cm high, 8.5cm deep and a small circular bonbon dish, (2). £40-60
9.      A set of six teaspoons, Sheffield 1953, a set of six bean spoons, a set of six silver-handled knives, weighable silver ___3oz and a set of six bean spoons with coloured enamel bowls, (one a/f), all boxed, weighable silver ___3oz. £30-40
10.     A 20th century plain sauce boat with wavy rim and leaf-cut handle, on three hoof feet, Chester 1912, ___5½oz. £50-80
11.     A plain cylindrical mustard with hinged lid, London 1928, two silver-topped glass sugar casters, other small condiment items and two small trophy cups, weighable silver ___10oz. £100-120
12.     A plain hot water jug with flared circular base, Sheffield 1930, ___12½oz. £100-150
13.     A rectangular photograph frame with clipped corners, 20 x 15cm, Birmingham 1925 and another, 21 x 16cm, Birmingham 1927, (2). £60-80
14.     A Victorian teapot of tapered form and good gauge, with flower finial lid, the body engraved with two vacant cartouches, London 1850 and stamped Sobey, maker G.A, ___21oz. £200-300
15.     A plain octagonal tapered tea service, Birmingham 1928, ___23½oz, inclusive. £200-250
16.     A circular sugar bowl with crimped edge, Sheffield 1898, 11cm diameter, a cylindrical christening mug, 8cm high, marks rubbed and other small silver, ___12oz. £100-150
17.     A set of six Irish king's pattern dessert forks, Dublin 1839, maker Philip Weekes, with castle armorial, ___12oz, (6). £120-150
18.     A plain circular teapot of compressed form, the hinged lid with acorn finial, by Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Ltd, Sheffield 1919, 15cm high, ___21oz, inclusive. £200-300
19.     A plain christening mug on spreading foot, with angular handle, 8.5cm high, Birmingham 1932, maker D&F, ___3½oz. £40-60
20.     A set of six fiddle pattern dessert spoons, London 1824, maker TB, ___9½oz. £100-150
21.     A plain circular three-piece tea service, London 1929, ___21½oz, inclusive, (dents overall). £200-250
22.     A set of six Victorian fiddle pattern teaspoons and matching sugar tongs, London 1874, ___6½oz. £60-80
23.     Two Old English pattern tablespoons and five dessert spoons, various mid-20th century dates, ___15oz. £150-200
24.     A set of twelve embossed silver-handled fruit knives, in fitted case. £30-40
25.     A pair of plain dressing table candlesticks, Birmingham 1910, 11cm high, a silver-backed oval mirror and a hair brush, (4). £50-80
26.     A collection of silver-mounted cut-glass dressing table bottles and a silver-mounted glass match strike. £30-50
27.     A square embossed jewellery box of compressed form, with overall textured finish, Birmingham 1907 and a plain oval pin tray, Birmingham 1907, 13cm, (2). £30-40
28.     A plain rectangular cigarette box with cedar lining, Birmingham 1910, 10.5cm, engraved with initials RJB. £40-60
29.     Three late-Victorian pierced sweetmeat dishes, a baluster-shaped pepperette and miscellaneous silver items, weighable silver ___10oz. £100-120
30.     A Victorian silver compressed teapot, the hinged lid with flower finial, raised on shell and foliate cast feet, London 1840, makers RP/GB, engraved with an inscription Presented to Isaac Rake, Police Officer, by Magistrates and Inhabitants of Exmouth ........ April 1852, 17cm high, ___19oz. £200-300
31.     A plain two-handled trophy cup on circular foot, engraved Falmouth and Camborne Division Young Conservatives for Public Speaking, 16cm high, London 1927, ___8½oz. £80-120
32.     A modern plain silver bottle coaster, London 1987. £30-50
33.     A modern silver pepper mill, 11cm high. £30-50
34.     A collection of late-Victorian and early-20th century dressing table brushes, silver-mounted glass trinket pots and miscellaneous items. £50-80
35.     A plain circular sugar bowl and cream jug with wavy rims, on three scroll feet, a plain mustard, a silver-mounted glass match strike and miscellaneous items, weighable silver ___6oz. £60-80
36.     A late-Victorian half-reeded three-piece tea service of oblong shape, on ball feet, Sheffield 1891, maker HS, bases engraved August 12th 1893, ___35½oz, inclusive. £400-600
37.     An Elkington & Co. tea strainer on stand, the strainer with two pierced handles, on plain circular base, Birmingham 1965, ___3oz. £30-40
38.     A Georgian Old English pattern table fork, London 1808, a pair of dessert spoons, London 1912 and six silver-handled butter knives, weighable silver ___5½oz. £50-80
39.     A collection of eight late-19th and 20th century napkin rings of various designs, ___6oz. £50-80
40.     A collection of unmatched silver teaspoons and a pickle fork, ___6oz. £50-80
41.     A modern white metal embossed photograph frame, 15 x 12cm, a loaded silver candlestick and various silver-backed dressing table items. £30-40
42.     A late-Victorian sugar bowl embossed-overall with swans and pigs, on lion mask and paw feet, 11.5cm diameter, 8cm high, Chester 1899, ___5oz. £60-80
43.     A George III pepper caster of baluster form, with pierced finialled cover and reeded borders, on square foot, 16.5cm high, London 1802, ___4oz. £50-80
44.     A 20th century sugar caster of baluster form, with pierced finialled lid, 18cm high, Birmingham 1938, a plain ashtray, an engine-turned cigarette case and a napkin ring, ___8½oz, (4). £80-120
45.     An Edwardian plain circular salver with Chippendale border, on three claw feet, Birmingham 1907, 27cm diameter, ___14oz. £150-200
46.     A christening cutlery set, well-presented in fitted baize-lined box, comprising a small spoon, fork and knife, with shell terminals, London 1900. £30-50
47.     A set of six feather-edge teaspoons and matching sugar tongs, in case, by Goldsmiths, Silversmiths Co. Ltd, together with original receipt, London 1935. £30-50
48.     A set of six Victorian fiddle pattern dessert spoons, London 1864 and an Exeter tablespoon, 1843, by Ramsey, ___9oz. £80-120
49.     Three late 18th century Irish teaspoons, Dublin, maker John Shiels, an early-19th century small sauce ladle and other small silver, ___4½oz. £40-60
50.     A baluster-shaped pint tankard with leaf-capped scroll handle, and presentation engraving, Birmingham 1936, 13cm high, ___10oz. £100-150
51.     A similar presentation tankard, with presentation engraving, Sheffield 1957, ___9oz. £80-120
52.     A set of six Old English pattern dessert spoons, London 1876, maker G.A, a Victorian fork and a modern teaspoon, ___12oz. £120-150
53.     Four fiddle and shell table forks, London 1836 and three Irish teaspoons, ___15½oz. £150-200
54.     A pair of modern Georgian-style salts with gadrooned rims and mask and shell feet, Sheffield 1906, ___7oz. £60-80
55.     A two-handled double-spouted cream jug, London 1900, ___2½oz. £50-80
56.     A large Mappin & Webb Chippendale-style salver on three scroll feet, 32cm diameter, Sheffield 1927, ___34oz. £350-400
57.     A Victorian silver and gilt goblet, with foliate engraving within woven borders, raised on circular foot, 12cm high, London 1864, engraved Hunt and Roskell late Storr & Mortimer No. 2149, ___6oz, (creased stem). £100-150
58.     A small silver letter tray with raised pierced border, by Goldsmiths, Silversmiths Co, 20.5cm, London 1914, ___13oz. £120-160
59.     A pair of oval sweetmeat dishes with shaped scroll-edged rims, 17 x 10.5cm, Birmingham 1904, ___5oz. £60-80
60.     A heavy baluster-shaped sugar caster with finialled pierced cover and gadrooned girdle, on circular foot, 19cm high, London 1949, ___7½oz. £80-120
61.     A rectangular engine-turned photograph frame, 17 x 11.5cm, Birmingham 1926 and an engraved oval photograph frame, 17 x 13.5cm, Birmingham 1919, (2). £50-100
62.     An engraved christening fork and spoon engraved 'Gladys', in fitted baize case, London, 1896. £40-60
63.     Five various silver napkin rings, one boxed, ___3.15oz. £30-50
64.     A silver sugar caster of lobed baluster form, on circular foot, 18cm high, maker A&J Zimmerman Ltd, Birmingham 1924, ___3¾oz. £30-50
65.     A plain oval photograph frame, 17 x 14cm, Birmingham 1921, a smaller oval photograph frame, 16 x 12cm, Birmingham 1915 and other small damaged photograph frames. £60-80
66.     A silver bowl rim, two damaged loaded short candlesticks and other scrap silver, approximately ___12oz. £60-80
67.     A collection of seven plain engraved trophy cups, various sized, dates and makers, total weight ___30oz. £200-300
68.     A collection of twelve two-handled trophy cups, various sizes, dates and makers, total weight ___23oz. £150-250
71.     Error-Withdrawn £280-300
74.     A Victorian sifter spoon with scallop bowl, makers Martin Hall & Co, Sheffield 1881, ___1.1oz. £20-30
75.     A helmet-shaped cream jug with beaded rim and circular foot, 12cm high, Birmingham 1901, ___3oz. £40-60
76.     Two Georgian mustard spoons and a three-piece condiment set, Sheffield 1965. £20-40
77.     A plain tapered coffee pot with finialled lid, Sheffield 1905, 21cm high and a hot water jug, London 1904, 18.5cm high, ___26½oz, (2). £250-350
78.     A cased set of six teaspoons, Birmingham 1915 and a set of six cased teaspoons, marks rubbed, total weight ___6oz. £60-80
79.     A George III fish slice by Peter & Ann Bateman, with pierced and engraved decoration, London 1795 and a silver-handled bread knife, (2). £60-80
80.     A George III Old English pattern basting spoon, London 1802. £60-80
81.     An Edwardian two-handled porringer and a circular dish and spoon in fitted case, London 1905, total weight ___8½oz. £100-150
82.     Two modern filled-silver models: a mouse emerging from under a leaf and a frog on a lily pad, both Birmingham 1992, 4cm diameter and two other items, (4). £40-60
83.     A silver Vesta case, Birmingham 1925 and a sterling silver Life-Long propelling pencil, (2). £40-60
84.     Two silver thimbles by C Horner, two other silver thimbles, two mother-of-pearl-handled silver-bladed fruit knives, (one a/f) and other items. £50-70
85.     An Edwardian novelty silver condiment modelled as a Channel Islands cream can, marked beneath J Walden, Jeweller, Jersey, Birmingham 1903, a silver matchbox holder, London 1939 and a whisky label, London 1968, (3). £40-60
86.     A Georgian silver mote spoon with crosslet and scroll piercing, maker ME, length 13.5cm, 9.3g. £80-90
87.     A small silver-bladed fruit knife, the mother-of-pearl handle with etched decoration and inset small rondels, maker IL, Sheffield 1830, 12cm long, open. £20-30
88.     A silver miniature model of a jockey harness racing, 51mm long, marked Silver 900. £40-60
89.     A silver miniature model of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, on oval base, 51mm long, marked 900 silver, a silver model of cherubs on a bench, 48mm high, London import marks for 1899, a novelty model of rabbits pulling an eggshell cart, marks indistinct, 58mm long and a small silver pill box, (4). £70-100
90.     A silver-bladed fruit knife, the mother-of-pearl handle with carved cornucopia, Sheffield 1864, 16.5cm open and a smaller, plainer, Georgian fruit knife, (2). £40-60
91.     A William IV silver nutmeg grater in the form of an egg, maker Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1830, 4cm long. £100-150
92.     A Victorian silver rectangular vinaigrette by George Unite, the scroll-moulded rim around an engine-turned body, enclosing a gilt interior, with pierced hinged grill, Birmingham 1879, 3.8 x 2.5cm, 26.6g. £80-120
93.     A white metal rectangular snuff box with engraved floral and scroll decoration, unmarked, 7.5 x 4.8cm. £30-50
94.     A small silver "Brougham" whistle, maker HWA, Birmingham 1882, 28mm, on a sterling silver chain. £30-40
95.     A Sampson Mordan & Co. silver propelling pencil, an Indian white metal snuff box and two small silver spoons, (4). £50-70
96.     A silver miniature model of a coffee grinder, 65mm high, a silver miniature spinning wheel, 52mm high, both marked '925 Italy' and a silver figure of a violinist, 52mm high, London import marks for 1903, total weight 97g, (3). £60-80
97.     David Andersen, a Norwegian enamelled silver bowl and cover, the cover enamelled in green, marked on base David-Andersen 925s and numbered 3940/100 2, 10cm diameter, 4cm high, 181g. £100-150
98.     A small silver cigarette case with engine-turned engraving, inscription inside The Little Bean 2/9/27 from Musty Mike, Birmingham 1927, 54g and a modern silver-sided penknife, (2). £30-50
99.     A silver trowel-shaped bookmark with hardstone-set handle, 85mm, Birmingham 1894 and a silver-crowned Maltese cross pendant, (2). £30-50
100.    A small Georgian rectangular silver vinaigrette with scroll-moulded rim, marks rubbed, 3.3 x 2.3cm, a small circular silver pill box, Birmingham 1798, 2.8cm diameter and a modern silver thimble set agate, (3). £60-90
101.    An Edwardian silver visiting card case with engraved decoration around a vacant cartouche, 6.5 x 9.5cm, Birmingham 1907, 61.6g, ___2oz. £30-40
102.    A set of six silver teaspoons with inscription, Sheffield 1913, a cased silver thimble and a silver napkin ring, Chester 1913, boxed, ___2½oz. £40-60
103.    A small engine-turned silver cigarette case by George Unite, Birmingham 1910 and two others, similar, ___8oz. £80-120
104.    An Edwardian silver Vesta case, Birmingham 1904, on silver graduated Albert watch chain, (shackle and T-bar detached) and a small photograph frame front, (a/f), ___2.3oz. £40-60
105.    A Victorian silver combination telescope propelling pencil/pen, Birmingham 1876, 12.5cm extended, a silver matchbox holder, Birmingham 1906 and other small silver items. £40-60
106.    A silver-mounted horn-handled bread knife, commemorative spoons, chamber stick and other items. £5-10
107.    A plated muffin dish and cover, a plated salver and a quantity of cutlery. £10-20
108.    Various plated entrée dishes and covers, a modern two-handled tray and a quantity of boxed cutlery. £20-40
109.    A silver-plated tea service and matching spirit kettle on stand, a small plated breakfast dish and a quantity of plated cutlery. £50-100
110.    Three plated salvers, an EPBM tea service and other metalware. £30-40
111.    A set of twelve Mappin & Webb fruit or desert knives and forks, in fitted oak case, a set of six plated Mappin & Webb coffee spoons and a small collection of coins. £30-50
117.    A set of six Hong Kong silver coffee spoons. £10-20
118.    A malacca walking cane with a foliate embossed white metal top, 84cm overall. £30-40
119.    A Continental silver miniature dressing table mirror, various foreign silver teaspoons, a Copenhagen mermaid spoon and other metalware. £20-40
120.    A modern white metal cream jug and bowl, of plain baluster form on circular feet, stamped Sterling 303, ___8oz. £60-80
121.    A silver-covered bitters bottle of dimple shape, with cork, dropper and cover, stamped Sterling Hong Kong, 13cm high. £30-50
132.    A lady's 18k gold-cased open-face key-wind pocket watch with engraved gilt dial and gilt inner cover, (not working), 37mm diameter, 31.4g. £80-120
133.    A lady's 18ct gold-cased wrist watch, the dial marked Ditis, (not working). £60-80
134.    A lady's wrist watch, the silvered dial marked Cosmos, in 18ct white gold case and integral flexible bracelet, gross weight 38.5g. £700-900
135.    William Gray, an 18ct gold-cased open-face key-wind pocket watch, the gilt dial with gold Roman numerals, seconds subsidiary and floral engraving, the engine-turned case enclosing a fusée movement, signed William Gray, Leicester and numbered 80984, 45mm diameter, 74.7g, (not working, glass missing). £400-600
136.    A 9ct gold-cased keyless open-face pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary, the plain gold Dennison case enclosing a Swiss movement, (not working), 49mm diameter, 85g. £200-300
137.    A lady's 9ct gold-cased keyless pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals, in engraved case, 34mm diameter, 33.7g, (not working). £60-80
138.    A gentleman's Jaeger LeCoultre Automatic 9ct gold wrist watch, the circular gilded dial with dart numerals and seconds subsidiary, 3.5cm diameter, on 9ct gold bracelet, total weight 59.7g. £800-1200
139.    A lady's Continental 18ct gold pocket watch by Golay Fils & Stahl, the gilded face with Arabic numerals within chased bezel, the case with deep red guilloche enamel and stylised monogram, numbered 26916 and signed Golay-Leresche & Fils, Golay Fils & Stahl, 2 Rue de la Paix, Paris, 31mm diameter, 20.3g, (working, chip to enamel, hour hand detached). £150-250
140.    A lady's Continental open-face keyless pocket watch, the gilt face with Roman numerals and floral engraving, with 18k gold engraved case, 33mm diameter, 30.5g. £80-120
141.    An open-face fusée silver-cased pocket watch by Robert Kay, London, numbered 7497, with white enamel dial, Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary, 47mm diameter, 101g and a later keyless open-face pocket watch, 49mm, 91g, (neither working), (2). £40-60
142.    A Rolex 'Oyster Junior Sport' wrist watch c1940's, the two-tone dial with luminous Arabic numerals, (scratched), screw-down patent oyster crown, the steel screw-back case numbered 256718, 3cm diameter, on expanding bracelet. £300-400
143.    A Rotary quartz 9ct gold wrist watch with gold tone dial, date aperture and baton numerals, case diameter 33mm, on 9ct gold bracelet, gross weight 47.2g. £500-600
144.    A lady's Eterna 9ct gold wrist watch, the case with inscription dated 1959, gross weight 15.8g, in Garrards box. £120-140
145.    A lady's Continental 18k-gold-cased keyless open-face pocket watch with floral-engraved gilt dial and case, 34mm diameter, 40g. £200-300
146.    A lady's 9ct-gold-cased wrist watch, 28mm diameter, on gold sprung expanding bracelet, 24g, boxed. £80-120
147.    A lady's Art Deco 18ct white gold wrist watch set eight 8/8-cut diamonds, inscription to back, on steel expanding bracelet, gross weight 17.3g, (boxed). £50-70
148.    A General Service Trade Pattern (GSTP) military-issue Omega keyless pocket watch with nickel case, stamped GSTP below arrow, F044646, with luminous hands and no.s 3, 9 and 12 and subsidiary seconds dial, 53mm diameter, (working). £100-150
149.    A Bulova Precisionist 1/1000 chronograph water resistant 300m wrist watch, with stainless steel case and bracelet, boxed, with instruction booklet. £100-150
150.    A silver-cased open-face keyless pocket watch, (working) and three silver-cased pocket watches (not working), (4). £70-100
151.    Omega, a gentleman's stainless steel Seamaster Automatic wrist watch, the champagne dial with gold baton numerals and hands, Omega crown, on expanding bracelet, case diameter 33mm, (working). £200-300
152.    An 18ct-gold-cased tank wrist watch, the square face signed 'Boucheron', with 3, 6, 9 and 12 numerals, remainder dots, the Eterna-Matic 17-jewel automatic movement numbered 3399357, the 18ct yellow gold case engraved Boucheron - Made in France BT908-247, with sapphire-set crown, case 25mm square, on leather strap with sliding clasp, total weight 34.8g, in Boucheron leather case. £300-400
153.    A WWI silver-cased trench watch, with enamel dial and subsidiary dial, wire lugs, Swiss movement (working) and screw back, London import marks for 1915, 3.2cm diameter and a lady's Continental silver-cased key-wind pocket watch, (2). £60-100
154.    A J W Benson silver-cased half-hunter keyless pocket watch, engraved The Bank, Best London Make Y6714, (not working), 5cm diameter, London 1934, (boxed). £60-80
155.    A lady's Continental silver-cased keyless pocket watch with floral engraved back, suspended on sterling silver bow brooch and two other Continental silver-cased pocket watches, both key-wind, (all working), (3). £60-100
156.    An Art Deco rectangular silver cased wrist watch, the silver dial with Arabic numerals, Glasgow import marks for 1930, on leather strap, case 24 x 40mm, (working), and a 1920's "trench" style silver cased wrist watch bearing London import marks for 1926, (not working), 30mm diameter, (2). £50-80
161.    An 1806 George III third-guinea, 2.8g, (holed). £60-80
162.    An 1885 full sovereign, George and dragon, rev. with raised 'WW', Sydney Mint. £250-350
163.    An 1887 half-sovereign, (shield rev.).
164.    A 1893 half-sovereign, (G + D rev.).
165.    An 1898 full-sovereign.
166.    An 1899 half-sovereign.
167.    A 1902 half-sovereign.
168.    A 1903 half-sovereign.
169.    A 1904 full-sovereign.
170.    A 1907 half-sovereign.
171.    A 1908 full-sovereign.
172.    A 1908 half-sovereign.
173.    A 1909 half-sovereign.
174.    A 1910 full-sovereign.
175.    A 1911 full-sovereign.
176.    A 1913 full-sovereign.
177.    A 1913 full-sovereign.
178.    A 1914 half-sovereign.
179.    A 1915 full-sovereign.
180.    A 1978 1oz fine gold krugerrand. £1100-1300
181.    A Mexico 1737 Philip V gold 4-Escudos, marked MF-MO, Mexico City Mint, 13.5g. £500-700
182.    A George I 1718 gold quarter-guinea. £200-300
183.    An 1887 sovereign, Melbourne Mint. £280-300
184.    A 1909 sovereign, Sydney Mint. £280-300
185.    A 1980 proof sovereign, encapsulated in Royal Mint box.
186.    A vintage Czechoslovakian paste-set necklace of graduated metal triangles set white pastes, the five central plaques with paste drops below. £30-50
187.    A vintage Murano necklace of graduated millefiori beads, a Chinese necklace of blue and white ceramic beads and other costume jewellery, etc. £40-60
188.    An 800-silver circular brooch of two birds, a paste-set buckle converted to a brooch and other silver and white metal jewellery, 165g. £40-60
189.    A string of yellow amber-type Bakelite graduated beads, 37g, a string of graduated faceted jet beads and a quantity of French jet boot buttons. £30-40
190.    A large Victorian jet brooch of floral design, (damage to edge), a jet and metal hinged bangle, a Scottish hardstone dirk brooch, two stick pins and other items. £40-60
191.    A Ciro simulated pearl necklace, (needs re-stringing), a single gold cufflink), 1.5g and other items in a jewellery box. £40-60
192.    A pinchbeck guard chain, a Victorian hinged bangle of belt form, two pairs of paste ear drops, a silver pendant and other items. £50-80
193.    A 9ct gold bar brooch, various silver brooches, a jet locket and other items. £30-50
194.    A silver gate-link bracelet with padlock clasp, a silver rope-link neck chain, a wrist watch, a keyless 800-silver pocket watch (a/f) and a Ronson silver-plated table lighter. £30-40
195.    An emerald and diamond cross-over ring, claw-set a square-cut emerald between two old-cut diamonds, in unmarked rose gold mount, size K, 2.4g. £60-100
196.    A Victorian engraved locket pendant, on 9ct gold neck chain, gross weight 19.6g. £260-300
197.    A 9ct gold floral pendant set seed pearls, 28mm diameter, on fine gold chain, total weight 6.4g. £80-120
198.    A 9ct gold belcher-link guard chain, 150cm long, 14.9g. £190-220
199.    A Victorian silver necklace of engraved links and two silver locket-back brooches, (1 a/f), (3). £60-100
200.    An unmarked swivel brooch with enamelled and pinned half-sovereign, 30mm diameter, 6.5g. £150-200
201.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size L, 2.3g. £70-90
202.    A modern 9ct gold rope-twist neck chain with T-bar, 9.6g. £120-140
203.    A small button hook with 9ct-gold-cased handle, a small gold nugget, 1.5g and other items. £50-80
204.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size N, 2g. £60-80
205.    An Egyptian gold-mounted scarab seal bead, 19 x 13mm. £40-60
206.    A 9ct rose gold neck chain, 53cm long, 3.7g. £40-60
207.    A gold brooch in the form of a Kookaburra and boomerang, 45mm long, 2.4g. £40-60
208.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size I, 6.3g. £200-230
209.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size Q, 4.2g. £130-150
210.    An 18ct gold wedding band, size S, 7.6g. £200-220
211.    A string of graduated cultured pearls with silver clasp, 56cm long. £30-50
212.    A sapphire and diamond ring claw-set a row of seven small round-cut sapphires, between two rows of six brilliant-cut diamonds, in 9k gold mount, size M, 4g. £60-100
213.    A 9ct rose gold signet ring, size L, 5.1g. £60-80
214.    An 18ct gold gypsy ring set a diamond and one ruby, (other setting vacant), size L, 2.6g. £60-80
215.    A 9ct gold ring set onyx plaque, with gold 'W', size W, 5.1g and a single 9ct gold cufflink, 2.4g, (2). £40-60
216.    A tanzanite cluster ring in 9ct gold mount, size L, 2.9g. £40-50
217.    A modern metamorphic diamond necklace, millegrain-set a diamond pendant in the middle of two articulated scalloped garlands which join together to form a quatrefoil pendant, united by magnets, on 9ct white gold mounts and chain, (chain has been lengthened and silver clasp added), gross weight 4.6g. £100-120
218.    An Edwardian stick pin in the form of an owl's head, with diamond-set eyes, in white metal face set calibre-cut emeralds, 10mm wide, on 18ct yellow gold pin marked '18', further marks unclear, 2.4g. £200-300
219.    A 9ct gold ring set round-cut amethyst, in four-claw scalloped setting, size N and another gold ring set marquise-cut amethyst, (shank a/f), size O, total weight 7.5g, (2). £60-80
220.    An amethyst dress ring with 14k gold mount, size M, 3.8g. £50-70
221.    A 9ct gold ring set cultured pearl, size M and another, size N, (worn), total weight 5.7g, (2). £50-80
222.    A pair of plaited gold earrings, (tested as 14ct), 3.9g, 4cm long. £80-120
223.    A 14k gold Chinese character pendant on 9ct gold chain, gross weight 7.8g. £140-160
224.    A pair of unusual pendant earrings, each with a pearl-set cannetile-decorated plaque, with four cultured pearl drops below, marked '14k', 35mm long, 8.1g. £140-180
225.    A pair of gold and onyx circular plaque drop earrings of moon and star design, the mounts marked '585', each 19mm diameter. £60-80
226.    A long string of uniform cultured pearls, 7mm diameter approximately, 97cm long. £60-80
227.    A solitaire diamond ring claw-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 0.8cts, between shoulders each set three 8/8-cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow and white gold mount, size N, 2.3g. £400-600
228.    A 15ct gold hinged bangle of bamboo design, inner measurement 56 x 49mm, 14.3g. £320-350
229.    A sterling silver and enamel pendant on chain, of Art Nouveau design, marked Sterling silver, 43mm long, including bale, and another, similar, on chain, (2). £40-60
230.    A gold-plated fob seal and other items. £30-50
231.    An unmarked seed-pearl-set gold spray brooch, tests as 18ct approximately, (repair to clasp), 49mm, 6.9g. £150-200
232.    A pair of 9ct gold rings, each collet-set an amethyst cabochon, size O, 4.7g. £60-80
233.    A pair of 9ct gold peridot, citrine and smoky quartz pendant earrings, 38mm long, 3.2g. £30-50
234.    A 9ct gold wedding band, size U, 6.6g. £80-100
235.    A 9ct white gold ring set cultured pearl between white-stone-set shoulders, size O and a 9ct gold ring set cultured pearl, size M, total weight 6.2g, (2). £60-80
236.    A modern pietra dura brooch set with a yellow rose, the rope-twist mount marked 'K12', 44mm x 34mm, in 'Frilli, Firenze' box. £50-80
237.    A sapphire and ruby ring set a cluster of a star sapphire cabochon within a surround of round-cut sapphires and between two star ruby and sapphire clusters, in unmarked silver mount, (a/f), size O, 3.6g. £60-80
238.    A Georgian gold mourning ring with black enamel reading Wm Morshead Esq Ob 30 Apr 1784 Ae62, tested as 18ct gold approximately, size P, 4.5g. £200-300
239.    An unusual amber pendant, the gold finial in the form of three sea horses, on bale and ring-bolt, marked 9ct, 60mm overall, 9.6g. £60-80
240.    An Edwardian sapphire and pearl circular brooch/pendant, centrally-set a white sapphire within concentric borders of alternate round-cut blue sapphires and pearls, (one pearl setting vacant), detachable brooch fitting, unmarked, tests as 18ct approximately, 28mm diameter, 7.9g. £60-100
241.    A ruby full-eternity ring set with calibre-cut rubies, in unmarked white metal mount, size M, 2.6g. £100-150
242.    A red coral necklace of graduated spherical beads, with concealed clasp, 55cm long, largest bead 10mm diameter. £40-60
243.    A 14ct pearl brooch of heart shape, 22mm x 22mm, 2.4g. £40-60
244.    A 9ct tri-colour gold Russian wedding ring, size U, 2.9g. £30-50
245.    A pair of 14k gold pendant earrings, each with suspended ball, within teardrop-shaped frame, 42mm long, 2.5g. £50-70
246.    A herringbone-link chain, unmarked, repaired, (tests as 18ct gold approximately), 7.8g, 39.5cm long. £180-220
247.    An Edwardian aquamarine and pearl necklace, collet-set a round-cut aquamarine above an oval aquamarine and seed pearl drop, on knife wire, marked '15ct', on 9ct gold neck chain, length of drop 42mm, 3.5g. £120-150
248.    A late-Victorian diamond brooch in the form of three swallows, each set old brilliant-cut and 8/8-cut diamonds, in silver and gold mount, unmarked, 41mm long, 4.3g. £300-400
249.    A 9ct gold half-hoop ring set seven graduated diamonds, size V, 3g and an 18ct gold gypsy ring, (centre stone missing), size R, (a/f), 2.3g, (2). £80-120
250.    A silver hinged bangle, interior 6 x 5.2cm, a pair of Chinese white metal cufflinks marked '85' and a French 5-Franc 1875 coin, gilded and made into a brooch. £30-40
251.    A 14k gold necklace of fancy links interspersed with rose quartz beads, marked '585', 62cm long, 22.2g. £150-200
252.    A tanzanite and diamond flower head cluster ring with 9ct white gold mount, size P, 2.6g. £40-60
253.    A yellow metal curb-link bracelet set green cabochons, marked '333', 'xxt' and a 14k gold bracelet, 2.3g, (2). £100-150
254.    A late-Victorian amethyst and pearl brooch claw-set an oval amethyst within three concentric oval borders of graduated split pearls, unmarked, 29 x 25mm, 7.5g. £180-220
255.    A mystic topaz ring with diamond-set shoulders, in unmarked gold mount, size P/Q and two other gem-set 9ct gold rings, size O, total weight 8.1g, (3). £60-100
256.    A small bar brooch set a pale blue sapphire within a seed pearl surround, unmarked, 32mm wide and an Edwardian small bar brooch set pearl, (2). £40-60
257.    A pair of blue topaz and diamond chandelier earrings, each with a diamond point set circlet, from which are suspended three long chains of different lengths, each terminating in a blue topaz briolette, in 9ct gold mounts, length 89mm, 7g. £100-150
258.    A signet ring with heraldic symbol, unmarked, (tests as 14ct approximately), stone setting vacant, shank split), size O, 7.7g. £150-180
259.    A pair of 14ct gold hoop earrings, 1.9g and a matched pair of hoop earrings, one marked 14k, the other 18k, 1.9g, (2). £60-80
260.    A gold ring set hematite, with expanding shank, French marks for 18ct gold, 1.6g and a 14k gold ring set diamond point, size L, 1.9g, (2). £50-60
261.    A Victorian pearl-set sun brooch/pendant marked 16A, 29mm diameter, 6.4g. £60-80
262.    A necklace of graduated cultured pearls, with 9ct white gold bow clasp set rose-cut diamond, 43cm long. £30-50
263.    An oval gold-mounted malachite pendant, a modern malachite, lapis lazuli and onyx pendant and an 18ct gold pendant set hematite plaque, (3). £60-100
264.    A gold ring, (setting vacant), French marks for 18ct gold, size Q, 2.5g. £50-60
265.    A small gold brooch of crescent shape and a quantity of earrings. £30-50
266.    A necklace of two strings of graduated coral beads and a long coral twig necklace, (2). £30-50
267.    An amethyst ring with 9ct gold pierced mount, size P, 4g. £40-60
268.    A Victorian silver hinged bangle set three white paste stones, Birmingham 1882, 32g and another, (damaged), (2). £60-80
269.    An unmarked yellow metal pendant set large oval citrine, total length 34mm, 6.8g, a 9ct gold blue spinel and diamond point pendant and a pair of gem-set ear studs, (3). £60-100
270.    A diamond cluster ring claw-set seventeen brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct white gold mount, size N, 4.2g, estimated diamond weight 0.6ct. £200-250
271.    A modern 9ct gold citrine and pearl cluster brooch, 42mm x 28mm, 10.2g. £80-120
272.    A Georgian-style fob seal set pale amethyst, in 9ct gold mount, 6.7g and a 9ct-gold-mounted smoky quartz pendant, 6g, (2). £60-80
273.    A sapphire and diamond oval cluster ring with 9ct gold mount, size N, 5.3g. £60-70
274.    A 22ct gold wedding band with textured decoration, size Q, 5.3g. £170-190
275.    A 9ct rose gold medallion, Gen. Sir R Pole Carew Cup 1911 A Sleeman, 9.8g. £120-140
276.    A synthetic blue sapphire and diamond point ring, the rectangular fancy-cut synthetic sapphire claw-set between two diamond points, in 9ct gold mount, size M, 4.1g. £40-60
277.    A gold fancy-link neck chain, (part of a guard chain), 44.5cm, 9.6g, unmarked, tests as 18ct gold, approximately). £250-280
278.    A Victorian pearl-set brooch of bar and knot design, 43mm long, 3g, cased. £50-70
279.    A silver hinged bangle with engraved floral decoration, Chester 1959, 50g. £30-40
280.    A ruby ring claw-set three oval rubies between diamond point-set shoulders, in 9ct gold mount, size O, 3.4g. £60-80
281.    A 9ct gold bar brooch collet-set three pink tourmalines and two seed pearls, 65mm long, 3g. £40-60
282.    An early-20th century butterfly brooch set with sapphires, rubies, rose-cut diamonds, (one setting vacant) and pearls, 31mm x 26mm, (later metal pin). £200-300
283.    A 9ct gold ring set seven-stone amethyst flower head cluster, size O, 3.9g. £30-50
284.    Ivar T Holth, a Norwegian silver and blue guilloche enamel link bracelet of six stylised 'C'-shaped links, stamped 925s and a similar brooch of abstract form stamped 925s, (2). £60-80
285.    A Scottish silver Viking dragon boat brooch by Henderson & Horner Bros, Glasgow 1936, 4.8cm and a Celtic silver brooch by Malcolm Gray, Edinburgh 1978, 3.7cm, (2). £30-40
286.    A silver curb-link half-Albert watch chain, a silver charm bracelet with Iona luckenbooth charm and other items. £30-50
287.    A modern 9ct gold oval locket pendant on 9ct gold box-link chain, 59.5cm long, gross weight 17.9g. £230-250
288.    An opal and diamond ring millegrain-set three opals, with pairs of brilliant-cut diamonds between, in 18ct yellow gold mount, size N, 2.8g. £150-200
289.    A string of graduated 'butterscotch' amber beads, largest 12mm x 9mm, 77cm long, 31g and a modern amber necklace, 19g, (2). £100-150
290.    A 9ct gold fancy-link bracelet with padlock clasp, 15g. £200-250
291.    A tanzanite and opal cluster ring with diamond-point-set split shoulders and 10k gold mount, size N, 3.5g. £40-60
292.    An unmarked gold neck chain with pendant, (converted clasp), 40cm, gross weight 8.4g. £80-120
293.    A sapphire and diamond cluster ring claw-set a round-cut sapphire and twelve 8/8-cut diamond points, in 18ct gold mount, size Q, 2.7g. £80-120
294.    A 9ct gold snake-link neck chain, 40cm, 9.6g. £120-150
295.    A shell cameo brooch portraying the bust of a young woman with flowers in her hair, in 9ct gold mount, 52mm x 42mm, 14.9g. £60-100
296.    An 18ct gold ring collet-set three oval opals, with rose-cut diamonds in four pairs, size R, 6.1g, bearing foreign gold marks. £180-200
297.    A 9ct gold spray brooch set cultured pearl and twelve small round-cut rubies, 26mm x 30mm, 5g. £80-120
298.    A silver bee brooch claw-set a chrysoberyl cat's eye, with pearl-set wings and red paste eyes, unmarked, 38mm x 48mm, 12.6g. £30-50
299.    A garnet-set ring with unmarked gold mount, (tests as 9ct approximately), size P, 5.4g. £60-80
300.    A pair of unmarked ear studs set moonstones, a pair of 9ct tri-colour gold knot ear studs, four pairs of cultured pearl ear studs and a pair of cloisonné earrings. £60-80
301.    A 9ct gold ring set smoky quartz, size O, 6g. £60-80
302.    A silver-mounted amber pendant on leaf-link silver chain and a silver bangle set amber, (2). £40-60
303.    A 9ct yellow gold serpentine-link neck chain, 38.5cm, 11g. £140-160
304.    An opal and diamond ring set an opal between triplets of diamond points, in 18ct gold mount, size P, 3g. £80-120
305.    A Georgian cut-steel bracelet, (two links detached, some rust), 18.5cm. £50-80
306.    A pair of 9ct gold Rotary International cufflinks, boxed, 5.9g. £70-100
307.    A five-stone diamond ring claw-set five graduated brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct gold mount, size P, 2.9g. £120-150
308.    A 9ct gold rope-twist guard chain, 184cm long, 53.5g. £700-900
309.    An unmarked gold fancy-link bracelet with eleven 9ct gold charms, all animals, chain length 16cm, 28g. £360-400
310.    A citrine-set ring with pierced mount, on textured shank, unmarked, tests as 18ct gold approximately, size M, 2.9g. £70-90
311.    A 9ct tri-colour gold Russian wedding ring of three bands, size T, 3.6g. £45-60
312.    A 9ct gold ring set blue topaz and diamond point octagonal cluster ring, size J and a pair of similar oval cluster ear studs, total weight 5.3g, (2). £60-80
313.    A 9ct yellow gold graduated curb-link Albert watch chain, 37.5cm long, 46.4g. £600-650
314.    An 18ct gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring set a round-cut sapphire and ten 8/8-cut diamonds, size O. £80-120
315.    Two yellow metal thimbles, sizes 6 and 7, (2). £30-50
316.    A pair of blue topaz and diamond heart-shaped cluster earrings, with 9ct gold mounts, 2.6g, (boxed). £50-70
317.    A 9ct gold slave bangle of plain design, 7cm inner diameter, 15.7g. £180-220
318.    An 18ct gold ring, claw-set a fancy-cut topaz, size N, 4.9g. £60-80
319.    An Art Deco 18ct white gold and platinum diamond-set arrow jabot, with millegrain-set rose-cut diamonds, arrowhead and flights, 50mm, 2.5g. £150-200
320.    A 9ct gold rope-link neck chain, 51cm, 4.5g. £50-70
321.    A small gold brooch in the form of leaves, with gilt metal-mounted coral grape bunch below, a pair of matching earrings, a coral twig necklace and another pair of earrings. £50-70
322.    A pair of diamond tassel earrings, each with a millegrain-set old-cut diamond above a rose-cut diamond-set cap from which are suspended five graduated articulated drops, each millegrain-set five graduated old-cut diamonds, total diamond weight estimated at 1.8cts approximately, each 25mm long, unmarked, tested as platinum, 8.6g. £800-1200
323.    An 18ct gold bracelet of eight white gold links, each set a square-cut sapphire between two brilliant-cut diamonds, alternately, with seven yellow gold batons, 18.5cm long, 16.7g. £500-600
324.    A diamond ring channel-set a brilliant-cut diamond between diamond-set shoulders, in 9ct gold mount, size I and a 9ct gold wedding band/eternity ring set seven diamonds, size I, 4.1g, total diamond weight 0.5cts approximately, (2). £120-150
325.    An 18ct gold ring set two cultured pearls, in cross-over mount, size L, 3.8g. £40-60
326.    Two 9ct gold signet rings, sizes G and O, 4.4g, (2). £50-70
327.    A 9ct gold RAF sweetheart brooch, 4cm, 2.6g, (boxed). £30-50
328.    A five-stone diamond ring, the graduated old-cut diamonds in rubbed-over settings, on 18ct gold mount, size M, 2.1g. £80-120
329.    A 9ct gold gate-link bracelet with padlock clasp, 2.8cm wide, 17.5cm long, 15.2g. £180-200
330.    A 9ct gold locket-back brooch with cannetile decoration set pink stones and split pearls, 46mm long, 4.9g, (boxed). £40-60
331.    A three-stone diamond ring in 18ct gold and platinum mount, size L, 2g. £60-100
332.    A Victorian yellow metal hinged bangle of twist design, set ruby, sapphire and pearl on a clover leaf motif, 57mm x 47mm inside measurement, 10.5g. £100-150
333.    An unmarked yellow metal knot ring, size P, 2.9g. £60-80
334.    A Georgian memorial silver stick pin, the navette-shaped ivory panel painted to depict a young woman seated, holding a wreath, a dove flying above, two paste-set stick pins, (converted clasps) and one other, (4). £80-120
335.    A 9ct gold tanzanite and pearl cluster ring, with diamond point-set shoulders, size N, 4.3g. £30-50
336.    An unusual flower brooch of two concentric rows of textured petals, around a claw-set diamond, on long stem, unmarked, (tests as 18ct gold over possibly 14ct gold), 65mm long, 4g. £100-120
337.    A 14ct yellow gold ring with five graduated panels, each set four brilliant-cut diamonds, size R, 6.4g. £150-180
338.    A 19th century Austro-Hungarian Renaissance Revival pendant on chain in the form of an eagle, in silver with polychrome enamels and set with pearls and pink and green pastes, with pearl drop below, unmarked, two drops missing, 44mm width, 60mm height. £100-150
339.    A modern aquamarine and diamond bar brooch claw-set a step-cut aquamarine of approximately 2.7cts, between two collet-set brilliant-cut diamonds, in 18ct white gold mount, 62cm wide, with safety chain, 8g. £300-350
340.    An 18ct gold ring claw-set an oval synthetic colour-changing sapphire, size M, 3.7g. £50-70
341.    A three-stone diamond ring, the brilliant-cut diamonds claw-set in 18ct white gold mount, size M, 1.8g, (centre stone loose). £100-120
342.    A small Edwardian circular locket pendant containing a silhouette of a young lady, painted in black and heightened in white, signed with monogram 'TP' below the bust line, 28mm diameter, 3.5g. £60-100
343.    An Edwardian stick pin set a pearl and rose-cut diamonds, (one setting vacant), a Georgian paste brooch, (pin missing), a single pique earring and other items. £70-100
344.    A blue topaz and diamond cluster ring with 9ct gold mount, size O, 3.9g. £40-60
345.    A 19th century silver-gilt turquoise fringe necklace, with flower head turquoise-set drops, marked '900', 39cm long, 11g. £60-100
346.    A Victorian 18ct gold gypsy ring set three old brilliant-cut diamonds, size N, 5g, total diamond weight approximately 0.85cts. £400-500
347.    A 19th century silver-gilt snake buckle set turquoise, with red stone eyes, marked '900', 58mm x 36mm. £30-50
348.    A four-row seed pearl necklace, with pearl-set barrel clasp, 44cm long, 6.2g. £80-120
349.    An amethyst ring claw-set an oval amethyst between amethyst and diamond-set shoulders, in 9ct gold mount, size M, 2.9g. £50-80
350.    A 19th century Swiss enamel brooch, L'entrée de Louterbrun, the rectangular mountainous view within unmarked yellow metal mount, 33 x 27mm, 6.8g. £60-100
351.    A 22ct gold wedding band of octagonal shape, size L, 3.4g. £110-120
352.    A 22ct gold wedding band, size L, 4.7g. £150-170
353.    A 9ct rose gold signet ring, size N, 4.6g. £50-70
354.    A blue topaz and diamond ring, the oval blue topaz of approximately 13.2cts, within a surround of twenty-seven brilliant-cut diamonds, (one diamond setting vacant), on diamond-set shoulders, total diamond weight approximately 0.37cts, in 18ct white gold mount, size P, 8.1g. £300-400
355.    An enamel, diamond and gold brooch in the form of three pansies, each claw-set a small diamond to centre, within purple, yellow and orange enamelled flower petals, on long stems with gold tie, unmarked, 53mm long, 8g, (damage to enamel on six of the petals). £250-350
356.    A late-Victorian diamond-set marquise cluster ring, claw-set fifteen graduated old brilliant-cut diamonds, in pierced gallery, the shank marked '18ct', size M, head 22mm x 10mm, 3.6g. £300-400
357.    An Art Deco diamond and sapphire 18ct white gold pendant on chain, having a central drop collet-set a brilliant-cut diamond of approximately 0.4cts and suspended within a millegrain surround set rose-cut diamonds and two curved lines of small cross-cut sapphires, signed Calderoni and marked '750', pendant 50mm long, 19mm wide, 6g. £1200-1500
358.    A 9ct gold watch chain of fancy links, 35cm long, 37g. £480-540
359.    An early-19th century fob seal set rock crystal, 35mm high, 14.4g. £120-150
360.    A 9ct gold plaque ring set 8/8-cut diamond points, size R, 3.7g. £60-100
361.    A 9ct gold neck chain of ribbed links, 43.5cm, 6.2g. £80-120
362.    A 9ct rose gold double-sided locket pendant, 31mm diameter, on chain and an amethyst pendant on chain, gross weight 8.5g. £80-100
363.    A sapphire and diamond flower head cluster ring set round-cut sapphires and 8/8-cut diamonds, in 9ct gold mount, size P, 5.8g. £60-80
364.    A 9ct gold cross pendant on chain, 3.9g. £50-70
365.    A pair of 9ct yellow gold cufflinks, with engraved scrolling decoration, 4.5g. £60-80
366.    An 18ct yellow gold wedding band with deeply-incised geometric decoration, size N, 4.5g. £120-140
367.    A 9ct gold turquoise and pearl cluster ring, size N, 3.6g. £30-50
368.    An Edwardian 15ct white and yellow gold bar brooch millegrain set a round cut sapphire within a circlet of seed pearls, 52mm, 3.4g, in case. £60-80
369.    A 9ct gold bar brooch set five round opals, 44mm, 1.7g, in case, and a small watch key of tapered hexagonal form set chalcedony, 24mm, (2). £40-60
370.    A pair of engine-turned rectangular 9ct yellow gold cufflinks, 11 x 16mm, 4.1g. £60-100